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05-15-2004, 02:15 AM
That's right. We're back. :twisted:


>>tEAM mAGMA hq<<


¨ '¹i|¡,¡|i¹'¨Magma Story¨'¹i|¡,¡|i¹' ¨

Never forget Magma's founder, the Master of Fire, Bashaamo, nor the legendary Maxie before he...But where Bashaamo and Maxie were strong, a legacy was born; but where they were weak, Magma ultimately fell...

...But a new leader has arisen from the ashes, and has reestablished the Mighty Lava Empire! Together, we shall capture the Fiery Pokemon of Legend: Groudon, for he is the Key, and with the Key we shall possess the mightiest of powers: the expansion of the Earth! Once the Earth's expansion is complete, we will unleash the fullest extent our evil throughout the land of Hoenn! Let no one stand in your way fellow Magmas! We will win this war at any costs, no matter who we come across, or how long it wages!

¯¨˜'*·~-.Rocket/Robotic Story.-~·*'˜¨¯

6 years ago, Team Rocket was a team dedicated to stealing Pokemon and taking over the world. When their master plan was coming together and nearly complete, a 10 year old boy named Red came and defeated Team Rocket's original leader, Giovanni, so Team Rocket disbanded.

3 years later, Team Rocket was put under new management. Their plan was to call back Giovanni to his place in Team Rocket. Two children named Silver and Crystal came and crushed them again, which forced them to disbanded again.

Last year, Team Rocket is once again under new management of, Paperfairy. But their goal was different than before. Since they could never steal enough pokémon and never actually took over the world, their plan was to catch Rayquaza and move the world into the sky to find rarer sepics of pokemon that are better for fighting. Sadly, not enough X-Rocket members thought it was a good idea, so they never got enough people to join their plans...

(`¨˜°º²³³™º˜¨Magma Mission Statement˜°º™³³²º°˜¨´)

Together, we plan to create a new race of Pokemon clones, genetically and cybernetically enhanced. We shall do this by catching every Pokemon, cloning them, and replacing their body parts with better, more capable robotic parts. The main focus of this experiment, however, is the cloning of a Groudon super-army, which we will use to take over every main continent in the world.



If you think you have what it takes to become a Magma Elite, sign up now.


[x] Grunt

[x] Master

[x] Elite

Note: The Ranks have nothing to do with the number of posts\ you have on PE2K.

How to join:

Do not post your resumé on the boards. All entries must be PM'd to me personally.

1. State your name/Magma Nickname (if you want one), any talents you may may have in the War and how you will be beneficial to the success of our team.
2. Pledge your allegiance to Magma, and remember: All traitors will be remembered and persecuted in the course of battle!
3. Optional: Place the Magma Sprite (coming soon) into your Profile Signature or Avatar.

Remeber, all new members will start out as Grunts, but may be promoted/demoted based on participation in the war.



Welcome to Seafoam Islands, home of the world famous organization known as Team Magma. We are a group of trainers that specialize in cloning Pokémon. We wish to create a new race of Pokemon.

Total Number of Members:

M e m b e r L i s t

The Member List has been purged from last season for orginaztional purposes.

Primary Leader: Archangel





06-25-2004, 09:34 AM
Team Magma has been re-established under a new order...

...Mine. :devious: