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08-25-2006, 08:03 PM
it might be surprising but there are still people who dont have xd. this a guide for those people.(also a stragetists guide)

after your sims battle, ride the elevator to the 2nd floor and head for kranes office. there you find lily(your mom) and the prof..
lily tells you that jovi(your sister) is missing. and shes counting on you to find her.
before you search for jovi krane tells you to get your p~da in your room.
as you leave,you get an e-mail telling that a guy named adon knows where jovi is. upstairs is where adon is and hes hiding under a table. he tells you to go to dr. kaminkos house where she probably at.
when you get there the near-sighted chobin battles you

sunkern lv 5
use tackle and/or bite repedeately to win.

before you go in,chobin will show you the weird inventions kaminko made. whats weirder is that anyone would buy them. but they do. keep and eye out for buyers during your travels.
to find jovi, go through the only unlocked door.go back to the lab.
when you return to the lab, lilyis waiting outside instructing you to find krane and jovi's goes to find adon.
you can get some ep and money for battling super-trainer aferd
hes outside the door to the hq's east wing.

sentret lv 5
use the same strategy you used to fight chobin. if you use tail whip,tackle will do more damage.

head into the hq to find krane.
hes in the east wing so if you battled aferd just go in through the door. you just then get the device that really starts the whole game.
the snag machine. no sooner than you being equipped with it, crisis erupts. krane is kidnapped.
leave the lab and head outside to find the crooks.
one of them challenges you to a battle.

teddiursa lv 11*
normally you have to weaken a pkmn to capture but not in this battle. just toss out a pkball and its yours.
after the battle,lily assigns jovi(and you) to go pick up a machine part so she can work on the purifying machine. depart and go to gateon port which then appears on the map.

08-26-2006, 03:41 AM
no sooner as you get into gateon,then your sister bumps into zook.
even though jovi's 9yrs old and bumped into him accidentally, he sends out a shadow zangoose to attack her.
as you come to jovis defense,a trio of mysterious men(ardos,eldes and mr. verich) come and(with one's ardos' alakazam) send zook and zangoose packing. after mr. verich and his men leave,jovi's friend emili and her mom welcome you to gateon port and warns you about dangerous people wandering around(zook).
after the speech,go to the parts shop which will be where you can get your eevee's evolution items. there's no-one behind the counter. perr who runs the place is out rotating bridges talk to the sailor inside the door to get your eeveelution items. make absolutely sure your eevee is holding the item. after claming the item,leave. perr is finished with the bridges so follow him back to the shop. he opens a panel behind the counter and gives you the machine part.
you can battle sailor bost

whismur lv 6
marril lv 6
they're normal pokemon so teddiursa's shadow-moves should do them in quickly.

with the part you can return to the hq but before you do,there are some trainers to battle some chests to open and even some shadows to catch.
venture onto the rotating bridge that perr fixed.
cross over to find an old man whos a trainer.

taillow lv 6
ledyba lv 10*
as with all shadow pkmn, its easier to snag this ledyba if its weakened. do just that with a few physical attacks. you can also inflict a status condition on it to make its capture success rate easier. the only status condition you can inflict right now is paralysis(teddiursa's lick attack) so make best of the moveset you have.
after the battle go to the straight bridge and rotate it so you can reach the lighthouse you find several chests there if you climb the stairs however if you just want the shadow pokemon,use the roof.

zubat lv6
poochyena lv 10*
seeing as pokeballs arent for sale yet wait until poochyena is weakened then throw a ball weaken it with combos like tail-whip- tackle. after exploring the islands use the bridges to get back to the mainland. visit the krabby club by defeating sailor birk. shadow moves are your best bet against these pkmn. or electric attacks if you (by some miracilis chance)have them. open the chest in the basement before you go.
pkmn hq.
when you return o hq look for lily on the 2nd floor of the west wing.
jovi leaves(and permanantly)and your on your own again after you hand over the machine part. lily explains that more t6ime is needed to make the purify chamber. in the meantime you must use a different process. she tells you about the relic stone in nearby agate village. agate is your next destination

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08-26-2006, 10:57 AM
I have XD! I beat the game already

08-26-2006, 02:28 PM
this is for people who don't. and believe me there are people who dont.

08-26-2006, 04:15 PM
the first thing you find in agate is a chest containing a pokeball.
after you get it,go to eaguns house. along the way,there are some people who may battle you.

wurmple lv5 silcoon lv7 cascoon lv 7
like most of the pokemon here use ledyba's aerial ace attack to assure a quick victory.

azurill,togep and igglybuff all level 7.
normally fighting type moves would be your best choice. however seeing as you dont have them use shadow moves instead.

oddish machop 7
like most battles here,aerial ace will do the trick. if you plan to use it though,target machop;3 of your 4 pokemon are weak to fighting type attacks.

tyrogue,zubat 7 grimer 8
aerial ace for tyrogue,and shadow moves for the rest.

after you explore town, go to the stump in the middle of the town.
talk to beluh,(eaguns wife) to make eagun himself show up. eagun already got word that you were coming and he grants you permission to enter the cave. when you enter there are four more battles.

after the fourth battle,old man cron will give you a cologne case o finish the last bit of heart gauge. (note)if your pokemon took significant damage,heal them now. the next battle is extremely hard.

pikachu lv 12
when you emrge from the caves end eagun will challenge you.
if you chose the thunderstone and battle him with jolteon
things will be easier because of his voltabsorb. but if you havent,avoid bring ledyba out. shadow moves oughta do him in quickly.

after you defeat eagun use your relic stone on all of your shadow pokemon. after that you automattically returns to eaguns house.
he'll tell of vander in mt battle who cn give you info on where krane is. leave to mt battle pausing only to get an e-mail # from eagun.
mt battle is your next destination.

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08-27-2006, 01:09 AM
first please don't double post and then yeah I still haven't gotten all 83 shadows or purified them all:oops:

08-28-2006, 02:05 AM
theres 84 shadows whatchureface.:happy: i just dposted so the thread wouldnt die.
anyway the first thing you see when you get to mt battle is eldes who gives you some words of caution. talk to everyone in the courtyard,open the chest by the building and head inside. to find vander(who knows about kranes kidnappers)