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Hypocrisy is Fun
07-20-2006, 08:51 PM


I had no idea were to post these, so I guess this was the best place. Move it to the right place if you guys want.

This is pretty much the archive of my past uber posts, you know, how to catch certain pokemon and unlock stuff.

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Hypocrisy is Fun
07-25-2006, 10:05 AM
Reserved for much later.

SPECIAL GUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111 1111


[22:00] Tempest79797: to get to pallet town
[22:00] Tempest79797: first catch all the pokemon
[22:00] Tempest79797: except husnain
[22:00] Tempest79797: because its pretty useless
[22:00] Tempest79797: then go to professor man
[22:00] Tempest79797: he will give a special airplane
[22:00] Tempest79797: that can swim to pallet town
[22:00] Tempest79797: on your trip
[22:01] Tempest79797: you will encounter a giant sandslash
[22:01] Tempest79797: at first its drowning
[22:01] Tempest79797: you have to save it
[22:01] Tempest79797: a good pokemon for saving it
[22:01] Tempest79797: is lickitung
[22:01] Tempest79797: because it has a big toungue
[22:01] Tempest79797: BUT
[22:01] Tempest79797: do NOT let it get hit THERE
[22:01] Tempest79797: anyways
[22:01] Tempest79797: use lick attack
[22:01] Tempest79797: and you will save it
[22:01] Tempest79797: but the sandlash will get angry
[22:02] Tempest79797: because the lickitounge's toungue was slimy
[22:02] Tempest79797: so it will use dragon dance
[22:02] Tempest79797: then dragon rage
[22:02] Tempest79797: which is the ultimate combo
[22:02] Tempest79797: try using an attack like counter
[22:02] Tempest79797: so you can do triple triple double damage
[22:02] Tempest79797: then turn off the game
[22:02] Tempest79797: turn it back on
[22:02] Tempest79797: and all your pokemon are gone
[22:02] Tempest79797: except lickitounge
[22:03] Tempest79797: and you are back at new bark town
[22:03] Tempest79797: you have to beat the game again
[22:03] Tempest79797: with only lickitounge
[22:03] Tempest79797: and licky will always be level 2
[22:03] Tempest79797: and 4
[22:03] Tempest79797: after you beat the game with your level 2 or 4 licky
[22:04] Tempest79797: you must capture LICKEP
[22:04] Tempest79797: lickep is the evolution of licky
[22:04] Tempest79797: first find a lickitounge
[22:04] Tempest79797: that is not yours
[22:04] Tempest79797: then use spirit stone
[22:04] Tempest79797: then thunderstone
[22:04] Tempest79797: then fire stone
[22:04] Tempest79797: then fire stone
[22:04] Tempest79797: in reverse order
[22:04] Tempest79797: 2 times
[22:04] ShadowLinkerz: tire company?
[22:04] Tempest79797: then water stone
[22:05] Tempest79797: then a guy named jalbis will come
[22:05] Tempest79797: and teleport you to Palet Town
[22:05] Tempest79797: its not like Pallet Town
[22:05] Tempest79797: BUT ITS CLOSE TO IT
[22:05] Tempest79797: from here on
[22:05] Tempest79797: you have two choices
[22:05] Tempest79797: A: F*** NANCY
[22:05] Tempest79797: B: PALLET TOWN
[22:05] Tempest79797: if i were you i would choose K
[22:05] Tempest79797: but whatever
[22:05] Tempest79797: after you choose PALLET TOWN
[22:06] Tempest79797: then you will die
[22:06] Tempest79797: then start playing pokemon red
[22:06] Tempest79797: or blue
[22:06] Tempest79797: or yellow
[22:06] Tempest79797: or green
[22:06] Tempest79797: for fire red
[22:06] Tempest79797: or leaf purple
[22:06] Tempest79797: and you will start in pallet town
[22:06] Tempest79797: THE END
[22:06] Tempest79797: and if ya dont believe me, try it ya self, ya silly pants

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