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My Lil' Comments N' Such

Hiya again! ^.^; I've been trying to complete this story for SO long! When I finally finished, my computor was virused and I had to wipe the memory -.-;
SO! I've decided that I'll start anew! Please post comments on the feedback thread, perferably. The chapters should come once a day, unless I am studying for a test. Thanks again! ^__^ Please enjoy the story with its original name.

Chapter 1 - A Glitch

Pokemon World

A loud bang echoed through all of Kanto as yet another building toppled over under the powerful, unbalanced waves of Kyogre. Where had the legendary Pokemon gone? Why couldn't anyone find the legendary beast and control the seas again? The answer was simple: Someone had captured it.

The only safe palce in Kanto was an under ground lab owned by Prof. Oak. Down there were many people who had nearly died in the terror of the unbalanced world. The lab was covered in fuzzy blue carpetting, walls and all, so when anyone fell when the planet shook they wouldn't get hurt. There were bunk beds lining the walls of one large room and then a huge table fastened to the floor in another.

But, our of all the rooms, the largest was the lab. The lab had everythign bolted to the ground, never shaking, and there were computors super glued to the tables and a box of Pokedex in a box bolted to the ground. In the far left corner, facing a glass wall, rested the Prof himself.

The man's eyes were glued to a computor screen and his lips sealed as he typed orders for the machine in the room passed the window. Passed the window was a simple room with solid steel walls, floor and ceiling. The machine there was simply a bunch of hands that came out of the wall. One of there hands held a knife with glowing edges.

"Careful now..." The man breathed softly, watching nervously at the hand hold the knife slice the air. A black line was forming down where the knife had cut. Next, two of the other hands carefully pulled apart the black line with was pulled into a window.

Passed the window was utter darkness. The old man watched the darkness carefully, eyes a bit blurry now. Then, the light flickered and something hit the steel ground with a <i>thud</i>.
"Thank you for releasing us..." Hissed a voice as someone... Or something... slithered out of the window "We are hungry for blood... Hungry for pure dreams and wishes..."

Prof. Oak gasped, the lights flickering back on Beyong the glass was a large creature, its body very slug-like and eyes burning red. It three foot body was curled around the knife and in mere seconds hands poped out of its sides and the thing picked the knife up.
"Thank you for the knife... I'll just cut an opening else where..." The voice hissed as the creature slithered back into the hole. Oak watched in terror as the creature's fingers pinched the two sides of the window together and sealed them, pressing them together like buttons.

"Wha-What just happened? I've got to do something!" Oak said in a shaky voice, standing up from his chair.
"Prof. The creature is unable to survive under the pressure of a mix between a Pokemon's attack and the pure emotion of one sharing Pokemon DNA." The voice of a computor sounded out, sounding almost female.
"Pure emotion? Pokemon DNA? Hmmmm..." The man bit his lower lip, staring thoughtfully at the ceiling.
"Maybe.. Yes! Of course! That'll do it!" He said firmly, marching over to another computor and set of tubes that reached from the ceiling to the floor.
"Project L-Poke start!"

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Chapter 2 - Meet Bree

Human World

"Pikachu, thunderbolt!" A young girl cried. The girl looked to be 13 or 14, her hair shoulder length and brown to match her hazel eyes. From behind her ran a yellow electric mouse, back striped with brown lightning-bolts and tail dipped in brown fur. The creature's cheeks were red and round, sparks leaking forward from them and dancing merrily along the ground.
"Pika!" The monster called, cheeks flashing red and white before a botl of lightning crashed into the figure ahead.

Ahead was a green time traveling monster called Celebi. The other monster cried out in horror, the final out of many attacks made, before fainting. But, unlike the monsters before, this one dissolved into nothing but light and attached itself to the human girl's back. The girl winced, feeling a great pain as if her body were changing... A loud ringing echoed from no where when all of a sudden!!![/i]

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiing! The sound of alarm clock grew louder and louder until finally someone slammed it with her newly waken hand. The alarm clock was pink and round with a anime character from Mermaid Melody on it. The clock rested on a wooden table next to a bed that was covered in pink fabric.
"Urrrrgg..." Moaned a girl's voice, the figure inside the bed rolling to one bed in discomfort. She rolled right into the view of a window and groaned louder as morning sun leaked passed her eye lids.

"BREEEEEEE!" Called an older woman's voice, this voice belonging to the girl's mother "THERe'S SOME BOY HERE TO PICK YOU UP!!!"
The girl int he bed frooze, then pulled herself up into a sitting position and rubbed her eyes. "Boy? Huh? Oh... AACK!" She screamed, jumping right out of the bed and running into a dresser that rested in front of bed.
"Owy! Ack ack ack! It's Kaito-kun!" She said in a panic, gathering a pnik outfit in her arms and quickly changing.
'That's right! Kaito-kun and me have a date today... Even if he is just taking me out because we've got a school project to do...' The girl thought cheerfully as she finished changing. Now she was wearing a white t-shirt with the canadian flag on it and red caprees with a white stripe running down the side.
"Alrighty! Now for the hair!" She squeeled in delight, putting her hair in pig tails and grinning.
"All set! Mom, coming!" She called, running off.

This girl's name was Bree and she was 13 years old, jsut now starting the 7th grade. She giggled in delight, thrilled to be in the same class as the boy she'd lvoed since school started 4 monthes ago... Kaito.
"Wow, Bree. You've got good taste." Bree's mother, Kila, whispered to her daughter.
"A boy's at the door!" Screeched Bree's father, the man running down the stairs and swinging the door open.
"Dad! Stop!" Bree squeeled in terror, grabbing her dad by the back of his work shirt and pulling him away from the door "He's my friend! Stop it!"

"That's enough, Ryou dear." Kila said quietly, dragging her husband off "Have a nice day, Bree!"

Bree turned red and nodded, grabbing her purse from a hook on the door and putting it around her shoulder.
"Ok, sorry Kaito. Ready."
"You have weird parents." Kaito said simply "Now c'mon. We have to get that project on sea turtles done."
"Oh, right." Bree said with a smile. Now that she was jsut walking down the street to the muesum she had some time to think. 'That dream I had this morning... Why do I keep having it?' She thought, realizing she'd had the same dream since Monday. It was now Saturday.
'Maybe it means something? Naw. That only happens in shojo manga.' She thought, looking up at Kaito. Kaito had short black hair and blue eyes. He was the smartest, cutest and most popular guy in school, so everyone loved to watch him play soccer in the morning and afternoon.

"Hey, Bree?" Kaito said softly, looking over his shoulder to get a good look at her. She was lagging behind a bit...
"Oh... Yes?!" She asked quickly. 'Maybe he's about to ask me out on a date!!!' She thought, face turning red with exxcitement.
"I just remembered that I have soccer club this morning."
Bree frooze, feeling her dreams shatter in side her. "Oh... Ummm... How about we visit the muesum tomorrow?" She suggested happily, clapping her hands together "Ok?"
"Sure." Kaito agreed "See you then."
Bree sighed, watching her crush run off to get to soccer. Suddenly she felt lonely and almost rejected. "Welp... Perhaps I'll just go home?" She murmered softly, turning around and walking back to her house.

Something high above in the sky shimmered, a gameboy game tumbling from the blue morning sky and landing on Bree's head. She yelped loudly and fell to the ground, wincing in pain and rubbing her bruised skull. On the ground, right in front of her, was a gameboy game with a celebi on it and 'Protector of The Forest' written across it in shiny golden letters.
Bree stared at the game, carefully picking it up in her pale fingers and looking at it nervously. It had really hit her head hard...
"Hey! I guess it's mine now, isn't it?!" She squeeled in excitement, fumbling around in her purse. She always carried her gameboy with her.

Over excited she stuffed the game into her blue game and switch it 'on'. A bright light flashed on the screen and in mere seconds Bree was gone, leaving time frozen where she had been...

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Great story, Satou! I love the part at the end of Chapter 2, when Bree gets transported to a place I'm very familiar with...... **thinks of home planet**

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Chapter 3 - DNA UNLOCK!

Between Worlds

Bree screamed as loud as she could, eyes clamped shut because there had been a bright flash she couldn't bear to watch. She felt as if her body were floating in midair, as if she'd been pink up by an invisible force and just hung there in the air.

Everything was quiet, there were no sounds around her at all, so when she opened her eyes she expected to be in nothing but blue sky... But she wasn't. Around her was a whirlwind of color. Pink stars flew in front of her face, leaving golden trails of dust, and there were line of lights in many colors swirling around. She couldn't see any white, no matter where she turned, and she felt very warm...

Then, she noticed something bouncing towards her. It was like a pale blue bubble and in side she saw an interesting looking girl.
"Whaat?" Bree managed to murmer before sealing her lips together once again. Where was she and who was in that bubble?
"HELLO!" Called a cheerful voice from the bubble "My name's Cake! Pleased ta meet cha n' greet cha!"

The girl in the bubble had long blue hair kept back in two pig tails with pink hair 'things'. Her eyes were green and she wore a smile of more childish joy. She was rather short and appeared to be in the 5th or 6th grade.
"Ummm. Hi. My name's Bree." Bree said with a weak smile, watching the bubbly girl bounce around in her bubble.
"Sweeet! Hello, Bree! So! You knwo where we are?" Cake asked cheerfully "Huh? Huh?"
"Ummmm... No." Bree said truthfully, watching Cake. How could she be so happy? She had no idea was she was, yet alone if there was anyone stalking her! 'What a weird kid.' Bree thought with a sigh.

"Listen...Uh... Cake. I need to get out of here..." Bree said slowly, wondering if the hyper child would understand anything she said.
"Ummmm... OK! I saw a big golden gate! Wanna come see it?!" Cake asked cheerfully.
"Sure...." Bree said softly, taking a deep breath "How'd you get that bubble?"
"What bubble? I ishn't in no bubble! But you are!" Cake said with a loud laugh. Bree wrinkled be nose, then looked at her feet. "Oh!" She exclaimed, noticing she was, in deed, in a pale green bubble.

"Wanna see a neat-o tricky trick trick?" Cake asked, jumping up and down merrily.
"Ok.. Sure." Bree replied, seeming now a bit annoyed by Cake's hyper attitude.
"Alrighty! Here we go! DNA UNLOCK!" Cake cried, pointing her index finger up into the air. Bree stared in awe as the bubble around Cake turned solid blue and Cake vanished from view. "CAKE!" Bree shreiked, looking horrified. Where was she?! Where had she gone?!

"Poke poke Cake!" Cake cried out cheerfully as the bubble vanished. Cake was not dressed in the same way she had been. Before, cake had worn a blue t-shirt with a hood on the back and blue skirt. But now she wore a new outfit. Her outfit was a sky blue color. She had a tank top with 'frilly' tips and and a short skirt on the same color. The outfit looks plastic and water proof. On the girl's hands were white gloves and she had flowing purple hair. On her head, like a crown, was something that looked like Suicune's head piece and Bree could now see Cake's eyes a redish-purple.
"Cake, izzat you?" Bree asked, clearly stunned by the transformation "No way... You've.. Changed!"
"I know! You try! Just do what I did!" Cake suggested with a loud giggle.

Bree nodded, taking a deep breath and pointing her own index finger at the top of her bubble case. "DNA UNLOCK!" She yelled as loud as possible. Then, she screamed. Something sharp and pointy had pressed on back, right between her shoulders, and she felt the same, sickening feeling she got at the end of her dream...

In front of her was a celebi and it dissolved into green leaves, every leaf swirling around Bree and entering where she'd been poked in the back.
"OW!" She yelled, feeling her body... Change.
"Don't worry, Bree! It only hurts the first time!" A calm voice spoke, a voice Bree had never heard before.
"How do you know my name?" Bree thought, realizing her thoughts were echoing in the bubble.
"I know because I am you and you are me now..." Said the voice calmly.

Bree winced, curling up into a ball and sobbing a bit. What was happening to her?! Who was in side her?! Was this all just one big, bad dream?!

Agent Orange
05-16-2004, 03:26 PM

Interesting beginning...Ill be sure to read this.

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Chapter 4 - The First Fight

Between Worlds

"AAAH!" Bree screamed louder, body changing more and more. She held her hands over her head, only to find that now had pale green gloves covering them and when she turned around to see what had poked her back she saw two, large fairy wings growing from her spine. She wasn't even wearing her regular clothes anymore, but in stead wore a one piece white outfit with a green skirt. The sleeves were short and the gloves seemed to started wher ethe sleeve ended. On her feet were green boots that reached her ankle and antenna came out of her head.

Then, the bubble poped and light flooded the little area. "Ow...Ow...Ow... That hurt." She said softly to Cake, wincing a bit.
"Say 'Love Wand'"
"Why should I?!" Bree yelled at the odd voice, eyes narrowed.
"I know what I am doing..."
"Maybe later, I've got somewhere to go!"
"Bree, there's a creepy thing standing in front of the gate!!!" Cake whined loudly, flapping her arms in the air and whimpering a bit "Waaaaaah!"

Bree sighed, looking around "Where's the gate? I wanna get out of here."
"This way!" Cake called, bouncing off in her protective bubble cheerfully. Bree sighed, finding Cake very... Interesting. Just a second ago the girl had been sobbing to death.
"Wait up!" She called, bouncing after her in a newly formed bubble "Ok? WAIT!"
Cake didn't stop, but Bree bounced faster and faster. What was going on? This long trip would give her time to think things out...

"What's going on? I could swear I saw Celebi from my Pokemon Game before I got all dressed up like this..."
"Time travel access!" Cried the odd voice. Bree's eyes widened and things seemed to move so much faster, even her own body was moving at the speed of light.
"WHAT THE HECK?!" She thought in terror "STOP STOP STOP!"
"Don't worry, this will simply make the trip shorter." The calming voice whispered to Bree. A sudden wave of relief spread over her and she took a deep breath.
"O-Ok... I trust you..." She replied in telepathic speech, getting more confused by the second. She just wanted to wake-up and find out this was all one big, long dream!

"Time Stop!" Cried the voice. Bree jerked into a more serious state of mind and looked around her. In front of her was a large, golden gate with a pokeball lock on it and standing in front of the gate was a black slug. Bree wrinkled her noise, staring in utter disguist at the ugly, 3 foot long slug. The creature's eyes snapped open, burning red, and a smile spread across its face. White fangs were noticable behind the ugly thing's lips and it dove towards Cake.
"AH! CAKE!" Bree screamed in alarm, the slug's teeth bared as if it were going to eat the girl.
"Happy Staff!" Cake cried as the thing came at her. In the palm of Cake's hand a round sapphire appeared and she quickly kissed it, a smile on her face.
The sphere flashed and turned into a long, silver staff with the sapphire sphere on the tip. Ribbons were attached to the sapphire, ribbons of many blue shades, and there was a pair of wings growing off the gem.

"A smiling face suits you best! Happy Surprise!" Cake said cheerfully, spinning the staff around a bit and then pointing it at the slug. The tip poked into the slug's mouth and began to glow brightly before some unknown force shoved the slug away.
"Grrrr... You'll pay for that" Hissed the slug, moving towards Cake agai.
"I HAVE TO HELP!" Bree thought, watching the angered slug move to Cake again.
"Say Love Wand" The voice repeated urgently "NOW! I'll say it with you!"
"Ok!" Bree replied with a gulped, glaring at the slug.
"LOVE WAND!" She screamed, the voice from inside her head joining her own. Bree yelped loudly in surprise, realizing she had just lost control of her hands. Her hands were now above her head and she saw a wand in them. The wand was silver with a pink heart on the tip, two green leaves poking out of it and a bell in the middle of the heart.

"Don't worry. I am controling you just until you learn to use your magic." The voice spoke softly, as Bree's arms moved in front of her. "Now we fight..."
"How dare you try to hurt Cake-chan! Love's Kiss!" Bree yelled, kissing the heart, her eyes wide. "I thought *I* had control! What are you going?"
"I thought you would look more Magical Girl like if you kissed the thing, that's all." The voice said simply "Here we go!"

Bree growled in her throat, wishing more then ever this was all one big nightmare. She twirled the wand a bit, the bell jingling, before pointing the wand at the slug. A little heart flew from inside the bell and hit the slug, drawing its attention to her.
"Oh snap!" Bree hissed, looking at the slug. The slug glared, moving towards Bree. As it moved forward, it began to melt into nothing but sludge.
"GO TO THE GATE NOW!" Ordered the voice. Bree yelped and ran to the gate, putting her hand on it. Her whole body was shaking!
"Cake! C'mon!" She urged, waving a hand at Cake. In a momment's blur, cake was next to Bree and the two pulled the gate open.

"NOOOOOO!" Cried the slug as a bright light erupted from the gate. Bree screamed, blinded by a light for the second or third time that day. The last thing she saw was the slug melting and Cake sheilding her eyes before both girls were knocked out.

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Chapter 5 - The Shojo With The DNA!

Pokemon World

"Ugggg.... What happened?" Bree moaned, slowly pushing herself up. She was on her back and in her normal human form once again. She groaned again and looked around, noticing that she was on very fluffy carpet. The ground under her sheviered and she yelped, quickly getting to her feet and looking around despratly for something to lean on.

The ground shook more violently and she fell into the fluffy, carpet covered wall. Slowly, the shaking stopped and Bree's attention was drawn to another room, the lab. She paused, wondering if she should walk forward and enter the room...
"Go on." Urged the voice she'd been taking advice from "It is a safe place."
Bree took a deep breath and walked forward, entering the room and running to a desk bolted to the floor. There was a box glued to the desk, a box full of Pokedexes.
"Awesome!" Bree exclaimed, picking up on of the pokedexes and looking at it.
The green Pokedex Bree was holding began beeping, then flipped open. Bree stared at it, realizing it was pointed at her. She looked at the picture on the computor screen and gasped. There was a Celebi on it!
"And if the games I play have Pokedex like this, then its pointed at a Celebi!!!" Bree thought excitedly as she spun around. "There's nothing behind me..."

"Ah, but there's something inside you." Bree's eyes widened and she screamed in shock as the voice of an old man echoed through the lab. Completly caught off gaurd she threw the pokedex into the air.
"Oh noooo!" She yelped, reaching out to catch it. Suddenly, hers eyes began to glow green and the Pokedex hovered in the air, a light green glow surrounding it.
"What just... Huh?!" Bree murmered, watching the Pokedex as it slowly floating into her out stretched hands.
"You see, Bree, you have Pokemon DNA in side you. Celebi, actually." The man said. Bree flipped around and stared at the man. Slightly tanned, lab coat, grey hair...
"It's Prof. Oak! AWESOME!" She exclaimed happily, her eyes glowing green and her psychic powers dragging Oak across the room towards her.
"Meep! I am SO sorry!" She yelped when he stopped in front of her, feeling really stupid.
"Don't worry, you'll get used to your powers." The man said simply "Now... Bree. I am sure you fought a slug?"
"Oh yeah! I kicked its butt!" Bree said happily, punching the air.
"Yes... Umm... Yes. That slug was a glitch in time." The man explained carefully, watching Bree in interest "These glitches slowly destory worlds..."
"Worlds? I thought there was only one..." Bree said softly, scratching her head in confusion.
"Yes. But every World has a diffrent.. How should I put this... Part to it. You see, Earth is actually where many diffrent types of cultures are. If you ripped a hole in time and space you'd see another destiny Earth might've had. The Pokemon World, Digital World and your own world are only 3 of the hundreds."
"WHOA! Time out! This is the Pokemon world?!" Bree yelled in joy, clapping her hands together "AWESOME!"

"Ummm... Yes. Anyways, I was recently doing research on this. I created a knife that could slice holes in time and space so I could study other worlds. But something stole the knife. It was a glitch and now all the glitches are riping their ways into worlds so they can invade and slowly destory everything."
"That's awful!!! But what does it have to do with me?"
"You have Celebi DNA in side you. I found out we could unstablize these glitches with the mix between a Pokemon's power and a pure emotion."
"I realized that no one on this world fit this. So, I went searching between worlds. I found you, with pure love, and Cake, with pure joy. So, I managed to pull you into this world. I can get you between worlds and you must defeat the glitches and get the other girls."
Oak finished his speech and Bree merely stared for about minute, trying to process all this information.
"Sooo... The other girls...?" She started, having no idea how to find these 'other girls'.
"Oh yes! There are other girls in your world, and a few others, who I injected with legendary pokemon DNA."
"Why legendary Pokemon?"
"Because, our world is unbalanced... You see, we've got two problems. Someone caught the legendary Kyogre and then someone got Groudon. In attempts to stop the madness, someone caught Lugia and then we unbalanced the legendary birds who fought and weaken themself. They were caught by tourist. So Mewtwo came out to get the legendaries back and was caught and then Mew was lured out. After that Suicune tried to help, but was caught, and the other dogs tried to help and were caught. Finally, Celebi went. Celebi put up a fight and brought up back DNA samples of the others before being caught as well. Then the regis, Ho-Oh, Latias, Latios... All the legendaries were caught and the world fell into chaos..."

Bree nodded to this story, looking a bit upset. A tear trinkled down her cheek and she sniffed loudly, about to break into tears.
"What's wrong?" Oak asked with an odd stare. Maybe he'd said something to offend her.
"It's just.. In the Pokemon game I always go after the legendary Pokemon.. I never thought this could happen..." She said between muffled sobs, covering her face with her hands.
"Do not worry, Dear Bree. I hear you. I was caught and my powers weakened. I cannot use them. But when good people have us we can still do our duties are legendaries."
Bree listened to the voice, then realized she still had no idea who the heck was talking to her.
"Ummm... Oak? When I got to that palce with the gates I started hearing a voice... The voice just said it's a legendary...?"
"Of course! It's Celebi, silly girl! You share Celebi's DNA so your minds are linked. Celebi will help you use your powers until she is freed." Oak explained quickly "Now, would you like something to eat? I am sure you're straved."
"Uh.... Ok." Bree replied, feeling a bit numb. She'd read about magical girls who had, perhaps, all the world coutning on them... But never had she read a book where over 3 worlds were counting on a single group of girls...
"I'll have to work Reeeeally hard!" She finally decided, clenching her fists and smiling brightly.
"That's the spirit!"

Note: About Chapter 4. Cake calls herself 'Poke poke Cake' because she feels like it xD Bree wouldn't be 'Poke poke Bree' unless she said so ^.^ BTW, Bree isn't into the nicknames o.0;;

Dr Skottie
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hmm is it just me or have i read this before? :think: its good anyway! :happy:

05-18-2004, 10:13 AM
Yeah, you probbly have ^.^;; I have to re-write it. Read the top note thingy, it explains way.

Chapter 6 - An Almost Pointless Breakfast

Pokemon World

"Good morning, Miss Bree!" A cheerful voice called. It was nurse joy, the pink haired woman standing next to a large breakfast table with plates of eggs, pancakes, waffles and cereal neatly placed around it. Bree's mouth watered as she stared in awe at the food, trying to keep herself from drooling.
"May I...?"
"All the food is for yourself and Miss Cake, Miss Bree." The woman said, bowing and walking into another room. Bree merely stared and slowly took a seat at the table.

"FOOOOOOOD!" Cake screamed in joy, waving her arms around frantically as she entered the room "Yummy yum yum!"
Bree smiled sweetly, watching Cake take strips of bacon off a plate and pile her plate up with pancakes. She dumped what seemed like a truck laod of maple syrup on the pancakes and covered them with strawberries.

Bree watched Cake, sheviering a bit in fright. She had thought Cake couldn't be more hyper! "I feel sorry for her parents."
"She has an odd match. Her DNA is of a Suicune, so she should be calmer and more serious in battle." Commented Celebi, feeding of Bree's image thoughts to know what was happening.
"Good. I can't see her coming out of a battle alive hyper like that."

"BREEEEEEEEE! PAAAAASSS THE WAAAFFFFLLLES!" Cake said in moan like voice, before starting up another fit of giggles and just grabbing the waffles. Bree moved her gaze from Cake's mountain of maple syrup, strawberries and powdered sugar to her own empty plate.
"What should I have?" She thought, gaze shifting around the table. After a few momment she got herself 1 pancake, 1 waffle and 3 strips of bacon.
She then got some strawberries to put on her pancake and maple syrup for her strawberry-filled waffle. Then she began to eat, cutting her food into little pieces and chewing slowly and carefully.

Cake, on the other hand, tried to shove half a pancake into her mouth and one time and chewed alot faster then Bree, not really taking her time.
Bree swallowed her food and looked at Cake "What's the rush?" She asked as she cut another piece of pancake off and started to eat it.
"I wana goo gwet ah Pookamooooon!" Cake said, her mouth full. Bree winced at this and waited for Cake to swallow.
"I wanna go get a Pokemon!" Cake repeated, her mouth no longer full.
"We get a Pokemon?" Bree asked, sounding very shocked.
"OF COURSE! It's the Pokemon World!" Cake said cheerfully "The Prof said that when we finish killing the glitches we'll get to go on a Pokemon quest!"
Bree's lips twitching, a smile slwoly forming on them. "FOR REAL? YES! I can't wait!" She exclaimed with pure joy and excitement "Well, let's find the other girls, fight the slugs and start our journey! What Pokemon do you want?" Bree asked before finishing off the last of her breakfast and pushing the empty platye in front of her.

"I want a water type. The Prof said we could get a Pokemon from any of the games we play and I want Mudkip." Cake explained cheerfully "Mudkip looks so playful, don't you think? I LOVE TO PLAY!"
Bree giggled at this, having thought Cake could be calm for a second.
"What about you?" Cake asked Bree eagarly "I told you what I want! Tell me what you want!"
"I want a Pikachu." Bree said firmly, a smile on her face "Electric types rock!"
Cake nodded, a smile on her face still.
"Welp, let's get going." She suggested as she pushed back her chair and stood up.
"AGREED! Let's get moving!" Bree said firmly, doing the same and walking over to Cake. A new friend, a new goal... Maybe this wasn't the worst destiny she could've had.

NOTE: If this chapter seemed pointless, read it again. It's just to expand on Cake and Bree's personalities * points to the eatting part *

05-18-2004, 11:59 PM
Chapter 7 - The Master of The Glitches

Glitched World

The Glitch World was pure darkness. You couldn't see in front of you or even, for that matter, your own hand in front of your face. Yet, the red eyed glitches could see perfectly in the curtain of darkness.
"Sooo... You have the knife?" Hissed a voice, the voice of the lead glitch. This glitch had a human form. His hair was black and his face pale with burning red eyes.

"Yes, Master..." Hissed one of the slug glitches, a knife laid out in front of him. The glitch's eyes glowed bright red as he peered up at his Master, expecting a reward of some sort.
"Yes... Thank you... I will use this to cut into other worlds... Until then, I must have you do something..." Hissed the Master Glitch, his eyes showing that he had something in mind for his fellow glitches to do.
"What is it, Master?" Asked the first glitch, a second and third slithering up behind him.

The Master glitch chuckled, crossing his arms and looking down at the three. "There are only two of those warrior right now. I have located a third, the one of Articuno DNA."
"What world is she in?" Asked the secound glitch, eyes fixed on the knife that had been collected.
"She is in the world of... What was it... The Human World." Master Glitch replied cooly, smiling a bit more "I want you to go get her. She is currently at an amusement park there."

All three glitches exchanged smiles, each eagar to go cause trouble at the amusement park. No doubt they had been looking forward to having a mission. "Well, Master. Cut a hole into that world and we shall go." The third glitch said, pushing the knife towards the Master Glitch.
"I do not want you to call me 'Master' anymore... Use they name I use in the human world." The Master Glitch said quietly, sounding thoughtful and a bit annoyed or pissed.

"But.. Master! You hate that human form! You hate your human side!" Glitch one cried out in surprise, red eyes wide with confusion.
"Not anymore. You are to call me Kaito." The Master Glitch said firmly "Is that clear?"
The 3 other glitches nodded respectfully, bowing their sluggish heads.
"What bodies shall we infect?" Asked the glitches, needing a body to take over so they wouldn't stand out as slugs.

"Hmmmm... There are human in Kaito's learning place... His school... Go for my human self's little sister... His older brother... And the girl." Glitch Kaito said firmly, looking at the 3 glitches sternly.
"Which girl? There are many who follow your human self around." Glitch two said in onfusion. This whole mess was a confusing mess!
"What was her name? Bree. My human form's older brother has been eyeing her for a while so it would make sense to my human form if he invited her." Glitch Kaito said slowly, thinking hard.
"Alright, Master Kaito." Glitch 1 said. Glitch Kaito picked up the knife and, very carefully, sliced a hole in the air.
"Go...." He hissed, watching the three glitches slide into the human world.

Once they were gone he sealed the hole just a little, hoping something with raw flesh and warm blood would wander in for him to eat. "Now... I only have to hope my human self does not follow and become jealous..." Glitch Kaito said with a moan. He peered through the hole, seeing his human self walking down the street. "I am glad I seperated from him, but I hate sharing his emotions..." Hissed the glitch in an annoyed way, sitting on a chair that had just appeared and murmering some things. Then, slowly, he fell asleep.

05-19-2004, 02:13 AM
Great start Satou! Your doing an awesome job so far! I finally finished it (been hard keeping up with your updates with my non-reading moods lately). There were some parts that I had to go back to twice to understand and there were spelling errors here and there so be careful on that but nothing to be to concerned about cause I'm not that picky, I still love the fic! At first it started out slow but it slithered into a nice fic and now I am begging for more. Awesome job!

05-19-2004, 07:14 PM
Thanks! All these comments really make thw riting worth while! I'll get my spellcheck program up soon, it was deleted with the computor virus I had... Sorry!

Chapter 8 - The First Pokemon! Two Trainers in The Making

Pokemon World

"Mr. Oak!!! Can we puh-lease have Pokemon?!" Bree begged as she walked into the lab. Oak was standing there, his expression soft and seeming to be filled with joy.
"Well, of course, Bree! What's the point of being here without being able to have some fun?" Oak asked with a light chuckle, patting Bree's shoulder.
"I wanna have one tooooo!" Cake cried, jumping around Oak and Bree in a fit of uncontroled giggles.
"Alright then, Cake. You too." Oak said with a smile, hoping Cake would calm down. In deed, Cake did calm down to thank the old man for letting her have a Pokemon.

"This way. My grandson, Gary, and Ash might not mind lending you a Pokemon or two." He said as he walked into a storage room. There were shelves and shelves of Pokeballs, at least 3 thousand balls in all, Bress guessed.
"Bree, I know you want Pikachu.. But I'd be more comfortable with a grass type..." Celebi spoke softly, sounding a bit nervous and a tad frightened.
"Why is that?" Bree asked Celebi in confusion "Just because you're part of me doesn't mean I should get the Pokemon you like!!!"
"Yes, I know. But hear me out. I am trapped here to be experimented on and every now and then I get a shock! Yeeeeek!" Celebi screamed and starting moaning, a jolt of pain running down Bree's spine.
"AH!" She screamed, falling to her knees and holding her head "What's going on, Celebi?!" She screamed.

"Bree! Are you ok!?" Cake asked in concern, kneeling down next to Bree and putting a hand on her shoulder.
"Celebi is hurt and Bree is sharing ehr pain!" Suicune explained to Cake "I do not have healing powers, so Celebi will have to control the pain to help Bree."
"Prof. Oak!!! Celebi's hurt and Bree feels her pain!" Cake explained in a panicy voice "What should we do?!"
"It'll pass, don't worry... I think she'll be fine."

"YEEEK! Ow! Celebi, help me!" Bree screamed at Celebi in a frantic effert to fight away the pain. Slowly, the pain died down and Bree caught her breath, panting and tremblign all over.
"I really am sorry, Bree. I was shocked... Are you ok?" Celebi asked in concern, seeming to pant as well.
"I see your point about Pikachu... What should I get in stead?" Bree asked, her panting slowly stopping and normal breathing pattern returning to her.
"Between you and me... I like Bulbasaur. But if you want something else, that's ok."
"That sounds great. I'd love to have a Bulbasaur." Bree replied, smiling now "Sometimes I think you're a curse, Celeib... But I think I really like having you here."
"I enjoy your company too. It is lonely in this cage." Celebi spoke happily, seeming to have forgotten her pain.

"Are you ok, Bree?" Cake and Oak asked together and Bree stood up.
"Yeah... Just fine... Could I have a Bulbasaur? Celebi is realy comfortable with Bulbasaur." Bree said to Oak with a smile.
"Hey, Suicune. Are you ok with a Mudkip?" Cake asked, wanting to 'fit in' by asking Suicune what he wanted.
"I like Mudkips but I will always favor Marill." Suiune replied, a happy feeling rolling through Cake's mind as Suicune said this "Please decide on your own. I encouage you get what you want."
"Ummm... Mr. Oak sir sir?" Cake murmered, sounding a bit shy "Could I get Marill or Mudkip?"
"How about I give you both, Cake?" The man replied with a smile "I have a MArill and Mudkip to spare."
"Really? ARIGATO!" Cake cried out, hugging Oak tightly and giggling "Yaaaay!"

"I would guess that Cake just talked to Suicune about their starter." Celebi said as Bree recieved Bulbasaur's Pokeball.
"Me too, Celebi." Bree replied with a grin, cupping the ball in her hands. This was awesome! Her very first Pokemon! Best of all, it was a creature she only dreamed of having!!!

"Now that we're done.. Here." Oak said, handing Bree and Cake two things each. One was a Pokedex and the other was a watch. Bree had a light green Pokedex and watch while Cake's were dodger blue.
"The Pokedex can be used to scan people's DNA. If you ever think someone you know has Pokemon DNA, scan them to find out. The watch can teleport you to any world you want, but it is currently set for the Pokemon World."

Bree nodded, putting her watch around her wrist. Cake quickly followed her example and did the same, smiling brightly.
"I suggest you go home now." Oak said with a smile.
Bree nodded, pressing a button on her watch that said "HOME".
"Buh-Bye! I'll come back soon!" Bree called as she began to vanish.
"GOOD BYE! I'LL COME AGAIN IN, LIKE, TWO MINUTES!" Cake yelled as she, too, vanished.

The world around Bree began to dissolve, spinning around and turning black... Everything around her was cold and she could see herself flying by the gate and towards a silver one with all the flags of Earthen Countries on around it.
"I will always be here." Celebi promised.
"Ok..." Bree said in an uneasy tune "Thanks...."

05-20-2004, 01:28 AM
Chapter 9 - Home At Last!

Human World

A bright light erupted in the spot Bree had vanished. The girl appeared there, landing as if she had fallen from some mystical portal that hung in the air, and then time resumed to normal. The birds chirped, cars drove by and animals froliced in the morning sun.
"Whaaaa?" Bree murmered in confusion. Shouldn't it be sunset about this time?
"I stopped time before you left." Celebi explained "You should return home."

Bree sighed and nodded in agreement, walking in the direction of her house once more. Once in side she walked up the stairs, turned a corner, and flopped on her bed.
"Arrrrg... What a day." She murmered in a lazy voice, staring ahead of her "Now what...?"


Mean while, another portal opened up outside Bree's house. A rip formed in the air and 3 black slugs slithered out. "I'll go to Master Kaito's human house." Slug#1 hissed to 3 and 3. "I'll join you." Slug#2 hissed in reply. The two glitches moved across the sidewalk, almost as fast as a cheetah, needing to get a body to take over.
"I guess that leaves me with the girl..." Hissed Glitch#3 as it slithered up the front steps of Bree's house. It slid under the door, then continued on ward. Bree's front door lead into the kitchen, which was surprisingly empty. With a cruel chuckle the glitch moved up the stairs to the second floor, turned a corner and slid under Bree's bedroom door...


"Do not worry, Bree. Something will happen." Celebi promised, feeling Bree's extreme boredom.
"It's unfair, Celebi. Me and Kaito were going to the muesum... And then he had to go... And I was taken to that rainbow place... And then to the Pokemon world..." Bree murmered, rolling over onto her back and staring boredly at the ceiling "Geesh, this isn't the life a magical girl is supposed to live. Magical girls are supposed to have cell phones, boy friends and live close to the people they fight crime with..."
"But you have a cell phone. There's one built into the watch Oak gave you." Celebi said in confusion "Why not use that one? You can use it to take to the others with watches like it."

There was a long pause as Bree's brain calm back to the world of the wake. "Really?"
"Really really."
Bree grinned, deciding that it was best she started to speak telepathically to Celebi so no one passing by would think she was nuts. She had never talked to herself, not even as a little girl.
"How does it work?" She asked Celebi eagarly, sitting up and looking at the watch.
"Press the call button and say 'Suicune' to contact Cake." Celebi replied, knowing that was who Bree wanted to call. Bree did as told, pressing the button and murmering 'Suicune'. The watch made a buzzing sound, then Cake's picture appeared on the screen.

"Cake here, how my I help you? Oh, hello Bree!" Cake cried out loudly in excitement.
"Of course it's me, no one else but me and you have watches like this." Bree said with a grin, happily to hear Cake's voice again. So, Cake had gotten back to her world safely too?
"Bree, I know you must be happy to talk to Cake but we've got a problem." Celebi said urgently, sensing the glitch as it crawled up the stairs.
"Uh.. Cake?" Bree murmered, getting to hang out "I've got a problem."
"What is it?"
"Good question. Celebi what is... WHOA!" Bree yelped, looking over her shoulder. On the floor was the ugliest creature she'd ever seen.
"AH! Cake, it's a glitch!"

05-20-2004, 10:54 AM
Chapter 10 - A Preverted Glitch?

Human World

"WHAAAAAT?!" Cake screamed, trying to see the glitch on the picture from Bree's watch. She was out of luck, though, since Bree had already pointed her index finger up high, ready to transform.
"DNA UNLOCK!" She cried as loudly as possible. Instantly a bubble formed around her and the process of going from just a normal human to a Pokemorph super hero took place.

In a few seconds the bubble had poped, leaving the fully transformed super hero there to save the day, or at least save herself from a glitch. "You stupid glitch! What are you doing in my bedroom?!" Bree asked firmly, glaring at the slugish thing.
"I have my reasons, get out of my way." Hissed the glitch as she moved forward, crawling up Bree's leg.
"YEEEEEK! CAKE! It's a preverted glitch!" She screamed, smacking the glitch so that it would let go. The then fell backwards, moaning loudly as it got off its abck and onto its feet. "What was that for?" The glitch asked miserably, glowing red eyes narrowed with pain and anger.

"Because you're a slimy little jerk!" Bree said angrily as she lifted ehr hands above her head "LOVE WAND!"
The wand appeared almost instantly in her hands and Bree twirled it around for a while, making sure it was actually there. The glitch growled and jumped at Bree again, once again leeching itself to her leg and seeming to dissolve into her skin.
"YEEEEK!" Bree screamed louder, pointing the wand at her leg and whimpering a bit.
"I think this is gonna hurt... Love's Kiss!" This time, without even kissing the wand, the little pink heart twirled towards the glitch and knocked it off Bree's leg. The slug sailed backwards in the air, landing on Bree's door.

Then, it vanished, melting into the door. With a sigh of relief, Bree watched the glitch vanish. "What a relief, it's gone." She said cheerfuly, whipping a bit of sweat off her forehead "I was getting scared."
"Bree, look out!"
Turnign around swiftly, Bree noticed that her bedroom door was turning black. Hands and feet poked out of the wood and glowing red eyes opened, staring right at Bree. They were filled with delight, the evil delightful glare sending chills down Bree's spine as she stood, staring at it.
"Ah...Ah..." She said in s shakey voice, stepping back a bit. Her body was weak and trembling, her eyes showing jsut how nervous she was. She was about to feet her bedroom door!

"I don't care what form you take, you stupid glitch!" Bree yelled, realizing the door was actually more glitch then wood now "I'll just defeat you time after time! If you want to keep coming back then I'll keep sending you back! Love's Kiss!" She yelled, pointing her wand at the door. The heart twirled forward, dissolving before it reached the door.
"Bree, your attack doesn't go on forever, you've got to get closer." Celebi warnned the girl, making Bree's trembling body shake a whole lot more.
"I've got to get... Closer to that thing?" She murmered to Celebi, feeling every ounce of bravery melting away.
"BREE! DON'T GIVE UP!" Cake yelled, her voice just barely able to break Bree's terrified train of thought "YOU CAN DO THIS! GO FOR IT, GIRL!"

Bree knew Cake was younger then her, maybe only 10 while Bree was 13, but she gave good advance.
"BE THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD! GO GO GO!" Cake yelled louder, trying to inspire Bree with one of her favorite stories "I'll read you the book if it helps!!"
"That's alright, Cake! I've got this under control!" Bree replied, trying to make sure Cake didn't read her the bloody book. She wasn't very big on trains.
"Weakling. You can't get close enough to me to even make me shevier." The glitched door spoke cooly "Give me your best shot."

Taking a deep breath, Bree prepared to run as fast as she could. If she was going to defeat the glitch, she'd do it fast. Those glowing eyes were giving her the chills!
Bree ran forward, wand pointed at the glitch "I'll be putting you in the trash can, where at glitches belong! Love's Kiss!" The heart shot from her wand's tip and smashed right into the door.
"NO! NO NO NO NO!" The glitch screamed, dissolving quickly. The door changed to its regular color, a clean white, and the glitch was gone.
"I'll tell Master Kaito who you really are, Puny little Celebi Girl. He'll destory you while you're still weak...." Hissed the glitch's voice, slowly becomig fainter and fainter.

"YAAAAAY! Great job, Bree! To celebrate, I'll read you my all time favorite book!" Cake cheered, drawing Bree's attention back to her cell-phone-watch.
"That's ok, Cake."
"No, really!"
"Really, Cake. You don't have to read me your story!"
"Ok... Fine." Bree finally agreed, flopping onto her bed again and picking up the watch.
"Once upon a time..." Cake started, holding the door in her hands cheerfully.
"You did really well today, Bree. I wonder who Master Kaito is."
Bree frooze as Celebi said this. "I'll MAster Kaito... Master Kaito... Kaito." The words echoed in Bree's head, her face going pale.
"No way! It couldn't be... My friend Kaito, could it?!"

05-21-2004, 12:21 AM
Chapter 11 - ARE YOU READY?!

Human World

Just as Cake finished telling her story to Bree, the real phone rang. The loud ringing sound echoed through the girl's pink bedroom and she quickly picked it up, putting it to her ear and waiting for a voice.
"Yo! Bree!" Called a boy, his voice deep and brave. Bree smiled a bit, recognizing the voice as that of Kaito's older brother. "HI BREE!" Squeeled another voice, this one no doubt Kaito's younger sister.
"So... Did everything turn out ok? There was no struggle?" The voice asked, a slight hissing seeming to echo as Kaito's brother lowered his voice to a mere whisper.

Bree took a momment to think, guessing John, Kaito's brother, was talking about how she'd recently given her dog a bath. John was going to help her wash the bath-hating dog but got busy with football, one of the many sports Bree didn't understand.
"Oh, yeah. Everything went fine. I got her without much trouble. Why?" Bree asked with a smile, twirling the phone cord with her finger and bit.
"Really? I heard from Kaito that she's really hard to fight after she's mad." Kaito's little sister, Geni, said. Bree wrinkled her nose, hearing the odd little echo of a hiss in Geni's voice too. <i>"How odd, I've heard that before."
"Me too... But from where?"[/i] Celebi questioned in agreement.

"Oh no, she was really calm. Actually, she was kind of tired." Bree said with a light giggle of joy. "Naaaw. The echo couldn't mean anything, right?" She asked Celebi, not really wanting an answer. Maybe the two of them were just hearing things.
"This is feeling really weird, all loose and hard to move in." John's voice said, the echo growing louder and louder by the second. Bree's mind jogged faster, not despratly trying to trace where she'd heard the echo before. What on Earth was john talking about? Had he gotten a new Football uniform or something?

"I know what you mean, 'John'." Replied Geni, seeming to tease John about his name? What was up with those two? Why were talking like they weren't really who they claimed to be?
"Hey, guys? Where's Kaito?" Bree asked, face turning a bit red as she said this. She'd wanted to let Kaito in on her secret, but was having second thoughts after what the glitch had said to her.
"Master Kaito.." She thought, seeming a bit depressed and sad. Kaito wouldn't work for the dark side, would he?

"You mean Master Kaito? He's just..." The echoed was louder then ever, John's voice vanishing under it. What was going on? Master Kaito? What was John talking about?!
"So, how do you like your new body, Glitcohn? Is it nice?" Teased Geni's voice before it was competly engulfed in the echo. Bree's eyes widened, everything becoming too hard for her to understand. New body? Glitcohn? What were these two talking about?!
"Master Kaito says that Bree is very good at fighting... He also said not to hurt her mind yet, for the sake of his human side." Bree's eyes grew wider at this comment, mouth falling open a bit. Kaito's human side? Her mind? They were talking to her about herself... Unless...

"What did you guys call about?!" Bree asked quickly, a bead of sweat rolling down her face. Her whole body was trembling, mind racing with confusion. The glitches! Now she remembered the echo as the same kind of voice the glitch she'd fought had! The glitch had taken over the door too! Did that mean when it crawled up her leg... Had it been trying to take her body over? Must likely. If that was the case, then she was talking to two glitches that had taken over the bodies of Geni and John...

"We are ready. The new amusement park, Fun-A-Thon, is open and Kaito got us three tickets. Meet us there and we'll proceed to step 2..." Bre listened carefully and nodded.
"Yes, I'll be there in 10 minutes.... Bye..." She said quietly, hanging up the phone and just sitting there, stunned.

"Kaito's evil. Kaito's evil. Kaito's evil. Kaito's evil. Kaito's evil...." The words wouldn't stop echoing in her head, slowly driving her insane. "I thought he was nice... I love him! How can I think like this?"
"Bree?" Celebi murmered in concern, her voice filled completly with worry "What shall we do?"
"I don't know... I can't do this anymore..."
"Bree! Please!" Celebi begged, sounding close to tears "LEt's just go, defeat the slugs and get all this over with!!!"

Tears trinkled down Bree's cheeks and she sniffled, wiping them away with her arms and coughing. "This is awful... Why is fate so cruel like this? I can't take this anymore!!!" She said, beginning to hiccup a bit. Her heart felt shattered, eyes stinging with salty tears.
"Why...Why? WHY?"
"Uh... Bree?" Cake murmered, having been watching everything from the watch "It'll be ok. You've got me... I have no idea what's going on... But what ever it is we'll tackle this problem together! We're The Universal Poke Poke! We'll save the day before bed time!"
Bree ust listened, only slightly cheered up. Cake was very serious about being a hero, having made up a motto, team name... Everything.
"So... 'Poke Poke' Cake? Hic! What'll we do about this? Hic!" She asked between hiccups, smiling a bit at her cheerful friend.
"Poke Poke Bree-chan will explain what Poke Poke Cake missed and we'll go kick some glitch tail!" Cake cried out happily, punching the air and giggling insanly "ARE YOU READY?!"

There was along pause, every thought processing in Bree's mind. Cake was right, they were in this together and she had to follow Cake's example! Take life by the horns and deal with it! Everything would turn out fine in the end!
"We're ready." She said firmly to Cake, picking the watch up off her bed and explaining everything to Cake.

06-06-2004, 06:18 AM
Chapter 12 - The Plan In Action.

Human World - Amusement Park

Cake was waiting outside the amusement park for 10 minutes, surprised that herself and Bree lived so close by. It was amazing that Cake had friends, too, since usually people avoided her smiling face. "Do not be ashamed of your emotion, Cake. I am bonded to you because you have the desire to smile." Suicune reminded her, the male Pokemon's friendly voice ringing in her ears.

People who listened to Cake and Suicune would call her crazy. She had told every secret to the legendary dog. From the time she splatter-painted her wall red and blue to the time she'd eatten a butterfly... Cake had done a ton of amazinly stupid things to make people smile and regretted only the butterfly.
But, Cake trusted Suicune with her life and he trusted her. So, now the girl just stood there. Her mind was greatly attached to that of Suicune, the bond that shared mentally becoming very strong. It was alot stronger then Bree's.

"Cake, I have wonderful news. I have transferred my bubble attack to you." Suicune informed the girl with pleasure.
"Great! Thank you!" cake replied, tapping her foot as she waited for Bree. Then, with much excitement, she spotted the nervous figure of Bree walking up on the horizon. On ethier side of her were a young man, built with muscle and looking strong (not to mention handsome), and a little girl walking along side them, her curly orange hair down. Both of Kaito's sibilings looked unhealthy, or perhaps like they couldn't care less for their new bodies.

Cake gulped, knowing that she couldn't act like she knew Bree. In stead she hurried up and paid for her ticket into the park, walking in as quickly as she could and looking for some way to wait for Bree without it appearing she actually cared. Luckily, to her right, was a cotton candy stall. Eagarly she purchased some of the fluffy pink sugar and nibbled it joyfully.
"YUM! I'll give you cotton candy when I meet you, Suicune! It's yummy!" She said cheerfully to her friend, licking the sugar joyfully.

But, the joy and sweet taste didn't last long. How could Cake be happy?! Poor Bree was suffering! She was probbly thinking about how Kaito was evil...
"Meep! I forgot, they're hiding to the ferris wheel! Bree told me about that!"
"What do you mean?"
"Those creeps are releasing a virus when they get to the top. They plan to infect everyone here! But Poke Poke Cake won't stand for it!"
Suicune seemed to sigh, simply wondering where Cake got the idea of adding 'Poke Poke' to her name when she transformed. It must be some human girl thing...


Bree walked nervously to the ferris wheel, her eyes wide with horror and shock. Even after Cake's attempt to cheer her up, Bree was a miserable honey bee. How ould Kaito do this? Why did he want to use her? Why?
"Calm down Bree! CALM!" Ordered Celebi as the girl stumbled a bit. Bree nodded, waiting in line to get on the ferris wheel. She could see Cake standing off to the side eatting cotton candy, ready to transform...
"Ok, I've got the virus." Kaito's brother said firmly to Bree "Ready?"
Bree nodded quickly, afraid to talk since her voice had no... Odd... Echo.

The 3 boarded the ferris wheel and the ride started, slowly turning around and around. 350ft up in the air wasn't going to be very comforting, but Bree was to with stand the height. When Cake was distracted the 2 glitches she'd transform to help finish them and their virus off!
They were half way to the top and Bree clicked her watch on quietly. Almost there....

06-11-2004, 05:59 AM
Chapter 13 - Drama Much, eh?

Human World

The two glitches smashed their bodies into the ferris wheel side. They were in what appeared to be a little room with glass walls. Under their combind strength the glass shattered and an alarm sounded. Instantly, the ride stopped and the two jumped out of the safety box and onto the box's top.
"FEAR US HUMANS!" Cried the little girl, tearing the bag containing the virus open.


"DNA UNLOCK!" Cake screamed, pointing her finger up at the sky. People passing by ignored her, only noticing her when the giant bubble formed around her body and started to glow. Eyes were fixed on her, everyone watching the girl who they had failed to see before transformation began. Then, the bubble poped and 'Poke Poke Cake' sprung forth.

People stared, their mouthes gapped a bit and eyes wide with confusion. The younger children gasped in awe, seeing the image of Suicune in her and jumping up and down.
"Look! Look Mommy!" Cried a couple kids, dancing around their mothers "It's Suicune!"
"Actually, it's not Suicune." An older girl said from behind everyone. Cake failed to notice her, too busy jumping to the first little box and using them to climb to the top.

"Look here you glitches!" Cake said firmly "I don't know who the heck you are but there's no reason for you to try to hurt a park full of people!" Her eyes were glowing with anger as her wand formed in her hand, light as a feather to her but rock heavy to anyone else who touched it.
"BUBBLE!" She yelled, pointing the wand at the glitches. Bubbles swirled around, blinding them just long enough for Bree to perform her act.
"AAAAAH!" She screamed, purposely falling out of the booth and towards the ground.


From below, people watched in horror. One of the many watchers was Bree's beloved Kaito himself, just standing there in awe. He'd been watching Bree the whole time, actually feeling a bit jealous that she wasn't out studying with him, but rather on a date with his brother.
"Don't worry about her..." A cold voice said softly in his ear, a figure flying over Kaito and towards the ferris wheel. There were two girls, both hidden by their own shadow and impossible to see.

One girl wore a golden tank top with a short, gold mini skirt. The tips of her fabric were covered in ruby flames and her eyes were bright blue, a flame on her head. Surprisingly, the flame didn't bother her blonde hair at all. She kept moving, her flaming wings protecting her body.
The other girl wore a similar outfit, only she had sparks on her outfit and electric wings. Her black hair was a bit missy and there was nothing on top of her head.
"What the...?" Kaito murmered, staring at the two girls.
"We're Zapdos and Moltres of the L-Poke project. You stay away from her if you know what's good for you... You witch." The blonde girl said firmly as she flew by.


"MOMMY MOMMY!" Screamed a little girl, trapping in her little box. She was in the box right next to the whole battle, her hair long and black with blue eyes. She appeared to be 8 years old, her eyes stained with tears. "MOMMY! NO!" She yelled, her mother's body sheilding the little girl.

The released virus nimbled away at the glass, dissolving it and leaving the whole group unprotected.
"MOMMY! YEEEK!" The girl screamed, feeling the ground under her crumble.
"You'll be ok, Sweety..." The woman said, still hugging her daughter "I promise..."

This scene flashed through Bree's head as she fell, her eyes growing wide as she saw a girl jsut like the one in her vision in the booth next to the fight.
"DNA UNLOCK!!" She yelled, transforming as she fell. The bubble fell with her, transformation taking palce quickly. Her wings, antenna and outfit changed completly, the feeling of nature's cries running through her veins.
"Let's go, Celebi. LOVE WAND!" She yelled, fluttering her wings a mile a minute and flying back to the fight, wand at hand.

Before joining the fight, Bree flew to the little girl who had been in the booth. The girl was sobbing, viruses coming her way. "LOVE'S KISS!" Bree screamed, waving her wand rapidly and letting the hearts fly out and kill every bit of virus that hung in the air. The virus was like a black fog, choking Cake and Bree as it floated in the air.
"BUBBLES!" Cake yelled, releasing more bubbles to kill the virus. Nothing seemed to be working, nothing at all...

"MOMMY!" Screamed the little girl, her eyes glowing red as a hole in the ground swallowed up the young girl and her mother "MOM!!!"
Bree gasped, noticing a thick bubble forming around the little girl. They were being seperated, the older woman falling to the ground so fast that it was hard to see her.
"OH SNAP!" Bree yelled, fyling downward. Her wings were beginning to ach from flying so fast, the world around her whizzing by. She HAD to save the little girl's mother! She just HAD to!

06-11-2004, 06:59 PM
Chapter 14 - The New Team Member

Human World

Bree quickly caught the woman, now struggling to get her back up to the her respectful place. Even as a Celebi, it was very hard to move a full grown woman in the air! It took effert, but she was able to drop the woman where she'd been, in a safer place them before.
Her attention then turned to the little girl, the girl who had jsut been going through the painful process Bree would never forget. Maybe she'd been dreaming.. Was it even possible for such a young girl to be like herself?

"MOM! LOOK OUT!" Screamed the little girl's voice, a familar figure flying over head. In deed, the little girl ahd transformed. Her skin was paler, eyes a burning red, and her raven black hair was now an icy shade of blue. She wore a short tank top with a furry collar and a mini skirt. From her back came two large blue wings and she had the feathery head topping of an Articuno. Her feathery tail swayed as she moved toward, something small and black falling from the sky.

It was too late. The black thing hit the girl's mother, the older woman's body turning charcoal black and her eyes glowing red. "Breeee... I've come for my reevenage...." Hissed a voice, a voice Bree had heard in her bedroom. The preverted glitch was back!
"MOMMY!" Screamed the little girl, her eyes wide with horror and lips partted as she let out an earsplitting scream "MOM! NOOOO!" She yelled as the glitch's new body turned to her. Every trace of the woman from before was gone.. The body now belonged to the glitch...

Bree gasped, realizing that this glitch infecting the little girl's mother was stronger then the other two. Did that mean that if she didn't get those glitches out of Kaito's sibilings... Kaito would be an only child?
She paused, just staring blankly ahead of her. If that was the case she had to act fast!
"Oh no you don't!" Glitch#3 hissed angrily at Bree, sending a dark goo in the girl's direction "You aren't going anywhere!" Bree shreiked, the gooey stuff engulfing her body and sticking her whole body together.
"YEEEK! FALLING!" She screamed, her body tumbling once more to the ground. Only this time she didn't want to fall.

"You hurt my mother! I'll make you pay!" Yelled the little girl, her red eyes seeming redder from crying so hard "Tearful Wand!" She yelled, creating a weapon in her hand. The wall was silver with a sapphire tear on the tip, a blue ribbon behind it.
"SORROWFUL SONG!" The little girl screamed, pointing the wand at the glitch of her mother. Instantly, a song erupted from the little girl's lips, sounding like a pro, and the glitch began to dissolve...

06-15-2004, 04:35 AM
Chapter 15 - We aren't kidnapping o_O;;

Human World

"Take this!" Cake yelped as Kaito's sibilings attacked her, both getting close to never having control over their bodies again. A ball of black energy flew at Cake, who jumped up just in time and let it fly under her. With a messy landing she stood again on the box, holding her wand out in front of her and narrowing her eyes eyes darkly.

"Happy Surprise!" Cake yelled, a beam shotting from the staff and ramming into 'John'. John fell over, moaning. The echo in his voice had vanished and he fell off the box, falling to the ground.
Bree yelped, noticing him fall and flying down to catch him.
"Bree?" He moaned, looking at her "It that you?"
With a gulp, Bree set him down on the ground, looking at the crowd gathered around the Ferris Wheel.
"HEY! You, kid! STOP DESTORING THE FERRIS WHEEL!" Cried one man, who threw a soda can at Bree's head in pure anger "MY DAUGHTER WANTS TO RIDE THAT THING!"

Bree yelped, a slight uproar in the annoyed parents starting.
"I don't want my daughter to try and do stupid stunts like you! What is this?!" Yelled a woman, waving her balled fist at Bree. Bree watched in horror, realizing that so many people were against her.
"STOP IT!" Yelled Kaito, standing in front of her "DON'T YOU GET IT? She wants to do this just as much as you want her too! She's got no choice!"

Bree's face went pale, listening to everything Kaito was saying. He knew! He knew about it all! "He is that Master Guy! I knew it!" She thought miserably, turning around and flying back up to the Ferris Wheel top "But he supports me... Perhaps it isn't him?" With a smile on her face and eyes bright, Bree turned to face the unhappy adults.
"My name's Poke Poke Bree. I defend Justice and what's good. Under the power of Celebi I'll delete the glitches in this world and restore your lives to their usual peaceful manners." She said firmly, before returning to the battle.

The little Articuno morph stopped attacking, watching every part of her only family member dissolve. "I love you, Mommy..." She said quietly, hoping with all her heart that would bring her mother back "Ok? You can..." She sniffed, wiping a tear from her red eyes "You can come home now....Hic... Mommy...."
Bree returned to the girl's side, watching her cry and feeling a bit miserable herself. Now what should she do?
"Don't cry. Let's finish this battle and I'll take you somewhere where you can live for a while."
"Will I still be able to play Pokemon?"
"Trust me.. It won't be just a game anymore." Bree promised, flashing a light smile.

"My name's Fiona." The little girl said, forcing herself to smile as she hugged Bree's knees "Ok, Mommy?"
Bree's face turned a few shades of pink, eyes growing wide and mouth parting in pure confusion "Ummm.... Ok?" She replied, questioning herself a bit. Had she just become a mother?

"BREEEEEEEEEE!" Cake screamed, continuing to dodge "Geni"'s every attack "HELP MEEEEE!"
"Ack! Alright! Frina, stand there for one second." Bree said quickly, smiling at the little girl "This won't be long!"
"Bree! If you and Cake combind your powers, you will be able to attack and reair the damage."
"GREAT! Tell me what to do!" Bree replied to Celebi as she flew towards Cake.
"You, Bree, just need to think about having Cake's energy."
Bree nodded, closing her eyes and thinking rather hard. "I NEED Cake's energy to do this..."

There was a bright flash and Bree's Love Wand began to glow, followed by Cake's Happy Staff. The happy staff vanished and a blue bubble floated onto Bree's Love Wand.
The love wand changed quickly. The staff was now golden with a ruby heart on the top, 2 pairs of feathery wings on the sides and a bell on the heart's tip.
"ALRIGHT!" Bree cheered, holding her wand and grinning brightly.
"You stupid glitch! How dare you ruin the fun of an amusement park? For your evil actions I will make you pay!"
Geni gulped, the glitch inside her already feeling the pain of the upcoming attack.

"LOVE'S JOY!" Bree yelled as she pointed the wand at Geni.
"Nooooooooo!" Moaned the glitch as it retreated from Geni's body.
"Bree... You'll pay for this..." Hissed the glitch as it slithered back into its world.
Geni was out like a light, so Bree picked her up and put her in one of the ferris wheel boxes.
"Ok then. Let's go, Cake." Bree said quickly to Cake "You too, Fiona. We've got somewhere to take you."

06-15-2004, 05:39 PM
Chapter 16 - Aunty... Cupcake?

Pokemon World

There was a sudden boom-like sound that echoed through Professor Oak's lab as an experiment met its final, sticky end. Black clouds fo smoke posioned the air and rolled out of the lab, disturbing everyone who was just... "Chilling".
"Sorry!" Cough Oak as he stumbled out of the lab "Really, I am."
His white lab coat was stained red and puffs of black attached to his greying hair. Something... Unpleasent had happened.

"What have you done? Is that blood?" Yelped a familar voice at a high pitch, the voice of Cake. The group of magical girls leaped out of the air, probbly getting used to Celebi's time travel as well as the teleportation.
Much to Oak's surprise there weren't only 2 girls, but 3. The 3rd looked horribly depressed and to be in some sort of mental pain.
"Mommy..." She whispered as she buried her head in Bree's shoulder. She was young and Bree was holding her in a motherly fashion, looking a bit desprate for relief.

"Her mum died. We were attacked by glitches and--- It's awful, Oak! Bree's boyfriend is the master of evil!" Cake cried out in horror, though she seemed slightly amused by the part about Bree's boyfriend.
"It's like in Manga, Mr. Oak! Like Manga! Like Manga! Bree's a real MAgical Girl now!" Cake declared as if to lighten the mood a bit.
"Is that true, Bree?" Oak asked in confusion. Even though he'd known Cake only a few hours he knew she was trouble and couldn't be trusted with retelling a story.
Bree paused and shot both Cake and Oak rather evil, ticked off stares "I don't have a boyfriend." She said simply "Thanks for caring." And with that she put Fiona down and stomped off to find her Bulbasaur who was grazing in the fields.

"Oh dear... I hope she doesn't hold back." Oak murmered softly as he leaned against a wall. Fiona, still whimpering, walked over to Oak and grabbed his pant leg.
"Mommy... I wanna go home." She murmered miserably "Mommy..."
"Uh... Sorry. He isn't your mom." Cake said with a weak smile as she moved over to Fiona, putting a hand on the girl's back and rubbing her back softly. Cake's parents were always busy so she could kind of understand not having a mother, only her mother was still alive and there for her.
"Mommy?" Murmered Fiona again, looking up at Cake. It was almost as if the back rubbing had triggered some sort of memory because suddenly Fiona was hugging Cake's legs and giggling.
"AUNTY! It's my Aunty Cupcake!" She squeeled in delight
"I am WHO?!" Cake yelped in surprise, backing up into a wall. She was unable to get Fiona off her but the little girl seemed to think she knew Cake.
"Aunty Cupcake! You promised me in my dream last night! That mommy would go on vacation and I'd stay with you and play Pokemon! Mommy isn't dead, she's on vacation, isn't she?" Fiona's voice was filled with life and joy that Cake was never suspected possible from the formly sorrowful girl.
"Uh...." Cake turned her gaze to Oak, seeming to want an explanation and fast But none was there for her.
"Eh... Y-Yes. My name's Aunty Cupcake but you can call me Cake... Your Mommy's in a wonderful place..." She said soothingly as stroked Fioan's back some more. Cupcake but be an imaginary friend of Fiona's so posing as this friend wouldn't be too hard...
"Yay." Fiona murmered, falling to floor and curling up into a little ball "Coooo....Cuuuu. Unoooooo." She murmered as she dirfted off into a joyful nap, icy blue wings suddenly sprouting from her back and sheltering her body.
"Uh... Nurse joy? Could you get Fiona a palce to stay?" Cake asked happily, pleased to have calmed Fiona down "She needs to live here now. She'll also need a Pokemon. I'll go see what's up with Bree."

06-16-2004, 05:32 AM
Chapter 17 - Glitch 096

Glitch World

"We faaaailed you sssssir." The hissing sound of glitches echoed through the darkness familar to them. The air was as cold and bitter as usual and Glitch Kaito was resting on his throne, as usual. The young man's eyes were narrowed darkly on the the failures and his teeth bared like a dog.
"Why have you failed?!" He demanded angrily with his fists balled, eyes burning with rage.
"The girl... Ssssir... Sssshe fought baaack, Sssssir." Hissed one of the fearful glitches as Kaito's anger continued to boil more and more.
"FOUGHT BACK?!" He yelled angrily and suddenly one of the glitches dissolved into nothing under the might of his anger. "HOW?!"
"Ssssshe transsssformed, Sssssir. Ssssshe fightssss well, Ssssir. Sssshe took ussss from our new bodiessss, sssshe did, Sssssir." The glitch talking suddenly began to boil like hot water and moaned helplessly as Kaito's dark, cross stare seemed to burn a hole through its body.
"YOU WERE BEATEN BY A MERE GIRL?" He yelled angrily, standing up in his throne "A MERE GIRL?"
"Not meere! Ow... Sssstop... Ow.... SSSSTOP!" The melting glitch cried out in panic, death nearing its time as it melted more and more. The burning glitch continued to scream, not daring to accept this fate "SSSSSHE FOUGHT USSS, SSIR! SSTOP THE BURNINGSSSSS! SSSSSSTOP!" It all happened to suddenly. Kaito's anger reached its boiling point and the boiling glitch began to bubble like hot soup, the moaning growing louder, and all the other glitches backed away.
"NO! You were beaten by a child, you deserve death!"
"Ssssshe was Pokemon... Arrrrrrg!"

The dieing glitch moaned loudly again, screaming and then pausing to catch its breath. It was surprising it was still alive after all this burning and the glitch simply wanted to pain to go away. His own Master was hurting him! Hurting him because he had been beaten! What was he supposed to do?!
Then the little glitch got an idea and chuckled through its pain. "Thank you, Masster... Thank you for leading meeee in the right direction." Hissed the glitch before it slither painfully over to the knife and cut a hole in the darkness. It slithered through and closed the hole behind it. This little glitch had a mission... He had a little human girl to visit.

06-17-2004, 05:36 AM
Chapter 18 - Falling Glitches

Pokemon World

Bree was cowering 'outside' or rather inside. When the world rotting away all the Pokemon lived in an underground field with fake sunlight and fake skies. The ground was grassy and Bree's Bulbasaur was munching away merrily on an apple from a nearby tree that was living off fake sunlight.
The girl's body seemed almost limp as she pressed her face against Bulbasaur's, tears rolling down her cheeks at a speed one could almost consider breaking the speed limit.
"W-Why?" She croaked, her throat clogged with salty tears of sorrow "W-Why meeee? Why do I have to go through all this, Bulbasaur?"
"You really believe I'd merge with anyone else?" Celebi asked in a calm voice as she tried to calm her new friend's sorrows. Bree was truly upset over Kaito being the Glitch Boss. She was reeeeally upset about this whole mess and was tearing herself apart inside.
"Bree, I know this must be very painful for you... But please be strong...."
"YOU DON'T GET IT, CELEBI!" Bree screamed outloud, her scream startling a nearby clan of Cubone but not Bulbasaur. "Have you ever been in love like me? IT ISN'T FAIR! I want to be a normal girl! I just want to flirt and go on dates... Not hurt the guy I love! It isn't fair!"

Cake peeked her head out from the doorway, watching Bree with tearful eyes. Maybe she shouldn't have rubbed in the whole "your boyfriend's evil" thing... Her stomach felt worse then after she ate her first butterfly. She sniffled and ducked back into hiding, staring blankly ahead of her.
"Suicune, what should I do?"
"Well... Why don't you surprise her?"
"You can make her a present."
"Naw, that only works for little sisters. I need something major! I've gotta go shopping!"
"No, Cake. No shopping. We've got to be serious here. We've got to unevil Bree's boyfriend."
"She's got a boyfriend?"
"Cool. I wish I'd known that before I started teasing her."

Bree sighed wiped away a few tears, hanging her head and hugging Bulbasaur.
"Sorry, Celebi... This just isn't fun anymore."
"There there. We'll do something."
Suddenly Bree felt warm, as if her mother had hugged her, and realized that Celebi's thoughts were kind and mother like. She smiled weakly and attempted to send the same feeling back, barely able to pinch Celebi. Being merged with Bree gave Celebi complete access to Bree's every thought and wish. As a friend she knew that messing around with the current matter wasn't very fun and was actually sharing Bree's pain for those few momments.

Blop. Something fell from the sky and landed on Bree's head, completly spoiling her relaxed mood. She yelped in surprise and threw the thing off her. It was... Hot to touch, almost burning, and all slimy.
"Waaaater! Waaater! Heelp!" Moaned the thing as it slithered around. Bree's attention was grasped by its sluggish black body and fearful red eyes and she frooze. A... Glitch?
"WATER!" Cake screamed as she ran to the fallen creature, shooting bubbles from her hands to cool it off. The thing sighed in relief and a loud 'poof' echoed all around as it transformed.
"Wow. Look, I am a real boy." Murmered a young boy's voice as the bubbles cleared. Cake screamed in horror and ran back to Bree, hugging her tightly.

06-19-2004, 02:47 PM
Chapter 19 - Help From A Glitch?

Pokemon World(5 hours later)

It had taken 1 hour for Cake to calm down and then another for them to explain to the naked kid that he needed to put some clothes on and then a hour other hour to find him some clothes. The boy had short black hair and was wearing a mini-version of Oak's lab uniform, his eyes bright red and little fang-like teeth glittering in his mouth. After he was dressed he didn't see Bree or Cake until 2 hours after when they finally decided that they were safe.
"Really, I can't believe it." Bree said sternly as she wandered from her room with Cake cowering behind her "Some nerve that kid has! Going naked around a poor innoucent little girl!"
"He-He was a lil'glitchy-glitchy andthen he turned into a booooy." Sobbed Cake in terror as she hugged Bree HARDER, sobbing loudly "But... He wasn't real-looking, I swear!"

"That's because I am not human." Said a fimilar voice that caused Cake to scream and fall forward "I was a glitch and I need your help." It was the boy and he was covered head to toe in band aids since he was covered in burns.
"WHOA! Hold on! Who'd you become human?" Bree asked quickly as she shelter Cake with an arm.
"Poor Cake... She's scared stiff."
"You would be too."
"I guess... I'd be disturbed if I saw Suicune naked."
"Pokemon don't wear clothes..."
Cake was still sobbing when Bree's quick conversation ended and the boy was looking at the two girls like they were insane. He looked to be about Cake;s age, probbly why she was so highly disturbed by all this.

"My name's Glitch096 but you can call me 96." The boy said simplyas he put out his hand to shake. Bree stared at him and didn't accept the hand shake.
"Explain. How are you human?" She demanded angrily with narrowed eyes.
"When your friend Cake bubble beamed me I got some of her human DNA and the gender of the Pokemon suppling the attack. She's merged with a Suicune, right?" The boy said all this as if none of this would surprise Bree but his expression changed his mind. Maybe humans weren't that clever afterall.
"Ok then... Now, why are you here?" Bree asked in an icy voice, never letting her gaurd down.
"Master Kaito" Bree sheviered but kept herself standing straight "was attacking me because you beat the snot outta me. He started to burn me so I came to you for help. You don't mind if I swear, do you?"
"Depends. Are you swearing at my Kaito or your own stupidity?"
"Bree, that's rude." Cake whispered to Bree as she bravly turned to look at 96.
"Ah.. Your Kaito?" 96 asked in confusion, rubbing the back of his head and giving Bree a blank expression "What? Is he your kill?"
"NO! HE'S MY IMPORTANT PER---" Bree shut up quickly and took a deep breath "Soooo... If he burnt you, why aren't you screaming and how come you aren't dead?"
"Cake bought me some time when he cooled me off. I'll probbly kick the bucket shortly but I guess I'll help you guys out until then." 96 said with a shrug. His attitude wasn't very convincing but Bree could tell he was telling the truth. Did he really not have a problem with dieing?
"Well... I guess we'll trust you a little bit. Just tell us what we should know." Bree said slowly as she lowered her gaurd a bit "I need to know how to end all this quickly."
"Bree, if he's a new friend he needs a proper name!" Cake said happily while she walked over to 96 "New name time! Someone get me a computor we've gotta go to Babynames.com!!!"
"I get a name?!" 96 asked quickly with wide eyes "Wow! I've never had a real name before!"

06-21-2004, 09:36 PM
Chapter 20 - Kalil 96!

Pokemon World

Cake's fear of 96, now dubbed Kalil, was slowly fading. In fact she enjoyed his company, which was a good sign. She was worried about him but not as much as Bree. Shortly after the naming of Kalil the boy's explanation for everything began. The trio was in a circle of comfortable chairs in a quiet section of the lab, just talking.
Apparently Kaito didn't want to simply destory the Pokemon World. His plan was to gain control of the legendary Pokemon but recently he'd been considering a higher target: Bree and Cake. He'd heard of them and didn't believe it, but Kalil knew that the girls defeating him had risen his expectations.
Kaito wanted to make the Pokemon World his next glitch world and fuse the two worlds together. He'd enslave the people and use their life force to power himself up.

He also explained more about the Kaito Bree knew. That Kaito was a simple illusion, said Kalil, set up to lure girls with strong love to him so he could get their emotions. Overall Kaito wanted a bit more then power... He wanted to feel 'love' and 'sorrow'. He wanted to dream and wish like regular people but his manner of getting the feeling was going to hurt everyone.

"You swear..." Bree murmered softly as she wiped a tear from her eyes. "You swear to me you aren't making this up?"
"'course not, Lady Bree"
"Just Bree."
"Oh...Uh... Course not, Bree. Why'd I lie to you? You guys are going to give him what he deserves!" Kalil replied simply with a smile, though behind his smile was a look of pain. Cake instantly jumped to her feet and walked over to Kalil.
"Are you ok, Kalil-kun?" She murmered in mild distress as she put a hand on his shoulder and made a light whimpering sound.
"Uh... Yeah, of course. I wouldn't be if you hadn't save me." He replied quickly as he turned away from Cake, blushing madly.

Bree giggled in delight at the sight. Cake's face was turning a few shades of red too and Bree found this all too amusing.
"Are you sure her parents will be ok with this?"
"Of course."
Celebi's mind was filled with mild humor and Kalil forced a smile, even though he was still in pain.
"Uh... Bree? Would you mind if I went somewhere to rest?" He asked in a fake voice, not wanting to worry his new friends too much with his horrible health.
"Ummmm... Oak will get you a place to stay... Go ask him." Bree said in her own fake cheerful voice in attempts not to worry Cake.
"Nuuuu! Kalil-kun, you can't walk all alooone! You might get hurrrrt!" Cake complained angrily as she guided him off. It wasn't in Cake's nature to let friends suffer.