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05-27-2004, 06:24 PM
Pokemon Discovery
by: amphros23

Set in the first season (alternate storyline)

Ash, Misty, and Brock decide to all go to the beach. So Ash calls his mom, prof oak, and gary. Misty calls her sisters, and Brock calls his Dad and Brothers. They decide to go the the beach on Cinabar island. On the boat trip there Ash and Misty decide to have a quick pokemon battle! So ash sends out pikachu, "Go Pikachu" and misty sends out her newly caught shellder, "Go Shelder". Just as they were about to make their first attacks they see a group of strange pokemon in the water...they looked like sharks!. Ash took out his pokedex, but it had no iformation on these mystery pokemon. They were sreaming "Sherpedo, Sharpedo" so they assumed that was their nams. Ash says, "I gotta catch one of these things! Go Pikachu, Thunder attack now!!" Pikachu used thunder attack and one of them fainted and floated toward the surface.. He threw a poke ball and caught it!. He showed the pokemon to prof oak and he said, "I have never seen this pokemon before. This is amazing ash i think that we should take a closer look at this pokemon when we get to cinabar island." When they got there they revived Sharpedo and took it out of its pokeball it wasnt aggressive but it was scared. "I think it is a baby." siad Ash "That must be why it fainted so quickly." They all agreed that the new pokemons name would be sharpedo!