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Blaze Lizardon
06-03-2004, 03:34 AM
PART 1: Dawning

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Lizardon (05.31.05): After the longest. Hiatus. Ever. I'm back with the shocking conclusion to Chapter 5 and a preview of Chapter 6. Hopefully you'll find it to be worth the wait. Expect Chapter 6 to be completed later this week. :happy:

Written by Blaze Lizardon, 2004
Rated PG for mild language (nothing worse than @$$)
Pokémon © Nintendo/GameFreak/Satoshi Tajiri (I don’t know who it is :P)
Send comments, suggestions, & criticisms to light_dash08@hotmail.com

Having won a free Pokémon Trainer’s license from Professor Oak’s prestigious scholarship exam, Zack Jordan and his Squirtle companion decide to give up surfing in their beachside home at Sunny Town to pursue their dreams of becoming the world’s greatest Pokémon Champions. But training in Johto is more than just a great ball and some potions; Zack’s gotta go up against some of the toughest trainers in the world, including his snobby peers from Goldenrod City’s Pokémon Tech. But with Squirtle by his side, along with the gorgeous Amy, Zack will experience triumph, adversity, and poignant emotion all on the road to become POKéMON CHAMPION.
Including Pokémon from all three generations, along with elements from the TV show and games, the path to POKéMON CHAMPION is one you won’ t wanna miss…!

Zack Jordan
Age: 13
Current Pokédex: Squirtle, Ledyba, Taillow, Wooper, Rattata, Bellsprout, Pikachu
Team: Squirtle, Ledyba, Taillow, Wooper, Rattata, Bellsprout
Hometown: Sunny Town
Aspiration: Pokémon League Champion
Likes: Surfing, water Pokémon
Zack hails from the small town of Sunny, just east of Fuchsia City. With his faithful Squirtle at his side, he became the first trainer from Sunny Town to have the opportunity to meet the great scientist Professor Oak, due to a scholarship test that he passed. Mellow, cool, and laid back, Zack would much rather surf than get caught up in the social affairs of his wealthy colleagues at Pokémon Tech Johto. As a trainer, he’s calm and down to earth, carrying the qualities of a true Pokémon master and a great friend.

Amy Karrington
Age: 13
Pokédex: Aipom, Torchic, Skitty
Team: Aipom, Torchic
Hometown: Goldenrod City
Aspiration: (She secretly would like to be a Pokévet)
Likes: Shopping, caring for Pokémon
As the daughter of the wealthy owner of Indigo Plateau Pokémon League, Amy was sent to Pokémon Tech Johto at Grade one. While she enjoys her luxurious lifestyle, she dreams of one day living her life on the edge as a Pokévet. However, she faces intense pressure from her parents to become a Pokémon Champion and as a result, finds herself often indecisive and unsure about most aspects of her life. She follows Zack on his journeys, wishing she could be as resolute and determined as him.

Sean Redwood
Age: 15
Pokédex: Zigzagoon, Phanpy, Lapras
Team: Zigzagoon, Phanpy, Lapras
Hometown: Blackthorn City
Aspiration: Rare/Legendary Pokémon Researcher
Likes: Studying legendary Pokémon, swimming
Sean has followed his dream of studying legendary Pokémon all the way from Blackthorn City. After being rescued by a Dragonite after nearly drowning in the Dragon’s Den, he has made it his goal to become a well-known researcher of rare and legendary Pokémon, rubbing shoulders with Professor Oak and Professor Elm. He has studied hard in school and knows a lot about Pokémon of different types. Because of this, there are sparks between him and Amy as their information and theories often conflict. Even so, he joins Zack and Amy’s group to travel across Johto and find all the rare Pokémon he can.

Eddie Clemson
Age: 13
Pokédex: Treecko
Team: N/A
Hometown: Goldenrod City
Aspiration: Pokémon Champion
Eddie is the snobby son of the owners of Pokémon Tech. At 13, he’s finally come of age and will let nothing stop him from becoming a Pokémon Champion. Aggressive, headstrong, and self-righteous, Eddie comes off as an arrogant loudmouth and has an intense rivalry with Zack. He also has a crush on the reluctant Amy Karrington and always goes out of his way to show it. So far, nothing he wants has denied him, and he aims to add the Pokémon Championship to that list.

Professor Oak
Revered as the premier scientist for Pokémon studies, Professor Oak has mentored numerous Pokémon masters including his grandson Blue and the current Pokémon Champion, Red. Nowadays, he uses his time and money to help aspiring trainers to reach their dreams through the Pokémon Master Scholarship affiliated with Pokémon Tech Johto.

Throughout the story, you might see numbers after words (i.e. Red2). Those are really supposed to be superscripts for footnotes, but after copy & pasting the story here from MSWord, they were fixed to look like "Red2." Anyway, here are the footnotes that you'll find throughout the story:

1Pokémon Tech Johto (PTJ): Tech school in Goldenrod City for the children of elite and wealthy trainers. The one from the animated TV show is known in this story as Pokémon Tech Kanto (PTK).

2Red: The character from the first Pokémon game, and the character that you battle in Mt. Silver at the end of Gold & Silver.

3Cool Trainer: The ‘Cooltrainer’ characters from the video game that go in the same set as ‘Lass,’ ‘Super Nerd,’ ‘Hiker,’ etc.

Dr Skottie
06-03-2004, 04:34 AM
This looks like it has a lot of thought put into it. I'll be watching this closely. Original yet still familiar. If you write it well, you'll be having a lot of fans. I'll be watching this one... :cool:

06-03-2004, 02:26 PM
Your not the only one who'll be watching Skottie, I can tell lots of planning has gone into this. The classic trainer fics are still popular if you know how to write one, and I'm sure this is going to be well written. I'll definitely keep an eye on this thread.

06-03-2004, 04:06 PM
Well I'm ready for the first chapter. You gave out lots of information in that post and got me ready for it. The rivalry and this Pokemon Tech place seem to have a lot of planning put into it and I cant wait til it gets off to a start.

Blaze Lizardon
06-03-2004, 04:13 PM
Thanks, glad you guys are interested. :cool: Hopefully it'll seem even better when I get the Prologue and Chap.1 up. :smile:

Blaze Lizardon
06-04-2004, 03:53 PM
Lizardon: And here it is -- the first chapter of POKéMON CHAMPION. It's long, but don't let that put you off. :wink:

PART 1: Dawning

* * *

= = = = =

The front door opened and the blonde boy stepped into the house, dripping wet with a silver Gyarados tooth dangling from a chain around his neck. He quickly slammed the door behind him just after his Squirtle companion scampered through the passage and into their house.

“There you are, Zack!” His mother shouted angrily as she hurried down the stares, holding bags of food, clothing, and a multitude of assorted Pokémon trainer devices. “I’ve been looking all over for you!” A tiny Azurill leapt down from step to step, slightly shaken up by her yelling.

Zack set down his surfboard and walked into the kitchen, paying no attention to his mother’s threatening tone of voice. Squirtle followed at his footsteps, eagerly awaiting his trainer to open the refrigerator. “I was out at the beach with Squirtle,” he said.

“Honestly, did you have to go surfing just before leaving?! You’re barely packed!” His mother continued. The nervousness in her voice became apparent as she shouted the last words.

“Chill, mom!” Zack retorted reassuringly, trying to calm her down. He held a bowl and a box of cereal in hand. “You know they don’t have surfing in Johto! I’ve gotta get in every wave I can before I leave.”

His mother set down his bags on the table and put a bagel in the toaster. Her heart thumped with each deep breath she took as she tried to calm herself down.

“Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be fine,” Zack said calmly as he stuffed his face with cereal. Squirtle did the same in an adjacent chair.

His mother put her hand on her forehead and slumped onto the comfortable couch in the living room tiredly. Azurill bounced onto her lap. “I’m sorry, honey, I’m just so nervous…”

“C’mon, Mom, we’ve been preparing for this for years!” Zack said from the kitchen as he rinsed out his bowl. “You always knew I’d be leaving here someday!”

“You’re right, I should be excited,” she replied with a complacent smile. “I just can’t believe it’s happening so fast. My baby’s finally becoming an official Pokémon trainer!”

“Your thirteen year old baby,” Zack joked as he stuffed the toasted bagel into his mouth.

Suddenly, the doorbell chimed through the house. Zack opened it to meet a brown-haired kid with dark sunglasses and a Poliwag on his shoulder. It was his lifelong friend. “Bobby!” Zack shouted excitedly.

“Hey, dude!” His friend exclaimed. “You knew I’d show up before you left!” The two exchanged handshakes and patted each other on the back. “I can’t believe you’re finally gonna go off and become some hotshot Pokéchamp!”

“Couldn’t have done it without you and that scholarship info you gave me, man!” Zack replied happily.

“Hey, you’re the one who passed the test and earned a free license, not me!”

Zack’s mother walked up behind him with a single backpack. “Here you are, honey! I packed your Pokégear and some extra clothes.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Zack replied as he took the backpack. He slipped a T-shirt on over his head and forced his feet into the old pair of white tennis shoes near the door. Finally, he slid the black sweatband he had won in a local surfing contest around his arm. It was a runner-up award in the Surfing Pikachu contest at Fuchsia City, but it had been one of his good luck charms ever since.

“You’re gonna be out there in Goldenrod City with the best of ‘em, Zack, but don’t forget us back here in this small town you call home!”

“That’s right,” his mother said as she tried to shape up his hair with her hands. “This is the greatest opportunity anyone from Sunny Town has ever had!” Her voice was wavering with excitement.

“All the people back here’ll be the first ones to get a shout out when I win the Johto League!” Zack said as he flashed a grin.

“Squirtle, Squirtle!” Squirtle exclaimed happily from below.

“You and me are gonna move mountains, buddy!” Zack said as he picked the turtle Pokémon up.

Suddenly the loud honk of a car was heard outside the door.

“Oh, that’s your taxi, hon!” Zack’s mother cried. A tear slid down her cheek as she smiled. “It’ll take you to the Fuchsia City Airport where you’ll fly into Goldenrod!”

“Good luck, dude!” Bobby shouted. The two knocked fists.

“I’ll miss you, sweetie!” Zack’s mother cried as she kissed him softly on the cheek. He hugged her tightly.

“I’ll miss you guys, too,” Zack said as he jogged out the door waving. He ran down the front steps and down the walkway of their beach house. “Bye!” He shouted from the street. Squirtle waved its short arms goodbye as he smiled excitedly.

“Zack! Are you sure you don’t want to bring Azumarill with you?” His mother called from the porch. Bobby slapped his forehead laughing.

“No way, Mom!” Zack called back. “I’ll be fine! Besides, you’ll need the company!”

“Call me when you get to the airport!” His mother’s last words rang through the scene before the taxi door slammed and the driver drove off. Sand blew off the dusty road as the taxi driver sped down the seaside avenue exiting the town. Small children and their Pokémon waved goodbye to Zack through the taxi window enthusiastically, hoping that one day they’d be just like him. He smiled and flashed a victory sign as Squirtle waved. And with that, they were off.

Blaze Lizardon
06-04-2004, 03:55 PM
= = = = =
Zack winced as he stepped off of the airplane. With a yawn, he set down his single backpack and reached his arm behind his head to rub his aching neck. The red-eye flight from the Fuchsia City Airport in Kanto to the one in Johto’s Goldenrod City hadn’t been the most comforting of rides. It was now 8:00 AM. With another yawn, he picked up his bag and unzipped the bottom pouch. A standard pokéball rolled out into his hand. He tapped it slightly. In the blink of an eye, a translucent red beam flashed from the ball to the floor in the shape of an oval. Alas, a blue turtle shell greeted him at his feet.

“Squiiirrrtle!” The shell cried. A shiny blue set of arms and legs popped from the sockets as a circular head peaked out from the front. Finally, Squirtle leapt to its feet and began to shake itself off violently, its eyes shut tightly.

“I’m really sorry, dude! I didn’t know the flight would be so long!” Zack apologized to his Pokémon below. It stretched its arms and legs, glad to be free from its spherical confinement. “I know you don’t like goin’ into your pokéball, Squirtle. Maybe next time I’ll be able to fork up enough change so we can both ride first class!” The sea turtle’s bright eyes lit up at the idea and it grinned at its trainer. “I thought you’d like the sound of that!” He replied. With that, he and Squirtle swapped high fives.

An angry voice with a sharp Goldenrod accent broke the scene. “Move it or lose it, pal! I’ve got places to be!” The blonde boy was shoved aside as a man with a business suit rushed off of the plane rolling a suitcase behind him. His right hand squeezed a cell phone to his ear as he marched down the hall of the airport. A Houndour trotted behind him.

“Hey, watch it, old man!” Zack yelled angrily.

“Have a nice day, *******!” The man obnoxiously sneered without slowing down.

The boy turned back to his Squirtle with an annoyed glance. “What a bastard! So this is Goldenrod City, eh?” Squirtle shrugged.

“Zachary Jordan?” A soft female voice interrupted.

Zack turned, as did Squirtle. Standing behind him was a beautiful, pale-skinned woman with long, dark hair, holding a sign that read his name in bold letters. She was a head taller than he was with her high heels and her tight business suit revealed an attractive body. She removed a pair of glasses and extended her arm to greet him with a gleaming smile. A fluffy pink Clefable stood behind her with a wide smile. “I’m Mary, one of Professor Oak’s assistants! It’s so great to finally meet you.”

“Y-you too.” Zack stuttered, in a slight daze from her presence. Quickly, she put her hand on his shoulder and guided him to the airport’s exit. “We can talk more as I show you around the city,” she said, with the same warm smile. “I called a cab to take us downtown.”

“This place is so big!” Zack exclaimed. Even though pain in his neck from the plane ride still lingered, he found himself arching his neck as far as it could go, just to see how high the city’s skyscrapers could go. Even Squirtle fell into the amazement, as its small head darted from side to side, spying new Pokémon in all directions.

“Goldenrod City is one of the largest cities in the world. Needless to say, the opportunities for new Pokémon trainers are plentiful here,” Mary replied happily.

“It’s so different from back home,” Zack muttered as he watched a businessman and his Slowking cut off an elderly lady and steal her taxi.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here. You came from Fuchsia City, didn’t you?”

“Actually, it’s a small town nearby, just off the coast of the ocean. Ever heard of Sunny Town?” Zack asked her.

“Um… no… I don’t recall the name…” Mary said blankly.

“Surfing’s really big there. Squirtle and I used to hit the beach every day.”

“Oh, I see,” Mary replied. “Well, how about we head over to the Game Corner.”

“Sounds good,” Zack said casually.

Blaze Lizardon
06-04-2004, 03:57 PM
Finally, he, Mary and Squirtle arrived at the Pokémon Tech Johto1 building, after a thrilling tour through the city. Mary with her Clefable had shown him all around Goldenrod, taking him out to the Game Corner, the National Park, the home of the famous Pokémon breeders, the Radio Tower, Goldenrod City Underground, and the Mall of Johto, the large department store known for the largest selection of Pokémon merchandise. By noon, the big city had put Zack and Squirtle into a daze. The beautiful metropolis and all of its attractions had impressed him, but he never felt as if he could truly call it his home. Fortunately, his stay in Johto would be constantly moving from city to city.

“I didn’t even know there were Pokémon salons!” Zack said in amazement as he walked out of the Goldenrod Underground Passage.

Mary laughed. “If you it has to do with Pokémon, you can find it here in Goldenrod.”

“I believe you,” Zack said, still in awe.
They walked into the luxurious building. Busy employees worked diligently at their desks and behind counters on everything from battle simulations to Pokémon anatomy analysis.

“Professor Oak will meet you here,” Mary said with a timid smile. “I’ve got to get back to the Radio Tower.”

“Sweet! Thanks a lot, Mary,” Zack replied happily.

“Squiirrtle!” The Pokémon called as it waved.

“I programmed my number into your Pokégear, so call me anytime you want to talk. Goodbye!”

Zack turned and walked through the building after waving goodbye. “So whadaya think, Squirtle? Think you’re gonna like it here in Johto?” The Pokémon just shrugged again. “Same here,” Zack said. “We’ll find something for us somewhere around this region, though.”

“Zachary Jordan!” The voice of an older man called his name.

Zack looked up to see a face that was all but unrecognizable. He had seen it before on posters, television, and in books alike.

“Professor Oak!” Zack exclaimed in awe. His eyes widened, having come face to face with the world’s premier Pokémon scientist.

The two shook hands. Zack’s limp arm barely held the Professor’s, as the young teen was still enthralled. “It’s very nice to meet you, Zack!” said the professor. “You’re just in time for the orientation.”

Zack couldn’t build up enough strength to talk. His knees became weak.

Oak laughed heartily. “Don’t be shy, youngster! You qualified for the scholarship with only nine others!”

“Th-thanks,” Zack stuttered. “I just can’t believe I’m getting to meet you!”

The professor laughed again. “Hahaha, I get that a lot. But don’t be too absorbed, Zack. I started out just like you. And with your test scores, I am sure that you will accomplish whatever you want into the field of Pokémon also.”

Zack just grinned modestly.

“Come along, I’ll introduce you to the other finalists.” Oak said as he escorted him to a room in the back of the building.

He opened the double-doors to a large and opulent room. Portraits of past Pokémon masters lined the walls, just above glimmering statues from nearly every field of research, training, and battling. A buffet style table topped with five-star meals extended through the middle with nine trainers, waiting eagerly at its side. A pretty blonde girl caught his eye among the eight others. They all wore their Pokémon Tech school uniforms embroidered with minor badges from smaller local gyms.

“Welcome back, Professor!” A dark-haired boy said with a wide grin. “I had the group record their Pokémon and statistics on a list to get the process going.”

Zack could see through his superficial smile right away.

“Good thinking, Eddie, m’boy!” The professor replied. He took the list and placed it into his pocket. “Ahem… Firstly, I’d like to congratulate each one of you for your high scores on the test. A total of 4,000 forms were submitted, but the ten of you placed the highest among your peers.”

“Congratulations, everyone,” Eddie echoed.

“Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for…” Oak continued. “You’ve all won a Pokémon trainer’s license and the selection of one rare Pokémon in New Bark Town to start your journey!” All of the trainers clapped.

“I got mine already,” Zack whispered. Squirtle grinned proudly.

“I have one too,” a voice said from behind him. Zack turned to see the girl he had noticed earlier. “Two, actually,” she said with a smile.

“Geez,” Zack said. “You’re already wipin’ the floor with the rest of us,” he joked.

She giggled. “Well, sort of two… one was a gift from my parents and the other I caught on my own.”

“What kind are they?”

“The one I got from my parents is a Skitty. But my best one is an Aipom I caught five months ago!”

“Aren’t Skitty’s rare around here?”

“I guess so,” she said, rolling her eyes. “I don’t really care though. My parents thought I would love it, but it’s just a prissy cat.”

“Heh heh…”

“So where’d you get your Squirtle from?”

“I’ve had it since I was a kid,” Zack said patting it on the head. “He’s been by my side ever since.”

She brushed her hair back. “Aipom and I will be like that too! At least I hope…”

“I bet it’ll grow to like you. Spend time with it. Take it out of its pokéball even, so it’ll hang out with you more.”

“That’s a good idea! I never thought of that before…”

“It worked for Squirtle,” Zack grinned.

“He looks so happy! It’s so adorable.”

“Ha, you got the first part right.”

She laughed again. “You two are cute together. Where are you from, anyway?”

Zack blushed a little. Squirtle put its hands on its hips proudly and smirked. “Outside of Fuchsia City. Ever heard of Sunny Town?”

“Um… I don’t think so…”

“Yeah, nobody here’s heard about it. It’s a small town. Where are you from?”

“Here, actually,” she replied. “My parents and I live on the top floor of the Saffron Apartments downtown.”

“The penthouse?!” Zack exclaimed.



Their conversation was interrupted suddenly. “Sunny Town, eh?” Eddie chimed in. “You didn’t look like you were from around here.”

“Yup. Have you heard of it?” Zack responded.

“I think so…” Eddie muttered. Zack’s eyes lit up. “I heard it was like, the beach bum capital of the world or something…”

“Eddie!” The girl exclaimed in shock.

Zack gritted his teeth. But he knew he had to restrain himself with the girl there. “Surfing’s big there, but…”

“Hey, that’s just what I heard!” Eddie said with a chuckle. “So I see you’ve got a Squirtle with you.”

“Yeah…” Zack muttered.

“They’re good defensive Pokémon. Their speed and attack ratings could be a little higher though. And so could their special stats.”

Zack clenched his fists. Enough was enough. That snob could make fun of him and his hometown, but nobody made fun of Squirtle. “Well, what do you have, ‘champ’?” He took a step closer, ready to fight Eddie.

“Squirrrttlle…” The Pokémon growled.

Eddie snickered. “Chill, man! That’s what last year’s Pokédex said. Maybe they got better this year. Anyway, I stored all of my other Pokémon in the PC. I’m choosing a new one when we get to New Bark Town.”

Zack wanted to wipe Eddie’s smirk off of his face. But Professor Oak’s voice broke up his thoughts. “The Magnet Train will drop you off in New Bark Town where you’ll find your licenses, Pokédexes, pokéballs, and a selection of rare Pokémon to choose from. Your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold. A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits… good luck!” Eddie started a clap and the rest of the trainers followed, including Zack reluctantly. Professor Oak thanked them and left the room.

“Well, good meeting you…” Eddie started.

“Zack,” Zack said coldly.

“Well, nice meeting you. I’m Eddie and this is my friend Amy,” Eddie replied with his same cocky grin. “Maybe you and me can be sparring partners when we get to New Bark Town.”

“Yeah, we’ll see about that,” Zack glared as Eddie walked off. He turned to Amy.

“I’m sorry…” she said when his eyes met hers.

“Your friend’s an *******,” he said.

“He’ll be better once you get to know him,” she replied, trying to sound convincing.

Blaze Lizardon
06-04-2004, 04:00 PM
The Magnet Train traveled across Johto faster than Zack had imagined. He sat by himself, watching Eddie flirt with Amy incessantly in the front seats. He couldn’t tell whether she liked it or not though…

“Squirtle?” the tiny blue turtle said to its companion who seemed to be staring off into a daze.

“…Yeah? What’s up?” Zack replied, looking around the train. Squirtle sighed heavily. “This place sucks,” Zack finally said solemnly as he watched Eddie toss his arm across Amy’s shoulders. He slouched further into his seat morosely.

“Squiirrrtle!” It shot back, with a gleam in its eye.

“You can like this place all you want, dude…” Zack responded stoically as he leaned against the window and gazed outside. “I hate it here.”

“Squirtle, squirtle…” It replied sadly as it gave a comforting pat to its trainer on the arm.

“…Thanks, Squirtle,” Zack replied.

Finally, the Magnet Train stopped, just on the outskirts of New Bark Town. It usually didn’t stop there but made an exception by the request of Professor Oak. “Thanks, sir!” Some of the trainers called as they hopped out the doors and onto the street.

“Professor Elm’s lab is this way,” Eddie said, pointing down a road. “That’s where we’re getting our Pokémon from.” The group followed accordingly.

“Zack!” Amy’s sweet voice chimed in from ahead.

He smiled. He hated the place, but there were some things he could get used to.

“What Pokémon are you choosing?”

“Haven’t thought about it yet…” He replied, remembering he would be able to pick a freebie.

“Me either,” she said. “I’ll just see when we get there.”

“Do you know what kind Professor Elm has?”

“I know they usually fall into three types. Fire, Grass, and Water, I think,” she replied.


“You already have a water one,” she chuckled as she patted Squirtle on the head.

“Squirt, squirtle!” The Pokémon responded happily.

“Here we are!” Eddie called behind him. “Let’s go, Amy!”

“C’mon, Zack!” Amy said excitedly.

The ten trainers jogged eagerly into the lab. Foliage and shrubbery surrounded the small building, and the calls of Pokémon could be heard in the back. The sun still shined overhead, and gave the windows a shimmering glare.

“The Goldenrod City team has arrived!” One of Professor Elm’s aides exclaimed as he saw the trainers walk into the door.

“Well, Goldenrod City and Sunny Town,” Eddie replied with a grin. Zack rolled his eyes.

“All right!” The aide said excitedly. “I’m sure you’re all here for one purpose, so I won’t delay you. Professor Elm is in the back.”

“Thank you, sir,” Eddie nodded his head respectfully as he led the group to the back.

They walked through the small laboratory until they came to a table that protruded from the wall on their right. Nine pokéballs set on the table in a straight line. Tiny cards displayed a picture of the Pokémon inside along with statistics.

“Hello!” A friendly voice greeted them from behind a bookcase. Professor Elm walked out to meet the teens. “I’m so glad you all could make it! How was the ride from Goldenrod?”

“Smooth enough,” Eddie replied.

“Mr. Clemson, Ms. Karrington, it’s nice to see you both here again,” Elm said as he smiled at Eddie and Amy.

“And you,” Eddie grinned. Amy just smiled shyly.

“Karrington…” Zack repeated the name over and over again in his head. Where had he heard that name before?

“Your parents informed me of your arrival so I’ve prepared only the best Pokémon we have for your selection,” Elm continued. “It’s an honor to present Pokémon licenses and starter Pokémon to the children of some of the world’s most formidable trainers.”

“Karrington!” The voice rang inside of Zack’s head. It was the name of the owner of Pokémon League HQ at Indigo Plateau. The name of the man who started the legacy decades ago! Zack suddenly realized that the ownership of the League had been passed down from generation to generation and that Amy was the daughter of the current owner.

“Karrington?” Zack asked her. “Karrington of Indigo Plateau?”

“That’s me…” Amy replied timidly. She stared at her feet.

“I didn’t know I was with such elite trainers!” Zack exclaimed.

“Yeah… And Eddie’s the son of Mr. Clemson, the man who started the Pokémon Tech School chains.”

“Eddie?!” Zack was astounded. “That’s his dad?” No wonder the kid was such a snob.


“The choice is yours, everyone. Choose one Pokémon as your partner,” Professor Elm interrupted.

The trainers looked down at the nine pokéballs set on the table. “Oh yes, I forgot to tell you…” Professor Elm added with a solemn illness. “Unfortunately, one of the Pokémon was suffering from a severe illness and had to be rushed to a nearby Pokémon Center. We currently only have nine Pokémon to give away…”

“It’s OK, Professor,” Eddie chimed in, as he always did. “Sunny over there already has one.” He pointed to Zack and his Squirtle. Zack decided to pass on the opportunity to make a retort. What could he say anyway? He knew Eddie’s comments were too spiteful and underhanded to respond to without making himself look bad.

Professor Elm smiled, reassured. “That’s good. Now nobody will miss out. Let’s all just hope that the Pokémon can get better with time.”

“I wonder what the symptoms are,” Amy muttered to herself.

“We discovered a mysterious Ariados on Route 46 that secreted abnormal venom from its stinger. We’re currently looking into the matter for more details,” Professor Elm answered promptly.

“Well, I--” Amy started.

“Enough of that, let’s get down to business,” Eddie interrupted. “Time for new Pokémon.”

The trainers surrounded the table, reading the cards carefully and analyzing the pokéballs. Zack glanced from over each of their shoulders at the Pokémon within. Amy was right. Eight of the nine Pokémon on the table belonged to the either the grass, fire, or water types. A ball that set near the end contained an Eevee. The others contained Treecko, Mudkip, Torchic, Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. All were basic Pokémon at level five that would later enter two different forms of evolution upon gaining levels. The selection was a newbie trainer’s dream come true.

“I want a Torchic!” Amy squealed. “They’re so cute when they’re young.”

“If you want fire, go with the Charmander,” Eddie blurted out. “They have high attack power and can evolve into Charizard at later levels.” Amy didn’t say anything. “Which one did your parents want you to pick?” He asked.

“I think it was a Cyndaquil,” she responded softly.

“Wise choice,” Eddie said knowingly. “Typhlosion is will be an indispensable member of your team when we get to the Indigo Plateau.”

“Yeah…” she replied. “At the League…”

“I’m gonna pick Treecko, myself,” Eddie said proudly. He picked up the pokéball and shook Professor Elm’s hand with pride.

Zack looked up to see Amy again right in front of him. He had been sulking against the wall and didn’t notice her walk up. “What do you think I should get, Zack?”

“They’re all good Pokémon.”

“My parents want me to pick Cyndaquil. I think Eddie’s right…”

“Didn’t you like Torchic?” He raised an eyebrow, having heard her say something about the tiny flame-birds.

“Yes, but they lack the attack strength needed in the League. They’re really cute though…”

“Ahh, pick Torchic. I can tell you like it!”

“It takes more than being cute to win at Pokémon League, Zack!”

He scratched the back of his neck, slightly embarrassed. “Maybe. You’d probably know better than me.”

She paused. “It’s a hard choice. Maybe I should have studied more.”



“Which one do you want? You said you’d like to get to know your Pokémon better, but you'll never do that if you don’t have one that you chose yourself.”

She paused again as the idea dawned on her. She looked up from the floor at him with a smile. A twinkle flashed in her bright blue eyes. “You’re right…”

With that, she left. Zack knew which Pokémon she would pick. Squirtle looked up at him with a wide grin.

Blaze Lizardon
06-04-2004, 04:05 PM
Alas, all of the trainers had selected their starters. The evening sun began to go down toward the hillsides in the west. All ten trainers unanimously decided to wait until the next morning to start the journeys that would change their lives forever. Professor Elm paid for their stay at a local inn. Even so, the restless trainers couldn’t sit still as the crucial turning point awaited the next morning and they found themselves waiting outside in an empty parking lot out back.

“I don’t like Mudkip so much! Anyone wanna trade?” A trainer called.

“Treecko’s staying right here with me!” Eddie shouted. “This guy was the best pick from the start.”

“Charmander, that’s my dinner!” Another trainer exclaimed.

Eddie went from trainer to trainer, bragging about his selection. He could back it up though-Zack hadn’t seen many Treecko’s before, but he knew that Eddie’s certainly looked tougher than normal. It wasn’t long before he made his way over to Zack and Amy.

“You missed out, Sunny,” Eddie sneered. “Elm had a great selection. You could’ve even had Treecko here if you wanted.”

“Well, I already had my starter Pokémon. I don’t need any of Elm’s leftovers.” Zack shot back.

“Elm’s Pokémon are highly trained members of their species. They were bred for victory at Indigo Plateau! They didn’t just wash up on the shore of Sunny Town.”

Zack clenched his fists. He couldn’t stand Eddie’s remarks about Squirtle. “Oh, so you think you’re Pokémon’s something special just ‘cuz daddy called up Elm and told him to save it for you?” The tone of his voice grew angrier.

“Guys…” Amy interrupted, trying to bring peace.

“Yeah, actually I do,” Eddie replied, indignant from Zack’s comment. “That thing couldn’t lay a finger on Treecko!”

“Squirtle’s gonna lay more than a finger on your little housepet!”

“Is that a challenge, bum?”

“Yeah, it is. ‘Cuz you know what? I’ve been takin’ this from you all day and the ball’s goin’ in your court now!”

“Let’s go then! One Pokémon each, Treecko vs. Squirtle. And don’t cry too hard after I kick your ass, ‘cuz we don’t wanna turn this place into an ocean dump too!”

“You’re gonna eat those words, rich boy!” Zack shouted.

“Yeah, we’ll see, Sunny. Let’s go, Treecko!”

Treecko leapt into the parking lot. For a starter Pokémon, it was already quite loyal and tame. What Eddie had said about it was true.

“C’mon, Squirtle, let’s send this guy packin’ back to Goldenrod!” Zack exclaimed. Squirtle bounded to the space in the open lot.

As the two trainers readied their Pokémon, the other trainers gathered around the fight to watch. They were immediately absorbed by the fight and couldn’t wait to see who would win. The leader or the newcomer?

“Tackle ‘im, Squirtle!” Zack called from the sideline.

“Quick attack, Treecko!” Eddie ordered.

The two Pokémon ran at each other as fast as they could. But suddenly, Treecko jolted to the side and struck Squirtle in its head with a kick.

“It’s too slow, Zack. You need to just stick with surfing!”

“Bubble, Squirtle!”

“Scratch it, Treecko!”

Squirtle got up onto its feet and rubbed the side of its head. Getting into an offensive stance it stared down its opponent and leapt into the air with its tiny arms and legs outstretched. With its mouth wide open, it immediately spewed giant foam bubbles at the grass lizard below. They popped with intense pressure and Squirtle landed on its feet in front of Zack proudly. Treecko was only slightly dazed by the bubble storm, however. Soon, it was easily knocking them away with its arms. Finally, it reached Squirtle and took a swipe across its face.

“Squirtle!” Zack cried. The Pokémon winced in pain right before his eyes.

“Water can’t do anything against grass, idiot,” Eddie yelled from his sideline. “I thought you passed the test.”

“This’ll do something…” Zack muttered. “Bite, Squirtle!”

Squirtle wiped its chin and lunged at Treecko with its small teeth clenched. Although it couldn’t develop the attack as well as a Wartortle or Blastoise, its powerful jaws helped do damage to its opponent. Almost instantly, Squirtle’s jaw shut on Treecko’s tail.

“Treecko!” The Pokémon wailed in agony. Eddie looked down at it in apprehensive shock.

Finally Squirtle let go of the Pokémon and stood over it, glaring into its eyes. Treecko struggled to get to its feet.

“Tackle now, Squirtle!” Zack ordered.

Squirtle took off running at the Pokémon again. With its head stretched in front, it bashed into Treecko with intense force. The grass Pokémon that had just barely stood up flew back down to the pavement.

“Get up, Treecko!!!” Eddie demanded angrily.

Zack flashed a thumbs-up sign to his partner from the sideline. “We got ‘im, Squirtle!”

“It ain’t over yet, bum!” Eddie shouted as Treecko stood up and prepared to attack once again.

Amy watched the fight nervously. She had no idea who she was supposed to cheer for, and while the other trainers had shuffled toward Eddie, she didn’t want to leave Zack by himself. He was right, of course, when he said that Eddie had been making jokes at his expense since they met.

Her ambivalence continued until she heard the brushing of bushes behind a dumpster. Her head turned suddenly. After hearing the same sound again, she got up, almost in a trance and walked to the dumpster. The sound grew louder as she approached. Still in her school clothes, she put set one foot into the thicket and peaked behind it. Burs and weeds nicked her skin.

Amy paused, slightly confused to see nothing unusual behind the dumpster. She was positive that she had heard a noise. Besides a few littered pop cans, an old tree that lurched over, and a rancid stench, nothing was out of place. She raised an eyebrow nervously.

All of a sudden, she heard the noise again. At that exact moment, she saw a shadow move skitter across the shadow of the tree on the ground. With her heart pumping, she looked up.


The other trainers’ gaze suddenly shifted from the intense fight to the dumpster.

“Where’s Amy?” One of them asked.

Before long, the blonde girl came running from behind the dumpster. Tears fell from her horrified face.

“Amy!” Zack exclaimed. “What happened?!”

She ran to him quickly and grabbed his arm tightly, shifting her body until he was between her and the dumpster. “The Ari--”

“What is it?” Zack shouted. Squirtle ran back to his side, its eyes fixed on the dumpster.

With that, the dumpster abruptly fell over. Garbage poured out of the opening as a large Ariados stood triumphantly at the top. It hissed angrily, having been disturbed.

“Ariados!” Amy cried. She held Zack’s arm tighter.

“Geezus!” Eddie exclaimed when he saw it. “Treecko, attack Ariados, now!”

“You too, Squirtle!” Zack ordered, following Eddie’s lead.

Ariados leered at the two Pokémon and clamped its fangs. Treecko managed to swipe at it, but the Pokémon swiftly leapt into the air. Webbing blasted from its mouth as it prepared a careful string shot. Soon, Treecko was completely covered in the sticky, gray, secretion.

“No!” Eddie cried. For the first time, fear gripped his heart.

“Bubble attack, Squirtle!” Shouted Zack.

Bubbles poured from Squirtle’s wide open mouth. They bounced off of Ariados with force, but by the attack’s finish the spider Pokémon stood up resiliently. In a fit of anger, it ran towards Squirtle, all of its legs moving at full speed. Squirtle just watched vigilantly, too nervous to move. In an instant, the Ariados stabbed the horn on its head into Squirtle’s stomach.

“Squiirrrtle!!!” The Pokémon cried in pain.

“Squirtle!” cried Zack. His heart thumped wildly as he watched his Pokémon fall backwards and wince in pain.

Before he could react, a blaze of fire streaked across the lot and struck the Ariados. It winced back, weakened by the flames.

“Good, Charmander! Keep hitting it!” One of the trainers shouted.

“Charrr!!!” The tiny lizard roared as flames shot from its mouth.

Ariados weakly scampered back into the brush. Finally, it was over.

“Good thinking,” said a trainers to the one with Charmander.

“It’s the best I could do,” she responded. “Are those Pokémon OK?” Both trainers looked over at the scene at the battle. Both Zack and Eddie were leaned over their weakened Pokémon.

“He’s kn-knocked out!” Zack stuttered as he held his Squirtle up. It’s whole body was limp.

Eddie peeled the webbing off of Treecko. Free from its sticky shell, Treecko shook itself off.

“Treecko’s OK…” Eddie said, slightly pleasanter than he had talked to Zack before.

“C’mon, Squirtle, wake up!” Zack cried, analyzing his Pokémon for signs of relief. “Wake up, dude! You hear me? Wake up!!”

Amy gasped and covered her mouth. “The Ariados! That must be the one Professor Elm was talking about!”

“They’re usually not prevalent here,” Eddie’s voice trailed off.

“What’re we gonna do?” Amy cried frantically. “Squirtle might be seriously poisoned!”

Zack stopped to think about the lecture Elm had given them before sending them off. His words repeated through his head. …The Pokémon was suffering from a severe illness and had to be rushed to a nearby Pokémon Center. We currently only have nine Pokémon to give away… “A nearby Pokémon Center!” Zack exclaimed. “Elm said there was a nearby Pokémon Center!”

“He must mean the one in Cherrygrove City!” Amy replied. “It’s across Route 29!”

Blaze Lizardon
06-04-2004, 04:08 PM
“Then that’s where I’m going,” Zack replied sternly. He picked up Squirtle and held the young Pokémon tightly to his chest.

“You’re going there now?!” Eddie shouted.

“What’s it look like?! I’ve gotta get him to the Pokémon Center!” Zack began to run from the lot.

“Wait, Zack!” Amy called. She ran to where he stopped.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Eddie exclaimed. “Why are you going with Sunny?!”

“He needs help, Eddie!” Amy shouted as she ran off.

“C’mon!” Zack shouted.

The remaining eight trainers watched as the twosome left.

“Maybe we should’ve waited back in New Bark Town!” Amy said nervously. She trudged through the thicket, carefully protecting her clothes from damage.

Zack was trying to keep up his pace but the girl was slowing him down. “There’s no choice! We have to go now.”

Night had fallen over the region. Zack and Amy continued their run across Route 29, surrounded by other nocturnal Pokémon, their presence made overt from the whistles and howls in the forest. A Zigzagoon skittered across the trail. Amy shrieked.

“What if we run into Ariados again?”

Zack was silent.

“I sure hope they can help Squirtle…”

“Me too.”

They continued to walk at a brisk pace. The temperature had dropped and the woods had grown chilly. The hoot of a Noctowl could be heard overhead. The chirping of a Butterfree followed.

“I don’t like it out here…”

Amy watched Zack chuckle for the first time. “You want to be a trainer but don’t like the outdoors?” He asked.

“Not when it’s cold and dewy!”

Zack chuckled again.

They hadn’t walked far before Amy continued. “Zack…”


“I’m sorry for how Eddie was acting earlier…”

“Phew. I thought all the people here were like that,” he joked.

“Nope,” she replied smiling.

“What’s up with you and him anyway?”

“Our parents are good friends. And we used to go to the same school growing up.”

“Pokémon Tech Johto?”


“Ohh… That’s not a bad school. It’s even better than the one in Kanto isn’t it?”

“I think we usually score higher than them in national tests,” she replied. “I can’t recall. It really prepares us though. At age 13 we get Pokémon licenses just like everyone else.”

“Yeah, works the same way over in Kanto.”

“Cool. What’s it like over there?”

“Can’t really say… I’ve lived in Sunny Town all my life and the farthest east I’ve been is Fuchsia City.”

“Oh, I see…”

“I visited Cinnabar Island when I was younger for vacation once. But that’s about it.”

“My parents have a summer home on Cinnabar Island!”

“A summer home?”


“That must be nice.”

“Hey, maybe I can visit you this summer! You know, after the League!”

“Sweet. Haha, you’re gonna come to the ‘ocean dump’?”

“It can’t be that bad! Eddie was just taunting you!” She laughed.

“It’s not. I love it there, actually. It sucks being away.”

“You’ve only been gone for like, a day!” She giggled.

He laughed at his previous remark. “Yeah, that’s true.”

“So what’s Fuchsia City like?”

“Kinda like Goldenrod only smaller,” he replied. “It’s awesome though. It’s always summer there, there’s the Safari Zone and the zoo… They have the ‘Surfing Pikachu’ surfing contest every year too.”

“‘Surfing Pikachu’ contest?”

“Yeah. It’s a surfing contest that people participate in. You hafta surf with your Pokémon and try to get the judges to give you the best score.”

“Cool! I wish I could go!”

“Can you surf?”

“No…” she said. They both laughed.

“And it’s funny ‘cuz there are so many kinds of people there. You have the bikers coming down from Celadon on Cycling Road, you have the trainers in the Safari Zone, you have the swimmers down at the coast, and you’ve got those crazy Pokémaniacs who come down to go to Seafoam Island and search for Articuno.”

“Hahaha!” She laughed. “I heard about that! Is there really one there?”

“Nobody’s ever seen it. It’s kinda like a legend now. Like the Moltres that’s supposed to be in Victory Road, you know?”

“And over here, there’s supposed to be a Ho-Oh in Ecruteak City.”

“Yeah, same thing,” he replied. “I guess it pretty much connects the north and south regions of Kanto.”

“That’s so cool!”

“If you ever wanna come over, hop on the S.S. Anne when it gets to Cinnabar Island. It’ll drop you off at Fuchsia on its way back up to Vermilion.”

“Great! And maybe you could come here over the summer too when my family gets home from Cinnabar.”

“I can teach you how to surf, you can show me…” His voice trailed off.

“We’re going on vacation with Eddie’s family to Hoenn. You could join us!”

“Yeah, sounds real fun,” he said sarcastically.

“Ohh, Eddie’s not that bad once you get to know him!”

“Yeah. And Gyaradoses are really friendly if you can get to know one.”

“He’s just really competitive. That’s all.”

“He’s an *******, that’s what he is.”

“Sure you and him got off on the wrong foot, but--”

“Whose fault is it we got off on the wrong foot?” Zack interrupted.

“You have a point there…”

“I’m not gonna worry about him though. I’m over here to do one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Go to Pokémon League and become the new Pokémon Champion.”

“My parents want the same thing for me.”

“Of course they do. They’re the owners of the League, aren’t they?”

“Yes, but…”

“But?” He raised an eyebrow, surprised by her apathy with the subject.

“I’m not always sure if I want to become a Pokémon Champion.”

“I thought you did… Isn’t that why you chose a Pokémon and got a license?”

“My parents set all of that up for me. They’ve been preparing me for the championship ever since I started school.”

“So that’s why they have you in PTJ?”

“Right. Sometimes I think they pulled all the right strings and stepped on all the right toes just so I could become a formidable trainer.”


“Don’t get me wrong, though. Sometimes I feel like I can become the best trainer in the whole world! It’s just that other times I don’t feel like doing it. And then I see people like Eddie, and you… the kind of people who really deserve to be the next champions.”

“Man, I had no idea. You’re just here to satisfy your parents?”

She crossed her arms and looked at the ground as she walked. “I don’t know. It’s just that they’ve worked so hard to get me here… Nevermind, I shouldn’t have brought it up…”

“But wait… why don’t you just tell them you don’t want to be a Pokémon Champion?”

“Let’s just not talk about it anymore, OK?” She shouted in frustration. She looked back at Zack. He could see in here eyes that she was begging for him to leave the subject alone.

“I’m sor--”

“Oh my god…!” She suddenly cried in horror. “Look, Zack!”

He turned calmly. “What is it?” He asked, focusing his eyes in the dark forest. He could hear a Pokémon brushing in the bushes near them.

Almost instantly after she had pointed at the bushes in front of them, a large, thin leg lashed at them. They both fell to the ground on opposite sides of the leg. The leg was soon replaced by a familiar Ariados that they had encountered earlier.

“No!” Zack exclaimed when he looked up. The light from the moon reflected off of its large body standing over him. And Squirtle wasn’t healthy enough to protect him this time.

“Zack!” Amy cried from behind Ariados. She had gotten to her feet and was locked in place by fear. “D-do something!”

He quickly grabbed a stick at his side and held it in front of him. Before long, the stick was covered by the Ariados’s sticky webbing after blocking its String Shot attack. “Shoot!” Zack shouted.

He rolled to his side with Squirtle still in his arms just before the Ariados called upon its Fury Swipes attack. Zack stared in abhorrence at the spot he had just rolled from. Dirt flung through the path as Ariados clawed at it in a mad frenzy with Fury Swipes.

He struggled to his feet, clutching Squirtle tightly to his chest. Amy ran next to him, her heart thumping violently. “Get it with Torchic!” He shouted desperately.

Blaze Lizardon
06-04-2004, 04:09 PM
She clutched the pokéball at her belt tightly. Aipom wouldn’t be as effective as Torchic… but was Torchic strong enough? She contemplated the decision before hearing Zack’s frantic voice again. “Hurry!”

“Go, Torchic!” Amy called, trying to sound brave. But what was supposed to be an intrepid command came out as a panicked squeal. Nevertheless, Torchic beamed to the ground from its pokéball, staring face to face with Ariados.

Ariados turned around, hissing angrily. Torchic stood alone in the dewy foliage, paralyzed in fear. “Ember!” Amy cried.

But before the tiny flame-bird could attack, the Ariados struck. It lashed a long leg at the bird, knocking it right in the head. Amy screamed fearfully.

“Shoot…” Zack whispered to himself.

“Torchic!” Amy wailed.

Torchic choked up tiny embers in an act of self-devense, but Ariados easily avoided the flames and attacked. The embers floated onto a dead branch and burned powerlessly as the spider Pokémon continued to attack the trainers and their partners. Torchic’s gleaming black eyes looked up at Ariados helplessly. But Ariados simply turned around and left it alone, fixing its sights on Zack and Amy. With the blazing tree branch behind it as it approached the two trainers, Ariados looked nearly sadistic.

“Zack…” Amy whimpered over the crackling fire, as the flames began to burn brighter and more vigorously. But Zack couldn’t hear her as all of his focus lied on the ominous figure in front of them. Zack began to back up, and pulled Amy’s arm tightly with him. But suddenly, he fell backward into the foliage and dragged her down with him. Startled, the two trainers sat up staring Ariados right in the face as it hissed, clenching its fangs.

“AAIIIEEEEE!!!” Amy screamed. She covered her eyes. Zack could only stare at the creature fear, anticipating the worst. But without warning, the Ariados lunged backwards, its eyes shut tightly, crying its name. Its once outstretched legs shrunk back to its sides as it hissed in pain. Frozen in shock, Zack could only look down to see the shining Gyarodos tooth that dangled from his necklace chain. The dazzling light from the fire must had reflected off of its shiny surface and glared into the sensitive eyes of the Ariados. He had always known it would come in handy.

“Amy!” Zack shouted, pulling her to her feet. Tears flowed down her face as she tried to pull herself together.

Zack rushed to pick up Torchic with Amy by his side and Squirtle in his arms. The Ariados, slightly blinded from the glare, swung to attack its prey, but missed. Zack thrust Amy behind him and kicked the burning branch at Ariados. Sparks flew as the log bounced off of the ground, and Ariados winced back in fear of being burned. But before it could regain its senses, its prey had disappeared.

Zack and Amy ran through the forest. Their lungs heaved with every step, but neither could slow down or turn back. Eventually, a light rain began to pour down, but neither trainer stopped running. Finally, they exited the forest and came to a ledge. Amy was the first to stop.

“C’mon, Amy, let’s go!” Zack yelled angrily. “Squirtle needs help NOW!”

Amy complied without resistance. The rain had drenched their hair and clothes, and Amy’s makeup cascaded down her face, but she knew that they had to continue running for Zack’s Pokémon.

“Look!” She suddenly exclaimed, interrupting.

Zack looked in the direction of her gesture. Just down the hill they could see the illuminated windows of houses and small buildings just next to a lake. They had finally reached Cherrygrove City.

“We made it!” Amy exclaimed happily.

“Let’s get to that Pokémon Center!” Zack shouted. The two trainers began running again to save Squirtle.

Lizardon: Toldja it'd be long! It's about 22 pages in MS Word. Most of the other chapters won't be this long, and thanks for reading it all (if you did :tongue2: ). Anyway, please post your comments/criticisms/questions and reviews. Once again, thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, I'm not gonna be able to update again 'til at least next week. I'm goin' on vacation but when I get back, I'll have more for you guys to read. :wink:

Dr Skottie
06-05-2004, 04:41 AM
Hey Blaze! You've done an excellent job here. It flows so nicely and the writing style is good, not too much detail, but enough to get a good idea. Very good character development. A lot of original ideas aswell. Good dialogue too. A few spelling mistakes here and there, but generally a job well done! I'll be looking forward to your next post! :cool:

Blaze Lizardon
06-05-2004, 05:19 PM
Lizardon: Thanks, Skottie, I'm glad you liked it. There's more where that came from, too. Chapter 2 was shorter than I thought it would be, and I've managed to get it typed up too. After this, I'm out for a week and I'll update with Chapter 3 later. Hope everyone enjoys the story, and please post your comments if you read! :wink:

= = = = =
Zack awoke in the same chair he had been sitting in all night. Amy leaned on his shoulder in the adjacent chair, sleeping soundly. The two trainers had finally made it to the Pokémon Center in Cherrygrove City just before midnight the previous night. Now the morning’s light beamed in on their tired faces through the Center’s large windows.

Squirtle had been taken to the emergency room, along with the other Pokémon from Professor Elm, which ironically turned out to be a Squirtle also. The nurses and the head doctor assured Zack that everything would be fine and that they had discovered a procedure to remove the venom of the Ariados from Squirtle. Zack and Amy waited nervously in the waiting room, but alas they both fell asleep. After all, they had had an action-packed day previously.

“Hello!” One of the nurses greeted with a wide smile. The early morning sunlight reflected off of her shiny red hair. A Chansey stood by her side, matching the pink in her dress.

“Hi!’’ Zack exclaimed suddenly. He jumped in excitement, giving Amy a rude awakening. “How’s Squirtle doing? Is he OK?!”

The nurse giggled, much to Zack’s impatience. “He’s doing just fine now. Dr. Seacaf was up nearly all night trying to heal him.”

Zack was shocked to hear the good news. He paused in surprise with wide eyes and a mouth hanging open. “He’s OK?!”

“Yes…” The nurse replied, slightly amused by Zack’s thrill.

Much to her surprise, Zack leapt across the room and hugged her tightly. Before she could realize what happened, he had dashed into the Pokémon Care room. Amy followed, still half asleep.

“Dr. Seacaf!” Zack called. The doctor lie asleep at his desk, his arms crossed to cushion his head. The old man’s glasses were at his side. “Dr. Seacaf!!!” Zack shouted.

Seacaf jumped up, startled by Zack. “I’m awake! What’s the emergency?!” He shouted, looking around the room. Finally, he noticed Zack and Amy waiting in front of his desk. Calmly, he asked, “Oh yes, what can I do for you?”

“I’m here to see Squirtle. The nurse told me he was much better!”

“Ahh, right she was!” The doctor exclaimed with joy as he slid his rolling chair across the floor to an arrangement of Pokémon hospital beds. He slid one of the rolling beds out of the arrangement. Squirtle was sleeping on a comfortable bed, with a fluffy comforter spread over it.

“Squirtle…” It cooed in its sleep.

“Squirtle!” Zack exclaimed when he saw his Pokémon healthy. He grabbed it from its slumber and held it up high with enthusiasm.

“Squirtle?!” The turtle Pokémon cried in surprise when it found itself being lifted up. But at last it saw the ecstatic eyes of an all too familiar face. “Squirtle!” It cried again, happily.

Zack hugged it to his chest as the turtle Pokémon tried to extend its arms around Zack for a hug. “You made it, buddy! You’re gonna be OK!” Zack shouted happily. “Squirtle!” It replied.

Amy watched the scene smiling. “Aww, I need my camera.” She said jokingly.

“A miracle happened last night, young man!” Dr. Seacaf said happily. “Just when we thought that Squirtle would be permanently ill, a shipment of a new antidote arrived via Pidgeotto from Cianwood City!”

“Cianwood City?” Zack replied.

“Yes! There’s an excellent pharmacist there!” Seacaf explained.

“Wow, that’s so far away!” Amy chimed in. “What a stroke of luck!”

“I knew catching that Chansey last month would pay off…” Seacaf said to himself.

“Huh?” Zack asked, looking up from Squirtle.

“Nevermind. I’m glad the Cherrygrove Pokémon Center could help!”

“Yes, thank you,” Zack replied calmly.

“Squirtle, Squirtle!” The Pokémon added gratefully.

“Your welcome! Squirtle should be back to normal before you know it!”

Squirtle scampered on all fours at Zack’s feet as they walked through the quaint city. With the exception of a beautiful coastline and a Pokémon Center, it was primarily a rest stop for trainers venturing from New Bark in the east.

Zack grinned to himself, remembering that the other trainers had just left New Bark Town that morning. He was already ahead of the pack, and he knew he had to keep it that way if he was ever going to become the champion that he and Squirtle had aspired to be for so long. With the extra time he had, he stuffed his backpack with potions and antidotes from the Pokémart for the journey to Violet City. Now that his shopping for supplies was done, he and Squirtle walked through town back to the clothing store where Amy had insisted on going to change out of her school clothes.

“I knew it was a mistake bringing a girl on our trip,” Zack joked to his blue friend below. Squirtle giggled to itself as they approached the store. Amy stepped out the door to greet them, right on time.

“I heard that!” She laughed.

“Good,” Zack said, sarcastically.

“I had to get new clothes. The ones I had on yesterday got dirty on Route 29.”

“Didn’t you pack extra clothes?” Zack asked.

“Yeah, but I’ve never been to Violet City. I want to look extra nice!” She replied happily. Zack and Squirtle were confused by her logic. But Zack had to admit, she did look nice. The tight, sleeveless white shirt and her short pink brand-name shorts had revealed parts of her body that Zack hadn’t noticed before. He found himself mesmerized by her physique.

“Zack?” She said, trying to get his attention as she reached behind her head to tie her hair in a ponytail.

“Uhh… yeah?” Zack replied, looking up to her face.

She laughed. “You kinda spaced out there for a sec.”

“Sorry about that. I don’t know what just happened,” he said. His face flushed red.

“Whatever,” she said, giggling. “Let’s get going to Violet City already!” That was something Zack couldn’t disagree on, so the trainers left Cherrygrove and began to head north through the forested trail on Route 30.

Blaze Lizardon
06-05-2004, 05:22 PM
“Look! It’s Pidgey!” Amy exclaimed, pointing at a flock of brownish-white birds flying overhead. A Pidgeotto led the baby Pokémon above the trees, chirping joyously. “Spearow!” Amy cried again, pointing at the bird Pokémon in its tree nest.

“Amy, you’re gonna scare them away!” Zack said. He couldn’t conceal his smile as he laughed at her inside.

“This is so amazing!” She replied. “I can’t believe we’re out here getting ready to catch our first Pokémon!”

“You’ve never seen them in the wild before?” Zack asked. He raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“Well, at Pokémon Tech we learn about them through videos and books. They never really took us outside to see them in action.”

“They didn’t?!” Zack replied, surprised by her statement. “My class used to go outside all the time. Sometimes we went to the beach just to see the Shellder and Tentacool when they came to the shore.”

“We went outside sometimes,” Amy responded. “Once we went on a field trip to the Safari Zone, actually!”

“Wait!” Zack interrupted. He jogged ahead of her to an opening in the trail. She peered over his shoulder, trying to see what had suddenly captured his attention. In the tiny field, a Sentret was perched on top of a rock eating an apple. “I’m gonna capture it…!” Zack whispered excitedly as he slowly reached for a pokéball.

“You have to weaken it first!” Amy hissed at him.

He quickly remembered that she was right. “OK…” Stepping into the opening, he quickly whipped out his pokéball and pointed at the Sentret on its rock. “Go, Squirtle!” He ordered boldly.

Sentret looked up from its meal, startled by the two trainers. But when it saw Squirtle, it immediately prepared to defend itself and leapt off of the rock. Staring Squirtle right in the eye, it leered and growled.

“Tackle, Squirtle!” Zack called.

Squirtle thrusted its head forward and began to run to the Sentret. Its skull forced Sentret back into the rock again. But the Pokémon bounced up resiliently.

“That oughta do it!” Zack shouted excitedly. “Good job, Squirtle! Pokéball, go!”

He whipped the pokéball as hard as he could at the Pokémon. It was slightly dazed, but with a twist of its tail, it smacked the pokéball into the brush. Before Zack and Amy could say anything else, it dashed across the field, scampering up and over Squirtle's body and through Zack's legs. Squirtle paused, confused by what had just happened. "Squirtle...? ...Squirtle!!!" It exlclaimed as it rubbed its face and tummy violently trying to rub off the Sentret that had already disappeared.

“HUH??” Zack exclaimed confusedly. “How’d it do that?”

“You didn’t weaken it enough, Zack!” Amy busted out laughing as she said it. “It takes more than a Tackle attack to stop them completely!”

“Well, c’mon then, Squirtle!” Zack shouted. “Let’s go find it!”

Before Amy could say anything else, the trainer and his Pokémon had rushed off of the trail and into the brush.

“C’mon, Amy!” Zack called from ahead. She trudged through the waist-high grass regretting every step as it had messed up her new clothes. When Zack stopped in another opening she finally caught up.

“Squirtle!” The Pokémon cried its name as it launched a barrage of bubbles at a group of Rattata. The Rattata fled the area almost instantly in various directions.

“Shoot!” Zack shouted. “I thought we had them that time.”

“You’ll get it! Keep trying!” Amy responded encouragingly.

But Zack paid no attention to what she said, as his focus had shifted to another grassy knoll. “Look at all of those Nidoran♂!” He exclaimed as he charged up the hill once again with Squirtle following close behind.

“Squirtle!” The Pokémon cried excitedly.

Amy jogged after them. When she arrived, the Nidoran♂ had fled in all directions. Zack and Squirtle sat in the middle of the field, laughing hysterically.

“Hahahaha! That was awesome!” Zack exclaimed between laughs.

“What?” Amy asked confusedly.

“Amy, you should’ve seen the looks on their faces!” Zack chuckled.

Amy put her hands on her hips and looked down on Zack and Squirtle laughing. “Aren’t you supposed to be catching them?” She asked with a grin as she rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, we better get serious,” Zack stood up and got his pokéballs ready. “That was pretty sweet though,” he said again as he and Squirtle exchanged a high five.

“Catch that one, Zack! It’s cute!”

Zack turned to see a lone red ladybug Pokémon climbing an oak tree. He immediately pulled his Pokédex from his pocket and aimed it at the beetle in front of him.

A monotone voice chimed from the device. <Ledyba: Five Star Pokémon. These ladybug Pokémon are known for their cute demeanor and attractive spots on their wings. When the weather turns cold…>

Zack turned off the device and exchanged it with a pokéball that he gripped tightly. “All right, Squirtle,” he said, focused on the Ledyba in front of him. It turned in the tree, noticing the two trainers and Squirtle. “Let’s catch this one!”

“Squirtle, squirtle!” It exclaimed as it leapt into battle.

“Give it a Bubble attack!” Zack ordered.

Bubbles shot from Squirtle’s mouth and at the Ledyba knocking it out of the tree. It crawled onto its six legs and prepared to fight.

“Now tackle it!”

Squirtle stood on its hind legs, preparing to tackle the bug in front of him. But suddenly Ledyba flew into the air and punched Squirtle in its soft stomach, knocking the wind out of it. “Squir-squirtle!” It exclaimed, gasping for breath.

“The Comet Punch attack!” Amy exclaimed, surprised. “We learned about that in school…”

“Tail Whip, Squirtle!”

Squirtle stood up strongly again and smirked at its opponent. Waving its tail back and forth at the bug, it tried to lower the bug's defense but Ledyba flew into the air.

“Uh oh…” Zack started.

“Ledyba!” The Ledyba cried as it began to flap its wings at higher and higher speeds. Dust kicked up from the ground and into Squirtle’s eyes.

“Squirtle!” Zack exclaimed. While Squirtle rubbed its eyes in the dust storm, Ledyba escaped into the bushes.

“Ahh, man!” Zack moaned. “C’mon, Squirtle, we’re going after it!”

“Squirtle!” It called sternly as it glared into the bushes.

“Let’s go, Amy!” Zack said as he ran after the Ledyba.

Pokémon scattered through the brush as the threesome rushed along the path. Pidgey and Spearow alike watched as Ledyba fled from its loud and clumsy predators.

“You’re not gettin’ away from me,” Zack muttered under his breath. Finally, he came to a bush embellished with ripe berries. He spread the bush to each side and began to step through.

“Hey, you!” A voice called from behind him. He turned in mid-step to see an old man in garden gloves and holding a watering can. His eyes were squinted shut and a mustache hung down on his jolly face. A hat with the Pokémon League symbol on it adorned his head.

Zack’s face flushed red. “Umm, sorry, sir! I didn’t know this was someone else’s property…”

“You’re ruining my berry bushes!” The man exclaimed as he shoved Zack aside. He quickly tidied them up, making sure each red berry was in its proper spot. Zack looked at the peculiar man with a strange expression. The man turned back to Zack angrily look. “And you knocked my eggs out of place!” He exclaimed, almost as if he had been offended. A basket of eggs set next to the bushes. The man tidied them up, making sure that each one was OK.

Zack scratched the back of his neck and looked at the ground. “I really am sorry…”

Amy approached from behind with a wide smile on her face. “Mr. Pokémon!” She cried in joy.

The man turned to see the young girl. “Why, Ms. Kenzington, what a pleasure!”

“Mr. Pokémon?” Zack asked in confusion. He turned to Amy for an answer.

“Mr. Pokémon, this is my friend Zack from Kanto. Zack, this is Mr. Pokémon. He and my dad are good friends!”

“Ahh yes, Kenzington, the owner of the Pokémon League Championship.” Mr. Pokémon said happily. “We are very good friends!”

“Mr. Pokémon?” Zack said once again, more confused than ever.

“He’s one of the greatest authorities on Pokémon there are here in Johto!” Amy exclaimed happily. “Some say he’s even as credible as Proessor Oak! With all of his knowledge on Pokémon, people began to call him just that-Mr. Pokémon!”

“Ohh… I see…” Zack replied in awe.

“I’m sorry I startled you, youngster!” Mr. Pokémon said happily as he greeted Zack with a handshake. “Any friend of Amy is a friend of mine.”

“I forgot you lived here,” Amy smiled at the older man.

“Yes, this is one of my homes,” he replied. “Why don’t you two come in?”

“Sure!” Amy replied charmingly.

Blaze Lizardon
06-05-2004, 05:25 PM
“So you’re on your Pokémon quest, are you?” Mr. Pokémon asked Zack from across the room in his cushioned chair. Zack and Amy sat on the couch with a coffee table separating them from the old man. Remnants of a warm meal were left on the table, as Squirtle, Torchic, and Amy’s Aipom searched the plates for crumbs.

“Yes,” Zack responded, slurping a smoothie Mr. Pokémon had made himself. “I started yesterday in New Bark Town.”

“Just getting to Cherrygrove City was a quest all by itself,” Amy added, referring to their fight with Ariados on Route 29.

“A rookie, eh? That’s just how I like ‘em!” Mr. Pokémon replied.

“Rookies? Why rookies?” Zack questioned him.

“Because that’s when they’re most prepared to listen to old men like me!” Mr. Pokémon said excitedly. His eyes twinkled. “Why, I bet you haven’t even caught your first Pokémon yet!”

Zack blushed. “Yeah… I was pretty close this morning though.”

“Well then hear this!” Mr. Pokémon said boldly. “I have caught and raised over 150 types of Pokémon!”

“150 types?!” Zack and Amy exclaimed unanimously. Their eyes widened and their jaws dropped. They were sitting across from a true Pokémon master trainer.

“One-hundred fifty-four to be exact,” Mr. Pokémon replied. “Well, 155 if you count that Loudred, but it was a feisty one…” he added, staring into space. “But that’s a different story. There’s one thing that makes a good Pokémon trainer good and a bad Pokémon trainer bad!”

“What’s that?!” Zack asked anxiously. He leaned forward on the couch with wide eyes full of intrigue. Up until now, he thought Mr. Pokémon had just been a crazy old man who lived in the middle of a forest.

“It’s the bond between the trainer and the Pokémon!” Mr. Pokémon answered. “There are nearly 400 types of known Pokémon on this planet, Zack, each with its own unique attributes and features. And many more have yet to be discovered still! It is the ultimate goal of a trainer to truly understand the bond between the Pokémon and themselves.”

“How does the bond work?” Zack asked.

Mr. Pokémon waved his finger knowingly. “Ahh, but that is the tricky part. What is your goal with Pokémon?”

“I want to be the greatest Pokémon Champion in the world,” Zack replied casually.

“Then you have a lot to learn, Zack,” Mr. Pokémon replied. “What do you believe is the primary purpose of Pokémon?”

Zack was slightly confused by the question. He looked at his Squirtle as it played with Torchic and Aipom on the living room carpet. “Well, they’re used for fighting in battles. Some make good pets…”

“Yes, somewhat… But Pokémon aren’t just used for fighting. There’s meaning for every creature… a meaning for all Pokémon and even us humans too!”

“A meaning for all…” Zack repeated to himself.

“There are more types of Pokémon that live in more ways than humans can ever imagine,” Mr. Pokémon continued. “And it is up to every Pokémon trainer to truly understand their Pokémon in those ways.”

Zack glanced at his Squirtle once again. It smiled back at him with exuberance. “Truly understand Pokémon?” He asked, turning back to Mr. Pokémon.

“Yes. And when that bond has been completed, the mysteries, habits, and lives of Pokémon will finally unfold. Pokémon raisers, trainers, and researchers alike will finally understand the truth behind all Pokémon. Although they each take different paths and partake in different journeys, their goals are the same.”

“We all have the same goals?”

“Mm-hmm. People and Pokémon have shared this world for centuries. When you finally realize the true bond between us and Pokémon, you will be the master trainer you aspire to be.”

“But how will I recognize the bon--” Zack blurted out.

“You’ll realize it when you do.” Mr. Pokémon grinned.


“Enough about that. I’ll show you two the new Pokémon I’ve discovered through breeding!” Mr. Pokémon chimed happily as he rushed out the back door.

Both trainers followed reluctantly. Zack knew he wouldn’t get a direct answer from Mr. Pokémon, but the idea of this ‘bond’ he had mentioned was still plaguing his mind. But as soon as he stepped outside, all previous thoughts were dismissed.

He and Amy stepped into a beautiful garden with lush grass and trees surrounding the opening. The sweet odors of flowers that lined the outer fence filled the scene, giving it a sense of magic, almost as if it were a secret paradise from a fairy tale. Baby Pokémon scampered through the small meadow, playing with toys and other gadgets. Among the Pokémon, a Pichu, Cleffa, and an Igglybuff scampered to Mr. Pokémon’s feet to greet him excitedly.

“Hello, little ones!” Mr. Pokémon greeted them with a wide smile. He squatted and held out a handful of berries. The three babies dug in greedily. “Lately my hobbies have included monitoring Pokémon eggs to see what will hatch. There is much to be learned about the process of Pokémon evolution.”

“Those are the pre-evolutionary forms of Pikachu, Clefairy, and Jigglypuff, right?” Zack asked.

“Yes. In recent years, many Pokémon that were thought of as basic Pokémon turned out to have evolutionary forms themselves. Electabuzz, Magmar, Jynx… even Snorlax has a pre-evolved form.”

“Oh yeah, I heard about that,” Amy added.

“I’m most interested in a new egg I’ve discovered, though,” Mr. Pokémon muttered as he shuffled to the back of the garden. He picked up a basket filled with cushioned pillows and removed a small blanket. An egg decorated with colorful triangles and spots was revealed.

“What kind of egg is that??” Zack asked. He had never seen anything like it before.

“That’s what I will soon find out. The way it squirms every once in awhile indicates that it will be hatching sometime in the near future!” Mr. Pokémon said with enthusiasm.

“Wow…” Zack and Amy said in unison.

A sudden cry was heard from the other side of the garden. “PI-CHUUU!” A Pichu cried. Sparks and leaves fell from a tree as Pichu jumped down and a Ledyba flew out.

“Ledyba!” Zack exclaimed. He gripped a pokéball tightly. “That’s the same one we saw before!”

“It must have been eating my berries. I see it here in the afternoon sometimes,” Mr. Pokémon replied.

“I’m catching it this time. Let’s go, Squirtle!”

“Not too bold now, Zack,” Mr. Pokémon interrupted. “Remember what I told you…”

“Huh?” Zack turned to see the old man staring intently at the Ledyba before them. Zack pondered once again what he could possibly mean. “Bubble attack, Squirtle…” His voice trailed off, as he wondered if he was making the right choice.

Squirtle obeyed its trainer and shot a series of bubbles at the Ledyba. All of them struck it, knocking the ladybug Pokémon to the ground.

“Pokémon and humans have lived together in peace for centuries and centuries…” Mr. Pokémon continued softly. “You must respect that relationship for every Pokémon that you catch.”

“OK…” Zack responded, still confused.

Ledyba lunged forward and took a swing at Squirtle with the Comet Punch attack. Squirtle managed to heave itself sideways, but Ledyba quickly shifted its aim and nailed Squirtle in its tummy, knocking the Pokémon into the ground.

“I think he means that we’re all one, Zack…” Amy said, in the same calm tone that Mr. Pokémon had spoken in earlier. “You know, like, we’re all the same fundamentally, and we should treat the Pokémon with respect.”

“Respect them by capturing them?” Zack asked perplexed.

“No, but put up a good fight. Show them you’re a worthy trainer, Zack!” Amy replied.

“Hmmm…” Zack meditated over her response. “OK! Get ready, Squirtle! Use your Water Gun attack!”

Squirtle stood to its feet with a look of determination on its face. “Squirtle!” It said quickly, vindicating its trainer’s order. It immediately opened its mouth and blasted a high-pressure stream of water at Ledyba. The bug gasped in surprise as the water jets launched it backward.

“Nice, Squirtle!” Zack called. “Now finish it!”

Squirtle leapt into the air, preparing to tackle the grounded Ledyba. But Ledyba flapped its wings, preparing to blast into Squirtle with a tackle of its own. Both Pokémon flew at each other.

“Withdraw, Squirtle!” Zack shouted all of a sudden. Squirtle turned to its trainer confusedly, just before squeezing its head and limbs into the hard shell.

“Ledyba!” The Pokémon cried as it crashed into the careening shell. It bounced off and fell to the ground weakly.

“Pokéball, go!” Zack shouted as he tossed the pokéball at the Ledyba. As soon as it struck the Ledyba on its back, it bounced back into the air and opened up. Ledyba suddenly turned to a bright red as its body became translucent and was beamed into the ball. On the ground, the ball shifted back and forth as it tried to escape. Finally, the red light in the center shut off, indicating that Ledyba had been concealed within.

Zack paused momentarily, but suddenly busted out with excitement. “I DID IT!” He shouted as he ran to the center of the field to pick up the pokéball. Squirtle joined in, bounding with joy and excitement. “We did it, dude!” He exclaimed, as he picked up Squirtle and threw his fist into the air.

“Good job!” Amy cheered from the side. “That was a good move, wasn’t it, Mr. Pokémon?”

Mr. Pokémon was silent, with a complacent smile.

“I finally caught my first Pokémon!” Zack exclaimed jubilantly. “WHOO!” He let out a cry of victory. Finally, he put the Pokéball into his pocket and walked back to Amy and Mr. Pokémon. “How was that, Mr. Pokémon? Did I use the bond now?”

“You have a long way to go, youngster…” Mr. Pokémon. His voice was solemn, but there was a gleam in his eye as he spoke. “You have a lot of potential, however. I believe that your courage and enthusiasm will take you far with Pokémon.”

Blaze Lizardon
06-05-2004, 05:27 PM
“Sweet!” Zack shouted again excitedly. “You hear that, Squirtle? We’re gonna go straight to League Champion!”

“Squirtle!” The tiny turtle exclaimed joyfully. Amy and Mr. Pokémon laughed as the two exchanged high fives with each other.

“Bye, Mr. Pokémon!” Amy called from a bridge over a clear stream as they exited Mr. Pokémon’s house.

“Take care, you two!” Mr. Pokémon waved from his doorstep. “And remember what I told you, Zack!”

Zack nodded with respect. “I will,” he replied. “Thanks for all of your help!”

“Squirtle, squirtle!” Squirtle cried, waving goodbye.

Finally, the threesome left, heading off to Violet City. Zack grinned as the sun beamed down on his face. He had finally caught his very first Pokémon. And after what Mr. Pokémon had said about his potential, he knew that the future would be even brighter.

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Dr Skottie
06-06-2004, 09:52 AM
Very Very good! This has very nice dialogue, it's believable! I like pokemon stories that have a realism about them. However it is still stayng true to the game and the anime. Its refreshing to read a story of this quality. Keep it up!

Blaze Lizardon
06-16-2004, 02:32 AM
Thanks, man! Those words mean a lot. I worked hard to develop the characters, scenario, and everything so I'm glad you're enjoying it. :biggrin:

Also, I wanted to find some sort of 'happy medium' between the game and the TV show. Unfortunately, I've only seen up to the Paras episode of the TV show, so elements from the games might become more dominant in future chapters. :ermm: Hopefully mixing both scenarios (TV & games) can work out smoothly though.

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Lizardon: I'm back from vacation with the first part of Chapter Three. Hopefully everyone who's reading will enjoy it. :biggrin:

= = = = =
“Yes. Uh huh… Of course!” Zack shouted the last phrase into the cell phone device in his Pokégear. Squirtle and Amy followed at his sides listening to the conversation with interest.

“I was just asking…” His mother replied at the other end of the line from their home in Sunny Town. She wiped the food from a dinner plate as Azurill watched the phone intently, trying to hear Zack. Zack’s mother giggled to herself. “I read that a lot of trainers forget to pack clean underwear on their first trip’s away from home. I was only checking to see if you had brought any.”

“MOM!!” Zack wailed from the other line. His face flushed a bright red. Amy and Squirtle giggled as they heard him. “Where’d you read that anyway?” He asked his mother, after calming down some.

“In ‘Mother of a Champion,’” she replied gleefully. “I found it at the library yesterday morning. This lady who wrote this book is great-her son went all the way to the top spot years ago!”

“Someone wrote a trainer’s guide for parents?” Zack asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Of course! There must be a dozen such guides! I pre-ordered six more just a few minutes ago.”

Zack chuckled to himself. “Heh, that’s funny. Well, I gotta go now, so I’ll talk to you later, Mom!”

“OK, Honey!” His mother replied. Zack couldn’t tell if she was ecstatic or crying. “It’s been two days since you’ve left! Call me more often!”

“Got it. Talk to you later.”

The two hung up and Zack slipped his pokégear back into his pocket.

“Your mom sounds so nice!” Amy smiled.

“Yeah, she’s all right for a mom…” Zack joked.

“Squirtle! Squirtle, squirtle!” Squirtle cried as it jumped into the air excitedly on the rocky path of Route 31. It pointed into an open field of tall golden grass with scattered evergreen trees. Green hills lay beyond the meadow, separating the trainers from Violet City. A lone bird swooped into the field, searching the ground frantically for grubs and seeds.

Zack grinned with enthusiasm as he clutched another pokéball. “Good find, dude!” He exclaimed happily. He quickly pulled out his Pokédex.

<Taillow:> Stated ‘Dexter’ in its monotonous voice. <This courageous young bird Pokémon will stand its ground, no matter how tough the opponent.>

“You’re all mine, Taillow…”

The shiny purple and white feathers that covered Taillow fluffed up as the bird Pokémon nervously turned to see Zack, Amy, and Squirtle approaching it.

“Go, Squirtle!” Zack called, and soon after his tiny turtle Pokémon had leapt into the field preparing to fight. “Start out with Tackle!”

Squirtle lunged headfirst into Taillow, but the quick bird swiftly bounded backwards with a large flap of its wings. Slowly, it hovered higher into the air and flapped its wings faster, kicking up blinding dust and grass from the ground. Squirtle choked as it struggled to see through the miniature sandstorm.

“Uh oh…” Zack started.

Before Squirtle could do anything else, Taillow dove to the ground at such a blinding speed that the two trainers could only see a purple blur across the clear blue sky as its sharp beak struck Squirtle in its head.

“Shoot, Squirtle’s in for it!” Zack exclaimed, turning to Amy. “What am I gonna do?”

“Tell Squirtle to use its Bubble attack! That might slow Taillow down…” Amy replied, her eyes fixed on the battle.

“All right, hang in there, Squirtle!” Zack called to his Pokémon. “Give it a Bubble attack!”

“Squirtle!” It exclaimed as it nodded back to its trainer. It sucked air into its mouth and when it prepared to blow the air out countless bubbles blew into the sky. Taillow flew to each side with amazing agility trying to avoid the bubbles that flew toward it. But finally, one struck it right in the face, knocking the bird off balance. As it fell to the ground, more bubbles pounded its body with great force.

“Pokéball, go!” Zack shouted as he tossed the ball at Taillow, trying not to miss his chance. The ball bounced off of Taillow’s grounded back and fell to the ground beside it. Soon, Taillow was sucked into the round opening. It struggled to break free, but alas the opening shut completely. “YES!” Zack cheered as he galloped into the field to collect his prize. “Great going, Squirtle!” He exclaimed joyfully. His Pokémon trotted by his side with excitement.

“That’s two Pokémon in one day!” Amy exclaimed in awe. “Maybe you really are champion material…” she joked, grinning at him admirably.

“That’s right!” Zack shouted flashing a victory gesture into the air. “Nothing’s gonna stop me from becoming the next Pokémon Champion!”

She dug out her Pokégear device and looked at the map card contained within. “Well, soon you’ll have your chance to prove that! We’re almost at Violet City, the first stop with a real gym. Actually, it’s even less than a mile down the road!”

“Your Pokégear has a map card?” Zack asked, looking over her shoulder at the electronic map in the device.

“Some old man in Cherrygrove City gave it to me while I was shopping,” she answered. “I can transfer it to yours too, if you want.”

“Sweet. But first let’s hit that gym!” Zack said, as he started to jog down the dirt road.

“Wait for me!” Amy cried from behind. She followed him and Squirtle down the path. The sky turned red as the sun set over the trees and hills surrounding them.

Blaze Lizardon
06-16-2004, 02:41 AM
Alas, the trainers and their Pokémon arrived at their destination, just as the sun set over the forest bordering Violet City in the west. The city was much bigger than Cherrygrove in the south but with the surrounding trees and sparkling blue lakes Violet had a certain charm and tranquility all its own.

“Look!” Amy cried as they crossed one of the city’s bridges. She pointed to one of the lakes. Darkness had fallen over the city and in the water’s reflection, a beautiful image of Sprout Tower before a large full moon in the clear night sky could be seen almost perfectly.

“Wow…” Zack’s voice trailed off. He turned behind him to see the majestic tower itself.

“There are probably monks and sages training inside right now!” Amy said.

“They train all night?”

“Of course! The people of Violet City hold the Bellsprout in high regard. The tower serves as a place of meditation and spiritual training for passing trainers.”

“Geez, Squirtle,” Zack said. “She’s pretty, smart, and a tour guide!” He joked. Squirtle only chuckled to itself.

Amy’s smile gleamed in the light of the street lamps. “Actually I took some summer classes here at Earl’s Pokémon Academy…” She said calmly. Her face flushed a bright red. “Thanks for the compliments, though.”

“No problem,” Zack replied nonchalantly as he turned and started to walk off.

“Hey! Do you say that about every girl?” She called from her perch in the middle of the bridge.

“So where’d you say the gym was?” He grinned at Squirtle as he changed the subject.

“Hey! Come back here!” Amy ran after them, trying to suppress flirtatious giggles.

Zack, Amy, and Squirtle trudged out of Earl’s Pokémon Academy groggily, rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. The sun had just risen over the wooded plain and Dark Cave in the east. Bird Pokémon flew through the clear sunny skies, back and forth from the Violet City gym where they received food and care on certain days by the leader himself.

“I forgot how uncomfortable those dorms were…” Amy said in a raspy voice as she tried to fix her hair.

“Hey, at least your old teacher gave us someplace to stay for the night,” Zack replied as he rubbed his eyes again.

“Squirtle!” The turtle Pokémon exclaimed as it burped loudly.

“I don’t think Squirtle liked Earl’s tofu breakfast either…” Amy laughed.

“We’ll have a good lunch then. My treat. I’ll use the money I’m gonna win from the gym leader here,” Zack responded.

“There’s the gym over there!” Amy pointed to a brick building. Large windows at the top were filled with bird nests as Pidgeottos and Swellows flew into the gym for care.

“Here we go!” Zack exclaimed. “Time to pick up a Zephyr Badge!”

“Hey, you!” A voice interrupted, just as the front door of the gym swung open.

“Eddie!” Amy shouted, shocked by his appearance.

The dark haired boy stepped from the building followed by a cute redhead and two other trainers. They each wore the clothes and accessories characterized by the “cool trainers”3 of Johto. Zack could only stare at him, speechless.

“‘Bout time you showed up, girl!” Eddie said as he approached them. “I haven’t seen you since you ran off with Sunny!”

“Yeah…” Amy replied. “Squirtle was OK, but since we had already reached Cherrygrove, we just decided to keep going.” The two walked away from the group to talk to each other alone.

“Heh. That’s cool. Well, check this out!” He opened his Pokémon Tech Johto jacket and revealed a Zephyr Badge pinned within. The light of the sun reflected off of the glimmering silver wings. “It was a tough battle since Falkner’s flying Pokémon were tough against my Treecko. Luckily my Treecko and my other Pokémon were buff enough to take him down anyway.” He said with a wide smirk.

“Good job,” Amy replied calmly.

Eddie was slightly put off by her stoic response. He raised an eyebrow. “Uhh, so you coming with us after you trash Falkner yourself?”

She looked back at Zack and Eddie’s friends. “Well, I don’t wanna leave Zack alone…”

“What’s with you and that kid?” Eddie asked. Amy could detect subtle anger in his voice.

“He’s cool. I like him. What’s with you hating him so much?” She hissed, as she put her hands on her hips.

“C’mon, Amy…” Eddie started. “We’re at the top of the class in the best Pokémon school in the world! Why do you wanna hang out with some surfer from Sunny Town all of a sudden?”

“Because he’s a nice guy!” Amy exclaimed. She couldn’t repress her anger any longer-standing up to Eddie felt better than she thought it would.

“We’re the ones that are going places, not him!” Eddie shouted. “When’s the last time a trainer from Kanto even became the League Champion? And Red doesn’t count, since he lived in the same town as Professor Oak!”

“Maybe it’s not even about studying and books, Eddie!” Frustration plagued her voice. “I like Zack! He’s nice, and talented, and he’ll probably be more successful than a lot of kids at our school! Remember Mr. Pokémon? Even he said that Zack had a lot of potential.”

“Fine!” Eddie shouted as he through his arms in the air angrily. “If you wanna stay with him, go ahead! I’m not gonna worry about you and your new ‘buddy’ when I’ve got badges to win.”

“Oh, come on, Eddie! Why are you acting like this? You’re being such a snob!”

A high-pitched voice interrupted their argument. “Eddeeee--” the redhead whined. “Let’s go!”

He turned back to Amy, who was looking at him sternly. “Well, I’m outta here. Good luck. And I guess I’m not gonna see you at Indigo Plateau after all.”

“Eddie!” She called to him. But he just walked away with his group.

Lizardon: Zack goes up against his first gym leader next update. You're not gonna wanna miss this fight!

Dr Skottie
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Mate this is so good! Keep the updates coming, thick and fast man! I love the characters!

Blaze Lizardon
06-24-2004, 08:39 PM
Eddie and his posse had taken off and Zack was all alone at the gym’s entrance. Amy stomped back to where he was in a furious rage.

“You OK?” Were the first words from Zack’s mouth.

She sighed heavily and walked past Zack.

“It’s Eddie, huh?” He said calmly as he approached her.

She turned back to him quickly. Her crossed arms suddenly started flailing at her sides. “Why is he acting like this?!”

Zack turned to Squirtle and shrugged as Amy paced back and forth in front of them. Finally, she stopped in her tracks and let out another sigh of frustration.

“We’ve been friends since we were kids and now he doesn’t even want to talk to me!”

“Is it--” Zack started but was quickly cut off.

“He barely even knows that other girl! They couldn’t have met more than two days ago!”

“It’s abou--”

“I’m sick of this training, journey thing!” She bellowed indignantly. “It’s ruining my life!”


“You know, I don’t even want to be a Pokémon trainer!!” She cried as tears welled in her frustrated eyes.

Zack hesitated to say anything, remembering a similar conversation that they had had two nights ago.

Her voice shifted to a higher pitch as she grew angrier and more frustrated. “My life was perfect back at home! Everyone was friends and I just wanted to be a Pokévet but my parents made me--”

“So that’s what you meant the other night…” Zack blurted out, referring to the exchange they had the night they had first met.

She held her head in her hands, as if confused as tears continued to flow down her face. “I don’t even care about badges and the championship or ANYTHING!” She exclaimed angrily.

Zack put his hands on her shoulders, trying to calm her down. “Chill, Amy! Just relax…”

She breathed heavily and continued pouting. “They always wanted me to be a champion like Red, and Lance, and everyone else… I don’t care though… I just don’t care!” Her face tightened as she leaned into Zack and burst into tears again. Zack could barely hear her muffled voice from just below him. “And now Eddie’s acting just like them! I just wish I had never let them send me here, Zack!”

Zack decided not to say anything. The only thing she needed right now was a listener, he figured.

Suddenly, her face popped back up. Tears had welled up in her eyes again. “You have it so easy!”

“Huh?” Zack asked. What could she possibly mean? Ever since he had gotten here, he had been the subject of everyone’s jokes.

“You’re so resolute! You know what you want to do and you’re making your goals a reality!” She cried between sobs.

“Oh…” He replied, as he scratched the back of his head.

“I wish I was more like you. I never know what to do. I don’t even know what to do now!”

“Well, if you want to be a Pokévet then just be one, Amy!”

“It’s not that easy, you know!” She shot back. “My parents have put out so much money for the past seven years of schooling so I could be the next champion! Sure, they get special discounts since they run the championship and all, but still… Do you know what they’d do if I told them I just decided not to do this anymore?!”

“You have a point…” he replied.

“See?! It’s never that clear for me! You always know what your goals and aspirations are!”

“But if that’s what you wanna be, then go for it, Amy! Your parents’ll understand! They’re your parents, right?”


“They just want to see you happy. They won’t care about money!”

“Maybe you’re right,” she said, choking up softly as she wiped tears from her eyes.

“You’re gonna be a great veterinarian!” Zack exclaimed grinning as he tried to cheer her up.

“Yeah, I’ve studied it a lot… Mr. Pokémon taught me all about caring for Pokémon and I learned Pokémon biology and anatomy in a training camp at Cinnabar Island once.” She smiled again, tearfully.

“Well then, you’re perfect for the job! Even Squirtle here loves you!”

“Squirtle, squirtle, squirtle!” The Pokémon chimed in from below, going along with Zack.

“Awww… thank you, Zack!” She said, as she leaned forward once again and hugged him tightly.

“That’s what friends are for, right?”

“Yes!” She cried proudly. She extended her fist into the air triumphantly. “I’m going to be the best vet ever!”

Zack chuckled to himself. “So I guess you’re not gonna be fighting Falkner then, huh?”

“I don’t need badges anymore! I’m not training to be a champion. From now on, I’m training to be a vet.”


“I’ll still watch you though! C’mon!” She grabbed his arm tightly and pulled him into the gym. An excited grin spread across her face as the two walked through the front door. Squirtle followed at their footsteps, trying to keep up.

Blaze Lizardon
06-24-2004, 08:41 PM
“In these parts, I’m known as Falkner, the bird trainer!” The trainer before Zack and Amy said boldly. The piercing black iris of his left eye glared at them as the other was hidden behind a shock of jet black hair that had grown to fall over the right side of his face. He brushed it out of his way and swiftly extended his right arm with a balled fist. A Noctowl flew from behind him and perched on top of his arm, staring at Zack and Amy itself. “So you challenge me for the Violet City Gym’s Zephyr Badge, trainer?”

The chirps of birds from above echoed throughout the gym. Zack and Amy looked above them curiously, wondering where the sounds were coming from. Before their very eyes, scores of bird Pokémon appeared within the glass dome of the building. Simulated tree branches adorned a ledge just below the dome and the branches were filled with nests as Pidgeotto, Swellow, and Fearow alike nursed their eggs and baby Pokémon. Tiny windows on the side allowed birds to enter and leave at will. Sunlight poured in through the dome and the birds looked down earnestly from their perches at the top. Smaller bird Pokémon searched the arena’s wooden floor for scraps of food. Dried mud and sand spread across the hardwood from earlier battles.

“Oh my goodness!” Amy cried in awe when she saw all of the bird Pokémon. “You have so many Pokémon!”

“I care for the local birds when I’m not battling,” Falkner smiled at her coolly.

“I’m Zack, from Sunny Town,” Zack interrupted, disinterested by all of the bird Pokémon. He was only there for one thing. “I challenge you, Falkner!” Zack exclaimed from his position in the middle of the arena. He extended his fist, clenched around a pokéball. He tried to look tough and confident, as if he had done this before. But in the back of his mind, he knew that he had battled a real trainer only once in his life and the result was a disaster [See Chapter 1-Blaze].

“You look formidable enough for a rookie… I accept your challenge.” Falkner replied indifferently as a smirk formed across his face.

“Heh heh,” Zack chuckled nervously. “You ready, Squirtle?”

“Squirtle!” The Pokémon exclaimed affirmatively. It jumped into a fighting stance with a determined facial expression.

“You can beat him, Zack!” Amy said with a smile as she shuffled away to the spectator section. She wasn’t really sure whether he could beat Falkner or not, but she figured he could use the support.

“Take your position in the back!” Falkner called from his perch as he pointed to a rectangular section bordered with white chalk across the arena. He was already standing in one of the sections, which were used for the trainers during fights. “We will use two Pokémon each. Let the battle begin! Clear the arena!”

The smaller birds flew from the floor to their nests in the windows. All of the Pokémon above them stuck their heads out eagerly to watch the battle.

“Got it!” Zack shouted across the stadium. He gripped a pokéball in his hand and tossed it into the middle of the stage. “Go, Taillow!”

“Squirtle?!” His Pokémon exclaimed sharply from below. It looked at him madly.

“You’ll get your turn, dude! I’m just testin’ him out.”

“Squirtle, squirtle…” It seemed to mutter, slightly annoyed by Zack’s choice.

“Go! Noctowl!” Falkner ordered. The owl Pokémon extended its vast wings and flapped them as it hovered to the center of the stage.

Zack’s pokéball crashed on the stone floor. It immediately opened and a Taillow’s red silhouette appeared in a flash of light as it soared out of the ball majestically. “Taillow!” It chirped as it fluttered its small wings quickly to stay in the air. It gazed at its opponent, as if challenging the opposing bird on its own accord.

“Peck!” Zack shouted quickly, eager for Taillow to get the first attack. Taillow bobbed its head forward as it sped across the gym in mid-air to stab the Noctowl with its powerful beak.

“Use Gust, Noctowl,” Falkner said quietly as he brushed his black hair out of his eyes again.

Noctowl dodged the smaller bird’s powerful thrust with its beak. With a majestic flap of its wings and its shrewd large eyes, it kicked up a mini-twister in the gym. Taillow was immediately caught in the eye of the gust and was violently thrashed about the room. It cried out in pain as it was finally thrown to the ground when the twister weakened and finally subsided.

Zack gasped in horror as he watched his tiny bird Pokémon struggle to stand to its feet as Falkner’s condescending Noctowl softly landed on the gym’s floor waiting for its next command.

“Now, Noctowl, Hypnosis!”

Noctowl hooted affirmatively and opened its sagacious eyes wider. Once Taillow gazed into its large, circular eyes, it couldn’t escape the glance. To the tiny bird Pokémon, the eyes seemed to spin hypnotically. Finally, Taillow collapsed as a sudden rush of fatigue passed over its body.

“Return, Taillow,” Zack said calmly as his extended pokéball sucked the Pokémon back inside. Sweat formed in his brow as he tried carefully not to reveal his nervousness to Falkner who was on the other side of the room. “You’re up, Squirtle! Let’s go!”

Squirtle dove into the middle of the gym, proud to finally be fighting in a real Pokémon battle.

“Use your Hypnosis attack again, Noctowl,” Falkner called from his perch.

“I’m not fallin’ for that this time…” Zack muttered to himself. “Bubble, Squirtle!”

“Squirtle!” The tiny-turtle yelled as a stream of bubbles flew across the room. The powerful bubbles smacked off of Noctowl, forcing it backwards and causing it to lose its hypnotic glance at Squirtle.

“Noctowl, Whirlwind!” Falkner yelled. His voice wavered slightly, as he was less sure about the battle than before.

Noctowl flapped its wings as fast as it could as it hooted its name. Wind picked up in the stone gym once again as a miniature tornado formed. But this time, the foam bubbles from Squirtle’s attack intervened. When Zack saw the reaction, he ordered Squirtle to continue. “Keep ‘em coming, Squirtle!”

The winds of the gust were blown back by the force from the bubbles, and soon Noctowl had its own gust heading right back in its direction. The bubbles added to the mix and not long after, Noctowl found itself caught in a whirlpool of foam. With the high-powered winds along with the force of Squirtle’s bubbles, Noctowl fainted just before the winds stopped.

“Yeah, Squirtle!” Zack shouted from his position, his fist raised in the air triumphantly. Squirtle turned back to its trainer and grinned arrogantly, as if to proclaim that he should have been chosen first instead of Taillow.

Falkner recalled his fallen Pokémon, slightly surprised by the outcome of the fight. “It’s down to one Pokémon each now. Why not try your luck against Pidgeotto!”

Blaze Lizardon
06-24-2004, 08:46 PM
The graceful bird flew out of its pokéball as soon as the sphere hit the stone floor of the gym. It glared down at Squirtle from its ascent near the ceiling.

“That wasn’t just luck…” Zack muttered confidently as he prepared to fight.

“Pidgeotto, Sand Attack!”

Sand from the floor flew up forming dust clouds around Squirtle as Pidgeotto flapped its mighty wings as hard as it could.

Squirtle easily made its way out of the plumes of dust unharmed. It glared the surprised Pidgeotto down, as it prepared to attack.

“Water gun, buddy!” Zack shouted proudly. He could already feel the Zephyr Badge in the palm of his hands.

Squirtle blasted a jet of water at Pidgeotto, but the majestic Pokémon dodged the attack with zest. The water splashed to the floor, wetting the mud and the sand. Falkner smirked at the result.

“Just what I needed…” He muttered.

“Huh?” Zack asked, nervously confused. What could Falkner possibly have up his sleeve? Suddenly, the victory didn’t look so certain.

“Pidgeotto!” Falkner shouted, pointing his finger at Squirtle. “Mud Slap, now!”

“Mud Slap?!” Zack exclaimed. He had never heard the attack before.

“It’s from a technical machine I developed,” Falkner replied cockily. He squinted his eyes proudly, knowing that Pidgeotto would take the upper hand.

Mud flung across the room as Pidgeotto flapped its powerful wings. Squirtle could not avoid the heavy mud as it splat on it and covered its eyes. Covered in mud, the tiny turtle tried to counter with a Water Gun attack, but that only added to Pidgeotto’s power.

“Pijjo!” It chirped fiercely as the attack continued. Soon, mud had flung everywhere, and Squirtle had been rendered helpless.

“There’s nothing your Squirtle can do,” Falkner started.

“C’mon, Squirtle! Open your eyes up, dude!” Zack shouted from his position, ignoring Falkner’s comment.

“Squirrrtle!” The Pokémon cried in frustration. Mud had covered its entire body, with the exception of its resistant shell, which it slid off.

Suddenly, Zack came up with an idea. And he knew it would work whether Squirtle could see or not.

Pidgeotto landed in front of Falkner, beaming pride from its fierce eyes. Its sharp beak seemed to curl into a smile at the edges. But Falkner could only watch Zack, focused on what the trainer might do next. Somehow, he could feel that Squirtle had not been finished yet. “Use your Tackle attack, Pidgeotto…” He said hesitantly, waiting for a response from Zack and Squirtle.

“Squirtle!” Zack shouted from his rectangular spot.

“Squir-squir-squirtle!” Squirtle replied, rubbing its eyes violently.

“Use your Rapid Spin!” Zack shouted.

Squirtle responded by jumping into the air with all of its might. The task was hard enough with the heavy mud covering its body, but it managed to jump high into the air and withdraw its appendages and head into its shell. Its shell began to spin at a fast pace.

A confused glance crossed Pidgeotto’s face as it flew at the spinning shell before it. It easily dodged the attack by jolting to the side. Finally, he landed on the other side of the gym. Squirtle’s shell flopped upside down, continuing to spin at its rapid pace.

Squirtle had missed its opponent, but Zack knew exactly what would happen next. He grinned as Squirtle’s half-shell, spinning at its rapid pace, hit the muddy wooden floor. It bounced twice, but after finally landing, mud flung off of the spinning shell and was thrown throughout the room.

Squirtle’s hard shell spinning in the pile of mud caused the wet dirt to spiral across the gym, splattering against the windows, the stone walls, and even the trainers. Alas, it slapped Pidgeotto, giving Falkner’s bird Pokémon a taste of its own medicine, rendering it blinded by the mud in its eye and weighed down by the heavy dirt that filled its wings. The three trainers covered their eyes to avoid the splattering mud themselves. Amy shrieked when she found herself covered in the cold mud from the gym floor, and Falkner gasped when he saw his helpless Pidgeotto poking around in the corner of the gym.

“Sweet! Way to go, Squirtle!” Zack exclaimed as he wiped the mud from his face. It had splattered across his white t-shirt and tennis shoes, but he didn’t care. Squirtle had done an excellent job in turning Pidgeotto’s attack against it.

“Squirtle!” It replied proudly from the gym, clenching its small fists victoriously.

“I don’t believe it!” Falkner exclaimed. His jaw had dropped. He had never seen Pidgeotto’s Mud Slap attack backfire before. “You blew us away! Return, Pidgeotto…”

“It was a good fight, Falkner,” Zack replied with a wide grin.

“Your Squirtle’s really powerful,” Falkner replied in awe as his hand shuffled through items in his pocket. Finally he withdrew a tiny emblem. Light that poured in from the sunroof reflected off of the silver wings. “You beat me fair and square. As a reward, I present to you the Zephyr Badge.”

Zack had walked all the way across the stadium through the muddy arena. He took the badge proudly and pinned it on the black sweatband around his arm.

“There are more Pokémon gyms in cities ahead of here, Zack. You should test your skills at those gyms too.”

“You got it. I’m not stopping until I have all of the Johto badges!” Zack replied, still grinning happily from the fight’s outcome.

“I’m going to train harder to become the greatest bird master!” Falkner exclaimed as he gazed up at the bird Pokémon that had taken residence on his roof. “We may meet again one day…”

Blaze Lizardon
06-24-2004, 08:50 PM
“This is all your fault!” Amy cried as she shoved Zack playfully while they exited the gym. She, Zack, and Squirtle were covered in cold, wet mud from the fight at Falkner’s gym minutes earlier. “You got me all muddy!” She exclaimed giggling.

“I got the Zephyr Badge, baby!” Zack shouted proudly, ignoring her complaints. “Where’s the next gym at? We’re goin’ there now!”

“No we aren’t!” Amy shot back with her hands on her hips. “We’re going straight back to Earl’s Pokémon Academy until I’m clean again. And you too!”

“Ahh, you look better all muddy anyway,” Zack responded jokingly.

“You jerk!” Amy laughed. “I’m not even going inside the Ecruteak City gym to watch. Who knows what I’ll come out looking like…”

“Is that the next gym on the map?” Zack asked.

“Well, we can go different directions after we get out of here,” she replied. “Ecruteak City is the closest though.”

“Let’s go then!” Zack exclaimed excitedly.

“We’re going to Earl’s first!” Amy cried again.

The sun set over Violet City once again and soon the moon and its reflection shined brightly in the clear night sky and the clear lake. Stars dotted the darkness over Earl’s Academy. Zack and Amy had retreated there for another night and decided to leave on their journey again the next morning.

Zack sat outside of the locked bathroom door with Squirtle, a towel wrapped around his waist. He still held his Zephyr Badge, staring at it proudly in his hands. “We did it, Squirtle…” He said proudly.

Squirtle looked up, half-asleep. “Squirt?” It asked him.

“We’re on our way now, dude,” Zack said. “Nothing’s gonna stop us from getting to Indigo Plateau with all eight of the Johto Badges.”

“The two of us will be unbeatable,” he chuckled as he said it. “We just got our first badge today, but when that championship rolls around everyone’s gonna know who we are. We’re gonna be the team to watch out for at Pokémon League.”

“Squirtle…” It said groggily as it gave Zack a soft high five in its slumber.

“And after that, we’ll have it all. Money, respect, girls… Haha, I’ll buy a private beach with mile-high waves and with girls who go all day in bikinis and coconut bras, and--”

“Squir-squirtle-squirtle!” Squirtle suddenly interrupted, it’s eyes wide open and a grin on its face.

“What am I gonna buy for you?”

The Pokémon nodded excitedly.

“I’m gonna buy you your own battle simulator for flying Pokémon,” Zack replied.

“Squirtle, squirtle!” Squirtle yelled angrily.

“You need one! That Pidgeotto almost had you, dude!”

“Squirt, Squirtle, Squir-squirtle!”

“Yeah, you beat it, but who told you what attack to use?” Zack teased.

“Squirtle, squirtle, squirtle!”

“Haha, we’ll see about that in Ecruteak City…” Before he could finish, more mud fell on the clean white towel from his shock of blonde hair. “Geez, I’ve gotta get cleaned up. Amy are you done in there yet?” He called as he knocked on the bathroom door.

“Not yet,” Amy called back in a sweet, singsong voice.

“Whadaya say we just leave her in there and go to Ecruteak City by ourselves?” Zack asked Squirtle sarcastically.

Dr Skottie
06-25-2004, 12:16 PM
omg, this is so good, i'm gonna cry, cuz it is better then my story! mine is so novice compared to urs. One grievance i have though. Don't use the world 'alas' so often. Every now and then is ok, but not as often as u have it... keep it coming dude!

BTW, ur characters and description are excellent couldn't be better.

Blaze Lizardon
06-26-2004, 01:37 AM
Thanks, Skottie, I'm glad you like the story so much. I finally caught up with yours, and I think it's great (check the feedback/AAOAL topic for my thoughts). You do a lot of things in your story better than the way I do 'em in mine though, such as trainer battles and action sequences. Zack goes up against his first trainers in Chapter 4, so after reading it you'll probably see what I mean.

Author's Notes: One thing you'll notice in this chapter (and story) that's different from most other trainer fics is the capturing of wild Pokémon. For instance, if Zack, Amy, or any of the characters are capturing a Pokémon that has virtually nothing to do with the plot and the battle is short and simple (i.e. Zack captures Rattata in Chapter 4), then I most likely won't go into details at all. If the story broke up every three paragraphs for a repetitive sequence of Zack catching a minor, easy-to-capture Pokémon (that most likely won't get seen again) then it would get kinda boring, right?

Read ahead to Chapter 4 and you'll see what I mean. What I'm basically saying is that I'm not going to go into details about every Pokémon the trainers catch, but the wild Pokémon with battles important to the plot will be covered (i.e. first catches, strong Pokémon, Pokémon that'll be important to the story later on). If I did, then it'd just get boring to read over and over (Zack caught Rattata, Zack caught Caterpie, Zack caught Silcoon, blah blah blah... :tongue:)

Oh yeah, feel free to post thoughts on this method of telling the story.

Now that that's taken care of, here's the fourth chapter of POKéMON CHAMPION. :cool:

= = = = =
The city of Violet was widely considered the junction point in all of Johto. Although the city was small and quiet with few tourist attractions, it lay in the middle of the entire region, connecting the east and west along with the south. Zack and Amy headed westward on the outskirts of the city. Beyond a quiet neighborhood, they could see the green trees of Route 36. Zack’s eyes were fixed on the path ahead, but a lady waving her rake caught his attention in the corner of his eye.

“Trainers!” She called, leaving her gardening outside the front of her house and scrambling across the front yard. Zack and Amy stopped on the sidewalk at her request. “Stop for a second!”

“Can we help you?” Amy asked politely when the middle-aged woman finally caught up to them. An old bandana had been tied around her graying hair and her drowsy eyes and dirty hands indicated that she had been out gardening the entire day. A Chikorita and an Oddish tagged along at her feet and halted suddenly before running into the back of her legs.

“I hope you two aren’t planning on going to Route 36 from here!” She said between breaths.

“We were planning on it…” Zack said as he looked at her skeptically.

“The road has been blocked by a mysterious tree. At the moment, all traffic has been stopped between Ecruteak and Violet. I’m responsible for telling all passing trainers until someone removes the tree.”

“Oh… thanks for letting us know,” Amy replied.

“Maybe I should make a sign so I can finally get back to my gardening,” the lady responded. They said goodbye and the two trainers left.

“Where to now, Amy?” Zack asked.

Amy withdrew her Pokégear and looked at the Map Card. “We can go south…”

“What’s down there?” Zack asked. “Route 32, right?”

“Yeah, and then Azalea Town at the very end. Azalea Town has a Pokémon League gym though, so we won’t be going out of the way for nothing.”

“Fine with me,” Zack replied. “As long as we go to a city with a gym…”

“I don’t even know what types of Pokémon the gym uses,” Amy said. “I’ve never been there before.”

“No big deal, we’ll see when we get there,” Zack replied. With that, the two trainers walked south of the city along Route 32.

The plains of the long route stretched as far as the eye could see and the sun beamed down from the clear sky. Scattered rocky hills and a forest of evergreen in lined Route 32 in the west. The same sparkling lake that bordered Cherrygrove City in the west brought waves to the sandy eastern shore of Route 32, making the secluded route a home for water and ground Pokémon alike. Having trudged to the top of a tall, rocky ledge, Zack, Amy, and Squirtle looked down on a fantastic view of the path. Trainers and their Pokémon trotted in and out of the tall grass and fishers searched the docks for new water Pokémon.

“You gotta see this!” Zack called to Amy and Squirtle behind him as he gazed over the peak.

“I’m so glad we came this way!” Amy cried, her eyes beaming. “This is so beautiful!”

“Azalea Town’s that way,” Zack said, pointing across the horizon to a chain of mountains. “I bet we can make it there by nightfall.”

“Are you kidding? It’ll take forever just to get through Union Cave,” Amy replied.

“Union Cave?” Zack asked, turning back to her. “Is that what those mountains are?”

“Mm-hmm,” Amy replied. “But there’s a Pokémon Center, so we won’t have to camp out.”

The group trudged back down the rocky hill. After a few close calls, they finally set their feet on the grounded, stable, land. The entire beach and the docks opened before their very eyes.

“Check that out!” Zack exclaimed, jogging to the beach. Amy followed behind him, stepping off of the ledge’s last rock.

<Wooper:> claimed Dexter. <The Water Fish Pokémon. A slimy, poisonous film…>

“Sweet, looks like we’re about to have ourselves another Pokémon, Squirtle!” Zack exclaimed excitedly. He whipped out a pokéball that was clipped to the waist of his shorts. “Go, Ledyba!”

The Wooper looked up innocently from its position in the sand, noticing the trainer and the Ledyba. It quickly leapt into a fighting stance, accepting Zack’s challenge.

“Tackle it, Ledyba!” Zack called. Ledyba obeyed instantly and lunged at the Wooper on the ground. Wooper tried to run away, but its short legs failed it. Soon, it found itself flying backward and landing with a plop in the sand. It resiliently stood to its feet and sprayed Ledyba with a jet of water, but the frail attack did not phase the five star Pokémon. Ledyba only took a step backward and began to flap its wings.

“Gust attack!” Zack ordered, ready to finish the Wooper off.

The sand kicked up from the powerful winds of the mini-whirlwind and when the winds struck Wooper, they knocked the tiny blue Pokémon out cold. Zack immediately took his chance.

“Pokéball, go!” He shouted as he pegged the lying Wooper with one of the red and white spheres. The ball opened and Wooper was sucked inside in a flash of red light. Finally, the light shut off with little resistance.

“Yeah!” Zack exclaimed as he ran to pick up his prize. “Good job, Ledyba!”

Ledyba jumped in on the celebration too as it whizzed through the air in circles and barrel rolls excitedly. Finally, Zack returned the bug Pokémon to its pokéball.

“That’s four Pokémon, Amy!” Zack sneered, waving four fingers in her face tauntingly.

“Fast learner, eh?” She replied casually.

“One badge, four Pokémon,” Zack repeated. “Not bad for four days, huh?”

“Don’t get a big head!” Amy replied with a grin. “I know a thing or two about how the League works, and you’ll need at least six well-balanced and powerful Pokémon before you’re even ready for the other trainers.”

“Hey, I have time. Six months from now, when the Pokémon Championship starts, I’ll be on top of it all!” Zack jokingly held both fists in the air, knowing that it made her mad.

“Yeah, you probably will,” she replied, rolling her eyes. “You’re really good for a beginner, Zack,” she looked up at him smiling.

“So you’re gonna root for me when I got up against, Eddie?” He asked with a bold grin.

“Zack!” She exclaimed. “I can’t choose between you two!”

“Yeah, you’re right, I’m sorry ‘bout that,” Zack muttered scratching the back of his head and looking at the ground.

She paused, and finally spoke up. “But if I had to choose now… I’d have to say you,” she said with a wide grin.

“YES!!!” Zack threw his head back and shouted it as he dramatically fell to his knees on the ground. Squirtle was startled by his sudden outburst.

Amy giggled at his action. But continued walking. Finally, she turned back to him with a serious expression on her face. “Eddie’ll be tough, though,” she started. “I’ve known him since we were kids. He’s never lost at anything with Pokémon and his dream has always been to become the next champion. I think it’ll be a good fight between you too.”

“Yeah, but who are you rooting for?” Zack stood back up and jogged to follow her.

“I’m rooting for both of you!” She exclaimed between giggles and jogged ahead.

“Get back here!” Zack laughed as he trotted with Squirtle to catch her.

He finally caught up, and they found themselves in a dirt clearing. Long grass lay in front of them, and just as they approached, a tiny Rattata scampered into the grass.

“All right, how about we do it this way,” Zack started. “If I catch that Rattata in there, you have to root for me at Pokémon League.”

“No way, Rattata’s too easy!” She laughed, punching him in the arm playfully. “If you catch… Lugia I’ll root for you!” She continued, giggling as she waited for his response.

“Lugia?!” Zack exclaimed, recalling the mysterious legendary Pokémon he had heard about in legends. “What’s Eddie gotta catch?”

“He has to catch a Ho-oh. Whoever catches their legendary bird first, I’ll cheer for at Indigo Plateau.” Amy replied with a smirk.

“Geez, you run a hard bargain,” Zack chuckled. “Hang on, I’ll be right back…”

Amy laughed as he trudged into the tall grass with Squirtle close behind. Zack pulled an empty pokéball from his pocket and prepared to catch Rattata.

Blaze Lizardon
06-26-2004, 01:45 AM
“There, that’s three!” Zack exclaimed, running after Amy who had jogged up into a grassy meadow. Her Torchic and Aipom had been released from their pokéballs and each followed in the air and through the grass respectively. Squirtle chased each one of them, interested in the new Pokémon.

Zack finally caught up to her when she stopped in the middle of the meadow, relishing the sweet smell of the blooming flowers that surrounded them. The midday sun shone down through the clear blue sky on the two trainers and their Pokémon, as a gentle breeze passed through the clearing. The day was perfect, and all of the trainers on the route were taking it all in as they released their confined Pokémon and picnicked in the soft grass.

“Three Pokémon in one morning! A Wooper, a Rattata, and a Bellsprout!” Zack exclaimed.

Amy was still laughing. She sat down in the grassy knoll to catch her breath. Aipom jumped into her lap and she playfully rubbed the soft purple fur on its head.

“You gonna cheer for me now at Pokémon League?” He gazed down at her with a smile. Squirtle chortled to itself and covered its mouth to hide its amusement.

But before she could respond, a voice interrupted their conversation. “How many Pokémon did you say you caught today?” An eager trainer asked. The stocky boy looked to be about the same age as Zack and Amy but his height and chubby cheeks gave him the demeanor of a little boy. A sun hat shaded his face and he waved a bug-catching net in his hands, calmly waiting for an answer.

“Three,” Zack replied, standing up to greet him.

“Wow! It’s not even noon yet! You must be good.”

“Heh heh…” Zack grinned proudly.

“You think the two of us could battle? Just a quick match with only one Pokémon?”

“Sure, dude!” Zack replied. He pulled a pinned pokéball from the waistline of his pants. “You ready?”

“You bet!” The Bug Catcher responded happily. “And by the name, my name’s Wade.”

“I’m Zack,” Zack said calmly as he tossed a pokéball into the field. “Go, Taillow!”

Wade had walked until a large enough distance was between Zack and he for the match. Quickly, he tossed a pokéball into the meadow to meet Taillow. “Go, Wurmple!”

“Good choice, Zack,” Amy whispered in his ear with a smile. “I knew he was a Bug Catcher right away!”

“Yup,” Zack nodded, focused on the battle. “Taillow, use Quick Attack!”

“String Shot, Wurmple!” Wade called to his Pokémon in the field.

A string of gray, sticky webbing shot at Taillow, but the Pokémon had soared into the air and dove back down in the blink of an eye. It struck the Wurmple with its powerful beak, knocking it backward.

“Gust Attack this time, Taillow!” Zack ordered.

Taillow chirped loudly as it flapped its tiny wings. The power was enough to stir up strong winds and send Wurmple flying backward once again. Lying in the grass, its eyes rolled as it slowly lost consciousness.

Wade looked down at his Wurmple in awe, and then looked back up at Zack’s Taillow. “Whoa, you’re awesome, guy!” He exclaimed with wide eyes. Suddenly, he turned back to the path where other trainers had been resting with their Pokémon. “Hey, everyone, get a load of this guy!”

The trainers who had been picnicking in the grass shuffled over to Zack, Amy, and Wade. They had been relaxing on the beautiful day with their Pokémon, but the look of intrigue in their eyes when they saw Zack couldn’t be helped as they picked up their belongings and walked to the three trainers to watch a good fight. “He’s amazing!” Wade exclaimed once again as he walked in with the crowd. “I didn’t even lay a finger on him!”

Zack grinned proudly with Squirtle at his side doing the same as the trainers circled around him and Amy. “So anyone else wanna battle?”

“I will!” A teenage girl stepped out of the crowd. The lass’s turquoise hair dropped to the shoulders of her white blouse and she wore the plaid skirt of her school’s uniform. She grinned at Zack confidently ready to battle.

“Let’s make it a double battle!” Said a teenage boy as he also took a step out. A Sandshrew stepped out from behind the pant leg of the boy’s red and white nylon gym suit. A red and white skullcap covered his head, with the exception of shocks of silver hair that dangled over his forehead and down the back of his neck.

“Let’s go then!” Zack replied. A confident grin crossed his face and his excitement to battle real trainers could not be contained. “You in, Amy?” He turned back to her.

“No doubt!” She exclaimed and stood to her feet. “It’s been awhile since I’ve battled any real Pokémon trainers.”

“Great. I’m Zack and this is my friend, Amy,” he said to the two opposing trainers.

“Sounds good then,” said the girl. “My name’s Andrea and this is Max. We’ll use a total of four Pokémon for each team.”

“Let’s get this battle started!” Zack exclaimed with excitement. “Start us out, Bellsprout!” He tossed the pokéball into the center of the field with his newly caught Pokémon.

“I choose you, Torchic!” Amy pointed to the middle of the field and Torchic swooped in to greet its partner Bellsprout.

“Not a bad choice,” Zack glanced over at her. “This combo oughta put up a good fight against whatever they choose.”

“Go, Dustox!” The girl leapt into the air and threw her pokéball in, revealing the elegant moth Pokémon.

“And my Pokémon’ll be Sandshrew!” The boy exclaimed as he gestured his Sandshrew to the field.

An aura of intrigue and excitement beamed from the surrounding trainers as they waited anxiously for the fight to begin.

“Bellsprout, hit Sandshrew with Razor Leaf!” Zack shouted.

Bellsprout gazed across the field at the Sandshrew on the other side and shook the leaves on each side. A multitude of leaves flew through the air and aimed at Sandshrew with their razor sharp edges.

“I don’t think so,” Andrea spoke up proudly. “Dustox, Gust!”

Dustox immediately flapped its delicate wings, and almost immediately strong winds kicked up in the field. Trainers cheered as they tried to hold onto their own belongings and keep themselves from flying off. All of Bellsprout’s razor-edged leaves flew away into the distance.

Amy pointed at the aerial Dustox. “Now, Torchic! Use Ember!”

Burning embers spewed from Torchic’s tiny beak straight up into the air. Soon, they blazed down at the Dustox. The moth Pokémon tried to avoid the attack, but alas it was struck by the tiny balls of fire. Dustox went down in flames, much to Andrea’s dismay.

“Return, Dustox!” She cried. “It’s not over yet. Go Mareep!”

“Dig, Sandshrew!” Max called. The Pokémon burrowed under the ground, kicking up chunks of dirt and rocks. It quickly disappeared beneath the fight, but popped up just in front of Zack’s Bellsprout. The grass Pokémon was easily startled by Sandshrew’s sudden appearance, and winced in pain when Sandshrew lashed out with its Fury Swipes attack.

“Yeah, Sandshrew!” Max exclaimed excitedly.

“Bellsprout has a type advantage, Zack!” Amy called, looking over to him. “Use a grass attack!”

“Got it,” Zack replied. “Vine Whip, Bellsprout!”

Bellsprout countered Sandshrew’s next slash with a vine that wrapped around its arm and tossed it backward. With that, they began slapping Sandshrew across it’s rugged hide until the weakened Pokémon had winced back to its trainer.

“Oh man,” Max muttered. “Return, Sandshrew! It’s your turn, Mankey!”

“Send Torchic back to its pokéball, Mareep!” Andrea cried fiercely. “Use Thunderbolt!”

“Mah-reeep!” The sheep Pokémon cried as sparks flew from the static in its fleece. Finally, a shocking yellow glow of electricity surrounded it and flashed through the air where it hit Torchic dead on.

“No!” Amy cried when she saw her fainted Pokémon crash to the ground. “Return, Torchic! Now it’s up to you, Aipom!”

The purple monkey Pokémon grimaced as it leapt into the field and balanced itself on the hand at the end of its tail.

“Double Kick, Mankey!” Max shouted. Mankey leapt across the field at blinding speed and extended its powerful leg. It quickly struck Aipom in the face and Bellsprout in its mouth, leaping backward afterwards next to its partner Mareep. “Yeah, Mankey!” Max cheered.

“Good job, Bellsprout,” Zack called as he beamed his Pokémon back into its pokéball. “I choose you, Wooper!”

“Thundershock, Mareep!”

The bolt of lightning flashed from Mareep’s fleece across the field. Aipom leapt out of the way just in time to avoid the attack using the hand on the end of its tail. When the attack struck Wooper in the face, it subsided much to everyone’s surprise.

“What? Why didn’t it work?” Andrea asked in awe.

Blaze Lizardon
06-26-2004, 01:50 AM
“Wooper’s a rock Pokémon too!” Amy laughed confidently. “Now Aipom, use Double Slap!”

Aipom scampered across the field and jumped right in front of Mankey’s face. The pig-monkey Pokémon took a swing through the air in front of it with its fists but missed when Aipom used its tail to leap into the air. Sitting comfortably on Mankey’s head, Aipom slapped it back and forth across the face with its tail. Mankey rubbed its face as it tried to ease the pain, but was suddenly knocked off balance and sent hurling back toward Max. Wooper looked down at it from on top of its tummy having just used its Slam attack. A wide grin taunted the Mankey and it quickly tried to get back up and punch Wooper in its head.

“Karate Chop, Mankey!”

“Water Gun, Wooper!”

Mankey raised its powerful arm to strike Wooper with its powerful attack, but Wooper quickly splashed a jet of cold water in Mankey’s face. The power of the jet increased and soon Mankey fell over, knocked out from the pressure.

“Oh well, it was a good fight. Return, Mankey,” Zack muttered with a complacent sigh. “It’s up to you, Andrea.”

“Tackle, Mareep!” Andrea cried.

Mareep immediately began trotting across the field, picking up speed as it approached, preparing to tackle Aipom to the ground.

“Mega Punch, Aipom!” Amy called with a grin.

Aipom’s tiny paw sparkled with white light as it pulled it back and struck the incoming Mareep in its face. Dazed, the sheep Pokémon tried to balance on its four legs, but finally fell to the ground exhausted from the battle.

“WHOO!” Zack exclaimed triumphantly. He and Amy slapped high fives.

“Way to go, Zack!” Amy cheered. Her bright smile shimmered as she wrapped her arms around Aipom, as it jumped up to greet her.

“Wow, that Bug Catcher was right,” Max said as he shook Zack’s hand. “I bet you and that girl are the strongest trainers on this route!”

“I’ll challenge that claim,” an older girl said sternly as she stepped out of the crowd. Her indigo hair had been pulled back into two messy buns. Her eyes gazed at Zack sharply as she folded her arms over her white tank top. “I couldn’t help but notice some flaws in the way you battled and maybe I can give you some pointers if we have another battle right now.”

“Ho ho, Tawni’s here!” A voice from the crowd chuckled.

“Uh, I should get my Pokémon healed before making them fight again,” Zack replied nervously, slightly intimidated by her confidence.

“That’s OK, we can make it a one on one battle,” Tawni replied with a grin. “You have more than the three you used, right?”

“Yeah, I do,” Zack replied sharply. He didn’t like her boldness. And he sensed in her tone of voice that she was ready to do whatever she could to show him up in front of the big crowd of trainers. “I accept that challenge then. Let’s go!”

“I’m ready when you are!” Tawni replied cheekily. She walked across the field until there was enough room for the two trainers to battle.

Amy crossed her arms at Zack’s side, looking at Tawni scornfully. “She’s so arrogant!” She hissed. “Everyone else is happy for you, but she just wants to beat you!”

“I got it under control,” Zack replied.

“Use Squirtle. He’s your toughest Pokémon,” Amy whispered.

“Gotcha,” Zack said affirmatively as he gestured Squirtle to join him in the battle. “Go, Squirtle!”

“Go, Mightyena!” Tawni cried as she tossed her pokéball into the field. In a flash of brilliant white light, Mightyena galloped across the field, happy to be free. Its dark and elegant fur flowed freely through the day’s breeze. “Tackle attack!” Tawni cried again. Mightyena took no time to dash across the field as fast as it could at the tiny turtle standing on the other side.

“Withdraw, Squirtle!” Zack shouted, surprised by the sudden attack. He knew that Mightyena had enough strength to knock Squirtle off its feet and send it flying backward. He swallowed nervously, knowing this battle would have to be run defensively as well as offensively.

Squirtle withdrew its appendages into its shell and Mightyena’s head bounced off of the tough shell. The canine Pokémon took a few steps back as it shook off the pain and then prepared to attack again.

“Bite, Mightyena!” Tawni ordered crossly.

When Squirtle’s head popped back up, it was met by the ferocious jaw of Mightyena growling in its face. “Squirtle!” It cried, startled. It quickly tried to swat the Mightyena away and escape to safety, but Mightyena took a vicious chomp on its arm. “SQUIRTLE!” The turtle shrieked in pain.

“Oh man!” Zack exclaimed. He clenched his fists tightly, more surprised than ever at Mightyena’s power. “Water Gun, Squirtle!”

Mightyena’s teeth were still locked in Squirtle’s arm. Coming back to its senses after crying out in agony, Squirtle opened its mouth and blasted a jet of water at Mightyena’s face as hard as it could. The pressurized jet knocked Mightyena off and sent it reeling backward. “Squirtle!” It shouted as it shot blast after blast of water. The jet’s got smaller and weaker until finally Squirtle’s Water Gun had been reduced to a gentle spray. It quickly took a deep breath and blasted water out at high pressure again.

Mightyena easily dodged the next jet by nimbly jumping into the air. “Take Down!” Tawni shouted. The canine ran across the field picking up speed with each step. Squirtle couldn’t react fast enough and soon the tiny Pokémon flew backward in pain, bouncing off of the ground until it finally landed with a thud just yards away from Zack.

“C’mon, Squirtle, get up!” Zack exclaimed. “Use your Rapid Spin attack!”

“Squirtle…” It moaned as it struggled to stand to its feet.

“Now Crunch, Mightyena!” Tawni exclaimed. She smiled victoriously, knowing that the battle was hers.

“Oh my god!” Amy shrieked as she covered her mouth with her hands. Her eyes were wide, shocked by Tawni’s choice of attack.

“Squirtle!” Zack shouted when he saw his tiny Pokémon’s body ‘crunched’ in Mightyena’s bite. Squirtle fainted as Mightyena let go, letting it fall to the ground. Zack ran into the battlefield to pick it up.

“Oh my, I didn’t mean to hurt it that bad!” Tawni exclaimed when she saw Squirtle’s unconscious condition in Zack’s arms. “I guess I should have known when to stop. There’s a Pokémon Center down the road…”

“Thanks,” Zack replied coldly. “It was a good match,”

“Yeah, you were tougher than I thought,” Tawni replied. “Good luck to you and your friend ahead.”

Amy whispered a thank you to Tawni as she followed Zack who had already turned and walked off. The crowd of trainers looked at the three in the middle in awe after seeing such an exciting battle before their very eyes.

Blaze Lizardon
06-26-2004, 01:53 AM
“Don’t even worry about it, Zack…” Amy said softly as she tilted her head to see his eyes gazing at the ground below. “She was a tough trainer. I had no idea she would be so strong!”

“Me neither…” He said as he beamed Squirtle into an empty pokéball. “That Mightyena was a beast,” he groaned.

“You’ll get her next time,” Amy smiled reassuringly. “You have six balanced Pokémon and Squirtle put up a good fight.”

Zack turned to her grinning. “Thanks, coach!” He suddenly wailed as he hugged her, pretending to wipe tears from his eyes.

Amy laughed, patting his back. “Just wait until you’ve trained more. You’ll be unbeatable.”

“Hey, wait up!” Tawni’s familiar voice called from behind them. They could hear her footsteps on the branches and leaves as she jogged through the foliage to catch up.

Zack and Amy broke their embrace and turned to see her with Mightyena. The wolf grinned complacently at her side as it wagged its shaggy tail.

“I’m sorry about what happened back there,” Tawni explained. “I’ll try to explain this to you…” she said with a smile.

“Explain what?” Zack asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You see, Mightyena and I have lived with my mother and father on Route 32 for years. Almost every week, a new set of trainers comes in from Violet City after winning Falkner’s badge, thinking that they’re unbeatable.”

Zack suddenly realized he had acted the same way after winning the Zephyr Badge.

“Well, I don’t run a gym or participate in the Pokémon League Gym Challenge, but… well, I try to teach the newbie trainers a lesson or two.” She turned her gaze to the opening in the forest at all of the other trainers training with their Pokémon on the grassy meadows. “You see, there are tons of trainers out there, all with different abilities and potential. When they come through this route, thinking that they are unstoppable and can’t get any better, I challenge them, just to show that there are other trainers in the world that are stronger.”

Zack and Amy’s eyes lightened up, suddenly realizing her meaning.

“I like to think it humbles them… you know, makes them train harder. I like to think it keeps them from being satisfied with their current level and inspires them to strive farther until they’ve reached their limits.”

“That’s so touching!” Amy exclaimed. “I never knew that was your original intent…”

“I’ve been doing it for years,” Tawni smiled. “I hope it works.”

Zack chuckled to himself. “It worked on me. I’m going to train more, right after my Pokémon are healed.”

“I’m glad,” She grinned. “Mightyena and I work hard to toughen you guys up!” She chortled as she said it.

Zack and Amy laughed, glad that she had cleared things up.

“So I didn’t mean to humiliate you in front of everyone out there,” Tawni finally said. “It’ll make you stronger in the end, though.”

“Thanks, Tawni,” Zack replied.

“No problem,” Tawni smiled proudly. “I like to think it’s my job,” she laughed. “Well, I have to go back home and let Mightyena rest for whenever the next trainers come along. Good luck you two! Oh, and that Squirtle sure was tough!”

The two trainers waved goodbye as Tawni and Mightyena jogged off.

“Life’s full of surprises, isn’t it?” Amy turned to Zack beaming a wide smile.

“Sure is,” Zack replied, turning around to continue his way to the Pokémon Center. Amy with Aipom sped up her pace to keep up. “Falkner, Eddie, Tawni…” Zack started. “They’re all good trainers. And I’m not gonna stop training until I’m stronger than all of them.”

And that's Chapter 4. This chapter took a turn from the previous ones and introduced some new cocepts that'll be prevalent throughout the rest of the story (trainer battles, wild Pokémon, etc.) If you read the chapter, please post your thoughts on how things went. :wink:

Dr Skottie
06-28-2004, 03:40 AM
Hey Blaze, you have so much depth in this story, i like it a lot. I can't believe yout hough my characters were deep mine are 2 dimensional compared to urs. I like the way u skipped the capture sequences. Different from the anime, more like a novel, which is nice, it keeps the story moving. Nice chapter, keep up your awesome work!

Blaze Lizardon
09-22-2004, 08:49 PM
= = = = =
“KA-CHEEW!!!” The thunder mouse cried as sparks and electricity jolted from the pink pads on its cheeks. The thundershock attack bounced off of the ground until it reached Wooper where it slowly faded away. Wooper’s lackadaisical smile widened as it blew a stream of bubbles at the Pikachu.

“Great job, Wooper!” Zack exclaimed. Amy held Aipom behind him, watching the battle excitedly. They had chased the Pikachu out of the woods and all the way to the patch of tall grass they were standing in now. “Pokéball, go!”

The red and white ball tapped Pikachu lightly on the head before opening and sucking it in as a flash of bright red light. The ball rocked back and forth, but finally the red light faded and Zack caught his seventh Pokémon.

“Seven, Amy!” Zack exclaimed, teasing her by waving his seven fingers in her face. “That’s seven Pokémon,” he exclaimed again, dropping the hand that waved three fingers. “But that’s four in one day. You might as well call me champ right now.”

“Remember what Tawni said!” Amy laughed.

“Yeah, you’re ri--” Zack started to say, but suddenly hesitated when he saw the pokéball he had just picked up disappear in a flash of white light. “Hey, what’s happening to my Pokémon?!”

Amy laughed as he searched his empty palms for the vanished pokéball. “It’s in a PC! Duh!” She laughed.

“A computer?”

“You know, the storage system. Since you can only have six Pokémon on you at once, your seventh one was sent to Professor Elm’s lab since that’s where we registered our Pokédexes.”

“Oh…” Zack replied, feeling dumb. “How do I switch them?”

“There’s probably a PC in the Pokémon Center up ahead. It can’t be too far now.”

“You got that right,” Zack replied. “We’ve been walking all day.”

The sun started to set and a cool breeze blew through the scene as they continued through the forest trail. Zack’s Pokémon were still weak from the battles they had participated in earlier in the day.

“Do you have a PC in here?” Zack asked the perky nurse behind the counter as he handed her his six pokéballs. “I want to swap one of my Pokémon for a Pikachu I just caught.”

“You caught the Pikachu?” The nurse exclaimed suddenly, her eyes lit up in awe behind the thin frame of her glasses.

“‘The Pikachu’?” Zack asked.

“There’s been one terrorizing the Center for the past week! Almost every day, multiple times mind you, the power in this building shut off because of that little rodent chewing on the wires. Trainers were going crazy because they couldn’t heal their Pokémon. I’m so glad someone finally caught it!” She cheekily responded, twisting strands of her wavy pink hair in her fingers.

“No problem,” Zack replied, grinning proudly. “Someone had to do it.”

“They’re cute, but they can be so destructive! Anyway, the PC’s over there. These Pokémon shouldn’t take too long to revitalize. You’ve done a good job taking care of them.”

“Thanks, I’ll be right back,” He said as he walked over to Amy who was sitting on a bench patiently with her Aipom.

“So who are you going to switch?” She asked, looking up at him drowsily. Aipom yawned as she sat it at her side.

“Probably Rattata,” Zack replied. “He’ll be ready in a minute, so I guess I can do it then.” He leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes.

“Don’t fall asleep,” Amy replied with a yawn.

“Just restin’ my eyes…” Zack said tiredly. But suddenly the chime of the Pokémon Center’s healing machine rang, indicating that his Pokémon were ready.

“They’re fighting fit!” The nurse said cheerfully as she handed him the tray of pokéballs. “Have a good night.”

Zack took the tray and pinned his pokéballs back to the waistband of his shorts. “Thanks a lot. By the way, are there any vacant rooms for trainers in the back?”

The nurse’s perky grin shifted to an apologetic frown. “Nooo, I’m sorry,” she said sadly. “Since the path from Violet to Ecruteak was blocked, more than twice the number of trainers have signed up to spend the night here than usual!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Zack yawned as he walked off. On his way back to Amy, he noticed all of the other exhausted trainers trying to make themselves comfortable in the Center’s chairs.

“No luck?” Amy asked sadly.

“They’re fresh out of rooms. Guess we hafta sleep in the chairs,” he replied.

He sat down and soon felt Amy nuzzling her head on his shoulder. With that, he leaned his head on hers and slowly dozed off.

“You mean the road to Ecruteak’s been blocked?!” A teenager’s voice exclaimed.

“Yes, by a mysterious tree that popped up recently,” the nurse responded apologetically. “Could you please keep it down? Some of the trainers are trying to sleep…”

“Oh man!” The trainer wailed. “I’ll never get to Ecruteak City in time!” He sat down next to Zack and Amy and sighed as he took his single-strap backpack off and set it down. His hands tousled his short dark hair in frustration and nearly knocked his glasses off.

“You going for the Fog Badge?” Zack asked, looking up.

“No, there was a legendary Pokémon Convention there outside of the Tin Tower that I wanted to see… one of my favorite speakers was going to be there,” the trainer replied sadly. “I rode the Magnet Train from Blackthorn to Goldenrod and traveled all the way through Azalea Town to see the first part of the convention.” He sighed again and rubbed his hand through his hair. “And I had enough time to get from here to Ecruteak for the second part, but now that I have to go back through Azalea and Goldenrod, I don’t think I’ll make it in time.”

“Oh…” Zack muttered in an almost apathetic tone of voice. “That weird tree screwed up a lot of people,” he replied, gazing at all of the trainers that had dozed off in their chairs.

The dark-haired boy chuckled. “You don’t hafta act like you care or anything. At least I saw the first part.” A complacent smile spread across his face. “I still want to go to Ecruteak City though. It’s an excellent historic site.”

Zack laughed at his earlier comment. He didn’t realize he had sounded as uncaring as he did, but he was glad the kid had brushed it off. “We’re going up there after challenging the gym leaders in Azalea and Goldenrod. Me and her, I mean,” he added, gesturing to Amy who was sound asleep.

“You and everyone else!” The teenage boy laughed. “The Pokémon League Competition will be tougher than ever this year. They say that the number of registered trainers rose 20% from last year!”

“You’ve gotta be kidding!” Zack exclaimed. “It’s risen that much?”

“Definitely,” replied the dark-haired boy matter-of-factly. “I guess everyone wanted a piece of the action after seeing the final battle between Red and that guy from Hoenn!”

“Yeah, that was amazing!” Zack’s eyes lit up, recalling the battle. It had been the most intense championship battle he had ever seen. He remembered watching it on a big-screen television with his friends in a local Trainer House back at Sunny Town.

“You’re telling me,” he replied, shaking his head in awe. “Experts called it the most colossal battle of all time. And when Red’s Charizard used its Fire Blast…”

“That was the biggest moment in Pokémon League history.” Zack grinned as he tried to sound like one of the experts he had seen on TV.

“No way, it was when his Espeon was fighting the Alakazam at the beginning!”

Before Zack could say anything else, the Pokémon Center’s door swung open and slammed again just as soon. “Nurse!” A young boy exclaimed, panting heavily. His crimson hair was drenched in sweat, along with his oversized rugby shirt that hung well over his shorts. He handed a single pokéball to the startled nurse, who quickly set it on the machine and hurriedly activated it.

“What’s the rush?!” She asked, her high-strung voice wavered in a panicky tone. “And can you please keep the noise level down?”

“The Unown… in the Ruins of Alph. They’ve… they’ve gone bonkers!” He exclaimed between pants.

She handed him his pokéball with an incredulous stare. “Um, OK, then. Your Pokémon is fighting fit.”

“Thank you!” He snatched the ball and quickly ran for the door.

“The Unown?” The dark-haired boy called to him. “I couldn’t help but overhear…”

“Yes! You have to see this!” The youngster exclaimed with enthusiasm.

“I’ve never been to the Ruins of Alph…” The older boy said to himself as he pondered the idea of going.

“Well, this is a great opportunity! C’mon!” The redhead exclaimed as he ran out the door.

“Let’s go check this out!” The dark-haired boy turned back to Zack, glasses gleaming.

Zack paused and looked down at Amy, who was still asleep on his shoulder. “OK…” he finally said. “Uhh, Amy…”

Blaze Lizardon
09-22-2004, 08:53 PM
A large twig snapped as Amy stomped through the forest just behind Zack, Squirtle, and his two new partners, the red and dark-haired boys. The cold dew of the night had overtaken the dry heat of the day. The silhouettes of trees spread across the moon, and its light gleamed down in scattered rays through the branches and leaves.

“Why are we out heeere?!” Amy whined. She had been complaining for the past 15 minutes, ever since Zack had awoken her from her slumber to follow two trainers they didn’t even know through the woods at night. “Zaaaack…” she groaned.

“They said there’s something going on with the Unown… it’s over at the Ruins of Alph,” Zack responded patiently.

“Who are ‘they’?” Amy asked irritated that she was the only one who didn’t know what was happening before them.

“Some kid ran into the Pokémon Center while you were sleeping. He said there was something crazy happening at the Ruins of Alph with the Unown.”

“Zack!” She exclaimed angrily. “You dragged me out here for this?! I was sleeping and you--”

Zack winced as her complaints grew louder and louder. Squirtle covered its ears and tried to tune her out.

As they slowly traveled closer to the ruins, cool winds picked up in the night. With each step they took, the winds grew stronger, almost as if pushing them away. Zack thought he noticed various nocturnal Pokémon flying and scampering in the opposite direction they were going, but assumed his eyes were playing tricks on him in the darkness.

Finally, the younger boy came to an abrupt stop at the top of a gorge. “Look!” He exclaimed, pointing his finger.

It was a magnificent sight indeed. The Unown in their various formations, spun through the night sky, linked together by their rigid appendages and created a giant aerial ring, parallel to the ground. A violet aura surrounded the Unown-formed ring and it flashed in the night sky, fading from an iridescent lavender to a dull indigo as the ring shifted in form from a circle to a star, to a spiral and to a plenitude of other shapes. The Unown continued to spin, no matter what shape they took, and the four trainers could not help but be mesmerized by the beautiful dance of the mysterious Pokémon. The purple light of the aura illuminated the ruins and the dark sky as the cool gusts of wind strengthened more than ever.

“I’m going down to investigate!” The young redhead exclaimed, whipping out a pokéball. “Come out, Natu!” The tiny psychic bird beamed from the pokéball and perched on his shoulder. “My name’s Nathan… I’m glad you guys came, but I’m not sure what you can do…” he said before turning and leaving.

“This is bizarre. I don’t think there’s ever been a documentation of this kind of activity from Unown…” The dark-haired boy looked up again at the formations. Now the Unown seemed to speed up and slow down with each shape-shift.

“They’re very mysterious…” Amy added, her eyes fixed on the marvelous show before her as her blonde hair blew in the wind.

“Yes, but most of their activities have been recorded somewhere…”

“There’s gotta be something going on down there…” Zack chimed in, rubbing his arms to keep them warm. “I say we follow that kid.”

“Squirtle, squirtle, squirtle!” The Pokémon cried as it quickly squeezed Zack’s leg.

“It won’t be as dark with the Unown lighting everything up!” Zack explained to Squirtle. “You don’t have to be afraid of anything.”

Squirtle muttered its name to itself under its breath as it nervously swallowed and followed its trainer down the hill.

“Zack, are you sure about this?” Amy cried. “Who knows what they could be getting ready to do!”

“It shouldn’t be anything too dangerous,” the bespectacled kid interrupted.

“Who are you anyway?” Amy turned to him curiously. He annoyed her somehow. In the back of her mind, she felt that he was the reason she had been dragged out of her slumber.

“My name’s Sean Redwood,” he replied, continuing his descent down the hill. “I came here from Blackthorn City.”

“I’m Zack, and this is my friend Amy,” Zack said. “And this is Squirtle,” he added, remembering his Pokémon below.

“Charmed,” Amy revealed a contemptuous smile for a brief-second and went back to the same cranky, irritated expression as before.

“Over here!” Nathan’s voice interrupted, calling from the doorway of a ravaged, tarnished building covered in vines and other overgrowth. He quickly disappeared. The three trainers looked at each other reluctantly and followed him into the decrepit chamber.

The white light of a glowing panel in front of him beamed against his face. Various square chips with different symbols on each one were arranged in a grid on the panel. Zack could only wonder what each symbol meant.

“It’s some kind of ancient puzzle that I found less than a week ago,” He heard Nathan say, scattering his thoughts. “It must mean something, but I don’t know what!”

“Maybe you can use it to unlock a secret passageway…” Sean leaned over Nathan’s shoulder to get a better look at the panel. “These symbols… they must say something about the ruins…”

“Squirtle squirtle…” the tiny turtle whispered nervously as it shrunk away into a corner of the small room with Nathan’s Natu close behind it. Zack noticed the Pokémon fearfully trying to hide themselves out the corner of his eye.

“Maybe it’s a premonition!” Amy said suddenly as she walked to Nathan trying to make room so she could see the panel too. “Maybe the Unown are trying to warn us about something!”

“I doubt it…” Sean replied. “

“What could they be warning us about?” Nathan asked, looking up at her.

“I don’t know…” Amy said softly, almost whispering. “They’re psychic Pokémon aren’t they? Maybe something bad is about to happen…”

“They couldn’t be trying to warn us,” Sean muttered as he looked out the window. “Why would they try to warn us in the middle of the night when everyone’s asleep?”

“The Pokémon!” Amy exclaimed all of a sudden. “The Unown are trying to warn them! Something bad’s about to happen. I think we should get out of here!” Her voice wavered nervously as she looked around.

“What would they be warning the Pokémon about?” Sean asked skeptically, challenging her claim. “Pokémon have lived in these woods for centuries… what could possibly be so dangerous here?”

“I think she’s right!” Zack stepped forward behind all three of them. He had been quiet up until now. “Look at our Pokémon!”

The three trainers turned to the corner of the room. Squirtle and Natu sat on the stone floor, shivering in apprehensively as they muttered their names in fear.

“And while we were coming here, I saw other Pokémon leaving!” Zack continued.

“They were leaving?” Nathan asked, turning to look at him.

“I’m pretty sure they were,” Zack answered. “And even when we started to enter the ruins, Squirtle tried to get me to turn around.”

“Astounding!” Nathan blurted out as he turned back to the panel. “The Unown must be communicating with the Pokémon in this area! Something’s coming and they’re warning them all to leave!” He declared dramatically. “If only we could figure out what they were saying… this is… astounding!”

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Amy cried, frightened by the warning. “This could be dangerous! Zack, I think we should leave!”

“I’m sorry,” Nathan retorted. “Natu and I always explore these ruins. This is the most astounding thing that’s ever happened here!”

“I want to leave!” Amy whined, tugging Zack’s arm.

A pain rose in Zack’s stomach. Part of him wanted to leave too; he didn’t know how, but he could sense something approaching them from outside.

Blaze Lizardon
09-22-2004, 09:00 PM
“We should have stayed in Violet City,” the woman grumbled coldly as she marched through the dark foliage of the forest. She folded her gloved arms across her body. The cool wind had even permeated her white long sleeved shirt. It was worse on her bare legs, which froze so intensely it almost burned. She tugged on the bottom of her white miniskirt again, trying to stretch the material to her knees.

“Would you shut up already?!” Her partner barked. His suit was almost identical to her own. Pants replaced the skirt on the dark uniform and he wore a hat over matted dark hair. A red ‘R’ emblazoned his chest.

“AIEE!” She shrieked suddenly as the winds intensified in a matter of seconds. Her long red pigtails flew behind her and the man quickly tried to catch his hat. Finally, the wind let down.

“Whew…” The man said calmly, rubbing his hands together.

“WE SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN VIOLET CITY!” The woman wailed this time. “I told you to stay there! If we had just stayed there, we could’ve driven to the Slowpoke Well the next morning, and it wouldn’t have been dark and you wouldn’t have crashed!”

“OK! You were right! I admit it! Are you happy?!” The man shouted. “What’re we gonna do about it now?!”

“I don’t know!” She shot back. “All I know is that the boss will be furious!”

“Boss shmoss!” The man exclaimed, mocking her. “Everyone goes on and on about the boss all the time. I don’t care anymore!” He paused, breathing heavily and turned to her in a tone that was less fierce. “Have you ever even seen this new ‘boss’ before? There’s only one ‘boss’ I answer to, and it’s Giovanni!”

“Giovanni’s long gone, Joe, get over it,” the woman replied sternly. “That Red kid socked it to us good all those years ago. Now he’s the Pokémon League Champion and we’re out here!”

“He’s no kid anymore,” Joe retorted. “Let’s see… if he was 14 when he ruined our plans at Silph4 he must be at least twenty years old now! If we couldn’t stop him then, why should we be able to stop him when he’s stronger with this slipshod getup we’re trying to put together now?! Huh?! How are we supposed to stop him now?!” He shouted in rage. “Did you hear he caught a Groudon? A friggin’ Groudon! How can we stop him when he’s armed with a friggin’ Groudon?! I don’t even know why I’m still in here…”

“Shut up, Joe!” The woman shouted. “You know exactly why you’re here, and the reason’s the same as it was six years ago when you came crying to Giovanni, lost with no place to go. And besides, nobody’s proven he really caught that and you know it! Nobody knows what kind of Pokémon he has now. Nobody even knows where he is. He could be dead for all we know!

“Wherever he is, it’s our job to make sure he stays there, and doesn’t get word of our regrouping. When the boss gives the word, we’re coming back full-throttle, and nothing in the world will be able to stop the power of Team Rocket!”

Lizardon: Well, this chapter has been done for nearly three months. :oops: And there's still more to come too. For a majority of those three months, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be continuing the story, but about a week ago I decided to start writing again. :happy: Please let me know what you think (if there's anyone reading besides Skottie...? :razz:). This is possibly the best chapter so far, as far as detail, description, and dialogue goes. :smile: I know it still has a long way to go though, since I never really considered myself a writer. XD

So expect some more of chapter 5 later, along with chapter 6 which is about 75% done. As for chapter 7 and beyond... well, let's just hope I don't call it quits for three months again. :oops:

Dr Skottie
09-23-2004, 01:28 AM
Haha, of course I'd be the first one to comment. Man you know I love this story, it's original, the characters are great, keep it coming man!

Blaze Lizardon
05-31-2005, 06:14 AM
And after about a year, I've decided to finish Chapter 5. Chapter 6 is also near completion, as I've finally decided to pick this thing up for another summer. :happy: Also be sure to check out the Chapter 6 preview in the next post! :biggrin:

“I have to tell someone about this!” Nathan shouted enthusiastically. “Another astounding development is about to be made about the Unown.”

“Let go, Zack!” Amy tugged on his arm one last time.

“Uhh… that’s good and all,” Zack mumbled. “But maybe we really should get outta here.”

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!” Nathan protested. “It’s—”

A low roar from outside of the chamber interrupted his sentence. Goosebumps rose from Zack’s skin as he slowly turned to the chamber’s exit. The entire group silenced.

“D-did you hear that?” Amy stuttered.

“Shh…” Zack whispered, slowly tip-toeing to the door. Squirtle followed at his footsteps.

“That sounded like a Rhydon!” Sean’s voice squeaked in fear.

“Oh, no!” Amy squealed.

Zack slowly peaked outside of the chamber. Even in the purple glow from the Unown, he couldn’t see anything on the site of the ruins. He cautiously made his way to end of the chamber’s wall, turning around the corner.

That’s when he saw it.

The Rhydon trudged through the ruins, kicking down stone statues and rocks. Two dark figures sauntered on each side. Zack gasped and he could feel his heart drop into his stomach.

“Squirtle!” The Pokémon blurted out in alarm. It quickly bounded behind Zack’s leg. Zack closed his eyes when he heard his Pokémon’s call. He knew they would hear him.

“Did you hear that, Helen?” Joe turned to his partner across the Rhydon.

“It came from up there. This place is giving me the creeps… what the hell are those Unown doing?!”

“There!” Joe shouted, pointing across the sight at Zack and Squirtle. “There’s a kid here! He’s got a Pokémon!”

A chill went down Zack’s spine when he realized they saw him.

“He can’t find out about this. If anyone finds out about the operation at Slowpoke Well, the entire regrouping will fail. Rhydon, attack!” Helen ordered.

“No!” Zack shouted. He turned and ran back to the door, where he met Amy, Sean, and Nathan peering out. “Run!” He yelled. “Everyone run!”

The three trainers took no time. They all shoved each other out the door just as Rhydon and the two Rockets rounded the corner angrily.

“Don’t let them get away!” Helen commanded Rhydon. Rhydon bellowed affirmatively.

“Zack!” Amy cried as he grabbed her hand and pulled her forward. Squirtle was tucked under his other arm and the two trainers ran as fast as they could, unknowing of where they were headed. They scurried through a patch of tall grass, hoping it would lead back to the woods. They maneuvered their way around ancient statues and the remains of other buildings that were scattered throughout the thicket. Zack didn’t know where Sean and Nathan had gone, but hearing the thumps of Rhydon’s footsteps behind them, he knew they were safe.

“AIIEEE!” Amy shrieked when Rhydon appeared from behind them and smashed one of the statues to the ground. Tears welled in her eyes.

“Squiiirrrtle!” The Pokémon cried from Zack’s arm, as it covered its eyes.

Zack didn’t slow down. The trainers scrambled as fast as they could as Rhydon closed in, destroying everything in its path.

He pivoted around a fallen statue, jerking Amy with him, and quickly dashed around a pile of rubble. He heard the statue crush under Rhydon’s weight as it made its way toward them. Squirtle wouldn’t be enough to stop it, that he knew. But Squirtle and Bellsprout together, maybe? He didn’t have time to ponder the decision. Rocks and rubble fell from above as Rhydon knocked the pile out of its way.

It saw them standing below him, looking up into its eyes and trembling with perturbation. He had caught them now. If they tried to run, he could attack them. There was nothing they could do.

“Night Shade!” It heard a voice yell. A tiny bird fluttered in front of its face, and before it knew what had happened, it had blacked out. It could see nothing in the darkness and let out a roar in agony.

“C’mon!” Nathan exclaimed. Natu perched on his shoulder as he grabbed Zack and Amy by their arms, forcing them out of shock. The two trainers said nothing as they dashed out of the ruins away from the dazed Rhydon. They didn’t look back, even though curiosity about the two trainers they had seen drilled their minds.

They continued running until they reached the Pokémon Center again. Darkness surrounded Zack, and all he could see were crowds of trainers standing outside of the door, all of their eyes on him. Dazzling red, white, and blue flickered like strobe lights above the police cars and motorcycles as sirens wailed and officers ran back and forth from their cars to the center, investigating the ‘emergency phenomena.’ A multitude of voices from the crowd crammed his head and he couldn’t make out anything they were saying even though he knew that some of them were talking to him. His jaw trembled, trying to respond, but nothing came out, and soon everything went black.

Blaze Lizardon
05-31-2005, 06:20 AM
Chapter 6 Preview

The cold water broke the shock of his trip when he splashed into it. He quickly stood to his feet in the shoulder-high pool as small rocks splashed into the water around him. Finally, he felt the splash of another body, and when he felt two cold paws desperately paddling toward him he knew it was the Growlithe.

“Growlithe!” Zack exclaimed as he tapped the side of his head, forcing water out of his ear.

“Grrrowwlll, grrowlithe!” The puppy groaned, paddling in the icy water.

“It’s OK, buddy, it’s OK,” Zack rubbed the fur atop its head, trying to calm it down. He wasn’t sure how far they had fallen, but the light from the well’s opening was no longer in sight. “AMY!” Zack shouted into the ceiling. He quickly shielded his face and Growlithe’s head as more tiny rocks plummeted into the water. He could hear his voice echo off of the walls, but could hear no response.

“C’mon, I’ll get you out of here,” Zack said, lifting the Growlithe as far out of the water as he could manage. He knew that the cold water weakened it due to its fire type nature and could feel its fear as he held it in his arms. “Don’t worry… don’t worry…” Zack repeated, rubbing behind its ears as he trudged through the water. His own heart pumped fast, nervously wondering what would happen next. He was trapped inside of the Slowpoke Well, alone in the dark with Team Rocket and a disobedient Growlithe. Surely, Amy was right when she warned them not to enter.

“Grrrrroowwlithe…” The puppy let out a low growl.

“Oh man, don’t turn on me again, Growlithe!” Zack whispered frantically. But the Pokémon shifted its head until it was looking over Zack’s shoulder, behind him into the dark abyss. It perked its ears up, trying to listen to the sounds of the cave. Zack didn’t want it to hear anything.

“Y-you hear someth-thing…?” He stuttered, shivering in the cold. His heart thumped faster. Suddenly, Zack felt Growlithe’s neck hairs spring up in fear. He slowly turned his head…


He fell backward, dropping Growlithe in the water and avoiding the huge pincer of the Crawdaunt behind him. It swiped at him again, striking him in the side.

“Arrggh!” He groaned as he fell to his other side.

“Grrrrowwwwlithe!” The Pokémon cried, startled by the attack.

Defenseless, Zack picked up a stick and held it in front of him, just before the Crawdaunt could snap him in two. The stick broke apart and fell to either side, leaving him wide open for another attack.

“Take this!” Zack shouted. Without hesitating, he lifted both of his feet and kicked the Crawdaunt in its open stomach, forcing it backwards slightly.

“CRAW-daunt!” The Pokémon wailed angrily. It knocked Zack’s legs aside with its heavy pincer.

He recalled handing his backpack to Amy, wishing he still had it so that he could call one of his Pokémon for help. But it was too late for that, and his predicament was made very clear as Crawdaunt slapped him across the face with its pincer. For a split second, Zack blacked out. When he awoke, he could see two Crawdaunt’s approaching him in his dizzy haze.

The real thing should be out sometime soon. Sit tight...

Dragon Lover
06-01-2005, 01:16 PM
Interesting story with good description and nice character devolopment. Your chapter 6 prolouge makes the story sound even more interesting-it has kept me in the dark-. I'm sure people are reading this fic but not replying.

I hope you continue...,


Dr Skottie
06-05-2005, 03:36 AM
Hey Blaze! Sorry it took me so long to comment about the new post. I needed to find the time to go back and read the whole story from the beginning so I could refresh my memory. It's awesome work dude, and your latest posts were good too. However they were both a bit short for my liking.

Also I've just realised the way you use the word "alas" is incorrect a lot of the time. "Alas" is connected with a negative tone and usually means "unfortunately". The dictionary says its an expression of grief, pity or concern. If you go back to all the times you have used "alas", and replace it with the word "unfortunately", it should stillmake sense. If it doesn't, the word has been used incorrectly.

You also at one stage refer to Zack's Mom's Azurill as and Azumarrill.

Apart from that, can't wait for your next post. :biggrin:

Blaze Lizardon
06-07-2005, 04:46 AM
Glad you both enjoyed it. :happy: There's more coming (since Chapter 6 is completed :smile:) so I hope you'll enjoy it just as much. I believe Chapter 6 is the best chapter of this story I've written so far, as far as pure, unadulterated action sequences go. If I worked it right, I'll have you wondering what happens to Zack and intrigued by how his relationship with his Pokémon has developed. On top of that, there's more bickering between Sean and Amy. :razz:

Regarding "alas," I think I'm gonna just stop using it. :smile: I never knew it had that connotation, so I guess I'll just have to think of a different word.