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09-04-2006, 01:26 AM
Hello. I'll be using this spot as a place for my best pokemon sprites that I make. I worked extra hard on these sprites. I even gave them a pokedex entry. But enough of the talk, you probably only want to view the sprites. :wink:

Name: Clegeta
Type: Normal/Fighting
Pokedex: A pokemon formed by the DNA of both a Clefairy and a Vulpix. Even with Vulpix's genes it seems to be more of a Fighting-type pokemon than a Fire-type.
Known Attacks: Focus Punch, Mega Punch, Metronome, Quick-Attack

Name: Gofable
Type: Normal/Fighting
Pokedex: When you anger a Clegeta, it just may evolve with super powers! This pokemon's Attack is amazing, with great Speed to match it, a deadly combination. Its hair runs down its back like a mane and actually becomes apart of it nine tails.
Known Attacks: Extreme Speed, Hyper Beam, Mega Punch, Super Power

Name: FlyingMankey
Type: Fighting/Flying
Pokedex: A type of Mankey that has gone through evolution and grown wings. This mischeivious pokemon flys down from the sky and attacks people viciously.
Known Attacks: Dizzy Punch, Fly, Frustration, Whirlwind

Name: Guerillape
Type: Fighting/Flying
Pokedex: This pokemon's muscles and body have grown much faster than its wings; as a result, it can no longer fly but instead glides short distances. It will sometimes go into rampages, and afterwards fall into a deep sleep.
Known Attacks: Dynamic Punch, , Frustration, Rest, Uproar

Name: Clammy
Type: Fighting
Pokedex: Although its name is Clammy, it more resembles a crab than a clam. As an egg, this Tyrouge was induce with Krabby DNA and was born with crab claws. These claws are so heavy that it trains all day at punching so it'll be able to fight effectively with them one day.
Known Attacks: Clamp, Iron Claw, Quick Attack, Vicegrip

Name: Hitmonking
Type: Fighting
Pokedex: Because a Clammy will train all day in Attack, it so evolves into a Hitmonchan-like pokemon. This pokemon has mastered using both of its claws, including its much larger and more dangerous claw. It's a deadly foe to fight.
Known Attacks: Dynamic Punch, Gullitone, Iron Claw, Vicegrip

09-04-2006, 01:28 AM
Although I won't do requests that often, any that I do do will go here. Don't take any sprites here unless they have your name next to them, or if I specifically say you can.