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08-10-2006, 11:05 PM
Name: Galleon

Instant Messenger:
AIM screen name- TheGalleonMan@aim.com

Money: $$137,150 + $1,000 (HELL YEAH, I WON SOMETHING) = $138,150

W/L/D Record: 13/12/0

Streak: 3 losses :ogre:

Current Position: Trainer, Evil Freaking Grader

Items: None
Badges: None

Freaking Stories:

#1 Pokémon: A Fire Against Fate (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21040)

Part I: A Broken Dawn
A 16-year-old boy named Cole from Azalea Town of the Johto region has just set out on a brand new journey with his childhood friend, Vulpix, when he is suddenly robbed by a group of a 'mysterious' bandits. After getting knocked unconscious, he awakes to find Vulpix gone. The traumatic realization leaves him crying in the middle of a wrecked forest, but eventually, he resolves to get Vulpix back... somehow.

Part II: Cutting Reminiscence
After he reaches Goldenrod City, Cole stops by a small diner to catch a bite to eat, where he meets Shap, a large, friendly ex-fisherman turned owner of this tiny restaraunt. Later, Cole goes to the park in search of a new partner, and eventually runs into a wounded Scyther, which he captures after getting chased through Goldenrod by some familiar-looking thugs.

Part III: A Rocky Start
The next day, Cole awakens to find a fully healed Scyther and promptly sets out to find yet another partner. He runs into Shap again, wrestling with an outbreak of Seviper in the park, and then leaves his dislike of snakes to roam the forest. At length, he ends up capturing a Sudowoodo and a Venusaur.

#2 Origins (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29019)
Year 1432: A meteor crash-landed in the middle of a city, wiping out more than three-quarters of its population. A young man in his early twenties manages to survive a building's collapse, but soon finds monsters bearing down upon him. He does only what he can think of first: run.

Year 2013: Twenty-one-year-old Nathaniel Galderon speaks with Professor Uldine, his philosophy teacher and researcher at Luthridge University, also a research institute built around a meteor that fell six hundred years ago. Uldine tells Nathan that he may have ties to the founder of the University, Samuel J. Luthridge, whose name is also known for inventing the precursor to the Pokéball.

Year 1432: The nameless man continues searching through the desolate area for two days straight, unable to find food or rest as he is constantly pursued by monsters, one of which he gives the name 'Fearow.' He finds himself at the meteor's point of impact, where a battle breaks out between Fearow and a fiery tortoise. Humans arrive as the battle nears its end, asking the man who he is. By the crest of House Luthridge on his armor, they assume him to be a young lord. He cannot muster the words to tell them that he is only a servant of that House, but when the others are about to kill the weakened tortoise, he speaks out to make them stop right before he passes out from exhaustion, hoping that they will spare the poor creature that had saved his life.

#3 Cleaver (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76806)
Meh, it's not done. Wish I had the motivation to complete it, 'cuz I thought it was actually pretty cool. ^^;

#4 The Epic of Gallgemmash (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=92027)
Yeah, it's just an embarrassingly bad little project between me 'n Emma. BUT MAYBE ONE DAY. IT'LL FLOURISH INTO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY. Probably not, though. BUT MAYBE. It's unlikely. BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Eh.

Freaking Pokes:
Type: Flying/Bug
Gender: Male
Battles: 13
Ability: Swarm, Technician
TMs/HMs: MT Substitute
Hold Item: None
Met: Starter

Type: Grass/Poison
Gender: Male
Battles: 10
Ability: Overgrow
TMs/HMs: None
Hold item: None
Met: Story #1 - Pokémon: A Fire Against Fate, Parts I-III

Type: Rock
Gender: Male
Battles: 4
Ability: Rock Head, Sturdy
TMs/Hms: None
Hold Item: None
Met: Story #1 - Pokémon: A Fire Against Fate, Parts I-III

Type: Fire
Gender: Female
Battles: 11
Ability: White Smoke
TMs/HMs: Sludge Bomb, Attract, Iron Tail, Rest, Sleep Talk, Protect
Hold Item: None
Met: Story #2 - Pokémon: Origins

Type: Bug/Rock
Gender: Male
Battles: 3
Ability: Sturdy, Gluttony
TMs/HMs: TM Attract, TM Protect, TM Gyro Ball, TM Stealth Rock, TM Sleep Talk, TM Sludge Bomb, TM Toxic, TM Rock Slide, TM Swagger, TM Stone Edge, TM Curse, TM Snore
Hold Item: None
Met: Trade with Gastlygoo

Nickname: E.T.
Gender: Male
Ability: Swift Swim, Shell Armor
Battles: 7 --- 5/2/0
TMs/HMs: Surf, Waterfall
Hold Item: None
Met: Gift. Thanks, Yolanda. :P

Traded Away:
Bonsly - to Gastlygoo - for Shuckle