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I tried hard on this story & I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to post comments.

Chapter 1-Nightmare: It's Only the Beginning

Dark clouds resembled choking, thick black smoke, hovered overhead, blocking the comforting blue sky and sun. Rain poured as if someone turned over a large pitcher of water that wanted to drown the world with despair. Thunder boomed and cracked, making the small objects inside houses rattle, while lightning appeared as white spider veins, carving its way through the pitch-black puffs of smoke. Only the flickering orange light of the street lamps provided sight for those who were blind during darkness.

The red taillights of cars sped down the highways and through suburban areas ignoring the fact of being able to hydroplane off the road. The quick flashing of the small white light, told everyone the school bus was near. Kids huddled indoors, awaiting the bus that would take them to the place where most of them dreaded to be. SCREECH!! The bus came to a halt and hissed just before opening the door. Doors of the houses flew open, releasing a stampede of kids, sprinting towards the bus to get out the rain. At the door of the bus, they pushed and shoved the ones in front, urging them to move faster. Closing the door behind the last kid, the bus slowly pulled off.

The children either spoke to their friends who sat on the seat next to them, fumbled through their backpacks for their poke’ balls or waited patiently for the large yellow vehicle to arrive at school.

“Man, I can’t believe how fast the storm came up,” one person spoke, who sat at the back of the bus, ringing out his drenched hat that dripped water like a running faucet. After shaking it, he placed it on the lap of his navy blue pants and fumbled through his gray and black backpack. “The weather guy said that it was supposed to be sunny all week.” He pulled six poke’ balls from sack, attaching three to his belt while setting the other three in a suitcase. “I hope we’re still going on this trip because I think just about everyone brought their suitcase.” He looked up at the tall boy that sat next to him. “What do you think big brother?”

The tall boy who sat beside him seemed to be about eighteen wearing a white sleeveless shirt revealing his bare, muscular arms that rested behind his head. His dark brown hair hung over his right eye like Falkner’s and the rest was in a ponytail in the back. Looking up at the ceiling with his brown eyes, he shifted the toothpick in his mouth. “I really don’t care if the school goes or not. The only reason I’m going is to satisfy mom by babysitting you so she’ll let me go to Kanto when we get back,” he responded closing his eyes.

“Come on Yosuke, it won’t be that bad…I bet you’ll enjoy yourself when we get there,” the little boy added.

Yosuke scoffed. “Doubt it Takashi. I’m probably the only one out of the advanced class that’s gonna be there.”

He could hear his brother snicker slightly, but still didn’t open his eyes. “No, you’re not going to be alone. I talked to my friend Isei and he said that four more are going as well.” Takashi stopped and waited for his brother to respond, but he still kept quiet. Not sure whither he was asleep or not, Takashi continued. “There’s Kisho, Tasha from the intermediate class, Toyozo, and…Kioko. All four who are sitting up at the front with their brothers and sisters.”

His brother opened his eyes slightly, before narrowing them at Takashi. He seemed to faintly frown as though he didn’t believe him. Staring at his brother who had a smile planted across his face for a few seconds, shrugged, closed his eyes and turned his head. “Whatever.” Leaning his head to the side, Takashi sighed and looked up at the front, his brown eyes stopping on a green haired boy fooling with a video camera.

Turning the camera back over, the boy inserted a tape inside an open slot. He handed it to the other green head boy that sat beside him. When he gave the camera to his partner, a little tag dangled from his shirt that had his picture on it and read Daichi: Ecruteak Public School Reporter (E.P.S.R.) Purple and gold crisscrossed in the background, displaying their school’s colors. Reaching in his large black case for carrying the camera, he pulled out a purple microphone. Holding it up to his mouth, he blew away the tiny amounts of dust that had settled. “Are you set Taichi?”

“Yep. Ready to roll bro,” he answered, making sure his hands were comfortable when holding the large camera. His brother cautiously scooted off the seat, followed by his twin who strained to hold the camera while holding on as the bus turned a corner. Taichi felt a hand grab his shirt to help him up until he was able to stand on his own. The bus jumped a little as it went on a four-lane bridge making Taichi stumble, but he managed to keep his footing. “Can’t we wait until we get to school to film?”

Daichi walked in front of the camera, holding up the mike. “When we get to school, we’ll end up going to class until they dismiss us for the white buses. The Elites might not end up on the same bus as us.”

Taichi moved the camera so that both eyes were on his brother, looking as if something had happened. “I dunno, I just have a strange feeling that something’s gonna go wrong.”

“What makes you say that?” Daichi crossed his arms with the mike still in hand. Few other kids looked up at them, wondering why they were standing in the middle of the lane. Lighting flashed. A white bolt connected with the river from in a distance then disappeared.

“Have you ever seen a storm this bad? It just feels weird.” Taichi shuddered.

“Hey kids,” a hoarse voice called from the right of them. The two looked at the old driver, his white hair easily sticking out against the darkness. “If you’re planning to do your report, then go ahead, if not, then please take your seat.”

“Uh, yes sir, sorry,” Daichi replied, looking up in the mirror at the old man who looked back at him, the wrinkles pushed up on his forehead. He tapped his brother, telling him to turn on the camera. The driver looked back at the road. Another large bolt came down, right beside the bridge. Everyone closed their eyes, even Yosuke came to at this event. Takashi pulled his legs up and sat his bag in between. His arms were wrapped around his legs, his hands tightly gripping onto his arms. Yosuke pushed his hands hard against the seat he was sitting on to refrain from sliding about.

Just two seats up, a boy with blue hair tried to hang onto the seat in front of him, but another bolt struck, violently shaking the bridge as though an earthquake had hit, throwing him off the seat. The spiky, navy hair boy he sat by, who’s just as large as Yosuke, caught him in mid-air and brought him back on the seat. Cars honked when the drivers slammed on their brakes skidding across the bridge, each crashing into one another. One car flipped over, rolling three times before coming to a halt on its roof. Some managed to stop earlier, to keep from wrecking, but only to have other drivers crash into the back of them.

Not by much, the driver of the bus managed to open his eyes. Squinting to keep the bright white light of the bolts from blinding him, he managed to look ahead, increasing his speed, wanting desperately to get off the bridge. Up ahead, he noticed something in the road, something black. It appeared to stand erect on two legs and yet, it still didn’t appear to be human. He could see it was holding onto something, some type of weapon with a long sharp blade that came to a point attached to a stick. On the other end was the same thing, except the blade was flipped.

“Its-its-it’s the Grim Reaper!” he felt his mouth say, but the words only came out as a mouse’s squeak. The driver turned pale, his skin almost the color of his hair, watching as the creature raised his weapon. It forcefully brought the weapon down. A large dark purplish light in shape of a curved blade hurdled towards them with dark electricity that sparked around it. The old man let go of the wheel, using his hands to shield his face. The attack struck, going down the middle of the bus like butter.

Yosuke saw the attack coming straight down the isle and looked over at his brother who was huddled in the corner of the bus. “Takashi!” He shouted, reaching over and grabbing him by the back of his shirt. Using his strength, he snatched his brother across the seat towards him. As soon as he landed in his arms, he held his brother when he leaned against the wall of the bus, using his large body as a shield. The attack flew past them, completely cutting the enormous vehicle in half. Screams echoed through the air as the bus fell apart, landing on its side, thrusting just about everyone in the air. No one fell out, but the two parts slid towards the one who sent out the attack.

The hooded demon didn’t move so much as a centimeter. It stood there, motionless, holding it deadly weapon. The two halves passed it; the wind threw up its cape, revealing nothing, just what was behind it. It turned around, watching the bus as it slowed to a stop. Instead of going forth, it stood in the same spot, tapping the ground lightly with the tip of the weapon and each time it did, purple sparks flew up.

In the split bus, no one moved. Gas poured from its tank while wires dance around on the wet street with the normal yellow-orange sparks. Groaning, Yosuke unhurriedly sat up, pushing his palm against his head to feel something wet. He looked at his hand and muttered as he wiped his hand on his white shirt, giving it a red spot. “Takashi? Takashi? Are you okay?” His brother coughed and whimpered, holding his stomach as well as his head, but nodded to his brother’s concerned question. Sighing in relief, Yosuke looked up at the dark clouds with bolts of lighting shooting across them. “What’s going on? It like we’re in a nightmare.”

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Whats up girl! Long time no see Eon! From the past on what you've done with the fic about Ash's Father Returns, I know this story will be great like it was. Honestly time is a factor right now and I was only able to read half of it but I will read the rest later. I can say, however, that this fic is going smoothly and so far so good. Try to space out the paragraphs just a little bit more. If you get to many quotations bunched up into a paragraph its hard to read. Great job so far! Can't wait for more!

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I'm glad you had like that fic. I was hoping to post it here, but I can't seem to locate it. :sad:

Chapter 2: The Cost of Losing

Moaning and crying echoed through the quiet air. The thunder had stopped, but lightning still flashed above them. Yosuke cautiously moved through the broken bus, using the seats to help him to the front. He jumped down beside the two twin reporters. He shook them, but only got a mutter in response. Thankful they were only knocked out, rather than dead. Yosuke continued down the line.

“Kisho! How’s everyone on that end?” Yosuke called.

A boy Yosuke’s age, but smaller, wearing a gray t-shirt and blue jeans looked up. His long, uncut teal bang blew in the wind. “Everyone’s alive and kickin’.” He looked at the kids closest to him, seeing them lean against the side of the bus and seats, most holding their heads along with their ribs. He then looked back up at Yosuke. “Well they’re alive anyway!” he joked.

Smirking, Yosuke made his way over to the other side of the bus, getting closer to the other half. “Hey! You guys over there! Tasha, Kioko, Toyozo, you guys alright!”

“Yeah! We’re find and so is everyone else!” a feminie voice answered, that came from a girl by the name of Kioko. She ripped part of her white tank top, using the strip to wrap around an injured kid’s head. After tying it securely she wiped her hands on her tan pants, making it even dirtier. She looked up at a girl with black hair and mahogany eyes, who’s about sixteen, in a purple short sleeve shirt and blue, bell-bottom jeans. “Tasha! How’s the driver!”

The young girl began to move forward, grabbing the black chair of the bus driver to help herself swing around to him. He sat sideways with the chair, still locked in his seatbelt with his head facing away from her. “Mr. Burns?” she whispered, afraid to speak aloud like everyone else, but also didn’t want to startle him. “Mr. Burns?” Nothing, not so much as a grunt came from him. She climbed the side of the seat, using her nails to keep herself from slipping. Finally, she got on the side of the seat, and yet, she still couldn’t see his face. “Mr. Burns?” She reached her hand forward and touched his wrinkled face. Touching a person’s wrinkles gave her Goosebumps. Little by little, she turned his head, only to slip from the side of the seat. She fell, her back hitting the wall of the bus while her head collided with the window, shattering it.

“Tasha! Are you all right? Be careful!” Kioko shouted.

“Uh huh,” she muttered, turning herself over. Closing her eyes, she sighed and then looked up to see the driver’s face. An earsplitting shriek came from her as she scattered to get away from him. Mr. Burns’s eyes were rolled up in his head, only white showed. Forcing herself under the wheel and over the pedals, she made it back into the open, panting widely, feeling as though she was about to have a heart attack.

“Well, I guess that means the driver’s dead,” Kioko thought as she turned around to watch another boy aiding a younger kid. He had taken off his sweatshirt, showing his black guard shirt, and placed it under the child’s head.

“Kyle!” he called. A young ten-year-old boy trotted towards him, dodging the bodies as he went.

“Do you need something?” asking before he came to a stop beside him.

“Grab his arm and hold it so I can wrap it up.” Toyozo took a red handkerchief from his back pocket. His brother held of the bloody arm of the boy who winced at the moving of his arm. Toyozo began to wrap the handkerchief around the wound before tying it. He grabbed the ends and yanked it hard, sending excruciating pain through the patient. The kid yelped, catching Kioko’s attention. She put her hands on her hips and frowned.

“You could be a little more gentle you know,” she let him know. He just looked at her before yanking it again. The boy cringed and shuddered while Toyozo looked back at her. She glared at him and mumbled.

“Does anyone have a cell phone!” she yelled into the air.

“I do!” Yosuke answered back. “But I’m not sure if the minutes are still on it!”

“Go figure pretty boy has a phone,” Toyozo spoke in his normal tone. Yosuke caught his statement, growling in hatred.

“I heard that!” he snapped, gripping the phone tightly.

“I guess so…since it was meant to be heard.” Toyozo was seated on the floor, resting against one of the seats.

“Why don’t you take those smart remarks and…” A shout had interrupted Yosuke that came from the part of the bus he was in, but it was on the outside.

“Hey! This bus looks worse on the outside than in!” Tasha exclaimed, running her fingers over the parts where the paint had peeled off. Scratches and dents were heavily embedded. “Huh?” She felt something coming and looked to her left to see the same attack from before coming head on for her. Automatically, she pressed herself against the bus just as the attack passed. The force from it rocked the two halves. Tasha uncovered her face after the debris had settled, only to notice the gaping hole in the bridge between the bus. Keeping herself pressed against the side, she made her way down until she was away from the giant opening.

“Tasha! Are you okay?” Kioko called.

“You’re not dead are ya?” Kisho asked next, joking like usual.

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“I’m not dead, but someone’s about to be!” She glowered at the dark figure standing about sixty-five feet from where she stood. Without waiting any longer, she pulled a poke’ ball from her belt. “Donphan!” She launched it in the air. The ball opened releasing a bright white light, which landed on the ground where it took the shape of an elephant. Its tusks were well stretched out and its trunk rose in the air. It shouted its battle cry while stomping its feet. Yosuke, Kioko, Kisho including her little brother, Seishi hurried to the back of the bus without hitting anyone.

“Are you crazy! You can’t take on that thing!” Yosuke yelled at her, banging on the bulletproof glass of the emergency exit.

Tasha looked back at them. “Well I sure not gonna let him attack and get away with it! Donphan! Use defense curl and follow up with a roll out!”

The Pokemon leapt into the air, turning itself into a ball, powering up its defense before landing on the ground and rolling with tremendous speed at the opponent who still tapped the ground with the weapon. Everyone waited in anxiety, wanting to see what the outcome was going to be. Tasha balled her fist and clinched her teeth, waiting for the attack to run it over. Donphan neared, increasing its speed.

The thing drew its two-sided weapon back, still waiting for the rolling creature. Its weapon charged up with energy, small purple electric bolts crossing over the blades. The Pokemon was finally close enough that the demon held down the charged blade. Donphan connected with it, but that didn’t stop it from rolling. The power of the weapon increased as bolts stretched towards the railing of the bridge. White carnivorous teeth were showing in a grin from under the black hood and yet there wasn’t any body to see with the cape flying up. A dark light began to develop around the spinning animal.

Everyone watched in horror and bewilderment. Not a single person knew what was happening. Tasha held up her poke’ ball and tried to recall her Pokemon, but the red beam just bounced off in different directions. All attempts to call her Pokemon back failed. She was going to try once more, but the being some how launched Donphan back towards her. Its roll out now resembled a speeding comet, coming for her. It left a deep tail in the bridge, pieces flying up behind it. Tasha ran out of the coarse it was on. When she turned back to look, it was upon her, she felt the heat. The feeling of every bone shattering into grains of sand was beyond imaginable, the burning sensation on her chest she barely felt compared to the bones she no longer had.

The flowing of her hair in front of her told her that she wasn’t touching ground. Falling, falling into an abyss, but caught the blurred sight of someone reaching for her. It only got farther away, the darkness consumed the small light left. Bubbles, there were bubbles floating upward and away. Thinking she was swimming, her arms floated in front of her, still attached, but useless. The river carried her away from life. Her eyes were still open and yet, partly closed. “How could this happen? Why? Seishi!” Short, dull thoughts floated in and out like the tide. “What are we up against? Why us? Why me?”

At the bridge, Yosuke’s hand hung as though it too was broken. Everything, everyone was still, standing motionless, the air stricken with grief. Only the sound of the tapping weapon differ before the bursting open of the emergency exit and raging fury knocked away the grief, bringing back the world they were in. Yosuke’s eyes darted up at a boy running down the road, his hand raised in the air, clinching a piece of sharp glass. Another boy who was trying to stop him followed. In a flash, Yosuke was back on his feet.

“Kyle! Get back here!” Toyozo commanded.

“Seishi don’t! Stay away from it!” Yosuke shouted, as he pulled a poke’ ball from his belt and tossed it. Opening in the same manner as Tasha’s, the white light formed into a four-legged animal with sleek white fur with a mane. Its bright red eyes stood out from its dark face. The white helmet and blade shimmered from the orange light of the pole lights. Three dark claws protruded from its wide paw plus one that stuck out from its elbow. “Stop them Absol!” Yosuke ordered. Absol gave chase, going its fastest to reached the children.

Seishi kept running with the shard high in the air. His face soaked with salty tears. “You-you killed my sister! You killed my sister!” he kept repeating, tears flowing down even faster. Kyle still ran behind him, his hand out stretched, frantically reaching for his shirt. Seishi, blinded by his tears and rage, didn’t notice that the double scythe was raised again and that it broke in two. He could only see the humorous smile, the part he was going to strike. The weapon and its replica went on both sides of the boys. Four golden lines formed behind them, on both sides and in front, stopping them from going any farther.

Absol sent out a razor wind attack that bounced off the box of light the kids were trapped in. Seishi beat on the box, screaming his head off. He hit the wall of the box with the glass. The shard was pushed out of his hand, giving him a gash in his left hand that didn’t faze him from what he wanted to do. He still beat on the wall of the box, blood smearing across it, which the box absorbed. Kyle also punched on the box, but nothing worked.

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Chapter 3: A Turn for the Worst

“Absol! Slash!” Yosuke commanded, watching Absol go for the light box again. Thrusting itself in the air, throwing its head back before coming down hard on the box with the blade on its head. It was forcing the blade to penetrate the magic, pushing harder and harder. Sparks and small bolts of electricity began to flare up, giving Absol small jolts. Ignoring the tingling pain, Absol threw its head forward again, its claws trying to dig into the road so it could apply more force.

Hoping the diversion will keep the creature from looking their way, Yosuke motioned Kioko over to him. She ran over to him, but kept her eyes locked on the battle. Kioko partially stood behind him allowing them to whisper clearly to one another.

“What is it?” she asked him, still breathing heavily from the recent loss.

“Take Takashi, Ginko and Mokah and get out of here,” he told her, his eyes still glued ahead at the battle.

“But you guys are going to need all the help you can get,” she whispered back, getting lower, afraid that the creature would hear them.

“We can take care of ourselves, but they can’t…just get them outta here. Hurry!” Yosuke whispered harshly. Kioko hesitated before running back to the bus. She called them and told them to hurry while she kept looking back at the battle. Once the kids made it out of the bus, they ran down the bridge, followed by Kioko who desperately tried not to look behind her.

Feeling that they were getting farther away, Yosuke focused entirely on the dilemma in front of him. He saw Absol on the field by itself and wondered what the others were waiting for. “You guys! I don’t think Absol can do this by itself! Mind lending a hand! Toyozo, where’s your Onix!”

Toyozo looked at him with an aggravated expression planted upon his face. “Unlike you and Tasha, we don’t rush into battle. We like to study the situation first! Besides, I traded my Onix!”

“I don’t think there’ll be a situation to study if you’re DEAD!” Yosuke snapped, getting annoyed. “Well, it’d better be a good Pokemon you traded it for?”

Toyozo turned back to the battle with a frown on his face. Snatching a poke ball from his pocket, he threw it in the air, releasing a giant twenty-foot sea serpent. The part of the bridge they stood on shook when it slammed its fin down. Long blue whiskers protruded from the side of its mouth that stayed open, showing its sharp white fangs. It roared, its face full of anger. “Gyarados! Hyper beam!”

“Dusclops!” Kisho threw one of his poké balls forward. A large dark gray Pokémon appeared with one large eye sitting in the middle of its head and two long ears on the side of its head. “Shadow ball!”

“Absol! Back off and use razor wind!” Yosuke commanded. It jumped away from the box and to go stand beside the other Pokémon as they began to power up. Kyle and Seishi huddled in the corners of the box, putting their against their ears and closed their eyes. The creature standing behind them kept tapping the road persistently with its weapon.

“Fire!” they shouted in unison. The Pokémon released their powerful attacks at the golden box. Boom! An explosion erupted. Thick gray smoke obstructed the view of the creature and the golden box from sight. The three boys ran towards the sight while their Pokémon stayed behind. They fanned the smoke away only to see a faint deep yellow glow.

“I can’t be,” Yosuke said in disbelief. The smoke cleared, revealing the box to still be there, unscathed, not even a tiny scratch. Toyozo cursed aloud while Kisho just blankly stared at the box with a pale face, deep white. Yosuke rubbed back the bang from his eye, only for it to fall back into place. He walked away from the box and back again, filled with frustration.

Kyle looked behind him to see his brother standing there with his fist balled. He got up, moved towards and pushed his hand against the box. “Don’t give up big brother! You can get us outta here!” Kyle banged on the glass, trying hard not to make the situation seem hopeless while he held back his own fear.

Seishi looked at the ground, with his back still turned away from the others. His eyes were no longer filled with the sadness and sorrow from before, but a dark hatred and a will to destroy the one who killed his sister. His mahogany eyes began to turn into a deep dark brown color, but quickly flashed away as he suppressed it when he remembered the death of his sister.

No one noticed that the creature disappeared and wasn’t anywhere to be seen. “Do you have another plan?” Toyozo asked.

“I’m out of options. Let’s face it, we just don’t know what kinda attack this,” Yosuke responded, looking out into the darkness, watching the lightning flash silently. “But we…”

“Guys,” Kisho interrupted, still a sickly pale. “I’ll take this from a movie and say…you guys we made a great team and I’ll miss ya.”

Yosuke scoffed. “No more joking around Kisho.”

“Who says I’m joking?” He smirked slightly as he felt himself be lifted into the air, grunting painfully. The other two looked at him, only for shock to grasp them. It was the creature again and it held Kisho on the blade of its weapon. It smiled as it threw Kisho over the railing of the bridge, sending him to the same watery grave as Tasha.

“What are you?” Toyozo growled. The demon still had the smile planted on his face. “Answer me!” Toyozo demanded, turning towards him fully. It still didn’t respond, which enraged him. Toyozo threw a punch at him, but the creature simply moved to the side and slashed Toyozo across the back. He hit the railing of the bridge and leaned over it, feeling the stinging pain shoot through his back.

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As it sat there and watch, Yosuke grabbed it where he guessed the neck would be. He felt a solid figure underneath, but soon found himself fall through and against the railing with the creature’s cape. Looking at the cape and then at the creature, he could see a clear human figure that seemed to fade away, but reappear. Yosuke tossed the cape over the railing while Toyozo stood up.

“Are you a ghost?” Yosuke asked, still hoping for an answer. The figure disappeared then reappeared behind the golden box where the two children were still trapped. It held out its transparent hand where the two-headed scythe rematerialized. It held it the weapon over the golden box when it began to be absorbed into the blade. The boys were released again, but sat dumbfounded as to what had occurred. The golden light swirled inside the blade as it was lowered.

Using his aching, shaking legs, Kyle cautiously stood, never taking his eyes off the transparent figure. “A-are you letting us go?” Kyle questioned. He stared hard, but the figure neither nodded nor spoke. He shook Seishi, knocking him out of his thoughts where he didn’t know the box had disappeared. Grabbing him by the arm, Kyle pulled him from the ground and ran towards his brother and Yosuke.

It kept an eye on them as they jogged away before swiftly raising the weapon. The golden light stirred more violently inside the blade as a black aura began to surround it. Just when the two boys were near, two beams of light shot forward appearing as small speeding comets spinning around each other in a spiral motion. Kyle was almost able to touch his brother when the light connected with him, stopping him dead in his tracks.

“Kyle!” his brother shouted who was hardly able to see him from the repeated flashing of gold. There weren’t any screams, only the crackling of the golden light. The light retreated up towards their heads before thrusting itself into the air as two small, shimmering, flat, circular objects. The objects fell back towards the transparent creature that caught them. It held the coins between three of its fingers so that the boys could see what had been printed on them. It was Kyle and Seishi with blank expressions on their faces, looking back at them. The younger boys still stood where the attack struck them, but silently fell to the ground with both eyes open, staring into oblivion. Their skin, as well as their eyes had turned a dull color.

“What have you done?” Toyozo growled, looking down at his lifeless brother. “Gyarados!” He roared into the air. The bridge shook wildly as the gigantic serpent hurdled towards the clear body, its mouth open.

“Absol!” Yosuke called. The disaster Pokémon darted forward with astonishing speed, nearly getting to the head of the Gyarados.

The scythe broke in half after it’d turned red and darted towards them, resembling lasers. The attack was too quick for the trainers to call out to their Pokémon. Once they were struck, their entire bodies were being engulfed in red. The poke balls that rested somewhere on their trainers, floated forward and enlarged themselves. As though they were called back, they turned into a red light only to disappear inside the red and white balls. The balls floated back to their owners who looked at it with anger.

“What do you want!” Yosuke snapped. They could see the character smirk and hold up the coins again, which began to sink gradually into its hand until it completely vanished. The small bodies that lied on the ground began to go away as well. They floated away in pieces the size of sparkles until nothing was left.

Tasha, Kisho, Kyle, and Seishi were gone. Everyone was dieing before their eyes and Yosuke prayed that Kioko plus the other three kids with her had made it far away from where they were. He wasn’t able to finish his thoughts because he felt himself being shoved away. He saw a blade pass him, which he recognized as part of the scythe. It returned to its owner like a boomerang where it was hooked back together with its other half. Their turn had come.

“Well pretty boy, I hope you have an idea,” Toyozo said.

“Why do I have to come up with the ideas? And stop calling me pretty boy!” Yosuke retorted, more ready to turn on Toyozo rather than the real danger.

“You want to be the leader of the elites, then act like one!”

“There won’t be any elites if they’re all dead! Why don’t you try something for a change!” Yosuke replied angrily.

“Alright!” Toyozo ran towards the figure with his fist raised. He threw it toward the thing’s face, but his hand only went through. He stood there for a second in shock until he felt something clamp down on his arm. Closing one eye, he groaned as he felt something get tighter and tighter on his arm. Teeth, he could see the form of sharp teeth piercing his flesh. A hard blow landed on his side until it seemed to sink in. The strike forced him backwards. He landed on his back and held his arms that had long scars coming from his elbow to his fingertips. Blood poured down his arm, creating a puddle on the street.

Yosuke snatched a pipe from the sidewalk and swung it towards the figure. The bar went through, but he kept swinging until the creature must’ve gotten tired. It grabbed the pipe with one hand and created weird vines that caught Yosuke before he could let go. The creature lifted the pipe with his opponent on the other end, hanging in the air by his wrists. It swung the pipe forward, yanking Yosuke down with it. When the pipe collided with the ground, so did Yosuke. He yelled, feeling his ribs crack and his nose felt as though it’s was broken. The creature continued its horrendous assault. After a few time, Yosuke was a rag doll hanging from the end of a pipe.

The vines vanished and he fell to the feet of his adversary. He was near death, barely hanging onto life. Turning his attention from the one at his feet, he saw Toyozo running towards it again. Holding up its left hand, it release wind that carried smaller white shape blades.

“A razor wind?” Toyozo wondered. Unable to avoid it, the attack hit its mark. It sent him flying backwards. He noticed the railing in front of him and grabbed it. Much to his luck, he was hanging over the edge holding on with his sore arm. Excruciating pain shot fiercely through his injured, bleeding limb. Gathering the small strength he available in his right, he managed to get his left hand on to the railing. He felt hands on his left arm and looked to see Yosuke trying his hardest to help him up. Toyozo got onto the bridge while Yosuke fell onto his back, his face dark red as well as his wrists and chest. He was barely able to catch his breath.

“This is the example a leader is going to set for elites?” Toyozo inquired, examining Yosuke’s battered body with his eyes.

“Hey…I helped…you o’er the…’ailing,” he barely responded.

“Helped me? It’s more like you slowed me down,” Toyozo told him without any sign of joking in his voice.

Yosuke cursed at him until he ran out of breath and couldn’t say anymore. Since Toyozo was the only one who could see better, he noticed the creature was gone and in its place was a purple orb. It glowed, showing smoke swirling inside. It was shrinking. Yosuke turned his head and focused until he was able to see the orb. His eyes widen when an explosion erupted.