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05-27-2004, 07:44 AM
A Dream worth going for; by Kingdragon
‘New Bark Town, town of dreams ahead.’ Read a small wooden sign, dug into the floor.
The city ahead, colored with the ruby red of roses, and the lilac shade of the many lavender that swept the town, was the personification of ‘New Beginning.’ The back alleys, a dark and mysterious setting, were hidden in a flurry of vibrant colors, to the luck of the young kids, atop the hill leading to New Bark. One, a tall, short haired boy, with a personality reflecting on perfect, courage, strength, and helpful, among other good qualities and the other, a short, blonde haired beauty, with the attributes only the angel Gabriel could match; two fine human specimens. A journey was about to begin, an epic encounter between the highs and lows of Johto, and the strength and courage of the heroes that still, amazed, stand atop, the glorious hill of beginnings. Looking above at the mighty blue skies, the kids approached the town ahead, to seek the beginning of a new journey, to be never forgotten. The kids, Josh and Angel had already gone on a journey, through the mighty Kanto, and how they missed it. The sun, the forests, everything, but now, it was different. Johto, although beautiful, couldn’t match with the beauty of Kanto; the buildings, and basically everything else. Josh already had a pokemon, his first, his starter, Venusaur, (he also had others, but his mum looked after them). The girl, Angel, had started off, unlike Josh, with Squirtle, which, like Josh’s, evolved to its final stage (she too had others but kept them with her parents).

The started to walk down the steep and treacherous hill, avoiding the many boulders toppling from behind, but it was worth it, as the glorious view got more and more magnificent, scaling over what looked like a fair bit of land across the see able parts of Johto. There journey was set, all they needed to do, was make it to the foot of hill, injuries avoided (if possible).

They made it, and running was used to evade the dangers on the hill. Angel looked over at Josh, and they took a deep breath. Flashbacks entered their minds, like streams of golden lightening.
They began to remember significant scenes from their childhood, mainly, their first encounter with each other.
It was a morning, the first day of kindergarten in the Pokemon School. They sat in different corners, and started at each other, until Josh brought up the courage to play. They played, and were friends ever since, trusting each other every step on the way, to a new beginning.

The walked forward, know that every step would be a mile stone, and further and further they went into the large town. Although not caped in shops and houses, the beautiful flowers made up for it, covering a fair part of the land. Only 4 houses and a perfect restaurant actually were in the town, all surrounding the giant building, the Lab. The kids needed to enter, not for the reason of the usual (get a starter), but to enter them selves in the coveted Johto league, for trainers around the globe to come and test their skills against the worlds best.

They entered the gigantic building, to be greeted by the cheerful, but clever, Professor Birch. He shook hands with Josh, and Josh looked at him, as if to say ‘Are you weird?’, but he knew better than to make fun of ‘mentally challenged people’, which Josh supposed that the Professor was, but thought again, thinking that ‘If he was mentally challenged, how would he be a top class professor?’
He shook off this weird feeling, or thought, and carried on in the small conversation that Angel and the professor were having.

‘Ok, Angel, we need to get a move on, I have dinner reservations at the restaurant.’ said Josh stubbornly.
‘Ok, isn’t that restaurant a bit expensive?’
‘Course not, this is where it all begins again, and I want to treat you.’
He stopped, and thought for a second. He began to think about what to say next, as he didn’t want to reveal his feelings to her, it was too hard.
He stumbled on his words, until blurting out his final answer.
‘I want to welcome you to Johto.’
The words didn’t sound right, though Josh didn’t care; after all, it was an excuse, a pretty good one at that, just to get him out of a tight spot.

After signing up, they made their way to the restaurant, and entered, to be greeted by a classy and posh waiter, who escorted them to the beautifully laid out table that they would sit at, too eat their appetizing dinner, to be served later in the night.

First, the starter, which, in turn, the kids chose a simple course; melon topped with honey, a sweet, but delectable way to start a night. The melon was covered in golden honey, which in the chandeliers light, gleamed, and the melon, a soft pale green color, that had water sprinkled over the surface. They finished the meal in inexpressible happiness, not spilling a drop of food in their laps.

The main course, the main part of a meal, in other words, why you came for a meal (dessert and starters are only so they get more money from you). Josh singled out a chicken dish, with a chicken breast, greens, and a beautiful spicy sauce to round the dish off, while Angel chose a lovely plate of sliced turkey; a delight to lovers of the meat, topped with a garnish of a small mint leaf. They, like the starter, eat it without fail, not spilling or dropping anything.

In a moment where no food was being served, they broke into conversation, about the possible outcomes of their up-and-coming journey. The trainers, the pokemon, the highs and lows, all of the issues entered their minds.

The dessert was ordered, and only a short span of time lay between ordering and serving, with Angel ordering a cabriole, and Josh ordered a simple, yet more than satisfactory supplement of strawberry ice cream. It, to his standards, was considered a work of cream art, a delight to lovers of ice cream.

They exited, paying the heavy bill, and entered the square of the town, in which they were to find a hotel, to stay the night in peace.

They entered the hotel, passing the lit casinos and bars, and entered their suite; a small room, with two beds, laid with a cover with a beautiful pattern woven in to. They settled down, with only the tick tock of the mighty grandfather clock outside of their room making a sound, and they both, in turn, fell asleep, into the land of nod…..

It was morning, and the glittering sun hung high above the glorious trees and the sky, was a delightful aquamarine, covering the land with glory. The stage was set for their future endeavors, and all that was needed was the waking up. At round about the same time, they woke up, both stretching and getting dressed into their usual clothes; a white cap, jeans and a red t-shirt with a symbol in the centre for Josh, and a pair of baggy jeans, pink top, and a brightly colored headband to fashion Angels pure and fine body.

They exited, again passing the not so full casino, and the bars only full with the bodies of highly drunk men and glasses half full of beer and other types of alcohol. Fresh air once again began to fill their lungs, releasing any carbon dioxide left in their bodies.

They once again scanned the area, noticing the small baby pokemon playing in the streets, and thinking ‘this place is great, but I wonder if it can match up to Kanto’s all year round beauty?’ this thought lingered on their minds, and they began to walk up to the point where they would leave a great destination, the start of Route 29. Walking past the place where a lovely meal was eaten, they exited the city, with memories never to be forgotten……