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Scorch Ry
05-22-2004, 12:07 AM
Dragon I: Mystical Legends
Chapter 1: Mystical Awakening Of A New Trainer!
It was a spectacular sunny day as Kevin Earth had awoken from his sleep. Kevin Earth was not your average thirteen year-old boy; he was more of the adventurous type. Kevin had black hair that was in a very wavy and smooth to brush.

He had a set of hazel eyes that matched his caramel skin tone. But, for a thirteen year-old, Kevin was pretty muscular. He had strong, muscular arms, a muscular figure and was now developing a six-pack abs. No wonder all of the girls were always interested in Kevin!

As for Kevin’s style, since he was now growing up, he needed to go for his appeal and interest. So, he was wearing a blue jean outfit, which consisted of a blue jean jacket, a pair of blue jeans, and a blue jeans hat.

First, the blue jeans jacket was open, revealing his caramel abs and upper body. The jacket had buttons so you could button the jacket up if the temperature was too cold. The blue jeans were made by “?Guess?”, which is the most popular clothing brand to buy around this time.

The blue jeans hat was just a normal hat made with blue jeans material. And with his all-white AirForceOnes, Kevin Earth had the best outfit a person could ever have! So, basically, Kevin Earth was beginning to realize that he was now growing up…

But, today wasn’t a normal day. Today, Kevin would receive his first pokemon from the one and only Professor Elm! Professor Elm was one of the most smartest and logical professors around, and Kevin would finally get his first pokemon he dreamed of!

Since the regular starters were gone, which were Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil, Professor Elm had saved Kevin a special pokemon that was only available in the Hoenn Region. So, as Kevin took his shower, he began thinking of the pokemon he wanted…a Flygon!

You see, Kevin loved dragon pokemon a lot; they were the only type of pokemon to defeat every other type of pokemon there were around. They moved with elegance, had high-speed rates and great attack power.

They were so fast that they didn’t need to have good defense, even though their defense is too remarkable. But, Kevin’s favorite pokemon was definitely Flygon because it wasn’t just a dragon pokemon; Flygon was a ground pokemon as well!

With its magnificent, large green and red wings, Flygon had the best speed rates compared to all of the other dragon pokemon. And Flygon also had great Special Attack rates so when using an attack like Sandstorm, it would be more effective rather than a Baltoy using it and making the opponent suffer less.

Kevin ran down a flight of white marble stairs, entering the spacious kitchen of his home. The kitchen was nicely done; it had a marble brown floor, while the ceiling was painted beige in color. The counter-tops were actually made of smooth, black stone, which was good for cutting vegetables and fruits like onions and celery.

Kevin began smelling the sweet smell of food and there was his mother, cooking scrambled eggs on the stove. His mother, LaNesha Earth, also had hazel eyes. But, she had long, brown hair, which she always wore down.

But, she was a lawyer, so she didn’t have much to wear to her job but just a black pants suit with some expensive black shoes to match. She placed her suitcase next to her feet and began cooking some eggs. She looked at her son, Kevin, and smiled.

“Morning, Kevin!” she happily said.

“Mornin’, mom,” Kevin said, releasing a yawn.

“So, cooking breakfast?” Kevin asked.

“For me, yes. For you, you can cook your own. You are thirteen now, and there’s no excuse to why you can’t cook!” His mother said, smiling nicely.

“Fine…I wasn’t hungry anyway.” Kevin replied.

“Yeah…sure you weren’t…oh, but I made you some sandwiches for your journey. They have turkey, shredded lettuce, cheese and mustard on them.” She said, still cooking her breakfast before she would head off to work.


As Kevin’s mom looked at her watch, she immediately turned off her scrambled eggs and began to eat them quickly.

“Mom…remember what happened last time…you nearly gagged off of your toast last year. Imagine what eggs can do!” Kevin said, smiling.

His mother looked very funny, gulping her breakfast like a hungry Walrein.

Kevin was outside; watering the flowerbeds while his mother was taking her 2004 Silver Mercedes out of the garage. As Kevin looked at his blue watch, he noticed that it was time for his mother to leave for work.

He also knew that this would be his last time being here with his mother for a long time. As Kevin placed the gardening hose down, he waved goodbye to his mother and she smiled.

“Chad is at school, so you might be seeing him in like a year or two. Take care, Kevin.” His mother said, waving proudly.

She wouldn’t be sad that Kevin was going to be gone; she would actually have more freedom in the house with her new boyfriend. Kevin waved proudly and as she drove away, he knew that his journey was now beginning!

New Bark Town was very, very small; there were only 2 homes and a Pokemon Laboratory in the town. The trees were elm trees with pink leaves that were being rustled around by the calm, cool breezes.

The skies were clear and the sun was beaming on the town with the hot temperatures. A flock of Murkrow flew above the town, flapping their black wings rapidly. Meanwhile, a clan of Carvanha was beginning to invade the small lake east of the town, which headed to an unknown place.

The homes were very original, however. The two homes were made of brick, while the Pokemon Laboratory was made from blue bricks. As Kevin began walking towards the large building, he suddenly began checking to make sure he had everything he needed for his journey.

He had his six pokeballs for capturing pokemon; his Pokenav his mother gave him, and his thin, plain black pokemon necklass for his first pokemon’s pokeball. That way, they would know that he was the trainer of a champion pokemon.

Finally, Kevin had made it to the Pokemon Laboratory doors. They were gray glass plates with their handles being made of steel. The roof matched the blue coating of the laboratory, but had an oval shape roof style.

This was definitely a different style of roofing! He placed his right hand on the handle and opened the door nervously, hoping that he would get his long-awaited dragon pokemon to be…

The laboratory was very impressive, having tons and tons of machines! There were about 6 tall, ancient brown bookcases that held over 200 books of studying pokemon natures. The windows were cracked open, letting a small breeze inside of the building.

He began looking around, seeing if Professor Elm was near. He would be easy to spot, no doubt. Professor Elm was a thin man with spiky-brown hair and green eyes.

He would usually wear a green t-shirt and beige pants, which he would wear under his long, white lab coat. And since Professor Elm wore glasses, which would definitely, make him easier to spot out.

“Hello? Professor Elm?” Kevin called out.

“Looking for me?” someone said.

Kevin turned around, spotting a thin man wearing a white lab coat. This was indeed Professor Elm himself.

“Hi, Professor Elm!” Kevin happily said.

“Ah, you must be Kevin Earth, our new neighbors that moved here a week ago. Hello.” Professor Elm replied, smiling.

“Yeah, we did move here a week ago.” Kevin responded.

“And how is New Bark Town so far?” Professor Elm asked.

“It’s pretty nice here. It’s quiet here and that makes it easier to sleep at night.” Kevin responded.

“Also, it makes it easier to get ready for work!” Professor Elm added.

They both released a small laugh.

“So, Kevin…before I give you your first pokemon, take this.” Professor Elm said, holding out some red, mechanical device.

It appeared to be some type of gameboy game, but Kevin knew that it couldn’t have been!

He took it, examined it, and asked, “What is this?”

“Kevin, this is a Pokedex,” Professor Elm explained.

“This device is for recording how many different pokemon you are able to find. This also tells you the pokemon’s moves, the name of a move it learnt and plays a small summary of the pokemon’s data.”

Surprised, Kevin took the pokedex from Professor Elm and placed it in his pocket.

“And here is a badgecase. This is for when you challenge gym leaders around Johto. When you win, they will award their gym badge.”

Kevin also took the brown badgecase and placed it in his blue Nike bag he was wearing.

Then, Professor Elm took out a pokeball and pushed the silver button to enlarge it. Kevin began to get nervous again, hoping that he would get a dragon pokemon. But, he had to realize that the possibilities of getting a dragon pokemon would be slim to none. But, he was still nervous.

Professor Elm smiled and said, “Here’s your pokemon, Kevin!”

Suddenly, the pokeball opened and a white figure landed onto the ground. Kevin watched in amazement as the white figure began to take its color in, leading to a very unusual pokemon.

Scorch Ry
05-22-2004, 12:08 AM
The pokemon was brown, having a very huge head. It had star pupil eyes that glittered nicely. The pokemon’s mouth was apart of its head, having an impressive set of sharp teeth.

Now, on the pokemon’s body, it was shaped like a turtle shell only the pokemon couldn’t withdraw in it. Also, its legs were like brown tubes, making this pokemon very interesting.

As the pokemon looked above at the human, it smiled and began saying, “Trap Trap!”

Kevin smiled with happiness; he had gotten the pokemon he truly awaited for!

Kevin picked up the pokemon and said, “This is mine? This is my Trapinch?”

Professor Elm smiled and nodded.

“Yes, Kevin. This is your Trapinch. Your mother told me that you loved Flygon, so a Trapinch would be great for a starter trainer like you. Just make sure to give each of your pokemon love, attention, loyalty and affection.” He said, happy that Kevin was happy.

Happily, Kevin and his new Trapinch walked out of the Pokemon Laboratory, ready to start their journey. They would come across tons of trainers, engage into many battles and hopefully become one of the best pokemon trainers around Johto.

Professor Elm quickly caught up with Kevin and said, “Kevin, you know where to go?”

Disappointed, Kevin shook his head.

“No, I don’t. But, isn’t it Cherrygrove City?” Kevin asked.

Trapinch looked at his new trainer and smiled while they continued to speak.

“Yes, your first stop will be Cherrygrove City. The first gym will be in Violet City; the Gym Leader is named Falkner. So, go ahead and train good!” Professor Elm encouraged.

Happy, Kevin waved goodbye to Professor Elm and headed down Route 29, where his adventure would begin

05-22-2004, 12:10 AM
I was just wondering when you were going to post your fic up here. Seriously, like just a few seconds ago. :tongue:

You have a great start going on here. It will be neat to see the pokemon that Kevin catches but remember not to make them to god-like! :wink2:

Luckily I can read this like I wanted to with CKB. I know this fic will be just as great!

05-22-2004, 02:38 PM
This story looks great so far Aleyquala! I just know this is going to be a brilliant fic. However, I do agree with KCash thatr you shouldn't make the Pokemon too powerful. Also, is it just me, or are quite a few people in these fics called Kevin? Don't worry, I'm not accusing anyone of copying.
Anyway, please update soon, I want to know what Pokemon he'll get next. Keep it up!

Scorch Ry
05-22-2004, 11:07 PM
KCash & Phoenix004: Thank you both for the compliment! Why would I forget about my pals at PE2K? This improvement came from you guys, so I will always post my stories here. I will be posting chapter every day until this story is caught up with the one at SerebiiForums.

Scorch Ry
05-24-2004, 11:57 PM
Somebody Has Rated my fic again! Please, NO MORE RATINGS UNTIL AFTER CHAPTER 4! PLEASE!!!!! Anyways, here comes a new chapter! No rating yet! Enjoy! ^__^.
Chapter 2: A Rata-Tat Attack!
{Trapinch, the Sand Dig pokemon. Trapinch usually hide away under smooth, thin sand to either do a surprise attack or to hide away from predators such as Sandslash and Cacturne. Trapinch’s attacks are Bite and Sand-Attack. Trapinch evolves into Vibrava, then Flygon.}

The pokedex repeated from the recorded data it received from Kevin’s Trapinch. Kevin looked down at his brown pokemon and smiled nicely.

“Trapinch, you are the best pokemon in the entire world!” Kevin mouthed off.

Trapinch gracefully adored those words and happily smiled back.

Kevin, with his new beloved Trapinch, walked down the ever-lasting Route 29, hoping to cross over to get to Cherrygrove City. Kevin didn’t like Route 29 very much; there weren’t any pokemon and there were nothing but trees and grass.

As usual, the grass was green and was nicely cut with one of those expensive, indestructible lawnmowers. The pine trees’ dark green leafs was being rustled on their branches by the calm, cool wind that was breezing around in the area.

Trapinch blinked its star-pupil eyes and gazed around, noticing a sudden change in the area. Trapinch felt like someone had arrived in the area and to be honest, Trapinch was having the right feeling…

Kevin walked up to one of the pine trees and noticed a green berry on the trees. Kevin reached up and picked one of the berries and examined it, wondering what kind of berry it was.

The berry was light green, had swirls of white around it and had that fresh pine scent. The berry was a medium-sized one and had an oval, pointy shape to it.

After examining, Kevin thought, “These must be Sitrus Berries.”

He decided that he could use a few Sitrus Berries so he began picking a bunch of them. Kevin could actually use them to make Pokeblocks, or in other words, pokemon candy.

By using a berry-blending electrical machine, they would cut and blend the berries together, then harden up the berry mix to create the candies.

“It’s a good thing that you can eat these kind of candies, Trapinch,” Kevin said to Trapinch. “Otherwise, humans like me would get sick from eating these kind of berries.”

Trapinch gazed up at its trainer and smiled, wondering why humans couldn’t eat berries even though pokemon could…

As Kevin continued picking Sitrus Berries, he suddenly heard a deep, manly voice.

“Hey you…boy! Turn around and face me now!” the person said in an angry voice.

Kevin turned around and looked upon a boy. The boy had wavy, black hair that was nicely cut and combed with a wave brush. He was wearing a green t-shirt with matching green shorts.

The boy also had beady, shifty hazel eyes to match his entire appeal. With a gold earring in his left ear, this boy was known other than a member of some street clan or alley gang. He looked at Kevin angrily and began speaking in his dark, deep voice.

“I heard you got a Trapinch from Professor Elm,” the boy said.

“And what if I did?” Kevin asked, beginning to take the defensive side of the conversation.

“I wanted to be the first trainer to test you…to see if you actually deserve such a rare pokemon,” the boy replied. “My name’s Hector.”

“My name’s Kevin Earth. So, it sounds to me like you want to battle me.” Kevin responded, smirking.

Kevin wanted to battle, so he wanted to talk Hector into battling him. After all, Kevin wanted to battle sooner or later!

As Hector grabbed for a pokeball on his belt, he said, “Sure, I would love to battle you. Get ready to lose, you amateur.”

Hector quickly got out a pokeball and got ready for battle.

Kevin looked down at Trapinch and asked, “You ready for your first battle, buddy?”

Trapinch suddenly saw how determined his friend and trainer was and decided to go for it.

Trapinch blinked his star-pupil eyes and said, “Trapppp Trap.”

With this indication, Kevin knew that Trapinch accepted the offer and suddenly began getting hyped up about his very first battle.

Kevin stared into the eyes of his trainer and said, “Looks like we are going to battle then!”

“Let’s do this, Rattata!” Hector yelled out.

He threw out his pokeball into the air, making it have a spinning rotation in the air. It opened and released a purple rat. It had one set of white whiskers that would help it move around more whenever it was nighttime.

Its eyes were red and mean looking, while its body was purple. However, the belly of this rat pokemon was white in color to match the color of this pokemon’s sharp claws.

Its ears were clean and purple, while its long, vicious sharp teeth were also clean, but white in color. Together, this pokemon looked like a threat for beginning trainers.

“What’s that pokemon?” Kevin asked himself.

To get his answer, Kevin took out his pokedex and scanned the rat pokemon.

{Rattata, the rat pokemon. Rattata can be very vicious whenever coming across battle. Rattata will often run away whenever trying to be captured by local pokemon trainers, due to the fact that Rattata don’t like humans very much. However, Rattata can learn a variety of moves like Tail Whip, Quick Attack and a new early move called Iron Tail.}

Hector’s Rattata suddenly stared at Kevin’s brown dig pokemon and jumped back, hissing it away from it. Kevin looked down and smiled at his Trapinch, as it got loose from its grip, staring down its very first opponent, Rattata.

Kevin was now getting a little nervous since he wanted to win his first battle very badly. But, Hector also wanted to win the battle badly, so they were both even at this stage.

“You ready?” Hector asked.

Kevin looked down at Trapinch, seeing that it was ready for battle. He, too, had to be ready.

“Sure, I’m ready! Let’s get down!” Kevin anxiously barked, ready to have his very first battle!

Scorch Ry
05-24-2004, 11:58 PM
In the large rivers of Route 27, waves began to grow larger and larger. Wild Venusaur and their young, Ivysaur and Bulbasaur, began to crowd near the river, seeing that there was something in the water.

Suddenly, a gigantic submarine had arisen from the underwater depths, quickly scaring away the local Venusaur, Ivysaur and Bulbasaur. The submarine was long in length, having an astounding darkblue in color.

As the color sparkled on the ship, you could now see the white, circular windows that were near the front and in the middle section of the submarine.

But, there was something extraordinary about this submarine. There was some type of white-painted symbol in between two windows. The symbol looked like a cross bone, excluding the ‘X’ symbol.

The bone symbol was in the shape, but hallowed darkblue. It appeared to be a set of legs on the outline of the bone picture with two twigs on each side of the leg. There was also a little horn on the tip of the bone head, making this symbol look to have legs, but were actually wings.

As the submarine arisen from underwater, the clean water began crashing down on the tall, blue-green grass. A clan of Doduo chirped angrily from being hit with the water, but they scampered off when the top opening part of the submarine swung open.

“Be quiet, you stupid birds!” Someone yelled out. “Crawdaunt, handle them!”

Suddenly, a pokeball flew out of the submarine and opened, releasing a large white figure. As it took in its color, the wild Doduo backed away, looking at the horrible crab pokemon…
“Rattata, use Tackle!” Hector ordered.

“Rat…tata Rattattttt!” Rattata roared out as it charged forth towards the brown sand dig pokemon.

Watching in horror, Kevin looked as Rattata raced down towards his Trapinch, almost in contact with it. Unfortunately, Rattata charged straight into Trapinch, hurting it very badly.

“Traapppp!” Trapinch screamed out, injured from the Tackle attack.

Kevin began to get worried about his Trapinch, but when Trapinch got back on its feet that made Kevin feel better. Now, it was time for Kevin to command his attack!

“Trapinch, use, um…Sand-Attack!” Kevin commanded.

Trapinch angrily turned around and began kicking the grass, making piles of pure brown dirt fly across the field towards the purple rat.

“Dodge, Rattata!” Hector barked out.

Kevin was very surprised with this command coming from Hector. To make it worse, Hector’s Rattata jumped up to dodge the Sand-Attack, making Kevin very sad.

“Why did he have to dodge?” Kevin sobbed sadly under his breath.

Now that Kevin knew that pokemon could dodge attacks, he began to become angry. This little purple rat dodged his Trapinch’s Sand-Attack and was ready for a command.

“Rattata, use Quick Attack!” Hector yelped out.

“Trapinch, use Sand-Attack again! Get that nasty rat!” Kevin yelled out anxiously.

Rattata perfectly landed on the slick, green grass, growling at the brown sand dig pokemon angrily. Then, it scampered off towards Trapinch, running swiftly with elegance.

However, Trapinch began kicking dirt using its back legs. As the dirt flew across the field, the Sand-Attack happened to strike Rattata!

The Sand-Attack had stricken Rattata in its eyes, blinding its perfect 20/20 vision. Kevin cavorted around, happy that his Trapinch’s Sand-Attack had worked on Rattata!

“Now, it’s time to finish you off, Rattata!” Kevin happily yelled out, ready to do massive damage now…
The red crab looked furiously at the wild Doduo, ready to attack them with no mercy on its claws. This pokemon had the similar shape to a lobster, only buffer and larger.

Its belly was scaly and lightblue, while a yellow, medium-sized star rested on the top of its red head. Its body was also scaly, shining a red in color. Its legs were just like a lobster’s, only they were larger in height.

But what made this pokemon had a powerful appeal was its large, red, sharp claws. They were the same color as its scaly body, with the tips of the claw being as sharp as the tip of a screwdriver drill.

“Craw Crawdaunt Craw!” Crawdaunt roared out, beginning to scare the wild Doduo.

Then, a hand appeared from the inside of the submarine. Suddenly, a person climbed out of the submarine, having a very mean look. This person was a male, having his long brown hair in a ponytail.

This man was very, very muscular, having a great attitude about fitness and health. Sunglasses concealed his eyes, while the top of his head was under a lightblue bandana. He was wearing a lightblue muscle shirt, with darkblue jogging pants.

The only thing that was suspicious was that on the bandana, the side of the jogging pants legs and on the short sleeves, the white symbol that was on the submarine was imprinted on the specific areas of the entire outfit.

Angry, the man said, “You don’t know me, you little nasty birds! I am Thomas, the executive of this organization. Crawdaunt, use Bubblebeam!”

Crawdaunt opened its two sharp claws, shooting out medium-sized water cannons. As they struck the wild Doduo, Thomas gazed up. He witnessed a large creature jumping from a mountain, looking to head towards the ground where the Doduo were…
“Trapinch, use Bite!” Kevin happily commanded.

Trapinch walked fast towards Rattata and opened its mouth, ready to perform its Bite attack. Blinded, Rattata was unable to see which way Trapinch was coming from. So, Rattata began moving around, actually heading towards Trapinch!

“Rattata, wrong way!!” Hector yelled out.

Frightened, Rattata stood there as Trapinch bit Rattata’s tail. Then, using its good strength, Trapinch repeatedly slammed Rattata on the ground, using its Bite attack. Finally, Trapinch gave it one last slam before letting its grip loose.

Rattata was spread out on the ground, very hurt from the attack and tired. Then, Trapinch disappeared, shocking Kevin with fear and sadness! Kevin began to hang his head once again.

“Trapinch disappeared…no…what did I do? Maybe it didn’t like me…or maybe it was sick and its spirit floated away in the air…” Kevin sobbed away.

But, Trapinch suddenly reappeared, tackling Rattata with great power! Kevin looked up, seeing Rattata fainted and Trapinch walking towards Kevin.

“YAY! My Trapinch didn’t run away! YAY!” Kevin cheered out, very happy that his Trapinch didn’t abandon him or didn’t die!

Disappointed, Hector returned his Rattata to its pokeball, kissing his pokeball.

“You did great, Rattata. You deserve a nice rest.” Hector said, thankful that his Rattata did well in its first battle.

Meanwhile, Kevin picked up his Trapinch and hugged it, very excited about his first victory. Trapinch happily smiled, blinking its star-pupil eyes happily.

“Trapinch, you are the best there is!” Kevin congratulated.

Kevin Earth had his very first victory!
The wild creature landed in front of the wild Doduo, growling angrily at Thomas.

“This must be your mother, Dodrio…” Thomas said, seeing that the wild Dodrio was protecting the small Doduo.

“Crawdaunt, use Crabhammer!” Thomas ordered immediately.

Before Dodrio could attack first, Crawdaunt’s right claw began glowing white all over. With powerful strength, Crawdaunt smashed the wild Dodrio with its Crabhammer attack, making its entire body slam onto the ground.

The wild Doduo anxiously watched as Thomas suddenly began laughing a dark, mysterious, haunting laugh.

“Fowl creature, your power is nothing compared to ours of Team Aqua. Now, come with me now!” Thomas said.

Suddenly, he quickly pulled out one of his pokeballs and immediately threw it at the wild Dodrio. Successfully, the wild Doduo got away but sadly, Dodrio was too weakened to escape.

As it was sucked into the pokeball, the red and white device closed. Unfortunately, Thomas had successfully captured the wild Dodrio with a couple of moving actions of the pokeball. Thomas picked up the pokeball and began laughing loudly, disturbing the local wild pokemon of the area.

“Now that I have a Dodrio, I can breed it with my Ditto to have our team have Doduo and Dodrio on our side. Then, I will breed two more of them to create a Doduo with extraordinary attacks. Johto, watch out! Team Aqua has arrived!”

And Thomas closed his eyes and laughed very loudly, happy that he was on Team Aqua instead of Team Magma. Also, they would finally fulfill their final plans of capturing the water wind spirit of Johto…

05-25-2004, 02:48 AM
Well I know you are a couple of chapters ahead of writing at Serebii but you must do a few things to complete your talent of writing which you didnt do in Critical Kingdom Battles: Make your main character lose. Now this is just the first battle so I'm not saying that Kevin should of lost but it just reminded me how Tony never lost in CKB, so just try to make sure Kevin isnt to god-like in this fic.

Congratulations! You have been added to my list of 'people who have helped me become a better writer'. Mainly because the way you describe pokemon. That's one of the best things about your fics is that you can describe a pokemon so well. Most people would've described a Geodude as a rocky texture boulder pokemon with long arms. You would've gone into a three paragraph description about it and I love that. If I didn't know what a Crawdaunt was then I would have a great image in my head after that last post. I hope I can describe pokemon just as well. Keep up the great work Aley! You've came a long ways!

Dr Skottie
05-25-2004, 11:04 AM
Also, is it just me, or are quite a few people in these fics called Kevin? Don't worry, I'm not accusing anyone of copying.

Well quite frankly, I am accusing... I mean come on!! :snooty: Your Kevin EARTH to my Kevin SUN. Not too obvious that :think: . No offense but that really ticks me off. I started writing AAOAL over 3 yrs ago! ... you could have used a different name... :sad:

05-25-2004, 01:00 PM
He has a point Aleyquala. Although you have to remember Skottie that he's from Serebii basically. Therefor he's never seen your fic or has read it in the past and just forgot.

Dr Skottie
05-26-2004, 02:05 AM
He has a point Aleyquala. Although you have to remember Skottie that he's from Serebii basically. Therefor he's never seen your fic or has read it in the past and just forgot.

Yeh I guess that could be possible... but i mean, COME ON! I think its way too close to just be a coincidence. I guess I can't really ask you to change his name... i havent actually read it yet btw, as soon as i saw Kevin Earth it put me off...

Scorch Ry
06-02-2004, 12:59 AM
Chapter 3: The Learning Of Rayquaza
Kevin, holding his Trapinch in his arms, continued walking down his path, hoping to get to Cherrygrove City before night. It was only three fifty-seven p.m., but Kevin wanted to get an early sleep so he could travel onto Route 30, which would lead him straight to Violet City.

There, he could battle the Gym Leader to try his best to earn his very first badge. So, with all of this building up inside of Kevin’s head, that made him more and more anxious to get to Violet City!

As Kevin walked down the nicely cut green grass, he began wondering what pokemon he should try to capture. Passing up a clan of Sentret that were eating Pecha Berries in peace, he knew that he would have to have another pokemon with him if he were to defeat the Gym Leader of Violet City!

It was beginning to get a bit cool at the morning had turned to the afternoon division. The elegant blue skies were beginning to dim a little, letting the sunshine hide away in front of a clan of white, small clouds in the sky.

Apparently, these had to be wild Swablu since you could detect small lightblue dots in the sky. The trees that were growing the Pecha Berries and Sitrus Berries were now being blown by the winds that were beginning to pick up a little. As the breezes came along, wild Beedrill suddenly fluttered their light, clear wings to fly away from the trees.

“Buzz!” Beedrill roared out, quickly evading the trees as quickly as they could.

The leader Beedrill, who happened to be bigger than an average Beedrill, lead the group into the skies peacefully and calmly, hoping to find local trees to invade. With them flying away, tons of Pineco and Caterpie infested the trees, crawling up them slowly, yet determinatively.

Pineco hung themselves on the tree branches and fell fast asleep, happy that they found a brand new home. The Caterpie, however, began shining white, making the entire tree had a spectacular glow.

Suddenly, the Caterpie began changing form, or in other words, began evolving into their next form. As this white light emitted from the tree, Kevin turned around, seeing this beautiful scenery of the evolution. Though he began getting scared since he never saw an evolution before.

“What’s happening to those Caterpie?” Kevin thought to himself.

Trapinch watched in amazement as the wild green bug pokemon finally finished their evolution, evolving into their next form known as Metapod. Kevin finally knew that the Caterpie had evolved into their next form, and he took out his pokedex to record such a pokemon like this.

These Metapod took the exact appearance of a cocoon, only having a set of sleepy, regular eyes. Its eyes were sleepy because Metapod would often fall asleep to prepare for its final evolution into a Butterfree.

The end of its body had square slab designs, with its upper part having sharp cheeks. Excited about this, Kevin began listening to the data its pokedex had recorded about Metapod.

{Metapod, the Cocoon pokemon. Metapod is the evolved form of Caterpie, taking the type of bug. Metapod’s only move is Harden, due to the fact that Metapod evolves quickly. It will only take Metapod a day or less before evolving into a Butterfree. Though, Metapod are often and only raised for strong defense.}

Kevin looked at the magnificent wild Metapod as they fell asleep on the tree truck. Falling asleep easily, Kevin thought it would be wasting time watching a clan of Metapod sleeping quietly. Still amazed, Trapinch looked up at the sky, noticing a mystical green beast soaring in the clouds swiftly…

Beginning to feel the temperature hit the high seventies, Kevin and his Trapinch continued walking down the harsh and long Route 29. Beginning to get angered by this, Kevin began to complain.

“This is really tiring me out,” Kevin murmured. “I’m already in good shape, so why torture me like this? Why do I have to walk? I could of brought my bike with me, but stupid me said ‘oh you can walk, you can take it’…please, I can’t take it!”

About to stomp the grass furiously, something suddenly caught Kevin’s attention, making him forget about why he was mad and what he was about to do. His frown turned into a smile after witnessing some type of statue.

The statue was a long one and was made from white crystal marble. As it sparkled, Kevin began wondering what it was. This figure appeared to be a pokemon, like some shrine honoring it. The pokemon had a long, coral body and its tail looked like it could smash anything apart.

Its head was like a lizard’s, only its eyes were a bit larger than a lizard’s. The pokemon statue looked to have skinny arms with sharp claws that looked like they could tear apart anything, like glass or hard stone. With amazement, Kevin looked and began wondering what kind of pokemon this was.

“Whatever kind this pokemon is, it looks like it could be a winner!” Kevin thought, seeing that it had to be none other than a dragon-type pokemon!

Kevin looked down on the statue stool it was made on, noticing a small caption. It was printed in gold metal nicely, having a strong appeal to the entire piece of work. Kevin got down on his knees to read the caption....

Scorch Ry
06-02-2004, 01:01 AM
<For those whom seem to not know what this pokemon is, you might know it from books. Let this pokemon soar the sky peacefully and let it only meet guardians that will protect it from danger, though sometimes let it create some. The person whom seems to not know this pokemon might actually be the one to have the dragon possession of fatality to deadly alliances, power and peace>

“Huh?” Kevin thought out loud. “What does it mean?”

Then quickly, Kevin heard a voice coming from behind him.

“This small script means that by whoever doesn’t know the myth of Rayquaza might be the one to help it put death upon deadly teams, have full power over bad pokemon and to create peace among us humans and pokemon alike.”

Kevin swiftly got up and turned around, now facing a man holding some type of dragonfly pokemon. The man looked to be in his late forties, beginning to develop a gray beard on his chin.

His mustache was beginning to grow gray hairs while his hair on his head was smoothly brushed black. He had blue eyes and freckles on his cheeks. When he talked, Kevin also noticed that this man had dimples whenever he would talk.

The man was wearing a simple blue shirt with the shirt tucked in his beige pants. And with him wearing classy black shoes, this man had to be very old-fashioned or just simple.

The pokemon this man was holding had similar characteristics of a dragonfly. Its body was rigged, having the same body type like a Gyarados. This pokemon’s body was a sandy yellow in color and its eyes were big and a forest green in color tone.

The pokemon’s head was a little big, having a set of long antennas on its forehead. But, what really made this pokemon interesting was that it had wings that weren’t like a dragonfly’s wings. Its wings were black and green, shaped exactly like a full diamond.

Also, at the end of its body were two small diamonds shapes like that to help it float in the sky easier rather than depending on the wind to do this action for it.

To top it off, the pokemon’s feet were shaped a bit odd, having the appeal of a hump. Its four legs were black, making this pokemon very interesting.

“Wow, what’s that pokemon?” Kevin asked himself, fascinated with this dragonfly pokemon.

Kevin decided to take out his pokedex to consult his answer.

{Vibrava, the brave dragonfly pokemon. Vibrava’s wings are rather used to conduction ultrasonic waves since its wings haven’t developed all of the way. By vigorously making its two wings vibrate, this can bring massive headaches to humans nearby this action. Vibrava is the evolved form of Trapinch and dreams of evolving into Flygon.}

After hearing the specific data of this man’s Vibrava, Kevin suddenly began getting excited! Trapinch looked at the Vibrava and began to smile at it, seeing that it was one of its kind.

The reason Kevin was happy was because he knew that Trapinch would evolve into this one day hopefully! The pokemon looked very interesting and powerful, yet calm and loyal.

The man noticed that Kevin had a Trapinch in his possession and said, “I see that you have a Trapinch yourself young man.”

“Yes, I received this Trapinch from Professor Elm this morning!” Kevin cheered away.

“Well, it’s nice to finally see a trainer with a Trapinch. My name is Lustar, nice to meet you.” Lustar said, holding out his hand.

Kevin took his hands and they shook them while Kevin replied, “My name is Kevin Earth. It’s nice to meet you, too.”

Now that they met each other, they decided to continue about this small conversation about this statue and its script that went along with it.

Lustar and Kevin let their pokemon play along with each other. As Vibrava lowered toward the ground, Trapinch smiled and galloped after it, enjoying itself with such a fun friend like Vibrava. Meanwhile, Lustar and Kevin sat under a large tree and their conversation opened at once.

“So after the script, Lustar…I guess that means that I need to learn about it or something?” Kevin asked, beginning to get confused.

“Actually, you might not know it, but only people with possession of dragon pokemon are permitted to learn about this pokemon known as Rayquaza,” Lustar explained. “But since you have a Trapinch, which is considered a dragon, I shall explain the origin of this pokemon. So sit back, listen, and ask questions if you must. But only a chosen few can understand this legend, so you will not understand what I’m about to say to you. But it will be nice to know about Rayquaza.”

Scorch Ry
06-02-2004, 01:02 AM
So, Kevin opened his ears wide to listen to the myth. But there was something a bit strange about this conversation…like he knew that it would come or something…

“Long ago,” Lustar began. “There lived nothing but dragon pokemon. Dragon pokemon dwelled land, water and air, creating a flock of them all around the world. Above this entire place was the Golden Tower, where a pokemon named Rayquaza was born.”

“What’s a Rayquaza?” Kevin asked.

“A Rayquaza is a legend pokemon that was known as Ho-Oh’s long-ago brother and creator of the three legendary Regis. I’ll explain that later,” Lustar responded.

“Now, Rayquaza was also a dragon, but had the magical ability to producing a new type of dragon. Through these mystical powers, Rayquaza managed to create the dragon pokemon known as Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, Charizard, Gyarados, Bagon, Shelgon, Salamence, Vibrava, Kingdra, and Flygon. Together, these pokemon roamed the entire earth, producing more and more of their kind. Rayquaza suddenly began getting warned out by this and decided to not rule over the dragon pokemon.” Lustar continued on.

“Probably so that the dragon pokemon wouldn’t have restricted rights and limits and they could have equal demands and dislikes like Rayquaza.” Kevin added.

Lustar stopped and said, “Hmm…only a few of them knew that…this is getting interesting.”

“Well, maybe it was a lucky guess…” Kevin thought.

“Maybe so,” Lustar replied. “But anyways, as the years went by, the race known as humans began invading Earth, developing new things as years passed. Rayquaza enjoyed this because the humans one day encountered the dragon pokemon and developed a strong relationship with them. But, Rayquaza suddenly noticed that new types of pokemon were beginning to be discovered like water-types, electric-types and fire-types. Rayquaza even found out that it had a brother known as Ho-Oh, who is…”

“Protector of the fire volcano of Cinnabar Island.” Kevin added once more.

This was beginning to get Lustar suspicious, since only a few knew this thing about Ho-Oh’s guarding.

Suspicious, yet getting anxious, Lustar continued with his small legend.

“So, soon people developed devices for capturing pokemon, making Rayquaza realize that its job was done on Earth. One day, as Rayquaza was beginning to leave into space, something stopped it. Three meteors crashed on the earth, and Rayquaza followed the meteors. Since he was leaving Earth, Rayquaza decided to bring these meteors new life, so he created three pokemon: Regice, Regirock and Registeel. These three pokemon are asleep in their tombs, awaiting to be awoken in the land of Hoenn one day. So now Rayquaza is gone, but travelers in the far Sky Mountains have saw this pokemon, so they saw that Rayquaza is a life-bringer. So this shrine is to dedicate the life Rayquaza brought to all dragon pokemon alike.”

Kevin shook his head, understanding the legend clearly.

“Oh, so you mean the three pokemon that await the trainers who have one pokemon of their type. Only those trainers shall attempt to capture them?” Kevin announced.

This statement really shocked Lustar, beginning to make him wonder things. But there was only one way to find out.

“Kevin, follow me. There’s something I need to see.” Lustar demanded.

Seeing that Lustar was serious, Kevin got up and nodded.

“Alright, I will follow you. Just as long as you aren’t pulling some sick joke on me because I will sue you for verbal lying and contact abuse.”

Shaking his head and releasing a small laugh, Lustar got up also and walked over towards the Rayquaza statue, ready to see if he was thinking correctly about Kevin.

As Trapinch and Vibrava followed their trainers, Vibrava flew next to Lustar while Kevin picked up Trapinch and held it. Soon, they were in front of the statue.

Lustar pulled out a pokeball and said, “Let’s go, Claydol!”

Kevin threw out his pokeball, releasing one of the most strangest and unusual pokemon Kevin had ever seen. Yet, this pokemon looked very sweet and interesting. This pokemon had a gigantic head, having a humpy, white design for its one eyebrow.

This pokemon had 6 eyes that beamed all around, glowing a red in color. There were also yellow slabs between its six eyes that made this pokemon looked like one to live a long time ago.

Its body had very, very, very small legs while its arms and hands had the design of its head. The design was a circular shape with a dull horn on its top of its head. This design was also on Claydol’s body, having a white and yellow in color.

As it body glittered black, Kevin had to take out his pokemon to consult his answer.

{Claydol, the mud doll pokemon. Claydol is the evolved form of the ground and psychic pokemon known as Baltoy. Claydol can communicate with its trainer through its mind, but only if the trainer had enough loyalty and kindness for this pokemon. Legends say that this pokemon was created by humans with colored mud and brought this pokemon to life with the exposure of a mysterious ray.

“Claydol Doll Claydol!” Claydol said through a telepathic, mysterious voice.

Kevin was very fascinated with the two pokemon Lustar had with him!

“Wow, you sure have great pokemon!” Kevin complimented.

“Why thank you…it’s good to know that I am appreciated since I was Rayquaza’s human guard!” Lustar replied, ending with a smiled.

Kevin’s mouth dropped wide open, since he was now learning that Lustar had actually guarded Rayquaza in his lifetime!

As Claydol floated in the air, Lustar commanded, “Claydol, use Future Sight.”

Claydol turned its arms up and they both began glowing a mystical lightblue color. Suddenly, Kevin came in contact with this and began floating in the air.

Trapinch began smiling; enjoying this float ride it was taking. Suddenly, Claydol dropped Kevin and began speaking with Lustar in their minds.

“You’re kidding?” Kevin said loudly.

Claydol shook its head, making Lustar gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Kevin asked, hoping that nothing was wrong.

Lustar, Vibrava and Claydol began glowing lightblue and Lustar said, “Kevin, let the light pass through, let the dawn break down this alliance and meet the one you are to meet. We shall meet again one day.”

And before Kevin could ask what Lustar was talking about, the man and his two pokemon disappeared without a single trace.

“Am I in trouble or something?” Kevin thought to himself.

“What did he mean by ‘let the light pass through’? Does this mean that I actually play a role in a protection guard situation or something? How can I understand that legend when I never even heard of it before?”

Kevin began getting confused, wondering why Lustar said that before his Claydol use Teleport. Then, something got Kevin thinking…what Kevin involved with Rayquaza? What he the core of danger and defeat?

Or was he the one to meet Rayquaza and protect it? Whatever Lustar meant, it really got Kevin thinking and imagining about this legend…

06-03-2004, 07:28 PM
Great job Aley! I loved the legend and the telling of it. Lustar is kind of mysterious and I like that attitude but now I have to wait and see if Kevin will play a role in this Rayquaza legend or not. Good work though, watch out for some spelling mistakes.. I saw one or two here and there. Bring us more!

Scorch Ry
06-03-2004, 08:05 PM
Author Aleyquala: Thank you for the wonderful compliment! Yes, Lustar was very mysterious since he did used to protect Rayquaza during his lifetime after his pokemon training. I'll make sure to make Kevin lose after Chapter 10, and I'll keep watch of my mistakes.

Scorch Ry
06-05-2004, 02:46 AM
Chapter 4: The Cherrygrove Rivalry Begins!
Kevin was eating breakfast down in the Lobby of the Pokemon Center. After getting in the Pokemon Center of Cherrygrove City last night, Kevin and his Trapinch had a great peaceful, cool sleep.

Kevin had changed into the same outfit he was wearing only it was red. He was still wearing his all-white AirForceOnes while his hat was made of white jeans material.

Evidentially, Kevin’s outfits consisted of the exact same outfits, except they were different in color, style, fitting, and design layouts.

The Pokemon Center was one of the best places to eat breakfast in. The floor tiles were nicely polished that sparkled a silver marble in color. These tiles that were on the floor were also on the ceiling, only a dazzling hot flame red color that glittered throughout the entire place.

The walls were beautifully, specifically painted white and red, with such elegant wall paintings of pokeballs. There were many photos that were hanging from the walls throughout the Pokemon Center, like for example, a Johto League photo.

There were a Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard battling against each other. These three pokemon were in some golden arena, with a crimson burner emitting such a hot, flammable white and red fire that appeared to burn massively.

The caption was:
<Come one trainer, come all trainers! Come and battle here with your impressive skills, strategic defense, quick attacks and ending special attacks! Enter the Johto League’s new division: The Golden Conference!>

So, many trainers and other people viewed this large photo and began to get excited that the Johto League had made a new division called the Golden Conference that would lead strong-enough trainers to the Victory Tournament, Challenge Cup and X-Terminator Finals.

There were other photos, though they weren’t as interesting as the one that attracted many trainers and other viewers.

The Pokemon Center was also great when it came to healing hurt pokemon, fainted pokemon or pokemon with side-effects like a burn, or pokemon that have been poisoned by an attack like Poison Tail or Poison Fang.

The front desk was very professional, having a black stone countertop and the bottom of the counter consisting of brown, polished wood. There were regular fanlights that were twirling on the roof, releasing cool air around the entire Pokemon Center.

On the counters, there were about two HP-Pavilion Computers that had flat-screen monitors. These two computers were basically for typing in the pokemon’s data, problems and possible, correct solutions that take the fewest amounts of days to make the pokemon heal.

At the front desk standing there was Nurse Joy, standing there with her long, pink ponytails that were nicely wrapped up with hot pink colored scrunches. Wearing her nurse outfit and with her determinative attitude for help healing pokemon, Nurse Joy was one of the best pokemon nurses to have in a Pokemon Center, even though that all Pokemon Centers had a Nurse Joy.

Also, Nurse Joy’s assistants of the Pokemon Center happened to be pokemon known as Chansey and Blissey. This really showed how people and pokemon could work together for the good of all.

Kevin began to clean up his plate that once consisted of his breakfast. Kevin ate scrambled eggs, 2 slices of toast and small pancakes that were neatly cut into smaller unit segments.

The booth was made of red leather, having a rectangular tabletop to the booth. He neatly left his plate on the booth table and being considerate and thoughtful, left a $4.92 tip for the Pokemon Center Donation Organization to help get the Pokemon Center new machines that can heal pokemon with severe problems like early dehydration.

“Trapinch Trapinch.” Trapinch yelped out nicely, having an early-morning voice tone.

Kevin looked down at his pokemon, seeing that he needed to heal it before it could engage into another battle. So, he took Trapinch to the front desk of the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy arose from her computer chair and smiled with her sweet face.

“Welcome to the Pokemon Center’s front desk! How may I help you?” Nurse Joy asked.

“Um, I was wondering if you could heal my Trapinch for me.” Kevin replied nicely.

“Sure, we’d love to do so!” Nurse Joy responded, taking Trapinch away from Kevin’s possession.

She placed in on a tray and put it on some machine. Kevin watched as white electricity shocked Trapinch and began flowing it healing power to give it its full strength back. Finally, the healing was done, and Trapinch was fully healed!

Nurse Joy picked up the tray, with Trapinch sitting on it, and placed it back on the front desk black stone counter.

“Trap Trap Trapinch!” Trapinch said happily, letting Kevin know that it was 100% better.

Kevin picked up Trapinch and began holding it to his strong chest. Nurse Joy smiled and began speaking in her sweet, young voice.

“Your Trapinch is fully healed! Thank you for your patience and please come again!” Nurse Joy announced.

“Thanks and I will, Nurse Joy! Bye!” Kevin replied, waving back at Nurse Joy.

Trapinch happily looked around, seeing the beauties of its world. Seeing Chansey and Blissey walking around made it comfortable with its surroundings now. Kevin and his Trapinch went through the automatic-open glass doors, exiting the Pokemon Center…

Kevin loved his view when he left out of the Pokemon Center. The day was actually a warm one, meaning that Kevin was enjoying this day already! Kevin loved warm days because it would feel a lot better rather than walking in the hot, blazing temperatures during the summertime.

The sun was out, beaming brightly among the entire city. A flock of Ledyba began buzzing around, flying over Cherrygrove City. There were mobile homes, having a green roof, rectangular shape and a green door to match. Even though these were mobile homes, they were pretty expensive and looked their prices as well.

Kevin also noticed the majestic view of the river with leaping Magikarp coming from under the water. As the river flowed nicely, a fisherman was sleep, having his fishing line in the river.

The river sparkled dark blue, having one of the most interesting views ever. And finally, there were many Royal Highness roses, blooming wonderfully around the mobile homes, near Route 30 and around the Pokemon Center.

Thanks for the small rain showers that came in throughout the night, that helped brought the almost-to-die roses to new life of blooming wonderfully with style and prettiness. Kevin seemed like he would enjoy this day, but as soon as he took a few steps away from the Pokemon Center, he heard a voice that seemed more familiar than ever.

“So it’s the chomp again, the one who apparently took a Trapinch, the weak ground pokemon…” a voice said.

Kevin lowered his head, closed his eyes and began to smirk. Meanwhile, Trapinch heard this insult and began to get angry, growling angrily at the shady character.

“Oh hush up, you small little rat thing!” the voice said meanly, upsetting Trapinch even more!

“Trappppp Trapppp!” Trapinch roared out, seeing that this character had went too far!

Trapinch was on the verge of leaping out of Kevin’s arms, ready to use a Bite attack on this person when Kevin released a few laughs.

“Trapinch,” Kevin began. “Don’t let Jason’s words get to you…his words are meaningless and just nothing to be worried about.”

Trapinch gazed up, hearing its trainer’s thoughts, and it appeared to calm down easily rather than taking action and risking itself to danger. Then, Kevin opened his eyes and looked up, seeing that he was right.

Kevin was staring into the eyes of a person that he always had a debate with; a person that shared some similarities with Kevin, only different in many actions and strategies.

Wearing a red ‘Fubu’ shirt with his baggy blue jeans, and with his backwards all-blue cap with matching red-on-blue low-top AirForceOnes, this person was known other than Jason Trias, a person with attitude and talking back abilities.

Jason Trias wasn’t a person to mess with; only people with enough bravery dared to give Jason a challenge. Luckily, Kevin wasn’t scared of Jason at all. In fact, he was never scared because he knew what Jason’s weakness was…this weakness was called fear.

Though Jason was tough on the outside, beating up little kids and attempting to go after young adults, on the inside, Kevin knew that Jason was a scared little boy, trying to fit in when there’s nothing to fit in with.

Jason was the kind of person to talk back whenever in an argument conversation with an adult. He was a troubled child though his parents knew that one day, he would stop.

Luckily, Jason had pulled his act together, though not losing the same attitude with kids under the age of eighteen. This meant that even though he wouldn’t talk back to adults, he would talk back to kids under the age of eighteen to pick an easy-defeating fight.

So Kevin saw that this shady character was his upsetting associate, known as Jason Trias. Jason grinned as he made his announcement.

“Well, looks like Kevin actually became a trainer! Looks like dreams do come true for losers like him!” Jason announced, trying to embarrass Kevin.

Trapinch was getting angrier and angrier, trying its best to hold back all of its power on Jason.

Kevin smirked and replied, “Kevin, your words don’t hurt me at all! But, at least I became a trainer and have an occupation as an official pokemon trainer!”

Scorch Ry
06-05-2004, 02:47 AM
Jason then smirked and began laughing out loud.

“What’s so funny? You finally saw how stupid your face looks and you are now laughing?” Kevin said, seeing that he didn’t find anything funny with what he said to make Jason laugh.

But, Kevin gasped as he saw a pokeball in Jason’s palm of his hand.

“What’s wrong? I proved you wrong again? Or is it the fact that I have a pokemon myself?” Jason asked angrily, seeing that Kevin thought that he wouldn’t become a trainer himself.

But, Kevin was beginning to get an idea…even though they were rivals, they could actually settle their eight-year argument with a battle!

So, Kevin looked down at his angry Trapinch, seeing that his brown sand dig pokemon was highly angry about what his rival said to his trainer.

“Trapinch, are you ready for another battle?” Kevin asked.

With its angry face, Trapinch nodded, ready to beat down whatever pokemon Jason had in his possession.

Then, Kevin looked up at Jason and said, “How about we settle all of this over a battle? I’ll show you what being a trainer is all about!”

Jason smirked once again and said, “Fine. I’ll wipe you out as quickly as an Arcanine’s Extremespeed attack! You’ve been messing with the wrong person, Kevin. And now’s your time to pay for it!”

Kevin and Jason stood there on the cement of the city that was beige in color. Suddenly, a flock of Pidgey began flying over the place known as Cherrygrove City, passing over this city to get to Violet City a lot faster.

“Pidgggg!” Pidgey chirped out loud, creating a musical, dazzling tone of their voices combined together.

“Alright, you ready?” Kevin asked, seeing that Trapinch was already ready for battle.

Trapinch was on the ground, growling furiously at Jason.

“I’m ready…let’s go, Cyndaquil!” Jason said, suddenly tossing up his pokeball.

It opened, releasing a shining-white pokemon from inside. This color began fading away, adding the true colors of this pokemon. Kevin noticed that this pokemon was a bit odd to be a fire-type pokemon.

Its small body was yellow that shined brightly in the sunlight. There was a long, black stripe that was from the tip of its nose to the very back of its body. Its head was similar to an aardvark’s, only the nose wasn’t as along as the nose of this specific animal.

It had little hands with one dull nail on its feet that were nicely polished. But, what made this pokemon even more interesting was the fact that fire emitted from the entire area of its back, making trainers know that this was a fire-type pokemon!

Trapinch growled at this Cyndaquil, seeing that it was a pokemon of Jason’s.

“Cyndaquil Cyndaaa!” Cyndaquil yelled out, sensing that something was wrong with Trapinch.

But, since it knew that it was better than Trapinch, then it had nothing to worry about in this battle. As the red and yellow flames burned strongly on Cyndaquil’s back, Kevin looked in astonishment at this unusual fire-type pokemon.

“Wow…so this is Cyndaquil…” Kevin thought to himself.

To find out more information, he took out his pokedex. The red, highly advanced technology scanned the data of Cyndaquil, saved it and repeated the data through a mechanical voice.

{Cyndaquil, the flame pokemon. Cyndaquil is of the fire-type pokemon and can intimidate its foes by blasting the flames from out of its back. Cyndaquil’s attacks are Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen and Ember. Grass pokemon should never try to challenge a Cyndaquil, unless they are ready for a burn.}

Kevin understood this and knew that Trapinch could win against a Cyndaquil, since ground took the advantage over fire. Then, as the winds began to lose wind speed, their battle had begun!

“Cyndaquil, use your Tackle attack!” Jason ordered determinedly.

“Cyndaaaa…quilllll!” Cyndaquil screeched out angrily.

Suddenly, Cyndaquil began running on its heads and legs, leading its Tackle attack straight for the brown sand dig pokemon. Running with magnificent speed, Cyndaquil was ready to take down this Trapinch!

“Trapinch, use Sand-Attack!” Kevin commanded immediately.

To stop Cyndaquil, Trapinch took command and turned around, now facing the Pokemon Market. Calmly, Trapinch began kicking its back legs repeatedly, kicking up piles of dirt.

As they soared across towards the fire mouse pokemon, Cyndaquil had no choice but to stop its attack and to counter the Sand-Attack coming from Trapinch.

Cyndaquil covered its thin eyes to block the Sand-Attack from coming in contact with its eyes. Now this was both Trapinch and Kevin’s chance!

“Trapinch, try your Pursuit attack!” Kevin barked out.

Trapinch took command and immediately proceeded with the Pursuit attack Kevin told it to use. The brown sand dig pokemon suddenly evaporated into the atmosphere, collecting dark powers to use this attack.

Noticing that the Sand-Attack was over, Cyndaquil lowered its small arms from its eyes, seeing its entire atmosphere. But, the core of the situation was gone!

“Cynda?” Cyndaquil said, confused about where Trapinch went.

But, something really surprised it when Trapinch suddenly reappeared right in front of it, having a black veil around its brown body.

“Tra…pinch!” Trapinch roared out, tackling Cyndaquil with all of its might.

Cyndaquil fell on its back pretty hard, screeching out its name angrily. Kevin began getting excited, since his Trapinch was taking the lead of the battle! But, he had to stop this now that Cyndaquil was back on its feet!

“Cyndaquil, use Smokescreen!” Jason yelled out.

Cyndaquil opened its mouth, releasing a thick, black smoke around their entire battle area. This made the battle even more interesting…

As the thick black smoke began invading their battle area, Trapinch’s black body veil disappeared from around its body. Looking around in confusion, Trapinch didn’t know what to do in this situation!

Blinking its star pupil eyes in confusion, Kevin had to deal with this situation. But, Kevin knew that Trapinch could do something even though the thick, black smoke had crowded the area.

Meanwhile, Jason was very happy with this attack decision. He knew that Kevin wouldn’t have anything to do to stop this attack, so by using it, it would determine to outcome of the battle.

“Cyndaquil, use Ember!” Kevin commanded immediately.

Heating up the burning, dazzling flames on its back, Cyndaquil began to open its mouth. Abruptly, a series of orange, hot ember missiles came flying out of Cyndaquil’s mouth, leading straight into the smoke where Trapinch was.

Kevin couldn’t see anything much, but he heard a sound that didn’t sound too good.

“Trappp!” Trapinch yelped out, being stricken with the Ember attack harshly.

But, things began lighting up when Kevin developed a plan!

“Trapinch, use Pursuit again!” Kevin commanded.

Trapinch began to emit a black shield around its body as it evaporated into the atmosphere once again. Unfortunately, Jason couldn’t hear the command so he didn’t know what to prepare for. But, as the smoke cleared, Jason knew that Trapinch was gone again!

“Cyndaquil, use Smokescreen again!” Jason hollered out.

But, it was too late. Trapinch reappeared, tackling straight into Cyndaquil with great power. Cyndaquil crashed on the ground on its back, aching in pain.

“Now, use Bite!” Kevin yelled.

Trapinch scampered away towards Cyndaquil, opening its large mouth. Too weak to get up, Cyndaquil was bitten furiously by Trapinch, being thrown back on the ground. Unable to get up, Cyndaquil was defeated!

Angrily, Jason returned his Cyndaquil back into its pokeball. He began getting upset, and ran out of the small city.

Kevin looked back and said, “This isn’t the end…I know it isn’t.”

Then, he walked over towards Trapinch, who was now feeling like he was a king! Kevin picked Trapinch up and hugged it, happy that it won its second battle!

“Trapinch, you are the greatest!” Kevin complimented.

As the sunny skies beamed on the city, with the Royal Highness Roses blooming beautifully and with the lake having a class of Poliwag dancing around underwater, Trapinch was feeling the new love that its trainer was developing for it…

06-05-2004, 03:33 AM
Awesome chapter Aley! You have just shown me more ways of writing that can make me a better author. The way you described the Pokemon Center and Cyndaquil was truely amazing. You did an excellent job on the battle but still keep in mind that loses help more then wins do. Great work overall and keep doing this great stuff because right now, every trainer fic at this forum is in jeopardy of losing event the thoughts of being the #1 trainer fic with this great fic on the rise.

Scorch Ry
06-05-2004, 04:13 AM
Thanks for the wonderful compliment, KCash! I'm glad that I helped you. But, like I mentioned before, he won't start losing until Chapter 11, because I made the chapters up to Chapter 10. I'm very sorry for this, but Kevin is just off to a very good start.

Scorch Ry
06-06-2004, 04:13 PM
Author Aleyquala: Due to recent, multiple attacks at www.serebiiforums.com, the Serebii Forums has been closed until further notice. Since I was getting my chapters from that place, updates won't be coming for awhile. Apparentally, someone found a Mod's password and began deleting the best Fan-Fictions of Serebii Forums, which happened to be this story at this site. Until they can get their acts together, I won't update as rapidly as I could.