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Now before you start, I should warn about the excessive swearing (In speech usually, come on, when teens speak, every 3rd word is a curse) and the excessive violence (especially in chapter 8 )

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Chapter 1 - Friend or Foe?

[I]"I want to be in another place, I hate when you say you don’t understand" - Linkin Park, A Place for My Head

The world renown Captain Stern was eight days into his expedition. At least three hundred miles under the surface of the Sootopolis ocean, currently navigating Water Route 127, the submarine ‘Searcher 1’ had yet to discover anything, until now. Captain Stern stopped the submarine, gazing through the murky water the submarine lights stood still, revealing a large golden object. It was an egg, much larger than that of a normal egg, at least three times larger. “Um, Captain, don’t water Pokemon lay their eggs closer to the surface?” One of Sterns colleagues emerged behind him.

“Yes Jay, they do” Stern replied calmly, not allowing his excitement to show. He knew what this egg was, it was what he’d been searching for throughout the entire journey, although he didn’t inform his colleagues that this was his purpose. Stern slowly moved his hands over to a joystick, manoeuvring a submarine claw to pick up the golden object.

Several years later the egg hatched. A head popped out first. It was a white slender fur neck leading up to a cute shaped head. It’s nose was a golden yellow and it’s ears stood at attention as if it was listening to the sounds of the lab. It’s eyes were a sapphire blue glimmering. Its eyes adjusting to the outside world. It cracked the rest of the shell revealing a rounded body. It had two stick like sensors sticking out of its back. They were the same golden yellow colour as its nose. It had two small wing like arms of the same colour. Its body was the same white as its neck but as it went down to the stomach it became a golden yellow all the way down to its small feet. It had a sky blue triangle on its stomach and Professor Birch immediately knew what this Pokemon was.


“Ok class, please welcome Michael Hardy. He’s just transferred here from Cambridge High School.” The Teacher introduced a tall boy of fifteen. He had long black hair extending down his back. His eyes were a hazel brown. His skin was a tanned peach. He stood just shorter than six feet tall wearing grey trousers, a white shirt and a Maroon Blazer with a bird symbol on it. He stepped through the brown oak doors of the classroom. There was about twenty students in the class. “He’ll be joining us for today and will continue with us after the holidays. Do you prefer to be called by anything else?” a women of around thirty asked. Her hair a short chestnut brown, her eyes hidden by glasses.

“Most people just call me Micky” he replied in a low depressive tone. He never like going to school. He wished his dad had allowed him to go on a Pokemon Journey. His grades were good enough for allowing him to leave school when he was ten. However his dad was determined to make sure Micky became a lawyer or doctor or something else highly paid.

“Very well, Class, please Welcome Micky” the Women replied. She was clearly the teacher of the class. The students replied with hi’s and hello’s. Micky walked towards an empty desk near the back of the class. It was in a corner. The desk appeared to be made of plastic. It was grey and had steel legs. Micky sat through a two hour class on law. He was bored mindless but he knew he would pass the class by the end of the year.

After school ended Micky headed home. His school was just outside Lilycove City. A bustling Metropolis. Cars would zoom over the white stone roads. The pavements were always busy. Micky would have to squeeze through crowds of people on his way home. Buildings ranged from being one storey high to skyscrapers of twenty storeys. Lilycove was also home to the largest Pokemon Department store in the Hoenn region. If it was Pokemon related, it could be found in the Department Store. Trainers from all over the world would fly to Lilycove during a sales time when certain items were incredibly cheap. There was also an Art Museum which Micky’s old school had visited on school trips in the past. The thing that Micky loved the most about Lilycove was the beach. It was one of the main tourist attractions. The sand was soft on the skin. It gave a beautiful view of the horizon as the sun would set. Micky would usually do his homework on the beach until the orange glow of the sunset would come down. It was his favourite feature of Lilycove. This day he decided not to go to the beach. It was the last day of the week and now the Summer Holidays began. Eight weeks off of school.

Micky walked up the stairs to his room. He dumped his bags on his bed. He changed out of his school uniform and into a Red Shirt, black trousers bearing two red stripes on either side of his and wore a black jacket. He picked up a wallet and stuffed it into his pocket and then charged down the stairs jumping past the last few steps. He busted out of the door and slammed it behind it. His key was attached to his wallet for convenience. He charged down the road which was empty of cars considering his neighbourhood was quiet. Micky immediately heard a screech from the air. “Pidegeottttttttt.” Micky turned to look at the sky. He couldn’t make out much more than the figure of a large bird since the rays of sun were blinding him.

“Heya Micky.” An immediately recognisable voice came from the bird as it landed.

“****, Peter?” A boy of similar age to Micky appeared riding the large bird. He had short ginger hair and ginger-peach skin to match. His eyes were a turquoise blue and he stood several inches above Micky. He wore a simple White and Red Jacket, a Black shirt with a Pokeball symbol on its front, and black trousers. Around his waist Micky noticed a white belt with six red and white Pokeballs attached.

“Yeah dude, hows you doing?” His voice was light and calm unlike Micky’s who was still in shock. He hadn’t seen his old friend Peter in five years since he left on his Pokemon journey. Micky had always been jealous and resentful of Peter. He felt he had turned his back on Micky when he left Lilycove five years ago although deep down Micky knew, had their positions been switched he would have done the same.

“Uh, I’m fine..” Micky wasn’t sure how to answer this. He was doing ok until his friend had shown up practically rubbing it in his face that he was a Pokemon trainer. “Uh, how you bin?” The reality was Micky didn’t want to hear this answer. He didn’t want to hear how happy Peter was about being a trainer and how he’d met so many new people who were so much better than Micky.

“I’m great. Being a Pokemon Trainer owns ass.” There it was, the first emotional bullet wound through Micky’s heart. He had missed an opportunity at happiness because of his dad. “Dude, you wanna see my Pokemon?” Micky did want to see his Pokemon but he knew it would be bullet wound number two.

“Uh, sure.” Micky mumbled his reply to hide his resentment.

“Well, firstly, meet Pidgeot.” He directed his hand to the magnificent Bird to his right. It stood at a similar height to Micky. It’s eyes appeared to have black eye-liner around it. Its beak was pale. Its wings were spread wide across. On the outside its fur was a pale oak brown but the inside fur of its wings were a crème white. Its chest and stomach were the same crème colour however the rest of its fur was the pale oak colour. A giant Blood Red mane started from the roof of its head. It extended finely down its back. Near the top there were bits of yellow on its mane but that disappeared as it extended down the fine bird back. Its tail was of similar colour. A combination of Red and yellow feathers.

“Pidgeot” the bird chirped with glee.

“Erm, yo??” Micky replied unsure of how he was suppose to speak to this magnificent Bird that stood before him staring him in the eye.

“Let me guess, you don’t know how to speak to Pokemon?” Yep, Peter hit the nail on the head, Micky had absolutely no clue. “Just treat them like they were people, they don’t need to be patronised.”

“Ok, hello Pidgeot, can you lend me some money” Micky said sarcastically.

“Uh god. Anyways.” Peter reached down to a Pokeball on his belt. He aimed it towards Pidgeot withdrawing the bird to the ball. The transference was a strange spectacle. A beam of a see-through light red beamed at the bird. As it connected with the bird Pidgeot became a figure of the same see-through red colour. In a second it started fold its shape and retract to the Pokeball.
“Anyway Micky, I can tell your not enjoying this much so…where the hell are you heading?” If Peter remembered his friend well, which he did, Micky would usually be heading towards the beach with his homework to get it done in the warmth of the suns rays.

“I was heading to Fortree city to watch Winonna do some gym battles. You know, like we used to.” Micky remembered when he and Peter were only eight or nine. They would hike up Route 120 to Fortree City bypassing several trainer battles, the so called ancient ruins of a Powerful Pokemon, and the beautiful River Tours. Those days were over though. Micky would trek up there himself. It was tiring with no one to speak to. The time used to fly by but now it went slower than ever allowing the pain of the several hour hike to synch in. Micky looked on the bright side of this. It made him physically fit over time and he was almost fully adjusted to hiking those several hours through the bumpy hills and tall grass.

Kid Micky Onimusha
05-19-2004, 09:04 PM
“Cool, your going to Fortree? That’s my last gym.” Peter opened his jacket revealing seven glimmering gym badges. Gym badges were earned through defeating gym leaders of certain cities. A Pokemon gym was the one thing Lilycove lacked. “I was gonna go there today. Just came by to see my old mates first.” Micky got that sense of resent again. His friend had earned seven gym badges. It pissed him off so much that his father hadn’t let him leave on a Pokemon journey.

“Uh, well guess we gonna hike up there together like old times then?”
“What, walk? Hell no. I have Pokemon remember. We can fly.” Peter removed two Pokeballs from his belt. They began as small objects but hitting an activation button would enlarge them to hand size and would make them release its contained Pokemon when thrown to the ground. Peter pulled back his arm and threw the Pokeballs high into the air. They spun elegantly before opening. With that two shapes appeared in the red glimmer. Micky immediately recognised one as the bird from earlier known as Pidgeot however the second one was unfamiliar to him. It resembled a huge dragon. As it took form into its genetic body it revealed itself to be a pale blue. It stood on all fours and remained to be taller than Micky. It’s head was shaped with several spiked bines around it. The wings of this beast were a blood red. It bore eyebrows of the same colour. It’s neck and stomach was a dark crème, almost like crème had been placed over the blue. It opened its mouth revealing sharp fangs looking to be capable of removing Micky’s head with one bite. It had a long tail of the pale blue its body possessed which looked strong enough to crush Micky’s house with one swing. The beast let out a giant roar shocking Micky making him step back several feet. “Don’t worry Micky. Salamance won’t harm you. Well unless I was to order him to.” Micky glared at Peter. He sounded serious and at that moment he feared him. Was he really that psychotic? “Dude I’m just kidding. Come on hop on Salamance.” Peter patted the giant dragon on its head before climbing onto his Pidgeot. Micky slowly made his way towards the intimidating Dragon. “Micky, he can smell fear, and he don’t like it” Peter pointed out cautiously.

“What so bravery is gonna cover up the smell of my tender flesh?” Micky replied sarcastically slowly making his way to the giant beast. He clambered onto it gripping onto its neck tightly.

“Ok, come on guys, head for Fortree.” Pidgeot flew up first leading the way, seemingly knowing where to head. Salamance followed with Micky gripping ever tightly. The flew high above the sky scrapers of Lilycove and Micky feared for his life knowing that one slip would make him fall to his death. As they flew Micky’s long hair dragged behind him. It glided in the air gracefully. Micky was enjoying himself at that moment. He had never experienced flying in his life but he was loving it. The wind rushing passed his face cooling his skin. He looked down below noticing the forests surrounding Route 120. Although he couldn’t see much more than the tall trees shading the ground below he knew all sorts of amazing creatures lived there. He heard the cries of each Pokemon occasionally.

They landed just outside of Fortree City only twenty minutes later. Micky thought of how little time it took these magnificent creatures to make it through a Route which took Micky several hours to transverse. “Well then Micky, time to head to the gym.” Peter pulled out the two Pokeballs which stored Salamance and Pidgeot and withdrew them. He then attached the balls to his belt and started walking towards the gym of Fortree. This city was unlike a normal city. Houses were built in trees high above the ground. There were wooden ladders for climbing up to the houses which were all allocated onto wooden bridges, almost like the streets of Lilycove. Each bridge had a street name and each house connected to the bridge had a number. No cars were in Fortree obviously which made the air pure and clean. People and Pokemon lived happily together.

The cities gym was famed for Bird Pokemon as Micky knew well from years of watching the gym battles in the gym. Micky knew full well that Peter would need to use Electric, ice or rock type Pokemon to take down Winonna’s elegant birds. Peter stood outside the gym doors. They could here commotion within. Cheers and explosions lit the whole city with sound. Micky pushed open the gym doors but was greeted with a huge beam of light. He dived out of the way just in time to avoid injury as did Peter.
“Impressive move Brian.” A women’s voice was heard from to the left of Micky. He looked over to see a tall women in her mid twenties standing just outside the battlefield of the Pokemon. Her hair was a dark brown and stretched behind her back with elegance. She wore white jeans, a blue shirt and a white scarf. Her eyes were a crystal colour and they gleamed to the other side of the battlefield.

“Why thank you.” A sarcastic voice from the opposite side of Winonna was heard. A boy of around twenty stood there gleaming back. He wore no shirt showing off a six pack that looked like it had been chiselled in stone. His body was tanned all the way to his head. He had short brown hair and beady black eyes. His trousers were tattered but Micky could make out black underneath the dust. Micky now glared at the battlefield. The first thing to catch his eye was a goose like bird which was a glimmering Blue. It floated in the air, surrounded by a something white and fluffy that can only be described as a cloud. This appeared to be the wings of this Pokemon which Micky knew as Altaria. On top of this birds head was three blue feathers of a slightly darker blue than the creatures body fur. It was a mane that trailed down its back, similarly to Pidgeot’s. The other Pokemon on the battlefield was human shaped. It was nothing like a human other than how it stood however. It had sharp pointy gold ears, a gold face, a sharp pointy nose just like its ears. It had a white moustache which curled downwards. It was a long moustache stretching down as far as its thin gold neck. From there its body became a thin shape. On it were brown plates that appeared to be armour on certain parts of its body. On its shoulders, chest and knees. In its human like hands it grasped two silver spoons. This Pokemon was a Psychic. The spoons were used to help this creature focus its psychic powers. It would practice on many occasions bending the spoons with its mind.
“Alakazam!” the man called. “Hit Altaria with an Ice Punch.” With that the human shaped psychic launched towards the cloud surrounded bird. It’s fist appeared to turn an icy blue as was the technique of this move. The spoon in Alakazam’s hand was no longer visible and the giant bird stood a high chance of taking critical damage from this move.

“Altaria, dodge it with agility” Winonna yelled. With that the Bird sprung out of the way of the punch with speed as it turned to watch Alakazam fall to the ground fist first. As it landed its fist seemingly shattered as the ice around it broke. “Ok Altaria, hit it with dragon breath.” With that the Altaria took in one deep breath and spewed green flames from it’s mouth towards the psychic Pokemon.

“Alakazam” the man screamed. “Tele…” He was too late to give an order. The green spew of Altaria was already upon the psychic. It writhed in pain trying to clamber to its feet. After several seconds of enduring the spew of dragon breath Alakazam was released. Its body blackened from where the dragon had sprayed it. Alakazam clambered to its feet spoons placed in front of its face in a defensive position, but then, the Psychic fell onto its back unconscious. “Alakazam?” Brian cried loudly.

“Alakazam is unable to continue, therefore Winonna wins the match” a Man announced loudly. The crowd erupted in cheers for their gym leader as Brian rushed over the battle field to check on his psychic.

“Keep at it Brian, you done that battle” Winonna smiled as she said that to the trainer who had retracted Alakazam to its Pokeball. Winonna walked towards the back of the gym towards a set of double doors.

“Dammit Micky.” It was peter. Micky had completely forgotten about him since he was lost in the fight.

“What is it Pete?” Micky asked.

“I gotta wait until tomorrow before I get to fight her.”

“Seriously, stop ******** dude, watch the rest of the today’s battles, pick up Winonna’s tactics and then find a way around them.”

“Dude, you sound like you know what your talking about?” Peter didn’t like how Micky had almost challenged him. Peter felt he was an experienced enough trainer to not need advice so he replied to Micky’s advice in a condescending tone.

“Dude, I’ve been watching Winonna battle since I was nine. You stopped after a year, she’s advanced in her tactics since you left. She aint a push over.” Micky was angered at his friends arrogance and stormed out of the gym.

“Where you going?” Peter questioned thinking Micky was gonna stay with him.

“Is it any of your business?” Micky was highly pissed off at his friend and at that moment he wanted to be left alone. He walked to the west of Fortree towards Route 119. This route was by far Micky’s favourite. It had a tall mountain were a river began. This created several Waterfalls that came crashing down to the River Flyer. He would normally climb up to the top of the first waterfall giving him a view of most of the route. Climbing to the top of the Mountain would take him almost the entire day. Although it wasn’t impossible it was seemingly pointless.

Kid Micky Onimusha
05-19-2004, 09:05 PM
Half an hour past and Micky stood at the top of the first waterfall. There was several berry tree’s here and a few Pokemon stood by, licking water from the river. Micky wondered up to a large berry tree. It stood around about nine feet in the air and possessed large berries. Micky picked one. It was red and spiked. He peeled off the spikes revealing an oval shaped berry. It was soft and wet. Micky went to take a bite but spat it out immediately. “Holy **** that’s spicy.” His tongue felt like it was on fire. He dropped the berry and raced over to the water scaring off the few Pokemon drinking the water. He immediately started splashing water into his mouth hoping to rid himself of the taste. Suddenly something smacked right down to his side. It was a fish that appeared to have fell from the waterfall to Micky’s right. It looked to be a huge drop and Mick was amazed at the endurance of this fish. It was a rather large fish with Imperial yellow scales. Its fins were white and it possessed a glum look on its face. Its mouth was wide open revealing a red tongue.

“Karp, Karp, Karp” The creature cried flopping around on the river bank.

“Hold on little guy.” Micky tried to pick the creature up to place it back into the water but it was difficult considering the creature kept splashing out of his hands. Eventually Micky managed to push the creature into the river which seemed to please it. It turned to look at him as if to say thank you. “You’re a strange coloured Magikarp” Micky said. Most of the creatures known as Magikarp were a red orange colour. “Hey you want some berries?” Micky questioned the creature who seemed to not understand a word of what Micky had said. Micky ran over to the tree and picked off three berries. They were the same spicy berries Micky had tasted before. He peeled off the spiked skin and fed the small fish the berry. It seemed to enjoy the taste and quickly finished it off. As Micky went to peel a second one the fish dived underwater in fear. “Hey, where you go dude?” Micky was shocked to see this fish disappear on him as he was feeding it.

“Grr, Hound.” A loud bark was heard behind Micky. He turned to see five dogs behind him growling. Each was black with brown chests and necks. They had bone white Horns and several similar coloured bumps sticking out of their back and ankles. Their tails were thin but became sharp points at the end. One opened its mouth to bark and it revealed a full set of large sharp teeth, appearing quite capable of ripping Micky’s arm right off.

“Uh, hi Houndooms, erm, you guys want berries?” Micky held out his hand in a feeble attempt to win these dogs trust but to no avail as one drew in breath. Micky knew flames would be coming out and he dived into the water.

“Ok guys, just don’t…” Micky trailed off when he realised he wasn’t strong enough to fight the currents. He was being washed off of the edge of the waterfall and he could think of no way to stop it. The dogs barked loudly at him seemingly wishing he didn’t do that. The Houndooms wanted to eat him Micky believed.

Micky’s body washed off of the edge of the waterfall as he fell for about sixty feet. He tried to swing his body into a diving position so he would land more softly into the water that laid below but he failed. His body landed hard on the water smacking against his back and splashing water all over the place. He fell down to the bottom of the river, alive but in pain. His mouth opened releasing air and he tried to swim to the top of the river. He made no progress. He couldn’t swim any higher. He looked down at his feet and opened his mouth again in shock. A jellyfish like Pokemon was gripping at his ankles with its two tentacles. It had a blue rounded head with two red lumps on either side. Micky saw no way out of this. If he didn’t do something he would drown but if he struggled the creature would surely secrete poison into his ankles. Micky thought for a moment and then kicked the creature in one of the large red bumps around its head. He felt a sharp sting in his ankle and saw blood begin to release from his ankle. He knew the creature had unleashed toxins into his bloodstream and he had to get to people fast or he wouldn’t last long. As he swam to the surface his ankle went numb. As his head crashed through the water he breathed in air. It tasted so sweet in his lungs but he knew he couldn’t spend forever enjoying the air. For one that creature could grab him again and secondly he believed he was poisoned, although how bad he was not sure.

As he clambered to shore he was met with an unwelcome surprise. “Seriously please just **** off” Micky said out of breathe to the pack of Houndooms who had quickly made their way to the shore. Micky looked at his leg seeing the blood trickle from his ankle. The savage dogs licked their lips at this sight and Micky knew he had only one option. Run for it. With that he charged for the thick forests of Route 119. He couldn’t feel the pain in his right ankle through the numbness but it felt as though his leg would snap right off. He heard the dogs bark behind him. Micky was running for his life at a surprisingly fast speed. The dogs were catching up though. One slip up and Micky was dead. He dove into the forests maintaining his speed. He leaped over logs, mud hills and even Pokemon although most had moved out of the way at the sight of the Houndooms. Micky had charged far but he’d reached the end of his run. He tripped over a tree root and the dogs pounced on their opportunity.

The dogs scratched and bit and Micky’s tender skin causing wounds pouring out blood. Micky tried to kick some away but to no avail. He rolled as fast as he could but the dogs continued to chase his body as it rolled until Micky came to a small cliff edge. He was unaware of it and fell about ten feet head first into a rock. His head cracked open and Micky knew he was done for. His face became a crimson mask as blood gushed from the left side of his head. Through the blood he could make out the figure of one of the dogs, followed by two others and eventually the last to. They had Micky trapped. His head in pain, his mind numb as he slowly crawled to the cliff edge feebly trying to back away from the vicious dogs. With that the leader of the back drew in breath. Micky knew a flamethrower was coming. ‘Of all the ways to die I’m gonna be a barbeque for a pack of dogs’ Micky thought. He didn’t bother to try and move since he knew he was as god as dead at that moment.

He gazed through the blood towards the dog waiting for the blaze to hit him. He closed his eyes but after a few seconds realised nothing had happened. He opened them and saw the five dogs laying unconscious on the ground. “Holy **** a Miracle” Micky gasped through his shivering voice. From there Micky noticed something float down to the ground from above the dogs. It was shaped like a bird but was much different. It had a cute round nose at its front of a golden yellow. It’s eyes were a glimmering sapphire staring towards Micky sweetly. It had two stick like sensors sticking out of its back. They were the same golden yellow colour as its nose. It had two small wing like arms of the same colour. Its body was the same white as its neck but as it went down to the stomach it became a golden yellow all the way down to its small feet. It had a sky blue triangle on its stomach and two tiny feet complete with only two feathered toes. It glared back at Micky. Was it friendly? Or did it want to eat Micky itself?

"Adrenaline keeps me in the game, Adrenaline, you don't even feel the pain." - Gavin Rossdale, Adrenaline

Author Notes: The event from my life in this is getting my head cracked open by a group of rude-boys. Who are represented by the Houndooms. Peter is based on my friend and more people I know will be inc in this story.

These character limits are really bugging me

Kid Micky Onimusha
05-21-2004, 06:16 PM
Chapter 2 - Sight of the Past, Voice of the Future

“Where do I take this pain of mine? I run, but it stays right by my side.” - Metallica, Until it Sleeps

A girl sat curled up in the foetal position in the corner of a padded room. She was in her mid twenties. Her hair was a fair brown, it was straight and went down to the floor. Her eyes were navy blue. Her skin was pale, her lips dry from being locked in the room for so long. A table lay in the opposite corner with a notepad and pencil sitting on top of it. The girl was a mute. She lost her voice through fear. She had not spoke for fourteen years. Ever since the death of her mother. Her mind locked in thought and she started to have flashbacks.

“Come on Mum. They say a legendary Pokemon lies here.” An eleven year old girl climbed up a steep set of stairs. Her hair was blonde, reflecting the small light that broke through the tower she was climbing. Her skin was tanned unlike the present.

“Hold on Kerri. I’m not as young as you, it’s more tiring.” An older women of around thirty five replied. Her hair was raven black. She was a similar height to her daughter. About five feet and a bit. Her eyes were the same Navy Blue as her daughters. She clambered up the stairs behind her daughter. She wore blue jeans, a pink top and a black jacket. An oak brown belt around her waist contained five Pokeballs.

“Yeah mum, I’m aware” Kerri replied giggling, flicking her blonde hair behind her. She wore a red tank top and black trousers with a rose symbol on its side. She started to run up the stairs. Laughing as she went. She wore a white belt with three Pokeballs.

Her mother giggled her reply “What did that blind guy say this creatures name was?” Kerri and her mother were previously in Pacifidlog Town. A city on the water. They visited a blind man known only as RAGE. He was mutated as a child in a lab. He hid his entire body under a black cloak and grey gloves which showed only three large bulbous fingers.

“I didn’t say this creatures name.” A low creepy voice from behind Kerri and her mother bellowed. The blind man followed behind them. He was believed to be psychic for although he could not see, he walked as though he knew where he was going. “I still suggest you do not find this beast, for it possesses more power than any Pokemon alive.”

“I thought you said you wouldn’t come with us” Kerri said turning back towards the cloaked man.

“Well, you seem intent on trying to capture this beast, so I will show you the way to his lair, but I will go no further than that” Rage replied in a deep voice.

“Well, that’s all we need Rage” Kerri’s mother replied in a cheerful tone.

The group of three headed towards the top of the stone staircase. When they reached the top they saw nothing but a huge hole in the ground. Light did not reach here and Kerri pulled out a torch and Rage pulled out a lantern. He lit the candle within the lantern giving an orange glow. Rage pulled out a couple of underwater breathers. “You will need these. I assume you have water Pokemon?” Rage questioned. He knew what lay in the whole.

“Of course we do, it’s my specialty” Kerri replied. Her three Pokeballs contained three Pokeballs. A Kingdra, a Maril and a Sealeo. She triggered the Pokeballs to make them grow in size ready to release the contained Pokemon.

“Not yet young one. First you must climb down there.” Rage Pointed towards the hole in the ground which seemingly had no bottom. With that rage pulled out a large coil of rope from underneath the cloak he wore. He tied it to a nearby pillar and tossed it down the hole. “When you reach the bottom there will be a small lake. From there you will need your Pokemon to dive with you. It will take a good few minutes so use the breathers. There will be several routes in which you can take. I forget which one it is that leads to the beasts lair but those breathers should let you last at least twenty minutes.” With that Rage backed away down the stairs leaving Kerri and her Mother on their own, leaving behind the lantern on the floor giving off little light.

“I thought he said he’d show us the way to his lair?” Kerri said after she was sure Rage was out of ear shot.

“I guess he only meant he would only tell us the way.” Kerri’s mum was also curious as to what this man meant since he said he would show them the way.

“Well I guess we should climb down then.”

“KERRI! KERRI!” She snapped out of her thought and turned to see one of the Doctors at her mental hospital. “Kerri, your fathers here.” With that the doctor left and a man of at least fifty entered. His hair was a short curly brown. His eyes were hazel brown. He had a large moustache of brown was underneath his sharp pointy nose. His lips were dried, just like his daughters. There were strands of grey in his hair from his age. He wore a black suit with a white shirt underneath.

“How have you been Kerri?” her father asked. Kerri scrambled over to the desk to reach for her notepad and pencil.

“What do you think dad, I’ve been locked in here for 14 years.” She wrote in a scribbled pencil, however her father had adjusted to seeing it since he visited every couple of weeks.

“Well Kerri, you haven’t shown any signs of recovering.” Her father spoke calmly.

“How’s Micky?” She preferred to speak to her brother. He was nicer than her father. They related better since they both liked Pokemon whilst her father never got over the idea of a Pokemon murdering his wife.

“Your brothers fine Kerri.”

“Have you let him become a trainer yet?” She had spoken with Micky before and she knew he wanted to become one.

“You know he doesn’t want to become one Kerri. He would rather follow in my footsteps and become a well paid Lawyer, or a doctor.” Kerri knew that his dad had no idea what he was talking about, but she had tried to convince him of his want to become a trainer but she guessed that Micky had denied it. He knew he couldn’t leave his father on his own. She signed in defeat. She didn’t want to ruin her father and brothers relationship, no matter how rocky it already was.

“When can I next see him?” She was anxious to see her brother. She hadn’t seen him in months and he was the closest thing to a friend she had for almost fourteen years. Since Micky was aged five they would discuss all sorts of things and despite the age factor and her inability to speak.

“He’s busy with school work” her father stammered, annoyed that his daughter wasn’t too keen on seeing him.

“Look dad, I know you hate seeing me so just leave, send Micky my love.” She practically told her dad to leave, she didn’t want to speak to him. She was twenty five but her father still spoke to her as if she was still that scared eleven year old. She believed it was him who insisted on her stay at the Mossdeep Sanatorium. She believed he hated her for taking her mother with her into the sky pillar. She wished she’d died there too instead of being subjected to a life in a mental home.

“Fine, goodbye Kerri” Her father replied shaking his head as if to say ‘your never leaving here with that attitude.’ With that Kerri curled back up in the corner of her room, staring into nothingness yet again.


Kid Micky Onimusha
05-21-2004, 06:17 PM
Micky stared into the sapphire eyes of the creature standing before him. It closed in towards him and stared at him, its head only a hairs length from Micky’s face. The blood continued to trickle from Micky’s head and ankle. “Are you an Angel” Micky asked delirious from his blood loss. Suddenly his mind went numb and he could hear a voice.

‘No I am not.’ Micky was sure he heard these words as his head became stable again.

“Crap” Micky said holding his head. “Was that you ******* with my head?” The creature nodded. “So your not gonna eat me?” Micky was still unsure of this but he was almost totally positive that the Creature wasn’t going to kill him. The creature shook its head. “Uh, good. Well, can I call you Angel anyway?” Micky wasn’t sure what this creature was but he had to give it a name. The creature appeared to sign before nodding. “Well Angel” Micky clasped his head wound trying to stop the blood from a escaping. “Can you, like, uh, help me out here.” Micky ripped at his red long sleeved shirt removing one sleeve which he tightened around his leg, trying to slow whatever toxins the water creature had injected into his body from flowing around his bloodstream.

After Micky was done creating a bandana like bandage for his head he tried to use the creature for leverage to bring himself to his feet. He fell back down to the ground, his body to limp to stand on his own. “Help” Micky whimpered, his voice trembling through his blood loss. Micky’s mind went numb again and he swore he could hear a voice again, and knew the creature he called Angel was speaking to him.

‘Ok, don’t be scared, I’m going to lift you onto me and take you to Mauville City.’ With that Micky began to glow and was lifted psycho-kinetically onto Angel’s back. His blood dripped onto the fur of the creature and with that Micky passed out, knowing the creature would keep him safe.


“Mum, I think its in here” Kerri whispered to her mother. They were both soaked from being in the water but they believed it was worth it. They saw a large stone tablet on a granite wall. There was something in dots but neither Kerri or her mother could understand it.

“How do we get in Kerri?” Her mother questioned seeing no obvious way in.

“Well, we could try to break down this door, send out your Electrode and make it use explosion, I’m sure that could put a hole through this thing.”

“Uh, fine, Electrode go.” Kerri’s mother activated her Pokeball and released a ball shaped Pokemon. It looked just like a Pokeball only the lower colour was Red and the upper colour was White, the opposite of the standard Pokeball. Also, a face could be made out. A huge grin on the lower side of the ball and eye’s on the upper side. “Kerri take cover.” Kerri and her mother backed off behind a broken pillar which lay on the floor sideways. “Ok Electrode, use Explosion.”

“Electrode!!!!” The ball Pokemon screamed before glowing a brilliant yellow and causing a huge wave of sound and destruction. Kerri popped her head up first from behind the broken Pillar. Dust began to settle from the Explosion the Pokemon made. At first Kerri could see the Ball shaped Pokemon. It’s eyes closed, its grin gone. It was unconscious.

“Mum, you better withdraw it” Kerri warned. It’s not good for Pokemon to be unconscious out of their Pokeball’s for too long. Her mother pulled out it’s Pokeball and the red glow formed and withdrew the unconscious ball. The dust settled and Kerri could make out the stone tablet yet again. “Your kidding me right?” The stone tablet was undamaged. Not a single scratch or indent was visible.

“Well, now what do we do?” Kerri’s mother asked. The ground shook below them. Kerri’s mother feel to the ground while Kerri managed to keep her self stable by leaning on the Stone Tablet. “What was that?” her mother asked, trembling in fear, her lips shaking as she spoke, teeth chattering as though a blanket of ice was placed upon her.

“I, I…I don’t…” Kerri’s voice trailed off. She looked towards the stone tablet. The dots that were on it originally had reformed in shape. The made out picture of a snake like beast.

The loud screech was heard, followed by a loud roar. Kerri ran over to her mother, hugging her in fear. The stone tablet started to crack at the sound of the roar. The stone tablet collapsed apart. Spreading the stone all over the floor. The dust lifted up as it crashed. Kerri and her mother could make out a shadow, but they couldn’t tell what it was.


Micky’s eyes opened. Blinded by light. He couldn’t make out much more than a yellow blur. He started moving his arms, trying to hold something. He heard a crash, as though he knocked a glass over. As he turned to the sight of the crash he could see clearer. The light was no longer in his face. He could see a broken glass on the ground, water spread around. “****, I only bin awake for a few seconds and I'm already ******* **** up” Micky mumbled, still not fully awake. He rubbed his eyes and turned to his right. There it was. The Pokemon that saved him, the one he knew as Angel.

‘Are you feeling better? The doctors were worried.’ He could hear the voice in his yet again. ‘Wait don’t speak. You don’t need to, I can read your thoughts. Save your strength and just think what you wish to say.’ Micky wasn’t quite sure how to react to this, he went to speak opening his mouth but just as he was about to let it out, he saw sense on what this Pokemon had said.

‘I’m feeling better Angel.’ He wasn’t quite used to this way of speaking and was worried other thoughts would slip into his conversation.

‘You should take a look at your head. The doctors had to place seventeen stitches in it.’ Was Angel serious. Micky sat up on his bed first and slowly made his way to the mirror in the room. He felt around his hair until he felt stitches. Brushing his hair aside he looked in the Mirror. It was a huge gash in his head. He was glad he grew his hair so long since it would cover up the scar in his head.

‘Thanks for saving me Angel.’ Even the voice in his head sounded thankful. ‘What are you though?’ Micky had never heard of a Pokemon that was so well acquainted with English. Many over time would learn through training what certain moves meant, most knew them before they began training, but none had ever held conversation with a human.

‘I am a the child of a legendary Pokemon’ Micky was starting to see how this Pokemon could have destroyed that pack of Houndooms so easily. ‘No Micky, I am not very Powerful. My potential still hasn’t been reached. Those Houndooms were just very weak. I’ve spent much of my life in a lab. A professor known as Birch is studying me. Well he was, I ran away.’ So she wasn’t very powerful? Well that shocked Micky a lot. Still, he was grateful of this creature, powerful or not, however he felt compelled to contact this ‘Birch’ person. He was curious about this Pokemon, who claimed that its power was not realised. The Pokemon opened its mouth. From it a Pokeball fell.

“What the hell do you…” Micky was interrupted by thought from Angel.

‘Your fathers coming, I sense he dislikes Pokemon, hide me.’ With that Angel tapped its nose against the Pokeball withdraw button and was absorbed into the Pokeball. Micky quickly hid it underneath his pillow and awaited his fathers arrival.
“My god Michael, how are you?” Well that was a shock to Micky, he was showing care. Micky was half expecting to be told off for venturing so far out of Lilycove.

“Uh, I’m fine dad.” His father sighed in relief.

“What the hell were you doing on Route 119?” Yep, there it was, his dad being totally pissed off.

“I was just…” Ok Micky needed to think of an excuse, and fast.

‘You were admiring the scenery.’ That caught Micky by shock, Angel can speak to him even through her Pokeball.

“I was admiring the scenery.” Micky flopped back on his pillow, he knew one wrong move could get him in a huge amount of trouble, and slamming back on is pillow was that wrong move. A red glow shot out from underneath his pillow. Angel started to take form and eventually appeared.

‘Oh well done Micky, your ****** now.’ Angel had even adapted to swearing? Well that took Micky by surprise but he couldn’t spend more than a second pondering that for his dad had reached boiling point, his temper about to explode.

“What the hell is this?” Angel ruffled her fur. She didn’t seem to happy with being called ‘This’. “Don’t you try to intimidate me.” Micky’s father was completely red. His face looked like it could explode.

“Dad, don’t call him a this.” Micky stood up for Angel but was interrupted quickly.

‘I’m a girl.’

‘What?’ Micky knew what it meant, he just needed time to process this in his mind.

‘I’m not a he.’

“Don’t call her a this dad. He.. She.” Micky corrected himself quickly, he wasn’t used to referring to Angel as a she. “She saved my life dad. I was about to be dog meat.” Micky voice was high, as though he had just breathed in helium. Micky hated arguing with his father. His father was the only family he had really, aside from his sister who he hadn’t been aloud to see in along time.

“What are you doing catching Pokemon?” Micky’s father screamed at the top of his voice. He believed that Micky didn’t want to become a Pokemon trainer, he felt betrayed. Micky knew this would be hard to explain.

“Look dad, I didn’t catch her, she just gave me her Pokeball.” Well ,that didn’t sound right. It made almost no sense and his dad wasn’t buying any of it, even if it was true.

“You expect me to believe that Michael?” Micky didn’t expect him to believe it. It didn’t sound at all true. So Micky was left with few options. Try to make up a believable story from where he left off. Faint, or try to argue his way out.

Kid Micky Onimusha
05-21-2004, 06:17 PM
“NO I ******* DON’T DAD, YOU DON’T BELIEVE A WORD THAT COMES OUT OF MY MOUTH, YOU HEAR WHAT YOU WANNA HEAR.” Micky’s throat hurt from that. He waited for his dad’s reply, which he knew full well would begin, with something like ‘don’t take that tone with me.’

“HOW DARE YOU TAKE THAT TONE WITH ME.” Micky knew his father too well. “I thought you decided you didn’t want to become a Pokemon trainer, that you wanted to follow in my footsteps at become a lawyer. Or become something else well paid.”

“NO DAD!!” Micky’s voice went. “You decided that!” Tears started to form and fall from Micky’s eyes. It had been seven years of hiding this from his father and now he finally let it out.

“What son?” His father slumped down onto a chair behind him.

‘Its true Micky’s dad. You decided it, not him.’ Angel spoke into the mind of Micky’s father, shocking him.

“Crap, did that….thing, just speak to me?” Micky’s dad pointed towards Angel.

‘Angel, why’d you speak to him? As if he isn’t freaked out enough.’ Micky questioned Angel there. He definitely didn’t think his dad knowing that Angel could speak to him was a good idea.

“Yeah dad she did. She’s an intelligent Pokemon.” Micky spoke calmer than he thought. Angel could sense he didn’t like the idea of his father knowing she could speak.

“Tell her not to speak to me again” Micky’s father stood backed in the corner of the room, as far away from Angel as he could get. Micky looked to Angel and started thinking.

‘Don’t speak to him ok, he’s a bastard when it comes to Pokemon.’

“Are you speaking to her?” Micky’s father wasn’t sure since all Micky was doing was staring at Angel. Well from his point of view that was all that was happening.

“Yeah dad, she can read minds. I just need to think it and she understands.” Micky remained calm as he said that but he was expecting a bad reaction from his father.

“Look son, I’ll continue this conversation tomorrow, when we get home. Is there anything you need?”

‘Anything you want Angel?’ Micky questioned the Pokemon. He figured she hadn’t eaten in a while although he could be wrong.

‘A few Sour Pokeblocks maybe.’

“Well dad, can you get me a box of sour Pokeblocks and maybe a KFC meal or something.”

“Uh, ok.” Micky’s father left the room quickly. He feared Angel, knowing it was capable of reading his mind and telling Micky his thoughts.


Two days later Micky was let out of hospital. His head and ankle were better and although he had a few scars from where the dogs had ripped at his skin, the doctors said it would grow back in time. Micky had a bandage around areas of his body that had been attacked, his head and his ankle. The Pokeball containing Angel was placed in Micky’s pocket. His father had brought him a new set of clothes on the day which felt good to get into, although Micky was desperate for a shower since he could still feel the dried blood in his hair.

The car journey home was in silence. Micky sat in the backseat away from his father. The radio wasn’t even on. The only sounds were the people outside and the sounds of car engines vibrating. When Micky got home he charged upstairs. He tossed Angels Pokeball on his bed and made his way to the shower. The water showered the blood out of his head, turning the water a thinned colour of blood red. He watched it wash down the drain. It took at least seven minutes to get rid of it all but eventually he was done. After getting dressed into his unusual form of clothing. A see through netted white shirt, black trousers with two white stripes down either side and a plain black jacket he flopped onto his bed, laying in the comfort of being in his own bed again. He looked around his room. It was covered in posters of heavy metal bands. In the corner he had a laptop on top of an oak table. He had an office seat that spun around with a pile of clothes on top of that. In another corner of his room was his guitar. It was most likely Micky’s most treasured present from his father. He got it when he was twelve for his birthday. It was the coolest guitar Micky had seen. It was black however on it there were several Mirrors. He’d seen ones like it on television. It reflected light and shimmered greatly. Micky wasn’t exactly a great guitarist but when he was depressed it would cheer him up to practice on it, and at this time he was depressed.


Something moved forward through the dust. Kerri could make out a green head. There were two huge ears sticking out of the roof of its head that were larger than her arms. Its eyes were an evil yellow. Around its eyes was black shaped like Egyptian mascara. Its lips had a light red colour surrounding it. As it opened its mouth to roar Kerri could make out a large set of teeth. The roar blew Kerri’s hair back and it felt like a hurricane. The dust settled further and Kerri could make out a snake like body. Along it was a yellow symbol stretching down its body, shaping into stranger symbols. It had two arms, at least the size of her body each. It ended in claws, like that of a tyrannosaurus rex. Around its body were two large bumps which appeared to be wings, although they looked too small to be able to lift such a large beast, yet Kerri was proved wrong. The creature started to seemingly float. It flew right in front of Kerri and her mother.

“Kingdra, Maril, Sealeo go!” Kerri screamed throwing all her Pokeballs out. The creature blew flames from its mouth directly at the Pokeballs. Kerri watched her Pokeballs disappear into ash. “What?” She feared for her Pokemon. They were converted matter inside those Pokeballs but they were destroyed. “Quick mum, do something.”

Kerri’s mother reached for her Pokemon belt. Her Electrode was unconscious so she couldn’t reach for that ball but she reached for a Pokeball. As she threw it the legendary Pokemon breathed in and fire another flamethrower melting that Pokeball to ash. The mouth of the creature started to glow. Kerri was pushed out of the way by her mother and watched in horror. The giant creature fired a beam of light from its mouth. It glowed in the darkness. Kerri felt as though time had stopped. She tried to do something but she couldn’t. That second felt like a year. As it past so slowly Kerri thought about all her mother had done for her. Coming with her on her journey. Giving her first Pokemon to her, Horsea. Now her mother would die because of her being so foolish to not heed Rage’s words of warning. The second past, the beam hit her mother, tearing through her body going right through it. Kerri tried to scream but she was frozen in fear. Her eyes refused to close, her body refused to move, her eyes refused to cry. She seemed like she was frozen in time as she watched the creature severe her mother until all that lay was a charred corpse with a giant whole through its stomach. The creature then looked to Kerri, murder on its mind.


“Look dad” Micky said stepping down the stairs. “I’ve been looking into the owner of Angel, his name is professor Birch, and he gives out starter Pokemon to trainers, and well, I want to get one.” His dad was sitting on a couch looking up at him.

“Fine son, fine!” he said shaking his head in distain. “Your old enough to make your own decisions I guess.” Micky’s father looked depressed. He’d always hoped his son would become a well paid lawyer like he was. He feared for his sons life out in great wide world. He feared the same thing that happened to his wife would happen to him. “I guess Kerri wasn’t lying, when she told me you wanted to become a trainer, go pack your things son.” With that Micky’s father left the house, Micky wasn’t sure why but he ran back up the stairs packing all he could. Several sets of clothes, his laptop, and Angels Pokeball.

Several hours later Micky’s father returned to the house. He had a white card in his hand. “If your mother was around she’d do this for you, but I guess, since she isn’t I should. This is a trainer card apparently. It works like a credit card but it has some sort of tracking device and makes you an official trainer. I put your college fund on it.” Micky’s father handed Micky the card. He was pleased beyond belief. He’d always wanted to become a trainer and now he was. He saw in the top-right corner of his card an ID number and his name underneath it. Below that he could see that he had $35,000. His picture was in the top-left corner and at the bottom of the card were eight empty square boxes.

“Thirty-five thousand?” Micky never knew how large his college fund really was.

“Yes son, a lot of that was from your mother, some of it was from me. Every year of your life I’ve placed a thousand dollars into your account.” Micky started doing the maths in his head to figure out what his mother left him. “Well son, call me every week, I don’t want to lose touch, and…” He was out of things to say.

“Thanks dad.” Micky went up and hugged his dad, tears of joy rolling down his cheek. Micky stepped out of his house. His bag in hand. His dad closed the door behind him after waving one last goodbye and Micky stepped out into the street, looking forward to life as a trainer.

‘All I want to do Is be more like me and be less like you.’ - Linkin park, Numb

Author Notes: The only truth in this is near about’s the college fund, the stitches, and the dad who gives up easy.

Kid Micky Onimusha
05-25-2004, 05:25 PM
Chapter 3: The Adventure Begins

‘And I know, I may end up failing to. But I Know, you were just like me with someone disappointed in you.’ - Linkin Park, Numb.

“Now how the hell do I make it to Littleroot?” Micky said frustrated that he didn’t think it through. If he asked his dad he would have been able to come up with something. Still, now it was to late, him turning back would show weakness, well at least in Micky’s mind it would. “Uh god, well, Thirty-Five Grand should be able to get me somewhere.” He looked towards the beach, viewing the sun set beautifully over the horizon. It brought an orange glow over the bustling city of Lilycove, calming it as people retired to their homes to sleep while the night life began for those more youthful or with more time on their hands.

Micky walked his way down the beach, passing several people retreating to their homes, or Pokemon Centers were trainers would dwell in the dormitories. His mothers grave was along this beach, hidden away in a small cave. Micky’s father had buried her here, he thought it fitting since it was her favourite place to be. About twenty-five minutes later Micky had reached the cave. There was a small Lantern laying just inside, Micky pulling out his lighting and giving a small glow inside the cave which was pitch black. Raising the lantern to the gravestone he read:

‘Caroline Jane Hardy, 3670 May 17th - 3705 June 13th. Beloved Wife and Mother.’

The gravestone was a black and crème marble cubical with the writing inscribed. Above it was a crucifix of the same texture and colour design. The marble was cleaned every week by his father or occasionally himself resulting in a shiny clean tombstone. Behind it, buried several feet below, was his mothers ashes.

“Heya mum.” Micky breathed in a sigh. “Dad finally let me become a trainer, but I think I tore our whole relationship apart.” He sighed again. “But I promise mum, if I can’t make him proud. I’ll make you proud.” A tear dripped down his cheek, his emotion getting to him.

“Micky!!” Micky knew this voice but he still posed the question.

“Peter, is that you?” Micky turned to see his friend standing there. He wore black trousers, a green shirt and a purple jacket.

“You can bet your ass it is. I dropped by your house, your dad said you’d be here so I flew over. Hear your heading to Littleroot.”

“So?” Micky saw no reason for him to state this.

“Want a lift?”

Micky coughed a chuckle. “Thanks dude.” Peter released his Salamence, his Pidgeot was already out. Micky figured he was suppose to hop onto Salamence and took a tight grip around its neck again as it took off. As the wind brushed by Micky’s body felt cold. His jacket hung loosely on his body leaving his stomach and chest exposed to the wind, aside from the thin net lining on his body. About half an hour into the trip Micky posed the question “How long is it gonna take to get to Littleroot!” screaming as he asked.

“Dude, we’re making record time already, we’re like half way across Hoenn already, stop your ********!” Peter shouted back as loud as he could yet it still sounded as though he mumbled. Another half an hour or so of Micky and Peter shouting questions back and forth they reached Littleroot. From above it appeared to a tiny village, not a town. It was less than a quarter of the size of Lilycove, houses were made of wood, it appeared to be Aspen wood, although Micky couldn’t tell for sure. This village lacked a Pokemon Center however it had a laboratory which Micky had looked up on the internet when looking for Professor Birch‘s location. Micky and Peter stood before a large building, made of the same materials as the houses, except it was much larger. Micky could tell it led to a field at the back, quite likely to be for Pokemon to live and play, although Micky couldn’t see any. It was late and they were probably back in their Pokeballs.

“Well Micky, are we gonna step in or not?” Peter asked sarcastically.

“Yeah dude we are.” Micky stepped forward in front of his friend to the large red door leading to the interior of the lab. He pushed it open and a bell rang, most likely to inform someone that people, or Pokemon, had entered the building. Peter followed after withdrawing his Pokemon back to their balls.

“How can I help you?” A man spun a seat around from his desk. He looked to be about thirty-five or so. He was rather large, but not disgustingly as it fitted his height which was almost seven feet. He had brown hair, not short but not long either, somewhere in between. He also had a beard of dark brown that extended along the bottom of his face, yet he lacked a moustache. His eyes were also brown. He wore shorts of lime green that were tattered with mud, most likely from the outside. His shirt was navy blue and was covered by a white lab coat. It seemed strange to Micky but instead of shoes he wore brown sandals revealing disgusting hairy toes. Micky snapped out of it and replied to the mans question.

“Uh, hi, is Professor Birch around here?” Micky stuttered since he was busy checking out the lab around him. It had white wall paper, several computers and many desks. There was a bookcase filled with books, most likely about Pokemon. There was several boxes filled with Pokeballs. Each was labelled with names such as ‘Gary’, ‘Jamie’, ‘Kent’ and others.

“That’s me, and who might you be young man?” The professor addressed Micky, totally ignoring Peter who stood in the background trying to remain unnoticed.

“Uh, hi, I’m Micky Hardy, I think I got one of your Pokemon.” Micky placed his backpack on the ground and pulled out Angel’s Pokeball.

“Is that Latianne?” Micky wasn’t sure, it may have been.

“I’m not sure, I just been calling her Angel, did this Latianne run away? And can it talk to people through its mind?” Micky was pretty sure it was the Pokemon the professor spoke of but he wanted to be sure.

“She spoke to you?” The professor sounded stunned at this, was it really that strange. She spoke to Micky’s father, so what’s so special about this form of communication.

“Uh yeah, is that anything unusual?” Micky moved his face in a way to show his confusion as he spoke.

“Well yes. As far as I know the only other person she has ever spoken to was me.” Micky handed the professor the Pokeball. He in turn released Angel from her Pokeball. “Hello Latianne.” The professor addressed the creature known as Latianne who appeared to be sleeping.

‘Wake up Angel’ Micky thought. Angel appeared to pick up on this thought and opened her eyes, stunned to see that she was back in the lab.

“One thing professor, why did she run away?” Micky was worried Angel was being mistreated here, although it seemed near impossible since she could quite easily injure the professor if she felt threatened considering what she done to the pack of Houndooms.

“I’m not sure why, maybe she wanted to explore the world?” The professor looked at Angel and Micky was sure they were communicated through thought. “Well she said she sensed danger?” The professor couldn’t quite understand this but he accepted it doubting that Latianne would lie to him.

“Well, he saved my life, maybe that’s what she sensed?”

“With all due respect Master Hardy, many people get into bad situations, dangerous one’s, I doubt of the millions out there that she can sense she would leave just to come to one persons aid.” Micky saw sense in this, although he didn’t like being patronised like he was.

“Well, uh, I was also wondering something?” Micky wasn’t sure if it was rude to ask this or not but he went for it. “I heard you give out starter Pokemon to new trainers and well I just became a trainer today.” Micky removed his trainer card from his pocket and presented it to Professor Birch as proof of this since on its day of creation it stated ‘5th of July’, also known as today.

“Don’t worry I trust you” the professor said waving his hands signalling Micky to move his card back to his pocket. “I’m afraid I have none with me at the moment. Its not the time of year for trainers to receive them.” The professor saw Micky sigh in disappointment and he tried to think of something fast and then it clicked. “In Oldale town, the person who provides me with my starters, I think his name is James Yeoman, maybe he’ll have an early hatchling or something.” A glint caught Micky’s eyes, hope refilled his heart.

“Well Micky, off to Oldale we go then” Peter sad from the back of the room.

“Wait, Peter? The one from five years ago?” The professor recognised him.

“Yeah that’s me, surprised you remember.”

“I never forget a face, how’s my Mudkip doing?” Micky guessed this was given to his friend as a starter.

“He’s doing great, in fact, he’s a Marshtomp now.”

Kid Micky Onimusha
05-25-2004, 05:26 PM
“Really? He evolved a lot in your care.” Micky was getting tired of this conversation and made a grunted cough as though he was clearing his throat.

“Yeah, we better get going, I’ll catch you later.” Peter said waving goodbye. Micky said his goodbyes through thought to Latianne and proceeded to leave the lab behind Peter. He released his Pidgeot again outside.

“Well dude, guess I’ll see ya later.” Peter hopped onto his Pidgeot.

“Hey wait, Pete, what about me?” Micky was expecting to get flown to Oldale town.

“Dude, its like a ten minute walk down route 101, I’m sure you can handle it.” With that Peter took off leaving Micky on his own. Micky proceeded north seeing a sign saying Route ‘101’. It was dark and gloomy and Micky tripped several times but he made it to Oldale pretty fast.

He looked around the town. It was small but it was nice to see light again. The houses were made of red brick, all of them appeared to be two storey terrace houses. No cars were visible on the streets although there were small roads for them. Wondering around the city Micky spotted several food restaurants, a Pokemon Market, and a Pokemon Center. The Pokemart was closed but the Center remained open so he decided this was the place to get information on where to stay. As he entered the building he was surprised to see the double doors didn’t open automatically which resulted on him walking face first into them. When he finally realised it was push not pull he entered the building. It was brightly lit. The floor was white, just like the walls and roof. A couple of Pokemon transference PC’s, a large map of the Hoenn region, a couple of sofa’s, several green plants and a couple of flyers for Pokemon trainers. At the back was a red counter, behind it was a large machine used to treat Pokemon.

“Erm, hello, I was wondering, are their any cheap hotels around here or anything?” A nurse appeared from under the counter. Her hair was blonde tied into a ponytail hidden under a nurse hat with a red cross symbol on it. She wore a white dress with a Red cross symbol on it as well. She had a pretty face with cute blue eyes.

“Well, if you’re a trainer you can stay in the rooms out back, although most trainers move on to Petalburg City which has more room and better facilities.” Micky shuffled through his pocket and handed the nurse his trainer card. She verified it in no time and led him through a door to Micky’s left. There was a hallway which led to ten rooms, five on either side. The Nurse led him near to the end and opened the door. Inside were two bunk-beds with dark green covers. There was a door near the back and Micky guess it led to a toilet of some kind. The nurse pointed towards the door. “Back there is a shower and toilet but you’ll need to bring your own toiletries aside from toilet paper.” Micky nodded to indicate he understood. “If you need anything just come to the desk and ask. There are four towels back there as well.” The nurse exited the room and Micky guess she headed back down the hallway. He dumped his bag on the top bunk of the bed to his left and brushed his fingers through his hair. After checking out the bathroom he dropped by a small store to get some shampoo, some hair conditioner, toothpaste and a toothbrush. After brushing his teeth, showering and drying his hair he dropped off to bed.


Kerri remained in the corner of her room almost all her life. Always trapped in thought. Occasionally she’d scream what she said in the Sky Pillar. She flashed back into thought.

“Mu…mu….mum.” Kerri was in shock. Her mother destroyed in front of her eyes by this mythical beast. Her eyes allowed tears to trickle down her cheeks, although the shock refused to let her move she could feel the warmth her tears brought to her cheeks, the only warmth she had at that time. The beast turned to the air, eyes staring a hole through her body. She managed to build up enough strength to crawl backwards. She tried to get to her feet, collapsing to her feet a couple of times but she managed to dive into the small pond by her. Her hands felt cold in the water she crawled into. The creature followed close behind, flying in the air behind her. It drew in breath and Kerri saw the same light in its mouth. She knew she was going to suffer the same fate as a her courageous mother.


“Uhhhhhhhh….” Micky let out a huge yawn as he woke. He rolled over his side but fell right off of the bed landing hard on the floor below, emitting a huge bang throughout the room. “****, ****, ****, ****” Micky cursed feeling the pain dash through his back.

“Are you alright?” Micky heard a girls voice from above although he couldn’t see where it came from since his eyes were closed in pain. This girls voice was sweet and calming. Micky opened his eyes to see a girl of similar age standing over him. She was in a white gown for sleeping in Micky assumed. Her eyes were a calm sky blue. Her skin was white, slightly tanned. Her hair was brown hanging gracefully behind her. She was beautiful in Micky’s eyes, he thought he was still dreaming but the pain made sure he knew he wasn’t.

“Not really.” Micky gritted his teeth after this trying to withdraw the pain. “Hold on just give me some space.” He motioned his hands to ask her to move back a bit.

“Uh, ok.” With this Micky flicked up to his feet trying to impress this girl, clearly failing, however she seemed relieved to see he was fine. “I take it your ok then?” The girl asked not sure what to think.

“Uh yeah I’m fine. Who are you by the way?” He was immediately infatuated with this girl and with good reason.

“I’m Purity Campbell” the girl said placing her hand out to shake. “But don’t let the name fool you ok.” Micky shook her hand and introduced himself.

“I’m Micky Hardy. I take it you haven’t just began your Pokemon journey then?” he could tell this girl was at least fourteen and most people started trainer at ten.

“Good guess Micky. Nah I been training for five years now. I’m gonna challenge Norman of Petalburg gym for my fourth badge.” Well, now Micky knew she was reasonably experienced.

“So, how many Pokemon do you have?” Micky had no clue but he was curious to see how many Pokemon he should have by his third badge.

“Got three. A Ninetales, Milotic and a Kirlia. What you got?” Micky wasn’t sure how to answer this. He felt a little embarrassed but he had to confess that he didn’t have any.

“Got none, haven’t started.” Micky’s face turned red in embarrassment considering this trainer seemed pretty experienced and he didn’t want to seem like an amateur.

“Don’t be embarrassed” she giggled. “We all started somewhere, but you don’t look ten.”

“I’m not, I’m fifteen.” Purity looked shocked. A fifteen year old had only just started his adventure?

“You serious?”

“Yeah, I kinda had an argument with my dad about it and finally allowed to be a trainer.”

“Hmm, interesting, well I gotta head to Petalburg and you gotta go, erm….” She started rolling her hand asking for help.

“I’m seeing a James Yeoman, he’s a breeder of some kind.”

“Well yeah, well I gonna have a shower get dressed and head off, its nice meeting you Micky.” Purity picked up her bag and headed towards the bathroom. Micky was still in his netted shirt and black trousers from the previous night and he couldn’t be bothered to wait for Purity to get ready. He headed towards the front desk of the Pokemon Center requesting directing to James Yeoman’s house. After receiving some he headed out into Oldale Town yet again. Up to the north of it, near Route 103 there was a large house. Like Professor Birch’s lab there was a field out in the back. Micky stepped forward to knock at the door. After about twenty seconds he tried again but to no avail. On the third try he noticed the door was open. He entered assuming James would encourage that, after all his door was opened.

“Hello….Anyone here??” Micky spoke loudly, his voice echoing throughout the house. He felt someone tap him on the shoulder, catching him by surprise making him jump in surprise.

“Who are you?” A soft, hostile male voice spoke. Micky saw an old man, at least sixty. He was bald on top but had a large, long, white beard. He wore a brown shirt and dark brown jeans.

“Hi, I’m Michael Hardy, Birch said you might have a Pokemon for me?” Micky said nervously staring at a rake in the man’s hand.

“Professor Birch sent you?” The small tone of hostility went from his voice and he encouraged Micky to come with him. He led him to the field out back. Micky looked around to see many Pokemon. There were several far in the distance who he couldn’t identify, close up was a large Pokemon, it’s body like that of a human yet it looked somehow related to a chicken. It’s body was red, in different shades, except at its head where it had a long blonde main like that of human hair. “Admiring my blazey?” the man asked seeing Micky staring at it.

“Uh, yeah sorry.” Micky continued to follow him until they came by a horse like Pokemon. It‘s fur was crème, however its tail looked to be made of fire. It‘s mane, it had flames around its hooves and the cutest black eyes Micky had ever seen. “Is that my Pokemon?” Micky said pointing towards the large Pony.

“If you want it, it’s known as Ponyta. Did Birch give you a Pokedex?” Micky wasn’t sure what this guy was on about. “I take it from your blank look he didn’t. A Pokedex compiles information on all Pokemon. You can check on what moves a Pokemon knows by pointing it at its brain where it scans it. The Pokedex is a very hi-tech device.” Micky stared blankly, not sure what to say.

Kid Micky Onimusha
05-25-2004, 05:26 PM
“Uh, cool.”

“It’s essential for all trainers. Here come with me, I’ll give you one.” After a few minutes Micky was testing out his new Pokedex on the creature known as Ponyta. The Pokedex appeared to be a red book which opened up to be a screen revealing the information on the Pokemon it was used on.

Ponyta - The Fire Horse Pokemon. Although the fur on Ponyta’s body appear to be on fire they are actually not, however they can be made to harm the bodies of those touching it when Ponyta decides it wants to so beware when touching them.

The Pokedex spoke in a stale robotic voice that annoyed Micky a lot.

Micky directed the Pokedex towards Ponyta’s head, assuming that’s where it’s brain was and watched the Pokedex load information seeing a ‘Loading information‘ message.

This Pokemon knows: Ember, Quick Attack, Agility.

“Is that all?” Micky asked confused finding it to be unusual for a Pokemon to know so little.

“I’m afraid so” James said. “You see, three months ago, a Rapidash I was in care of laid an egg. I kept it until it hatched one moth ago, so you see she’s a rather young Pokemon.” Micky nodded. “So, do you want this Pokemon?”

“Of course” Micky said happily. The man disappeared into his house, and returned quickly with a Pokeball in his hand. He held it out to Micky who quickly took it.

“Thanks a lot, really” Micky said a tear of joy almost escaping his eye’s. He encouraged his Ponyta to follow which she did chasing after him. It was shorter than him and looked smaller but that just added to it‘s cutely looks. It followed Micky out of the field and to a Pokemon Center. Micky withdrew his newly received Ponyta and walked up to the counter.

The Pokemart was like a normal shop. All the items were held on shelves. There was a desk where the store clerk sat. Micky looked around the store for Pokeballs. He picked up a Pokeball belt for holding them around his waist as well as picking up five Pokeballs, two antidotes which were held in dark yellow cubical flasks, six Potions, held in pink bottle’s, and a paralysis heal, held in a light yellow flask of the same design as the antidotes. He brought them to the front desk. It cost him a total of ninety dollars. He left the building, items stuffed into his black backpack. He headed back towards Route 103, knowing from the Pokemon Center map that it led to Rustboro City, although he‘d probably have to run to reach there by the end of the day.

Reaching Route 103 he saw a large trail leading into what appeared to be a forest. The trail seemed to turn out of the distance and Micky could tell this would be no easy trip. He released Ponyta out it’s Pokeball. “Heya girl. Do ya think your strong enough to carry me to Rustboro?” The little Pony looked at Micky for a moment, guessing how much he weighed before shaking her head. “Eh, guess that’s alright, you’re a tiny lil thing.” The Pokemon charged on ahead into the woods. “Hey wait up!” Micky chased after her, clearly being out ran. Eventually Micky caught up seeing the Pokemon staring at something. There was a small worm like creature crawling along the ground. It was a tanned brown colour with several body segments. It possessed a large red nose, the same colour as the feelers below its body. On its head was a stinger and one of similar size was on its tail. Micky pulled out his Pokedex to investigate this creature.

Weedle - The Worm Pokemon. Although it appears to be small, the pin on its head can secrete deadly poison into the blood stream. It’s tail can fire sticky string which slows its foe down to its slow speed.

“Fine, Ponyta, use Ember.” With that the fire horse took in a deep breath and breathed three fire balls towards the tiny worm. The creature was buried amongst flames and when the flames cleared up the creature was lying on its back unconscious. “Well that was easy.” Micky pulled a Pokeball from his black belt and threw it towards the worm like creature. The ball hit the Weedle and bounced off about a foot away before opening and sucking in the creature. The ball didn’t shake, instead it just clicked shut sparking off a yellow buzz. “Maybe this wasn’t such a great catch?” Micky spoke towards his Ponyta. “I wander what I should name it.” Micky thought for a moment and then realised something. “I haven’t even nicknamed you yet.” Ponyta looked at him as if to say ‘Well duh’. “Hmm, Strider sound ok to you” Micky said thinking off the top of his head. Ponyta nodded but gave a not bothered look. “Well, anyways, back to naming my Weedle.”

“Don’t bother, Weedle sucks.” A kid’s voice came from behind him. Micky turned to see a kid of at least fifteen standing behind him. He was shorter than Micky. His hair was short raven black, he had an evil looking smirk. He wore a navy blue shirt and light blue jeans. He had two Pokeballs on his belt. “So, a two on two sound ok to you?”

“Hell no, one of my Pokemon are unconscious!” Micky shouted.

“Well revive him.” The kid through a triangular bottle at Micky who caught it in his hands. Releasing his Weedle he placed the revive in its mouth. The creature opened its eyes and aimed its stinger at Micky.

“Yo dude, don’t try it, I caught you fair and square, you’re my Pokemon now.” The creature seemed to understand.

“Go Poochyena” the boy cried throwing a Pokeball to the ground. A dog like Pokemon appeared. It had a grey fur all over its body except around its mouth, neck and feet where it was a very dark grey, almost black. It’s eyes were yellow and it’s nose red.

“Pooch” It growled loudly. Micky pointed Weedle towards the dog. The Pokemon slowly made its way towards the dog who was growling at the little bug.

“Ok Weedle, use silver wind.” The bug looked back at him as if say ‘You expect me to know that.’ “Erm” Micky looked embarrassed and pulled out his Pokedex pointing it towards the Weedle. In this time the Kid had ordered his dog to tackle it. Micky’s bug went flying across the forest into a large willow tree. The Pokedex lost its connection with Weedle’s brain and disconnected. Micky had no clue what to do. This Pokemon wasn’t fully rested, it was injured by Ponyta previously and was clearly hurt now. He withdrew Weedle, sighing as he did, disappointed in the weakness of the Pokemon. “**** it then, Strider go.” Ponyta took a moment to realise he meant her and then she dashed off in front of the tiny dog which stood at about a quarter of the pony’s size.

“Bite it Poochyena.” The dog bit at the legs of the pony but leg go immediately. It caught fire from biting the flame fur. “Poochyena?” Micky smiled while the kid’s evil grin disappeared into a look of worry.

“Come on Strider, take advantage of this, hit it with an Ember.” Ponyta drew in breath before releasing five fireballs at the Dog. It rolled around writing in pain before being reabsorbed into its ball, it was mercy for the dog.

“Ok you got off easy there but you aint getting off easy now, Treecko go.” A tiny gecko like Pokemon appeared standing on its two feet. It had giant yellow eyes with black striped for pupils. Its stomach was orange and it bore a dark green tail about the size of its body.

“Treecko!!!!!” it screeched.

“That’s it Treecko, use quick attack.” The Pokemon charged towards Ponyta head first.

“Use agility and run it out of energy!” Micky screamed. Treecko chased Ponyta through the woods out of view of Micky and his opponent. “So, who are you?” Micky asked looking towards to his opponent.

“I’m Shane” the kid replied. “You?”

“I’m Michael, mostly called Micky.” With that Ponyta came charging out of the woods in front of them. Treecko followed behind breathing heavily. “Nicely done Ponyta, now blast it with an Ember.” Ponyta drew in breath for several seconds before releasing an amazing eight fire balls followed by charging the burning Pokemon into a tree. Shane withdrew his clearly unconscious Treecko who’s eyes were swirled.

“Well, uh, well done, I guess. But I’ll catch up to you Micky some time, you can bet on that.” Shane ran off back towards Oldale town whilst Micky stroked his Ponyta on his fiery mane.

“Well done Strider.” Micky congratulated his pony. “Oh, by the way, thought of a name for that Weedle. Rough.” Ponyta gave him a strange look as if to say ‘Ok explain now.’ “Well think about it, its been treated rough for the past few minutes.” Ponyta just shook her head as if to say, ‘your choice’. With that Micky and Ponyta ran off down the path that Micky believed led to Rustboro.

‘And if the wind blows east, would you follow me. And if the wind blows north. would ya stay your course. And if the wind blows west, would ya second guess. And if it blows to the south, would you count me out. And if the sun don't shine, would you still be mine. And if the sky turns grey, would you walk away. Would you say I do, if I say I'll be, And walk this road through life with me.’ - Kid Rock, Lonely Road of Faith

Author Notes: Well Purity, Peter and Shane are gonna have much bigger roles to play later on. That’s about it. I‘m aware this chapter was kinda sucky, but its sorta crucial thing

Kid Micky Onimusha
05-26-2004, 07:11 PM
Chapter 4: The Lost Town of Harville; The Route to Rustoboro

‘Die by my hand, I creep across the land, Killing all of man.’ - Metallica, Creeping Death

Micky was running through the night. He could see very little, his fire horse had long since fell asleep and remained in Micky’s Pokeball. Micky turned on his laptop, uploading a map of the Hoenn region. “Harville?” Micky noticed within the dense forests on the road to Rustboro was a tiny town known as Harville. Micky switched on his cell phone uploading a navigation feature, checking if he was heading north. He was going north east so Micky changed his course slightly to head north for the town known as Harville and charged forward. His black jacket was zipped up, keeping his body warm where the layer of thin net was. He could still taste the cold on his face, his mouth tasted of sweat, he hadn’t drunk in hours since he and his Ponyta, ‘Strider’, had finished off his last bottle of coke. Micky could see very little, the sky gave off a dark, creepy, blue glow which barely lit up the forest enough for Micky to see any further than three feet ahead. He’d been charging through the forest for several hours, several cuts and scratches leaked blood from his face and hands.

“Crap!” Micky shouted loudly awakening several bird who let out several chirps to each other, warning themselves of the human who trod through their territory. Micky had tripped face first to the ground, mud sinking into his small cuts. Wiping the mud out of his face Micky charged ever forward hoping to reach Harville. The map indicated it should be only a few more minutes until he could see it, and fortunately it was right. Micky charged forth seeing light glimmering in the distance like a lighthouse in the ocean. Micky charged forward to see what appeared to be a bomb site. Rubble that looked several years old lay on the grounds. Few houses stood, many appeared to be abandoned all except one which was the beacon that Micky was looking for.


Kerri braced herself for the huge beam of light that was about to destroy her. Her eyes gripped tightly, eyelid clenching eyelid. Several seconds later she opened her eyes. The creature was flying up into the air until it reached ceiling. From there it dived head first into the lake behind her.

The creature didn’t swim, it burrowed through the water, its serpent like body fitting perfectly through the tunnel back down to the bottom before heading up through the entrance way. It swam upwards again through one of the eight possible tunnels. Of the eight tunnels al but two were dead ends designed to drown hunters of the beast. One led to its lair and one led to the top of the Sky Pillar. The creature knew where it was going and charged up, eventually breaking through the surface of the water and flying through the large pit that Kerri and her mother had climbed down before. The creature had made it through in no time. It flew through to the air above gazing over the Ancient Mountains where the Sky Pillar had been hidden for years, very few people knew its whereabouts and of those Rage was the only who was known to tell people. A top the sky pillar, standing hidden under the staircase ceiling was the cloaked man Rage, gazing at the majestic beauty of this devastating creature. The hole above the deep pit leading to its lair brought light, although the blind man could not see it, he sensed it. “Did you spare them? Rayquaza….” Rage asked the beast in his deep bellowing voice. The creature fired breathes of flames into the air, he was about to unleash himself onto the world yet again.


Micky stumbled up to the house that had lit the way for Micky. He was out of breath panting, leaning on his knee’s. His physical fitness was no match for what he’d been doing for the most part of the day. Micky rang a bell to his left. It was nice to be able to see stuff yet again. The door opened, light beaming out of the house to Micky’s fast, momentarily blinding him. He could make out the figure of an old man. “Can I help you young man?” he asked. Micky was reminded of James by this person. The beard was similar however this man possessed a grey beard, complete with moustache, grey hair on his head and many more wrinkles. Still, at this point Micky wasn’t bothered, it was nice to encounter human life.

“Yeah….Isn’t” Micky panted these words and had to catch his breathe again to complete his sentence. “Uh, isn’t there a Pokemon Center in this place?”

“Ah, a trainer. You better come in, you look to be in bad condition.” Micky panted some more before replying a thank you. The house was tiny, a hall way leading to a living room containing a couple of sofa’s, some colourful plants, a green rug and a television. The TV was set to news. Micky ignored the most part of it but he heard something about a ‘Captain Stern, discoverer of Latianne is believed to be searching for the mystery of the Sky Pillar.’ The word Latianne caught Micky’s attention, but not for too long as the man came into the room. “So, where have you travelled from?” the man asked.

“I bin travelling all day from Oldale.” The man’s eyebrow rose in shock.

“You must be in very good shape then, it’s a good few hour drive to reach here from Oldale, at least thirty odd miles of dense forest. That route is very difficult to drive through, since so few people use it. Only those in desperate need to get to Oldale fast.” Micky took this as a compliment and brought a small smile up. “So, you were looking for a Pokemon Center.”

“Yeah” Micky puffed still catching all of his breathe.

The man laughed. “There hasn’t been a Pokemon Center here for at least fourteen years. Not since the disaster.” This caught Micky’s attention, a disaster?

“What disaster?” Micky asked, curiosity controlling him.

“Never mind, its in the past, well, I have a spare bedroom, you can sleep there, tomorrow I’ll give you a lift to Rustboro City. It’s not good for a young one to over exercise.” The man led Micky down the hallway to a room with a white bed laid down in front of him. “I’ll prepare a dinner for you, I’m sure you want to have a bath.” The man beckoned Micky towards him whilst Micky dumped his bag on the bed. The room next to Micky’s room led to a bathroom. “There are towels there” the man pointed to a shelf to Micky’s left holding several white towels. “Any preference on food, I could make you a roast chicken meal with potatoes and vegetables, or spaghetti, its up to you.”

“The chicken meal will be fine thank you” Micky said gratefully. He was starved but he was desperate to clean himself as well. The man walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Micky locked the door and began to run a bath, using lavender bubble bath liquid.

The steam rose from the white bath surrounded majestically by wood as if it were a hot spring. Micky laid down in the bed, the warm water cleaning his every pore. It relaxed his entire body, he forgot about the shooting pains in his legs and back. As he was relaxed his thought drifted off as though it were elsewhere. He could see images in his head. He saw himself riding what looked to be a larger version of his Ponyta. Latianne was in the background flying by their side.

Micky awoke from his sleep, hearing a knock at the bathroom door. “Are you ok?” The man asked.

“Huh, oh yeah, almost done.”

“Ok, well your food is ready.” Micky washed his hair, clearing out the mud, he could still feel the stitches in his head, wondering when he would be rid of them. He went to his room, dressing in Black Trousers and a Black shirt with a red dragon drawn onto it like that of a tattoo. He tied his hair back in a Ponytail, soaking out the last drips of water onto the towel that lay below him before entering the room. Food I this age was all processed to resemble that of former foods. It was in fact healthier than original foods. What Micky was eating was in originally made from a Combusken Pokemon combined with vegetables. With the new system of food processing created at least two-thousand years ago, not only did the planets vegetation grow freely, except when it interfered with people’s lives, it also made Pokemon plentiful and over time has constructed the bond between Pokemon a humans.

“So, I never caught your name” the man said, asking Micky his name.

“I’m Micky, you?” Micky asked after swallowing the food in his mouth.

“I’m Martin Charston. But just call me Marty.” The old man replied and stuck out his hand for Mick to shake. He was also eating the same food as Micky whilst watching the television. Micky and Marty discussed all sorts of Pokemon related subjects, but when Micky asked what the disaster was Marty went silent before changing the subject. Micky took the hint and didn’t ask again, knowing he was at risk of losing his room in the house and his free ride to Rustboro.

Eventually Micky retired to his room, sleeping comfortably, his bags and Pokemon belt by his side.

Micky awoke the next morning at about lunch time. He walked into the living room to find Mr Charston wasn’t there. He checked outside and found a few children running about outside. “Uh, do you know where Mr Charston is?” He asked a young girl of about five. She was running about chasing several other children in some game.

Kid Micky Onimusha
05-26-2004, 07:11 PM
“Yeah, he’s at my house.” The girl pointed towards log cabin, similar to the house he’d stayed in. All the houses here appeared to be made like that. As Micky entered he saw Marty cooking food with a women of about thirty. She had blonde hair, her face was tanned.

“Ah Micky, I suppose you want a lift to Rustboro City, just give me a second to get the food ready to take there. We sell food in Rustboro that we prepare specially with home grown spices. People love it.”

“Here try some” The Lady said to Micky handing him a chip.

“Dam, these are great.”

An hour or so later Micky arrived in Rustboro. Marty dropped him off outside a Pokemon Center. Micky stared in amazement. It was a huge building. The walls were white with a big sign on its side saying Rustboro P.C. The roof was red, the building being at least two storey high, at least three times as wide as the one in Oldale Town, and definitely larger than the Lilycove Pokemon Center.

“If you need anything call this number.” Marty handed him a piece of paper with his number on it. “See you around Kid, good luck with your journey.”

Micky waved goodbye then stepped into the Pokemon Center, the doors were Automatic, unlike the Oldale Center. Inside it was similar, except larger. There were more trainers, more places to sit, several computers for transporting Pokeballs and what appeared to be a trainer lounge. Micky queued up for access to the counter, several nurses took in people’s Pokemon. A women, similarly dressed to the nurse in Oldale. Her hair was a fair brown, eyes of emerald green controlled the queue Micky stood in until it was finally his turn to get his Pokemon healed.

“Hi, how long does it take for that machine to work, I don’t think my Ponyta is that badly injured but my Weedle is screwed big time.” The nurse giggled at Micky’s comment.

“I take it you don’t know how it works then?”

“Nope” Micky said bluntly shaking his head.

“Well, depending on how badly injured your Pokemon is depends on how long it’ll take, if you look in your Pokedex it should give you all the info you need. Anyway, do you want me to heal them?”

“Yeah” Micky said grabbing the two Pokeballs from his belt and placing them on the red counter. She took them placing them into a smaller machine.

“Your Ponyta will take half an hour but your Weedle is going to need most of the day, you may need to pick him up tomorrow.” Micky thought about it for a moment before replying.

“Well, I’ll pick up Ponyta in half an hour then, and Weedle when he’s done.”

“Very well, and you are?”

“I’m Michael Hardy.”

“Uh, can I see your trainer card please.” Micky pulled his wallet out and removed his trainer card handing it to the women. She scanned it through her computer before handing it back. “Ok then, come back in thirty minutes and your Ponyta will be ready. The nurse taped a tag to Micky’s two Pokeballs before placing them in the large machine at the back which Micky assumed was the healing machine.

Micky exited the Pokemon Center and sat on a small wall looking through his Pokedex for information on the machine. He set the Pokedex to speak, and its robotic voice explained the machine.

The Pokemon Healer - Created by William Aboideau. The Pokemon Healer, also known as Pokeheal uses the computerised matter form of a Pokemon to heal it’s injuries.

By this stage Micky was already bored and closed up his Pokedex and headed out into the streets. Many cars drove through the streets, reminding Micky of Lilycove. Looking around Micky saw flyers for something called ‘The Premier Ball event’. Micky was curious about this and ripped one of the flyers off of a nearby lamppost and took a read.

‘The Premier Ball event, for all trainers to enter to win a fabulous prize. All entries should be handed to the Pokemon Trainer Academy by 31st June. Trainers are only allowed to use one Pokemon for a set of elimination battles to determine the winner.’

Underneath was a submission form which had the address of the Pokemon Academy. Micky rushed back to the Pokemon Center and obtained a pen, filling in the form for the event which was to take place in one week. He filled in all the information before walking down to the academy.

The Trainer Academy was a large three storey building. It was secluded on the inside of a park. Several Pokemon and their trainers wondered around the parks greens. The initial building itself was a dark brown with windows everywhere. The front door was a huge mahogany door, standing at least ten feet tall and fifteen feet wide, splitting into double doors. Micky rang a door bell which emitted a huge ringing throughout Micky’s entire body. About half a minute later a women answered the door. She stood at similar size to Micky. Her hair was a light black or a very dark brown. She had her hair tied with a red bow into to bunches at the back whilst it let two long stretches of hair dangle down her back. She wore a pale blue jumper which covered her entire upper body aside from her neck and head. There was a small drape of silk tied around her neck that lay over her jumper. She wore a black mini skirt and pink tights underneath. Her eyes were a unique red brown colour. She smiled. “Can I help you?” she asked.

“Um, is this where I leave my submissions for the Premier Ball competition?” Micky replied his entry in his hand.

“Yes it is, follow me” the women said leading Micky through the doors. Micky gazed at the hallways. Staring at either end. They were shimmering marble floors of a light grey. As Micky walked down the hallway following the women. On either side were rooms with windows giving Micky a chance to peer in on what was happening in each room. They were classes. Each of about twenty being instructed by a tutor at the front. Eventually Micky was led into a room. It appeared to be some form of Principal’s office.

“May I see your trainer card” the women asked. Micky proceeded to take out his card. The women checked the information on his entry form and his trainer card before handing it back. “OK, everything seems fine here.” She placed the entry in a pile of what appeared to be other entries. “Come back on the thirty first to compete and best of luck. I can tell by your card your not extremely experienced which is ok since you’ll be competing with students from the school and any pre-badge entrants.” The women led Micky out of the room and towards the door.

The half hour had passed and Micky returned to the Pokemon Center retrieving his Ponyta. With that Micky set off into the city. The city was large and bustling, just like Lilycove. Skyscrapers of similar size shaded the streets while people pushed shoved through the streets. Micky made his way to a bench and pulled out his cell phone and dialled the number of Mr Charston. It rang a few times before he answered.


“Hey Marty, it’s Micky, whereabouts are ya?” Micky said loudly down the phone trying to cover the sounds of the city.

On the other end of the phone stood Marty. He was standing by a large stool, frying the chicken similar to the kind Micky had tasted earlier. “Oh Micky, how you enjoying Rustboro?”

“It’s ok, whereabouts are you?”

“Well, if you look for the Devon Corp building. I’m outside selling fried chicken.”

“Ok, I’ll be there soon” Micky said closing his cell phone to cancel the connection. “Now where the **** is the Devon building?” Micky shouted shoving his cell phone into his pocket.

“I believe the Devon Corporation Skyscraper is on thirty third street” a bypassing man said. He was wearing blue jeans and a blue and white horizontally striped shirt. He was wearing a blue bandana over his head. He had brown eyebrows and grey eyes. Micky noticed three Pokeballs around his waist belt.

“Thanks” Micky said pulling out his laptop to pull up a map of Rustboro.

About twenty minutes later Micky arrived at the building, seeing Marty’s food stand. Marty waved, flagging Micky over who waved back and made a half run to his stand. “How’s business going Marty?”


A half hour later Marty had sold all the food Micky and him sat talking. “Marty, when you said something about a disaster, what did you mean?” Marty’s face turned cold. He started describing it to Micky, lost in thought as he done it.


Kid Micky Onimusha
05-26-2004, 07:12 PM
Marty was driving home. Route 103 was lush in vegetation. Nidoran ran across the sandy trail leading to Harville. They were tiny little creatures. They had skin like that of a reptiles yet their bodies were shaped like that of a rabbit. The males were purple with darker purple dots, each bearing two ears standing at tension, the insides were green and their teeth bucked. The females were a light turquoise. It had darker turquoise identity dots on its reptilian like skin. The insides of there ears were the same colour. There eyes pure blood red, their teeth bucked like the males.

From the sky a large shadow bore down, heading over Oldale and down Route 103. Pokemon ran back into their forest homes. They knew what this creature was, but the people of Harville just stared up in astonishment. The creature was the same beast that Kerri saw. Some people on the ground below screamed and tried to take cover in their homes, others just stood there frozen in fear. Marty froze in fear staring at this great creature from about a mile away. Rayquaza drew in breath, it stared coldly at the people below before bearing flames upon the town. Buildings crumbled under the sheer pressure of his flames. Bodies burnt, people in flames rolled around the ground frantically, their bodies a mere black shadow underneath the flames which danced around their dying corpses.

The creature dropped down to the ground, crushing several people below its giant, slender body. It sat up, standing about ten feet in the air, using the other half of its body as support. Some people ran from it, other were frozen to the spot. Rayquaza pulled out his arms. Although they appeared tiny compared to its body, they were like that of a humans. Attached to these arms were three claws a piece. Each claw the size of a sword but twice as sharp. Rayquaza started slashing at the people in front of it. Some frozen in fear were decapitated in one blow, others who tried to avoid it suffered lost limbs before finally suffering a deadly stab from a claw. Rayquaza tore through the people of Harville with ease. It swung its tail smashing down any buildings in its way. Some who tried to drive away suffered the huge beam of light that Kerri’s mother received, at with that the cars exploded. It was a merciful death for those inside, compared to the slow torment those who failed to die swiftly endured.

Martin gazed at the horrific slaughter from afar. He couldn’t make out much of it but the screams were heard all over Hoenn. Martin could see buildings crumbling, cars flying through the air through the sheer strength of the beast. In front of him, no more than three hundred metres away from him was a women and her child. She was running with her child, no older than five, gripped to her shoulder, tears running out of his eyes. The women was running for her life and Martin knew he had to do something. Driving forward, he tried to get close, slinging the passenger door open. He was no further than twenty metres away until the creature landed in front of them. It bore its teeth at the women. The child cried for its life, his mother knew she was dead. She made a feeble attempt to back away but was stopped in her tracks by the menacing eyes of the creature. The child on the other hand ran as fast as he could. Rayquaza opened its mouth wide, it lounged its body forward, its mouth covered the women’s entire body before it tossed its head back up, seemingly swallowing the women whole. Martin saw its body shake as the women’s body fell through, she was clearly still alive, her screams were heard each time the creature opened its mouth. Rayquaza slithered forward, stalking its next victim. The child. Martin was frozen, he couldn’t move, he wanted to be sick. He stamped his foot hard on the gas pedal, driving forward at a fast pace, but he was too slow. Rayquaza, using one of it’s sword-like claws decapitated the child before slicing the rest of its body to pieces. The organs of the child lay soaked in blood on the sandy trail.

Rayquaza flew up, and turned his attention towards Martin. His yellow eyes beamed at him, staring a hole through his body. He growled viciously, making the car vibrate. Martin expected to be destroyed in one swift blow. Rayquaza didn’t reach his expectations. Instead, Rayquaza flew up high into the air, as though it was heading towards the atmosphere. Martin couldn’t believe his luck. Although in his mind he wasn’t sure if it was luck at all. Almost everyone he knew had been destroyed. With that though he threw up all over his steering wheel and the front window of his car.


Micky was frozen in thought. The destruction that Marty had described ran through his mind. He could visualise the corpses laying all over Harville like a battlefield, blood everywhere, buildings crumbled under flames. “Dude, I’m, I’m sorry…” Micky wasn’t sure how to speak, he was shocked that this man wasn’t traumatised like his sister.

“It isn’t your fault Micky.” Martin sighed. “It isn’t your fault” he repeated patting Micky on the shoulder. “Anyways, your welcome to stay at mine a few more nights if you want, its not a particularly long drive from Harville to Rustboro.”



Kerri crawled to her feet. She picked up her mothers body. It was stiff, but it was lighter than before. The loss of some of her stomach seemed to have made a difference, although Kerri couldn’t tell. She picked up her mothers body and walked towards Rayquaza’s lair, which was currently empty. Inside was a large room, lit by candles by the walls. Each let out an eerie glow throughout the room. Kerri saw a staircase leading out the back. It was thin, only suited for one person. Kerri, mother in her arms climbed the stairs, tears slowly making their way down her cheek, dripping onto her mothers corpse.

Eventually, after hours of climbing the staircase, Kerri was led to a dead end. She dropped to her knee’s, placing her mother down onto a step. She slumped back and cry, placing her head into her arms. There were lights lined on the staircase, candles giving out a similar eerie glow. They appeared to have been where they were for centuries. Wiping a tear from her eye Kerri looked up. There was an arrow pointing towards the dead end with similar dots to the entrance way inscribed on it. Kerri noticed the dots on the door as well and ran over, rubbing her hands over the dots. She could feel it forming words in her head, she recognised being taught it at school. It was Braille. She started making sense of it.

Your escape is what you seek,
Although your chances look bleak,
Too your left is freedom is yours,
See if you can open doors….

Kerri looked to her left. There was a candle, she looked closer. As she did she gripped the handle, nudging it slightly. The staircase started rocking, light poured into the staircase. Kerri could feel the rays hit her face, then her tears froze. A chill went over Kerri’s body like a blanket of ice. The cold froze her face, she could taste it on her lips. Kerri ignored this factor and carried her mothers body outside. She was atop a mountain. She could see for miles. It was the highest mountain in the legendary range, where the Sky Pillar was hidden. The stone door closed behind Kerri with a hard thud and Kerri was subjected to the cold, alone.

She survived atop the mountain for two weeks, surviving on the snow melting in her mouth and the Aspear berries which were the only known berry to survive in cold weather like that. Before being found by a mountain ranger. At first a Fearow found her. A large bird. Its feathers were brown trimmed with crème, it had a long, sleek, yellow beak, and a light red mane on its head, with same coloured feet. Afterwards the ranger came atop the Fearow. When Kerri tried to thank him, she couldn’t. At first she thought her lips were frozen solid. The she realised, she couldn’t speak. She opened her mouth trying speak but she couldn’t. She knew the words, but they wouldn’t come out.

After fourteen years she had given up. The doctors tried all sorts of therapy, but eventually they came to the conclusion that she was too traumatised to speak and they locked her up in the Mossdeep Sanatorium.


Micky lay in the spare room of his new friend Martin. He was half asleep, although he could still hear the sounds of the outdoors. He heard chirps, rustle’s and even what appeared to be laughter. But then he heard a shrill cry. Micky shot up from his bed. He thought he was hearing things but then he heard it again.

“FREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Micky slung himself to the window, sliding the curtains out of the way. He could see very little, there was a navy blue glow given out by the stars from above, but aside from that nothing. Micky couldn’t see where the cry came from but he knew it was real.

‘I lie awake and try so hard not to think of you’ - Evanescence, Taking over me.

Ok, this chapter official sucks ass IMO, I hope fore my sake you guys think differently. I think I made this just about readable by adding mass murder and the Kerri explanation makes it an important chap.