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05-28-2004, 10:46 PM
x Team.Advance x


Team Advances Prime Goal:

T.A is my first created goal.We are peaceful,determined,and confident.We are destined too work with Pokemon.T.A is not currently in the war,however it may be if I choose too enter it.We love Pokemon.They are not only pets and tools for battle,they are our best friends,and we protect them like dear life itself.We will conquer our enemies,crush the weak,and easily surpass our equals with blinding speed.WE ARE TEAM ADVANCE!

Team Advance Other Info:

My name is Nikki,and I am the Leader of T.A.I am a Rookie,but I was very experienced during the PE2K Proboards years.I am experienced and know how too deal with most situations.This Team needs more members,please help!Website coming soon!

Team Colors:Purple and Blue
Team Motto:Destiny gave us Pokemon,told us too have friends,and we don't dare defy destiny.

Joining Team Advance:

T.A needs some new members,please!How do you join Team Advance?Just fill out the form below and I will confirm it as soon as possible.

Form: (*required)

* Username:Username on PE2K
Real Name,or Nick Name:^Not Required^
Age:^Your Age,dur^
Council Sector:^If One^ ~See Below For Sectors~
*Gender:^M or F^
State:^If USA^
Pokemon:^On The Elite^
Team Pokemon:{For use in Team RPs;Has too be Pokemon from other RP,GB Game,FanFic,Elite etc.No Legendaries,sorry.Maybe allowed later.}
*E-Mail:^If You Have One.If Not,It's Not Required^
Extra Info:^Anything Else^

My Form:

Real Name:Melyssa A.
Age:Who wants too know?
Council Sector:Elite Trainer
Pokemon:Eevee {Eve}
Team Pokemon:Umbreon,Mightyena,Blaziken,Pidgeotto,Pichu ,Swellow
E-Mail: Pokemaniac94@msn.com


This can be RPing,Games,Trivias,etc.A member usually starts a topic in a Forum,then PM's some of the other members too join the RP,and it will be only for the Team Members.Or,I will make our own Forums too have Roleplays etc.

Team Advance Ranks:

There is a scale of ranks depending on the choice of the joiner.(Highest too Lowest..Note:Regular Members can always be added,no matter if the blanks are all filled or not!)

~Council Members~

Elite Trainer (Leader):Pokemon_Master_Nikki99 {Nikki}
Elite Trainer is the leader of the team.

Master Trainer:Shane O Mac:Version 3.0 {Caitlin}
Knows much about Pokemon,and help the younger members.Must be atleast Experienced Trainer.
1st Officer:None
Must be atleast Experienced.Helps manage Team.
2nd Officer:Cooltrainerjoey {JC}
Can be a Rookie.Must help keep track of members.If a member is not on the list,2nd officer helps.
Graphic Art Creater:
Graphic Art Creater:
Must be skilled at making banners and signs and avatars.Helps with the website graphics and makes banners,avatars,etc. for T.A Members.

~Regular Members~

Student: ~Knows a good bit about Pokemon,but needs too learn more before being a Council Member.You must have atleast 3 Pokemon on Elite too become a Student.


Starter Request Helper: ~Allows People Too Join,helping the Elite Trainer.Sometimes helps the 2nd Officer too notify the Elite Trainer of new members.Request too be a SRH in your joining form 'Council Sector' instead of a Council Sector.

Starter Request Helper:
Starter Request Helper:
Starter Request Helper:
Starter Request Helper:

Trainee: ~Still needs a bit of help on some subjects,but knows a bit about Pokemon.


Destiny has chosen you!Join T.A today!

~Dragon Master Nikki

06-05-2004, 02:12 AM
* Username: Shane O Mac: Version 3.0
Real Name,or Nick Name: Caitlin
Age: 16
Council Sector: Elite or Master
*Gender: Female
*Country: USA
State: Michigan
Pokemon: Jolteon
Team Pokemon: Jolteon, Dragonite, Swellow, Xatu, Sceptitle, Alakazam
AIM: SkateMasterTony & Shane O Mac v 3
MSN: Don't have MSN
YIM: Don't have YIM
AOL: Shane O Mac v 3@aol.com & SkateMasterTony@aol.com
Yahoo: shane_o_mac_v_3@yahoo.com
Extra Info: If it becomes a WAR Team I'll have to quit because I'm on TMA!

06-06-2004, 07:30 PM
~Council Members~

Elite Trainer (Leader):Pokemon_Master_Nikki99 ~Elite Trainer is the Leader

Sorry,I'm the Elite Trainer {Leader} already,since I created the Team.

Accepted,though!Yay,1st member!I'll add you too the list now.Sorry for taking so long.I've been busy since June 1st because my friends are annoying me too come out isde everyday, June 4th I went too see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,June 5th went too Lone Star Park too watch Smarty Jones lose the Triple Crown too Birdstone..and I've been busy ever since I've posted,playing a different game due too my friend dragging me into it.

I lead a busy life.Heh.'

Anyway,welcome too T.A!Don't worry,it probably won't become a War Team..that's probably why no one else is joining.. :eh: :think:

Website will be up A.S.A.P everyone!

**Dragon Master Nikki

06-07-2004, 01:29 AM
I'll join.
Username: Cooltrainer
Preferred name: JC
Council Sector: 2nd officer( since I am not an experienced trainer on PE2K)
Gender: Male
Country: USA
State: West Virginia
Pokemon: Salamence
Team Pokemon( from Sapphire) Feraligatr, Salamence, Raichu, Alakazam
Aim: none
YIM: trainerjoey@yahoo.com
MSN: deathpunch@hotmail.com
Email: stated above

07-30-2004, 03:54 AM
CoolTrainerJoey-You have been accepted!I am sorry I have been gone for soooo long!I just forgot about the site because I was too busy with my...life!Anyways,I'll add you too the members list ASAP!!


..~*T.A Website*~..

The website is being worked on!I am sorry for the long delay but I'm still looking for info too dig up and slap onto the website before I release the URL.Should be up in a motnh or so,TOPS.

..~*New Members?*~..

I realized that even though I was gone for a month T.A only got one New Member..I'm considering deleting the team and going back too Trainer if nobody else comes,because apparently no-one else will any time soon..Appreciate it if you could PM/E-Mail or convince a couple of more people too come.

..~*Down With War,Up With T.A*~..

I have decided that my beloved Team Advance will stay out of the war!All those against this desicion (sp?) can choose too give up their position in this Team and bid farewell too his or her fellow Team Members.I'm sorry,but unless we get more members we probably wouldn't stand a chance in the War anyway.If we get more members who want too be in the War,I might allow it.I am seriously doubtful though!

..~*Owner Away*~..

I'm sorry I was gone from this site so much,alot has been happening in my life but now I'm back and raring too go.Updating the Team and digging up my Trainer Stats,oh and I wrote a new Pokemon Story too capture a Marill!Anyways,I'm back now :biggrin:

..~*Coming Soon Too Theaters--I mean T.A*~..

~Webbie {Being Worked On}
~Pokemon Trivia Game {Questions Being Thought Up}
~T.A roleplay {Being Written As WE Speak And will Achieve Finetuning Tomorrow}

**And Much More**


07-30-2004, 06:39 PM
I'm really sorry about this guys,but..I think I'm closing down this team..

I really miss my beloved folks back at Team Trainer,and being away for 1 month and atleast 20 days and only getting one member told me one thing..Nobody is joining..I'm really super sorry but after about 2-3 months of having this post up and getting nothing but two members..just sickens me.I'm going back too Team Trainer..Wish me luck!

*Can we get a lock on this,please?*

07-31-2004, 12:16 AM
Per request