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06-03-2004, 10:46 PM
Nightmare in Mauville III: Absol’s Fear

Check out the second fic of Absol’s bloody reign: Nightmare in Mauville II: Ultimate Sins (http://www.empireirc.net/pokemonelite2000/showthread.php?t=314)

This fic is rated high for bloody descriptions and bad words here and there. Comments are well appreciated!

And so was it that the Devil’s Pet would vanish within the flames of the night. In the same house it all started in. The same house…people died in. Mauville, Hoenn would never be the same… for their was no mortal that could stop a living and breathing devil. Mauville Mental Institution laid on the highest peak of the city, looking down below on the happy citizens. One room, however, had a small window in it. Peaking thru the glass was a man, looking down at unhappy but horrified citizens. They wouldn’t ever be scared of the Devil’s Pet itself ever again. Because tonight, there would be no one looking out that window at the Institution. That’s because the person who spent a year there under stress and concern, has turned into the new fear. The fear of Absol.


Agent Orange
06-03-2004, 10:50 PM
Yes! Another bloody KCash special! I cain't wait! :mrgreen:

06-07-2004, 03:33 AM
--KCash-> Sorry for the late post guys! I know I promised this sooner but my city went to state for softball so I drove all day and night to see that. And we won! We are the first to win back to back championships so that was a big deal. Anyways, comments are appricated...

Chapter 1
Stealing Your Thunder

The sun was just now coming up over the tips of the high hills hovering over the small town. A town that knew nothing of terror, except for a few that were involved. There had been myths, there had been legends and stories, but no one even knew the slightest about the real story. One boy did.

Newspaper articles were taped on the wall all around the gleaming white room. Only one light gave off its brightness to the room and that came from a small lamp. A saw hovered its way into a charcoal colored object that looked like a half of a sphere. A boy sat in a chair with white glasses on, keeping the saw dust from getting to his eyes. His black hair streamed in every direction and an awful odor stormed out of his old clothes.

The clothes consisted of a black leather jacket with a white collared shirt underneath. Dark blue jeans were rolled up at the bottom a bit to reveal his brown and tough leather shoes. He threw down his protector glasses and put in a silver chip into the pokeball.

The radio in the corner of the room blared to the sunlight trying to creep in thru a small window. “I’m gonna be the one to break you, Put the screws in ya…” the music played with the beat of a guitar and drums.

The boy rolled his white threaded, black leathered chair across the room to where the other half of the item was. As he held both parts to the pokeball, the television sitting on the floor in the darkest corner of the room was flashing his name at the bottom. The television was on mute so a small caption was held on the bottom of the screen. He turned his attention to it.

“It was only a month ago when Charlie Jamison escaped from his room at the Mauville Mental Insitution. While the police have been looking for him day and night, he was found burnt to the bone when a car he stolen ran off a cliff last night,” the caption ended as the television’s power was flipped off.

“Fools…” the boy whispered to himself.

He continued to go to work on his project by clipping the two halves together to make on ball. A pokeball.

A new kind that no one has ever seen before. A charcoal color ran across its smooth structure with a red button on the tip. He pressed the red button and the pokeball minimized down to its smaller form. He threw it into a tiny black bag where it would be with the other twenty pokeballs he had made.

He grabbed the bag and swung it over his shoulder. He put on his black glasses and opened up the door of the small room to see a blinding flash of daylight.

“I got some hell to pay ya, I still your thunder. The joy of violent movement, pulls you under,” the music continued to go on, not being turned off.

“Your to strong for me Absol,” the boy moved his glasses around to fit his head correctly, “But I have a new way to beat you…”

He threw his homemade pokeball up in the air, spiraling with sparkles. “With my Death Ball.”

Thanks to Metallica for the lyrics to the song on the radio.

Neo Emolga
06-07-2004, 03:56 AM
Excellent beginning KCash. I love this epic horror saga, and Absol has to be one of the worst villians I've ever seen of all time. Plus you have an interesting new character. Will he be the one to stop Absol, or will he just end up like all the others...?

Heh, I eagerly await more posts to this story. Heck, maybe you could become a horror fic teacher in the Summer Camp.

06-07-2004, 11:53 PM
--KCash-> Thank you for the comments! I appreciate it. I hope your ready for this one...

Chapter 2
Veteran of Survival

A small and quiet room was barely lit up from the television screen. The news was on, showing some wreckage of a fatal car wreck the past night. A brown, large chair was set up in the middle of the dark room, towering over the television screen.

The room had a surge of smell such as beer and old pizza. Beer cans were covering the carpet of the floor every terrible kind of food imaginable was laying around on the sofa and tables.

“It seems so long ago when I brought you into my home. Killed the neighbors and friends of my life. Killed my wife and drove my son crazy. You thought you won but I made sure you didn’t. You lucky son of a b**ch. You escaped from me on the second attempt but now my son is coming,” a man with the stingy smell of alcohol all over his buddy pronounced.

The recliner had the feet rest prompt up and the man had his feet laid out on it. His beer belly hung over his sweat pants and his hair seemed to be falling out as the days passed.

“And he will take your life like you have taken so many others,” Rick Jamison smiled.

Suddenly a loud buzz flushed into the room. The walls shook from the sound and Rick’s eyes opened wider. This was the buzz of a chainsaw, the buzz that sent fear straight up your spine.

<He can’t do anything to me. He tried to take me out but he failed. Then you and that skanky girl Tiffany tried to take me out. Failed there as well. Now you think that he can take me out all by his self? If he was really coming after me, he wouldn’t have to slightest chance against me>

The words throbbed in Rick’s head like something or someone was sending a message to him by thoughts. That could only be the work of a devil.

<But as for now, you and me have some unsettled business to take care of> the thoughts continued to fill into Rick’s head. Was he going crazy?

<This time I will take more than just an arm>

Rick’s eyes turned to his arm, where he had nothing their but a phantom limb, a ghost arm. The thoughts frightened him…

Absol made a quick motion with its blade and Rick was soon screaming out in sheer pain. Rick felt a sharp pain in his arm. He reached for his arm to see what kind of damage was done. As his left arm went reaching out, he felt nothing but air and pain. He slowly moved his brown eyes towards the floor where his arm laid.

This moment of his past had haunted him in his dreams every night. Then Rick used his only arm to feel the scars and marks on his face which Absol embarked there. His hand closed tightly into a fist.

<I have something for you. Remember that thing you tried to kill me with?> Absol’s voice was terrorizing as it embraced itself into Rick’s head.

As Rick’s brown and bold eyes moved up towards the television, Absol stood in the way. Blood dripped from its blade and its sharp, black tail. The horrifying creature’s face had an awful burnt mark on it from where Rick had set a nice plan up to burn the demon.

Next to Absol was something familiar to Rick. The same weapon he battled Absol with, the weapon he tried to end Absol’s life with but failed. A red chainsaw with dry blood on the blade from where he got a few good slices on Absol.

Fear rose in Rick’s eyes as he heard Absol speak telepathically <I thought I’d return it>

Agent Orange
06-08-2004, 12:02 AM
Nice! If you do lessons, Ill join yours!

06-12-2004, 02:16 PM
I can sense charlie's return, as a ghost or somethin, possesin people, in order to kill absol

06-16-2004, 06:11 AM
--KCash-> Well I wasn't planning on bringing this chapter out so soon but I thought why not. It's not a lot, just a little filler I guess. I hope you enjoy it either way!

Chapter 3
Big Fish Take Little Bait

Charlie stepped through the small doorway that had a green trim around it. The door was left wide open and the wind silently blew in, throwing around loose papers and garbage. Charlie laid down his small, black bag and slowly crept deep into the house.

It was to quiet in the house. It was quiet outside the house.

No Tailow’s chirped in their nests. No Wurmple’s slithered along the hardwood trees. No Whiscash were jumping out of a nearby pond to get a glimpse of sunlight. No sound was being made.

Charlie saw a picture which frightened him. The television was glowing with gray and white crackles like fireworks going off inside the tv. Charlie saw the same chair his father used to sit in everyday after working long hours as a doctor for pokemon.

His fingers tingled with the soft touch of the chair. The sweat on the fingertips of Charlie made his fingers slightly slip on the leather surface. He slowly moved his hand so that the chair would swing around. As it slowly turned, a more revealing picture was shown.

The man Charlie had grown to know. The man Charlie had played baseball with, ate at barbeque’s with, and loved deeply for was now a dead man.

The deep and jagged edges of the chain wrapped around a portion of the chainsaw was levered into his head. Blood dripped on the floor and not even Charlie could make out his appearance anymore.

Charlie put his wrist up to his mouth, trying not to burst out in tears or in vomit. He clinched his fists together and slowly walked over to a phone hanging on the wall next to the refrigerator. He dialed the numbers “9-1-1".

“What is your emergency?” questioned a lady.

“I’d like to report a dead body, the address is 415 West Craven Street,” Charlie tried not to search around the room with his eyes, afraid he would see the picture of his dead father again.

“I need your identification please,” the lady continued as Charlie removed the phone from his ear. He dropped it to the ground without putting it up. He quickly stumbled out of the house, grabbing his bag and getting his head straightened out.

As he stepped outside he could feel the delightfulness of the wind blowing into his clothes. He soaked up the sun and gathered himself before taking another step.

“Where would I go if I was Absol...” Charlie closed his eyes and thought about how he could either lure Absol to him or find Absol himself.

“...Where it all began.”

Charlie took off towards his old house where he and his now dead family took in Absol years ago. Absol would be lured there easily and without thought. Then, Charlie would be ready to take care of this horror once and for all.

Agent Orange
06-26-2004, 10:45 PM

Don't let it die, it rocks!