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08-24-2006, 11:17 PM
I found this page. Don't ask about the page.
But, i was searching for images of 'big hairy sheep'(again, don't ask) and when i clicked the image this page popped up. Some kind of blog and i found this quote. I don't know who posted it, or what the rational was, but here it is:
The Fellow Who Drinks
Is merely attempting to escape the manacles of time; to wriggle free from the shackles of consciousness that bind him to his most implacable enemy, himself. During our drinking years, we turned to alcohol just as a fellow, finding himself behind the wheel of a car that never stopped, couldn't be stopped, would never stop, might say f*ck it and climb into the back seat. Saying, Let the car drive itself for a while. Drinking brought with it that wonderful sense of relief that accompanies all great refusals to accede to the vile requirements of life in this sh*t world. Of course, after a while you figure out that letting the car drive itself is problematic in its own right. You meet ditches. You require stitches. You piss off all the sons of b*tch*s. It's a satisfying mode of life, if you possess fine attributes, and can handle the hangovers.


BtW, here's the sheep if anyone is feeling disapointed:

Sleepy Sheep
08-24-2006, 11:20 PM
That was really weird, I just thought the thread was about me.

08-25-2006, 12:07 AM
That was really weird, I just thought the thread was about me.
You're not quite big and hairy... :rolleyes:
Ya arse.