View Full Version : Rescue Squad Missions.

08-16-2006, 12:10 AM
Team Slashers:
Get Red Diamond.Done
Save Daniel the Poochyena and he is your partner after you save him.
Save the bank from Umbreons.
Fight Shadow Arcanine.

Team Ultimate Dragons:
Save Jack.Done
Get roses to mayor.done
Rescue torchic from cave.done.
Track down Missingno.
Fight Shadow Glalie.done.From all misions completed you get 89,000 pokemon money

Team Bling:
Save the Aron from Houndooms.Done you get 12,000 pokemon money.
Get chocloate to mayor.5000 pokemon money.done.
Capture pokemon m
send him to the pokemon lab.
Fight shadow Shelgon.

Team Blaze:
Destroy the crimanal group.done.done.Got 900,500 pokemon money.
Save teddiursa from a water fall.
Bring a hat to the mayor.
Get the Legend Claw from Raikou,Entei,Suicune.
Fight Shadow Vaporeon.
(my team dont do these missions. only tomorow.)

Save a baby Bagon from a gang of Snorunts.(Bagon will join your group)done.9000 pokemon money
Get Blue daimond from bank robbers and get it back to the store.
Get Mayor some Jewelrys.
Help build a bridge.
Fight Shadow Vibrava.