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Hi there! This is my main characters pokemon journey! I welcome comments ideas and encouragment! Thank you for reading!

Chapter one: New Bark town girl...Gets a Pokemon!

Tires screeched… a women screamed and then silence… a silence so loud that it pounded in the young girls head; pressing in on her from all sides.

Suddenly Azhure snapped awake, her face and neck beading with cold sweat her chest heaving as she tried to breath, her heart hammering wildly in her chest. Sheets twisted in a mess at the foot of her bed showed her nightly struggle. Her old nightmare was back.

Somewhere nearby there was a buzzing sound, her alarm clock going off.

Calming down long enough to shut it off, Azhure swung her legs off the edge of her bed and rested her head in her cupped hands.

Her Raven black hair fell about her face and hid her dark purple eyes from view. They were brimming with unshed tears that the fifteen year old hastily wiped away with a shaky right hand.

Today was the start of her Pokemon journey and she wasn’t going to let her nightmares stop her from going. But first she had chores to do.

Looking at the luminescent numbers on the alarm clock. She stood up and stretched ready to face the day.

“Five o’clock. Time to get to work.” She said pulling on her old working clothes and heading out the room, tying up her ear length hair with a silver hair tie.

Heading down the hall she passed her fathers bed room, she stopped for a minute and pressed her ear to his door. She could hear soft snores coming from inside the still dark room.

Smiling Azhure walked to the end of the hall and down the stairs stepping onto the plush carpet of the living room/dining room.

She walked into the little kitchen and made herself some toasted sandwiches and a coffee. After her quick breakfast she headed out the front door pulling on some old working sand shoes and greeting her fathers Arcanine and Houndoom. His guard dogs.

Her father had once been a great Pokemon trainer. Traveling the world and collecting Pokemon and Battling Gym leaders. His fourteen badges sat in pride of place on the mantel over there fireplace.

But now he just raised and bred Pokemon on his farm outside of New bark town. Ponyta and Rapidash, Tuaros Miltank and Mareep to name just a few.

“Morning boys.” Azhure said happily scratching her fathers two dog like Pokemon behind the ears as she headed for the stables. Ready to clean out Rapidash and Ponyta stalls before heading out on her journey.
Three hours later, when the sun had fully risen and Azhure had done all her work, had a shower and had her father repack her bag she was ready to go. After saying goodbye to all her fathers Pokemon, all her friends. Especially a Mareep that she had help raise, it was born small and needed help early on to become strong, Azhure had battled it against Weedles and Caterpies, the odd Pidgey to build up its strength.

Now she stood outside her house, backpack strapped on, her Pokegear on her left arm, holder for her Poke balls on her right forearm.

“Thanks for the Gear dad, and the spare Poke balls.” Azhure said kissing her father on his whiskery cheek.

“It’s nothing kiddo. You call me all the time ok, keep in touch. And when you catch a Pokemon after your sixth they’ll come here and I’ll take care of them. You just call when you want to swap them around.” He said hugging his daughter close.

“I will Dad, I promise.” Azhure said softly her hair brushing away a small tear.

She stepped back and smiled at him ready to go. Dressed in blue jeans and Purple T-shirt with a black and silver bandanna keeping back most of her unruly hair she looked like an experienced trainer, but the tears in her eyes gave it away.

Arcanine and Houndoom rubbed there large dog heads against her legs and whimpered.

“Its ok guys, I’ll be home before you know it.” She knelt down and patted them both. Kissing them both between the eyes she turned, waved and headed towards Professor Elm’s Laboratory.

Her heart felt light as she stepped into the shade of the Labaratory. The two storey building was the largest in New Bark town and there were always Trainers and breeders coming and going, other researchers stopping by every now and then to hear the latest discovery in Pokemon evolution.

“Here we go.” Azhure said to herself taking in a deep breath. But before she could reach out and take the handle of the wooden door there was a shout behind her and she spun around.

Walking towards her was a girl around her own age, deep red hair glittering in the mourning sun shine. Her name was Seriana and she hated Azhure. Mostly because she and her Fathers Mareep had beaten Seriana and her Sisters Pikachu in a Electric Pokemon competition in Cheery Grove city a few years ago. But even before that Seriana had been cold towards Azhure, even down right mean.

“What’s a wimp like you doing here?” Seriana asked as she walked closer, red and orange back pack swinging over a shoulder. She was dressed in a Black sleeveless shirt with the words “Mess with someone else” printed in White. Dark Blue jeans and blue sneakers finished off her look.

“I’m here to get a Pokemon from Professor Elm, just like you.” Azhure said trying to keep her voice calm.

Seriana snorted and pushed past Azhure into the cool and spacious lab.

Seriana’s sapphire blue eyes flashed “Why would he bother with giving you one, I reckon he should give me your Pokemon. You’re too pathetic to be a great trainer.” Seriana sneered and walked off down a brightly lit hall.

Azhure sighed and shook her head following behind the slightly taller Seriana.

The two girls stepped into an open lab. The walls lined with Poke balls.

“I’m going to catch as many Pokemon as Elm has here. Best stay out of my way Azhure.” Seriana glared and started to the other side of the lab were the Professor stood with two other trainers. A boy and another girl.

“Azhure could kick your butt no matter what pokemon she had.” The other female trainer said raising her voice and making Azhure smile.

“Hey Deirdre!” Azhure said walking over and hugging her friend.

“Hey, long time no see.” Deirdre smiled.

Deirdre was shorter then Azhure but was generally the same sought of build, wide shouldered but slim. Dark chocolate brown hair framed her Chocolate colored face, and her eyes were a strange green color that contrasted with her dark skin. She was very pretty and most guys liked the look of her. Deirdre however only had her mind on Pokemon and becoming a world renowned trainer and breeder.

Azhure and Deirdre had been friends since they were only little, playing on Azhure’s farm, riding the Rapidash and swimming in her fathers’ lake with the Goldeen and Staryu.

“Good to see you.” Azhure smiled and looked at the other trainer. A boy around there age with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He was tall and well built for his age, Azhure was sure she had met him some where before.

“My names Drago, you might remember me from school. We were teamed up for an Assignment on Mareeps and there evolutions.” He smiled and held out his hand.

“Of course! Drago how could I forget, we got an A+ if I remember right.” Azhure smiled back and shook his hand.

He nodded and they all turned to the Professor who was smiling at them his eyes sparkling behind his glasses.

“We have a wonderful group of beginning trainers here and I get the feeling that all of you with your different talents and skills will get far in the fields you wish to follow.” He said walking behind a desk that stood behind him and pointing to a group of eight Poke balls.

“Each one contains a starting Pokemon, one for each of you. After you have chosen I will give you a set of five Poke balls and a Pokedex and you’ll be on your way.” He said happily as the four trainers walked closer and read the labels under the Poke balls.

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Chapter one continued....

Deirdre reached out and took the Ball labeled Pikachu, winking she pushed the small button in the center of the balls two colored halves and the device opened releasing a cloud of white energy the solidified into the small electric mouse.

“Pi Pikachu!” it said happily small sparks emitting from its cheeks.

“Hey there little guy. My names Deirdre and I’m your new trainer.” Deirdre said kneeling down in front of the Pokemon and smiling.

“Want to travel along with me and see the world?” she asked holding out a hand.

“Pi Pika Pikachu!” it said hugging Deirdre’s arm before climbing up it and onto her shoulder.

Deirdre smiled at them all and Pikachu rubbed its cheek against Deirdre’s.

“Well that settles it, me and Pikachu are a team.” Deirdre said happily.

“Oh well done, Pikachu is a good choice as long as they respect there trainer.” Professor Elm smiled at the pair and pulled a box out from the desk draw. He handed over a red square like computer that fitted in the palm of your hand and five red and white Poke balls.

“Well Deirdre you’re all ready to go, will you leave now or wait for your friends to choose?” Elm asked as Deirdre clipped her set of Poke balls to her belt.

Deirdre smiled at Azhure and winked at Drago.

“I think I’ll wait and see what they choose.” Deirdre chuckled.

Drago nodded and picked up the ball labeled Cyndaquil. Pushing the center button in much the same way as Deirdre he released the glowing Cyndaquil. The fire mouse Pokemon.

“Cynda!” it cried looking around at them all.

“Hi Cyndaquil, you and I are going to be traveling around together.” Drago said kneeling down in front of his new Pokemon.

It’s back flared briefly in happiness then it leaped into his arms and began to lick his face.

Azhure and Deirdre laughed as he tried to fight off the happy Pokemon as well as collect his Pokedex and Poke balls from the professor.

Seriana snorted at them and picked up the ball marked Charmander, hooking it to her belt she snatched her Pokedex and Poke balls from the Professor and walked away, calling over her shoulder “I’ll see you losers later!” before disappearing out the front door.

Professor Elm shook his head and looked at Azhure. “Well, what will it be?” he asked.

Azhure looked long and hard at the remaining Pokemon.

She reached out and took Totodile’s ball from the desk and pushed the button releasing her new friend.

“Toto!” it said happily dancing on the spot.

“My you’re a happy little guy.” Azhure laughed and caught the Pokemon’s attention. It stopped its dancing and looked at her for a second before jumping on her and hugging her.

Azhure wrapped her arms around the little water type and hugged him. “Nice to meet you too.” She smiled and looked at the professor who smiled and handed her a Pokedex and handful of Poke balls.

“Now you’re all ready to start your journeys! Go out and catch pokemon! Collect badges and meet new friends!” he cried happily. They all thanked him and he gave them all his phone number in case they needed to contact him.

“Thanks again professor!” Deirdre called as they all waved back to him as they left the lab.

“You’re all very welcome! And remember Pokemon are our friends!” he yelled back waving energetically.

They walked down the path that lead to the lab, using there Pokedex’s on each other Pokemon to collect its data.

“So where are you headed?” Azhure asked as they headed out of town and into the large grass planes and small clumps of forest that separated New Bark town from Cherry Grove city.

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Chapter one final....

“I’m heading for Cherry Grove city. My uncles there and he said after I get my first Pokemon I should go see him.” Deirdre smiled as Pikachu sang happily on her shoulder.

“I’m heading there too, but only after I catch some Pokemon. I’ll see you girls in Cherry Grove City.” Drago smiled, waved and headed off to the right to a group of trees not far off.

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea. I might do that too, I’ll catch you in Cherry Grove City Deirdre!” Azhure said branching off to the left.

“See ya later!” Deirdre waved and Pikachu called goodbye to Totodile who was walking happily at Azhure’s side.

“Bye!” the two waved and dashed off down the hill.

“We’re going to be great together Totodile.” Azhure laughed happily as they jogged down the hill.

“Toto!” It called smiling up at her.

They slowed down to a walk and Azhure checked her PokeGear map to make sure she could find the road back to Cherry Grove, then her PokeNav to know where they were at the moment.

“This looks like a good place for catching Pokemon.” Azhure said as they came to a strand of trees.

“Dile.” Totodile nodded and followed along behind her.

Azhure got out her Pokedex ready to scan Pokemon if she found them when a strange growling caught her attention.

“Sounds like some things going down over there?” Azhure said pointing to a clearing of yellowing grass.

05-26-2004, 06:31 AM
Chapter two: First Capture!
They jogged over as quietly as they could and lay down in the grass, pushing a clump of grass aside Azhure peeked into the clearing and her eyes widened in disbelief.

A Poochyena and a Houndour where facing off, growling and snarling at each other.

Azhure raised her Pokedex and scanned the opposing Pokemon, listening carefully to what the mechanical voice had to say.

“Ok so we should be able to take them by surprise, Houndour is a Dark and fire type so it’ll be weak against your attacks, Poochyena might put up a fight but we should be able to take it down with some well placed scratches and tackle attacks.” Azhure said placing her Pokedex in her back pocket and pulling two Poke balls off her right arm guard.

“Alright Totodile, lets go! Tackle attack!” Azhure said standing up.

Totodile jumped up and ran at Poochyena ramming it in the side with its hard head. Houndour was taken by surprise, its opponent was now gone, replaced by some new enemy.

“Quick, now water gun Houndour in the face!” Azhure said throwing her first Poke ball at Poochyena hoping to take it by surprise as it tried to stand up on all fours again.

Totodile shot a spray of water in Houndour’s face. The little dog Pokemon fell back and growled its face sopping wet.

“Again water gun!” Azhure said watching both her Pokemon and her Poke ball as it shook from side to side trying to contain Poochyena.

Totodile quickly shot out another spurt of water and Houndour fell to all fours under the blast.

Her second Poke ball shot out of her hands and fell in a graceful arc, sucking the weakened Houndour inside. Azhure crossed her fingers nervously as both Poke balls shook from side to side.




Both Pokemon had been caught.

“Yes!” Azhure leaped into the air punching a fist towards the sky.

“We did it Totodile! We got our first catch!” Azhure said running up and hugging her little friend.

“Toto Totodile Dile!” it yelled happily.

Azhure put her friend down and walked over to her two new additions, adding there balls to her group on her right arm.

Suddenly something in her backpack shook.

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These are the first four installments the rest will be up tonight or tomorrow. I write like ten pages of stuff before i post any of it and i use Words spell and grammer check. Makes the job a whole hell of a lot easier. :smile:

Hope people like what they see and everyone is more then welcome to post a comment or idea here. :smile: :silly:

Thanks for reading!

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Very nice. You use lot of detail. This story is great. The only thing is it did not take much efort to catch dose pokemon. I know its hard to make long battles against trainers or wild pokemon. The wild pokemon did not even attack. The rest is great. The only thing I say you need to work on is the capturing. It might be better next time. We will see. Well great story.

05-27-2004, 03:09 AM
Thanks Latias10 for the reply! Yeah the battle was short but dont worry im working on making my battles and captures longer and more enjoyable. but sometimes if you drag them out too long people get bored with reading and just skip so you have to try and make them just the right length... Anyways im working on it and i've got three new pages of stuff to put up!

Stay posted!
More story up soon!

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Chapter Two final: An old friend...and a strange suprise!

Swinging her bag off her shoulder she knelt down and placed her bag on the ground pulling it open. Reaching in she pulled out something… a Poke Ball. It shook from side to side then suddenly opened. The swirl of white light subsided and there stood her Mareep, its white fleece shining silver in the sun.

“Mareep! What are you doing here?” Azhure asked as Totodile came over and stood next to the sheep like Pokemon.

“Maaa maarrre” it bleated pushing its head into her hand for a pat.

Scratching it behind the ears Azhure thought this strange occurrence over.

“Dad packed my bag! He must have slipped you into my bag!” Azhure said smiling and patting the wooly animal.

“This is Mareep Totodile, I helped father to raise her. Apparently she wouldn’t be left behind.” Azhure smiled and stood up as the two Pokemon introduced themselves to each other.

“Well, now I have Totodile, Poochyena, Houndour and Mareep. A good group to start with.” Azhure smiled and reached into her bag for her water bottle.

Instead her hand hit something, something rounded.

Wondering what it could be now she pulled out a Pokemon Egg. Its spotted shell smooth and creamy with spots of red and yellow.

“Oh wow! A Pokemon egg! I’ve heard of them! And Dad’s had a few on his farm but I’ve never had one before.” Azhure said holding it out for her other two Pokemon to see. Azhure saw that near her feet was a note, gently putting the egg on the ground she reached out and picked up the piece of paper.

“It must have fallen out of my bag when I picked up the egg.” Azhure said unfolding the note and seeing her fathers’ handwriting.

Dear Azhure,

This was your mothers favorite Pokemon. I had my friends at the Goldenrod City Pokemon Day care center send it to me. When it hatches I know you’ll treat it with the love and respect it needs to grow strong and help you win battles.

Go out and live your dreams Azhure, like your mother wanted.

Love you always sweet heart.

Azhure folded up the letter and put it back in her bag. Carefully she lifted the egg and placed it back on top of her spare cloths and other things she had packed.

Standing up and smiling at her two Pokemon she returned Mareep to its ball and placed it with her newly caught Poochyena and Houndour.

“Dile?” Totodile looked up at her confused.

“Come on little buddy, we still have a days worth of pokemon catching to do!” Azhure laughed and slipped her backpack on.

“Toto!” Totodile clapped its clawed hands and danced on the spot before running to catch up with his trainer who was sprinting towards a group of trees.

05-27-2004, 03:17 AM
Chapter Three: First battle!!

“Alright Mareep! Thunder shock now!” Azhure ordered her friend.

“Mar! Eeeep!” it bleated blasting out a wave of electricity.

The poor Rattata it was attacking was shocked into paralysis, falling cross eyed to the ground.

“Ratty! Return!” Its trainer called holding out its Poke ball and watching the red energy of the Pokemon be sucked back in.

“You did a good job.” He said to the ball pulling another from his belt.

“Let’s see you take on this!” he hollered as it soared onto the battle field and sprung open.

“Sand Shrew!!!” it yelled clawing the air to show its strength.

Pulling out her Pokedex Azhure scanned the little creature.

“If it fell from a great height, this POKEMON could save itself by rolling into a ball and bouncing. It prefers dry, sandy places because it uses the sand to protect itself when threatened.” The small computer intoned.

“So a ground type. I’ve got just the Pokemon for this battle.” Azhure said recalling Mareep and smiling at the young trainer across from her.

“GO TOTODILE!” She yelled and Totodile sprung out from beside her and ran onto the field.

“Water gun attack!” Azhure yelled, knowing she had a type advantage.

“Sandshrew defense curl now!” the boy yelled.
“Shrew.” The mouse like creature rolled itself into a ball protecting its self from the water gun.

The water cascaded around its hard outer shell and did little damage.

Rethinking her strategy Azhure tried a different approach.

“Totodile! Tackle attack, send it flying!”

“Dile!” it yelled a war cry and ran head long at the rolled up Sandshrew. Bashing it with its skull. The Sandshrew was flung a good ten feet away still rolled up.

“Again!” Azhure yelled.

The Sandshrew was smashed into again, this time flying off to the left.

“One last time!” Azhure yelled out to Totodile.

“Toto!” it yelled back nodding, it ran full pelt at the still rolled up Sandshrew and smashed it up into the air. Now the balled up Pokemon became aware it was somehow flying and uncurled its self.

“Now Totodile hit it with water gun!” Azhure commanded.

A blast of water hit the Sandshrew at full force and sent it flying into a tree.

“Sand…” it muttered sliding down the trunk and hitting the compacted earth stars in its eyes.

“Sandy return.” The boy said sadly dismayed that this brand new trainer had taken down three of his best.

“I was hoping to battle brand new trainers who didn’t have much experience and where new to Pokemon battles. You really know your stuff Azhure.” The boy named Toby said walking over and holding out his hand.

“Thanks Toby. Your Sandshrew is really something.” Azhure shook his hand while Totodile jumped around in the background dancing and being silly at its first victory

05-27-2004, 03:19 AM
Chapter three continued:

“Thanks. Your Houndour was brilliant against my Exeggcute.” He smiled his brown eyes true and honest.

“Thanks, that means a lot Toby.” Azhure smiled again and blushed. She had never thought she would hear another trainer tell her how wonderful her Pokemon had been.

“So you just started out?” Toby asked as they walked along together under the midday sun.

“Yeah, Totodile here is my beginning Pokemon.” Azhure laughed softly as the little crocodile made a piece sign with its claws before laughing stupidly and running around in circles.

“He gets a bit excited.” Azhure apologized.

“I think it’s funny.” Toby laughed as Totodile tripped over a branch lying in the middle of the dirt track.

Azhure stifled a laugh and helped her friend to his feet.

“There there, nothing broken.” Azhure smiled and rubbed along Totodile’s jaw line.

“Ttoooo.” It mumbled and smiled sheepishly.

“Come on, we still have Pokemon to catch before going to Cherry Grove City. I want at least ten Pokemon before I get there.” Azhure said standing up and smiling at Toby.

His wavy brown hair was blown into his face and he pushed it aside.

“There’s a nice little spot over there, in those trees. You should be able to find lots of different types. There’s a little pond not to far away either if you’re looking for more water types.” Toby said pointing to a wide strand of trees not to far away.

“Thanks for your help Toby. For the battle too.” Azhure smiled and she saw him blush.

“Not a problem, it was an incredible battle and I’m going to tell every trainer I met about it.” He smiled back.

“Cool. Well I might catch up with you in Cherry Grove City, or Violet City.” Azhure waved and headed off.

“Good Luck!” Toby called after her.

“You too!” Azhure yelled back before disappearing down a slope Totodile once again by her side.

05-27-2004, 07:26 AM
Chapter Four: Second Capture!!

Azhure marched happily under the shade of the trees, whistling a nonsense tune with Totodile walking happily at her side.

“I’ve only used two of my ten Poke balls since dad gave me an extra five. So I have eight left to catch Pokemon.” Azhure said happily as they looked at the low bushes and tall tree’s surrounding them.

“So I need only two more to make up my battling group. Then I can catch a few more so I have some backups.” Azhure said looking down at Totodile who was looking off to the right.

“What is it little Guy? Do you hear something?” Azhure asked stopping and following the Pokemon’s gaze.

“Totodile.” It pointed and waddled off into the bushes.

“Hey! Wait for me!” Azhure said sprinting off after it.

She found him standing at the base of a tree looking up into its branches.

“What?” Azhure looked up and saw a shadow darting between the branches.

“A Pokemon!” she cried happily pulling her Pokedex out from her back pocket and pointing it at the tree.

“Mankey, the fighting type: An agile POKEMON that lives in trees. It angers easily and will not hesitate to attack anything. If it loses sight of its group, it becomes infuriated by its loneliness. It is extremely ill-tempered. Approuch with caution.” The red computer said mechanically.

“Wow, a fighting type. And it’s all alone; I wonder where its family is?” Azhure said watching the shadowy Pokemon jump from branch to branch.

“I’m gonna catch it!” Azhure said happily pulling Houndour’s Poke Ball off her right arm and throwing it out in front of her.

“Ok Houndour your up!” she yelled as the ball released the Pokemon, the bright light subsided and there stood the small dog like creature black coat shining in the midday sun.

“DOUR!” it howled causing Mankey to stop its jumping and look at it. Suddenly it leaped to the ground and raised its pawed hands.

“I think it’s ready for a fight. Ok Houndour lets give it one it won’t forget. Keep it at bay with Ember attack!” Azhure cried out.

“Dour!” Her Pokemon barked back, drawing in a deep breath it held it for a second before releasing a blast of hot embers at its opponent.

Mankey leaped to the side and was only singed by the attack.

05-27-2004, 07:27 AM
Chapter four continues:...

“Mankey!” It yelled and suddenly it shot at Houndour with super speed

“Houndour hit it with a tackle attack!”

Growling Houndour leaped at Mankey but was stopped short of hitting it. Mankey was using its scratch attack.

“Dour!” Houndour barked trying to dislodge Mankey as it swiped at him.

“A close range Ember attack Houndour!” Azhure said realizing the Mankey had let itself get to close.

Houndour nodded and its eyes flashed before releasing yet again another stream of Embers.

All of them hit dead centre throwing Mankey off, but it wasn’t beaten yet. Standing up it took up its fighting stance again and rushed at Houndour.

Suddenly it disappeared and reappeared next to Houndour bashing it off its feet.

“That’s a quick attack!” Azhure said watching as one after another of the fighting Pokemon’s attacks landed dead centre and knocked Houndour off its feet.

The little dog couldn’t take much more punishment.

Trying to think Azhure noticed that Mankey was attacking in a zigzag pattern.

“Hang in there Houndour! Wait for my signal!” Azhure said getting a sudden idea.

The ferocious Mankey disappeared and both Azhure and Houndour tensed.

A split second later and it reappeared on Houndour’s left.

“Now tackle attack!” Azhure ordered.

Houndour rushed at the oncoming Mankey taking it by surprise, hitting it head on. Both Pokemon fell to the ground dizzy and dazed.

“Poke ball go!” Azhure threw her third Poke Ball at the still dizzy Mankey.

“Return Houndour, you deserve a nice long rest.” Azhure said pointing Houndour’s ball at it and watched as the red stream of light pulled it inside for a nice rest.

Now Azhure turned her attention back on the ball that was trying to hold Mankey.

It shook from one side then the other as if the Pokemon was battling it trying to escape.

“Be ready just in case it manages to get out Totodile.” Azhure said looking at the little pokemon who had stood by her side the whole battle.

It nodded and turned back to watch the Poke ball its little claws balled up into fists.

Azhure watched the ball too, and after what seemed like forever the light in the centre went off and it stopped shacking.

“We did it! Our third catch!” Azhure said happily and Totodile did a little dance as Azhure picked up her newest addition and placed it next to Mareep’s ball on her right arm.

Azhure smiled happily and laughed.

05-29-2004, 08:20 AM
Chapter Five:

“A few more Pokemon as strong as that Mankey and we should be able to beat any trainer who comes along!” Azhure said turning to Totodile who smiled and clapped its hands together.

“Let’s go find some more Pokemon!” Azhure said bending down and scooping up Totodile who jumped up and sat on top of her Backpack.

“Be careful you don’t squish my egg.” Azhure warned. But Totodile was so light he didn’t even press down on the bag.

“From there you should be able to see and hear any Pokemon, so you let me know when you do.” Azhure said walking off happily, pushing aside bushes and low tree branches as they trekked through the small forest.

“Poke Ball go!” Azhure yelled as she threw one of the spheres at what she hoped to be her newest addition.

The Poke Ball sailed through the air and hit the Nidoran female gently on the head. The stunned Pokemon was turned into red energy before being pulled into the ball.

It dropped gently to the ground and hit the soft grass with a PHLUMP sound. Shacking from side to side before sitting still.

“Wahoo! My sixth Pokemon!” Azhure said running over and scooping up the Poke Ball.

“Maa!” Mareep bleated happily as Totodile did a little jig on the spot.

“You did a great job Mareep.” Azhure patted the woolly creature happily before returning it to its Poke ball.

“Come on Totodile it’s almost sun down we need to find a place to camp for the night.” Azhure said putting both Mareep and the newly captured Nidoran’s Poke balls on her arm guard.

Walking back into the underbrush they came to a nice little spot near a pond. The late afternoon sun glinted off its still waters and Azhure smiled at how pretty it looked.

“Why don’t you go for a swim while I collect some fire wood?” Azhure smiled at her little blue crocodile.

“Totodile!” It licked her hand with its slimy tongue before taking a running jump and splashing into the pool.

Azhure shook her head and washed her hand at the edge of the pool before walking away to find some dead branches.

Collecting an arm full she returned to there one night camp to have Totodile hit her in the face with a water gun.

“Oh very funny.” Azhure said sarcastically as Totodile laughed at her drenched face.

Dropping her load of sticks she wiped her face and pulled her bandanna off tucking it into a pocket of her jeans.

Picking up her sticks again she arranged them into a triangle and pulled off her back pack looking for matches.

“Wait a minute I have Houndour.” She said to herself slapping her self in the head for forgetting.

“Come on out Houndour!” Azhure said pressing the up turned face of the Poke ball on her arm. The ball snapped open the energy turning into the fire dog.

“I know you’re tired but I thought maybe you could light a camp fire for me.” Azhure smiled patting the little dog gently on the head, noticing its scratches and frowning.

“Dour.” It nodded its head and drew a breath, blasting a group of Embers at the group of sticks. A few leaves and small twigs caught alight and spread to the larger branches. Soon a merry little fire was crackling away as a burning orange sun sank and night settled in the forest.

“Why don’t you stay out for awhile Houndour? You can have some fresh water and some Pokemon food I packed. In fact why don’t we all have a meal together?” Azhure smiled as Totodile climbed out of the pond and waddled over droplets of water cascading over its body.

Azhure pressed the small button on each of the Poke balls and they sprang open revealing her Pokemon. Poochyena, Mareep, Mankey and Nidoran.

05-29-2004, 08:24 AM
Chapter Five Continued: Dinner time!!

Poochyena curled up near the fire and promptly fell asleep. Nidoran and Mareep walked over to the pond and began to drink from its cool waters and Mankey leaped up into a tree to sleep for the night.

Houndour walked over to Poochyena and curled up next to it. Opening an eye for a second the bite Pokemon looked at its one time enemy for a second then looked at Azhure who was preparing dinner for them all. If she wanted them all to be friends Poochyena would at least try. Closing its eyes it shuffled closer to Houndour and went back to sleep.

Azhure smiled at Nidoran who was most interested in the food she was putting out in little camping bowls.

“Don’t worry there’s plenty of chow here for everyone.” She laughed as the curious little Pokemon sniffed the bowl Azhure had just put the food into.

“I found these berries along the way. Maybe you guys will like them.” Azhure said shrugging her shoulders and putting a few juicing looking berries in each bowl.

Houndour and Poochyena raised there heads and sniffed smelling the sweet scented berries.



They both stood up and trotted over putting there heads into a bowl and hurriedly eating the Poke food and berries.

The scratches on Houndour’s face seemed to melt away and Poochyena looked like its energy levels had been boosted.

“Those Berries must have special properties.” Azhure mumbled to herself as Mareep and Nidoran tucked into a bowl of food and Totodile chowed down on some scooping it up with its clawed hands.

“Hey Mankey are you hungry?” Azhure asked looking up into the trees for her Pokemon.

Mankey swung graceful from branch to branch before landing on the ground. It walked over cautiously and sniffed the bowl of food she was holding, then the hand holding the berries.

As quick as lightning it took the berries, bounded away and back up the tree.
“Ok, I guess you were.” Azhure shrugged and started to make her own meal.

03-01-2007, 02:23 AM
Chapter Six: Bad Guy Rumble!

The embers of the fire had died down and pure darkness settled on the forest.
Azhure pulled her bandanna off and messed up her short hair flicking it behind herself as she curled into her purple and silver sleeping bag her backpack acting as a pillow.

Mankey Mareep and Nidoran had been returned to there Poke balls for the night but Poochyena Houndour and Totodile refused, instead curling up all around her for warmth and protection.

“Who needs a fire when I have you three.” Azhure yawned wriggling into the warm interior of the sleeping bag and closing her eyes.

Everything was set for the morning, all she had to do was stand up, roll up her sleeping bag put it back in her bag and she could leave and head for Cherry Grove City.

Smiling to herself at the look on her friend Deirdre’s face when she turned up with so many Pokemon Azhure fell into a deep and peaceful sleep. Her Pokemon sleeping less then a foot away.


Golden sunlight fell through the emerald tree tops and rested on the sleeping figure of Azhure Heart. Rolling over in her sleep she tried to block out the bright beams of light with little success.

Groaning and grumbling she sat up and stretched her arms over her head wishing she could sleep in a few more hours she yawned.

Then remembered where she was and why a Poochyena was sleeping on her feet.

Azhure smiled broadly and was up in a split second putting on her shoes, brushing her teeth and combing her hair.

Poochyena Houndour and Totodile woke up a few minutes later to see there over night camp packed up and breakfast already sitting out for them.

“Come on you slow coaches. We have lots to do today.” Azhure said happily eating her porridge and fruit slices.

After there quick breakfast Azhure recalled Poochyena and Houndour leaving Totodile to walk with her.

“Let’s get the day started.” Azhure said checking her Poke Gear map and PokeNav.
“We have to go this way to get to Cherry Grove City.” Azhure said pointing off to the right.

“Totodile!” her blue crocodile said grinning, his white teeth flashing in the bright dawn sunlight.

“Let’s go!” Azhure said marching off with Totodile at her heels.

About two hours later they were still marching happily under the trees heading for Cherry Grove city.

“It’s so nice to be able to go where I want when I want.” Azhure said wistfully to Totodile as they walked at a steady pace through the small thicket of trees.

A loud whimper made them both stop in there tracks.

“That wasn’t your stomach was it Totodile?” Azhure asked looking down at him.

“Toto.” He shook his head.

“There it is again.” Azhure said as the noise got louder.

“It’s coming from over there!” Azhure pointed to a group of trees off the path and the two sprinted off in that direction. If a pokemon was hurt Azhure wasn’t going to let it suffer alone. She’d take it with her and get it to a Pokemon centre as soon as possible.

What she found wasn’t a single pokemon but a group of them stuck under a heavy mesh net. A Cubone, Vulpix, Marill and Pichu were trying desperately to rid themselves of the net but it looked as though they had been there most of the night; they had run out of energy.

Two people stood over the net taking stock of what they had caught.

“Oh yes the boss will be pleased a nice little grouping we have here.” The man said laughing.

“Yes indeed. He might even promote us to executive for this little capture.” The women said giggling hysterically. Azhure had heard enough, she didn’t know who these people where but she didn’t like the way they were treating pokemon and in her books anyone who mistreated Pokemon was bad.

“Hey! You can’t treat pokemon like that!” she yelled coming to a stop behind the pair.

03-01-2007, 02:25 AM
Chapter Six Continued:......

Her shout caught there attention and they spun around to face her, hands already clasping poke balls.

The man had shoulder length black hair and blue eyes; he was tall and was wearing a red shirt with the letter R above the heart.

The women had long dark blue hair in a high pony tail that flowed smoothly down her back with piercing brown eyes. Wearing an identical shirt to the man, the black letter R obvious against the blood red of her shirt.

“And who are you to tell us what to do with our Pokemon?” She asked her voice harsh.

“Azhure Heart from New Bark Town.” Azhure said confidently her left hand straying to her right arm guard with her Poke balls on it.

“Humph, just some pathetic rooky trainer. Lets get out of here sis, the boss is waiting for his pokemon.” The man said sneering at Azhure who felt her blood boil and her heart race.

Pathetic rooky trainer!!! Her mind screamed I’ll show him!

“Go Poochyena! Houndour!” She yelled releasing the two balls from there containment and letting them fly. They opened in a blaze of light and the two dog like Pokemon landed on the ground rearing for a fight.

“The little twerp actually thinks to challenge the might of Team Rocket?” The man asked eyeing up Poochyena and Houndour.

“Let’s show her how truly powerful we are brother.” The women said throwing out her Poke ball.

In a blast of light there stood Drowzee with its long snout and hypnotic eyes.

In another blast of light there stood the mans pokemon a Pineco.

“You don’t know much about type advantages do you.” Azhure said raising an eyebrow at the two of them before smiling.

“Poochyena! Houndour! You’re going to have to combine your attacks ok! Let’s go! Tackle attack!” Azhure yelled.

They both nodded and took off at lightning speed. Poochyena slamming head first into Drowzee while Houndour ploughed into Pineco who thanks to its thick skin was able to withstand the blow.

“Houndour! Now that you’re in close hit it with an ember attack! Poochyena try another tackle attack!” Azhure called out as Totodile began what looked like a cheer squad routine on her right.

Houndour released a mouthful of embers onto Pineco, though it has a strong shell it is still part bug type and they can’t withstand fire attacks. The Pineco was out of the match unable to with stand the ferocity of the Houndour’s attack.

Houndour barked in triumph over the fall of its enemy and turned its attention to Drowzee who was trying to use a confusion attack on Poochyena.

“Look out Poochyena!” Azhure cried out as they Psychic pokemon unleashed its attack. Poochyena tried not to look at the Drowzee but it was compelled too, the attack hit home and Poochyena was no match for it, it stumbled to the left and tripped over a rock.

Azhure scowled as the two trainers laughed at her.

“Houndour! Tackle attack!” she called out but she didn’t have to, the fire- dog was already launching itself at the Pokemon; Drowzee didn’t turn fast enough to ward off the attack and was hit in the chest. It fell backwards and Houndour went with it, it rolled over a few feet away, leaped up and spun to face the Drowzee again.

“Here Totodile, take this and spray Poochyena with it, it will help.” She handed the little crocodile a blue spray bottle from her backpack.

“Toto.” It agreed and ran over to its fallen friend spraying it gently with the spray. Poochyena shook its head and tried to stand up on shaky legs.

“That’s enough Totodile! Get out of there!” Azure called out.

Drowzee was back on its feet and it looked mad as hell. Houndour wasn’t finished with it; it ran around the pudgy pokemon annoying it by snapping and biting but always being out of reach.

Drowzee tried to use a disable attack but Houndour was too quick the attack missed and it gave Poochyena time to get its bearings back.

Azhure smiled as the small grey hound approached its prey from behind as Houndour barked at it and kept jumping out of its way.

“Drowzee behind you!” the women tried to warn her pokemon but it was too late, Azhure had already given the order.

“Houndour! Poochyena! Team tackle attack!” She called pulling out enough pokeballs to catch the trapped pokemon under the net.

The two pokemon leapt at the same time, Houndour hit it from the front and Poochyena got it just behind the knees, the pokemon slammed backwards into the ground as its two attackers landed on opposite sides of it glaring, as if challenging it to get back up.

The two upstarts stood starring at there helpless pokemon and Azhure launched her final assault to save the trapped pokemon.

She threw her Pokeballs at them and saw them all be pulled into the balls. The net dropped to the ground no longer caging defenceless creatures and one- by- one they were caught and suddenly transported to her fathers’ farm where he could heal them and keep them safe.

“How did that happen?” The woman asked startled as the two dog Pokemon now advanced on the humans growling menacingly.

“You’d better get out of here, my pokemon get pretty hungry after a battle.” Azhure warned.

03-01-2007, 02:32 AM
Chapter Six Final:.....

“You haven’t heard the last of us you up start!” the man yelled recalling his burned Pineco.

“And if I hear you’ve been hurting innocent Pokemon again I swear I’ll come after you.” Azhure growled sounding like her two Pokemon who were snapping and snarling at the two Rockets.

Recalling her Drowzee the woman glared at Azhure and tugged on her brothers shirt to make him move.

“Let’s get out of here and catch some more Pokemon to deal with this brat.” She hissed at him.

“Good idea, we’ll be seeing you soon twerp.” He snarled before they ran off into the forest. Azhure watched them go for a few minutes before calling over her friends and seeing if they were ok.

“Here Poochyena I’ve got a spray that will help get rid of the dizziness.” she said kneeling down and sliding her bag off to get out the spray. She sprayed both of her feisty pokemon in the face and they seemed to feel better for it.

“I’m going to ring dad and make sure those pokemon got there safe.” Azhure said putting away the spray and sitting cross-legged in the soft grass. Pulling her Mobile phone out of her Poke Gear she dialled in her fathers number and waited for him to answer.

“Darien Heart speaking.” His voice said over the line and Azhure sighed in relief.

“Hey dad it’s me!” She said happily as Houndour and Poochyena began a game of tag around the grassy area and Totodile plonked down next to her.

“Hey sweet heart, I just got a huge load of pokemon from you, are you going for group captures now.” He laughed.
“No daddy, I was heading towards Cherry Grove when I ran into these pair of thugs who had captured all those poor creatures under a net. They had been there all night! I had to do something.” Azhure explained.

“This is serious, no wonder the poor little Pichu passed out. Don’t worry sweetheart I’m taking good care of all of them and if you need them they’ll be fighting fit. Who were these two thugs?” He said his voice serious.

“One was a woman and the other was a man, they both had red shirts on with the letter R on it.” Azhure said as Totodile climbed into her lap and curled up for a nap.

“TEAM ROCKET!” her father thundered on the other end of the phone line, Azhure winced at the rage and anger in her fathers voice.

“Who are they daddy?” Azhure asked urgently.

“A band of thugs and bullies who use Pokemon for profit and evil; be careful Azhure these people are dangerous, you take care of yourself and your pokemon ok. And call me as soon as you get to Cherry Grove City.” He said hurriedly.

“I will daddy, I promise. You take care of my new friends ok.” She smiled as she heard him chuckle on the other end of the phone.

“I will, you can count on it. I’ll talk to you later sweetness.” He said softly.

“Sure thing dad, say hi to Brutus and Titus for me.” She said as she heard the two huge dog Pokemon start barking in the background.

“I think they just said hello, I better go see who’s at the front gate. We’ll talk later sweetness.” He said quickly.

“Ok dad, bye.” She said as she heard the booming barks of the two dogs.

There was a click on the other end of the line and the phone went dead. She hung up and sighed, before pulling on her backpack and picking Totodile up in her arms.

He opened one eye and smiled at her, crawling over her shoulder to rest easily on the top of her back pack.

“OK you two mischief makers, time to go back into your Pokeballs.” Azhure called out to the still playing pokemon. They ran back to her and she recalled them before heading off towards Cherry Grove City at an easy pace.

03-01-2007, 02:33 AM
Chapter Seven: Encounters

A few steady hours of walking and Azhure almost forgot about the two thugs and the poor trapped Pokemon, it was a bright beautiful day and she still had Poke balls left for catching a few more pokemon before heading into Cherry Grove City.

Totodile had been asleep for a few hours but suddenly perked up and started looking around as they neared a small stand of trees just out side of Cherry Grove, they could see the red roof of the Pokemon centre over the next hill.

“What is it little guy; more Pokemon for me to catch?” She asked looking at the stand of trees and knowing it would be an ideal place for bird Pokemon to live, The trees were tall and had wide splaying branches both good for protection from bigger pokemon and perfect for nests.

“Toto.” He said with a nod and pointing a claw at the base of the tree.

Azhure craned her neck to see what it was that was lying in a heap at the base of the tree but it was hard to tell.

She took a few steps forward and stopped, if it was a pokemon she didn’t want to frighten it off, she took it slowly; the shadow of the tree obscured her vision making it hard to tell what it was.

She took a few more slow paces forwards before she gasped and broke into a sprint to the tree; a small Pigey was laying there its wings at a strange angle and a pained expression on its face.

“Oh you poor thing.” Azhure said softly falling to her knees next to it as it crooned in pain and its wings shook.

“I’ll help you don’t worry I’ll have you back in the air in no time.” Azhure said as Totodile jumped down and crouched next to the Pigey and started to stroke its head and talking to it, the little bird seemed to under stand and it looked up at Azure with big brown eyes that begged her for help.

“It’s going to be ok Pigey, Totodile and I will take good care of you.” She said gently taking out a spray from her back pack as well as a few berries she had collected. She softly sprayed the Pigey from head to tail feathers and mashed the berries into a paste so it could easily swallow them. After a few more sprays and the berries it was looking better, it was able to pull its wings into its side and it stopped shaking but it was clear it was still in some pain, one of its wings didn’t sit properly.

It sat up and Azhure poured some water out of her bottle into a bowl and it took a few mouthfuls before both it and Totodile looked up and over her shoulder.

“What is it guys?” She asked looking from one to the other then over her shoulder, striding towards her was Seriana, her red hair immediately identifying her.
Azhure stood up and spun around to face her and Totodile jumped to stand beside her; while Pigey cooed behind them its voice frightened and paniced.

“I didn’t think she would stoop to this level.” Azhure growled and Totodile agreed with a growl.

Seriana stopped a few meters away and sized the pair of them up.

“I expected you to stop and help that weak little thing.” Seriana sneered.

“It’s not weak.” Azhure snapped back.

“It was no match for Charmander.” Seriana scowled and her eyes flashed dangerously in the mid day sun.

“You should have caught it and taken it to a Pokemon centre.” Azhure snarled as a small wind whipped up and around them.

“Why catch that pathetic thing when I have a full arsenal of strong Pokemon already, I don’t have time to waste on the weak.” Seriana smirked coldly and Azhure felt her blood boil.

“You didn’t have to keep it, you could have let it go, or traded it or given it to someone, there was no need to leave it like this.” Azhure yelled her hands shaking.

Seriana shrugged her shoulders and started to toss a Poke ball non-chantely from one hand to another.

“It’s of no use to me.” She said simply.

“I can’t believe this, your not the same girl I knew Seriana, some things happened to you and I don’t think I like were it will take you.” Azhure said with a shake of her head.

“You don’t have to like it, just remember to stay out of my way, the next time we cross paths I’m going to challenge you to a battle and we’ll see which one of us is better.” Seriana said with a glint of something like malice in her eyes.

“Why not battle me now, afraid you’ll lose?” Azhure snapped.

“Like I said, I don’t have time to waste on the weak.” Seriana said putting the poke ball back on her belt and walking off down the hill.

Azhure could feel her self shaking in anger but she tried to put it out of her mind and turned back to look down at Pigey who was looking up at her in wonder.

“I guess you haven’t met too many nice trainers huh?” Azhure asked it kneeling down to take a look at its wing.

“Pigey pige.” It said with a shake of its feathered head.

“Well I’ve done everything I can for you but I think a Pokemon centre would be able to fix that pretty easily. Nurse Joy’s have a reputation for being able to heal any pokemon in an instant.” Azhure said frowning at the bent wing.

“I can take you with me to Cherry Grove City and get her to take care of you, after that you can either come with me or I’ll bring you back to your home.” Azure said packing up all her things and bending down to pick the little fuzzy bird up into her arms trying not to jar the wing to much.

“Pigey.” It crooned and nuzzled its head into the crook of her arm.

Azhure smiled down at it as Totodile jumped up into her back pack and they set off with the roofs of Cherry Grove City coming closer with every step.

03-06-2007, 03:23 AM
Chapter Seven Cont:.....

“Hello!” Azhure called out as she stood at the welcome counter in the Pokemon centre, a few other trainers were sitting in the lounge talking, chatting, laughing and swapping stories of battles and captures. A few of them looked like familiar faces from New Bark Town; some looked like they might be local trainers and breeders.

“Welcome to Cherry Grove Cities Pokemon centre how can I help you.” Said a Nurse Joy as she stepped out from the care ward behind the desk and smiled at Azhure.

“I need you to help this Pigey, I found it at the base of a tree, I did the best I could for her but she needs proper care.” Azhure said gently setting the sleeping bird on the bench and looking up at Nurse Joy who bent to examine the little bird.

“You did a fine job of Pokemon first aid; I should be able to have this little girl ready to fly by this afternoon.” Nurse Joy smiled and scooped up the pokemon lovingly.

“Oh good.” Azhure sighed in relief.

“Do you need any other pokemon looked at?” Nurse Joy asked seeing Totodile sitting behind Azhure’s head his little claws holding onto the arm straps of her bag to stay on.

“Totodile is fine, but I do have others that need to be looked at.” Azhure said un-clipping the Poke balls from her right arm and setting them out on a tray that had six scooped out holes for six balls to sit in perfectly.

“I’ll have my assistant come and bring them to the care ward, we’ll take care of them for you and you’ll be able to collect them this afternoon.” Nurse Joy smiled at her and walked back into the care ward.

Azhure sighed in relief and stood waiting at the counter for the assistant to come; she didn’t want to leave her pokemon sitting there all alone.

After a few minutes a girl came out of the care ward, she was a few years older then Azhure with dark purple hair and shining green eyes Azhure was sure she knew her from some where.

“Hi.” Azhure said brightly to the girl who placed the tray on a small conveyer belt like machine that ran under a scanner to scan the poke balls. It told the nurses what kind of pokemon where there and what treatment they may need.

“Hello.” The girl said back warmly reading the small screen above the scanner.

“A Poochyena with a slight case of confusion; a Houndour Mankey Mareep and Female Nidoran who are all in wonderful condition. It shouldn’t take long to clear up the confusion and the others look like all they need is some food some rest and maybe a check up from Nurse Joy.” The girl smiled at Azhure obviously impressed with the care she took of her new friends.

“Good, I’m glad they’re all ok.” Azhure smiled at her and tried to remember were she knew the assistant from.

“Do you want me to look at Totodile while I’m going?” She smiled and set the tray down on the other side of the scanner.

“Oh no he’s fine; he might just need something to eat that would be all.” Azhure said with a shake of her head.

“Ok, well come back this afternoon and you can collect them.” She smiled picked up the tray and went into the care ward.

Azhure nodded and looked around the wide open space of the centre, the lounge was where most of the trainers were and she could go there and meet other interesting trainers but just as she decided on it her stomach growled.

“I guess you’re not the only hungry one.” Azhure giggled as Totodile laughed.

Azhure looked around and spotted the doors to the cafeteria and strode towards it with Totodile laughing behind her head.

“You’re making me look like a nut case Totodile.” Azhure said with a sigh and shake of her head.
The little crocodile giggled then stopped as great smells wafted out from under the door Azhure was heading for.

“Hmmm, smells good.” Azhure said with a lick of her lips.

She pushed the double doors open and walked into a bright sun light room that was longer then it was wide, with booths that could seat at least six people up against the big glass windows, the windows looked out onto a small lake surrounded by tall trees and long grass.

The long serving bench was on the opposite side and stools were placed every few feet.

A tall blonde haired woman stood behind the bar wiping up a glass while behind her the bustling sounds of the kitchen were dimmed by the music playing out of the stereo.

A few trainers sat alone further down the bar; a couple were sitting in booths with fellow trainers and a couple of pokemon.

Azhure couldn’t see who was sitting in the last booth, they were hidden by two tall trainers who sat facing her, they looked like they might be twins.

Azhure walked up to the bar and smiled to the tall woman who smiled back and set the glass down.

“What can I get for you?” She asked warmly picking up a pen and paper to write down Azhure’s order.

“Can I get a bowl of Pokemon chow for Totodile here that has a sprinkling of sugar and berries on top, that’s how he likes it and a large burger with large chips and a large coke please, oh and a large Poke milk for Totodile, for his teeth.” Azhure smiled at the look on the woman’s face she was a little bewildered by the milk request but smiled at Azhure’s explaination.

“Got to keep those chompers healthy.” She chuckled and took the order to the kitchen and told Azhure to take a seat and she would bring it to her.

Azhure picked a booth with an umimpeeded view of the lake and put her back pack down beside her, fixing up her bandana she gazed out the window wondering how Deirdre and Drago were doing and if she would meet up with them here.

Totodile was singing along to the radio and Azhure shook her head as he began to dance on the seat opposite her.

Azhure laughed as he made a final pose for the end of the song and took a bow, Azhure clapped and giggled at how funny the little guy was.

“He’s a little actor isn’t he?” Said the tall woman as she set down there meal and smiled at Totodile.

“Life is never dull with him around that’s for sure.” Azhure smiled and popped a chip into her mouth.

Totodile took another bow before leaping on his food.

The woman laughed again and walked back to the bar.

Azhure ate her way through her burger and chips and was happily sipping on her drink while Totodile finished off his milk with a satisfied sound and a rub of his tummy.

“Feeling full?” Azhure asked smiling at him sipping her drink.

He nodded and flopped down onto the seat so only his eyes and ridges could be seen.

Azhure took a long sip of her drink and began looking around at the other trainers who had come and gone from the cafeteria

The twin trainers had left shortly after she had sat down and a blonde haired girl with a blue sweat shirt and jeans had taken their place.

It was a good way to size up other trainers and their pokemon and Azhure didn’t even have to leave her seat.

After sitting there for an hour or so after finishing their food the pair packed up and thanked the waitress who smiled and waved them goodbye.

Totodile was back in his spot behind her head and Azhure was just thinking about going to the local poke mart for some more Poke balls and potions when a familiar voice caught her attention.

“You should have been there Cody; Azhure was really good she had my Rattata beat in a matter of seconds.” Toby’s voice rolled over her as she passed the lounge.

Azhure turned around with a smile on her face and saw Toby talking to a taller boy with the same brown hair and eyes. He had a look of sceptisim on his face.

“Well your Rattata’s not exactly hard to beat Toby.” He scoffed.

“I’ve never lost a match with him until now, and you know it Cody.” Toby said back as Azhure walked over to them.

“Hi Toby.” Azhure said brightly catching both boys attention.

03-06-2007, 03:25 AM
Chapter Seven Final: Battle on!

“Oh Hi Azhure, good to see you again, this is my big brother Cody he’s been a trainer for a few years now.” Toby explained and Azhure saw the belt of poke balls on his waist.

“Nice to meet you.” Azhure said raising her right hand and holding it out for the older boy to shake.

“Yeah, you too.” He said taking her out stretched hand but only shaking it once before dropping it.

Azhure looked to Toby who shrugged and shook his head at his brother attitude.

“I was just telling Cody about our battle, I told the twins too who were here earlier.” Toby smiled at her.

“I saw them in the cafeteria they left an hour or so ago.” Azhure said talking to Toby because it seemed his brother had lost interest in what they were talking about.

“They’ve been in town for a few days now but they’re originally from Golden Rod City.” Toby said excitedly.

“I’ll be heading in that direction, I mean Golden Rods got a gym and since I want to compete in the league I’m going to have to get the badge.” Azhure said with a shrug.

“I was going to go there eventually, I’m going to hang around here first and catch a few more pokemon and battle a few of the local trainers before heading off, might take a few days or even a few weeks but I’ll get there.” Toby smiled.

“That sounds like a great idea.” Azhure smiled back at him.

“Well I have to go, I told that Drago kid I’d meet him after lunch for a battle at the arena so I’ll see ya later bro.” Cody said heading towards the doors.

“Did he just say Drago?” Azhure said watching the boy leave.

“Yeah, the guy came into town this morning, he came running to the centre cradling something in his arms, said he’d found it hurt and bleeding, said he ran all night to get it here, and by the look of him he probably had. Cody got smart mouthed with him and Drago said that if he had the guts to back up his words he should meet him at the town arena today.” Toby explained as Azhure looked at him wide eyed.

“What? You don’t know the kid do you?” Toby asked seeing the look on her stunned face.

“We went to school together in New Bark; I told him and another friend I’d meet them here.” Azhure said her stunned look fading.

“Well I can take you to the arena and we can cheer him on, my brother thinks he’s such a big shot because he’s got a badge but he’s all talk.” Toby said shoving his hands in his pockets as he led her to the door.

“Well one has to be better then none.” Azhure said as Totodile shifted his weight a little.

“Yeah but it makes him big headed, I mean if he’s such a big shot why hasn’t he won any more badges.” Toby said with a look.

“Good point.” Azhure agreed as they walked through town to what looked like a large Recreational building.

“A few of the local trainers get together here every few weeks and train and battle and trade, since we’re pretty far away from any of the major cities we make do with the Rec building. There’re a few battle arenas out side, nothing fancy but they do the job and they have stands and everything.” Toby explained as they got closer and Azhure could see that it was a pretty big building for the size of the town and that one stand was already filling up with people.

“It looks good.” Azhure smiled at him as she scanned the stands for a familiar face, she spotted her about four benches up and as they got closer they could hear her.

“Show him what you can do Drago!” Deirdre was yelling while a few of the local trainers hissed and booed.

“Oh shut up you morons.” Deirdre snapped back as Azhure led Toby up the stairs and along the bench.

“Go off Dee.” Azhure said as Totodile leaped off her back and toddled along the row above them which was clear of people thanks to Deirdre’s cheering on the new guy.

“Hey Azhure I thought you might be here by now.” Deirdre smiled up at her as Azhure sat down next to her friend and pulled her back pack off to sit it at her feet.

“This is Toby; I battled him the other day on my way here, his brothers the one Drago’s battling against.” Azhure explained as they shook hands in greeting.

“I hate to say it Toby but your brothers a git, Drago was getting in some practise this morning as I arrived and he’s really good. He could challenge Valkner in violet city and beat him no worries.” Deirdre said as they all looked down to see Drago sitting calmly on a bench that sat on the back line of the arena.

Cody was standing on the other side with a small knot of boys around his own age.

“None taken.” Toby said looking down at his brother who was laughing with his friends
“So Dee you said your uncle wanted you to see him before you left Cherry Grove, did you find out what that was about?” Azhure asked remembering what Deirdre had said before they parted company at New Bark town.

“Yeah I did.” Deirdre said with a grin and pulled a Poke ball off her belt.

“He gave you a pokemon!” Azhure exclaimed.

“Yep.” Deirdre smiled devilishly but wouldn’t say anything else.

“Ok ok I’ll bite; what one?” Azhure said not taking it any more as Totodile walked behind them singing a war cry presumably for Drago.

“Well you know my fondness for Electric types.” Deirdre said drawing it out.

“Yes yes that’s why you picked Pikachu at Proffessor Elms lab.” Azhure said waving a hand trying to get her to tell her.

“Well my uncle has been keeping it for me for when I started my training.” Deirdre was loving watching her friend squirm.

“If you don’t tell me right now I’m going to have Totodile soak you with water gun.” Azhure warned.

Deirdre laughed and relented. “It’s an Elekid. I’ve always wanted one so my uncle went and traded for an egg at the Golden Rod day care centre.” Deirdre grinned clipping the ball back onto her belt.

“You have to show me later.” Azhure said smiling.

“Me too, I’ve never seen an Elekid before, if you have that and Pikachu it should be an easy win for you in Violet city, Valkner is a bird type trainer.” Toby said leaning around Azhure to talk to Deirdre.

“Oh I’m going to train them up a bit first and catch other types, I’m not stupid enough to believe you can win with only one type, I mean Elekid wont do me much good if I challenged the Rustburo Gym in Hoen or the Pewter gym in Johto.” Deirdre said her eyes flicking down to Drago who had just stood up and stepped into the Arena.

All eyes were on the arena as a local girl tapped a microphone to check it was working and walked to stand on the side line in the dead centre of the ground, apparently she had done this before.

“That’s Jace, she’s a local girl, lives out on a property, she judges all local battles, she has four badges so most people respect her decisions, she’s a fair judge.” Toby explained.

The girl had long flowing bright blue hair and eyes to match; she tapped the microphone one last time before clearing her throat.

“This is a three on three Pokemon bout between local trainer Cody and the New Bark Town Challenger Drago. No time limit, swapping out allowed. Trainers are you ready?” Jace said out loud as a cheer from the crowed nearly drowned her out.

Cody called out “Let’s get started already.”

Jace looked to Drago who bowed his head and pushed the centre button of a poke ball to enlarge it.

“BEGIN!” Jace called taking a step back from the line and turning the microphone off.

03-06-2007, 03:28 AM
Chapter Eight: Cody Vs Drago

“Go Sentret!” Cody yelled flinging a poke ball and releasing the little pokemon that stood up on its tail and looked around then finally at Drago.

Drago looked very calm and almost smiled “Go Nidoran!” He yelled sending out the poison type Pokemon.

A Nidoran Male materialized out of the ball and clawed the ground to show it was ready for battle.

“Sentret quick attack go!” Cody yelled while Drago gave no orders, just stood there and waited for something only he knew was going to happen.

“What’s your friend waiting for?” Toby asked as Sentret seemed to disappear in a blurr of kicked up dust.

“I don’t know, but I hope he knows what he’s doing.” Azhure said her eyes flicking from Drago to Nidoran who seemed to be waiting for something too.

There was a blur of movement on the right of Nidoran and it tensed dropping its head so its poisoned horn was facing out towards its enemy. When Sentret appeared it didn’t have time to slow down or doge the horn, it ran right into it and it squealed in pain.

“Nidoran tackle attack!” Drago yelled as the Sentret fell at Nidoran’s feet from the sharp jab.

Nidoran lowered its head and belted the little pokemon half way across the arena.

“Whoa! Go Nidoran!” Deirdre yelled punching the air as Azhure and Toby clapped.

“If Sentrets lucky it didn’t get poisoned but by the looks of it…” Azhure let the sentence hang as Sentret got slowly back onto its tail.

“Nidoran tackle attack!” Drago yelled and Nidoran pelted up the ground in a charge its horn lowered.

“Doge it Sentret!” Cody called but the pokemon couldn’t it tried but fell over in pain and was an easy target for the charging Nidoran.

Nidoran slammed into Sentret with its horn and sent it sprawling into the dirt at Cody’s feet.

“Sentret is unable to battle; the first match goes to Drago!” Jace called from the side line with her left arm extended to point to Drago.

Cody angrily returned Sentret and pulled another poke ball from his waist.

“Go Geodude!” He yelled sending the rock type onto the field.

“Return Nidoran.” Drago recalled the feisty male and clipped him back onto his waist.

“Go Wingull!” He yelled and brought out the water bird, it appeared hovering over the field and looked eager for a match.

“Wow! A wingull; nice catch that will have a definite advantage over geodude being both a flying and water type.” Deirdre clapped and hollered over Totodile who was doing a war cry behind her, now with a dance routine to match.

“But ground types have the advantage over flying.” Toby said looking at Deirdre.

“But geodude has to try and hit Wingull, Wingull can easily stay out of reach if Drago plays this match right.” Deirdre smiled.

“And it’s a water type, it can water gun Geodude from high up, lose its self in the clouds and Geodude wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.” Azhure said her eyes concentrated on the match.

“Geodude! Defence curl!” Cody yelled.

“He’s trying to raise Geodude’s defence, hoping Wingull’s hits won’t do as much damage.” Deirdre smirked and sent a sideways look to Azhure.

“This match was over before it began.” Toby said with a shake of his head.

“Never presume that because you have an advantage you’re going to win. Cody could play his cards right and bring down Wingull.” Azhure said still concentrating on the match.

Both Toby and Deirdre looked at her sceptically.

“Yeah, ok, slim chance of that happening.” She agreed with a nod and a smile.

“Wingull! Fly into the sun.” Drago called and the bird pokemon took off like a shot into the blue sky, everyone looked up trying to see it but it turned into a black speck, then the sun blinded them and they had to look away.

“It’s just after midday the sun is still pretty much in the centre of the sky.” Toby said covering his eyes with his hand while he squinted trying to regain his sight.

“Drago sure knows what he’s doing.” Deirdre said as she rubbed her eyes to try and stop the flashes of light.

“Cody is in serious trouble if geodude can’t see wingull to attack it.” Azhure agreed blinking rapidly.

“Geodude! Defence curl.” Cody called again.

Drago simply stood watching as Geodude amped up its defence.

He raised a hand in the air and held it for a moment then waved his arm down.

“What’s he doing?” Toby asked.

“Hand signals, from so far up wingull might not hear shouted commands but it has great eyesight and can see from really high up and Cody’s not going to know what attack Wingull is going to use because Drago didn’t give it away by talking out loud.” Azhure smiled.

“Nice, interesting training technique.” Toby nodded seeming impressed.

Suddenly huge droplets of water came crashing out of the sky and poured onto the arena.

“There wasn’t any rain forecast.” Toby said as they felt only soft splashes of water, but on the arena Geodude was having to dodge huge droplets.

“He’s using water gun, shooting it into the sky and letting the droplets fall back to earth, he’s wearing down geodudes defence as well as its energy, it has to try and duck all the droplets.” Deirdre grinned and danced in her seat.

“How cool.” Toby grinned.

Geodude was frantically zooming around the ground trying to stay out of the way of the droplets.

Once again Drago raised his arm, held three fingers aloft then with a whoosh sent his arm pointing at geodude.

“Wonder what your friends got up his sleeve.” Toby cheered.

Azhure grinned and cheered as suddenly Wingull came diving in from behind geodude and let loose with a full blast water gun. Geodude went flying and hit the ground. Wingull kept flying and flew straight over the top of it.

“Geodude! Mudslap!” Cody cried out.

Geodude scooped up handfuls of the muddy soil and threw them at wingull as it banked for another attack run.

“Dodge it wingull!” Drago cried out as the huge blobs went flying towards the bird.

It managed to doge two handfuls but the third got it on the wing and it dipped and lost altitude.

“HA, you think your so hot little man, we’ll see.” Cody called out over the field.

“Quick attack geodude!”

“Wingull nose dive!” Drago cried.

“What’s he playing at?” Toby called out as Geodude forced itself up and hurtled upwards towards the oncoming wingull.

“I don’t know but this is gonna hurt.” Deirdre winced as Totodile covered his eyes.

“Say bye bye birdy.” Cody laughed.

“Say goodnight geodude.” Drago said softly.

“NOW Wingull! Highpowered water gun!” Drago cried out as the two opponents sped towards each other.

Wingull sprayed straight and true and geodude was stopped with the full force of the jet and sent slamming back into the earth.

Wingull swooped and managed to pull out of the dive just in time.

“Now that’s a battle.” Deirdre laughed and cheered as Jace looked the pokemon over then raised her hand to point to Drago.

“Geodude is unable to battle, this bought goes to Drago!” she called out and the stadium cheered.

“Looks like every ones rooting for the new comer now.” Azhure clapped.

“Everyone likes an under dog.” Toby smiled.

03-06-2007, 03:29 AM
Chapter Eight: Final Round!

Cody looked angry and grabbed for a third poke ball, “Let’s show him! GO PIKECHU!” he shouted throwing the ball, with a bright flash the small yellow pokemon burst out of the ball.

“PI PIKACHU.” It shouted, small sparks flying from its cheeks.

“That’s what he won his badge with, it’s the first pokemon he got, its really strong, stronger then any of his others.” Toby explained to them.

“Wonder how Drago’s going to handle this.” Deirdre asked as they watched him recall Wingull and ponder his next move.

“Go Bulbasaur!” he shouted.

“When did he get that?” Deirdre shouted.

“He must have caught it when we parted company.” Azhure said amazed.

“Nice choice, grass is strong against electric types, but that Pikachu’s pretty tough.” Toby clapped along with the rest of them.

“Pikachu! Thundershock!” Cody called out.

“Bulbasaur razor leaf!”

“PIKA! CHU!” the small mouse called and thundering electrical bolts shot out of its cheeks towards Bulbasaur.

At the same time four sharp leaves shot out of Bulbasaurs back and sped towards Pikachu.

“Bulba!” Bulbasaur cried out as the electric attack struck home and he was zapped, he planted his feet and a lot of the electricity was sent to ground but he was still a little fried.

One of the leaves managed to make it through the electrical storm and slice into Pikachu.

“This is gonna be close.” Azhure said watching the fierce concentration on Drago’s face, the solid determination on his Pokemons.

“Alright Pikachu! Give it another jolt!” Cody called out and Pikachu nodded, its cheeks sparking.

“Bulbasaur! Vine Whip attack go!” Drago called out.

Vines shot out of Bulbasaur’s back and lashed Pikachu before it could launch its attack.

“Now! Tackle attack Bulbasaur!” Drago called out.

“Bulba!” it dashed forward and slammed into Pikachu sending it flying back towards Cody.

“Come on Pikachu, don’t let this punk beat you! Show him your thunderbolt!”

“PIKACHU!” shouted the little pokemon before huge bolts of lightening shot out of its cheeks and sent Bulbasaur flying.

“Bulbasaur…” the poor little pokemon cried as it tried to stand up again.

“Hang in there Bulbasaur…” Drago called out but it looked like Bulbasaur was out of the battle.

“Bulba saur.” It fainted.

“Bulbasaur is out of the match, Pikachu wins.” Jace called out and Cody jumped in the air.

“Take that looser.” He called out to Drago as he cradled his poor Bulbasaur.

“You’re forgetting Cody, I won the first two matches, I win the challenge.” Drago called back.

Cody looked dumbstruck for a moment before Jace called out “Drago wins two out of three matches, Drago wins the challenge.”

The stands erupted with cheers and clapping and Azhure and Deirdre stood up to cheer.

“Bulbasaur did a great job.” Deirdre yelled.

“Yeah, it’s a tough little pokemon.” Azhure agreed while Totodile did a little victory dance.

“I hope its ok.” Toby said standing up with them.

“Nurse Joy will be able to fix it up no problem.” Deirdre smiled.

Azhure nodded and smiled, “Lets go down and congratulate Drago.” She said and they all dashed down the stands, Totodile jumped up onto Azhure’s shoulder and she laughed as they jumped off the last stand and walked over to Drago.

“Hey Drago great battle.” She called as they walked up.

“Hey Azhure, Deirdre, nice to see you girls and thanks.” He smiled as he sprayed Bulbasaur with a potion bottle.

“Your pokemon put up one awesome fight; my brothers never lost two rounds in a row before.” Toby smiled at him.

“Well someone had to put him in his place.” Drago said darkly as Bulbasaur stirred in his lap.

“Hey Bulbasaur, how are you feeling?” Drago asked softly.

“Bulba saur.” It said shakily.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you, you did a great job, I’m very proud of you, you fought hard.” Drago encouraged it and patted it gently.

“Bulba.” It smiled and Drago recalled it.

“Let’s head back to the pokemon centre.” Drago reattached the Poke ball to his waist

“Sure thing, I can check in on my pokemon.” Azhure smiled.

“I’d like to see what you guys caught.” Drago stood up and smiled.

“Me too.” Deirdre nodded and they all headed back to the Pokemon centre talking about Pokemon.

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Wow I like your story so far. I give it a 9/10.

03-20-2007, 09:03 AM
I like this alot. I love the characters, but I don't like how easily Azhure is finding so many different pokemon. She probably has more than anyone else by now. I would switch some of them into her team now too.

I hope you continue this story, because I'm looking forward to that egg hatching. I also would like to see her battle the twins.

Edit: My bad if this thread is too old to post in.

Shiny Loser
03-20-2007, 12:37 PM
a fanfic thead is nver too old to post in...

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03-20-2007, 10:12 PM
Cool. I had to make sure.

Seriana needs to eat dirt. I should sooo do something like this fanfic.

03-20-2007, 10:23 PM
This is absolutely horrendous. Learn how to write longer chapters and paragraph. Make your story realistic. No one will have this many Pokemon after seven chapters of a story. Throughout the entire 3 years this has been up, you have had 4 reviews. Think you might want to stop it?

03-20-2007, 10:33 PM
This is absolutely horrendous. Learn how to write longer chapters and paragraph. Make your story realistic. No one will have this many Pokemon after seven chapters of a story. Throughout the entire 3 years this has been up, you have had 4 reviews. Think you might want to stop it?

Could you be less harsh, LZ? I hate it when you do that. *glares* If you need to point something out, do it and give better suggestions, for instance...how long shoulder a chapter be? How many Pokemon is too many? It's no wonder that you got temp. banned the last time. >_>

I haven't read this, sorry to the author, but if you ask nicely I'll review it in a more positive way. XD

03-30-2007, 11:03 PM
Thanks to the folks who reviewed, I know its not the greatest story out there but your reviews are welcomed and you have my appreciation. Everyone is welcome to their opinion Lordzangoose but you dont see me coming to your Fanfiction and bagging on it. If you dont have something positive to post to someone, dont post it. Or at least try and be more constructive.

The reason I havent posted in a long time is A my computer died B I lost most of my saved files and data C I've only just refound my link and my login info.

Once again, my thanks to those who reviewed and your opinions are always welcome. I'm trying to do better and to write more, hopefully I'll manage to get a few more chapters up and maybe improve on some things.

Thanks again,

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Too bad your computer died. I've had that happen to me more times than anyone I know. Your fanfic made me want to write one, but I'm not sure which region. I'll probably end up in Hoenn, but I love Johto and Kanto too. I'm not familiar with Sinnoh, so that is a no.

Thank you for inspiring me. I love these journey fics. It's a shame I can't find many good ones.(I consider yours good.:happy: )