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David Um
07-01-2006, 05:20 PM
Defensive effectiveness:
1/2X:normal,grass,ice,flying,steel,bug,dark,psychic, dragon,chost,rock

Base stats:

Ability:Clear Body
Pokémon with this Trait are completely immune to all stat-lowering attacks.

SET 1:the wall (blissey mock)
-toxic/thunder wave
-sleep talk
-seismic toss
Well, I can always say this. This set is somehow like Blissey's standard set. Toxic is for snorlax and suicune and thunder wave can seriously disable fast sweepers such as jolteon and aerodactyl. Seismic toss can deliver constant damage, and it is a good thing too, because registeel's attack blows. Rest and sleep talk combo can work like blissey's softboiled, but it's more time consuming and doesn't work as well as blissey's (aromatherapy/seismic toss/thunder wave/softboiled). BUt don't deny that registeel has 150 in both defense stats, and should not be underestimated. Registeel, in fact, makes a good wall. This thing will have stall wars with skarmory if it appears on the field.

SET 2:choice bander
@choice band
-focus punch
-rock slide/ancientpower
A choice banding registeel. Focus punch all those rock types and T-tar to hell, and fire types like moltres can't survive a CB rock slide! You may use ancientpower if you want stat boost, but at a slim 10% chance, you won't at least likely get a stat boost. Choice banded explosion beats the hell out of any type of bulky waters like suicune and earthquake for metagross and other steel types like steelix, although you can catch steelix with a focus punch. This thing also has a skarmory weakness.

SET 3:special sweeper
-HP grass
-ice punch/explosion
It may not look like it, and Groudon80 has trolled on it, but this set takes care of a lot of registeel's weaknesses. Skarmory and gyarados eats a thunder, and you can HP grass swampert or quagsire to its graves. Explosion is basic for a last resort, but Ice punch is something special. OHKOs salamence, flygon, and dents the hell out of dragonite and donphan. Rest when your HP gets low. This has a huge weakness to metagross and T-tar, but at least it doesn't have a skarmory weakness anymore.

SET 4:Curse steel
-brick break/ancient power/rock slide
A cursing registeel. I tell ya tyranitar or metagross would be a hell of a lot better at this than registeel ever could. Any way, this set is curse up a few times, and kill stuff with brick break and earthquake. A cursed up brick break OHKOs T-tar and earthquake 2HKOs metagross, Explosion if you are on your last resort, but since registeel is so slow after the curse, you would probably be using explosion a lot sooner then you would plan to. Ancient power is for stat boost, and rock slide for more damage against flying types, but both OHKOs moltres and charizard.

SET 5:Counter set
-seismic toss
-thunder/ice punch
This is the counter set for registeel. It looks unnecessary, but it can surprise the hell out of T-tar and donphan using earthquakes. Seismic toss for constant damage because its attack power sucks. Thunder is for OHKOing gyarados and denting the hell out of Skarmory from spiking you badly. Rest when your HP gets low. I'm also thinking that the counter set can beat the crap out of salamence and metagross quakes as well. Replace Ice punch for thunder if salamence is more of an issue, since registeel OHKOs salamence with a ice punch.

Other options: Thunderbolt can be used instead of thunder if you are paranoid about accuracy, and I just can't think of any more moves that will fit registeel. Maybe double-edge on the choice band set?

EVs- The blissey mock set needs max HP and rest on defenses, so it will have more longevity. The choice bander needs max attack and a lot of defenses to take on T-tar and metagross earthquakes. The special sweeper needs a lot of sp.att, and some HP if you want to. Add the rest in defense stats. The curse set needs attack and sp.def because you would be increasing your defense anyway. The fifth set needs Max defense stats, I think, and rest should go to HP or sp.att.

Opinion: Although registeel has a small movepool, It has many uses for them. I've already created 5 movesets and most pokemon can't even go that far. Registeel can play as a wall, physical sweeper, a choice bander, a special sweeper, and even a counter set. I used to hate registeel, but I think I like it a lot now. It seriously can dent stuff in standard and borderline tournaments if played right. It also can work as a blissey if you are sick of using the actual blissey.

Skarmory(without thunder), weezing, swampert, salamence, moltres, charizard, metagross, and tyranitar. BUt swampert, salamence, and swampert all fall to the special set though. Claydol.

"and Bleep, Shichiro's toying with me again. Just how did Shichiro become a super mod?"