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Tamer San
06-03-2004, 02:04 PM
Chapter One: When Tamer First Met Growlithe!

It is one beautiful night somewhere in Kanto, where stars are glowing giving the sky its torturing beauty. The moon is full and perfect and glowing. The grass, the flowers, the roses and tree branches are dancing as the calm night breezes blows upon them making them dancing on the rhythm of the wind. Everything is perfect, quiet and convenient in this place of Kanto, and this place is the Island of Cinnabar.

At that night and on a very beautiful plateau, all tall grass and beautiful old trees, green and colourful, a boy was sitting. He was sitting under a tree, having a nap under a sealing, a natural sealing made by god it self; the sky, the dark sky and twinkling stars covering that sealing giving it an artist’s touch. And the moon looks so wide, shinny and beautiful from the plateau. Winds are tender and soft, making everything so perfect, for this boy it’s more than perfect. Today, this boy was officially declared a Pokemon trainer.

This boy is a sixteen years old young man, known for his love toward Pokemon and hates to see anyone hurting or abusing Pokemon. He is not too tall yet not too short, and he doesn’t weigh much. He has dark brown and spiky hair and his eyes colour are hazel. He usually wears a dark blue, baggy jeans, a white plain t-shirt and a shirt, button opened over the white t-shirt. He also wears finger-cut, black, leather gloves and a black and red bandana over his head. He also has a cool golden necklace chain with a very small, golden Pokeball figure hanged on it. This boy is the only; this boy is Tamer from Cinnabar City in Kanto.

[*In the Morning*]

The sun is shinning beautifully, the birds are whistling and singing with an outstanding voice, the sky is so clear and so blue. It is one fine day, and the second for Tamer in the wilderness. Tamer woke up yawning; he looked beside him to see his puppy Pokemon still asleep. He stood up and started to do some stretching, he went to the ground and started to do some push-ups and sit-ups. He is used on that, since he always wakes up to do some exercises before heading to school or to the city square on holidays. Tamer went to a very near by lake rubbing his sleepy eyes. And when he reached there he washed his hands and face and drink some clean and delicious, cold water.

He returned to the place he was sleeping in, under a huge and beautiful, old Oak tree. He took his bandana and put it on his head, and put on his necklace and shirt, and then he wore his black, leather gloves. He took his backpack and looked at his wonderful puppy Pokemon that he adores so much and smiled. He smiled widely as the puppy was waking-up doing some stretches and yawns. Tamer looked at the beautiful clear sky and started to remember what happened when he first met Growlith, ten years ago.


Ten years ago, Cinnabar witnessed the windiest and stormy night ever invaded Kanto. Winds blew trees off the ground, the sea was outrageous and the waves hit all the houses near by the beach and caused great damage. It was so bad and it started to get worse when lightning and thunder bolts started to drop from the sky causing an awful noisy sound and a terrifying light. Few minutes later, after the lightning and thunder bolts it started to rain heavily as it never did before. This storm hit the area of Fuchsia City, the Cycling road and Cinnabar Island mainly and it had some minor effects in Pallet Town and in Verdian City, as Tamer recalls.

On the same night, and in the streets of Cinnabar City, a mother and her child were running trying to get home before the storm gets worse. They were running and running but suddenly the kid felt on the ground. He was a beautiful six years old angel, with a cute baby face and a pretty smile, wearing short panties and a shirt. He felt on the ground and he gets him self all dirty. He was crying, crying out loud. His mother turned but a tremendous wave was approaching. She was so confused, she didn’t know what to do; rescuing her child and maybe get hit by the wave or saving her self. She was so confused but in a second, a flash, the kid disappeared. Someone, or something, has taken him away to a deep and small street, the mother followed that thing and they got saved from the waves, both of them.

The mother raised her head after being unconscious for the rest of the night; she raised her head to see outstanding scenery of an Arcanine. It is very beautiful and said to be legendary Pokemon, rare and strong one as well. That mother is the mother of Tamer, and that kid was Tamer him self. The kid was playing and cuddling with that Arcanine that happened to be a mother her self, she was hiding her puppies from the storm. But sadly all of them have died except only one male puppy. She was so sad and desperate so the mother offered her to live with us, where she can have food, shelter and a cosy, safe place for her and her child. The Arcanine didn’t agree at first place but seeing her only child playing with Tamer and Tamer petting the puppy Growlithe, she got happy and smiled and agreed. And ever since, Arcanine and her Growlithe lived with Tamer and his mother in one house with love and care. Arcanine was like a guardian for the house, and a friend and a pet and a Pokemon.

Ten years has passed and Tamer became a young man, willing to be the very best as a trainer. Growlithe grew too but he had no experience in either Pokemon battles or wild life. And on the day of Tamer’s sixteenth birthday someone arrived to city, that “someone” was the only famous Pokemon professor, Prof.Oak. Tamer got excited as Oak granted Tamer’s wishes by officially making him a trainer by giving him gear. Prof.Oak gave Tamer six Pokeballs, a PokeDex and a PokeGear that has electronic chips of the maps of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn to start his journey. Tamer dream is about to come true and he will be the very best.

[*Out of Flashbacks*]

Tamer opened his eyes to see his non-puppy Growlithe playing and shaking his tail. Tamer smiled, he was extremely happy and excited about all this. His dream is about to come true and all what he wants now is to catch every Pokemon in the world and beat all the gym leaders and the Elite Four. He looked at Growlithe waiting it to grow up and evolve to become a legendary Arcanine, a Pokemon with unbeatable fire powers. Tamer smiled and walked across the plateau to the unknown.

To be continued...

Tamer San
06-04-2004, 01:05 PM
Chapter Two: Meeting Lilly! The Pine Gangsters!

Tamer was walking happily across the green, grassy field and his dog walking just beside him happy as well, moving his tail back and forth with high speed. “All what you want is playing!” Tamer said while facing his fire Pokemon; Growlithe. Tamer bent him self and started petting his dear dog, his best friend who has companioned him for the last ten years. Tamer and Flare can never be separated, ever.

Tamer was walking on the tall grass searching for a Pokemon; he knew that Pokemon might live in tall grass, on trees, in caves and in the sea. Tamer was in a need for a grass or an electric Pokemon currently if he wants to capture a Water Pokemon. He tried to capture a baby Horsea using Growlithe and failed badly. His feelings that day was indescribable, he was sad, terrified and angry. If he couldn’t manage to beat a baby Horsea how could he be the greatest in the world. He looked at his dog and smiled then continued walking in the green and beautiful wide lands, Tamer was heading directly to a small forest no one goes to in Cinnabar; the city of Fire Pokemon.

Suddenly, and while Tamer was walking into the forest with his beloved Growlithe, he heard a sound. He stood still and tried to focus his hearing senses to identify that sound. Tamer raised his head as he heard that sound again, it is the sound of a girl, a female human, yelling and crying. Tamer turned around and around while Flare was just looking at him. And the girl shouted once again and Tamer managed to know where the sound is coming from. After just few minutes of running Tamer and his Growlithe, running behind his trainer, reached the area where the sound is coming from. They were surprised to see a girl, a beautiful girl, not over sixteen years old, standing there with two Pokemon with her.

Tamer took out a red and high tech encyclopaedia from his pocket, it is the best invention in Pokemon history, invented by Prof. Oak; the PokeDex. Tamer took it out of his pocket and opened it and let the sensor or scanner be directly at one of those Pokemon, the PokeDex started to search in its files for that Pokemon and finally it got it. The picture of the Pokemon with info about height and weight were displayed on the electronic monitor of the PokeDex and then it started to speak out loud.

{Shroomish: A mushroom Pokemon that lives in damp soil in the dark depths of forests. They are often found keeping still under fallen leaves. This Pokemon feeds on compost that is made up of fallen rotted leaves. SHROOMISH is known for its defensive toxic body. It can even poison you, let you fall asleep or paralyze you with if you touched the mushroom. Shroomish’s best attack is Giga Drain.}

Then Tamer directed the PokeDex scanner toward the other Pokemon who looks much more powerful than Shroomish yet related. It was a mushroom Pokemon, taller than Shroomish with powerful looking legs. The encyclopaedia started to search for that Pokemon in its files and it finally found it. The picture of that Pokemon is green on the PokeDex but this one is red. Tamer was a bit surprised of the different colour. The PokeDex speech box started to say information about this Pokemon.

{Breloom: The evolve form of Shroomish. A Very powerful fighting and grass Pokemon. This Pokemon closes in on its foe with light and sprightly footwork, and then throws punches with its stretchy arms. This Pokemon's fighting technique puts boxers to shame. The seeds ringing Breloom's tail are made of hardened toxic spores. It is horrible to eat the seeds. Just taking a bite of this Pokemon's seed will cause your stomach to rumble. This Pokemon’s best attack is Dynamic Punch.}

Tamer smiled and then looked at the beautiful girl who looked angry while facing two other trainers. They seemed like grunts or gangsters from some gang or guild. He ran toward them as Growlithe became a bit excited as well and followed his friend. “What is the problem here?” Tamer asked the girl. “NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS KID!!!” One of the grunts yelled. Tamer looked at the two and saw a Weepinbell, a Pokemon Tamer used to like, and a Bulbasaur, a Pokemon Tamer always liked. “These two are trying to steal my Pokemon…” The girl said. “They want to take Shroomy out of me when they knew that I was going to release it. I am not letting my Shroomy to end up with these two!!!” She continued.

Tamer grinned at the two and offered to help that girl. “My name is Tamer; I am a fresh and new Pokemon trainer. And this is Flare, my first Pokemon and my best friend.” He said. “I am Lilly, a grass Pokemon trainer, I own a free Pokemon Daycare for wild grass Pokemon who are wounded or need help. Nice to meet you Tamer…” Lilly said. “Nice meeting you too Lilly. Now back to them!!!” Tamer replied. Tamer asked Growlithe to prepare him self and Lilly asked her Breloom, which she called Mr.PumpHead, to prepare for a battle.

The two grunts laughed at first but then they became serious as they ordered their Pokemon to attack. The first gangster ordered Weepinbell to use Solar Beam against Tamer’s fire dog, Growlithe. The second one ordered his Bulbasaur to shoot a Leech Seed toward Breloom and suck its energy. Tamer and Lilly smiled and they asked their Pokemon to attack. Tamer told Growlithe to use his Flamethrower attack to counter that Solar Beam and Lilly asked Breloom to avoid the attack and try to Headbutt Bulbasaur. And the four Pokemon charged.

Weepinbell was surrounded by dots of pure solar energy, twinkling like stars all over the bug eater flower. Growlith opened his mouth widely and embers started to gather into his mouth with the beautiful color of heat. Weepinbell’s mouth is full of energy now and ready to shoot any moment, and so is Growlithe who has a small fire ball in his mouth ready to be thrown. The Solar Beam was shot as so was the Flamethrower. And an unexpected event has happened, Tamer didn’t underestimate his Pokemon but he was sure he can’t stand the strongest grass attack. The Solar Beam and the burning heat, of beautiful red, orange and white colors countered each other creating a big explosion heard all over the forest making birds and tiny Pokemon of this forest ran and fled away from the area of this battle.

Back to the two strong grass Pokemon, Bulbasaur and Breloom. Bulbasaur was gathering energy as a small shining seed was coming out of the small hole in his bulb. Brellom was running too fast toward that small grass Pokemon with full throttle just to defend its little brother, Shroomish. Bulbasaur has shot his seed willing to hit the fast Breloom and manage to suck all of its energy, but the small Bulbasaur failed to do so. Breloom managed to avoid that seeds and attacked Bulbasaur with its head. Breloom Headbutted Bulbasaur pushing him away, making him hit one of the grunts.

Tamer looked and got shocked; he couldn’t believe that a small and weak Pokemon like Shroomish can ever evolve into a very powerful and agile thing as Breloom. Though Tamer realize that some Pokemon do evolve into an extremely powerful being, like Magicarp evolving into Gyarados, but he never expected such a thing from a Shroomish. He looked at the other grunt and then at his weakened Weepinbell, then he looked at his Growlithe who was still healthy and asked him to finish them off by burning them. “FLAMETHROWER FLARE…SEND THEM TO THE THEIR BOSS!!!” Tamer yelled as Growlithe opens his mouth charging hot and powerful fire energy into his being in order to shoot a strong enough Flamethrower to send them away. And so he did, Growlithe burnt the Weepinbell, the Bulbasaur and the two Grunts with one powerful Flamethrower draining all his fire energy off.

“Great job Flare!” Tamer said happily as he pets his hot-dog Pokemon. “So will you be telling me who are those people?” Tamer asked Lilly politely. Lilly looked at him and smiled making Tamer’s face go red. “They are called the Pine Gang…they will to capture as many as grass Pokemon as they can to make them do their evil jobs for them…like stealing and thieving from other trainers. They wish to control the whole planet with grass Pokemon with crazy thoughts and ideas.” She told Tamer. “Thanks a lot for helping me out, I could have helped my self anyway.” She said while pointing at a numberless of fully evolved and strong grass Pokemon just behind her, Pokemon Tamer didn’t notice like Venusaur, Meganum, Sceptile and many more. Tamer was totally shocked as he saw all these Pokemon in front of him, he was kind of embarrassed for helping a person who didn’t need any help, but yet Lilly was thankful and asked him to come in her house so he and Growlithe can rest and eat, and of course Tamer couldn’t refuse such an offer since eating is his best hobbies.

To be continued...

Tamer San
06-08-2004, 02:27 PM
Chapter Three: Growlithe vs. Shroomish! Tamer’s First Capture…or Not?

In the house Tamer had a very delightful meal of Kebab and French Fries. He was so stuffed now and so was Growlithe who ate with Shroomish, Growlithe has already became a good friend of the defenseless mushroom like Pokemon. “Tamer?” Lilly said as Tamer raised his head and looked at her. “Yes Lilly!” He replied. “Well, I need someone to go and train Shroomish…I wanted it to become strong and powerful like its brother but I failed. I was going to release it so why don’t you try to get it.” She told him. “TRY?” Tamer asked. “Yes of course…I won’t give it to you just like that. You will have to battle it! So what do you say?” She told him. “Sure…I will battle your Shroomish…I will be glad if that makes you happy!” Tamer replied. “It does make me happy…I need someone I can trust in raising it with love, care and friendship. I don’t anyone like those Pines to get it and make it an evil Pokemon.” She said. And soon afterwards Tamer, Lilly, Brellom, Growlithe and Shroomish were outside…prepared for the battle.

Tamer looked at his Growlithe and knew this is going to be an easy battle, unless Growlithe got a physical touch with Shroomish he will be affected by its secret spore that covers its body. “Flare, try not to physically touch the mushroom.” Tamer warned his Pokemon. “NOW USE YOUR FLAMETHROWER!!!” He yelled.

Shroomish looked at Growlithe as he opens his mouth, gathering ember energy and heat in his widely opened mouth. Shroomish had no idea on battling and had no experience at all. This Shroomish has been only playing and being protected, it never battled by its self and didn’t know what to do in such a situation. But suddenly, that Shroomish had an idea, maybe it doesn’t have any background but it was a smart mushroom. Shroomish started to spore at Growlithe with mysterious and beautiful pink powder. Growlithe couldn’t move, he was totally paralyzed, before he even does his attack.

“That’s bad…” Tamer said. “FLARE!!! TRY TO REGAIN YOUR STRENGTH!!! TRY TO TACKLE SHROOMISH!!!” He yelled, but it was useless as long as Growlithe is paralyzed he has a little chance of winning. The Shroomish smiled and started to hop and jump, then it glared the fire puppy and ran toward it trying to tackle it hard. The bumping Shroomish did to Growlithe was sort of strong, the green mushroom Pokemon managed to Tackle Flare making him roll all over the ground. Growlithe was hurt, and paralyzed. He can do nothing.

Tamer became as nervous as he was ashamed. Ashamed of this silly battle, a grass Pokemon doing critical damage to a fire Pokemon and that fire Pokemon can’t even apply normal damages. Tamer raised his face and looked at Growlithe “FLARE…DO IT FOR ME MY FRIEND…TRY TO BITE SHROOMISH!!!” He cried as Growlithe was beginning to stand on his four legs. Growlithe was so angry and ashamed now; he wanted to beat Shroomish for his friend and his pride.

Growlithe started to run toward the mushroom like Pokemon fearless, he opened his mouth and roared as he show of his sharp, piercing teeth. Shroomish got scared for a while but then she started to spore more of the Stun Spore, the beautiful pink and shiny powder it releases to paralyze its enemy. But it failed; it couldn’t affect the outrageous dog. And now Growlithe was attacking the frightened mushroom Pokemon as if he was a rabid dog. And as soon as he reached Shroomish he seeded his sharp and shiny piercing fangs into the mushroom’s body making it feel the pain; the wrath of Flare.

Tamer was so happy, and Growlithe has jumped far from his enemy in order to do his fatal attack now. Lilly smiled, though she was afraid on Shroomish, but she was so happy that Shroomish will be trained by such a Pokemon trainer. “Enough playing and fooling around Flare…let us show this mushroom our true power, THE POWER OF ONE!!!” Tamer said with joy filling his entire body and soul. “FLAMETHROWER NOW FLARE!!!” He yelled asking his faithful and loyal dog to perform the most powerful attack he can perform.

Growlithe opened his mouth widely gathering his fatal and powerful heat energy shaped like embers. Shroomish was lying on the ground, unable to move at all. Tamer was extremely happy and joyful for his firs capture. Lilly was happy, excited and afraid on the little Shroomish. Breloom was angry and happy at the same time, angry for loosing his brother and happy for loosing his brother to such a trainer. And in a sudden a magnificent Flamethrower, red, orange and white flames was fired toward the flinched mushroom Pokemon putting this battle to an end.

Shroomish was lying on the ground, burnt from this great fire power, unable to move and nearly fainted. Growlithe was tired and happy for his first winning battle by him self. Lilly was happy, “Throw the Pokeball now Tamer! What are you waiting for?” She said. Tamer looked at her and smiled then took a beautiful; half-red half-white Pokeball hanged on his belt and opened it. From a small sized ball it became a big Pokeball ready to capture a Pokemon.

Tamer threw the ball at Shroomish and while it was floating on the air, nearly hitting the green mushroom Pokemon. Everyone was excited and extremely happy, even the flinched Shroomish was. Finally, the Pokeball hit Shroomish and dragged it into the inner core of the ball using a beautiful red beam. The ball was on the ground, shaking and rolling around. It rolled once, twice and thrice…

To be continued...

06-08-2004, 07:52 PM
Pretty good, and a decent length

Story: pretty realistic, for the most parts, but make sure to add the element o trouble

Detail: there was a lot, but detail is extremely hard to perfect. 13/15

Spelling/Grammar: Only a couple of mistakes, remember space between abbreviation and name like Mr. Pumphead, not Mr.Pumphead, and watch the typos like Breloom, and Growlithe. 18/25, and remember question marks.

Length: Like I said decent length, they all flowed together, 9/10

Battle: The battle was okay, but some of it was a tad bit confusing. It was also very coughcoughcoughweirdcoughcoughcough j/k descriptive.17/25
Outcome 79/100 and my margin is 75/100, Shroomish is a catch

Tamer San
07-01-2004, 07:34 AM
Chapter Four: Shroomish Captured! ER at Cinnabar City Pokemon Center!

~Part One...

Tamer was so excited; his emotions were all mixed up with fear, pride, happiness and excitement it self. This is the first captured Pokemon for Tamer and for that he is afraid, and for the same reason he is happy and proud. He fears to loose Shroomish one day if he is considered a bad trainer. He is happy because there is someone to help him in his Pokemon adventure to become the very best. And he proud because he finally did what a Pokemon trainer should do; he captured a Pokemon all by him self with the help of Growlithe. Tamer was looking at the ball bouncing back and forth, a small red and white Pokeball dancing and bouncing like a teenager girl. Lilly, Tamer and Breloom became so happy and shocked when the ball stopped bouncing and rolling. At that time Tamer knew that Shroomish is finally his, he knew that Shroomish and Growlithe will make an unbeatable team. Tamer walked in fear, excitement and happiness toward the Pokeball, it looked so silent, calm breezes started to blow as tamer’s hair started to blow with it, and the grass, flowers and tree branches were dancing. Tamer looked around him and knew that this was like a sign from god telling him congratulations. The trees, grass and flowers were dancing happily for Tamer’s first capture. The young Pokemon Trainer reached the Pokeball, bent his back and grabbed it. And as he was looking at the red and white rounded Pokeball he smiled and jumped high into the air with happiness and extreme excitement.

“MY FIRST CAPTURE!!!” He cried while carrying Shroomish’s Pokeball. “Congratulations Tamer. I guess you are happy now for you capture?!” Lilly said. “Of course I am Lilly! I think I should name this Shroomish like I named my Growlithe before…hmmm…” Tamer started to think of a name for the mushroom like Pokemon. “Well, both of your Pokemon need treatment, you better go to the Pokemon Center in Cinnabar City Tamer…you Growlithe is tired and your Shroomish is totally faked out!” The young and beautiful Pokemon Trainer stated. “You are absolutely right Lilly!” Tamer said. “I guess it is farewell now Tamer…I’ll be seeing you one day!” Lilly said. “One day Lilly, I promise that I will return more powerful than before and challenge you into a Pokemon battle…but I guess it’s the end for now…bye!” Tamer said as he stretched his arm to shake Lilly’s hand. Lilly smiled and shook Tamer’s hand. “TAKE GOOD CARE OF THAT SHROOMISH TAMER!!!” She yelled as Tamer was walking and becoming far away from her. “YOU KNOW I WILL LILLY!” Tamer replied as he was walking and waving his hand as they both smiled. {Good luck in training Shroomy Tamer…} Lilly said to her self as Tamer was already gone and became out of her sight.

Tamer was walking through the woods willing to reach Cinnabar City as soon as possible to get to the Pokemon Center and get his Pokemon treated by the Center staff. And finally he reached the entrance of the city, a very beautiful city of old markets and market tents for tourists, a very beautiful beach; knows as the most beautiful beach all over Kanto because of its calm and clean nature. He started to walk slowly as he was breathing hardly due to the entire running in the forest. Suddenly he heard a sound, someone, or even something is crying out loud in pain. Tamer looks at every direction and sees three young men; teenagers, standing in the sandy beach, around a very beautiful and bluish, baby Lapras. One of the teenagers was carrying a whip and was hitting the baby Lapras with it. Tamer got so angry and ran down the stairs to the beach and reached the three Pokemon Trainers.

“LEAVE THE BABY LAPRAS ALONE!!!” Tamer yelled with fearless voice but when the three turned their faces to face Tamer he shivered. They looked so cold and merciless. “It’s non of your damn business kid…” One of them said. Tamer looked at them carefully, the one to the right was carrying a whip and was wearing black leather jacket and leather pants. The one to the left is so skinny and looks weak and pale and was wearing just swimming pants, he seemed like an expertise with water Pokemon. And the one in the middle looked like the boss, he was neither tall nor short. He wasn’t skinny or muscular; he looked normal and wears jeans and a normal, plain, white shirt. Tamer shrugged as he looked at the trio with some fear. “I will stop you three from hurting the poor Lapras!” Tamer said.

The three looked at each other then laughed out loud, they didn’t talk but then grabbed a Pokeball each. The three Pokeballs were thrown and three Pokemon were sent into the sandy beach. Tamer got angry and considered this a challenge so he sent out his two Pokemon without thinking. He forgot that both Pokemon are weak at the moment yet he sent them. Growlithe and Shroomish were sent, breathing hardly, to face three Pokemon. “My name is Anthony…and this is Ninja Star…my lethal Starmie!” The skinny man to the left said as he started to laugh. “And I am John!!! The gang’s leader and the best trainer in Cinnabar!!! And that’s Slayer…my Charizard!!!” The one in the middle stated as he smiles. The last one was so crazy and looks little idiotic. “Yeah, yeah…and I am Brandon…and that’s my beloved Wacko…” He said as he points toward a Raichu. Tamer got scared, they are stronger, more experienced and have more Pokemon than Tamer. “JUST BLAST THE POKEMON WITH HYDRO PUMP, NINJA STAR!!!” Anthony ordered his Pokemon. “Hmmm…Shroomish won’t take long from you Slayer…Flamthrower attack…NOW!!!” John said as he smiles. “Too bad there is no use for me, anyway THUNDERBOLT BOTH POKEMON WACKO!!!” Brandon yelled crazily. Tamer got scared and didn’t know what to do, his Pokemon are weak, not evolved and being attacked by type advantage.

Very beautiful and outrageous water was shot from the last tip of Starmie's too many edges with too much pressure. The Hydro Pump simply looked outstanding and awesome yet it was repelled somehow. They looked everywhere to see some mysterious, bald Pokemon Trainer that seemed like Blain, the ex-gym leader of Cinnabar City Gym before Magare takes over it. He is the best Pokemon Trainer in Cinnabar ever been born. He is the master of all fiery Pokemon and he is an elite is using these Pokemon. The strong Hydro Pump simply vaporized due to a very powerful Flamethrower by a very powerful and fearsome Pokemon of Blain, Magmar. Blain jumped as he throws a Pokeball and releases out a very magnificent Pokemon out of it, a marvelous specimen, a legend of all fire Pokemon, it was the outstanding Arcanine. Very beautiful and fearsome as well, he is the most magnificent fiery Pokemon of all. Blain landed on his knees as he looks at the three grunts. “Leave the boy alone or you shall taste my wrath…” Blain said. The three looked at each other and laughed. “Just get out of our way old man before you get hurt!!!” John said. Blain kept his silence as he smiles. “Arcanine…FIRE BLAST!!! Magmar FIRE BLAST as well!!!” Blain said with confidence.

Magmar opened his duck like mouth out widely and started to charge up for a very powerful fire attack named Fire Blast. His mouth was full of intense heat and a lot of fire energy surrounds the weird shaped fire Pokemon. He released the powerful attack, a magnificent Japanese word, made of extremely powerful and intense heat power, colored with red, orange and white came out of the fiery Pokemon’s mouth. That blast attacked the almighty Starmie knocking it away toward a small boulder on the beach crashing the centered colorful and beautiful jewel on Starmie making the star Pokemon nearly faked out. The same attacked came out of Arcanine, but with much more magnificent look, hot and fiery. That attack hit Charizard in the belly making him fall down unconscious.

“THA…TH…THAT…THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO BELIEVE!” John said. “What will happen to Wacko?!” Brandon said stupidly. “Well nothing if you just go away, the three of you!” Blain told them. The three trainers looked at each other then at Blain with fear as they withdrew their Pokemon and run away to a safer place. Blain withdrew Magmar back to his Pokeball as he approaches Tamer. The kid shivered from fear then he controlled him self and smiled, “Thanks a lot sir!” Tamer said. “Not a problem Tamer…I can say that you don’t remember me, right?” Blain asked the young trainer. “Err…well…sorry but I don’t think so!” Tamer answered Blain’s small question. “I guessed so, you were a little kid anyway. You have potential kid…don’t loose it and keep on training.” Blain told Tamer. “Thanks a lot Mr. Blain…” Tamer said when Blain interrupted him. “I am Blain, the best fire Pokemon trainer ever lived, and I shall give my legacy to you kid. My secrets are simple…love you Pokemon, take good care of them…feed them and never be a trainer for them, be a friend. You also have to evolve them which is the best weapon to win a battle…an evolved Pokemon might look uglier and not cute but they sure are stronger than their pre-form Tamer…so you must evolve your Growlithe and Shroomish to become better.” Blain said. Tamer smiled as he thanked Blain. “Thanks sir, but I am in a hurry, my Pokemon needs healing and that poor Lapras needs intense care…” Tamer said. Blain smiled as he told Tamer that it’s ok, and that saving Lapras is the most important thing to do now.

Tamer San
07-04-2004, 09:54 PM
~ Part Two...

Tamer withdrew his two Pokemon and then got closer to the baby Pokemon, who has lost its trust and faith in humans. Tamer got closer but every time that Lapras tackles him away. And for some reason Lapras finally allowed Tamer to touch her, she suddenly faked out as she was wounded and totally tired, she seemed horrible as she couldn’t move nor do a thing. Tamer and Blain got scared, the feared that Lapras could be dead, or even dying so Blain took out his Charizard from its Pokeball and ordered it to carry the baby Lapras, he also sent the other Charizard for help. Blain and Tamer were running toward the nearest Pokemon Center, and the two Charizards were flying carrying Lapras toward the Center as soon as possible. The two Pokemon Trainers and the two Charizards got into the Center, Tamer never saw Cinnabar’s main, biggest and newest Pokemon Center.

The Pokemon Center was fantastic, very big, too floors and it has many computers around the Center. There was one Blissy and too many Chancey around the place, and there was also a Nurse Joy and couple of other nurses and doctors. There are also clean, and tidy, waiting benches, red colored. When Nurse Joy saw the poor Lapras she called the ER unite that contains two doctors, two Chancey and the Blissy with the help of the famous Nurse Joy. “What happened Tamer?!” Nurse joy asked as they were running along side with the moving bed that contains the fainted Lapras. Tamer told Joy the whole story as they got into the ER room, Tamer wasn’t allowed to get into there so he had to go out and wait. Meanwhile he put his two other Pokemon into the healing machine and got them refreshed.

Tamer was sitting on one of the benches along side with Blain waiting Nurse Joy to come out of the ER with good news about Lapras’s health. He was so worried, worried that Lapras would not survive, he simply looked angry and wanted to beat those bad trainers up. “Come with me Tamer…” Blain said as he grabs Tamer’s hand and takes him out side. “What is it sir?” Tamer asked. “To beat those grunts later on you need a stronger Pokemon, I can only evolve your Growlithe but you have to go out and train your Shroomish hard.” Blain told the young trainer as happiness was drawn on his face. “But how?” Tamer asked happily. “It is simple, just let Growlithe get exposed to the rays of the Fire Stone and he will evolve.” Blain said while grabbing a very beautiful red and shiny stone out of its pocket. Tamer smiled and took out his Growlithe and exposed it to the rays of the stone. Growlithe became so shiny and white, he started to grow bigger and bigger as he became at full and perfect size of Arcanine. Tamer was so happy that he got his best friend evolved. Growlithe is now a fearless, fearsome, fiery Pokemon that is respected by every other trainer. Arcanine howled in his outrageous voice as he licks Tamer. His trainer petted him and played with him and returned him to his Pokeball as they interred the Center. Blain and Tamer sat on the benches…again…waiting for Lapras and Nurse Joy!!!

To be continued...