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06-24-2006, 01:00 AM
hey, im new to the forums. i have a jolteon, but i dunno what moves he should have. i know that hes really fast, with a good SA, therefore at least i should give him thunderbolt xD. but i dunno bout the rest. i wanted to teach him Hidden Power Ice or Grass, but i dunno how i can get either... I have one TM10, but its Hidden Power Normal, bah. Plz, help. Also, plz gimme a lil advice with my Ninetales:

Ninetales (item ???)
Confuse Ray

do u think i should change anything? plz reply. i play leafgreen

06-24-2006, 01:09 AM
Dude read the HOLE Read First thread. it says Hidden power is normal but it isn't. It depends on your pokemons DV's bur you can't change that unless you breed for eggs and hatch them then see if they got Hp Ice/Grass. You do know what Ev training is right?



06-24-2006, 01:38 AM
~ Flamethrower / Fire Blast
~ Will-O-Wisp
~ Grudge
~ Substitute / Spite / Safeguard
@ Leftovers

That's what I'd do ingame. Grudge is very, very cool.

@ Leftovers
~ Baton Pass
~ Substitute
~ Hidden Power Grass / Ice / Agility
~ Thunderbolt

Jolteon is a very good BPer. Ingame I'd use Agility because ingame there are few pHazers, which makes using overly elaborate BP chains more usable.

06-24-2006, 02:02 AM
i see. thks a lot, ur sets are both useful, ill have to think about it, lol. thats for ninetales, but as for jolteon, im leaning more towards seeker's jolteon. but perhaps ill combine those two sets, to see what i can do with them ^_^. thk u both

Dog of Hellsing
06-24-2006, 09:39 PM
I don't really use Tales, but I love Paratraction Jolt:

EV's: Speed maxed/Special Attack maxed
Nature: Modest
Item: Lefties
M-Set: Thunder Wave/Attract/Thunderbolt/HP Grass

The only problem with Paratraction is that it's impossible to predict the gender of your foe's Mon until it's out, and then there's the chance of fighting a Mon with no gender at all. Meh, HP Grass because you already have T-Bolt for Flyers (so you don't need Ice, plus HP Grass slays Swampy). You could always replace Attract with Sub, but Jolt doesn't really have the HP to Sub for itself (read: it only works really if you BP it off). Really, it depends on your tastes. If you're going competitive, I'd go with DS's Set.

As a sidenote, I don't really like Tales with Grudge. There's always the chance you might end up getting rid of PP's of a stupid move, especially if your foe gets a CritHit with something like Quick Attack (very rare, but it could happen). I prefer my Tales having Imprison/Flamethrower/Will-o-Wisp/HP Water. Mainly for use in double battles, though like I said, I don't use Tales very much. It's nice though, since so many Mon use HP, to be able to keep it from being used against you.

06-25-2006, 10:52 PM
thks! one question, if i raise my pokemos level, thus obviously raising its stats, will it have any difference on which hidden power it gets? or does it depend solely on my luck with breeding? cause it would be much better to raise its stats to get the HP I want, rather than breeding, breeding, breeding... soz for my ignorance, im a noob at this :P

Dog of Hellsing
06-26-2006, 03:42 PM
^^ It's okay, you're not being a n00b.

IV's are different from EV's for the fact that they aren't affected by leveling up. They're permanent, and I think they're set as soon as the egg is either produced or you accept it. Unlike in Emerald, where the IV's are set after the Mon hatches. So sorry, you'll need to breed breed breed if you don't get the IV's you want at first. Good luck ^^.

06-27-2006, 10:37 AM
thks once again. btw, i think i got it, finally! it was super effective on rock type, AND on water type, so that msut be it. ^^ got it by breeding a jolteon with a ninetales

06-27-2006, 11:32 AM
But the power of the Hidden Power should at least be 50. Check that on the internet, you need to put your stats and evs.