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05-28-2004, 09:25 PM
This was an old RP I liked from the OLD boards, I decided to bring it back.

Because of their rarity, poachers have started hunting and killing Shiney Pokemon. Some trainers, however, don't like this idea, and they're looking to stop this travesty. These trainers, called Freedom Fighters, do whatever it takes to stop the hunters.


Hunter, or Freedom Fighter:
Story: (Just a general background of your character.)

Name: Nick Kelley.
Gender: Male.
Looks:Brown hair, blue eyes, wears hiking gear.
Pokemon:Shiney Gardevoir, Swellow, Blaziken, Umbreon, and Charizard.
Hunter, or Freedom Fighter: Freedom Fighter.
Story: He grew up in Viridian City, living happily with his parents, two, rogue freedom fighters. However, one day, they never came back. He later found out his parents were slaughtered by Hunters. Grasping the the Ralts his parents gave him, he set out, intent on revenge.

Now, I'll start.

Nick laid back in the bushes. It was a lazy day. Nothing was happening.

He took a closer look at where he was. A forest, obviously, but it was a rich lush forest. Filled with flowers and other things. He had his toes dipping in small pond, watching Lotads quietly floating by. He looked up at the trees, and immediately saw something that made him jump up in suprise.

A shiney Zigzagoon. "Oh no." He said to himself. If word got out about a shiney pokemon, hunters would be swarming this place in matter of minutes.

He had to capture it, but it looked too weak for his pokemon. All high leveled.

"I at least have to follow it..." He said. "Swellow! Go!" He said, sending out his flying pokemon, and hopping on it's back. "Follow that pokemon!"

06-01-2004, 05:33 PM
Name: CM
Gender: Female (AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!)
Pokemon: Charizard (Chari, shiny, Female), Dragonite (Flash, non-shiny, Male), Kingdra (Neptune, non-shiny, Male), Flygon, (Dust, non-shiny, Male), Altaria (Cloud, non-shiny, Female), Salemence (Trauna, non-shiny, Female)

06-06-2004, 10:04 PM
Name:Lauren Murphy
Looks:Tall, long blonde hair
Pokemon: Tera F Grovyle, Glide F Wingull
Hunter, or Freedom Fighter: Freedom fighter!
Story: Raised in Lillycove City. Has 3 scars on her left foot from a Swellow attacking her a long time ago. Refuses to ever wear shoes.

Lauren leaned her head against a tree. She was sitting down, with her arms behind her head, and her legs streached out.

06-06-2004, 10:56 PM
Name: Kainui (My middle name, it's Hawaiian and means Big Seas)
Gender: Male
Looks: Dark Blonde hair, eyes a light blue, yet as dark as the sea, green vest, longsleeved blue shirt that buttons with a collar, Black jeans, grey and brown shoes with a black belt and black gloves and a hat that covers his face and a scar he got long ago..
Pokemon: Kingdra, Vaporeon, Ninetails, and three eggs
Hunter, or Freedom Fighter: Neutral, doesn't care if people hunt or save... yet
Story: He wanted to be a pokemon trainer since he was small, but he wasn't old enough until he had a bad encounter with a mighthyena which had him hospitalized for a year. He vowed never to train pokemon again until one day he met a set of pokemon that were friends, an eevee and a vulpix. They joined him and he fed them well, and eevee always held a magical red rock and vulpix held a magnificent blue rock. He then looked at them and when he was handing them back to the pokemon he swapped them on accident which made both pokemon evolve into their next form. Later while surfing near cinnabar island on a trip he found a small defenseless horsea which he raised. He recently found the nest of a large pokemon and looted three of the 20 eggs, and he has yet to discover what is inside them.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon186.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon289.gif http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon154.gif

06-08-2004, 08:10 PM
Lauren opened her eyes when she heard the commotion. She saw a Swellow fly by, and she was filled with rage so much from the same type of Pokemon attacking her long ago, she didn't notice to boy on top of it. She roared to her Pokemon,(who never stay in their balls)"FOLLOW THAT POKEMON!!!" And they bolted after the Swellow.

06-08-2004, 08:31 PM
CM sat under a tree with Dust. A strong breeze came by, carrying a Swellow flying into Dust's face. "GON!!!!!" Dust yelled. "Where did this thing come from?" CM asked. Dust, standing up, had a bruise in the middle of his face from that Swellow's Headbutt. Dust threw it high in the air and hit it with it's tail thus making it head for a girl.


That's you Lauren.

06-10-2004, 12:59 AM
*sigh* Dunno why i'm joining. =\

Name: Ierdar Darc (pronounced Dars, not Dark)
Gender: Male
Looks: Long, black hair, Zippy with umbreon on the back, slate blue eyes, stands near 5'3" tall.
Pokemon:Charizard(Blaze) Breloom(Jade) Espeon(Zoey) Pidgeot(Skyborn) Sneasel(Shade) Golduck(Jet)
Hunter, or Freedom Fighter: Freedom Fighter
Story: Grew up in the far region of Starling, in Colbo City. Made his way threw Kanto and Johto. Now hes in Hoenn, attempting to help with the shiny hunter problem. He can be a bit dark, patheticly poetic, but all around is a kind hearted monkey.

I'll start mine in a bit :wink:

06-11-2004, 04:08 AM
Looks: Brunette with reddish highlights, about 5'6", Hazel eyes, nice tan, leaf-green shirt, with light-brown vest, dark-blue jeans, white tennis-shoes and ankle high socks.
Pokemon:Eevee (Meriana, Meri for short)
Hunter/Fighter: Fighter
Story: Has lived happily in a neat little shack in the forest, that had been abandoned by Lumberjacks, since she had run away from home at the age of six. Her parents had divorced when she was two. Her mother had moved far away and she was living with her father, who was an alcoholic, when she ran away. She was sitting and crying alone, deep in the forest that night when a curious Eevee had licked her arm and snuggled close to her. The Eevee had led her to the shack the next morning. Since then, they had lived together and become the best of friends. She's now 17.

IC: Tiana was just about to share lunch with Meri in the clearing just outside the shack, when a shiney Zigzagoon flew overhead.

"Wow, Meri, did you see that?!"
"Eee, vee." Meri replied in awe.

Just then a very tired looking Swellow, with a trainer on it's back came slowly flying after the Zigzagoon. The poor Swellow looked as if it had been carrying it's master all day.

Feeling sorry for the Swellow, Tiana decided that she had been out of contact with people long enough to merit allowing some company, As long as the trainer wasn't a hunter.
So, when they were in hearing range she called out to the trainer, "Hello there!" "Your Pokemon looks tired, Would you like to come down and share lunch with us?!" The pair began to circle the clearing...

OOC: Nick Kelley, I hope you don't mind that I joined, and in case you couldn't tell, I was refering to you. :sweat: Anyway reply whenever you get a chance. :smile:

06-11-2004, 04:59 AM
Name: Omis
Looks: 5'4", light Green eyes, Iguana Grean shirt, white pants, iguana green shoes, white vest over the shirt, Iguana green gloves, Shoute brown hair with iguana green cap.
Pokemon:Totodile(Male) Jolly little buddy
Hunter/Freedom Fighter: FF
Story: When I started.... I though everything was gonna be perfect. I get a pokemon, I raise it, I become a pokemon Master. But that wasn't what happend. When I went to choose my starter, none were left. I was to late...
I could'n believe it. I was so crushed. I didn't know what to do. So I ran, and ran. Then i finally stoped... at this lake. Deep in the forest. I sat there for hours... just waiting... for what, i didn't know. Then, It happend. I saw a baby totodile being attacked by a huge Shiftry. I didn't know what to do. So i Grabed a rock and chucked it at the Shiftry... It fled. Then i picked the little totodile in my arms and told it i would keep it safe. it smiled and fell to sleep. That was the start of a bea-u-ti-ful friendship. So i took care of that totodile and we are now the best of friends. we grew up together for the next 6 years... until today

A few years back I was just walking in the forest... near the spot I found Toto. *russle*

"Toto you hear that?"

Then a Bedrill comes shooting out of the bushes.

and before we could do anything it used poison sting.
it hit toto!
"Totodile! are you are you alright?"
Toto lied there badly wounded. It might have been poisoned
There wasn't a pokemon center for miles. I didn't know where to go. I walked through the woods.. Trying to keep toto calm. He was confused from his illness.
Then I see it. A Cabin in the middle of the woods.

"I've never seen this place before. Its like it just poped here...
Maybe somebody in there could help" i rushed and knocked on the door. Then a Young women came to the door. She looked at Toto and told us to come in. She went back and got this berry. It was a Lum berry! She gave it to totodile and befor long. He was back to his Jolly self...

I will never forget that day.. the girl never did tell me her name. All i new was the voice that said "come in"...

Preasent day:
While walking with good old Toto by my side, I hear a faint sould.
I follow the sound to figure out what it is... It sounded very familier...
As i got closer i could hear it more... it soulded like "Hello!... you pokemon looks tired." I wasn't sure...
But that voice, it was so familier.
Then, i looked through some bushes and saw Girl. With an eevee by her side... "*Gasp* its her!"

06-11-2004, 06:30 AM
Is it too late?

Name: Kawatori
Gender: Female
Looks: Shoulder length lavendar hair and purple eyes. Pale skin. Wears a fuzzy purple tanktop and white skirt.
(Optional. I'd like to be a PokeMorph? Accept if you want, just tell me if I am Pokemorph or human)
Her Pokemorph form in a Butterfree morph. Her skin is a light pink color and very human-like while she has purple eyes. She wears a light purple tanktop with a turtle-neck color and regular white skirt that ends a bit above her knees. On her back are Butterfree wings and she has antenna. She cannot perform any battle attacks but simply flies. Her wings are delicate.
Pokemon: Butterfree(Delicati), Raichu(Sparki), Shuppet(No Nickname)
Hunter, or Freedom Fighter: Freedom Fighter
Story: Kawatori has a long history of Pokemon fears. She fears bird and fire Pokemon above all and is of a very gentle spirit. Killing is forgien to her and she's rather lonely looking.

06-11-2004, 12:47 PM
"You ok Dust?" CM said to Dust. "Gon, flygon fly gon gon.." Dust put his hands over his bruise. CM picked some berries and petals, smushed them together, and rubbed it on his bruise. "That should heal it. It's a recipe I've known for a while that heals bruises." Dust felt relieved and they walked on.

A shiny Zigzagoon came along and started eating some berries. "Zigzagoon!" it said. CM pulled out Oran berries and held them in her hand. The Shiney Zigzagoon came and ate one berry at a time from her hand. She petted it with her other hand. She scratched his ear and to him it felt pretty good.

06-11-2004, 04:16 PM
As the trainer and Swellow circled above, Tiana saw someone, all in green standing at the edge of the clearing to her right. She turned to take a closer look at the young man and realised that he seemed very familiar, but she couldn't quite remember where she had seen him before. He had a big smile on his face and she was wondering why, when she remembered...

It had been a fairly normal day about four years ago. Tiana had just finished breakfast when someone began banging furiously on her door. For a minute she was scared that it might be her father who had been searching for her since she left. She dashed to the small front window and peeked out without being seen. Seeing that it was a younger trainer with a hurt pokemon, she had rushed to the door took one look at the boy's totodile and told him to come in. She told the boy to sit with the pokemon in his lap and hurriedly went to get one of the many Lum berrys she had found over the years. Tiana then fed the Lum berry to the totodile and after a little rest the totodile had been fine. "Thank you so much!" the boy had said to her. She had hoped he would stay but he insisted that he had to go and travel the world seeing new things.

After a while she had given up hope of ever seeing him again. But, there he was standing at the edge of the clearing. "Hello again!" Tiana called out to him.

06-11-2004, 06:01 PM
CM saw the same guy come to her. He arrived. "Hey, give me that Zigzagoon and I'll pay you 8000 yen. So I can kill it." He said. "Stupid, I can read your mind. I have psychic powers." CM said standing up. "I'm not gonna let you harm this innocent little shiny Zigzagoon, hear that?!" He backed away. The Zigzagoon hid behind Dust while CM and the mysterious stranger argued. Then the guy ran off. "At least he didn't find out about Chari." CM said to herself. The Zigzagoon hopped on her shoulder. "So you like me huh?" the Zigzagoon nodded, and CM, the Zigzagoon, and Dust flew off. They flew over on what looked like more freedom fighters. The trio landed on the ground by them.

06-11-2004, 08:31 PM
As CM landed in the clearing Tiana thought,My goodness we're getting quite a few visitors today, this is unusual.

"Hello, there, Might I ask what all your names are? The only one of you I've met before didn't tell me his name the brief time that we met before." said Tiana, looking at the fellow in green.

"And i would like to add that I'm glad you found that shiney zigzagoon, I was hoping a poacher wouldn't find it." She told the newest arrival.

"Once introductions are through, would everyone like to come inside?" Tiana asked the group.

06-11-2004, 08:51 PM
"Well, Im Omis, and This is totodile. I also call him Toto sometimes. I believe we've met before. You helped Toto here" :wink:

06-11-2004, 09:04 PM
Lauren was deep in the forest by now.
"I think we're lost...."
"Gull" Glide squaked to show her dissapointment.
The three continued walking.
Tera raised her head to the air. Her nostils flared.
It took Lauren a few seconds to reallize that it translated to:
"Someone is ahead!"
Glide pearched on Lauren shoulder, and they walked straight ahead, a little faster than last time.

((Sorry for not posting in a while. I totally forgot.))

06-11-2004, 10:01 PM
OOC:Now, is there anyone else we're forgetting that has previously signed up? if so now would be a really good time to say something. Unless of course you plan to jump in later, once we've gotten going. :wink:

IC:"Yes, I remember that incident, I wonder why neither of us thought about introductions at the time, ... Oh well, I'm sure it doesn't matter, all that mattered then was that Totodile was ok. And I'm very glad to have been able to help..." Tiana paused, listened for a second and then asked, "did anyone else just hear a grovyle barking?"

Just then yet another traveler bursted into the clearing, clearly happy to have found other trainers. And with her was a grovyle, and a wingull.

"Nevermind, that answers my question." Tiana laughs.
And after a few moments she sighed and said "Well, I wonder who that could possibly be," My my, I wonder what brings everyone here this fine day Tiana thought.
"Hello there!" She suddenly shouted to the girl, making everyone else jump about an inch.

OOC: Okay, Once again anyone that has previously posted that would like to join in, and hasn't yet, should probably post real soon unless planning to jump in later.
I'm really liking this RPG!:biggrin: I can't wait to see where we go with it!

06-12-2004, 10:59 PM
"Hi!" Replied Lauren Happily.
"I'm Lauren. This is my Grovyle Tera, and my Wingull Glide."
Tera eyed something in a tree. She quickly jumped straight up into a high branch. She looked at an egg sitting in a nest. She leaned her head low to the branch to sniff it.
"Tera! Get down from there!" Lauren shouted from the ground below. Tera grabbed the egg and jumped down.
"Tera...You know we can't keep this!"
Tera flipped the egg onto another side the her hands, which had two large claws each to serve as fingers.
Tera pointer to a huge crack in the egg.
"Pree-pree-gull."Squaked Glide.
"It means that the mother can't care for it anymore."Lauren said."I guess we have to keep it." Lauren sighed and looked at the egg.It was silver with green spots.She gently placed it in her pack.
"So...who is everyone?"

06-12-2004, 11:52 PM
((Guess I can just...Start))

"Nanda ka kujikete heya ni hitori kiri
Sonna toki ni egao misete?
Tenshi janai kara
Herahera warao dake no sonna onna no ko wa IYA"

A voice echoed through the forest, the melody no doubt of a female. The girl's song seemed directed to something but it was hard to pick one thing. The world was littered with fallen leaves from the fall season while the spring leaves were glowing green in the sunlight.

"Demo sorosoro hara PECO
Tomodachi no kao mitai"

Near the center of the forest was a lake of sapphire waters. The blue liquid was clear and the glory of the sun reflected off the surface. Near the lake's edge was a stump and sitting on the stump was the singing girl.
Her hair was pink and her eyes an emerald green. She simply stared out at the lake but every once and a while she'd look around her just incase someone was spying.

"Ashita wa mata itsumo mo hajimari da to shite
Sukoshi kawareru nante shinjite mita
Mitsuketa kana hora tenshi no hane"

She kept singing, nearing the end of her song quickly. The wind around her picked up and ruffled her skirt a bit before playing with hair and pulling flower petals through the sky almost forcefully.

"Ashita wa mata itsumo no hajimari da to shite
Dakedo watashi wa hekonde irarenai
Itsuka wa hora IT'S MY ANGEL WING"

The song ended and she sighed, looking around quickly and then getting to her feet. No one was around but she stared ahead of her as if gazing into someone's eyes.
"I wish I was an angel." She murmered softly as she walked "I wish I had a human friend to cheer me up."

06-14-2004, 03:01 AM
My, I didn't even know that egg was there. I wonder what it'll become.Thought Tiana as she watched lauren put the silver and green egg in her bag.

She then introduced herself, "Hi I'm Tiana and the one in green is Omis, I'm afraid that I don't know anyone else myself so they'll have to introduce themselves to all three of us."

06-29-2004, 02:59 PM
Lauren shrugged and looked around.
She felt something moving in her pack.
She glanced back and quickly removed the egg.
It shook and shook.
Then, a small sharp blue object came out.
It squirmed it's whole body out of the egg.
Then, a tiny Shiny Seviper fell into Lauren's hands.
But then Lauren's sharp eye noticed something strange.
The Seviper had a third fang, right in the middle of the other two!
"Wow..."Said Lauren and the Seviper squirmed about in her hands.
Tera gently picked up the Seviper by it's middle section.
The Seviper hissed at Tera, and she quickly gave it back it Lauren.
"Well, we can't let it slither on it's own. it's to small. It's poison hasn't devoleped, and it's tail barb is quite dull."So She just held the little Seviper in her hands.
Lauren Looked at everyone.
"The hunters can't know about this. The Seviper population is small...and this sort of deformity on a shiny Pokemon... why, it could be peril for the forest!"

06-29-2004, 11:41 PM
"No, your right Lauren, the hunters can't learn of this Seviper, otherwise they might kill the whole species off just looking for this one." I replied, "Here, bring it into my cabin and we'll get him some food, he looks hungry."
Tiana and Lauren then left the rest of the group to go inside and take care of the Seviper.
"Hmm, now, where did I put those berries and that pokemon food?" Tiana said to herself as she rummaged around in her pantry. "Aha!, here they are!"
"How's the Seviper doing?" She called to Laura who was in the living room with the Seviper.

07-01-2004, 03:54 PM
OOC: Sorry I haven't been around, but I'll try and catch up.


"I'm CM and this is Dust. I've had him since he was injured in the desert." Tiana nods and offers Lauren to go in her house and care for a Seviper.

She sat down with the Zigzagoon in her lap. He fell asleep instantly. "It's strange how a wild Pokemon thinks your it's trainer when you didn't even catch it." CM said to the remains of the group.

Then CM sensed there was a bregade of hunters coming. "Uh-oh... Guys? Um.. there's a bunch of hunters coming this way... and they wanna grab every shiny there is...." CM looked down at Chari's ball. Hmm.. I have an idea....