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I have decided to drop Learning to Heal the hurt for now and start another fic. I only ask one thing. Review!

When a Flame Dies
Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Name: Dani Krier
Job Assigned: Rapidash Keeper
Where: Moltz Rapidash Breeding Farm in Kait, Kanto

Dani read scanning the top of her newly typed work form. Not exactly what she had hoped for when she signed up but good enough. It was probably the only job that fit her very detailed application form. It wasnít so bad considering the other jobs she could have gotten. Dani shuddered thinking about Ana Tolen, who two years before had applied for a job and had ended up as a poop picker-upper at the Pokemon Zoo of Fuchsia City. It wasnít as bad, she concluded, as that.

Dani quickly looked up, jumping out of her thoughts to her current position, packing up. After quickly glancing at her new black digital watch she hurriedly stuffed her work form in her back pocket and started quickly walking down the well known but deserted halls of the 14-year-olds dormitory, that had been her home for a year, her heavy footsteps echoing in the empty hall.

It was the day after her graduation from the Burns Pokemon Academy in Shezar, Johto. Most, if not all, the 14-year-olds who had graduated with her yesterday had left either the night before or early this morning to go on pokemon journeys of their own after receiving their first pokemon from the school. Daniís best friend Krystal Myon had been among the ones who had left this morning. Dani had sadly watched the best friend she had known for 7 years walk determinedly away, her new pokemon, Mareep, trotting eagerly at her side, bleating with happiness.

Dani had refused the pokemon she had been offered at the graduation for reasons unknown even to her self. Right then a pokemon journey hadnít seemed as appealing as a job, but she had felt a small twinge of regret, as she had watched Krystal walk away happily with Mareep. But her decision had been made and there was no reconciliation there. Instead Dani had chosen one of the other two options that each graduating student was given. The first option was to go back home and think of what to do from there. The second was to apply for a job involving pokemon via the school. Dani had chosen the latter not wanting to go home to the dreary home that her mom lived at and her brother very occasionally visited.

Daniís family situation was not a very good one, which was probably one of the reasons she didnít want to return home. Her father, Daniel Krier (Dani had been named after her father), was an alcoholic who had run out on the family when Dani was 6, a year before she was sent to the academy. He had left Daniís mother, Simone Edge Krier, to raise her 6-year-old daughter and 19-year-old son by herself. Simon, Daniís older brother, was about half way through his collage education at a large university in Hoenn at that time. It was shortly after Daniel Krier had left the family that Simonís visits had become infrequent and his financial support had stopped altogether. Simon had withdrawn from the family. From then on life had been hard on the Krier women. With herself and husband both being an only child and both of their parents deceased, Simone Krier had no one to turn to. She had struggled along, working a ten-hour shift at a hot and stuffy factory, earning very little. Dani was always at a day care during the day, so she never saw much of her mom. When she did she only saw a pale listless women, who was only a sliver of the mother she had known. It was a wonder that she had managed to send Dani to the Academy for seven years though Dani had a feeling that Simon had something to do with it.

Dani hurried along the silence filled hall, heading steadily towards her own personal suit, the benefit of being in the 7th year at Burns Pokemon Academy. She suddenly turned to a blue door with pictures of pokemon painted all over it, a result of Dani living there. All the 7th year students were allowed to paint their doors once they moved into the dorm; as a result, the doors had become very thick with all the repainting. Dani had spent hours painting her door, unlike some kids who had spent one afternoon on it and then had left it the way it was, not really caring how bad it looked. Dani always got really annoyed when she looked at those doors, half painted with the kid from last yearís painting, and half theirs, so she chose not to look at them at all.

Dani reached out one hand and turned the circular metal knob, her door opened with a click and she went in. She was greeted with a bright golden light streaming in the one window at the far end of the room. There was a small mahogany desk, dulled from so many years of use from so many different people, in the corner at her right. Next to it laid her backpack, stuffed almost to busting with her schoolbooks, memory photo albums, ect. Next to that lay her suitcase, the small black lid was thrown open revealing the contents, mostly Daniís clothing, hastily thrown in. Out across the dull brown carpet, no longer fuzzy in many places, at the other side of the room was a small single bed, spread with white linen sheets and carefully made up. Next to that was her nightstand, where only hours ago Daniís pictures and most treasured possessions had stood.

Dani looked back over at the open suitcase, went over to it and hurriedly started to throw the unpacked things in it. When she was done she quickly pulled the black lid closed over it and zipped it up. Dani stood up and looked around the bare room that had held her possessions for a year. She felt a small wave of sadness wash over her as she looked at the room, its shelves and drawers bare, ready for the new student from the 6th year class to move into it at the end of the summer. It wasnít as if she was leaving the room to a new room, one in a higher grade as she had done in previous years, she was leaving the academy for good, probably not to return for a long time, and maybe never.

Dani reached down and picked up her bags, she slung her backpack easily onto one shoulder and lifter the suitcase easily with the other. Then she turned from the room, closed the door quietly, looked for one more time at her beautiful door painting, then turned and made her way quickly down the hall, forcing herself to keep back the tears that were threatening to overcome her.
* * *

I can only post the first part of the chapter for now due to the length.
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I really like the story line so far. I have to say, you are very good at descriptions.

Please continue, I, for one, would really like to see what happens! :biggrin:

Dr Skottie
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This is a very nice begining. Good history for Dani, lets us know where she is coming from. Idea is very original, I'm looking forward to more... :cool: