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David Um
07-01-2006, 09:11 PM


Defensive effectiveness:

Base stats:

Pokémon with this Trait can float in the air, thereby avoiding all Ground type attacks.


SET 1:Special offense set
-dragon claw
-calm mind
Okay, This is the standard set. Dragon claw has no resistance in ubers, so it hurts a lot of stuff. You may swap psychic for safeguard because most of the ubers are psychic anyway, and safeguard does wonders for stalling the crap out of max special defense blissey. Calm mind is for boosting its already massive special attack and no thunder is required because a Calm minded dragon claw dents the hell out of kyogre and all the other ubers. This is the set that I would use on my latias in-game and competitive tournaments. Recover is when your HP gets low, but the move kicks ass.

SET 2: Substitute set
-dragon claw
-calm mind
First issue of Latias' weakness, Deoxys-L. It can remove Latia's soul dew and reder latias useless, but substitute can block that. Substitute when deoxys-L comes, and calm mind while Deoxys-L tries to break your substitutes. It actually takes 2-3 knock offs to break a Latias' substitute after a calm mind. Max out latias' special attack, and dragon claw Deoxys-L in the face! Recover is when your HP gets low and a general good move, so keep that on there. Even blissey will fall crap to this set.

SET 3:Helping hand set
-helping hand
-dragon claw
-reflect/light screen
This set is inferior to all the other sets, but it is a team player while all the rest of the sets are meant for single battles. Helping hand boosts the recipent's attack by 1.5, which is always beastly on your groudon earthquakes or kyogre ice beams. Reflect is for physical attacks like EQ from groudon which will beat the crap out of your teammate (say your teammate doesn't have levitate.) and Light screen is for blocking ice beams from mewtwo and blocks thunder from soul-dew latios. Recover is good because you have more longevity that way, and dragon claw on your last resort should hurt some stuff or finish off weakened pokes.

SET 4:all-out assault
-ice beam/HP dark
-dragon claw
The all out assault set. Used in tandem with groudon since Blissey will wall the hell out of you. Thunder that Kyogre to hell, but thunderbolt works if the weather isn't on your side. Ice beam OHKOs groudon and rayquaza and give mewtwo a dragon claw for heavy damage. Recover is for when your HP gets low. I can only say this. No calm mind stinks, but who cares because you would beat the crap out of your opponents anyway before they Calm mind. HP dark if you want a general move for taking care of psychics, but I wouldn't recommend it.

SET 5:Fun set
-thunder wave
-calm mind/swagger
-dragon claw
This is a fun set and use it if you're feeling good or bored, because this set gets you nowhere. Thunder wave things that are faster than your latias. Swagger can annoy the hell out of physical sweepers, but you are going to get murdered if luck's not on your side. Recover when your HP gets low, and is basic. Calm minded dragon claw can hurt various kinds of crap except Deoxys-L. Not the best set, but it can work.

SET 6:Sunnybeaming set
-dragon claw
-calm mind
I see.. Taking advantage of groudon's ability with that massive special attack. Solarbeam becomes a one-turn attack and beats the hell out of kyogre and mewtwo in the sunlight. thunderbolt for flyers like HO-oh and rayquaza and calm minded dragon claw destroys the latter opponents like other lati@s and dents Deoxys-L. NO recover means you have to sweep fast, and run away before Deoxys-F comes out and kills you with shadow balls. I believe I found this set in pokemon colosseum, and it is usuable on a groudon team.

SET 7: MY JAA set
-calm mind
-dragon claw
This is what I used for my JAA. Surf is for taking advantage on Kyogre's rain and psychic does a lot of damage on random kyogre/groudon, especially after a calm mind. Basic on calm mind and dragon claw, and you don't have to worry about deoxys either because they were banned in JAA.

Tips: When you are facing an opponent groudon, don't solarbeam so early or the opponent will switch into kyogre and will seriously disable solarbeam's power. If you can even predict, use dragon claw, because dragon claw dents kyogre as well, and you can finish off the injured kyogre with a Soul dew thunderbolt.

Other options: Charm is useful for groudon and other special sweepers, and mist ball is latias' signature move, but since most of the ubers are psychic, it can't dent crap. HP fire is if you are using a groudon team and it can beat the hell out of metagross and shedinja, although the groudon can beat it first anyway.

EVs- all the special sweeping sets except the helping hand set, you might need 317 speed, because that evens max speed rayquaza. In JAA, you might want to go with timid if you want a chance to outspeed mewtwo. (IVs can affect pokemon in-game) For the helping hand set, you can add some on HP, and in special defense. Rest goes to special attack or speed. It's your choice how you want your latias to be. I think I will go with modest on my Latias.

Opinion: Less special attack, and more special defense. But unlike latios, it can decrease the opponent's special attack and can't DD either. BUt with that 130 base sp.def with the soul dew, It's one of the safest switches to kyogre, unlike Latios, who gets 2HKOed with a Kyogre's ice beam. A good pokemon, but I prefer latios if you want to harness that massive special attack. Make sure you team up with a groudon or metagross and shedinja will give you trouble. So can blissey. Also' Latias has good typing and is immune to ground types, so opposing groudon will fall to it.

Counters:Blissey, Snorlax somewhat, Deoxys-L, Shedinja(without HP fire or dark), metagross.

07-01-2006, 10:47 PM
just so you know, soul dew is banned in jaa.

David Um
07-01-2006, 11:01 PM
just so you know, soul dew is banned in jaa.

whoops, good point. but how do you like the rest of my analysis?

07-02-2006, 12:00 AM
318 speed beats max speed Rayquaza, not 317. I never had problems with 307 to beat Groudon/Kyogre, but whatever.

In 2v2 you need max speed or it fails.

Never recommend Psychic on Latias or Latios or basically any uber because you are guaranteed to hit things harder with another move (unless it's something like Blissey or Kingdra, who you slaughter anyways).

@ Soul Dew
~ Calm Mind
~ Dragon Claw
~ Recover
~ Safeguard / Thunder Wave

That was standard for Latias iirc. And why is there nothing about Roar mentionned considering Roar Latias is a freaking beast. Latias tends to lure Calm Mind wars with shits like Lugia so Roar them away and laugh as they're completely, utterly screwed.

How does Blissey counter something that commonly carries Safeguard, Calm Mind and Recover...?

You wrote the wrong all-out assault set. This is only run on Latios but...

@ Soul Dew
~ Solar Beam / Ice Beam
~ Hidden Power Fire
~ Dragon Claw
~ Thunder

Solar Beam or Ice Beam depends on how paranoid you are of Groudon packing sdef EVs. While he has a slight chance of surviving Ice Beam to OHKO back with HP Ghost/Bug even with max special attack and soul dew, Solar Beam completely disregards their efforts to survive. It does, however, make you a bit more open to Kyogre/Rayquaza. Dragon Claw is filler that hurts everything, Thunder because nuking the whales is cool, Hidden Power Fire for Metagross.

That's run on Latios. Latias doesn't have the special attack to support it (max special attack + soul dew + nature on Latias is a solid 66 points less than Latios's special attack). If you want all-out assault, you're using the wrong uber.

Latias is more of a special sponge, if you can believe that.

Substitute doesn't really deserve its own set because it's almost strictly inferior to the Calm Minder with Thunder Wave/Safeguard. You're trading a way of crippling any non-Groudon sweeper you see (and avoiding random crippling Toxics) for a way around Deoxys-LG. And if they have Deoxys-LG, you basically know they have Lugia, who will come in and Whirlwind you out anyways if you use Substitute anyways.

The sunny beaming set is pointless. If you're running more than one attack, drop Dragon Claw and use BoltBeam. You still kill Groudon with Ice Beam with 1 Calm Mind so Solar Beam is fairly pointless. And Thunderbolt hits Kyogre and basically everything else.