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Kevin Lockhart was once a great Pokémon trainer, but after many years, his age had caught up with him, and he could no longer move on his own anymore. He was constantly on medication that only kept him alive to live out the rest of his pointless days. He was then sent to James Brook Memorial Hospital, a place where they could take care of him better, and he quickly found himself on a bed, with nothing more to his life but to stare at the blank room around him. There were two others there with him, Peter Hancock and Fred Stevens, and they too were left on their deathbed, with no way to ever leave, like a small, comfortable prison. The only thing in the blank, white room was the door, and a single window. As much as Kevin wanted to look out that window to see the world outside, he couldn’t. Fred Stevens was the one by the window, and when he died, Peter Hancock was wheeled to the window, and in Peter’s place, was Kevin. Still, even though Kevin had been moved from the left wall to the right, he still couldn’t get a view out the window.

Kevin had thought of the memories he used to have, some as a Pokémon trainer. But the more he thought about it, the more it depressed him. All his Pokémon were long since dead, since all of them never outlived their trainer. Now, all he had left was himself.

What drove him further to anger was his state. He looked toward the window as the last joy in his life, the last opportunity. Sometimes, Kevin would ask Peter all the things he could see out that window, just in wonderment of what laid just outside.

Peter then would look for hours on end, saying he could see a street with people walking and cars passing by. He said he see a pizza shop, a clothing store, and even a Pokémon Center in the distance. Peter would describe what his days of a Pokémon trainer were like, but Kevin didn’t care. He wanted to look out that window more than anything and the more things Peter described, the more he wanted it. He tried to picture them himself but he couldn’t. After thinking about it for a long time, he came up with an idea.

Next to Peter was his medication on a small, metal table. Kevin knew he needed that medicine every two hours, since he saw him take it several times before. He saw it was only a few feet away from the side of his bed. Kevin then began to think…

Look, he’s almost dead anyway. What the hell difference would it make if he dies today or tomorrow?

Kevin had looked to Peter, and he had been sleeping for a short time. He knew in only an hour, he would be waking up to take more medication. So, Kevin looked to the table, and he looked around. He heard nothing, so he decided now was the time to act. He moved his foot out from under the covers. It was frail and withered, but he knew it would be enough. Slowly and carefully, Kevin brought his foot to the metal table, and hit the medicine bottle. The small plastic bottle rolled off the metal table and landed on the tiled floor, spilling the many, tiny tablets inside and scattering them all over the linoleum tiled floor. Then, Kevin relaxed, and began to forget about what he had done.

When he woke up, he saw the nurses wheel Peter away from the window. They looked at the floor and began to wonder what had happened. Kevin looked around, and didn’t make any expression. He had seen that Peter had missed his medication by four hours. Obviously it had been enough…

“He must have been trying to get his pills, and he must have dropped them.” One of the nurses said, looking a bit shameful.
“Dear, that’s too bad…” One of the others replied, also depressed at the death of Peter.

He then saw the two of them pull a cloth sheet over Peter’s face, and he was taken away from the room. Then, Kevin was wheeled to the window, and soon after, he was left alone. Then, after waiting for so long, he finally got the opportunity to look out the window. He sat up, and peered beyond the dirty glass.

But he saw nothing but a blank wall…

Inspired by Scary Stories 2

Neo Emolga
05-21-2004, 10:28 PM
Chapter 1
Behind Cold Iron

John Vickers was never much for talking. He had long, hazel colored hair that reached his shoulders. His eyes were a dark brown, while his face had the appearance of never having joy in his life, and he was underweight. His eyes were often down, and his bony hands were often clasped together. He never sat up straight, but was hunched down, afraid that someone might see him. What worried John the most was being perceived by other people. He could never tell what they were thinking, and this had worried him.

Already at a young age of twenty four, he was being held in Rockwall Country Jail, a maximum security prison. It was for this reason that he was so depressed. He once had a serious girlfriend, someone who he could talk to, and for once he didn’t have to worry about her seeing him in a wrong way. Then, only a few days later she had left him to marry one of John’s friends. Both of them were brutally killed, and every time John thought of it, he remembered photographs. Someone had taken their blood and wrote something on the wall. The words burned in his mind, and he often had nightmares just based on the words alone.

And then just seeing their bodies slashed into pieces was enough to drive him to madness. Sometimes John would wake up thinking he smelled the same blood and burned metal he did on that one day, but it ended up being nothing. He was paranoid, always afraid someone or something was going to kill him next. Even in this jail, he still felt something was coming to claim his life. Something evil that even those same cold metal bars that kept him prisoner could not hold back.

Someone out there hated him and was ready to kill him, but John didn’t know if it was one person or a group of people. Regardless, John remembered what he saw on the wall. He was already assuming it was a group of people.

And John used to have Pokémon as well, only they were killed in the most sickest of ways. He didn’t even have bodies to bury, for they were crushed while still inside their own Pokéball. The only thing he found were pieces and fragments, and he quickly knew they were nothing more than a memory. But he was blamed for that too. They all thought he just went completely mad.

The jury saw him as a psycho, a madman on a killing spree. He didn’t have money so all he could get was a public defender, who was easily worth nothing. After he lost miserably, he was sent to the worst of prisons for someone else’s hideous crime. They pointed all the evidence to him just because he was there. His fingerprints were on the knife the killer used only because he had used the same one just that morning. And to make it even worse, the killer had taken a soldering iron and used it to rip into the skin with the hot, burning metal. Still, no one believed him.

John truly thought there were demons who existed in the world. He couldn’t think of any human, no matter how satanic there were, of every doing something that disgusting. He had even mentioned that to the judge, but again, it didn’t help his testimony. What was even worse was every time he pointed out the writing, no one noticed it. He knew for sure he saw written words in blood on the wall, but everyone else said it was blood splatter. He knew there were words… why didn’t anyone believe him?

Regardless, there was nothing he could do about it. After all, he was still in a prison. By the time he would be let out, he would be an old and helpless man. He had looked toward the iron bars that blocked his only exit with a cold, metal grate. One in a while, a guard on patrol would walk by. He remembered the same, dark blue uniforms they wore and the lethal M-16’s they carried. All day he saw them walk down the long, dark hallways. He could see the wall, with the upper half being a dirty white, almost making the color beige while the lower half was a forest green. All along the wall, there were marks and gashes, and it was covered with a light layer of dirt. Meanwhile, the bars of his cell were dark black. And the rest of the room he had grown so accustomed to was very much like the walls outside, only it was completely a dirty white. He had a small bed that was of pathetic condition, and there was also a dirty toilet in the corner. That was all he had. The floor was a dark black and had many traces of dirt.

John had laid back down on his bed, and he turned toward the wall. He then saw something that made his heart sink.

Yeah, feels good don’t it?

It was written in dripping blood. He looked at the letters as the crimson blood just continued to run down the wall. He felt paralyzed with fear.

He was able to look away for a moment, but then something pulled his interest back to the wall.

Your girlfriend screams in a pretty funny way.

He felt so sick he could vomit. His mouth was dry and his heart was beating out of control. John was breathing so hard he thought he could burst. He then rolled over and looked toward the floor. There it was again, same bloody lettering…

John Vickers is out of usable Pokémon! Get it?

“God, shut the hell up.” John gasped, feeling like he was losing his voice, “Just shut the hell up!”

He then turned backed to his bed, and tried to cover his eyes. Then, he felt something wet and cold touch his forehead as he ran his fingers across it. He pulled back his hands, and he nearly screamed.

I hope you scream just as well, John.

He saw in his own two hands those words, carved into his flesh and were dripping blood everywhere. The only thing John could do was open his mouth.

“NOOOOO!!!” John screamed, throwing his hands down on the bed.

Just then a guard had stopped by, and he looked into John’s cell. He had heard him scream, and he wanted to see what was the problem. The only thing he saw was John slamming his hands down and down again on the bed. The guard looked at John and quickly became annoyed.

“Hey!” The guard shouted out to John, “Shut up in there, will ya?”

John quickly stopped, and then he opened his eyes. He checked the palms of his hands again, and they were back to normal. He then looked at the floor and the wall, and there was nothing there.

He could have sworn there was something there before…

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Sweet start NeoPika! I loved the spookiness of the fic and I cant wait to read more. I'm sure this will live up to the hights we all know it can. I cant wait to see where this fic is going. Keep it up!

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Well, I'm glad you're like this so far. It's my first attempt at a horror fic, and hopefully this one works out. Thanks for your support KCash!

Chapter 2
The Darkest Nightmare

John had put his hands down, trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. He could stare all the walls for hours, and the tiny pits, hills, and groves in the wall had begun to make shapes. He could see twisted knives and shards, and then something that looked like a screaming, withered face. His own imagination was becoming his own worst nightmare.

He couldn’t shut his eyes either, because that would be putting him at too much risk of falling asleep. And if that happened, he knew he would be plagued with a nightmare that would run all night long. He would live a lifetime of horror in just one night. When the lights were finally shut off in the evening, he could swear the walls were flickering with dark, twisted shapes. It was all around him, even on his skin. He then shut his eyes, because he really couldn’t stand the pressure anymore. He tried to shut it all out of his mind, and he was successful. He had completely lost consciousness…

“Why are you staring at me like that, John?”

That voice was hideously familiar. John had looked around him, and he saw a very sickening and familiar sight. He knew this was a dream, but every time he had a dream out of fear, it became his worst prison imaginable. There they were, Jackie and Tom, John’s girlfriend and one of his best friends. He then realized it was his living room…

The same place where both of them had been killed…

“John, what’s wrong?” Jackie asked in concern, looking at John in a strange way.
“No… please don’t do this…” John pleaded softly to himself, “God, isn’t once enough…?”

The room looked completely normal, with white walls and large windows on one side, and two blue sofas in the middle of the room, with a coffee table besides both of them and an oriental rug below it. In the corner was a very fancy fireplace. And all along the floor was a nice, light blue carpet. John never imagined he would find more security in a prison than in his own living room.

“John…?” Jackie asked again, looking toward him, “Are you feeling okay?”
“NO!” John shouted furiously, shutting his eyes.

Jackie and Tom chuckled a little, obviously thinking John was kidding, even though he replied in the sincerest form possible.

“John, sometimes you just need to get a slice of life.” Tom replied, with a shrugging smile, “I certainly did.”
“Shut up, Tom.” John growled, wanting escape but felt paralyzed to the floor, “That’s not very funny.”
“Just be a cut above the rest, John.” Jackie smiled at him.

It was driving him insane. He opened his eyes, and then those same dark, bloody words were on the same wall. The same words that everyone else though was just blood splatter. He nearly lost his mind over those words, and there they were again. John just blankly stared at them again, and he swore he stared at the laughing face of madness. John’s jaw slight dropped, and he read the words again and again…

Acolytes of the New God

“What did I ever do to you?” John asked, knowing Jackie and Tom weren’t actually there.

John wanted to speak with the one who had been haunting him for so long, only he had been unable to pierce the fabric of the shadow. There was no response, leaving John completely alone. Suddenly, John’s attention was suddenly caught. He thought a killer had stepped into the room, but it was only the mere presence of his Growlithe. The small dog Pokémon had walked up to John, and looked at him with sad, puppy dog eyes.

“Aw, isn’t he adorable?” Jackie replied. “I really like it when he’s…”


The word was said in an evil, growling tone. Again, it was more word play to drive him insane.

“Shut up.” John remarked bitterly.

Jackie laughed, stroking the small Growlithe and he truly enjoyed it. Then, after several sincere strokes of Jackie’s hand, she looked back to John. He continued to feel sick.

“Well, I’ve got to go.” Jackie replied, looking at her gold Rolex watch, “Remember John, we all really love you. We really, really love you.”
“Please stop.” John pleaded, just wanting it all to end.

We really love you John. There’s nothing I like more… than you…

Suddenly, John had burst out from his bed, and he looked around. He was back in his prison cell, and there was sweat all over him. His heart was racing wildly, and he had trouble breathing. There was nothing left now but the skittering darkness. It was the middle of the night, and John didn’t want to fall asleep again, no matter what.

Instead, he just waited for the night to pass. Hopefully he would be left alone until then. But John could only hope. He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in this prison tortured to death every night.

He would rather kill himself…

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05-25-2004, 01:31 AM
Chapter 3
Rise of the Serpent King

Without much effort, John wasn’t able to get another ounce of sleep before the sun had risen. Amazingly, he had survived the night without embracing more horror. He had not seen another trace of the Acolytes of the New God for hours, which was a good sign. Hopefully, whoever the hell they were, they would leave him alone. But John knew they would be back. He kept telling himself that they would be back to haunt him a second time, but he tried to tell himself to be ready for it.

Whether he liked it or not, he just had to tell himself that Jackie and Tom were dead, and they certainly weren’t coming back. His Pokémon had been crushed beyond recovery, but he wasn’t going to keep it on his mind. If he saw another bloody message, he just had to tell himself that he wasn’t going to care. He kept telling himself that it really wasn’t there to begin with, so why the hell should he be afraid of it?

At eight in the morning, John, as well as the rest of the prisoners were released from their cells and sent to clear land for a highway that was about to be paved. And the desert heat of Rockwall Country made it a nightmare to get any work done without sweating bullets. Regardless, around two in the afternoon, they were sent back to the jail, and went back to their cells.

John had stayed in his cell, and for once he hadn’t been tormented by those strange visions again. He was thinking more of his exhaustion rather than his mental torture. He was also thinking more of his Pokémon. He didn’t want to just toss those memories behind, so he thought that if he got out of prison soon, it might be ideal to get himself a new starter, and begin completely fresh again. It would seem funny that he was older than most trainers who get their first starter, but he didn’t care.

And then, something completely ruined his train of thought. He heard two guards go running past his cell, holding onto their rifles tightly within their grasp. In the distance, he heard a light cracking sound, but John couldn’t figure out what it was. Minutes later, he heard several rounds of cracking sounds, and they grew closer and closer. Then, John realized exactly what they were…

He was hearing the sounds of assault rifles…

And only seconds later, the barred door of his cell had slid open with the release of the electronic lock. It wasn’t long before John heard the cheers of the other prisoners as they left their prison cells and headed in all directions. Meanwhile, John just stayed in his, just completely in disbelief. It had become stunningly obvious what was happening.

One of the prisoners had escaped from his cell and was planning to take over the prison. And John knew that the other psychotic prisoners were going to help him. He could already assume some of the prisoners had already gotten their hands on some of the guards’ rifles, which was going to make the situation very ugly…

Then, John had heard the speakers in the middle of the courtyard crackle on, and then he a very familiar voice…

“I am the Serpent King!” The infamous voice shouted, announcing it to everyone in the prison and sending the cry echoing throughout the halls.

John released who was shouting in the speaker. He remembered it was none other than Robert Donovan, one of the most psychotic prisoners in the entire jail. There was something about him that he couldn’t understand. And that was besides the fact that John remembered Donovan was responsible for killing an entire classroom of third graders by placing C4 under their desks during a recess. And he would never forget what he said on his way off to jail, feeling that “I was only saving them from the horrors of life ahead.” And then there was something to the extent of…

“Beware, oblivion is at hand!” Robert declared into the speaker.

John was wondering why Robert had been on death row this whole time yet was never even considered to be given the death penalty. Well, now it was certainly a little too late for that to ever happen…

“You can scream but you will not be heard!” Robert screamed into the speaker in hideous glee, “We grow stronger in number, and there are already so many of us.”

John couldn’t figure out what kind of crazy things were floating around Robert Donavan’s head, but he wasn’t exactly up for looking into his mind and finding out. It wasn’t long before the firing of guns had stopped, and John had realized what had happened. After walking around the jail away from the other prisoners, he saw the bodies of prison guards scattered everywhere, and each of their guns were taken. John was alone now as the other prisoners gathered outside in the courtyard. He was in a hallway with blood splattered all over the white and green walls and all over the black floor. Some of the overhead florescent lights had been shot, and created patches of darkness in the hallways. Everywhere, John saw dead guards, often more mutilated than they had to be in order to kill them.

Slowly John Vickers made his way down the hallway, and stepped into a small room with filing cabinets, a desk with a computer and a telephone on it, along with a metal swivel chair pushed under the desk. It seemed like the room had been completely untouched in the hideous battle. John looked toward the phone, and he thought long and hard. He was about to make a choice that could cost him his life if anyone found out. Regardless, he didn’t care. He picked up the phone, and then held it in his ear. All he heard was the low, endless tone that come from the earpiece buried in its white, plastic case. Then, John took the index finger of his left hand, and slowly dialed 9-1-1.

Seconds later, an emergency operator had come onto the line, and then addressed John.

“This is 9-1-1, do you have an emergency?” The operator asked in a routine format.
“We need… help.” John replied, feeling unsure as he looked around, “Rockwall Country Jail is under a prison takeover… Almost all of the prisoners… have escaped from their cells… and have started… killing the guards…”
“Are you okay?” The operator asked in fear, “Have you been shot?”

John said nothing, and instead he dropped the phone. He then watched the white phone fall from his hand and slam loudly into the desk before bouncing off and then hit the floor and turning on its side. If Donavan or any of the other prisoners had figured out what he had done, he knew he wouldn’t last two minutes. Still, John looked out the hallway and saw nothing, there was no one there to hear it but himself.

“We are children of Armageddon.” John heard Robert say, now muffled by the distance and the walls, “We are…”

Acolytes of the New God…

John completely stopped in his tracks. He turned back to the phone, but it had made no movement since where he left it. John didn’t believe in coincidences, and this certainly was no exception. Somehow, Robert Donavan must have been tried to those murders, as well as the ones haunting his mind. Who were these people?

As he continued to walk down the blood splattered hall, he felt a sharp pain in his hand. He looked at the palm, and John had seen another haunting image. He had read the words carved in his hand softly to himself.

“Beware, oblivion is at hand…” John recited, looking at the bleeding, open cuts in his palm.

But this time, John had told himself it wasn’t real. He could smear the blood all over his hand but he knew it wasn’t real. It wasn’t that which was bothering him. It was the conclusion he had drawn. About Robert Donavan…

There was no way he could be human…

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:clap: Bravo! Bravo! :clap:

The words being carved right into his hand.. that was a good one. I'm still sitting here pondering what in the world is going on. I have no clue but the fic is still truely a great one. All I can say is hurry up with the next post and do just as good as you've done before!

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Wow! Amazing Foc, Keep it up!

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I'm glad both of you are liking it. I know, the involvement of Pokemon has been pretty minimal, but I'm trying to get that to change as much as possible. I know there will be more later.

Chapter 4
The Call of Summoning

No. There was no way Robert Donavan could really be a sane human being. John knew there had to be some tie between him and the rest of the hideous forces that were haunting him. Obviously they were trying to tell him something. From what John realized, the Rockwall Country Jail wasn’t the only thing Robert and the rest of the Acolytes of the New God were going to try and take over. No, this was just the beginning of a long stream of acts that were going to attempt to submerge the world into darkness.

John continued to walk down the hall, only wishing at least one firearm was left behind for him to use. Instead, he could only see Robert and the rest of the prisoners in the courtyard. He could already assume some of them were trying to find a way out. John could have laughed. Good luck to them…

“Join me.” Robert continued shouting into the speaker, “Gather around me as we will take back everything that was taken away from us!”

The rest of the prisoners cheered, but it wasn’t long before a faint wave of sirens could be heard in the distance. John could see Robert’s expression grow dim, and he started to look around him. The sirens kept growing louder, and suddenly they didn’t get any louder. They were just outside the perimeter…

And John knew they weren’t even going to ask Robert to surrender. Instead, he could already see SWAT troopers making their way in.

“Get on the damn wall and shoot those bastards!” Robert shouted to the other prisoners, “Kill them all!”

No one was going to question Robert Donavan’s authority, since he was holding a rifle himself. Ten of the prisoners had climbed the white, stone wall and made their way around the many strings of barbed wire. Once they reached the top, they took their rifles and then they opened fire. The loud cracking of M-16 rifles filled the air, and suddenly John could hear whoever was on the other side begin to return fire. Two of the prisoners fell backward, their faces completely torn apart with gunfire. Somehow, John had seen another prisoner suddenly become engulfed in flame, and he had no where to try and put out the fire that was consuming his skin. Instead, he fell off the wall and got entangled into the barbed wire. Like a fly on fire stuck in a spider’s web, there was no escape for him.

Robert didn’t want anything to go to waste, and since not every prisoner had a rifle, he ordered those who were without one to go up and get the rifles of those who had been killed. John had seen that Robert sacrificed the lives of twenty prisoners before he decided shooting over the wall was a stupid idea.

“Fine.” Robert remarked with frustration in his tone, “We’re just going to wait for those bastards to come on in, and then we’ll kill ‘em.”

John didn’t want to be around when the police rammed down the door and sprayed Robert and the rest of the prisoners with gunfire. Instead, he decided to go back to the room where he had made the phone call, and he decided to hide there until the whole conflict was over with. He was still wearing a prisoner’s uniform, and he knew any officer who saw him was immediately going to shoot him.

So he stayed there, with his back against the white and green wall of the jail and he just waited. It wasn’t long before the gunfire rose up again. Each and every time it rose up again, it seemed to grow further and further away. John the realized Robert was fighting a losing battle. He was only getting pushed further and further back into the prison. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he was forced to make a final stand, one which would almost be completely hopeless.

But John knew that once Robert and the other prisoners were dead, they were going to search the halls for others, and that included him. He didn’t want to be around when they came for him, but he knew there was very little he could do to get outside and get away. Instead, he tried to think of another idea. He got up and headed back down the hallway, and he still no saw sign of either the prisoners or the police force. Instead, he had looked back into the courtyard, and was greeted by a gruesome sight. There were bodies everywhere…

John had seen that Robert had lost quite a few of his followers, but then again, he saw they were able to take down a lot of SWAT officers and police officers as well as their assault Pokémon. Then, John came up with an idea. He didn’t see anyone living in the courtyard, so he quietly headed for the entranceway and stepped outside. Right next to his feet was a SWAT officer who had been shot once between the eyes, just enough to kill him. Since there wasn’t blood all over his uniform, John immediately thought now was his chance to hopefully get out of the hideous place he didn’t belong.

He took the officer’s body and dragged down the hallway and into a shower room located past the room where he made the phone call. Then, John took his prison uniform off and replaced it with the uniform of the SWAT officer’s. Yet, during the whole time he was unchanging, he couldn’t help but notice the officer’s face seemed similar to his. Regardless, John tried not to look at it. John put on the Kevlar jacket as well as the night-black uniform and then found that the officer had been wearing a belt with three Pokéballs on it as well. John felt bad taking them, but he didn’t want them to be just left behind with nothing. Instead, he took off the officer’s belt and tried it around his waist. Then, he looked at the helmet the officer was wearing, but he noticed the visor had a massive bullet hole through it, so he tore off the glass visor and put on the helmet. . Then, he grabbed the officer’s rifle, and held in tight in his hands. He then headed back down the hallway, and went back into the courtyard.

John knew he couldn’t go back outside until the prisoners were either killed or captured. He kept headed toward the sound of the gunfire, but it seemed to grow further and further away. All along the way he saw the bodies of more prisoners, and John knew there would only be a small handful of them left. Then, when he finally thought he reached the area where the conflict was taking place, he saw it was all over. He saw piles and piles of prisoner’s dead on the floor, along with three teams of SWAT officers just looking at the piles with their rifles still smoking for the conflict. John had stepped into the room, and they looked at him.

“Dammit.” John remarked, looking at the bodies, “I was separated from the rest of my team and…”
“To hell with it.” One of the SWAT captains told him, “It’s over, just be happy you made it out alive…”

John didn’t say anything. He didn’t see Robert Donavan in the pile of bodies, but he could of easily been any of the ones who were lying face down in a puddle of their own blood. Regardless, he wasn’t going to go to each one and check to see who it was. John was pretty much convinced Robert was dead…

Neo Emolga
05-31-2004, 08:04 PM
Chapter 5
City of Shame

While the rest of the SWAT teams were checking the inside of the building, John was just about the only one to check the outside. Even with the little he did know, he knew he would have a pretty low chance of running into someone, but that wasn’t his objective.

He was looking for a way to escape…

After finally coming around the corner, he turned around to see a single supply truck parked in the back. It was a medium sized truck with white sides. John looked it over and he thought it was good enough for use. And as he looked around, it might just be his only way out of here.

He approached the driver’s side of the truck, and he looked at the door handle. He pulled the silver handle but it was locked. He then took his rifle, aimed it at the keyhole and shot it, blasting a bullet through the locking mechanism and blasting a hole in the passenger’s door window. Regardless, John opened the door and climbed inside, throwing the rifle on the passenger’s seat and sitting down on the soft seat of the truck. He then shut the door, and quickly checked the sun blocker above him. After stuff his gloved hand into the pocket, he found two keys on a single key ring.

He put the key into the ignition and turned it clockwise. The truck roared to life, and John quickly put the truck in drive. He then headed forward, since he knew going anywhere near the awaiting police cars would only give him trouble. Instead, he headed toward a linked fence with barbed wire running across the top. The linked fence has no resistance to the massive force of the truck, and it took very little to topple down the fence. After that, John drove on two miles of dried, barren ground before arriving on a nearly empty road. He turned left and hurried down the road.

He was free. He didn’t know how it happened or why it happened, but it was finally over. No more night trapped in a stone prison under the horrific influence of his own nightmarish tortures. Not anymore. Instead, he kept going down the road, not really caring where it led it, just as long as it was away from Rockwall Country Jail as much as possible.

He kept traveling for miles and miles until slowly the vast barren land around him started to change slightly. Around the area were some withering trees, but it wasn’t long before he came across an old city in the distance. He saw only a few cars traveling past, but most of them were in rotten condition. John could see the city he was approaching once seemed majestic but now it had taken a turn for the worst, and looked like all that grandeur it once had was quickly fading away.

When he had finally arrived, he quickly found out where he was after he realized his truck could go no further. He looked at the streets, and there was no asphalt, only water. All the water drains were lined with trash, and the water canals were as repulsive as sewage. Meanwhile, the old buildings hadn’t been maintained in years, and the cobbled-stone walkways were falling apart. It also seemed like every other window was broken or has a massive spider web of cracks in it. Meanwhile, a dark gray sky loomed above the pitiful city. It looked like it could rain at any moment.

John Vickers could have debated whether being in jail or being in the ruined city of Altomare was any better. The city was a disaster, and crime had escalated to an all time high. As soon as John abandoned his truck, he took the rifle with him. No doubt he would need it as he walked through these streets…

He remembered hearing about this place. Five years after the city lost both of its protectors, the city was swallowed in darkness, and became a rot hole. Still, he needed help, even though this wasn’t the best place to find it. He needed someone…

He walked slowly through the streets, seeing more crumbling buildings. There were people around him, some of them even looking like muggers, but no one even touched John for the fact he looked like a SWAT officer and he was armed with a rifle. All the time he spent walking, he kept thinking about his surroundings. Once Altomare was known as the magical city named “High Seas.” Now, it was adequately nick-named the City of Shame. Still, John was more concerned that his rifle was fully loaded and the safety was off…

He came around a corner, and he saw three people in an alleyway, speaking together. When John looked at the three of them, they looked back, and one of them had approached him. He didn’t show fear of the rifle whatsoever. He had long brown hair, an open black leather jacket with a white t-shirt inside and blue jeans.

“Hey…” The young male said, holding his arms out in greeting, “You know, we could use a guy like you.”
“For what?” John asked in question, wondering what his business was.

He laughed for a minute, and then he looked back to John.

“My name is Seth.” The male responded, trying to be friendly with John, “You seem to be new in town, yet you seem quite prepared. Heh, welcome to Altomare…”
“I already know this city is a crap-hole.” John replied, still giving Seth a firm look, “What is it you’re trying to tell me?”
“Well…” Seth replied, trying to get to his side of the story, “We’re not who you think we’re are. We’re actually computer hackers, and we’re quite good too.”

John was surprised. He couldn’t find one ounce of technology here worth looking for, let alone hacking into.

“And, obviously, you’re not a Special Weapons and Tactics officer either.” Seth replied almost humorously, “Hell, we already know there’s nothing the police would want here anyway. The city is beyond hopeless…”
“So what’s your point?” John asked, looking at Seth seriously.
“We could use you.” Seth replied, looking into his eyes, “Either you killed an officer to get that uniform or you’ve done something just as good. We have the techies already, but we need someone on guard duty. There’s always someone trying to steal our equipment. In return, we’ll feed you and give you a place to sleep. How does that sound?”

Regardless, John felt he was without much of a choice. Yet, there was something else he wanted to know.

“Why the hell do you spend your time in a place like this?” John asked, feeling like being in Altomare was possibly the worst place to set up anything technical, “Why here, of all places?”
“Hell, don’t get me wrong man, we move around.” Seth replied, trying to be easy on John, “We just use this as an outpost just in case things get dicey. No one would look for us here. So how about it, you want to become one of us or not?”

John thought it over, but he felt there was no other way out. He didn’t have much besides the clothes he was wearing. And there was something else he really wanted. He didn’t want to be alone…

“Okay, sign me up…” John replied…

Channel Delibird
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Whoa. O.O This is one of the spookiest, most masterful pieces of writing I've seen for a long while. *bows down* Can't wait for more.

Neo Emolga
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Hey, thanks Vex. I've been trying something new, so hopefully this will turn out just as good...

Chapter 6
The Bonding

It wasn’t long before John had been taken to the second floor of a nearby condemned apartment building. The wooden stairs were weak and withering and the lights were barely working. However, once he got to the second floor, he saw a single room with all kinds of computer equipment lying about. There were metal desks all along the walls with various pieces of computer equipment. A few monitors were on, but almost everything else was shut off.

The room itself had four windows linked together on the back wall, all of them broken. Meanwhile, the walls were scratched and torn, and the wooden floor was breaking apart. The single, overhead light was on, but it was covered with dirt. Meanwhile, the ceiling was pitted and scratched. The entire room was a mess.

“You work here?” John asked, looking back to Seth, “This whole building is a dump.”
“Well, for the time being, yes.” Cody responded, knowing it would be only temporary, “We don’t get taxed here, and it’s away from government knowledge. We won’t get caught here.”

Cody was tall and muscular, with short black hair and dark brown skin. He was often silent, but he was still strong. He was wearing a black tank top and black jeans with a dark brown belt. His facial expression was firm and determined, and he was the kind of person who could be relied upon.

Meanwhile, Sonja was thin and agile. She had long, brown hair with the face of a lethal assassin. She wore a black leather jacket and black tights, and she didn’t never showed resistance toward breaking the rules. She also carried a bad attitude, but she was fast and extremely smart.

“I’ve never seen the City of Shame before…” John said with a soft voice, gazing past the shards of the broken window and staring at the tattered buildings.
“Altomare wasn’t always like this.” Sonja told John in a firm and serious voice, “It didn’t always look like a sewer the way it does now. It once had protectors, but now they’re gone…”
“Latios and Latias…” John remembered, wondering what ever happened to the two.

Sonja gave John a quick smirk for an instant, and then it quickly faded. She then looked out the window herself, and gazed at the gray sky just above the buildings.

“Latios was killed trying to protect the city.” Sonja informed John, still looking out the window, “And Latias was captured by some idiot. Most of the people here believe she’s dead too, since Latias would have come back if she was still alive.”
“That’s pretty sad…” John replied in a soft tone.
“It’s pretty pathetic.” Sonja snapped, “God, really makes you wonder why humans insist on being such as pain in the ass. Look at this city. It won’t be long before nothing is left.”

John knew that was all past. There was nothing he could do about it now, and it was time to move on. There was nothing that could help the fallen city of Altomare. Like its protectors, the city itself had died…

“So why are the three of you computer hackers?” John asked out of curiosity, looking at all the equipment.
“Well, we’re actually paid employees of Ultradyne Systems.” Cody responded, looking deeper into John’s eyes, “That’s right, this is the new age. Companies get by through looking into the darkest secrets of other companies. We’re here to give Ultradyne everything they need to crush the competition. Yet, we’re not the only ones who do this now. Today, computer hackers are just as important to a company as its accountants and lawyers are. And this… is how we work.”

John was amazed. Certainly everything he knew about the corporate world today had changed. Nothing was safe now. There were no secrets.

“I take it you’ve been attacked?” John asked, grasping the fact on why Cody, Sonja and Seth needed weapons.
“Quite often.” Seth replied, looking at the wall, “Some know who we are, others are just muggers. Either way, we fight them off. In this city, it’s no surprise if someone dies in a fight. It happens just about every day.”
“Then why settle here if it’s so dangerous?” John asked, finding it crazy for them to be in such a crime-filled city.

Cody looked off to the side, and then he took a deep breath. After a few moments, he began to speak.

“We’re not going to stay here much longer.” Cody responded to John, “But shipping everything out of here is even more dangerous. This stuff is expensive, and we’re afraid of getting attacked. I know, we shouldn’t have shipped it here in the first place, but we thought we wouldn’t get caught if we stayed here. However, we only landed ourselves in something worse. It’s too hard to get out of here now.”

From what John has seen, he could see it was very possible. Carrying anything valuable around here was suicide, especially large amount of it. Still, he knew they were going to have to make the trip sometime…

And he was going to be there…

Neo Emolga
06-05-2004, 04:40 PM
Chapter 7
A Darkness Coming

The nightfall had cast itself upon the sorry city of Altomare. It wasn’t long before the entire city was consumed in complete darkness, leaving no trace of light in the vacant buildings of the dead city. The water canals were as black as oil as the only light came from the moon.

As John lay in his sleeping bag just looking out the broken window, he kept thinking to himself. He could tell while Seth, Sonja and Cody were afraid to take the action to move all the high-tech equipment out of Altomare, he could already assume they were going to do it soon. Otherwise, there was no reason for him to join them.

Then, in the window, he thought he could see droplets falling from the roof in the window. First, it started off as one drop, and the slowly became several. More and more fell, and then John quickly sat up. Slowly, the drops became a small stream, and John had thrown away his sleeping bag and stood up. He then slowly approached the window, and he then realized what the liquid was…

“You okay, John?” Cody asked, seeing that John was awake and standing by the window, “What’s wrong?”

John was silent. He looked back toward the falling stream, and gazed darkly into its crimson color. It reeked with the smell of blood. Yet, John knew this was just another thing to haunt him. He looked to Cody for a second and he could already assume he was going to think he was crazy.

“It’s nothing…” John replied, looking away from the blood, which was now gushing out.

Then, Cody looked out the window, and he tried to look for what John was looking at. He didn’t see anything…

“John, it seems something is bothering you.” Cody told him, trying to find out what was wrong with John, “Can’t you just tell me?”

John was silent for a moment. The blood came down harder, and it gathered in a massive puddle in the street. As John watched it trickle into the river, he knew it was only him who could see it. And the dark, red blood flowed to make out the words…

No one believes you.

“No they don’t…” John replied, not finding that message to be a lie.
“What did you say?” Cody asked, tossing aside the covers of his blue sleeping bag.

Cody then got up, and he approached the window. He looked exactly where John was looking, only he couldn’t see anything.

“Is something down there?” Cody asked, looking into the river.
“Yes, but only I see it.” John told Cody, feeling like he still wasn’t going to believe it anyway.
“Only you?” Cody asked, find that surprising, “What is down there?”

John was silent for a moment, just looking into the wavy letters. He just didn’t understand why…

“Blood.” John looked as he gazed at the street, “There’s blood all over the street, yet it is only me who sees it. I’m being haunted Cody. There are people who call themselves the Acolytes of the New God, and they want to destroy me, starting with my mind.”
“Why?” Cody asked, not seeing the blood himself but still taking John’s words seriously, “What have you done to them?”
“They killed my friends, and my Pokémon…” John told Cody, feeling nauseous, “Yet, it was I who was blamed for it.”

Cody looked around all over street, still not seeing anything but tried to believe what John was telling him. He just found it to be very eerie.

“Well, we’re not going to stay here much longer, John.” Cody told him, looking back to him, “We’re leaving tomorrow for Blackthorn City. That’s where Ultradyne is located. But…”
“Yeah, I know it’s going to be hell to get there.” John replied, “But they have been following me. They always know where I am.”
“Well, doesn’t matter.” Cody replied, turning back toward the window, “If they go near you, they’re going to have to deal with us.”

John had looked back outside the window. By now, the blood that only he saw was gone. He decided to return to the sleeping bag that was on the floor, and hopefully forget about what happened. Tomorrow, was going to be something else. Something that was going to be more horrifying than just illusions…

That next morning, John and the rest of the other hackers from Ultradyne had hastily packed every piece of equipment into a large container truck. John and the others had to carry heavy cardboard boxes through three blocks just because there was no where else to park a vehicle. Constantly he would have to go back from the apartment to the truck, and it got very exhausting quickly.

He had grabbed another large cardboard box full of circuit boards and slid it into the truck. Then, he felt someone creep up behind him. John stood still for a moment, slowly reached for the pistol in his holster and spun around with lightning speed, with his hand gripped furiously on the pistol. Behind him was a man dressed in a black cloak with red outlines. His face was shrouded from his hood as John held the pistol to the man’s forehead.

“Who the hell are you!?” John shouted furiously, ready to pull the trigger at any moment.

John looked around him, looking for any sign of Seth, Sonja or Cody, but they were no where in sight. He looked back to the man, still gritting his teeth hard.

“You know who I am…” The acolyte told him in a slow, haunting voice, “I’ve come for you… because you’re starting to believe. Yes… that’s right… You’re starting to believe… we’re not a threat… anymore…”
“You’re not.” John growled back at him, pressing the barrel of the pistol further against the acolyte’s forehead, “Now get your ass out of here before I shoot your head off!”

He suddenly heard a dark laughter gather around him. He looked to his side to see more acolytes similar to the one he had encountered. The only problem was he only had one pistol. With no other option, he pulled the trigger…

John suddenly felt a tremendous surge of recoil as the pistol fired furiously, filling the air with a deafening explosion. The blazing bullet burrowed past the acolyte’s skull and buried itself in his brain, instantly killing him and sending his body slamming into the brick wall of the alleyway before he slithered onto the ground. Meanwhile, John had turned to see more acolytes approach him, slowly reaching behind their cloaks and unsheathing wickedly sharp and diabolic daggers, already dripping with blood…

John knew he couldn’t do this alone. He grabbed one of his Pokéballs off of his belt, and pressed the small silver button on the glossy white and red sphere. He didn’t know what was inside, but he needed their assistance badly. He arched back his arm, clasped the Pokéball tightly, and threw it furiously before him. The Pokéball struck the cobbled stone path of the alleyway, and suddenly the ball had opened and light poured brightly out of it. Then, the light had begun to take shape and form…

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This is just to exciting, what is in that pokeball??
BTW this story is great, keep up the good work ^_^

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Another outstanding chapter NeoPikachu! I loved the chapter, gave me an eerie feeling inside. The cliffhanger is brutal though, I'm dieing to know what pokemon is coming out. Also, I'm definately ready for some blood shedding battling... :twisted:

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Chapter 8
Light Against Darkness

Once the light had taken shape, a four foot tall bird with bleach-white feathers and a long flowing crest had given the acolytes a very sharp stare with its blazing red eyes. The large white bird Pokémon had his talons clasped vigorously on the cobbled stone path. Once he released his grasped, he then jumped into the air and flew furiously, glaring down at his oppressors.

“Finally, some real luck…” John remarked as he watched the white bird Pokémon fly furiously in the air, “Dovashawk, attack those acolytes with Divine Strike!”

Dovashawk spread his wings out and blasted toward the approaching acolytes at mach speed. The first of the Acolytes readied his dagger and prepared to strike the incoming Dovashawk. Suddenly, the dove Pokémon flew even faster at him, and grabbed a piece of his chest in his talon. In almost an instant, he tore the piece of flesh right off, and it bled profusely.

The Acolyte again tried to slash furiously at Dovashawk but he was much too fast. Then, John Vickers aimed his pistol at the distracted Acolyte. He pulled back the metal trigger, and the gun exploded with a blast, filling the chamber with a gush of fire as the bullet was pulled from the magazine and was ejected from the firearm at a furiously insane pace. The bullet immediately plunged into the Acolyte’s forehead and exploded into fragments inside his skull. He was instantly killed.

“You… cannot… defeat the unity…” One of the Acolytes moaned, “No… you cannot…”

John gritted his teeth and then went on a rampage. He started firing furiously at the incoming group of acolytes. Each time he pulled the trigger, the pistol jerked in his hand as it spat fire and carnage, sending loud blasts wailing throughout the air. Each time he fired the pistol, one of the acolytes was sending stumbling backward, sometimes enough to kill them.

John pulled the trigger again, but instead the gun click and the chamber was locked in place. He had run out of ammunition, and he looked at the empty gun.

“Dammit.” John growled bitterly at the empty firearm.

He tossed the pistol aside and it rattled as it hit the cobbled stone path. He then looked to Dovashawk as his last resort. He looked ahead to see only three acolytes were left standing. He then pointed his finger at them.

“Dovashawk, attack them with your Light Beam!” John cried out, calling loudly to his Pokémon, “Eliminate them!”
“Dova!” The dove Pokémon screamed with a shrill cry of anger.

Dovashawk then began flapping his wings to stay in place, and then he opened his yellow beak. Suddenly, a blazing white sphere of energy began to appear in his mouth, and once it got to be the size of basketball, he released the energy, and a massive torrent of white energy blasted toward them. Once the beam had made contact, a massive white explosion shrouded everything, sending chunks of stone and bricks flying into the air. John was thrown off his feet from the blast, and he landed on his behind with his two hands on the path to hold himself up. Once the white blast cleared, only one acolyte was left standing.

He approached John with his deadly dagger drawn, and he drew closer and closer to him. John didn’t have time to get up, and he knew Dovashawk wouldn’t be able to attack in time.

“You enter… Hell today, Mister… Vickers.” The Acolyte moaned, getting ready to stab John.
But then, just before he attacked, a massive explosion rang out in the air, filling the world around with a deafening blast. The Acolyte stopped, and he looked down at the gaping hole in his chest, dripping with a massive amount of blood.

“Ughnnnn.” The Acolyte groaned, barely able to breathe.
“Go to hell you piece of s**t!” Cody’s voice shouted furiously.

Cody had cocked his shotgun, ejecting a spent shotgun shell from the chamber and replacing it with another one. And then, another hideous explosion filled the air with another rumbling blast. The shotgun had spat fire and buckshot at the Acolyte, and the blast was headed right toward his head. In a split second, the Acolyte’s head burst open, and he was sent flying backward. John was breathing heavily as he watched blood slowly flow into the crevices of the cobbled stone path. He then slowly turned to Cody, who was gritting his teeth as he held a smoking shotgun in his dark-skinned hands.

“You saved my life, Cody…” John replied with admiration, “God, I would have been dead without you.”
“Come on.” Cody replied, putting his shotgun away, “We’ve got the hell out of here.”

John quickly pushed himself off the ground and stood up. He then looked to Dovashawk, who had landed on a roof above him. John then pulled out Dovashawk’s glossy white Pokéball, and then aimed the translucent at the awaiting dove Pokémon. Then, Dovashawk turned into the same red light as the beam itself, and then was absorbed by the Pokéball.

“Come on, John.” Cody said to him in a firm voice, “We’ve still got a long way to go…”

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Thrills. Gore. Suprises. Killing. Action. Fighting.

I can't think of another thing needed to make this fic any better.

Neo Emolga
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Sorry about the slow updating, but I hope you're enjoying the story. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 9
The Chasers

John quickly got up and started heading back toward the apartment building. The sunken city of Altomare also seemed to grow darker as they drew closer and closer to the point where they would be leaving the dismal and morbid city behind. The threat was gone for now, but it wouldn’t be long before they would be back…

More and more boxes of computer equipment was packed into the back of the white truck, and soon enough, John had looked toward the sky. The clouds were turning a very dark gray, shrouding the city with a shadow of darkness. He grasped the last cardboard box firmly and placed it in the back of the truck. Then, he shut the two metal doors, and they were locked tight.

Then, he took out his assault rifle, and climbed up to the top of the truck. Seth had made his way up the back of the white truck to join John who was already waiting up there, wondering how it became dark so quickly…

Cody headed to the front of the truck, threw open the door and tossed his shotgun inside. Then, he climbed his way up and sat down behind the wheel. He then shut the door tight and locked it, but still had a feeling that wouldn’t be enough to protect him.

Sonja took her place in the passenger seat next to Cody, and loaded her submachine gun. It was the only one they had, and she only had one magazine of ammunition for it, meaning she was only going to use it in dire emergencies. She also kept a Desert Eagle magnum with her as the main weapon she was going to use. She already knew they were going to be attacked…

“Let’s go and get the hell out of here.” Cody said in a gruff tone, stuffing his key in the ignition and turning on the engine, “The sooner we get this over with, the better.”

The great engine in the container truck roared to life, and Cody grasped the clutch and put the massive vehicle in drive. He then stepped on the accelerator, and they began to head out of the alleyway. Once they reached the one street that led from Altomare to the rest of the outside world, they then took a right turn down the path that very few people were willing to take…

The white truck was alone, heading down the vacant, dusty road that led out of the dead city. Barren hills were on both sides of the road, and the asphalt that the truck drove on hadn’t been maintained in some time, and was cracked in many places with small weeds emerging from the asphalt. John had looked up to the sky, and it looked like it could rain at any moment. Still, there were no drops of water to be felt…

“They will be coming at any moment.” Seth whispered to John, keeping his pistol ready, “Blast them to pieces with everything you have. Keep them as far away as possible.”
“Got it.” John replied softly, still feeling somewhat anxious.

The truck had continued to move along the barren road for another ten minutes, and John had begun to believe that perhaps they weren’t going to be attacked. Then, it wasn’t long before he had heard a very loud engine roar in the distance.

It quickly drew closer at a feverish pace, and soon John and Seth could see an unpainted, metal van quickly approach them. Inside were two raiders, both of them were bare-chested with army camouflage pants. Besides them was a dusty, red convertible that had obviously been stolen. Two more raiders were inside, one of them driving and another one of them holding a sub-machine gun. On the right side was a black motorcycle with another raider dressed in a leather jacket riding on top of it.

Then, John and Seth nearly passed out when they saw two flying figures in the distance, far behind the van and the two other vehicles but were quickly gaining up to speed.

“Oh s**t!” Seth exclaimed, grabbing his pistol in a frenzy, “This going to get ugly! Don’t just sit there, shoot them!”

John immediately grabbed his rifle and aimed for the most vunerable target. The long barrel of the rifle was then directly pointed at the rider on the motorcycle, and then John pressed the trigger. The rifle blasted furiously at the rifle, spitting fire and metal bullets at a feverish pace.

Some of the bullets fiercely struck the cracked asphalt, while others ripped through the air and plugged themselves into the chest of the rider. Instantly he lost control of the bike, and swiftly the bike hastily turned right, slamming right into the metal van. The motorcycle threw the rider forward, right in front of the van. He rolled over many times before the massive vehicle loomed over him. Suddenly, his head was instantly crushed by the massive force of the rolling front tire, dashing his brain and skull against the asphalt as the wheel crushed it.

Meanwhile, Seth was firing furiously at the convertible, not doing much more than punching holes in the windshield with his pistol. Since both vehicles were moving at the same time, it was extremely difficult for him to get an accurate shot.

Seth fired again, only lodging another bullet in the hood of the car.

Then, the passenger in the convertible took his sub-machine gun and aimed at Seth, making sure he wouldn’t hit the windshield. Then, he pulled the trigger, and the sub-machine gun fired furiously at Seth, blasting fire and blazing hot bullets at him. He was struck several times as the gunfire sprayed the back of the truck. Unable to hold his balance from agonizing pain, he lifelessly fell off the truck…

“Damn it!” John shouted in fury, trying to grab Seth as he fell.

But it was too late. His body had hit the asphalt, and soon disappeared in the distance. John angrily grabbed his assault rifle and aimed it right back to the convertible. He shot furiously at the convertible, ripping the windshield into shards and tearing multiple holes in the hood of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the van was heading along the driver’s side of the truck in an attempt to take out Cody so the truck would be without a driver. John could only hope Cody would be able to handle it. Meanwhile, the two, large winged figures were coming closer and closer…

John then turned toward his belt, and took one of the Pokéballs off of it. He growled at the raiders furiously as he clenched the glossy Pokéball in his hand.

“Time to pay you ********...!” John exclaimed in a bitter rage…