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05-27-2004, 05:57 PM
I'll be posting my poems here, be free to tell me what you think of them. All of these poems are 100% written by myself.
I will be keep eding my poems to this post.

You would be nothing more…

Your eyes are the sapphire pages
That holds ancient letters of the soul
As your beauty shines, the cover lights
And flowing thoughts equalise a story
Living once they open deep secrets
Revealing all that is hidden inside
Then if it happens, they never do
Your fall will conquer, just wait and see
How the dust swallows it like rust
Falsely taking over love and mind
Then the time breaks and points out that,
You are nothing more then this
A fallen book, of faded love…

Can you tell me if this is the end…

Can you tell me if this is the end
If all my loving just simply can’t
I need to know, I really do
Is it true that you already knew
The hope of the passion has flown away
And I can’t believe you just said ‘okay’
Dos your heart not have any pain
‘cause mine has been stabbed in the rain
You said this all was meant to fail
But I know we certainly shall prevail
Although if you do not want to fight
For our love and honestly right
Then you should tell me now
Otherwise I can not allow
That you and me should just give up
Because I don’t want us to stop

A pain struck heart

How is it to love with your heart
That fills up your every little part
And not be able to tell the truth
Where it is unable for it to sooth

And as the curse of love burls inside
Where it dos feel like a dark cold night
It is as one of the biggest curses
And that is unable to cure by all nurses

I don’t understand why we have to suffer
But without the pain there is no offer
Although the feeling of love’s not okay
For then the person you want fades away…

Lance, the ‘Wicked Slayer’

Now the time has struck
So say bye-bye to your luck
For my temper is what I lost
And you will die at any cost
For I will never rest
Until I am the very best
I wont give you a second chance
For my name is known as Lance
But also called the ‘Wicked Slayer’
So start to say your hopeful prayer
And know that I will hunt you down
Until the day I wear the crown
So be afraid, start to shiver
Because with pain I am a giver
Fear my name, fear my power
As you immediately start to cower
Now you know the certain truth
And here’s an extra: it wont go smooth
It will not go as a softly sweep
For my knife will cut real deep
So run away, try to hide
But I have you in my sight…

The dutch poem...

Een meisje zo goed dat ze iedereen te hulp snelt
maar waar niemand haar ‘hoe goed ze is’ verteld
tussen de doornen is zij de bloeiende roos
want zij is zo hemels, teder en broos
waar men zelfs geen minpunt in kan bemerken
en zo maakt haar goedheid haar een van de sterken
zo kent men deze persoon al tijden lang
want ze is zo goddelijk en nooit eens bang…

- Ruben V.

05-28-2004, 09:04 PM
Hello, I will keep adding my poems to the main post.

You would be nothing more was my very first poem, it is not about my own life but just something that suddenly totally popped into my head. The other two, both about love, are personal and have to do with my life. Then the Lance one is just something I really wanted to right, because I think Horror is one of the most important things in our life’s, I know, freaky, but ow well :wink:

- Ruben V.