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03-07-2004, 01:53 AM
2 monthes of boringness and I completly re-wrote the story o_o; Erffy.

{Chapter 1} - {Limited Edition GBA Games! Mina Meets A Friend!}

It was a dark, stormy day. There was a game show being held in an old warehouse, the show all about Pokemon. Pokemon was the greatest thing ever and everyone loved it. In fact, There was a special one-off-a-kind game that had been made for the 1st and 2nd place winners of this certain gameshiow. There were many games to be won, so the game might go on forever.

It was the beginning of the gameshow. One of the many people there was a girl named Mina. Her eyes were emrald green, scanning the group of people she'd be competing against. She gulped, playing with her shoulder length brown hair. She was so nervous!

~This stinks. I am so gonna lose.~ She thought, feeling butterflies fluttering in her stomach "So... Nervous...Gonna...Be...Sick..." She murmered, clutching her stomach and looking at the ground. This wasn't a good sign. ~I'll faint when I get on stafe!!! I feel myself getting dizzy.... Ahhh!~ Her knees wobbled and she felt herself toppling over.

"Errrf! Are you okies dokies?" ~Huh? I didn't hit the ground!~ Mina opened one green eye and looked down at the girl who had caught her. Maybe 9 or 10, Mina was surprised she could hold the weight of a 14 year old. "Thanks..." She said quietly, standing up. The little girl had a large grin on her face, skyblue hair resting at her hips and purple eyes fixed on Mina. "No problemly! Just don't pass outs kkk? Yaaaay!"

Mina stared at the oddly hyper girl, trying to smile through her extreme fear. "What's your namey name?" The girl squeeled, but a sharp beep cut Mina off. It was time for the show to start. "Sorry, I'd better get going!" Mina said quickly, dashing off to the stage. Her heart was thumping, making her body shake. This was so scarey!

"What Pokemon evolves into Raichu?"

"Pikachu!" Mina yelled, sweating. She was in the lead, 10 points ahead of the others. There were only 2 more questions to answer and then the winners would be chosen. "What does Suicune mean?"

"Mr.Water!" Yelled Mina, panicing. She stared nervously at the woman asking questions. The woman nodded and Mina sighed in relief. "How do you capture Latias?"

"Beat the elite 4 on your sapphire version and then wander into it like any other wild Pokemon or get a cheating device." The hyper active blue haired girl squeeled. She was the only girl Mina had to fear. That girl was good at Pokemon and had 9 points.

"Ok, that's the end of the show! The winners are Mina and" Mina stared, not able to hearing the other winner's name. She walked up to the game show host , the skyblue haired hyper child following her. So she was the other winner. "Congrats! Mina, you've won this limit edition game called 'Protector Of The Forest'" She said, handing Mina a green gameboy advanced game box. Mina's eye sparkled as she stared at it. There was a Celebii on the cover with sparkling trees in the background. "W-Wow!" She stammered, looking at the other winner.

"I am Mina." She said, holding her hand out. That girl had a skyblue box with a picture of Suicune on the cover. It was called "Protector of Pure Water" and had a sparkling pond in the background. "I am Cupcake! Call me Cake or Cuppy nyaaaaa!" Squeeled the hyper girl. "Cake, let's go." An older woman said, most likely Cake's mother. "Ok mommy! Bye, Mina-chan!" Called Cake as she ran off.