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Pokemon Saga: Sector I

Chapter/Episode: 1

The first capture!

Tyd Tryble, a 13 year old boy from Pallet Town, is about to begin his very own Pokemon Adventure! Tyd having no experience with Pokemon ever before, apart from watching the greatest show on T.V: The Pokemon Master Secrets, has recently been given a chance to get his own Pokemon. Proffesor.Jona has captured many Pokemon and is going to give four new trainers there own Pokemon. Tyd's adventure begins, on this late dark night, in his bedroom of number 3 Pallet Avenue. --

He lifted his messy blue hair out of his big green eyes, turned around and threw the Pokeball. Yes, this was it, this is what he had been waiting for, to become a true Pokemon Trainer. The Pokeball whizzed through the air, it opened up and a burst of red light emitted from it. A shape of a Pokemon appeared, a long tail, two big blue eyes, a pink body, it was nearly in fall form..
"Nearly there...just a...bit...further" He mumbled.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!!???" A thunderous roar screeched inside his head. Tyd opened his eyes to find Papa Thommas, wrinkled and old skinned face, eyes screwed up, teeth baring, on him. "HOW MANY TIMES THIS WEEK!? NO THROWING THE CLOCK AROUND!! IT'S A VERY PRECIOUS CLOCK GIVEN TO ME BY MY GRANDFATHER!!! DON'T YOU HAVE NO RESPECT AT ALL??" He Roared.

Tyd looked around his small boxed in bedroom, to find that the Pokeball he had thought he had thrown, was in fact the golden round clock which Papa Thommas adored. Tyd pulled the blue hair out of his eyes, and got out of his bed. He Tyd was so sure he had gotten his Pokemon at last, but infact he had been dreaming. Today was his big day, to prove to Pallet Town that he is responsible for his own Pokemon.

"Sorry Papa, i'm just so...so..." Tyd Began.

"Nervous? Excited? Well for heaven's sake, please calm down. Your mother and father wouldn't want you to begin your Pokemon Adventure with you being all clumsy, would they?" Papa Thommas walked across his bedroom. He layed out clothes for Tyd to wear.

When Tyd was a baby, his mother and father vanished into the mist of Pokemon Mountain. They never returned, so Tyd was shifted to his closest relative, his Grandfather. Papa Thommas was very sad and angry that he got shifted with Tyd, he never did like looking after Tyd, as Tyd liked to go off into the wild. Two or Three times Tyd had to be rescued from the wild, once attacked by a Rattacate, nearly the whole of Pallet Town had to help get Tyd back because no Pokemon Trainers where in the village.

Tyd pulled up his red Jeans, pulled over a cotton orange t-shirt, which had a Pokeball in the middle. He tucked some of his blue hair behind his ears and then place a blue baseball cap on it.

"TYD! Get ready! I'll make ya' breakfast, you get your books and the spare Pokeballs the Proffesor gave you." Papa Thommas yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Tyd made his way across the landing, it creaked whenever he put his right foot down; the house was very old. He charged down stairs making a huge noise when he hit the bottom.

"WHAT THE HECK? YOUR NOT A RYHORN!" Papa Thommas roared once more. His hands waving in the air fratically.

"S-sorry" Tyd replied looking at the floor. Tyd was used to getting shouted at by Papa Thommas, he did it every day.

Once Papa Thommas had calmed down, Tyd was fed and told some information he ought to know before going out to his Pokemon Trainer Test.

"Right, always through the Pokeball with your main hand, in this case, your left. It will give the ball a better spin and a further distance on getting the Pokeball. Once you've caught a Pokemon, wait a few second for the ball to stop moving, else if you go over to it...it may just open up and bonk you in the face." Papa Thommas had his hands in the air showing emotions for each bit of knowledge Tyd found absolutely useless. "And, if your going to battle make sure your hands are-"

"Listen Papa, i don't need this advice. To be honest, it's no good to me." Tyd wished he had never said this. Papa Thommas face turned scarlet red, eyes widened like footballs, bloodshot lines could be seen. And then-

"Fine." Papa Thommas walked across the kitchen and dissappeared into the living room. For a few minutes, Tyd thought he was going to come back into the room with a sledge hammer and bash his brains out. But he didn't. It was very quiet.

Tyd flicked the T.V on and the Pallet Town Local News station was on.

"And if you havn't heared, Pallet Town Hopefulls are arriving today to see if they can get there very own Pokemon! Arh...i remember when trainers could just pick there own Pokemon, now trainers must compete to get there own or catch one in the wild, an extremely difficult job to do. Anyhow, Pokemon Trainers who are competing today, we have some tips for you:

STOP WATCHING THE NEWS AND REVISE LIKE CRAZY!" The news reporter screamed. His face turned from pale white to apple red. Tyd flicked the T.V off, checked the grandfather clock beside the wooden table at which he sat. He had fourty minutes to go.

"Hmph. I can't wait any longer, i'm gonna go out to the lab entance and wait there, maybe i'll get a head start." Tyd got up from his chair, which made a squeaky noise, and entered the living room. Papa Thommas was reading: Pallet Town Times The newspaper. He was acting as though Tyd wasn't there. "I'm going now, i'm gonna see if i can get a head start. So, i'll be back tonight to pack my things, maybe. Wish me luck!" Tyd said brightly. There was no "Good luck" reply Tyd would of liked, just a sickening silence. Tyd stormed across the living room, picked up his bag and swung it on his sholder. He turned around looked at Papa Thommas, and said: "Sorry." then turned tail and walked out of the house.

He crossed the neatly cut green lawn, and onto the road to the lab. The sun was a magnificent yellow, the sky was a wonderous blue with no clouds in sight. He walked up the steep road and once he got to the top of the road, he could see everything: Rows and rows of houses, the Pallet Town Stadium and the Laboratory.

"What the!?" Tyd said in a surprised angry toned voice. It seemed like the whole of Pallet Town Trainers had the same idea as Tyd, all to turn up early. There was a huge swarm of trainers outside the Laboratory. Tyd raced down the hill, the wind passing through him was a great feeling.

Once Tyd had got to the Laboratory, he noticed, that Proffesor Jona was giving out red squares to trainers. Tyd forced his way to the front.

"Hey! Watch it!"-

"Oi!! What the?"-

"Hey! NO PUSHING!" Proffesor Jona told them. "There's enough for you all...there you go."

It was Tyd's turn. Proffesor Jona handed him the red square and Tyd was pushed to the back. Tyd examined the red square, a Pokeball was engraved in the front.

"I wonder what this is?" Tyd said shaking it as if it were an egg.

"That's your Pokedex." A voice from behind Tyd made the hair on Tyd's back stand up. Tyd turned around to find a girl, she was the same height as Tyd, long blond natural hair coming over her shoulders, pritty blue eyes and small tiny red lips. "It records the Pokemon you have captured and also tells you information about Pokemon." She said. Tyd noticed her outfit was very beautiful. She had 3 quarter-way length pink jeans on, and a small blue cropt top on, with a shiny diamond necklace around her neck.

"Wo..err...t-t-thanks..." Tyd trembled. She giggled and walked on.

"Can i have your attention please!Can i have your attention please!! HEY, GET OFF MY LEG!!!" Proffesor Jona was standing on a wooden bench, arms raised."Thank you, now. Pokemon Trainers, or to become Pokemon Trainers. There are a few tasks for you to do, the first four to complete the tasks get the four Pokemon. Now, the first task is to go out into the wild and collect three berries. One red, one blue and one orange. You then need to make a mix of them and attract a Pidgey, then take a picture of it using your Pokedex. Then find out Pidgey's abillities using the Pokedex then bring this information to me. Get ready...GO!" And as Proffesor Jona said this, the crowd swept towards the field surrounding the town. Tyd raced ahead of many of the trainers and entered the field.

"Right, where are you berries?Aha!" Tyd looked ahead and on a tree where the three berries. Tyd was about to run to the tree when another trainer snatched them from him. "Hey! They were mine!! Grr! " Tyd ran across the field and spotted another set of berries. He ran over to them, reached out for them and...-

Tyd was knocked off his feet and landed on his face.

"Heh, loser. Thanks for my berries." A tall boy with jet black hair and squinty eyes had. "Remember my name kiddo, Jake Fower, the greatest Pokemon Trainer ever!" He turned and fled.

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Tyd's face was brused and knees where aching. Tyd felt water droplets hit the back of his head. First, only two or three were hitting him every few seconds then a huge storm came. The sky became clouded with darkness and flashes. The rain was making everywhere slippy. Tyd got up onto his feet and found shelter in under a tree. Tyd knew he had to go and find berries, even if the weather was like this. He felt a sudden feeling of hatred for that...that Jake guy. He wanted to find him and push him over! Tyd ran across the field and banged into someone, again falling to the floor. The trainer got up and a ran off shouting something.

"ArrhhHhhh!! There coming for meeeee!!!" The voice faded.

"Huh?" Tyd turned his head and looked up. A swarm of Beedrills were coming his way. "Oh...great...this is all i need..."

Tyd got up and sprant all the way across the field the Beedrills were gaining in on him. Tyd felt his legs aching and slipped. His back fell into a puddle, the mud splashed all Tyd's face. Tyd looked up and a Beedril pointed his sting at Tyd and Bang!


Tyd awoke to find himself in the same spot. His bones aching, his face cut and clothes soaked. The sun was now shining and the sky had returned to it's original status. Tyd lifted himself up, and walked over to a nearby tree. He leaned on it and sighed.

I've lost. I bet everyone has finished before me. I'm the worst trainer in the world, Tyd thought to himself.

"Piiiii!! Pichu! Pichu!!!" A tiny squeaky voice came from over a few nearby bushes.

"Huh, whats that?" Tyd ran over to the bushes and peeped through. A yellow mouse was being attack by a swarm of Beedrill, and if Tyd had to guess, he would of thought thoes the one who attacked him. Tyd got out his Pokedex and it flipped open when it saw the Pichu.

PICHU charges itself with electricity more easily on days with thunderclouds or when the air is very dry. You can hear the crackling of static electricity coming off this POKEMON.

"A pichu...hmm...HEY!! LEAVE PICHU ALONE!!" Tyd ran out into the swarm of Beedrils and started waving his arms frantically. He punched one of the Beedrils in the head and it fell to the floor.

"Pi...Pichu, Pichu!" Pichu jumped, it's eyes watering.

"It's okay, i'll save you!" Tyd picked up the Pichu and ran out of the bushes and onto the field. The Beedrills were again closing in on Tyd. Pichu freed itself from Tyd's arms and climbed up onto Tyd's head.

"PichuuuuU!!!!!!!!!" The Pichu screamed and tiny lighting bolts sprang from it's red circles on it's cheeks. They turned into huge yellow lightning bolts which jumped from Pichu's cheeks and shocked three Beedrills.

"Beeee! Beee!" The Beedills turned and fled.

"You did it Pichu! You defeated them!" Tyd took Pichu off his head and placed it on the floor. " I guess you'll be safe now...I have to get going." Tyd turned and began to walk to the town, when he felt his jeans being tugged. The Pichu was pulling away at them. "Huh?Wait...you...yes!"

Tyd took off his bag, pulled out a Pokeball and through it with his Left Hand.

"Pokeball, Go!" The Pokeball whizzed through the air and hit the Pichu gently on it's head. The red light emitted from the centre of the Pokeball and Pichu was sucked inside the ball. The ball rolled around on the floor, then, 1, 2, 3.

"Yeahhhh!! I did it! I caught a Pichu!" Tyd jumped in the air and grasped the ball tightly in his hand.

Tyd has finally caught his first Pokemon! What new adventures await Tyd and Pichu? What new mysteries will they discover? It's all on the next Pokemon!

End of Pokemon Saga: Sector I Chapter/Episode: 1

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Pokemon Saga: Sector I

Chapter/Episode: 2

The Ancient Pokemon!

"Pokeball, Go!" Tyd shouted as the round red ball flew from his hand to the yellow rodent Pokemon.

"Yeahhhh!! I did it! I caught a Pichu!" Tyd jumped in the air and grasped the ball tightly in his hand.

Tyd, against all the odds, has finally caught his first Pokemon! A electric rodent, cute with two triangle ears and two small red circles on it's cheeks, where it's electric powers come from! A Pichu!

He put the Pokeball in his bag and began to move more quickly towards the town. Tyd's face was cut and brused, his trowsers ripped and shoes filled with water, and he didn't care. Tyd was so happy, he had finally got his Pokemon. He had gotten it without doing any stupid test, or stupid berry picking. And the Pokemon, the Pichu, had wanted to be his Pokemon.

Tyd was making his way to the town when he saw another trainer in distress. He was crawling, he had sting marks all over him!

"Hey! Are you okay?" Tyd ran over, the bag on his back jingling lightly.

"Urh, help...i can't move, i was paralised by a swarm of Beedrills. Help...urh...." The training fainted and hit the ground with a thud.

"I've got to get him to a Pokemon Centre! I know, i'll take you to the Lab, they'll have one!" Tyd picked the trainer up, he was very light. He ran out of the field and onto the road. He could see the Laboratory not too far ahead, there was a swarm of people once again outside it.

"And here are the four winners, congratulations to: Kevin Fillin, Jake Fower, Stephiny String and Katie Messenger. Pick your Pokemon-" The Four Trainers rushed to the table and grabbed a Pokeball each.

"Hey! Proffesor! Hey! HEY!!!" Tyd waved and screamed, panting as he made his way to the Laboratory.

"Huh? Tyd Tryble! We thought you had been killed, and whats that! Get him inside! Quickly, quickly! Give him some room!" Tyd pushed through the crowd, only distracted by one of the trainers who had just gotten a Pokeball. Not Jake, but...the blond girl, the one Tyd had met right before the contest.

"Tyd! In here!" Proffesor. Jona called him over. Tyd had never been inside the Pokemon Laboratory before.

The walls were made from marble, the floor was a shiny blue, everywhere was paper, Pokeballs and glass spheres. Tyd, followed by Proffesor Jona and the four trainers who had won, entered a room which was very circular. Tyd put the trainer on a wooden oak bench.

"Where did you find him?" Proffesor Jona said, examining the trainer.

"He was crawling in the field, he said he was attack by a swarm of Beedrills." Tyd said, still panting.

"Hmm, he's suffered a Beedril Poison Sting attack, about four of them. Hmm, Katie, pass me some antidote." Proffesor Jona pointed to the shelves of glass spheres. They all had chorkes in them and a liquid at the bottom.

The blond girl, Katie, took down a sphere which had a purple liquid in it.

"Thanks. It's a good thing you found him, Tyd. He might of suffered serious injuries." Proffesor Jona took some of the liquid from the bottle and tipped it into the trainers mouth. "Give him a day or two. Now Tyd, what happened to you? Your Grandfather has been going nuts!!" The Proffesor said.

"Oh...erm, i was attacked by the Beedrills. But in the process i caught a Pokemon...-" Tyd said staring at his feet.

"A Pokemon? You? How on? What one?" Proffesor Jona shot all the questions at once.

"Erm, a Pichu. I helped it from the Beedrill attacks, and it wanted to come with me." Tyd said, staring at Katie's blue eyes.

"Show us!" Demanded Jake. He had a very angry look of jealously on his face.

"Okay then!" Tyd shot back. He took off his bag and pulled out the red ball.

"Pichu, go!" Tyd flung the Pokeball and half way through mid air, it exploded with red light and the small Pichu appeared, sparks issuing from it's cheeks.

"There, see." Tyd said, walking up to it. The Pichu smiled and let out a silent cry.

"Well, this is very impressive. I'm sure that you and Pichu will get along fine, so along with the other four trainers today, you get the needed essentials. A Pokenav, an Updated version of the Pokedex, five Pokeballs and a few bits of potions." He had them all layed out on a separate table. Tyd put his hand on a Pokedex, and another hand went for the same one and put the hand on Tyd's.

"Err..." Tyd looked up. Katie was looking right into his eyes. "You can have this one..." Tyd took his hand off the Pokedex and took another.

"Thanks, i was wondering, where are you heading?" She said smiling.

"Erm, i'm not sure. I think i'm gonna go to Veridian City and challenge the Gym Leader!" Tyd said, as Pichu jumped onto his back.

"Hehe, another Pokemon Master wanna-be! Well, is it okay if i travel with you, i wanna capture all mysterious Pokemon, and i think there's a forest full of Bug Pokemon around here somewhere!" She said, putting her Pokeballs into her bag.

"Sure, i'd love-I mean, it be great if you came along!" Tyd felt himself blushing.

"Okay trainers, thats all. You can begin your Pokemon Adventure! Once you catch more than six Pokemon, the Pokemon will get transfered here. You can switch Pokemon using the Pokedex. Good-luck!" Proffesor Jona showed them the door and out they went.

There was an eruption of applause as the trainers appeared. Tyd felt himself go red, Katie brushed past him and hugged what looked like her mum. Tyd looked for Papa Thommas. But he wasn't there...

Tyd squeezed through the applauding crowd and was once again on the road. Katie has just catched up with him, tears in her eyes.

"Wha...whats wrong?" Tyd asked, he wanted to put his arm round her.

"Oh...I'm SO UPSET!!!" She bursted into tears and hugged Tyd so tight. "I didn't think it would be this hard to leave, but it is! I don't wanna leave my family!" She cryed, tears soaking Tyd's already mucky t-shirt.


A cloud of smoke issued from the forest in front of them. Then, a thin pink line of light came out of the top and it turned thick and disappeared into the skies.

"What the? Katie, the forest! C'mon!" Tyd took her off him delicatly. She wiped the tears from her eyes and Tyd and her ran towards the forest.

The forest green was clouded with smoke. There were sounds of Pidgey's everywhere.

"I wonder what did this!?" Tyd said, jumping over a branch. "Wow!"

They had came to an opening. A huge crator was before them, smoke issuing from the sides. And, a shiny something was in the middle.

"Whats that?" Katie said, pointing to it. It became clearer to Tyd that it was some sort of shiny slate, markings could be seen.

"I dunno, I'll get it!" Tyd jumped into the crator. A funny feeling hit his body, a good feeling, and as he walked towards the shiny slate, the feeling became more good. Tyd lifted the slate up off the ground, and Tyd's body was surrounded by a pink glow.

"Arhh! What is this?" Tyd began to float. He couldn't move, the shiny slate still in his hands. The pink glow vanished and Tyd fell to the floor, clutching the slate.

"Tyd! Are you okay?" Katie ran into the crator looking worried. "What is that?" She said, her eyes on the slate. It glimmered beautifully. There was some sort of Pokemon engraved in it. It looked like a mouse, but Tyd couldn't tell.

"Wow! Tyd, do you know what this is?!!" Katie snatched the slate from Tyd. "It's a fossil, of...of...Mew!Oh my god, i can't believe this! This is what i've dreamed about forever! Mew! Oh my god!" Katie jumped up and down.

"Whats so good about Mew? Mew is a Pokemon?" Tyd said confused.

"Yes! One of the rarest in the world. It's a Physchic Pokemon, very powerful. I'd love to catch one of these...i wonder what it was doing in this forest." Katie handed Tyd the fossil of Mew to Tyd. "Keep it safe in your bag, it may be useful to us."

Tyd put the fossile in his bag, but was suddenly distracted by the skies. A glittering shine came from beneath a cloud and then, what could only be, a pink Pokemon, an Ancient Pokemon, a Mew! Tyd flipped his Pokedex open and a picture of the Pokemon appeared.

"No Pokedex entry. Mew has never been caught." It said in it's robotic voice.

Mew disappeared behind another cloud.

"Wow...it's so pritty..." Katie said, with her mouth open wide.

"Yeah...C'mon, lets get going. We need to make it to Veridian City by night else will have nowhere to sleep!C'mon Katie!" Tyd had to drag her away from the crator.

As they left, the pink Pokemon lingered at the crator to watch them go, un-noticed by Mew's presence,the Pokemon turned a pink glow and vanished into the air.

Tyd and Katie's Pokemon adventure begins to unfold, will they ever catch this rare Pokemon Mew? Will Tyd ever become a Pokemon Master? It's all in the next Pokemon!

End of Pokemon Saga: Sector I Episode/Chapter: 2

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Pokemon Saga: Sector I

Chapter/Episode: 3

Veridian Forest Flaw

As are two heroes adventure begins, it is off on a great start! Already they have encountered wonderful and beautiful things! Is this a sign of them become Pokemon Masters? Or could it be…

“Were lost.”

Are two heroes, Tyd and Katie, have entered the Veridian Forest- A forest full of bug Pokemon.

“Oh, don’t say that. I’m sure were near the exit.” Katie said, in an almost fake happy voice. Tyd was in such a state, his face badly bruised and cut, his clothes torn and…

“Urh…I’m sooo tired…I wanna go to sleep…I’m hungry...” Tyd let out like the words suffocated him. His belly gurgled rudely.

“Ewww, Tyd! That’s disgusting!” Katie cried.

“It’s not my fault we are stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no food or juice or clean clothes or nice things. Just green, green and more GREEN!” It was true, what Tyd had said, the Veridian Forest was fall of green vegetation. Trees and plants and bushes and vines and…

“You’re so…so…selfish you know!” Katie said. Tyd couldn’t believe his ears.

“Wha?” He said.

“Well, your always thinking of yourself, what about Pichu? I bet he’s hungry…and wants to go to a Pokemon Centre.” Katie said, slapping him on the head.

They were walking into a clearing when Tyd noticed a movement in a host of trees.

“Huh? Who’s there?” There was no reply. “Hello?”

“Aha! Pokemon Trainers!” A boy about the same size as Tyd, with a small cap and thick eye burrows appeared. “Are you lost?” He said in a mock baby voice.

“Err…yes! Do you know the way out?” Tyd said, putting his hands on his hips. He detected Katie by his side.

“I do, in fact, if you can beat me in a Pokemon Battle, I’ll show you the way!” He said, whipping out a Pokeball.

Tyd paused for a moment.

“But…Pichu…” Tyd whispered.

“Step aside Tyd! I’ll take this one!” Katie pushed Tyd out of the way.

“Heh, a girl Pokemon Trainer! This should be easy!” The trainer said. “Prepare to fall under the wrath of Kyle’s Bug Pokemon! GO, Weedle!” He swung the Pokeball and it hit in the middle of the clearing. The ball bounced and then exploded with red light. A small brown Pokemon appeared; it had silver spikes on its back.

“Grr, I choose you, Totodile!” Katie released a Pokeball from her waist and threw it into the middle. The Pokeball exploded in mid air, and the form of a blue crocodile appeared. The pokemon had red spikes on its back and huge nostrils.

“Weedle, Tackle Attack now!” The trainer ordered. Weedle rolled up into a ball and flung it’s self at Totodile. Totodile manage to dodge its attack, it prepared for the counter.

“Totodile, use Water Gun!” Katie pointed at the Weedle. Water filled up Totodile’s mouth, and then a stream of water blasted from its mouth and hit the Weedle. It looked as if the battle was over; Weedle had been drenched and hit to the floor. But Weedle was soon back up.

“Wha? How is that possible?” Katie said surprised.

“Weedle, Poison Sting attack!” Weedle rolled up into a ball once more; the spikes on its back issued white lasers beams which hit Totodile all over.

“Aha! Weedle, finish it off with Tackle Attack!” Kyle was about jumping. Weedle span into Totodile, knocking it to the ground which it then bounced back up and collided with a tree. Totodile was totalled.

“What? NO! Totodile, return!” She pointed the Pokeball at Totodile, and then a red laser sucked Totodile up.

“You should know girl, that Water Type Pokemon are weak against Bug Type Pokemon. That Water Gun attack was nothing to my Weedle. Return Weedle! Oh and seeing how you lost, good luck in finding your way out!” And he was off. He jumped into the trees and was out of sight.

“Well, way to go Katie!” Tyd said, clapping sarcastically.

“Shut up!” She snapped. She carried on walking ahead.

“Wait!” Tyd catched up.


At the top of the tallest tree, were a group of Pokemon Thieves.
“Ahahahahaha! Those Pokemon Trainers look weak, let’s steal there bags and give them to the boss!” Said a member of the X-Squad, who had orange messy hair.

“Good idea, you plant the ambush, and I’ll swipe there stuff!” Said another member of the X-Squad, who had black hair.

“Those trainers will know, never to mess with the X-Squad, us three will become the Boss’s favourite employees!” Said the final member, very small with red hair.

“Ahahahaahahahaahahahahaha!!!!!” They all laughed.

Back in the forest…

“Katie, can we rest, please…were going in circles I bet! This place looks familiar.” Tyd said, slumping onto a tree.

“That’s because everywhere looks familiar, it’s all green!” She shot back. She stopped and sat on a log.

“Hi!!! Hello! Are you lost? In a spot of bother?!” The member of the X-Squad with orange hair appeared.

“Err, whoa! Yeah we are! You know the way out?” Tyd got up in excitement.

“Yessy doo! Come this way!” The orange haired member walked quickly towards some trees.

“C’mon Katie!” Tyd got up and jogged after him. Katie felt suspicious and decided to trail behind.

“Hey, mister? Oh no, I think I’ve lost him!” Tyd said with disappointment. Suddenly, a huge net came down from the trees; it landed over Tyd and caught him.

“Ahahaha! Get ready!” Said the orange one!

“For the best Pokemon Thieves you’ll ever know!” Said the one with black hair.

“Striving to do is best in the Pokemon industry!” Said the one with red hair.

“Mike” Said the orange haired one.

“Kent” Said the black haired one.

“Levi!” Said the red haired one.

Tyd could not move. His hands were bounded so tight by the net, he couldn’t reach his bag.

“I’ll take that!” Said Kent, snatching the bag from Tyd.

“Ahaha, like taking candy from a baby!” Said Mike.

“Alright, scram X-Squad!” Said Levi.

“Not so fast! Give the bag back!” Shouted Katie, holding out a Pokeball. Tyd didn’t realise she had another Pokemon.

“Oow, he’s got himself a companion. Let’s see what’s in this bag?” Said Kent. He opened it and tipped it upside down. A Pokedex, a Pokeball, some glass bottles and the Fossil of Mew all fell out onto the floor.

“Wow! A fossil! The boss will be most impressed!” Said Levi, snatching it up. “And my my…it’s a Mew! An Ancient Pokemon! Tell me trainer, where did you get this?” She ordered.

“None of your business! Give it back!” Tyd shouted.

“Sorry, finder’s keepers!” Levi smiled. Tyd had gotten loose in the net, and made a grab for Pichu. He snatched up the Pokeball, and flung it on the ground.

“Go…Pichu!” Tyd coughed. The ball opened and Pichu appeared. Electric bolts were coming from Pichu’s red circles.

“Run! It’s gonna shoc-” Mike tried to say but it was too late. Pichu emitted a yellow glow from its body. Then a huge thunder bolt came from its two red circles and hit the X-squad.”

“Arhhh!!!!” Screamed the X-Squad. Levi dropped the Fossil and all three of them ran off into the forest.

“Pi! Pi!!” Pichu ran towards Tyd and slashed at the net with its small claws. The net came off and Tyd picked all his things up and deposited them into his bag.

“Thanks, Pichu! You did great!” Tyd said picking up Pichu.

“Pichu! Pi, pi!” Pichu smiled.

“You okay Tyd?” Katie asked, putting a hand on Tyd’s shoulder. Tyd was going to speak but decided not to. He just smiled and returned Pichu to its Pokeball.

Katie and Tyd began to walk through the forest once again, going in a blind direction.
“Hey! It’s the Pokemon Trainers! You wanna battle? If yah win i'll show you the way out!” It was Kyle. He immerged from a tree and surprised Katie, who leaped back.

“Err…no thanks.” Katie said looking dismay.

“Go on Katie, you have another Pokemon right? Use that!” Tyd said pushing her forwards.

“I don’t have another Pokemon that was just to scare the X-Squad!” Katie said looking at her feet.

“Oh…” Tyd paused. “I’ll battle!” Tyd reached for Pichu’s Pokeball and pulled it out of his bag.

“Hehe, okay then!” Kyle said, pulling out a Pokeball. “Go, Caterpie!” This time, a small caterpillar like Pokemon appeared, almost camouflaged with the surroundings!

“Go, Pichu!” Tyd flung the Pokeball into the air, it bounced once and Pichu appeared!

“Caterpie, String Shot!” Caterpie sent a web like string at Pichu!

“Urh, Pichu, double team!” Pichu duplicated itself and the string shot missed. “Thunder shock it now!” Pichu jumped into the air, high above Caterpie!

“PiiiiiChhuuU!!!!” Pichu screamed and a thunder bolt repelled from Pichu’s red circles and shocked the Caterpie. The Caterpie rolled over in pain.

“Pichu, finish it off with Tackle Attack!” Tyd ordered. Pichu charged at the helpless Caterpie and sent it flying!

“Yeah! We won!” Tyd jumped into the air, Katie let out a silent yeah and Pichu ran to Tyd’s arms! “We did it Pichu! Were the best! We can win anybody!!”

“Oh boy…” Katie said.

“Well, I guess that means I show you the way out. Return Caterpie!” Kyle led them into the forest. Tyd let Pichu by his side, and Tyd was congratulating Pichu on its victory. Soon enough, they had emerged out of the trees and the sunlight hit them. Before them, was a small city, with busy, hard working people doing there dailies.

“There you go, and good-luck in becoming a Pokemon Master Tyd. See yah Katie!” Kyle waved them off as are two heroes’s stepped that little bit closer into their adventure. Find out what happens next, in the next Pokemon!

End of Pokemon Saga: Sector I Episode/Chapter: 3

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Pokemon Master
05-27-2004, 06:31 PM
Pokemon Saga: Sector I

Episode/Chapter: 4

The First Challenge!

Are Pokemon Heroes travel towards Veridian City- still with a smile on their faces.

“So, Katie…tell me more about you?” Tyd asked, his bag swinging on his shoulder, his t-shirt ripped down the sleeve and his blue hair undiscovered under the blue baseball-cap.

“Urmm...what’s there to know? I mean, I grew up in Pallet Town- just like you, my Mum and Dad work at the Laboratory with Professor Jona. I have no sisters or brothers. I got into Pokemon when my parents had to rescue some irresponsible boy from the wild, they had to fight off a Ratacate and it inspired me to become a trainer…well not a trainer- more of a Pokemon Collector. Battling is not my thing…” She said, her beautiful blond hair flowing behind her. “What about you?”

“Wha?” Tyd stopped walking.

“Well, let’s here some about you?” She said as though this was obvious.

“Erm…well, there’s not much to know…I grew up in Pallet Town with my Grandfather, I hate him though.” Tyd paused. “He hates me too!” Tyd added quickly because Katie’s face went into a sort of how-dare-you-say-that expression.

“I’m sure he doesn’t…what happened to your parents?”

“Oh…well. I’m not too sure. You see, when I was a kid, 2 or 3- I can’t remember, my parents were lost in an accident. They were travelling to Mount Kyroill, with other Archaeologists, and they stumbled across something- again I’m not too sure. The other Archaeologists say that it was some powerful Pokemon, they all fled before the Pokemon could attack them…but for some reason, my Mum and Dad stayed behind…or were killed- most likely.” Tyd finished. He began to walk, leaving Katie behind.

“Oh…Tyd, that’s so sad. I really feel for you!” She said, catching up with him. They were walking on the dusty road to Veridian City, they could see the town from where they were.

They reached the city; tired, hurt, weak, hungry and thirsty. Tyd pulled off his bag and dumped it on the floor. Katie scratched arm, and they both stood there staring at the Veridian City. There were houses all around it, just like Pallet Town. There were neat gardens at every house, some with a fence or brick wall around them. There was also something which caught the two trainer’s eyes.

“Pokemon Centre!” Tyd yelled! His eyes wide and gleaming, he picked up his bag and charged towards it. Katie ran after him, in the trail of dust which had been left behind by Tyd.

The Pokemon Centre had a round roof with a huge Pokeball on the top of it. The doors were steamed glass and its walls were a mucky yellow. Tyd stepped forward and the doors to the Centre opened.

“Hello, welcome to the Pokemon Centre. Please enjoy your stay. For assistance, please ask the registrar!” A cute, girly voice echoed out a speaker- hidden in the ceiling. The room was filled with chairs and tables, at the end was a desk and tall woman in pink sat there, polishing her nails. The smell was a nice clean smell of a polish or disinfecting.

“Aww, it’s so clean and nice!” Katie sprang in through the doors.

“Who cares, c’mon, to the registrar!” Tyd walked up to the front desk. The pink woman quickly brushed her nail varnish and other tools under the desk. Her face was a happy, energetic one. Her eyes were a sweet blue, and her red hair was in a bun with two ribbons at the end.

“Hello trainers, welcome to the Pokemon Centre. How may I help you?” She greeted them.

“Erm, hi…could you heal are Pokemon and maybe, do you have a room or something for us to stay in. Were in a real state, and some food would be nice!” Tyd said, smiling cheesy.

“Urh, Tyd! Don’t be so rude!” Katie said, pushing him aside. The woman smiled, and put a tray on the desk.

“It’s okay, here at the Pokemon City we provide trainers with rooms for the night, with food and bathing rooms. You can get some of the clothes as well we have here! Please deposit your Pokemon onto the tray, they’ll be returned to you tonight.” She turned around and took a key from under the desk. “Your room number is: 2#. Enjoy your stay at Veridian City Pokemon Centre!” She smiled and bowed. The tray was whisked away, and the woman disappeared.

“Well, she was nice!” Katie announced.

“Nice? Are you stupid? She amazing! Go her! C’mon, lets go get changed!” Tyd raced towards an exit but Katie pulled him back by his collar.

“Wait a minute, mister-o-great-master-of-Pokemon! You should really go check out the Pokemon Gym! That’s what we came here for?” Katie said. Tyd stood still, then said:

“Okay, fine, first to the gym!” Tyd was thinking straight away of what type of Pokemon the gym leader would use. If he/she used water Pokemon, Tyd was in with a chance.

They headed out of the Pokemon Centre-Pokemonless. They headed deeper into the city, passing a few gardens which Katie stood for a few moments and adored the Pokemon Gnomes.

Though, in other parts of town-

“Grr, I can’t believe that pip-squeak defeated us!” Said Mike, the orange haired one.

“I know, but that fossil is extremely rare!” Said Kent, the black haired one.

“Yes, let’s try again and steal it. I’ve got the perfect plan!” Said Levi, the red haired one.

Back with are trainers…

“You see Tyd, you need eight badges to be a contender of the Pokemon League. You then fight four battles, and if you win all four, you get to go into the top eight. There you’ll battle for first place.” Katie was explaining the Pokemon League to Tyd.

“Oh…hmm…I bet me and Pichu can do anything though! Did you see what we did to that X-Squad team? Did yah?” Tyd said, leaning over Katie.

“Yes, for the hundredth time. I wonder who those guys were…” And at that…

“Ahahaha! Get ready!” Said Mike.

“For the best Pokemon Thieves you’ll ever know!” Said Kent.

“Striving to do is best in the Pokemon industry!” Said Levi.




Tyd and Katie prepared themselves.

“Gonna battle us?” Said Mike. Tyd reached for his Pokeball but- He had given them into be healed!

“Ahaha, that’s right! Surrender your bag now!” Said Kent raising his Pokeball.

“C’mon kid, don’t be stupid!” Levi insisted.

“Grrr, never!” Tyd shouted. There were people watching now, a little crowd formed a circle.
“C’mon, go Beedril!” Shouted Mike. His threw his Pokeball into the middle, and it bounced on the concrete floor and out popped the yellow wasp Tyd was so familiar with.

“Urh! That’s not fair, we have no Pokemon!” Katie pleaded.

“We know! Go Voltorb!” Shouted Kent. He threw his Pokeball which exploded into red light seconds from him letting go. A Pokemon, which looked like a Pokeball, floated in the air.

“Go Krabby” Roared Levi. Her red her flicked and then the Pokeball rose out of her hand and exploded into red light. A small crab, with tiny legs moved towards the other three.

“Hand the bag over!” Shouted Mike.

“Never!!!” Tyd shouted back.

“Grr, Beedril, Quick Attack that trainer!” Mike ordered. Tyd gasped and the Beedril shot straight at Tyd, then the Beedrill turned streamlined and like a dart, aimed for Tyd’s head.

The Beedrill was knocked out! A small fireball came into contact with its body and the Beedrill fainted. Tyd turned to look to where the fireball had came from, and a man, with brown hair and brown eyes appeared in the crowd.

“Leave these kids alone, X-Squad! Yeah, we know about you scumbags!” The man shouted. He had a Charmander by his side, mouth filled with fire.

“Urh! You may have won this one trainer, but will get that fossil if it’s the last thing we do!” Levi screamed. All three members of the X-Squad sprinted up an alley, climbed onto a dustbin and jumped into a garden.

“Wow, thanks!” Tyd ran over to the man to congratulate him. The crowd around were smiling and began to dissemble.

“No problem kiddo. Why were they bothering you?” He asked curiously.

“Erm…we have a rare artifact, they want to steal it.” Tyd said in a protective way.

“Hmm, I’m a Pokemon researcher. My name is Ginda, I work at the Veridian City Museum. Maybe you could drop by one day?” He said, kneeling to Tyd’s height.

“Err, sure!” Tyd thanked him again and returned to Katie.

“Who was he?” She asked.

“Some researcher. Will go see him tomorrow, might find some information about this fossil. I wonder why those guys want it.” Tyd clinched his bag.

“I told you Tyd, it’s a vary rare fossil. Mew has never been captured before, and we saw it and found this!” She reminded him. “Look! The Gym!” Katie pointed to a tall building with dusty windows, a sign was at the top, and it read: Pokemon Gym Owned by Kerin Shrotted.

“Wow! Let’s check it out!” Tyd ran inside the building through a creaky wooden door. Inside was very dark, but straight away, Tyd could see a huge arena, surrounded by rows of seats.

“Hello” Said a spooky voice behind him. Katie entered, looking a bit scared. Tyd turned around and saw a bolded man, much like his grandfather, who had a walking stick.

“Hi, I’m Tyd Tryble. I was wondering, what type of Pokemon this gym uses?” Tyd asked.

“Hi Tyd, I’m the gym leader, and I use Rock Type Pokemon.” He said. Tyd’s heart sank, his Pokemon Pichu would have no affect on Rock Type Pokemon.

Pokemon Master
05-27-2004, 06:31 PM

“Tyd! Watch your mouth!” Katie hit him. Tyd was going to retaliate…but thought it be wise not to.

“You wish to challenge me?” Kerin Said.

“Err…yes…but my Pokemon are in the Pokemon Centre.” Tyd said sulkily.

“Arh…well, I’ll be here all night and tomorrow.” He said, smiling.

And at that, Tyd and Katie made there way back to the Pokemon Centre. The woman, Nurse Joy, had brought the Pokemon back and Katie was settling down to bed when Tyd asked:

“How can I win Kerin with an Electric Pokemon?”

“Well, there’s lots of way. Here, a tip, use Normal Moves. Electric moves will have no effect to Rock Pokemon. Normal moves can sometimes win Pokemon, no matter what type the Pokemon is.” Katie yawned and put her head on the pillow.

Tyd put his head to his pillow, turned the light off and began to dream about a strategy to beat his first challenge of become a Pokemon Master.

The morning sun awoke both trainers, Katie was first up, and Tyd noticed her nightgown was very nice.

“Get up…ohhhh….sleepy head” She said, tapping him on the head. “Gosh, you need to get a haircut!”

“Shut up…I need no haircut!” Tyd replied, stretching then falling out the side of his bed. Katie giggled, which Tyd chucked a shoe at her.

“Watch it!” She said seriously.

They were soon dressed and outside the Gym again.
“You all ready?” Katie asked Tyd. Tyd was very nervous, his arm shaking.

“Yeah.” He squeaked.

“Got a plan?”

“Yeah.” He squeaked again. They both walked into the building, the door again creaking.

“Hello!” A voice echoed across the arena. Kerin was on the other side of the Arena, looking as though he was waiting for Tyd. “Back to challenge?”

“Yeah!” Tyd said more confident. Katie patted him on the back and took a seat.

“You’re allowed to use one Pokemon, if you win I’ll give you a Stone Badge!” Kerin Declared. “Are you ready? Go Geodude!” Kevin roared, a Pokeball was released from his hand, it spun into the arena and then finally exploded to reveal a ball like Pokemon. It was made out of what looked like stone, it had arms but no legs. It hovered above the ground.

“See him off, Go Pichu!” Tyd shouted. He threw the ball with his left hand, it span and exploded in the air, Pichu appeared, ready for battle.

“Hah, electric Pokemon will have no chance against Geodude!” Kerin laughed. “Geodude, stone roll!”

“Pichu, jump!”

Pichu successfully jumped over the rolling Geodude.

“Pichu, attack with Quick Attack!” Tyd was beginning to sweat. Pichu flew at Geodude, bashing it in the face with a fist.

“Geodude, Defence Cruel!” Kevin sounded worried. Geodude turned blue for a few seconds.

“Pichu, show him your agility!”

Pichu rushed in circles around Geodude, Geodude followed it and was soon spinning in circles as well.

“Okay Pichu, use Tackle attack!” Tyd leaned into the Arena.

Pichu thundered into Geodude, Geodude was sent flying into the Arena wall. Geodude was totaled.

“Oh right!! WE WON! PICHU!! YAY!!” Tyd screamed, he ran into the Arena and grabbed Pichu and swung him around. Pichu smiled!

“Tyd! You did it!” Katie came running in, she grabbed Tyd by the neck, Pichu jumped off, and she hugged Tyd. Kevin came down into the Arena, smiling.

“Well done, Tyd. You must be a great Pokemon trainer to defeat a rock Pokemon with an electric.” He said, holding out his hand. “The Stone badge is yours!”

“Wow! Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without Katie’s tips though, thanks a lot!” Tyd said and hugged her back. The Stone badge glimmered, and was put into Tyd’s pocket.

Tyd has got his first Pokemon Gym Badge! He is off to a thriving start, what new Pokemon adventures await him? Will he get his next badge? It’s all in the next Pokemon!

End of Pokemon Saga: Sector 1 Episode/Chapter: 4

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Pokemon Master
05-29-2004, 12:24 AM
Pokemon Saga: Sector I

Episode/Chapter: 5

And then there was three!

After Tyd left the Veridian Gym victorious, there was not much more for our heroes to do. So, they begin to leave for their next destination…

The sun was shining hard on Tyd and Katie’s backs; they walked past the Veridian Gym and past a row of shops. Tyd and Katie had thought of going up to Mount Moon and Katie wanted to start catching some rare Pokemon.

“You? You’re that loser who captured a Pokemon?” A nasty, familiar voice came to ear.

“Huh? Jake! What?” Tyd turned around to see that Jake Fower had the shiny badge Tyd had. The Stone Badge. His jet black hair was nearly coming over his squinty eyes.

“Hah, I got my first badge easy, this Gym is weak!” He said confident.

“I got the badge as well!” Tyd pulled out of his pocket a shiny star with the letters S T O N E engraved in it.

“And? This Gym is nothing; I hope there is more of a challenge in the next one! Anyway loser, I’m out of here! Oh-by the way, I’ve got ten Pokemon, how much you got?” Jake said smirking, almost knowing Tyd had only one.

“Err…” Tyd struggled to find words. Jake however didn’t wait for him; he brushed past him and Katie and made his way into an open field.

“He’s an…an…idiot.” Katie said firmly. Tyd didn’t reply.

They were about to go out into the same field of what Jake went into when Tyd remembered! To his left, was another abandon looking building. Windows boarded up, the brick colour a mucky green.

“Katie, you know that Ginda? The guy who helped us from those X-Squad guys?” He said.

“Oh yeah! Let’s go see him! He might be able to help us with the fossil!” Katie said brightly.

They walked slowly to the museum, unsure if they should use the front door or not- it looked very unsafe. It was on one hinge and huge splinters were splitting from its front.

Tyd went first, pulled the door open and stepped inside. Shortly followed by Katie, they looked around. The place was a dusty big laboratory room. Tables everywhere with glass bottles and microscopes. There was also Pokemon Transferor; it had a bowl like base where a Pokeball could be put, then a little vent which was where the Pokeball would be transported.

“Hello?” Katie’s voice echoed throughout the room. There was no reply. They tiptoed across the room, looking at various components.

“Do you think we should be here?” Tyd asked Katie.

“Hey! Tyd, right?” Ginda said, before Katie could reply. He popped up from behind a wall. His brown hair and brown eyes looked exactly the same as when Tyd saw him at the battle between him and X-Squad. “Sorry to alert you.” He said looking at Katie’s terrified face. “Did you bring that fossil?”

“Yeah, it’s in my bag. What are you going to do with it?” Tyd asked pulling his bag off and pulling out the small shiny fossil.

“Arh! It’s so…pretty! I’ll just run some tests, see if it’s got any DNA samples on it.” Ginda took the fossil from Tyd, placed it under a microscope and started examining it.
“Where did you say you found it?” He asked without looking up.

“Oh, erm, in Veridian Forest. We saw some explosion in the forest and we ran to find out what it was. When we got there we saw a huge crater, inside it was this fossil. Then, we saw it.” Tyd said, looking at Katie.

“Saw what?” Ginda replied looking up.


“Hah, yeah right!”

“No! Really we did! We saw it above us; it was like a pink mouse.” Tyd said encouraging Katie to back him up.

“Urh, that’s hard to believe. Mew is very rare, only few people have seen it and they are extremely talented trainers/pokemon researchers who have seen it. It’s pretty hard to imagine, that a rookie trainer has an encounter with Mew. Woa, that’s interesting!” Ginda had returned to the Microscope.

He got out a notepad and wrote some notes down. He swiped the fossil from under the microscope and put some see-through paper on it.

“What is?” Tyd asked, moving closer to Ginda, trying to catch a look at what he was doing.

“It seems that there is a bit of Mew’s DNA on this fossil. Unless it’s yours…” Ginda put the see-through paper into a machine and on an old keyboard he typed away. “I’m searching on my Pokemon DNA Files to see if it- HOLY! It is! This is Mew DNA!” His head bounced up and down.

“I told you, we really did see Mew!” Tyd said, taking the fossil back. He looked at it in his hand. The strange Pokemon was comforting to look at. “What should I do with it?”

“Well, I suggest you keep it safe. If it really is Mew’s, I think, I think it may have left it there for you. It may want you to guard it, protect it or maybe even create another Mew with the DNA!” Ginda’s eyes widened.

Tyd put the fossil in his bag; Katie was now looking at a poster on a wall. Tyd walked over to her, the poster showed a brown Pokemon. It was underground, it’s small black eyes with excited.

“That’s a Diglet, not many around here in Veridian…” Ginda said watching the two.

“Hmm…I wanna catch that Pokemon.” Katie said in a dreamy voice.

“Why? It’s pretty ugly I think…” Tyd said turning his nose up at it.

“It is not! It’s sooo cute!” Katie pulled the poster off the wall. “Can I have it?” She asked Ginda.

“Sure, take it.”

In a split second, thousands of glass bottled shattered. The glass spewed all over the floor, some bits were flicked at Tyd and Katie. Ginda looked alert, turned around, to find…

“Ahahaha! Get ready!” Said Mike.

“For the best Pokemon Thieves you’ll ever know!” Said Kent.

“Striving to do is best in the Pokemon industry!” Said Levi.




Tyd pulled out his Pokeball.

“Don’t you guys ever learn?” Tyd threw his Pokeball across the room at the X-Squad. Pichu was revealed, static electricity was coming off its two red circles.

“Grrr! We will never let a child like you embarrass X-Squad Members! You shall pay!” Said Mike, pulling out his Pokeball.

“Hand over that fossil boy!” Levi demanded, throwing her Pokeball across the room. Krabby emerged shortly followed by Mike’s Beedril.

“Urgh! Come and get some X-Squad!” Tyd paused. “Pichu, thundershock that puny Krabby!”

Pichu jumped into the air, turned into a yellow glowing light and then a huge bolt of lighting hit krabby on its head. The krabby fainted, rolling onto its sides.

“Beedril, razor leaf attack!” A split second from when Mike sent his command, the Beedril sent a wave of razor sharp leaves at Pichu, blinding everyone’s view in the room. Tyd was forced to duck under the table, shortly joined by Katie and Ginda.

“Alright Beedril, Sleeping Powder!” Mike’s voice was lazy. Tyd could hear the buzzing Beedril above the table he was under. A sweet scent was whisked over them. It was very soothing, and Tyd felt himself collapse into sleep.

Tyd woke up to find Ginda on top of him.

“Hey! Get OFF ME!” Tyd shouted.

Ginda awaked with a start, his eyes wide and scared. Katie was still asleep, lying with her arms over her head.

“Katie…get up!” Tyd pushed Katie over and she awoke, her eyes in a daze.

“What happ-happened?” She yawned.

“I’m not sure…that Beedril must have put Sleeping Powder on us!” Ginda told them.

Tyd was looking around for something, he couldn’t find it though.

“My bag? Where is my bag?” He shouted at them. He looked some more, and found it near a broken window. Tyd let out a sigh of relief, then went over to it. He checked to see everything was in it.

“Pichu, Pokeballs, Pokedex, Antidotes…yeah everyth-Wait! The fossil! It’s gone! Where’s the fossil?” Tyd whipped around looking in every direction.

“I think X-Squad…” Katie began.

“Yeah! It’s them! They’ve stolen the fossil! We have to get it back!” Tyd sprinted to the doors but was grabbed by the neck by Katie.

She had her hands on her hips.

“You can’t just go after them, you don’t know where they’ve gone. Let’s go to Veridian Police Station and ask them for help, Tyd.”

“URH! HOW COULD WE LET THIS HAPPEN?” He roared. He grabbed hold of Katie and pushed her towards the doors. “C’mon! We need to hurry up then!”

“Wait a minute!” Ginda called after them. “Is it okay if I join you guys on your adventure? I was going to travel the world of Pokemon anyway for my research but I’d be grateful if I could come with you guys!” He said, smiling faintly.

“How could we say no?” Katie smiled back.

“That’s great! Let me just get my bag and information.” Ginda ran over to a corner of the room, the glass crunched underneath his feet. He lifted up a big bag pack, complete with several zipped pockets. “C’mon then! I’ll show you to the station!”

And at that, are three heroes made there way to the Pokemon Police Station! Will are heroes get that rare Mew fossil back? It’s all in the next Pokemon!

End of Pokemon Saga: Sector I :Episode/Chapter: 5

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Pokemon Master
05-30-2004, 11:23 AM
Episode/Chapter: 6

The Underground Pokemon!

In fear of losing their most pride possession, are heroes have alerted Veridian City Police Station to be on the look out for one orange haired, black haired and red haired squad of thieves.

“I’m sorry, but there is nothing we can do at the moment. You’ll have to wait for one of are rangers to see if they report anything.” Officer Jenny told them. She was wearing a blue Policewoman outfit, which concluded of: A blue cap, a blue t-shirt and blue leather jeans.

The Veridian Police Station was a huge center. In the center was a fountain of water; a Pokeball had water sprouting out of it’s top. There were glass windows all over, big white beams cascading over the whole room.

Tyd, Katie and Ginda were all at the front reception desk, asking for help.

“There must be something we can do!” Tyd yelled. Other people in the center were looking around at them as if they were being arrested for a crime.

“All you can do is go and search for them, like are rangers.” Officer Jenny leaned over the reception desk and looked down at Tyd. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get your artifact back.”

Tyd looked at his feet, then at Katie.

“I can’t sit around here then, I’m going to look for them!” Tyd took a few steps back and turned to the exit.

“Hey Tyd!” Katie came running up to Tyd, shortly followed by Ginda. “Don’t think your leaving us here, were coming as well!” She announced.

“Yeah, plus, it could be dangerous and with a three on three it should be pretty equal.” Ginda said, putting his foot in front of Tyd’s.

Tyd nodded and they walked out of the station. They started to walk across to the Pokemon Center when the Police Station doors opened with a bang.

“Hey! Tyd, we’ve got a sighting of them near Mount Moon!” Officer Jenny came out, in her left hand was a phone and in the other was a cup of hot coffee. Tyd, Katie and Ginda all looked at each other.

“Mount Moon, I haven’t been there in a while…I heard it was closed off.” Ginda paused, studying the floor. “I guess I could take you there, my memory is a bit rusty though…”

Tyd didn’t care, at least doing something was important. Ginda began to run towards a road, which leads into a miniature field, Tyd followed and Katie thanked Officer Jenny and followed. Soon, they were all sprinting towards a rocky mountain. It could be seen over a line of trees. The rock was a golden orange colour, it looked slightly like sponge. Ginda had leaded them through a field with huge rocks sticking out of the ground. Then they turned into what looked like the entrance of Mount Moon. A huge dark cave was before them. The cave entrance had tape criss-crossing it, and then a wooden sign, which had been carelessly stuck in the ground. It read: Mount Moon – OFF LIMITS.

Ginda began to climb under the tape when a familiar voice could be heard.

“Hahahahahahaha, the boss is going to be soooo pleased!”

“That’s right! C’mon open the entrance and let’s get out of here…cops are swarming this place.”

Tyd ran over to a cliff and saw the X-Squad with chains in there hands. The chains were attached to a wall and the X-Squad was pulling hard on them.

Katie ran over to Tyd and Ginda realizing that the X-Squad were not in the cave, came over too.

“C’mon, let’s get um!” Tyd was just about to leap off the cliff when Katie grabbed him by the scruff of the neck.

“Wait Tyd, let’s sneak up on them and do this. When they least expect it…” She said, pulling over.

“They are least expecting it!” Tyd released himself from Katie and jumped off the cliff.

“Tyd!” Katie screamed.

“Huh? The kid!” Mike said, he pulled hard on the chains and the wall came down.

“What the hell do you think your doing? Get lost!” Levi said walking through the entrance of another cave, which was where the wall had been.

“Pichu Go!” Tyd threw his Pokeball at Levi, it hit her on the head and then bounced off, Pichu came out.

“Grr, go Krabby!” She sent her Pokeball at Tyd, but it exploded with red light in mid-air revealing the weak pathetic Krabby.

“Hand over the fossil, X-Squad!” Katie said, she joined Tyd with Ginda.

“The fossil? Heh, this beauty is ours! Krabby, Pincer Attack Now!” Levi commanded. The little Krabby ran at Pichu, it’s claw raised and slashed at Pichu. Pichu fell backwards and fainted at Tyd’s feet.

“Urh! Pichu!” Tyd picked Pichu up to care for it. Pichu’s eyes were closed and Tyd felt vibrations coming from it’s two red circles.

“Weak runt…let’s get out of here!” Kent said, running into the cave. The X-Squad vanished into the cave.

Tyd returned Pichu, he felt bad for losing to a bunch of thieves.

“C’mon Tyd, then! Let’s go after them!” Katie walked into the cave, motioning with her hand for Tyd to follow.

“Give Pichu this, Tyd.” Ginda handed Tyd a bottle of purple liquid. “This will nurse it back to health.”

Tyd took the bottle and pressed a miniature button on the side of the Pokeball. A small tube appeared and Tyd placed some liquid in it. He then pressed the button again and the tube was withdrawn into the Pokeball.

Katie had disappeared into the cave, Tyd and Ginda ran in after her.

It was completely pitch black. Tyd could see nothing. He walked blindly into the dark. He stretched out his hands and felt a wall.

“Hey? Ginda? Katie?” Tyd shouted.

“Go Charmander!” Ginda’s voice echoed in the cave. Red light illuminated it and a small red lizard/dinosaur Pokemon appeared. A flame sprouted on its tail, which lit the cave up.

“Wow!” Tyd flipped out his Pokedex.

“Charmander-The flame at the tip of its tail makes a sound as it burns. You can only hear it in quiet places. This Pokemon uses “Fire” abilities” The robotic voice said aloud.

“Charamander is my only Fire Pokemon. It was my brother’s but he gave me it when…when he went away…o-on holiday.” Ginda said very un-convincing.

“Where’s Katie?” Tyd looked around and all he could see was orange rock spikes and huge openings. “Huh? What’s that noise?”

Ginda and Tyd listened. There was no noise, just silence.

“I can’t hear any-” Ginda began but was cut off.

“Diglet Dig! Diglet Dig! Diglet Diglet Diglet!” A cute voice came from a small opening. Tyd and Ginda ran over to it. They found Katie, who was watching a bunch on Brown Bold headed Pokemon, which were digging up into the ground.

“Katie…what are these?” Tyd began to open his Pokedex but Katie slammed it shut.

“The noise will scare them! These are Diglet, a ground Pokemon. There sooo cute!” She said whispering.

Tyd remembered the posted of the Diglet now.

“I’m gonna catch one!” Katie called. She pulled a Pokeball from her waist and threw it at the Diglet. The ball hit one on the head and sucked it up. It rolled…1…2…- The ball sprang open and the Diglet was freed. “Damn!” Katie said in frustration. The Diglet began to run away underground. “Don’t go! Please don’t go!” Katie called after them, but the last Diglet had Duggan into the ground. There was a silence then Tyd said:

“You need to weaken the Pokemon first!”

“Urhg…shut up!” Katie was really annoyed and began walking back to cave they came from. Tyd shrugged and followed her. Ginda followed.

“Charmander…Char Char!” The fiery Pokemon lit the way for the three. Katie went one way, then another. Tyd didn’t think she knew where she was going, but they hadn’t come to a dead end…yet.

“Listen…” Katie said.

“Diglet! Diiiiggggleeeetttttt!” It sounded like the Pokemon Diglet was being tortured. All three of them ran towards where the sound came from. They came to a sector of the cave, which was already lit. The X-squad had a bunch of Diglet in a net, they were all trying to break free.

“You! Leave those Pokemon alone!” Katie demanded. She ran forwards at them. She stopped so suddenly she almost broke her leg. Voltorb was threatening to Self-Destruct.

“Don’t try anything or I’ll blow you away” Kent said, beaming his dark eyes at her.

“Diglet! DIGGGGLEEEETT!” The Diglet suddenly went crazy and one of them produced some sort of dig attack. It went wild and started scratching at the net. It broke the net in seconds and freed all the other Diglet.

“Go Totodile!” Katie threw her Pokeball to where the Voltorb was.

“I choose you, Pichu!” Tyd slung his Pokeball too.

“Charmander, your up!” Ginda pointed, and the orange lizard jumped over to the Diglet.


“Dile!Dile Dile!”

“Char! Charmander”

“Hand over the fossil now X-Squad!” Katie said, behind all the Pokemon who were facing the three members and Voltorb.

“You want it? Come and get it!” Mike said. And he wished he hadn’t. Pichu, Charmander, Totodile and about ten Diglet’s all charged at the X-Squad.

“Runnnn!” Levi shouted.

“Take it! Take it!” Kent flung the fossil at Tyd, who caught it at his chest.

“Grrr! Will get you for this!” Said Mike, who was now running off into the cave. The members all disappeared.

Pokemon Master
05-30-2004, 11:23 AM
“Alright! We got it back!” Tyd span around in joy. He was suddenly distracted…

“Pokeball, GO!” Katie once again flung a Pokeball at a Diglet. The ball hit it on the head and sucked it up. It rolled on the floor…1…2…3. Diglet was caught.

“YeahhhH! I did it, I caught Diglet!” Katie picked the Pokeball up and put it above her head.

“Diglet, Dig Dig!” The Diglet all seemed to smile and began digging, but this time, they dug so it left a trail of earth.

“Huh? I think the Diglet want us to follow them!” Ginda said…he ran after the trail. Charmander followed, and so did Tyd, Katie, Pichu and Totodile.

The cave around them seemed to get lighter and lighter as they ran. Tyd could see an entrance, Ginda was already there. When Tyd got there, he saw a huge blue stream, stretched across an area of green.

“The Diglet must have been leading us out of here.” Ginda said, he began walking down to the stream.

Katie followed him with Totodile in her arms…she mumbled something to it:

“Wanna go swim in the water, Totodilly”

And so are Pokemon Heroes get their rare fossil back! Katie will be ever so pleased with her new Pokemon…or will she? It’s all on the next Pokemon!

End of Pokemon Saga: Sector I Episode/Chapter: 6

Pokemon Master
05-31-2004, 06:51 PM
Episode/Chapter 7

Attack Of The Poli-Thieves!

Today, are heroes are relaxing at Poolio Waters. With the ancient fossil back, Tyd begins to focus his mind on his next badge!

Tyd was sitting on the edge a silver rock, his feet in the casual warm water of Poolio Waters. He had his Stone badge out, cleaning it with a piece of cloth. He wondered where he would get his next badge- a trainer needed eight Gym badges to enter in the Pokemon League.

Pichu was riding Totodile across the lake, sometimes shocking Totodile for trying to tip him off. Katie and Ginda were mixing up potions on a patch of dried up grass.

“No, add the green liquid, it will stop Poison!” Ginda was telling Katie.

“No, silly, adding the red liquid will cure burns!” She said as she pulled the glass bottle off Ginda.

“You’re going to ruin it!” Ginda pulled it off Katie.

“NO! YOU ARE!” Katie snatched it back.

“NO! YOU ARE!” Ginda grabbed it but Katie holded on it.

“GIVE ME IT!” Katie pulled hard, her face going red.

“NOOOO!!!” Ginda was loosing it.

“Grr, there’s only one way to settle this!” Katie took the bottle and placed it on the side by a rock. “I challenge you to a battle!” She said, pulling out a Pokeball from her belt round her waist.

Totodile looked up, but Katie waved him off.

“Fine!” Ginda pulled out a Pokeball from his bag. “Go Nidoran!” Ginda threw his Pokeball, it bounced up off the dried up grass and it exploded. A female Nidoran appeared, small spikes on its back and a turned up nose.

“Alright, go Diglet!” Katie slung her Pokeball and it exploded before it hit the ground. The brown Pokemon sunk into the ground, leaving its head exposed.

“Alright Nidoran, scratch attack that Diglet!” Ginda yelled, the Nidoran began to run towards Diglet and then ran into a sprint, holded out its claw and scratched the Diglet on its face. Diglet burrowed under the ground.
“Diglet, come back out! Tackle Nidoran!” Katie said aloud, looking around for Diglet. Diglet, however did not come back out. “Diglet! DIGLET!!” Katie yelled.

“Heh, I think it’s scared!” Ginda smirked and folded his arms. Nidoran sat down and began to scratch itself. There was a sudden mini earthquake and Diglet drilled up underneath Nidoran. Nidoran went flying into the air and then landed with a thud.

“Diglet! Nice move, but that wasn’t the one-” Katie was shocked to see that Diglet was charging towards the stream. “Diglet Return!” She aimed the Pokeball at Diglet and it was sucked up before it could reach the stream. Katie sounded worried.

She looked down at the Pokeball. Could Diglet be not obeying her? Was it because she was not a good enough trainer? All these questions were racing through her mind.

“It seems Diglet isn’t obeying its trainer. I think it thinks you’re not a good enough trainer.” Even Ginda felt the same way. “Anyways, I guess you won. Here, take the-What?” Ginda turned to the rock where the Potion was. It was gone! Ginda scanned the area looking it.

Totodile began to yelp, Pichu was unsure what was happening to it. Pichu jumped off Totodile and onto the side. Pichu watched Totodile struggle. Tyd’s attention was drawn to Totodile.

“Huh? Katie! Look, Totodile!” Tyd yelled across the lake. Katie ran across to Totodile and was about to jump into the lake when Totodile went under. A few bubbles came up and then nothing. All of them; Tyd, Katie, Ginda and Pichu all stood and watched the water. It remained still and undisturbed.

Tyd jumped off the stone and walked over to where Totodile has perished. Pichu put a toe in the water, ripples faded off into its main. Tyd grabbed hold of Pichu, thinking it would follow Totodile.

“Totodile…where is he?” Katie walked over to Pichu. Pichu just shrugged. Ginda let out an ‘Hmmm’ and started looking back from the dried patch of grass to the water.

“Two things gone in the same…same…minute? I think something strange is going on here…” Ginda touched the water as Pichu did.

“But, not X-Squad?” Tyd said. Katie sat on the floor, face in her hands.

“No. I don’t think there capable of doing this. I mean, Totodile looked as if it were being dragged under by…by something. And that potion went without us knowing a thing and plus, why would X-Squad want a useless potion?” Ginda seemed to make sense. Tyd stood watching Katie…if not X-Squad then who?

Katie was motionless. She didn’t speak and Tyd couldn’t hear her breathing.
“It’s okay Katie, I’ll get Totodile back.”

“Pi pi pi!” Pichu jumped out of Tyd’s arms and began hitting the air with its fists. Katie just mumbled.

The water was still very calm, nothing much showed signs of struggle. Tyd walked around the lake, leaving the other two behind. He came to a shallow end of the lake. He could see the sediment at the bottom. He leaned closer, he thought he could see something. There was something there, the water stirred. He put his hand in, the water was very warm. He withdrew his hand and looked harder.

In a blink of an eye, a face appeared. Two blue eyes, a nose that did not stick out. Its full body was in view, a swirl on its chest and a tadpole like tail. For a moment, Tyd thought it was a wild Pokemon but then it leaped out of the water and grabbed Tyd’s arm. It pulled him into the water, the water rushed into his ears, all he could see was the tadpole like Pokemon. The tadpole Pokemon dragged him deeper and deeper down, Tyd couldn’t breathe. He finally felt himself being pulled up. The water became thinner and Tyd could see light. Tyd was lifted out of the water, he fell onto a stone side and began to catch his breath back.

He looked around and saw Totodile in a cage, next to a lot of other Pokemon. Totodile shook its cage and opened its mouth. It then closed it and looked sideways. Tyd glanced to his left and saw a tall Pokemon, a bigger version of what had taken him into the water. Tyd wished he had his bag with him now, he would have liked to use his Pokedex and see what this Pokemon was.

“Poli! Poli poliwhirl!” The frog like Pokemon began demanding, he pointed to a cage and Tyd got the picture. He walked over to the cage and the smaller tadpole like Pokemon, opened it. Tyd got in and sat down. He seemed to be underground, there was a hole at the top where a circle of light got through. The room was like a treasure cave, there mountains and mountains of Pokeballs, Pokemon and bottles of potions.

He wondered if the others had seen him get dragged into the water…but even more he was wondering what these two Pokemon were going to do with him. His questioned was soon answered.

“Ahahahaha! Let’s see what are little fellows have got for us today?” It was X-Squad! Mike climbed down from where the light came from, shortly followed by Levi and Kent.

“What do we have here? A Totodile, this will fetch a good prize with the boss! Though if we could get it to evolve we could get better!” Levi examined the cage. Kent walked across the room and suddenly noticed Tyd. His eye’s lit up.

“Look! Levi, Mike! Look! Look who it is!” Kent walked over to the cage.

“Ahahahahaha! You!” Mike laughed. “This is perfect! Well done Poli-thieves!” He clapped his hands, and the two Pokemon bowed.

“So, I think you should hand over that fossil again!” Levi sniggered.

“Yeah right, even if I had it I wouldn’t give you it!” Tyd stood up and shook the bars. “Let me out!”

“Yeah, you wish! Your pretty useless to us now, but were not going to let you go. You’d give away are secret hideout!” Kent said, he backed away and started putting some bottles into a bag. “Let’s get some of this stuff out of here and ship it to the boss!”

“Who is your boss?” Tyd asked, trying to bend a metal pole on the cage.

“You don’t know? Why, its y-”

“DON’T TELL HIM IDIOT!” Levi hit Mike on the head. “It’s none of your business who are boss is!” She shot at him. She glared at Mike for a moment then turned back to Tyd. “Looks like your friends aren’t going to rescue you this time so I guess will just leave you here to rot!”

“Looks like your wrong!” Ginda’s voice came from above. He was standing over the hole looking down at them all. “Tyd! You okay?” He asked. Tyd nodded.

Pokemon Master
05-31-2004, 06:52 PM
“Grr! How many times?! Can’t you stop mucking up are plans?! Go Voltorb!” Shouted Kent. He threw an unexpected Pokeball at Ginda. It exploded inches away from him and Voltorb appeared. Ginda stepped back and his Charmander appeared.

“Charmander, KO that Voltorb with ember!!”

The Charmander’s mouth lit with fire and it blew the fire at Voltorb. Voltorb bounced back and smacked Kent in the face. The Charmander jumped down the hole and smashed Tyd’s cage open with it’s tail. But Charmander couldn’t smash Totodile’s cage open. Charmander was blasted with water! It fell over and was knocked out. The water had come from the two Poli-thieves.

“Urg! Charmander return!” Ginda returned his Charmander. “What the?” Ginda was pushed aside and Katie jumped down into the chamber. She punched the cage with Totodile in and the door opened. The Totodile jumped into her arms and she hugged it.

“I missed you Totodilly!” She said. Totodile licked her face with it’s red tongue.

An arm came from the top of the hole and Katie grabbed it. She was pulled up and then she put her arm out for Tyd. He grabbed it.

“Grr! don’t let them get away! Voltorb Self-Destruct!” Kent commanded the weakened Voltorb. The Voltorb spun towards Tyd but Pichu jumped into Tyd’s arms and head butted the Voltorb back at the X-Squad. Tyd was out of the hole and all; Tyd, Katie, Ginda, Totodile and Pichu all sprinted away from it.

“This isn’t good.” Mike said. The Voltorb turned yellow then orange then BOOM! The chamber was blown to pieces! The outsiders all jumped to the ground and smoke issued from the whole. A tree fell over the top of it and sealed it.

All three of them laughed. Pichu and Totodile were dancing and they had gotten everything back….except…

“I’m sorry Ginda…I didn’t mean to argue over the Potion…If I hadn’t argued with you we’d still have it…” She sulked.

“Hey, it wasn’t your fault. It was mine. I thought I knew more and that I’d make the better Potion. I’m sorry.” He hugged her.

“Hey guys, it’s only a Potion!” Tyd reminded them. Katie and Ginda both smiled. It was only a potion, Tyd was right.

After Tyd was given his bag back and Ginda had explained how they had found him(Mike had felled out of a tree which disturb a bunch of Pidgey. They started attacking him and it caught his attention. They followed him and he met up with the other two which then went to the chamber) they were on the road once more.

“So Ginda, where is the closest town which has a Gym?” Tyd said, feeling the Stone Badge in his pocket.

“Well, that underground tunnel we went through went right under Mount Moon. So Cerulean City is the closest town. It’s just up ahead!” Ginda told them.

So with Katie feeling that bit better, are heroes destine to Cerulean City for Tyd’s next Gym Battle! It’s all in the next Pokemon!

End of Pokemon Saga: Sector I Chapter/Episode: 7

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