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Note:Color Key~ Blue-Story*Red-Talking/Commands*Magenta-Battle

Nikki awoke with a loud blaring seeping annoyingly into her head.Blearily she opened her blue eyes,slamming her fist down on the grey alarm clock on her bedside table.She sat up and yawned,mumbling angrily about the alarm clock as she slipped out of her cozy four-poster bed,her frizzy hair sticking up as she dislodged her head from the pillow.She walked clumsily into the bathroom.There,on the oblong decorated mirror,was a note taped too the shiny mirror:

Deark Nikki

Breakfast is downstairs.Your bag is packed and waiting.Head on over too the Lab too claim your Pokemon.Go on,get going!I'll see you sometime!

Miss You Lots,Mom

Nikki gave a weary smile as she grabbed her blue hairbrush and started towards the kitchen,flinching as she ran the brush through her frizzy black hair.She felt joyous but slightly nervous at the prospect of the long journey ahead.She sat down,giving up her hair as hopeless and braiding it easily into a loose ponytail.It would have too do for now,she supposed.She reached under the table,found her back,and searched through the red and blue backpack too make sure everything was there.Sure enough it was.Aah,good old mom thought of everything on busy days..

After a few minutes,she looked at her purple watch and heard two beeps that were loud and shrill.She received a shock too shake her out of her sleepy torpor.It was 8 o' clock!She would be late!Gulping down her bacon and eggs she had time too slip on her clean summer clothes,shove her feet quickly into a pair of flip flops,and grab her pack too race out the door.


She waited patiently for the Proffessor too return from the large room in the back of his Lab.After a few anxious minutes,he returned with a happy smile.

Prof.Oak:Aah,yes,Nikki.You're mom already dropped by before she left too tell me about your Pokemon.She said you wanted Eevee?

She nodded vigorously,smiling too herself happily.Mom always knew what she wanted,whether she told her or not.Soon Professor Oak left,then retured again,the smile still showing on his joyous face as he held out a shining Pokeball.

Prof.Oak: Eevee it is,Nikki.Oh,and here are your Pokeballs and Pokedex.
Nikki:Thanks alot,Professor.I'll be careful.Thanks,bye!

She took the Pokeball,gazing at it for a few seconds before gently putting it,the extra Pokeballs and the Pokedex into a side pocket of her stuffed,heavy pack,and buttoning it shut.She waved too the Proffessor as she turned and,adjusting the pack on her shoulder,started off at a brisk pace.


She rested on the large grey boulder in the tall,waving grass.Her cute little brown Eevee bounded after her,playfully chasing its tail.Nikki gave a smile,patting the fox Pokemon as she looked around,slightly dissappointed.She hadn't seen a wild Pokemon all day.

Her gaze wandered too the thick oak trees leaning above her too create shade.Her eyes suddenly caught a flicker of black.She rubbed her eyes,as if disbeleiving there was actually a Pokemon up there.She checked her watch once more,for about the third time that time.They had headed into the forest after the Lab,Nikki feeling confident,but that emotion had slipped away into solid sadness and dissapointment.It was 1:00 PM.They had left the lab at around 8:30,and finally made it too the forest at around 10:00.It had been so long,but still no Pokemon had shown up.

Nikki:Eve,be cautious.I thought I saw a Pokemon up in those oak trees.Be ready for anything.Though I doubt there'd be any Pokemon now,since there weren't any before...
Eevee:*Nodding her little head* Vee!

Then it came.Out from the trees plummeted a Taillow,and with a screeching cry,it decended upon us like a falling stone,heading straight towards Eevee!


Nikki:Looks like we've invaded its territory,Eevee.Look out for that!Once it comes near you,try a Take Down!

Taillow was right in front of Eevee when she lunged forward and slammed against Taillow.But its beak got a good shot at Eevee too.Taillow flew slightly in reverse,shocked by the impact,whil Eevee rolled backwards twice,then got up,shaking her head as too rid herself from some of the dirt,then bounding up,ready too fight.

Nikki:Okay,quick!When it comes down again,try a Quick Attack,then turn around and deal a Bite attack!GO!Eevee: *Nodding* Veee!

Taillow soared down once more.He followed Eevees movements with his sharp,keen eyes,and when Eevee was about too hit him,swerved too the right.The attack only slammed into his wing,and he seemed too be fine,but alittle shaken up.

Then Eevee turned for a Bite,and jumped onto Taillows back,snatching at him with her sharp teeth.She got a pretty good attack in before Taillow turned sharply towards the clear blue sky and soared upwards,forcing Eevee too let go.She fell too the ground with a thud,then got up,now a bit bruised up,but still eager too continue.She was still trying too rid her fur of dirt when Taillow soared in once more too land a devistating Quick Attack.Eevee was now badly shaken up,but was still standing,shaking slightly from the effort,but eager too still continue the battle.

Nikki:Okay,Eevee,now Sand Attack then Quick Attack!

She watched with alittle worry,wondering if her sweet little Eevee stood a chance against the now-ferocious Taillow.Eevee turned her back towards Taillow and before the bird could attack,began kicking up sand furiously in the birds face.He flew slightly dazed,trying frantically too get the dry sand and dust out of his eyes.Eevee lunged forward,slamming into Taillow but avoiding his beak.Taillow landed,luckily for him,on his talons in a tall oak tree.Once the sand was out of his eyes,he moved in for the Wing Attack,wings spread as wide as they could go.

It hit Eevee only slightly,because she stumbled too the left,but then Taillow pivoted around too deal the same attack,with a direct hit,on the doglike Pokemon.Eevee flipped forward,then got up,shaking badly from effort.She was still determined as she ever was,however.

Nikki:Oh Eevee,try too hang on!Dodge any attacks then move in for Take Down,Bite,and Quick Attack!

Eevee lunged forward at Taillow,who was planning a Quick Attack.That didn't work at all,because the two clashed and fell in mid-air.Taillow was the first too rise,and was flying forward when Eevee got up and,spotting the bird,lunged straight at his wing for a furious Bite.Eevee was thrown back,and skidded backwards on her feet.Taillow fell too the ground,and Eevee had a clear opprotunity.She lunged at the grounded bird,sending him flying with a furious Quick Attack.The bird flapped its wings,regaining flight,and soared forward too meet the challenge with a brilliant Aerial Ace.Eevee,panting,stood up,struggling too regain composure after the fierce aerial attack.

Nikki:Eevee,I know you're tired,but you can still do it,please,girl,move in for one final Take Down!

That plan didn't work very well.Eevee lunged forward just was Taillow did,and they collided,but both landed on their feet,in Taillows case in the cold,clear zephyr now blowing Nikki's hair about an giving Taillow a slight advantage.Nikki's mind was in two parts,one too keep Eevee from fainting by calling off the attacks and letting the bird get away,or two bycontinuing the battle and risking loosing Eve.Taillow screeched out a loud,echoing call as he flew forward with some brilliant speed and strength just as Eevee lunged at him with all HER leftover strength.They collided in a clash and both fell too the hard tundra,stunned.

The swirling dust cleared and she saw Eevee,barely standing,pantin ,on the ground,straining too keep from falling down.Taillow was up as well,but didn't look as if he could fight much longer.

Nikki:Hurry,Eve,try the Take Down a few more times!

Eevee lunged with her last bit of energy,and hit Taillow,then turned around and hit the unfazed bird again,who flapped a wing too deal slight damage to the tired dog Pokemon.Eevee turned and just as Taillow struck out with both wings,clashed into him.They both fell once more.Eevee,overcome with confidence,struggled too stand up,only managing too get a few inches off the ground.Nikki ran forward too grab her and help her up,then picked out a gleaming Pokeball and threw it at the tired bird.

Nikki promised that Eevee would be taken too the Pokemon Center as soon as this was over.She was still alittle worried that Eevee was too hurt too be healed soon,but delighted that her confident,loyal Pokemon had tried so hard for her.She turned her anxious gaze towards the Pokeball.It shook once..twice...three times....AND

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Just another notice:1st Story Ready To Be Graded,please.

Next Story:
Story 2:
Water Pokemon Rumble
Nikki and Eve next head through the forestand hit a giant lake,which they will have too find some way across,for the vicous Sharpedo in the lake will not let them past.What will Nikki and Eve do too get past those fiends?

Pokemon Featured:Sharpedo

~{Sharpedo can swim at speeds of up to 75 mph by jetting seawater out of its backside. This Pokemon's drawback is its inability to swim long distances.Nicknamed the bully of the sea, Sharpedo is widely feared. Its cruel fangs grow back immediately if they snap off. Just one of these Pokemon can thoroughly tear apart a supertanker.}

Jack of Clovers
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nice colors :biggrin:

lol, why is it so many Trainer's start by waking up to an alram clock? (because it's classic, duh :tongue: ) i like it, you get just enough information to know what's going on and who the character is. good length, might have been longer.

good. although, you don't mention Pallet Town once, it is to be assumed that's where you live. and even if everyone knows what Professor Oak looks like, it doesn't hurt to explain his features.

nice. nothing noticeable.

long and well detailed and sufficient for Taillow.

yep yep.

work on improving overall story length for the future and keep up the good work.

Outcome- Taillow Captured!


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OOC:Thanks!I was off a couple of days working on Ruby.I'll work on it.


DING! Sounded the small ball.Nikki thrust her fist into the air and dances around with her Eevee. "Yes!Yes!Our first capture!!" She laughed and danced about with Eevee,laughing and smiling.She grabbed the small ball off the ground and headed for the Pokemon Center,skipping along blissfully.

**Dragon Master Nikki

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Chapter Two:Stormy Days

~Sorry,but I was actually living in Littleroot at the time.Need too make that obvious next time.Heh.Anyway,I'll try for two Pokemon in a post this time around.Also,it is not as I was going too make the last chapter.It isn't the Water Rumble any more.Got a better Idea.~

Nikki wandered out of the Littleroot Town Pokemon Center.She had traveled fast back too her hometown for a quick rest.Eve and Streak needed it.Well,not so much Streak.Even after the fierce combat the rowdy Pokemon was shooting all over the place,bouncing off the Pokemon Centers pink,well-decorated walls and keeping the rest of the team up until 11:00 P.M with his foolish antics.But now they were outside,breathing fresh air,and Redstreak was back in his cozy,newly-polished PokeBall,which he could play around in without bothering the whole Pokemon Center.Even the Pokemon were getting tired of him!

Pushing a few stray strands of slightly tangled hair out of her wandering eyes,she turned her gaze too the blue,cloudy heavens above.The sun was low in the sky,now just rising from its nocturnal slumber.It shone over the dewy grass of the Route too Odale Town,which now seemed quite far away because of the sudden retreat back too her home.

She headed off at a sleepy pace towards the Route,her left arm sagging under the sudden weight of her pack.She reached a hand too her mouth too stifle a long yawn,and sped up,now reaching the beginning of the Route.She stalked through the extremely tall grass,which almost reached right over her head.She searched the trees with weary,blurry eyes but stood alert too anything.


She rested her tired and tattered body on a giant boulder next too a pond on the side of the Route,figuring it would be a nice place too relax.It had been an hour and still there was no sign of any life besides herself in the quiet Route.She let out Redstreak and Eve,and they immediatly darted around,playing tag and swimming in the clear pond.

She searched the small clear area.The grass was short,green and dewy in this spot.A giant oak tree with widespread branches and green leaves provided her little shade,though she didn't need it.The clouds were growing ever ominous in the dark sky.The clear water was dull.There was no sun shining on thew pond too create any happy reflections.Only feeble rays of strained yellow light shined through every know and then,marking the suns strained attempts too get through the heavy,gloomy black clouds.

Now and then a couple of rain drops would drop down upon her head.Then suddenly there was a loud cry of what Nikki suspected too be a Pokemon.But she had never heard anything like it.It echoed through the forest,not high-pitched nor low,not near nor far,just an even,sort of challenging cry. "PPPPHHHAAAA!!" came the cry.Twice it echoed through the trees two the trios alert rang of hearing.The third time,out came a blue rolling ball too match the cry.

Nikki stared at it,and it stopped near the pond,revealing itself too be not a ball,but a blue elephant like Pokemon with red streaks along its trunk.But it was not the size of an elephant.No,it was MUCH smaller.About the size of her Eevee.Nikki immediatly took out the shimmering red device that proved too be her Pokedex.Once pointed at the elephant,a small picture popped up on the screen,and the robotic voice read:

{Phanpy.The Ground elephant Pokemon.Evolves into Donphan at Level 25.It swings its long snout around playfully, but because it is so strong, that can be dangerous. As a sign of affection, it bumps with its snout. However, it is so strong, it may send you flying. During the deserted morning hours, it comes ashore where it deftly uses its trunk to take a shower.}

As the machine said,the creature known as Phanpy lowered its trunk into the clean water and lifted it straight over the small back that was its own.Water poured out,showering the small elephant and washng off the clods of dirt revealed on the blue hide of the animal once it had stopped.Nikki moved towards it,and with a swift movement,Phanpy had turned around and emmitted another warning cry."PPPHHHAN!!!!!!!" It yelled in its slightly squeaky little voice.It started too roll again.

{Rollout.A move that can last for 3-5 turns.It increases in power each time it hits.} Said the machins robotic voice.

"Fine,Redstreak,Aerial Ace..Eve,Take Down once Redstreak hits it!" However,that plan proved too be very wrong.Taillow dived in for Aerial Ace,was hit by Phanpy after trying too hit it,and flew backwards into Evee,so they both flew into a tree.They both got up,shaken.Redstreak had been made angry.Now it was going too be fighting on pure rage.Taillow dived and swooped of its own accord,sometimes getting a hit on the elephant before being knocked back by the raging ball of rough skin and pure power.Soon Taillow was flapping his wings hard and fast,trying desperately too stay in the air.After another Rollout,Taillow fell too the ground from the sheer power and strength of the smaller Pokemon.Phanpy turned and began too roll towards Redstreak too finish him off..

"NO!" Nikki jumped in front of the rolling ball of power,and was hit by it instead of Redstreak.She fell forward,grunting in pain and trying not too let Redstreak see how she tried not too show her flinching.She turned and shot a pained grin too Redstreak,who gave her a concerned look as she picked him up with shaky arms and sat on the rock,holding him and shaking with pain. "O-okay..Eevee,it's d-down too y-you.Go o-on and wait until t-the Phanpy uncurls.D-dodge it until t-then,then go into a Take Down." she stammered,flinching as she stuttered uncontrollably,pain streaking through her body as she fought too hold on,too help Redstreak.

Phanpy was ready for Eve however.When it stopped rolling,it charged forward for a Tackle.However,Eve's rage and will too win too impress her master overpowered the small elephant,sending it flying backwards with an enraged charge.Phanpy hit the oak tree,then found the strength too bounce off for a Take Down,just as Eevee turned and charged.They collided,fell,got up,then charged again,only too repeat the process.After a period of time of repeating this cycle,Nikki thought she saw Eve weakening.She changed tactics quickly.

"Bite,now Eevee!" Phanpy charged but Eevee jumped over it and landed on its back.Phanpy realized this as soon as Eevee sunk her small,sharp teeth until Phanpys rough skin.Phanpy began too buck and rear,rolling around and jumping up and down,but Eevee held on,getting battered but keeping her balance.But when Phanpy started Rollout again,this was too much for the poor brown Foxlike Pokemon.She was slammed into a space on the tree next too Nikki,and fell too her side on the soft,lush grass in a weak,weak heap of fur.Phanpy turned for Nikki,preparing too do a final Rollout.

She closed her eyes,clutched Eve and Streak,and prepared for impact.What she wasn't prepared for,was for Redstreak too shoot out of her arms,weakly struggling too fly,and protect her from Phanpy with an Aerial Ace.Phanpy,who was suprised,stopped rolling just in time too get hit and fly back into a tree with a weak thud.Despite Taillows weakness,Phanpy had been worn out.And fell near the tree in a heap.Nikki picked up Phanpy and laid it near the tree,deciding too give it rest and let it go if it wanted too.Nikki turned too Redstreak with a smile,and streak flew into her now opened arms.She smiled too the bird.They now had a strong bond.

06-01-2004, 02:18 AM

Nikki had decided too set her camp up in the small place,and was now sitting outside the small blue tent she had built,resting on a sleeping back.It had been hours since the finding of Phanpy,and her Pokemon had rested up and were now pretty much healed with the rest and relaxation.

It was now raining,but only lightly.And there was no wind too worry about this night.It was nice and calm outside,and the thick oak tree kept her fire alight.Suddenly she heard a distressed cry of a small Pokemon."Vul,vul!!" it yelled.

Suddenly it came into view.It was a small red fox,with scratches and cuts all over its body,yelling in pain as a birdlike Pokemon chased after it.They ran through the camp,and Nikki shot up immediatly and chased after them.She pointed her Pokedex first at the red foxlike,scratched up Pokemon:

{Vulpix.The Fire Fox Pokemon.Evolves too Ninetales with the Fire Stone.Vulpix is a pretty rare foxlike Pokemon.At the time of birth, it has just one tail. The tail splits from its tip as it grows older. Both its fur and its tails are beautiful. As it grows, the tails split and form more tails.As it develops, its single white tail gains color and splits into six. It is quite warm and cuddly.If it is attacked by an enemy that is stronger than itself, it feigns injury to fool the enemy and escapes.As its body grows larger, its six warm tails become more beautiful, with a more luxurious coat of fur.}

She gave a nervous smile,having never before seen a Rare Pokemon,then directed the Pokedex too the birdlike brown Pokemon chasing the Vulpix.

{Pidgeotto.The bird Pokemon.Evolves too Pidgeot at Level 36.Very protective of its sprawling territorial area, this POKéMON will fiercely peck at any intruder.This POKEMON is full of vitality. It constantly flies around it's large territory in search of prey.It has outstanding vision. However high it flies, it is able to distinguish the movements of its prey.It immobilizes its prey using well-developed claws, then carries the prey more then 60 miles to its nest.It slowly flies in a circular pattern, all the while keeping a sharp lookout for prey.}

"That explains why its chasing the Vulpix.the poor fox must have been in that Pidgeottos territory.Okay,go Redstreak and Eve,Aerial Ace and Take Down!" Pidgeotto looked back too see the rested but only slightly healed Pokemon rush at him.He seemed too know that they were weak,because he sent out a pretty normal Gust attack,and that easily blew them away.Then he swooped down and grabbed Eevee in its talons,beginning too fly away.

"Oh no!Taillow,Aerial Ace again!" But this command was too no avail.With another Gust,Taillow was down and Pidgeotto was off again with Eevee.Just when Nikki thought there was no hope,Phanpy charged up too Vulpix,and they talked swiftly.Nikki thought Phanpy had been asleep,but it had hidden behind some Oran Berry trees.

Phanpy and Vulpix nodded,and together,grouped in front of Nikki,they shot off.Vulpix attacked with a fierce Flamethrower while Phanpy rolled.Pidgeotto swerved and dropped Eevee,then sped back at the two attackers.With a Gust,both were pushed back,but they countered with the same attacks.Soon both teams were weakened.

Then Eevee traveled out of the bushes and joined with them,followed by a very weak Redstreak.Vulpix used Flamethrower,Eevee Take Down,Taillow Aerial Ace and Phanpy Rollout.The Pidgeotto let out a piercing cry and flew off.

Nikki turned too the beaten up Phanpy and Vulpix,who turned back.Nikki gave them a grateful smile. "Well,thanks for your help,you can go now." Phanpy and Vulpix looked sad,and when Nikki turned too leave,they followed her,disobeying her and trying too stay close too her as they wandered back too camp.Nikki laughed and kneeled next too the two,holding out Pokeballs. "You want too come with me,don't you.It seems like you are both grateful too me and I owe you a favor for going back there.You've paid your fees,now its my turn.Come on."

"VUUULL!!!" "Phaannnn!!!" yelled the two Pokemon happily.And without another word,Nikki touched both gently on the head with Balls.They were sucked up through the bright red light which shown out for miles in the dim woods.

Both balls landed softly on the ground and shook three times...then....

Jack of Clovers
06-04-2004, 09:08 PM
for the captures you have provided, it is not long enough. in order to catch a Pokemon you need to battle them and throw a Pokeball at them. it is possible to catch Pokemon by not battling them but the story must be very perfect and much longer, especially for two Pokemon.

nothing jumped at me.

it's good. could use more, always.

nice descriptions, entertaining.

you don't try to catch Phanpy after fainting it, weird...

it's way too easy to say you save a Pokemon then have it join your team. if you want a Pokemon, you should battle for it. also, going for two Pokemon in the same story requires more length no matter what. i suggest adding more pre-story before you get into all the battles.

Outcome- Phanpy and Vulpix Not Captured!


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Meep~I'm sorry I haven't replied in soooo long!I've been so caught up in other things I completely fogot about this place!Anyways,here's my next story!Also,the color of the font now depends on where I am/What I'm doing/the weather.For example,in the first couple of Paragraphs its Gray because the Weather is Stormy!

Merry Marill Trouble!

Thunder boomed across ominous clouds and her yells were heard over the noise.Suddenly,Nikki appeared through the tall grass into a clearing.The grass was soaked through and bent down and a dying elm tree bent in the wake of strong winds.It was yet another stormy day on the path too Oldale.Nikki huddled underneath the elm tree,shivering.Her jeans and shirt were soaked through and sticking too herskin,and her shoes were filled with sloshing rainwater.Her bangs were matted too her forehead,but luckily enough both Pokemon were warm inside their balls.Lightning crackled through the sky,lighting up the threatening clouds.The pitter-patter of sheets of heavy raindrops swept through the area,and she new during this lightning storm underneath a tree wasn't the safest place too be,and yet she didn't dare move.

The wind picked up until it howled alongside her,chilling her bones and making the branches of the dying tree bark against her back nearly scrape the ground.The wind was carrying debris straight at her,and she had too duck and dodge them continously.She didn't know what had brought this storm,but it was at full force now.As she was thinking of her cozy four-poster at home,she didn't realize the grey stone hurtling at her.It struck her right in the forehead,she slipped off the tree and fell sideways into sloshing mud.She couldn't move,couldn't tthink.She could only feel the pain searing through her soaked body and the mud swallowing her.Everything got dark,and she passed out.

**The Next Day**

She awoke with moan feeling warm and cozy and smeeling bacon and hearing the sizzling of a pan on the stove.She opened her eyes,and her vision was blurry at first,then it cleared and she realized she was on a bed tucked in with a purple comforter and staring at a wooden ceiling with soak spots on it,as if it had almost rained through the roof.She gave a small cough,shivering even though she felt warm and realized her nose was stuffed up.A lady with smooth brown hair leaned over her and smiled,revealing pearly white teeth.She was a skinny woman with fair skin,wearing an apron over a pnik dress and pink sandals.

"Oh,so you are up.Here,try too sit up and eat." she motioned for Nikki too sit up,holding out a tray with orange juice ,freshly squeezed and juicy,and a plate with chewy bacon,scrambled eggs and a couple of pancaks with whipped cream,strawberries,cherries and maple syrup.I thanked her under my breathe and dug my elbows into the soft,springy matress,forcing myself up.My back popped and I flexed my fingers,groaning as a bit of pain shot through my forehead and memories from the incident last night flooded through my head.I found myself wearing soft and cottony purple pajamas,and saw my clothes laying out on the opposite four-poster,clean and dry.I began eating with the shiny fork and knife lying on the metallic tray,and the woman watched me with a smile.

After the meal,she took the tray and cleaned and scrubbed the dishes until they sparkled.then she sat on the end of my bed,and finally I plucked up the courage too ask "Who are you?Where am I?Wh-what happened?"

The lady laughed,as if she knew that was going too burst out sooner of later. "Slow down a bit,deary.My name is Lisa,and you are in my house in Oldale Town,dear.I found you out cold lying in a pile of mud while venturing down the route too Littleroot.And so I broguth you in.You slept through the rest of the night,and it is just turning 2:00 P.M now."

Nikki yawned and stretched. "Thanks for..er,saving me from the path,but I really should get going..I apprecciate the meal and everything,but-"

Lisa cut her off. "No.I think you should stay right here for today,and maybe tomorrow!You need too rest,you had a hard hit from whatever it was,the object that injured you."

"Nonsense!" said Nikki,swinging her legs out of bed and standing.Her legs felt like jelly,and immediatly she felt searing pain course through her bones like electricity and had an aching headache.She stumbled forward,then fell back onto the soft bed,rubbing her head and flinching. "Well,I suppose I could stay here for a night or two.." opted Nikki.

For the rest of the day Nikki did nothing but lie in bed,sleeping and often eating one of Lisa's delicous meals.She read Pokemon Magazines such as PokeTimes and PocketPeople for some of the latest news around the Pokemon wrodl,and sometimes watched the black T.V propped on the wooden dresser in front of her bed,watching tournaments and itching too get outside and battle.

Finally,she fell asleep at night in her cozy bed and the next morning Lisa let her get up and get dressed.Her clothes felt cozy and warm and they still smelled like they just came out of the dryer.She stepped out the door and into the bright sun,listening too the birds twittering away.She walked down the path a ways,then turned back and waved too Lisa. "Good bye!Thanks for everything!!" she yelled back.

Lisa waved and nodded,then went in and shut the door behind her.What a nice person,thought Nikki as she entered the Center.

She gazed at the pink decorated walls before heading up too the shiny white counter,where a pink Chansey,a ball shaped Pokemon awaited her atop the counter.A pink curly-haired girl dresed in a white apron smiled behind the counter. "Welcome too the pokemon Center.You're up early!We can heal your Pokemon too full health.Would you like us too heal your Pokemon?" She nodded and handed over her wo shimmering balls,that were polished and labeled in neat and curly writing.Must be Lisa's doing,thought Nikki too herself as Joy handed the balls back. "You're Pokemon are fully healed.We hope too see you again!" she said.Nikki smiled and headed out the door into the cloudless day.

**On The Route**

After coming out from the Center,Nikki immediatly headed North,too the unexplored Route 103.She walkedd through grass for hours,but every Pokemon seemed too be avoiding her.Soon she came too a small circle clearing with a deep pond,and didn't notice the dark blue circle bobbing on the water until she sat down cross-legged and released Eve and Redstreak,which is what she nicknamed her Taillow.

Suddenly,the blue circle came up too reveal a circular blue water Pokemon called Marill. "Mar,marill mar!": it said joyfully,climbing onto land and then spotting Nikki.It stood still,confused,not knowing wether too run or approach.

Nikki,however,whipped out her Pokedex and pointed it at the water Pokemon.In an electronical voice,the Pokedex said:

{ http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs055.gif Marill.The Aquamouse Pokemon.This Pokemon is the evolved form of Azurill.It evolves into Azumarill at Level 18.This Pokemon's bobber looking tail acts as a flotation device.}

"A water type.." mumbled Nikki.The Marill was still shocked,so Nikki immediatly yelled "Go,Eve!Hurry and hit it with a Take Down!"

Eve charged at the shocked Pokemon,and sent it flying backwards,then landing into the clear water with a loud splash!It surfaced and swam back too shore,looking angry.It aimed a Water Gun right at Eve,and the stream of water hit Eevee full in the face,pushing her backwards and nearly making her collapse.She was now drenched and panting,looking beaten already.

Nikki was shocked. "This one will be tough too take down..Alright Eve,go for a Tail Whip!"

Eve charged at Marill,who charged right back,though not as fast.They both spun as they came at each other,each others tails whapping against each others faces.Marill skidded backwards but landed on it's feet.Eve,however landed on her back,whimpering.She rolled over and stoof with great difficulty.Nikki was startled,but gained back composure quickly. "If we can't hit it,we'll confuse it.Go,Eve,Sand Attack!!"

Eve turned towards the Marill and kicked up sand in it's eyes.Marill yelled in pain but it's tiny arms couldn't reach its eyes too rub the sand out.It shot out startled streams of bubbles and water,but Eve was having a hard time avoiding them,dodging back and forth with the attacks still scraping at her sides."Bite!" screamed Nikki.

Ducking underneath a stream of bubbles,Eve raced forward and bit hard into the circle on the Marills tail.Marill yelled in pain s Eve picked it up with effort and,dragging it across the ground,threw it as hard as she could into a tree.The result was an automatic Hydro Pump that shot straight at Eve.She tried too dodge the counterattack,but it hit her left side and sent her spinning.She hit the ground and rolled a couple of times before lying on her right side,panting and whimpering.But she strill rose too the challenge,shaking on her four feet as she rose.

"Eve,be careful out there,buddy,use another Take Down!" Nikki commanded,worried about her beloved Pokemon.

07-30-2004, 05:34 AM
Eve shot at the Marill,who was still shocked that Eve had rose,and slammed into it weakly,sending it skidding and injuring it minorly.Eve was hit with a bit of recoil,and flinched,but still didn't give in.Marill jumped forward and slammed into Eve with a Tackle.Eve fell too the ground,head plopping onto the grass and ears drooping.She struggled too get up,still,shaking uncontrollably in psin,but fell immediatly afterwards,wheezing in pain.

I ran too scoop up Eve,looking suprised. "If attacks from the land won't work,then attacks from the air will!Go get 'em,Redstreak!"

The gutsy Taillow flew forward at the Marill,cawing theateningly and the Marill looked finally sort of tired from being blow into the tree."Now,Streak,use Peck!"

Redstreak flew forward too peck at Marill until it set off a stream of bubbles that injured Taillows right wing.It flew up,right wing drooping sort of as he fought too stay in the air and Nikki got angry at the Marill as it set of Water Guns that were hard too avoid with an injured wing. "Double Team!" yelled Nikki.

Four of Redstreak appeared and they all circled above Marill,a couple occasionally swooping down for Aerial Aces and Pecks.Marill appeared too be getting exhausted,finally,but soon it closed it's eyes and focused.It shot a Hydro Pump straight up,and it hit Taillow right in the chest.Taillow cawed loudly and spiralled towards the ground,hitting it roughly before jumping up and looking beaten.It flew into the air,leaning towards its left and trying not too flap its hurt badly right wing.

"Try an Aerial Ace!" commanded Nikki,concern in her eyes,but the gutsy bird wasn't ready too give in too the little Water Mouse.

Redstreak swooped down and slammed nito the aquamouse,which sent it flying,but as it tried too avoid a tree with a sharp upclimb,his injured wing scraped a branch and he now hung lower in the air,cawing in pain.

"Wing attack!" Nikki yelled,looking worried that her Taillow might fail and the Marill would remain wild in spirit and in body.

Redstreak shot forward,and Marill fired a threatening Water Gun,injuring Taillow Right Wing even more as he slammed his left wing into the Marill,knocking it backwards.It soon got back up,but both Pokemon look beaten and her gutsy Taillow was leaning even more too the left,trying too take weight off the injured wing.It looked like it might fall any second."Double Team,Agility,Wing Attack!" commanded Nikki.

Six of RedStreaks appeared in the air,and taking into their will the second command,each bird,real or otherwise,darted about in the air.Marill's Water Guns weaved in and out of the spectacular hsow of Redstreaks,until the images faded in,too show the real Redstreak.Marill was confused now and water shot everywhere.

Ducking and dodgin,swirling and banking,Redstreak preformed an amazing amount of control in the air and avoided all attacks too slam,one final time,right into Marill.Marill fell backwards but did not have the strength too get up,and Redstreak flew back too me.I cradled the injured bird in my arms,and Eve was weezing and whimpering,lying at my feet and looking proud but beaten.

Holding my injured Taillow in my left arm,I took a Pokeball off my belt and threw it at the injured Marill.A clicking sound popped the ball open,and the Marill was engulfed in bright red light before being sucked into the ball.The ball closed,hit the ground with an echoing thud,and immediatly shook.It shook too the left,right,left,right,and...

Scorch Ry
07-31-2004, 01:58 AM
Story: 7/10
It was good...short, but good. Make sure to add more to the battle and always make things interesting and long, okay?

Details: 9/10
What can I say? There was loads of details, which was excellent. KIU!!

Battle: 7/10
The battle was short, but good in a good way. Make sure to add more attacks to both Pokemon, okay?

Spelling/Grammar: 7/10
No problems except that after a comma, you didn't space your word. That's not very good to do, so watch out for those okay?

Length: 6/10
This isn't good at all...only two posts and the battle happened in the second. Make sure to slow things down; let more things happen to improve the length.

OUTCOME: {36/50 = 72/100: MARILL CAPTURED}

07-31-2004, 02:14 AM
OOC:I will try as hard as I can next time :happy: Wow,I never knew I could do that well on Detail! :biggrin: :biggrin: But then again,I'm glad I has such a good Writing teacher last year!If there wasn't atleast 5 'detail words' in a sentence,she wasn't happy..Got annoying at times,but it helped! :cool:


Nikki heard the dull ding that indicated a capture,and ran forward,scooping up the polished Pokeball and holding it up so that the sun set gleam streaks on it.She cheered endlessly,happy for a new Pokemon on her team,and evern her injured and weak Pokemon managed too let out cheers of pride and glory,glad of their newly-caught friend.

07-31-2004, 06:09 AM
After her last capture,the confident Nikki had returned too beautiful Odale Town,earning once again the privilege of seeing Nurse Joy and healing her beloved companions.Now she was back on the road and hoped too see some more Pokemon that would be fun too capture.As she walked down the Route,her black hair fell along her back,her head tilted up admiring the many trees.The green grass growing on either side of the winding path was sparkling in the sunlight.

After the storm a few days ago,it was finally cloudless and happy outside.The crisp air carried songs of the many bird Pokemon too your ears and livened up your day immediatly.Nikki decided too stop at a sparkling clear water spring and at underneath a beautiful green and leafy yew tree.It smelled delicous around where she was,as many flowers grew endlessly around the spring.Taking out her balls,she allowed each Pokemon too come out.Keelala lay by her owners side,yawning and watching the others.Raikuu ws diving around,practicing his flying skills and Lillymare was having fun in the pond.

Soon enough,it was time for feeding.Nikki poured some of her homemade brown Pokefood into their grey bowls,each labeled with their names so they would never get lost.She ate a ham and cheese sandwhich,and soon all Pokemon were back in their polished balls warm and cozy,and Nikki was linging underneath the waving branches of the beautiful tree when suddenly a boy with messy black hair and brown eyes popped into the area,holding out a PokeBall.He wore a green t-shirt that seemed too be getting too small for him,and faded jeans also seeming too be too small.He also wore black sandals and by his side stood a black and grey Houndour.Nikki jumped at the boys sudden entrance,and the boy put away his Pokeball,looking embarassed.

"Sorry too disturb you.I thought the sounds I heard were of Pokemon.Anyway,hi,I'm Fernand,and this is my Houndour Hotshot." he gestured too the Houndour,who barked at the sound of his name in an excited way.Nikki smiled and stood.

"It's quite alright.My name is Nikki,nice too meet you.Nice Houndour you have there," she complimented politely with a smile.Fernand nodded with a "Thank you."

"Oh,and the sounds you heard may have been from my Pokemon.I'm a trainer too,you see." said Nikki,gesturing too her three full Pokeballs,neatly labeled.Fernand looked suprised.

"Wow,a Pokemon trainer?Your the first one I've seen since I began my journey today!Wow,and already three Pokemon?Awesome!I bet you'd like too battle,huh?" asked Fernand with a chalklenging tone.Hotshot gave in too a battle stance before Fernand,the doglike Pokemon's soft paws sinking slightly into a puddle of mud that still hadnt dried off.Nikki smiled.

"Sure,a Pokemon battle would be great experience for us both!" she took of Lilly's Pokeball. "Go,Lillmare!" she threw it,and out came the Marill.Nikki would've liked too use another Pokemon,but she knew a fire tpye was weakest too her Marill."Your move," she told Fernand,now less friendly and gaining a stern,confident tone.

"Fine,then..hmm,a Water type.And a Marill.If I remember right,that Marill should have Thick Fat,which means Fire moves are even less use against it.Fine,then go Hotshot,use..um..Faint Attack!" commanded Fernand.

Houndour ran straight at Marill,and it looked like a Tackle,so Nikki,unfamiliar with this attack,yelled "Bubblebeam!" Marill,aslo unfamiliar with it,shot bubbles at Houndour right as it dissappeared.It reappeared behind Marill and smashed into it,head down,sending Marill flying and landing in the water.Marills tail bobbed it too the surface and Marill climbed out of the Water,panting and looking like it was beaten,but could stand much more punishment.

Fernand cheered on his Houndour,and then yelled "Bite!" ,but Nikki,of course,knew this attack considering Keelala had used it in the battle with Marill. "Hydro Pump!" Houndour rushed forward,only too get hit in the face full blast with the Water attack.It skidded,fall backwards and rolled,then got too its feet quickly,growling angrily s Marill laughed.

"Try it again,Hotshot!" yelled Fernand.Houndour looked puzzled,but when Fernand winked,Hotshot sped forward,and Nikki reacted the same as before. "Hydro Pump!" "Faint Attack!" yelled Fernand triumphantly,and Nikki gasped,but regained composure quickly."Quickly,Lilly,on your tail!" Lilly mare used her tail for balance as Houndour dissappeared,and reappeared behind Marills tail,slamming into it.Lilly fell behind the charging Houndour. "Hydro Pump!" screamed Nikki.Marill hit Houndour from behind,sending it flying only too land face first o the ground.It got up,shaking and trembling.

"I forfeit,Hotshot can't take so much of this beating." said Fernand,running out too make sure his Pokemon was alright.Fernand returned his Houndour and walked up too Nikki as she returned the happy Marill.Fernand reached out a hand,and Nikki shook it happily. "Until next time,Nikki.That was an awesome strategy." Nikki blushed and nodded "Yours was too." Fernand also blushed slightly,turned and head off,waving back and calling too Nikki; "See you again,sometime!" Nikki,content with her win,rested under the tree.

**At Night**

Soon after the battle it became night time.Nikki smiled as she set up her sleeping area,laying out sleeping bags that were purple and puffy,and covering herself with a wide blue comforter.She grinned too herself as she replayed the awesome battle in her mind.Trees creaked and brranches swayed,and too the sounds of many Hoot-Hoots Nikki fell asleep.

**The Next Day**

The next day,it was training time.Nikki awoke early too give her Poemon their morning Pokefood,and she gave Marill a special homemade Poketreat that was blue and shaped like a Marill,as a prize for winning their battle.Then Nikki packed up their stuff after a short breakfast.They headed deeper into the forest until they found a great clearing in which too practice.

The Pokemon did not need instructions as they had done this before.Nikki sat on a nearby tree stump of an old Elm,feet resting on the brownish grass as she watched Marill and Eevee start dodging multiple attacks from Taillow.Then they switched,and Taillow and Eevee had too dodge attacks from Marill,then Marill would dodge from Eevee while Taillow watched.They had too move fast,and they got hit multiple times by each others attacks,but they still did good.

After a while,they had a good lunch of nutrisous Pokefood before starting up again,this time aiming their varying attacks at some of the smaller trees around,the ones just beginning too grow.They practiced through the morning and most of the afternoon,and Nikki saw improvement.They were just starting too head through the forest too do a bit of adventuring before night,when they heard two sounds.One was high-pitched,the other a threatening Pokemon making unaudible sounds.

Nikki immediatly started through the trees with Taillow flying overhead and Marill and Eevee in her arms.Branches snagged at her and thorns poked at her.She tried following the Pokemon noises,but every time she changed direction too go towards the voices she seemed too get farther away.After an hour she was worn out and her clothes were torn up,and yet though the voices were faint she knew she was close.Then her and her Pokemon came too a short grassy clearing around the entrance too a cave that was very dark.Nikki did not feel like going through the darkness,but the voices were loduer then ever now and a l ight seemed too be at the end of the cave,though very,very dim.

And so Nikki started through the darkness,making sure that Taillow was on her sohulder and Marill and Eevee were in her arms.Many a time Nikki fell on the slick and yucky floor of the grey cave,and yet she continued.The light was revealed too be red,and very close now.Soon they could see it brightly,and they found the source of the noise.

In the back of the cave there was sort of a circular 'room'.There was a flock of Zubats and Golbats each attacking a red Pokemon creating the light with flames issuing from its mouth.The Pokemon had darker red on it's many tails,but Nikki could not see it clearly,so she whipped out the Pokedex and pointed it at the pokemon.It read:

{Vulpix,the Fox Pokemon.This Pokemon evolves into Ninetales with a rare Fire Stone.As it grows too Ninetales,it's tails split too become even more tails.}

~Edit:I thought I should mention,I did not count the boy as experience for my Pokemon or as a Trainer Battle for me/my Pokemon because it was in a Story.~

07-31-2004, 06:10 AM
"Raikuu," I whispered too the gutsy bird, "I want you too scare off those Golbat and Zubat so I can capture that cool Vulpix." Immediatly the Taillow flew off,cawing and driving the flock of bats away.Taillow then came back too perch content on my shoulder,alrert if the bats ever came back.The Vulpix immediatly tried a Flamethrower on me,but Marill easily took the hit by using it's Thick Fat ability. "Alright then..go,Lilly,Bubblebeam!" Lilly shot out a jet of bubbles,some of which hit the Vulpix before it set of a jet of fire that popped most of the bubbles in mid-air.Nikki was suprised at how the little fire Type could pop water-filled bubbles,but there was no time too loose.While Nikki was caught in thinking,Vulpix has launched a vicous Quick Attack which sent Lilly into the cave wall.

Lilly landed swiftly,but on her back.She wiggled furiously until she rose again and fired angry Bubblesbeams at Vulpix.Vulpix cut through them with Flamethrowers,and charged in for a vicous Tail Whip,and Marill balanced on her tail again,and as Vulpix hit the tail,Lilly fell forward and slammed Vulpix into the ground.

Lilly stood again,and Vulpix,trembling,stood also,glaring at Lilly.Vulpix then used a Safegaurd,and when Nikki yelled "Hydro Pump," the water attack was fired back and slammed Lilly back into the wall of the musty cave.

Lilly landed on her feet but was whining in pain,thought still ready too battle. Hydro Pump!" yelled Nikki,just as the Vulpix launched forward for a Tail Whip.

At that moment,the Vulpix slipped too the side and almost collapsed when the Hydro Pump shot at it's other side,sending it in the wall only too fall too the ground on all four feet,wincing."Now,Tail Whip!" Marill launched orward for a Tail Whip,but Vulpix countered with a Safegaurd.

Marills tail hit the protective covering,bounced off and smacked into Marill instead,sending it on it's back.It whined in pain,and,already weak from the other battle with Hotshot,had no strength too continue.Sadly,Nikki returned it,and Vulpix looked on cockily for another opponent.

Keelala shot forward,angry that Vulpix had dared attack her friend.As Vulpix launched in for a Tail Whip,Nikki quickly commanded a Bite attack.Keelala quickly bit into one of Vulpix's tails,and jumped up,then slammed it into the ground with all her might.Vulpix whimpered in pain,then arose,shaking in agony but staring at Eevee angrily."Keela,Take Down!" Keela charged at the Vulpix,who used another Safegaurd.

Take Down was launched back at Keela and recoil injured Keela even more.Keela panted in pain but rose again.Vulpix was suprised,apparently having beleived that Keela was down for the count.

"Tail Whip!" yelled Nikki,looking concerned.

Keela launched forward for a Tail Whip,but Vulpix repeated Keela's move,grabbing on too Keelas tail and slamming her into the ground.Keela wheezed but stood still,shaking but glaring at Vulpix angrily.Vulpix glared right back.

"Bite!" commanded Nikki,worried expression plastered on her face.

Keela lunged at Vulpix,but remembering that she could use Flame attacks now that Marill was out of the way,it fired a fearsome Flamethrower at Keela in mid-jump,and Keela fell too the ground,beautiful coat singed.

Nikki returned that Pokemon as well,knowing that Raikuu would be her last hope and hopping that Raik could end this battle once and for all.She pointed at the battlefield,or really at the slick and slimy cave floor.Raikuu flew forward,and Vulpix knew it's only hope would be Fire attacks now.

"Raik,hurry and use Aerial Ace!" Raikuu dived down in for a spectacular Aerial Ace,and Vulpix was hit and nd knocked backwards,but not before singing Taillows left wing with a fearsome Ember.Noe Vulpix spun a firey twister with it's Fire Spin attack,that engulfed the tiny bird and injured it far worse then the Ember,also paralyzing him.But Gutsy was his name,and we was very Gutsy.He shot back on too the battlefield and had too dodge many Flamethrowers from Vulpix.

"Wing Attack!" yelled Nikki,frowning.

Raikuu swooped forward and charged into Vulpix quickly,and as it flew straight up,flapping it's wings too regain composure,Vulpix fired a Confuse Ray that hit right on target.Taillows eyes began too roll,and it did dumb dances in the air.

"Aagh!Try too shake it off,use Peck!" yelled Nikki

Raikuu swooped down again,cawing for no reason and went,instead of at Vulpix,off too the left.Vulpix turned and used a fast Tail Whip,slamming Taillow into the wall,breaking through it's confusion but injuring it badly.Taillow flew back into the air,but this time his flight was lowered and as he hovered,he was slightly lopsided.

Vulpix fired Ember at Taillow,and it panicked and tried quickly too dog,but got hit many times."Come on,Taillow,use your Double Team!"

Raikuu becamse four,then five,and they all suddenly rained down Aerial Ace's upon Vulpix,who fired another Ember,eliminating 3 holograms of Taillow then hitting the real one smack in the face.Taillow was barely in the air now,but Vulpix was panting and trembling with effort.Another few attacks should do it,thought Nikki,if Raikuu can last that long..

Raikuu began using attacks of his own accord,and suddenly it was an all-out war between the two.Vulpix was firing Embers and Flamethrowers everywhere,while Taillow struggled too dodge and use multiple Aerial Aces.Both ended up getting injured badly..it was down too the finish line.

Vulpix fired another Fire Spin,which spit Taillow out after injuring and paralyzing him.Taillow lie till,and I thought he would faint too soon.Apparently Vulpix thought the same,and charged in for one final Tail Whip.

But Raikuu wasn't done yet.In an amazing display of speed,Taillow swooped up and over Vulpix,spun around and used a final Aerial Ace that sent Vulpix flying in too the cave wall and falling too land on it's side,panting but suprised.

I smiled and let Raikuu perch on my shoulder as I removed his Pokeball from my belt,returning him with a "You did a good job,buddy.." I threw another Pokeball at the fallen Vulpix,and it was engulfed in red light.The ball fell too the slimy save ground and shook once..twice..aaannndd...

Scorch Ry
07-31-2004, 10:10 PM
Grade In Process: Page Will Be Edited To Give Real Grade

Story: 8/10
Well, I enjoyed the story better than the last...it was more adventurous in my eyes...good good!

Details: 9/10
Once again, a great score. Like I said last grade, excellent detail.

Battle: 7/10
The battle was still short, but longer than the last. Both pokemon got in more attacks, which was a plus. Just make battles longer in the future, okay?

Spelling/Grammar: 8/10
Improvement...nothing really major the mention, but we all can't be perfect in grammar, now can we? :wink:

Length: 7/10
Once again, a tad bit short...perhaps adding another post would of improved this grade. Adding more length to battle would of did it.

OUTCOME: {39/50 = 78/100: VULPIX CAPTURED!}

07-31-2004, 11:02 PM
OOC:YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hey,if you will still be on tonight,I will probably type up another,longer story :happy:

The Pokeball emitted a dull ding that echoed off the cave walls,and nikki yelled in joy,jumping up and down as she picked up the Pokeball.Tears of joy ran down her face and she smiled,holding up the ball and cheering.

08-01-2004, 01:16 AM

After her new capture,Nikki was ecstatic.She exited the cave with all companions returned,and ventured through grass back too amazing Oldale Town.After healing once more,she continued,for the third time down the Route.

Clouds skittered across the sky,shading the sun for mere instances before dissappearing.It was another great day,but the small,cluttered T.V inside the Center said there would be more rain soon.She sighed,hoping the incident that happened last time wouldn't happen again.

The sunlight was fading.It was becoming dark unusually fast.The grass had wilted and wasn't so green now from another hot day.It was 90 degrees outside but Nikki carried a blue denim jacket over her arm,knowing it would drop down about 20 degrees during the night,and she would get cold.

She traveled down the route,and nothing much happened except her feet getting worn out,the night getting colder as the sun dissappeared and a full moon took it's place,and that the wind picked up.It was cool against her face,breezing her raven hair out of her eyes.The tree branches swayed and creaked as the wind blended elgantly into a cool breeze.It seemed perfect outside,but a bit too quiet.Nikki didn't seem too notice,though.

It was now night time,so Nikki chose a small circular clearing in a patch of grass,sparead out her puffy sleeping bad,and lied down.She stared up at the stars,admiring the constelation of the Big Dipper straight above her.Her eyes began too droop,and soon she was asleep.She never knew that somewhere near her,a scheme was begginning too unfold..


A loud crash,a giant explosion and a screech could be heard a few minutes run away from Nikki.She shot up too a sitting position in her bag,and immediatly leapt of it.She rolled it up and quickly snapped on her belt and put her sleeping bag back into her backpack.

She began too run towards thee voice.It sounded like a girl,screaming "No,no please don't!" and an evil cackle that was a man.Soon I found the spot,or what I beleived toob be the spot where the girl was on her knees,sobbing.An explosion spot was near her,marked with deep black marks that had singed the lush grass.Suddenly,a red blimp was seen overhead,marked with pictures of lava.

"What's the matter,miss?" Nikki ran up too her.The blimp was moving slow,but still fast enough it was getting smaller and farther away.

The frightened woman gestured too the blimp and shakily said, "It's Team Magma.They stole my precious Charmeleon and they're taking him awaay!" she cried.

At that moment,she could spot a red-dressed person looking out of a small window at the bottom of the blimp,which seemed too be geting lower.And at that moment,figures in blue appeared near us,yelling too each other.She shook her head;not more of them?

On of the men commanded the others,and they released many Water Pokemon.Soon Starmie,Poliwrath,Kingler and Blastoise were firing sharp jets of Water at the blimp.At that moment,a Charizard appeared over the blimp,trying too protect it,but the water attacks were too much.The blimp crashed into a nearby clump of trees,and the Charizard dissappeared.Thee blue-dressed people cheered.

"Who are you?" Nikki shot at them,confused.The man she saw commanding the rest earlier walked over,and after returning the Water Pokemon,the rest of the people did too.She could tell now that they all wore blue bandana's marked with strange white markings,white shirts with black stripes and blue pants.The man who had commanded them earlier,stepped forward smiling. "I am Archie,leader of this Team,now known as Team Aqua.Those theives were Team Magma,our arch-enemies..that is all you need too knw for now,I am sure we will meet in the future,for now we have too stop those bandits.Miss,if you could come with us we will get your Pokemon back." he gestured too the woman beside me.The woman waved,Archie bid Nikki farewell and they walked towards the trees were the blimp let up a stream of smoke.

And so, with that done, she put back my sleeping bag,deciding too sleep where I was.I stared up at the stars,now not the least bit sleepy.What were these Team Aqua and Magma?What did Archie,that strange man mean when he said 'we will meet in the future'? As these questions without answers flooded her mind,Nikki felt her eyes get heavy,and after what seemed like an hour she was asleep.


Nikki awoke late,having being awakened so late at night.She yawned and stretched,but with one glance at he purple watch which read 1:00 P.M,she gasped and immediatly jumped up.In 5 seconds,she had everything packed up and ready too go.She heard voices shouting near her,and sighed.Not those strange Magma and Aqua teams again?

She followed the voices but only found two trainers battling.One was on the battlefield,scooping up his Totodile,while the other one laughed and congratulated his Raichu.Nikki frowned.She had always wanted a Raichu.She tore herself away from the sight,looking sad.She continued down the Route,and suddenly saw a flash of yellow color.Is that what I think it is?,Nikki asked herself.She began too chase after it too find out.

She threw a Pokeball,and out came her beloved Raikuu.It flew ahead of her.Her feet pounded on the springy turf,making a dull thud as she ran.After a couple of minutes,she heard a zap and a pained caw.Then she came too a clearing only too find Raikuu on the ground and a Pikachu not too far away.She had studied the Pokemon a whole lot.

Pikachu was a yellow mous Pokemon.It was around 1 foot tall,and it's cheeks are red.It has a lightning shaped tail,and pointed ears that are black tipped.

At that moment Raikku rose.Nikki smiled.Now was her chance!This was as close as she could get too acheiving a Raichu."Raik,use a Wing Attack!" Raikuu sped forward with a confident look,but Pikachu simply zapped it with a Thunder.Raik flew back into her arms,and the Pikachu sped off.Too tired too chase it,she returned Raikuu sadly.Nikki had missed her chance.She would never get a Raichu now.

By that time it was getting dark,so she pitched her sleeping bag and sat there.She took out her Pokedex and studied Pikachu's info for hours.Then she realized,Taillow couldn't battle Pikachu because it was weak too Electricity..and so was Water.So she was limited too using Keelala,or Zixi my new Vulpix.It was 8:00 P.M now,and Nikki felt strangely tired,tucking away her Pokedex with a yawn,she dropped onto my sleeping bag and began too dream of a battle plan with a Pikachu.

**A Couple Of Hours Later**

A Pokemons yell echoed too her ears,and she immediatly jumped up.Nikki clumsily stumbled backwards,tripped over her sleeping bag and fell too the ground.Then the yell was heard again.She scrambled too her feet,searing pain striking her head over and over as she rolled up her sleeping bag and tucked it away.She ran towards the noise,her hair frizzy and her mind numb,but as soon as she saw the red blimp in the air her mind seemed too clear.She dragged herself too a stop,when she saw that the blimp was low and a Pikachu was trapped in a net.She never realized it until later that night,but the Pikachu was the same one she had tried too capture before.

She knew this time it was Team Magma,so she patiently waited for the blue dressed Team Aqua too show up.But after a few minutes,they never did,and the blimp was getting farther away.She threw two Pokeballs,and out came Raikuu and Zixi.She pointed at the blimp and whispered too her Pokemon.

Zixi started with a Flamethrower that punctured the blimp.It began too fall but Zixi and Raikuu immediatly sped forward.With his beak,Taillow cut through the bottom of the net and Pikachu landed on Zixi's back.The blimp blew off into the night in a cool breeze,and crashed into trees somewhere farther off.The Pikachu immediatly leapt off Zixi's back as she caught up with them.It glared at the two Pokemon angrilly,as if it did not like the fact that they saved it.It tried too zap Raikuu,but she returned him.Zixi went into a battle stance,and so did the Pikachu.

08-01-2004, 01:16 AM
"Zix,Flamethrower!" yelled Nikki.

Zixi launched a fearsome Flamethrower at Pikachu,which singed it slightly as it dodged too the side and lunged at Vulpix with a Tackle.Vulpix fell too the ground but got too her feet quickly,ready too continue.Pikachu zapped a Thunder at Zix,but she dodged too the right and charged in for a Tail Whip of her own accord,which smacked Pikachu in the face too send it flying,and landing a couple of feet away,but it shot too it's feet quickly.

"Alright then,Fire Spin!Then try your Tail Whip!" commanded Nikki,remembering the evil attack that had almost fainted her dear bird Pokemon.

The firey twister sucked in Pikachu and singed and burned it badly,also paralyzing it.Pikachu lie still on the ground,unable too move and injured quite badly.Zix lunged forward for a Tail Whip,but Pikachu quickly regained movement,and jumped over the Tail Whip too fire a Thunder straight at Zix.Zix was hit this time,and fell again before regaining stamina and facing Pikachu again,trembling.

"Flamethrower,full blast this time Zix!"

Zixi fired a boulder-melting flamethrower at Pikachu,who responded with a Thunder that might've caused a blackout in Petalburg.As the two attacks met,they exploded and sent both Pokemon flying.When the annoying smoke cleared,both Pokemon were still standing,but Zixi looked about ready too quit.It couldn't take much more punishment.

So,Zixi started using attacks of her own accord.She lunged at Pikachu for a Tail Whip that forced Pikachu back,but got a vicous Quick attack in return.Then Pikachu used a Thunder that was reflected bck at it by Safegaurd.Another firey twister raged as a Fire Spin was formed that hurt Pikachu badly.

Then they started using speed.Pikachu fired Thunders while Zixi dodged and fired Flamethrowers right back.But Pikachu was too fast for my small Fox Pokemon.A Thunderbolt shocked Zixi,and she fell too the ground,coat singed and finally beaten.Nikki was shocked,and returned her Vulpix with a frown.

Keela was her last hope. "Go,Keelala!Use Tail Whip!" yelled Nikki encouraging.

Keela ran forward and slammed her tail hard into Pikachu's midriff.Pikachu fell backwards,rolled once and then got up,trembling slightly.Then it zapped Keela with a weak Thunder,and I knew that it was tiring. "Keelala,another Tail Whip!"

Keela lunged forward,but Pikachu was ready this time.It grabbed Keela's tail,jumped and slammed her into the ground before landing on top of her and zapping her with a powerfukl Thunder.But it was weak after that,and fell too the side.Keela struggled too her feet and staggered forward weakly,biting on too Pikachu's tail.Pikachu yelled in pain,but suddenly let loose a powerful shock that zapped Keela.Keela fell too her side,whimpering.

I ran onto the field,but Keela rose again,wincing.Pikachu used a Quick Attack,but Keela dodged too the side,and then rammed into Pikachu as it was passing,with a Take Down.But the recoil was too much for Keela,and she once more fell too her side.Pikachu rolled and then lie dwon on the ground,trembling as it sturggled too a standing position again.I returned Keela.The only Pokemon I had left was Lilly,and I didn't want too loose the Pikachu for the second time..but Lilly was weak too Pikachu,and yet I had a strange feeling inside that told me that she could do it..and so I released her.

"Bubblebeam!" I commanded,hoping that this would work.Bubbles were released at Pikachu.Pikachu let loose a weak Thunder that eliminated half of the bubbles and zapped Lilly.Lilly panjted from the super-effective shock,but was still ready too take much more beating then what she was getting.

"Now,for a Water Gun!Then a Tail Whip,and another Bubblebeam!" yelled Nikki.Lilly stayed in a Battle Stance,and a stream of water jetted from her mouth,spraying Pikachu and pushing it backwards.

Then Lilly lunged in for a Tail Whip,which was countered with a weak Tail Whip from Pikachu.Now both Pokemon were injured.Then more ubbles hit Pikachu.It became weaker,but it still wasn't ready too give up.Using a daring plan,it shook the water on too Lilly,the fired it's strongest Thunder at Lilly.It zapped her hard and Lilly fell too the ground,whimpering slightly.She struggled back too her feet.

Pikachu kept on zapping though,stronger and stronger as he mustered more strength.Then Lilly had the sence too dodge too the side,and lung in for another Tail Whip.A Thunder shot at her,but she ducked,then jumped up and slammed her tail into Pikachu as hard as she could.

Pikachu went rolling,and landed on it's side,whining in pain and panting,unable too muster any more strength too boost itself up.Nikki returned Marill happily,and then threw yet another Pokeball that was empty at the hard-earned Pikachu.It engulfed Pikachu in red light,snapped shut and fell too the ground.It shook once..twice..andd...

08-01-2004, 08:01 PM
.:: Waits patiently for Grader..sits at computer for 2 days ::.

Ahem,could I get a grader please? .:: Waits some more. ::.

Pleeease? .:: Waits some more and then tugs computer off desk,throws it on the ground and smashes it too bits with a sledge hammer. ::.

{In between smashes} answer-me-before-I-set-fire-too-you!::Waits some more more more ::. AAAAAGH!

.:: Puts computer in empty field and sets it aflame ::. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! :dazed:

Okay,I'll stop now :oops:

Scorch Ry
08-01-2004, 08:21 PM
Story: 7/10
The story was okay, although this one seemed to rush. Please, slow things down and take your time whenever you are writing. Trust me, it makes everything seem like its happening. ^_^

Battle: 7/10
The battle was longer, which was a plus. However, Pikachu and Vulpix could of carried their battle onto a third post. Make the battles LONGER or this part won't be 7/10 like it usually is.

Length: 7/10
The length was better in both posts, but more could of been added. Please, try to get three posts for stories, it will give another plus in this section.

Spelling/Grammar: 7/10
You still need to proofread your writings and make sure that you space your wordings correctly. Other tha that, you're okay in this section.

Details: 8/10
I just can't help myself with the loads of details...although you could of described a few things. But it was still excellent, so KIU!

OUTCOME: {36/50 = 72/100 : PIKACHU CAPTURED!

08-01-2004, 08:32 PM
|x|Dragon Leader Nikki retorts..|x|

Thanx alot Aley!Also,if you culd ref the battle between my Taillow and Killik's Abra,would be appreciated.I'll try much harder next time,I sort of hurried through it because it was time for my dinner but I wanted too finish my story because I thought you might have still been on if I finished it before I ate..Once again I think my teacher in Writing for the hard work she made us do on our detail.I think most of the time I don't get very good lngth because she only let us write 2 pages,though..I could write a 6-page story on paper,but since we could only use 2 pages my length has gone down alot,even after school let out.But I'll try harder.

A ding indicated that Nikki had the fifth addition too her team!She cheered a whole lot and congratulated and celebrated with my Pokemon.1 more Pokemon and I would have a full team!

|x|..and sets her computer aflame! :goofy: |x|

08-01-2004, 09:25 PM
|x|Dragon Leader Nikki retorts..|x|

Next Story Coming Later Or Tomorrow:
Bayleef's Big Bash!
Nikki and company get a strange invitation one day too a big mansion party.Howevermwhen they come too the address,the mansion is dark and empty,and no-one is there..or are they?Team Magma unveils another scheme by stealing Nikki's Vulpix.And the only way too get it back is for Nikki too gain another Pokemon.She finds a Bayleef in the forest,with a trainer.The trainer listens too her problem,and opts too give hert he Bayleef only is she cna beat him in battle.Nikki fails on her first try,so figures if she trains a bit more she could beat them.Then she fails again.Time is running out for her Vulpix,and in a few moments there would be no way too get her back.It all relies on Nikki and her Pokemon,and their bond with each other,too save their fellow companion..

|x|..and sets her computer aflame! :goofy: |x|

08-02-2004, 04:51 AM
Chapter 6:Bayleef's Big Bash!

{This one will not be told with the 'Nikki' and 'she' anymore.It will be told in first person,like I'm the one out there not like I'm the one telling the story.The reason for this is because I got really tired last story,because whilst typing it I kept on using I,my,me,etc. and having too go back and change paragraphs at a time.So this time it will be done in MY view.}

After once more venturing back too Oldale Town too heal,I opted too stay there for the day.I went sight-seeing,gazing amazed at the beautiful tulips and daisies and even dropping in for a quick hello too my old savior,Lisa.Lisa offered me lunch,and I accepted.

We are sitting at the wooden table,feasting on delicous tuna sandwhiches with potato chips,and hot dogs.We had just finished our plates,and were talking like old friends when the yellow telephone rang a blasting ringtone,hurting my ears.Lisa picked it up with a polite, "Hello," and listened intently too the person on the other end.She held the phone out too me,with a puzzled look and said, "It's for you."

I gave her a puzzled look back,but took the phone in my hand,and pressing it too my ear I spoke into the end of the phone. "Hello,Nikki speaking."

Immediatly I heard a voice that was deep but welcoming say into the phone,almost hurting my ears it was so loud: "Hello,Nikki Smith.You have been invited too a fancy robbin-" then I heard another,sharp voice in the background say "Mansion,nit-wit,a MANSION party!"

"Er-a MANSION party at.." then he spoke an address I had no idea of,and I asked for a pencil and paper.After getting a Number 2 pencil and a pink sheet of paper,I tucked the phone between me and my shoulder,and quickly jotted down the number of the mansion in my unusually neat handwriting."See you there!" said the voice,before I even had a chance too aks who it was.

"Well,Lisa,I guess I'd better go find this..um..mansion.I'm sorry,but I'll have too see you later," I said,scanning the numbers on the pink sheet of paper with my beautiful blue eyes.Lisa nodded,"Be careful." she said,and shooed me off.

Sad that I had too leave so early,I stepped uncautiously down her steps,and,having memorized the address of 1974 Windburrow Lane,I began too walk.Small brown signs with giant black letters guided me down the many paths of Oldale.The bright sun told me it was about noon-time,and so I continued on.It was scorching hot,and the leaves and grass seemed too wilt and die every second.Then I found the sign that read in bright red '1974 Windburrow Lane'.

"Here we are," I said too myself,continuing on with cautious steps,and then the mansion came into view.

At first sight,at first glance,it was absolutely beautiful.It was painted a bright white that shone gold when the sunlight hit it.It was three stories high,and had something I couldn't quite make out perched on the black roof,which seemed too touch the puffy clouds skittering across the sky and creating shade for tired travelers.There was a cobblestone path leading too a padio that stretched around the whole mansion,with wooden floorboards and white decorative fencing outlining the padio.A courtyard stood in the front of the mansion,but lightly too the left of the door.There was a fence that seemed too be made out of rocks,and a grey archway that led inside,where there was a small pond with a built-in mini-waterfall,in which swimmed several tiny goldfish,and the pond was open at one side,allowing the fish too swim up and down a river that ran under a cobblestone bridge.A small bamboo-like materialized bench sat near the ricer,were a couple of ducks quacked,bathing in the water.Bluebirds chirped as they bathed in a fountain with three platforms and a Groudon at the top.Many different flowers and plants grew there also.

Tearing myself away from this sight,I cotinued on until I reached the giant doors.I knocked hard on themnd my knuckles ached afterwards.It was then I realized most of the beautiful paint was chipped and scraped,and some of the windows were boarded up.I knocked a second time,then a third,and the door opened too admit me.I stepped inside,but no-one seemed too be there.Or so I thought.

Cobwebs criss-crossed along the decorations,siders crawled along tables and there were no lightbulbs in the lamps of in the chandeliers.It looked like no one had been there in months, perhaps years.Then,suddenly the lights flickered on,and in the middle of the room I was in two people dressed in red appeared,chuckling.I recongnized those costumes...it was Team Magma!

They had some sort of gigantic black suction machines strapped too their backs with leather straps,and they held silver hoses in each hand,on which there were big red and blue buttons.They stopped chuckling and pressed the red buttons.Immediatly,suction flowed through the room,and cottoning on,I put my hands over all of my Pokeballs..except one.

Vulpix's Pokeball was sucked into the the hose,and immediatly after the Magma Grunts pressed the blue button,the suction stopped.The roof opened,and in came a smaller version of the Magma blimp.The redt hing I had seen on the mansion roof flashed into my mind,and what the person had siad on the phone when he almost stuttered out their secret plan.How could I have been so stupid as too fall right into their scheme.The blimp rose again,with the Magmas holding onto a ladder and grinning at their victory.

"No,please stop!" I yelled,but the blimp had vanished,and I knew now I must work out a plan.I sighed,still marveling at how I had been foolish enough too fall for their cheme of a 'party'.Party,ineed,I was sure Magma would be celebrating after this victory.I sadly walked out of the mansion,dragging my feet along as I traveled back down the lane,my brain seemed too be thumping in my head as I thought of a plan.

Soon,I was back in Oldale,with a plan in place.I needed too stop Magma,but I was sure I would need a stronger Pokemon too get my Vulpix back.I needed a grass type for my team,and so I thought,why not get another Pokemon in the process?True enough,grass was weak too fire,but if I got a strong enough grass type,I knew I could overcome Magma.And so,with the sun beginning too set,I ventured back onto the Route leading too the dead end at the top of Oldale.

After an hour of traveling,it was beginning to get dark.And so,I lay out my sleeping bag,dissapointed I did not find a Pokemon one.No clouds could be found in the sky that night,only stars.I lie there for a while,before my eyes finally got heavy and I dropped into a deep slumber.

I found myself in the middle of the forest,standing there crying out if anyone would help me.The mystical dog,Entei,appeared before me,and in a deep voice,he said. "Only your heart will guide you.Look deep inside and you wil find the answer.Only one companion will do the trick." and turned into a silvery vapor that flowed in the wind and vanished.

I sat up in my sleeping bag,and the dream played back in my head.It was early in the morning,but I felt wide awake.My mind wondered over the riddle.Only your heart will guide you,he said..deep inside I would find the answer..only one Pokemon would do the trick?

I sat there,for what felt like an hour as the sun rose higher in the sky,shining down upon the green world below.And then,the riddle started too click.Only my heart would guide me..would that mean I needed something I loved?Deep inside me..I would have too find out which Pokemon that I truly loved,but was shadowed by the others I loved.And then it clicked.My favorite grass Pokemon was Chikorita!It may not have been my favorite Pokemon at all,foreshadowed by many other companions,but it was definitely my favorite Grass type!But one thing got too me about the answer.Only one companion would do the trick..but I knew there were much stronger grass type out there then Chikorita.

But,I knew I would find the answer sooner or later.I just hoped it would be sooner rather then later.I stood,and rolled and packed up my sleeping bag before cotinuing on.Then I heard shouting up ahead;surely Magma could not dare too be about..or could they?I ran ahead only too find two trainers andt heir Pokemon,a Bayleef battling a Magmar.Surely,not a fair battle?

"Magir,use your Fire Blast too finish this battle!" yelled the boy too his Magmar,apparently nicknamed Magir.The fearsome fire pokemon sent out a firey red blast at the grass type,but immediatly the girl commanded her Bayleef as well."Bayleef,Vine Whip,then Razor Leaf!"

Surely Vine Whip would get torched by the flames?But that was not what this Pokemon had in mind.It shot vines at the ground,launching itself up and over the firey blast,and slashing at the lava Pokemon with its razor sharp leaves.Magir,already exhausted from fighting for so long,dropped too the ground after the fearsome attack.I was shocked..how could that be?

And then it clicked.My favorite Pokemno was Chikorita,and was foreshadowed by many others..but the stronger Pokemon was a Bayleef,which wast he evolved form of my favorite Pokemon!I looked too the sky,thankful for the answer,and saw a puffy cloud that seemingly appear out of nowhere shaped like an Entei nodding at me.I smiled,and thanked Entei under my breath,and proceeded forward.The boy and his Magmar had left,which left the girl and her Bayleef.

The girl was wearing a denim skirt,black sandals and a plain white shirt.Bayleef is a tall light green Pokemon with a leaf atop it's head and small leaf-looking things forming a circle around it's neck.It has small legs and a sort-of-long neck.

08-02-2004, 04:53 AM
I approached the girl,holding out a hand."Hi,I am Nikki." I smiled.The girl shook my hand,and looked puzzled. "My name is Amie,nice too meet you.Erm,what do you want?" she said,rather rudely.Ignoring the rudeness,I explained congratulated her victory,and then explained my problem.She looked rather sad,but then said,in a challenging tone: "I will only lend my beloved Bayleef too you if you beat her in a battle.If youdo,it proves you too be a worthy trainer,able too handle Pokemon correctly."

I looked doubtful of my odds against the Bayleef,remembering the ferocius battle between it and the Magmar,but accepted the challenge.The faster I gained my Vulpix back,the better."Go,Raikuu!" I yelled,throwing the ball that contained my Taillow and knowing that Fire may have been better against grass,but grass type moves were only a bit effective against Flying."Go,Lola!" she yelled,and the Bayleef lunged forward.

"Raik,start off with your Aerial Ace!" I commanded,and Raikuu immediatly went into a dive at Bayleef. "Bayleef,use your Vine Whip!Then commence the Flying Fighter maneuver!" yelled Amie.Flying Fighter Maneuver?Huh?

Bayleef shot out a Vine Whip that wrapped aorund Taillow,trapping his wings too his sides and preventing him from flying.Then she jumped up,balancing herself in the air on one vine too slam Tailow into the ground with another.She then reeled out her vine,and Tailow was in the air but spinning dizzily.Then she fired a Razor Leaf and jumped off her vine too slam Tailow into the ground.She got up and off of Tailow,who was on the ground cawing in pain.He wanted too get up,but I stopped him,knowing it would happen again in a matter of seconds and then Taillow might've been seriously injured.

Amie laughed in an annoyingly superior way,jumped on Bayleef's back and began too head off.She turned back and waved,calling "I'll be in the Oldale Pokemon Center if you dare too try again."
I returned Taillow,and traveled back down the path.I walked into Oldale's Pokemon Center looking dissappointed,but saw no sign of Amie.I smiled sadly.IT was a tiny bright spot on a horizon that never looked darker.I handed over my Taillow too Nurse Joy,and began thinking about the battle.

If I could find a way too dodge that first attack of Bayleef'swe could avoid the whole maneuver..So I began working up a plan.then I felt something on my shoulder,and looked over too see Nurse Joy trying too hand me my Pokeball."Ahem,for the fifth time here is your Taillow." she said,staring at me and looking slightly concerned."Are you okay,miss?" she asked,worried as I attached Raikuu's Pokeball too my belt.I shook my head,and she shrugged as if it was none of her business if I was alright or not,and she was right,it wasn't.

I ventured out of the Center and ventured back into the Route,but I never noticed it was dark until I got myself stuck in a patch of grass.I sighed.This just wasn't my day.So,I itched my sleeping bag in what I beleived was the same area I had been in before,lie down and fell asleep.I woke up terribly early,having nothing but horrible nightmares of shadows and evil shapes with red eyes.I rolled up my sleeping bag and proceeded too a clearing in the middle of the Route,where I let out Marill and Taillow.

"Okay,Raik," I begun,speaking too Raikuu who replied with a willing "Tail,taillow!"

"Too beat Amie and borrow that Bayleeg,we must practice a maneuver called the Swoop and Dive.I created it last night.Marill,you wil act as Bayleef,and you will shoot out streams of water that will act as Vine Whips.Taillow,you will swoop underneath it,and Marill will be standing on her tail,and pretending it is a vine.Slam into it,andt hen turn around and use Aerial Ace on Marill!"

Marill balanced on her tail and shot jets of water that Taillow easily avoided.He swept underneath them,and slammed into Marill's tail with his right wing,then turned around and used an Aerial Ace on Marill right as she was falling,slamming her into a nearby tree.I cheered and clapped. "Bravo!Keep it up,Taillow we need too have this perfected by tomorrow!"

And so we continued with the practicing.We only stopped at about 2:00 P.M,at which time Taillow had done it so fast it was amazing how well he switched movements,so fluidly.After that long practicing time,I returned both Pokemon and headed back too Oldale..we were definitely ready too face Amie.I walked into the Center just as Amie was headed out and Amie smirked. "Time for your puny bird too get beaten again?" she said.When I nodded,she chuckled and headed too the space before the first patch of grass in the Northern Route.

"Lola,go,Flying Fighter!" yelled Amie,letting loose Bayleef as I let loose Taillow. "Raikuu,use the Swoop n' Dive!" I yelled.Amie looked puzzled as Bayleef balanced on her vine and shot the other one at Taillow.Taillow dived underneath it and sliced throuhg the balancing vine with his beak,swooped up and twirled in the air then struck the Bayleef with a powerful Aerial Ace that sent it flying,then used multiple air attacks,clung too Bayleefs shoulder and slammed her into the ground.Then Taillow hovered overt he fallen Pokemon,and at that moment Amie yelled "Alright,alright I give.You can borrow Lola!" I grinned as Taillow flew back too me and perched on my shoulder before I returned him and Amie tossed me Lola's Pokeball.I returned Lola and smiled.Amie started off,looking dissapointed that she had lost,but I had no time for her..I had too get my Vulpix back!

I started off,running through Oldale town as fast as I could.I skidded too a stop,turned back too the Pokemon Center and healed Lola and Raikuu,then jumped for joy as I headed down another route.Then I skidded too a stop.I had no idea of where too find Team Magma.My brain went numb,and my heart shattered;all this work for nothing?And then I remembered the encounter with them trying too get back the ladies Pokemon..they seemed too be headed towards a spot in the ground.I remembeered exactly where it was,too.

I ran down the Route,the sun burning my back and my hair flowing behind me,my feet pounding the earth as I rsan so fast it seemed too create a dust trail behind me.Then I came too the clearing,the explosion marks still there but faded now.I saw the hill where the blimp had been headed,and ran too it.I jobbed up the hill,jumped off the other side and turned only too see...

Grass.Simply grass.I sat down,crying..all hope for my Vulpix was lost. "If they evolve my Vulpix,Team Magma will take over the world." I cried.Just then,a mechanical voice said "Password Accepted:Magma will take over the world." the side of the hill opened too reveal an underground hall.Suprised,I jumped too my feet and slowly ventured down the hall,until I saw a small hideout,the blimp parked at one end,a circular stone table in the middle and machinery on the other end,with a few Magma grunts standing around on Executive.Then they saw me,and the executive commanded me forward,looking like she might burst loose in rage.

"What do you want with us?How did you get in here?Who are you?!" she bellowed,her eyes full of rage.I shivered underneath her gaze,and replied in a shaky voice,"Please,ma'am,my name is Nikki.Nikki Smith..I have come too get my Vulpix back..I said the password outside,but I'm sorry,really,I didn't mean too." the grunts quaked the cave with their laughter.

"Come too get your Vulpix back?The only way too do that is battle an executive?" chuckled the grunts.The executive stepped forward, "So,you dare come and try too get your Pokemon back from me?Well,I shall give it back.." The grunts looked suprise at these words. "..only if you can win it over a Pokemon battle!" The grunts raged in cheering and laughter.I got into a battle stance though. "Ah..but if I win, get all of your Pokemon."The grunts cheered ever more racious-like,knowing that their leader would win some good Pokemon for Team Magma.

The floor quaked and suddenly a battlefield appeared next too us.I jumped onto my podium,which was blue,whilst the Magma Executive's was red."Go,Likia." she yelled,throwing a Pokeball which revealed a Ninetales.I let loose a breath,knowing the battle would be tough..but if Bayleef could win against a Magmar,then it could win against a puny Ninetales,surely!

I threw it's Pokeball and out popped Lola.She appeared in battle stance,glaring at the Ninetales with hatred.The Executive laughed. "Surely you don't plan on winning with a puny Grass Type,do you?Likia,use a Fire Blast..finish this puny thing off and give it no mercy!"

Ninetales made the same firey blast of an attack I had seem Magmar use."Lola,use your Solar Beam!" Lola just stood there..and then the fire blast hit.It sent Bayleef flying right after Bayleef unleashed a powerful solar beam.Bayleef landed on her feet,but the solar beam sent the Ninetales slamming smack against the podium,and falling too the ground.The Ninetales strained up,glaring at Bayleef with hatred.It fired a Flamethrower of it's own accord,and it scorched Bayleef,before Ninetales fired another Fire Blast.Bayleef immediatly shot up on her vine,and then fired a Razor Leaf at Ninetales,before launching forward off her vine too slam Ninetales into the podium.The grunts were amazed.

Knowing that if she lost by battling,her team would make a laughingstock of her.And so,she threw the Pokebal containing Vulpix too me on the condition that I left at once.So I shrugged and returned Lola,making my way out of the cave with a grin.I left the hideout,and returned too Oldale with a minute too spare.I entered the Center and healed my pokemon before turning too see amie.She stopped me from going around her,too say, "Nikki,you proved too me that I am no true trainer.I am going too let Lola go,and I hope that you will capture her." I nodded and followed her outside,throwing out Lola's Pokeball.Lola appeared,and Amie called her over.

08-02-2004, 04:54 AM
She whispered something in Lola's ear,and Lola straked off down the Route.

I ran after her,and then threw out Ziikzy's Pokeball,allowing him too run with me.Lola was hiding in a patch of grass,and then she jumped out at me,using a powerful tackle that send Zik flying before he skidded too a stop and glared at Bayleef angrily.

Bayleef wrapped her vines around Pikachu,bringing him up and preparing too slam him into the ground.Thinking fast,I yelled "Thunder,now Zik!" My Pikachu used a Thunder that coursed through the vines too zap Bayleef,suprising and injuring her enough too release him.He landed on his feetmready too finish the battle.

"Zik,use your Quick Attack!" I yelled.Ziikzy propelled off in an amazing display of speed,dodging,jumping,swerving,ducking around each leaf too slam itself as hard as it could into Bayleef.Even then,Bayleef only staggered backwards,since Pikachu was smaller.Zik stayed near Bayleef,though,prepared for any more commands.

Bayleef charged for a Solar Beam that was much stronger then the one used in the cave because the sun was shining down upon the battlers,then fired it at Pikachu.Pikachu went flying,and then hit his head on the ground and fell on his front with a thud and a pained "Pika.."

Pikachu would never give up,though.It stood,and jumped into the air too rain bolts of Thunder upon Bayleef.Bayleef tried too dodge,but it wasn't fast enough,being used alot of energy on the Solar Beam last turn.Bolts zapped at Bayleef,and then stopped.Bayleef shot out a single vine and,before Pikachu could land,shot it behind Pikachu's back and broguht him slamming into the ground.

Pikachu let out a sort of gasping,pained noise.Then he rose,and his small hand gripped the vine as it was brought back too Bayleef.Once near enough too Bayleef's face,Pikachu slammed himself into Bayleef's face,and then jumped off too let out his most powerful Thundershock yet.Beyleef collapsed too her side,injured badly,as Pikachu returned too stand in front of me,gasping in breath,with pained "Pika..pika.." every so often.

Lola strained too her feet,and stumbled,ready too battle.

"Alright then,try your Agility,and then use your Thunderbolt!" I yelled.

Zik started dodging left and right,but he was begginning too get more tired,and now his speed was sightly decreased.Razor-sharp leaves licked at his sides as he jumped too use a Thunderbolt and a sharp leaf slashed across his face,injuring him.The Thunderbolt was fired sort of too the side of Bayleef,but struck her none the less.Bayleef staggered too the side,but was not brought down..it was too early for that..

Bayleef lunged forward and slammed her powerful head into my Pikachu,throwing him into the air before using a Razor Leaf,and grasping him in a vine before slamming him into bthe ground.Pikachu strained too his feet,then fell again.He was unable too battle.I returned him,and through out Zixi,my Vulpix's Pokeball.Vulpix appeared,happy too be back with me,in a battle stance and looking ready."Go,use your Flamethrower now!"

Vulpix fired a Flamethrower that scorched Bayleef,and Bayleef was looking weary.I could tell that she couldn't take much more,but she just stood there was the Flamethrower burned her."Tail Whip!" I yelled,taking advantage of the Grass types pause.

Zixi ran forward and jumped,preparing too slam her tail into Bayleef,but then Bayleef's stillness became apparent.She shot off the Solar Beam she had been standing still and charging for,and it slammed into Vulpix,sending her flying before she slammed into the ground and rolled three times,coat singed by the pure power of the attack.I almost returned her,but Zixi rose again,looking angry.

"Fire Spin,now!" I yelled.

Zixi spun a firey tornado that engulfed the powerful Grass type,and,after injuring her badly spit her back out.Bayleef wore terrible scorch and burn marks about her body,and was gasping in a pained sort of way,but sitll had the guts too rise,still in a weak battle stance but trembling slightly now.

"Use your Ember attack!" I yelled out too my Vulpix.

Bayleef had used Vine Whip and tried too wrap her vines around my sweet Vulpix,but the Embers cut back the vines,and slammed into Bayleef.Bayleef was weak now.

She shot out a Vine Whip that wrapped around Zixi and paralyzed her,slamming her into the ground over and over again before Zixi fired a scorching Flamethrower that cut through the vine,releasing her.Zixi fell too the ground,and did not rise,strength gone..I knew it was too early,but Bayleef seemed more powerful because it was evolved.Sighing,I returned my Vulpix and threw out my Taillow,Raikuu.

But Bayleef knew his tricks,and did not use the Fighting Flyers strategy she used before,but immediatly shot out the solar Beam she had been charging while I was switching Pokemon!The powerful beam was hurled at Raikuu,and it pushed him backwards while injuring him as well.Taking advanage of this moment,Bayleef wrapped her vines around Taillow and slammed him into the ground,and then released him.Injured badly,Raikuu rose and hovered,low,in the crisp breeze.

"Wing attack,Raikuu!" I commanded my skillful flyer.

Raikuu swooped in for a wing attack,but not before Bayleef got in a weak Razor Leaf that minorly scraped Taillows underbelly.Then she wrapped a vine around Taillow,slammed him into the ground once,and then held him in the air as she shot out razor-sharp leaves that cut at him fiercely.

Raikuu cawed in pain as Bayleef squeezed him tightly with her vine,then released him.Raikuu was barely in the air now,receiving a beating from the Bayleef already.I thought that I would never catch Lola because the battle was going so badly,but I would still try. "Now,use your Aerial Ace!" I commanded my dear little bird Pokemon.

Raikuu swooped in for an Aerial Ace,but got slashed in the face with Bayleef's vine beforehand.Only one of his wings hit Bayleef,and it was a rather weka attack..but Bayleef was exhausted.She couldn't take much more beating now!

I returned Raikuu,opting too use him later if I ever needed him.I threw a Pokeball,and out came my faithful Eevee Keelala. "Tail Whip!" I commanded the sweet fox,who lunged at Bayleef andjumped up too slam her tail powerfully into the gutsy and powerful Bayleef's face.Bayleef stumbled backwards,but did not fall.Instead she lunged forward,leaned her head down and got Keelala on top of her head.Then she jumped,sending Keelala flying,tand turned too give Keelala a good beating with her vines and many razor-sharp leaves from a Razor Leaf attack.

Keelala fell too the ground,but struggled up.She looked like she was getting tired of fighting already.So I returned her also,and threw out Lilly's Pokeball,forgetting that Water was weak too Grass. "Bubblebeam!" I commanded.

Bubbles jetted from Marill's mouth,popping on Bayleef and injuring her.Bayleef was seriously injured now,but still had enough strength too muster up another solar Beam that slammed into Lilly and sent her flying back.Lilly landed on her feet,but very hard.Lilly quaked under the pain,but soon regained her composure and struggled back up.

"Hydro Pump!" I yelled.Lilly sprayed water at Bayleef that hurt her only minorly,but was still a forceful attack.Lilly lost energy,and Bayleef usedt he opprotunity too fire a Razor Leaf that slashed at Marill and was super effective due too her weakness too grass.Lilly stumbled backwards,and so I allowed her too take a rest,and threw out Raikuu's Pokeball once again.

The gutsy bird appeared,ready for some more battling after his small rest."Quick Attack!" I commanded the gutsy bird.Raikuu flew in and used a quick agility-like move that dodged Bayleef's vines most of the time.Sometimes,though,his speed dropped and he got a good bwating from the vines,but more seldom then mnot he didn't.Then,when he found a good opporunity he slammed himself into Bayleef as hard as he possibly could.

Bayleef staggered backwards and fell too her side,gasping in pain and unable too coninue the battle.Eagerly,I returned Raikuu and threw the last empty Pokeball on my belt at the fallen Bayleef.Smiling at all that had happened in the past few days,I watched the ballshake once..twice..anddd...

08-02-2004, 07:38 AM
|x| Dragon Leader Nikki retorts... |x|

Wooo,Grader needed!!!

I have too go too bed now,though,it's 2 30 A.M.. :eek: My mom will find out I've been on :eek: :eek: :eek:

Anyways,I may think up a Fanfiction/RP tomorrow..

Fanfiction possibilities:

The Adventure Of A Lifetime
**A story about Nikki's life before/as/after a Pokemon Trainer**

RP possibilities:

**Humans were used as lab-rats,and now have too live with their personalities as half-human,half-Pokemon**

And more on both topics!

|x| ...and sets her computer aflame :goofy: |x|

Scorch Ry
08-03-2004, 01:27 AM
Story: 8/10
The story...I was feelin it! It was longer and I really enjoyed it! Try to keep your capture stories this long because it can earn you more points!

Spelling/Grammar: 8/10
Work on spacing your words after you place a comma, okay? Other than that, it's good.

Details: 9/10
Marvelous...this doesn't surprise me at all.

Battle: 9/10
The battle was ALOT better...more attacks were in, more length, since it lasted longer...great job! Keep improving!

Length: 8/10
The length is getting better...you are doing a good job, so try to keep your capture stories at least 3 posts or perhaps try to add in a fourth post.

OUTCOME: {42/50 = 84/100 = BAYLEEF CAPTURED!}

08-03-2004, 01:43 AM
Yipee!I caughts Bayleef!thanks for the grade,that 4 hours was totally worth it!