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Oz Ranger
09-16-2006, 01:12 AM
Titans of Aeon:

The Story:

Team Galaxy had been foolish.

In their struggle to obtain the two legendary Pokémon of time and space, they realised not the destruction they would cause.

Team Galaxy was specialized in hunting Pokémon. Founder Alexander Grahm, higher up in the ladder than even Mars of Team Galaxy, ordered a hunt on these two Pokémon. With time and spaced on his side after all, he could conquer the world, go back in time, distort images, and so fourth. It was the perfect chance to conquer, after he had heard about these two Pokémon in a legendary fairytale.

On site at the Temple of Legends, an underground cave under Masago Town, these two legendaries were sealed behind two gates of tin. Foolishly like the fools they were, they did not consider the consequences as the tin gates swung wide open.

That was to be the beginning of the end.

Team Galaxy could not control Diaruga and Parukia. Instead, these two Pokémon engaged in a battle as old as time and space itself. These two Pokémon, did not think either, how much destruction their battle would cause.

Cut to six months later.

The world has been thrown into a state of flux. Many people have blamed Team Galaxy, thus, most of them had by now, been executed, accused of the highest treason of governments. Few Team Galaxy members were truly alive. With the execution of most of the high commanders, only the weak Galaxy Scouts remained. However, because time and space are in a constant state of flux, time can be reversed, and images can be distorted to reveal the dead.

The continent of Kanto was hit hardest, the battles mostly waging over the once peaceful continent. Even the military have tried to stop the Legendary Pokémon, but to no avail. Kanto is in the hardest times, so much so, that when a measly book at the Museum of Kanto is stolen, it flies right under the radar.

The thief was a once outgoing girl named Shannon. Shannon Hardcastle however, had become cold around the edges. When she stole this book, she had discovered a once forgotten tale:

‘The two titans of time and space waged an epic war in the 5th century After Death. The strongest warriors fought to contain the two titans, but to no avail. A crystal forger, however, discovered the six Crystals of Aeon, the key to sealing the two titans in gates of the tin, forged from the very crystals themselves.’ ~Darren Deadwood, Philosopher of the 6th century After Death

It had seemed simple enough. Shannon went back to Shin'ou, to the site, where she had expected to find the crystals. This was to no avail however.

This is were you come in. Anything could have happened between now and then. You might have aged three years, like Shannon did. Or you could have lost a few years. Your Pokémon could have died because of the fast forward of years on their lives. ANYTHING could have happened. Now, when you hear of the traveler who has been trying to contain these two legendaries, you read a note around the continents, to meet at the Tavern of Goldenrod.

Now it is up to us to find the six Crystals of Aeon to contain the two legendaries. While we are doing this, Team Destro is going to be after us, trying to get the Crystals of Aeon before we do.

Good luck!

. . .

The Specifics:

This is not a first-come-first-serve RPG. I have been on many forums, participated in MANY RPGs, and a lot of them have failed, with only two of the original ones I joined not failing. This is because of, most of the time, either Player’s not reading the plot outline, OR, not posting regularly. Nothing saddens me more to see RPGs fail, most particularly mine (two failed). This is my third attempt to make a story that was originally going to be turned into a novel, but I feel, this can make a fantastic RPG.

The Crystals contain no special powers, they just are there as keys, as such. These keys, once combined, can either lock the legendaries back in, or destroy the world.

The usual sorts of rules apply. NO Godmodding, NO taking control of anyone’s character without their permission (PM me first), NO any such thing that you think would cause an inconvenience to the players or me. Red the RPG guidelines for an idea. Also, I want no short-itty-bitty-posts that add nothing to the RPG. If I find any, you will have three warnings. If you use all three up, Team Destro will kill you. They are quite a bloodthirsty team…

Please, also, avoid cliché characters. As a writer, there is nothing more I hate, when a cliché character with no thought comes as a sign-up. Trust me, you know and I know when we see one.

Anytime in the RPG, also, a time or space flux can occur, which will mean that either the field will change, or our age will change when we are on the field of battle, OR, time reverse itself to a certain point. It is random when it will happen, so be prepared for that.

Here is the sign-up sheet:

Name: (self explanatory)

Age: (do I really need to explain this? If something has happened with your age because of the time flux, state the age you are meant to be, but what you are. I want no five year olds though. Be reasonable with your age.)

Physical Characteristics: (description of character, or picture. I don’t want real-live actors if you are doing that though. I don’t Brad Pitt being a Trainer 0_0’.)

Pokémon: (four Pokémon maximum. Two must at least be at their first stage. You can choose D/P Pokémon, but if you don’t know how they evolve, you can’t. If it is a first stage D/P, and you want to evolve it, I will find out for you [I am getting Japanese Pearl]. Two must be first stagers, one can be a middle stager, and one can be a last stager .)

Personality: (their personality.)

Background: (their history.)

Allegiance: (Team Destro or the heroes)

RPG Sample: (give me a sample of how you role-play.)

Other: (anything else you want to include.)

[B]My Profile:

Name: Shannon Miriam Hardcastle

Age: Shannon is meant to be fourteen, but has aged four years because of the time flux, so she is eighteen.

Physical Characteristics: Shannon has golden coloured hair, with beautiful ocean coloured eyes and Caucasian coloured skin. Because of what has happened over the past months, she has slightly tanned skin though. Her attire consists of a jade bucket hat with a Poké Ball on it, along with an aqua tanktop, and depending on her mood (she has bad mood swings), either a short dress or jeans. She is only a little past five foot, quite short for her age.


Personality: Pre six months ago – Bright, outgoing, bubbly, cheerful, having a bright outlook on life, always saw the positive in any situation, slightly oblivious to other’s feelings and couldn’t bare to hurt a Pokémon.
Now – Cheerful at times, but cold edges, like she has a chip on her shoulder. She cares for Pokémon not as much as she used to, and is driven to get her innocence back. Bit of a smart arse, but still slightly outgoing.

Background: She was just a twelve-year-old with a dream when it began. Her name was Shannon. She wan an outgoing, bright person, who did not know that life could be so cruel. She was born in Johto, but moved to Kanto with her parents when she was two. Her mother worked in a Pokémon Greenhouse, while her father worked in Goldenrod City for most of the year, coming home for two months at Christmas.

She began her journey with a Bulbasaur. It seemed that life was having a bright outlook…that was until on her thirteenth birthday, she discovered she had a unique gift. She could sense the emotions of Pokémon. She could not talk to them, but she could sense their auras and personalities. She learnt each time she placed them in a fight, they did not particulary like it. She gave up the Gym Leader challenge after versing Koga, having won the five badges.

She auctioned off the badges on the market, and received 20 000 Poké for them. She used this money to get herself hired at a café, because the girl loved to cook.

Cut to six months before now. A wave swept through Kanto, effecting everyone in some way or another. She aged a year more than she was meant to, having the body of a fifteen year old. She began to grow cold edges, and spent many long nights contemplating the meaning of life.

Cut to two months before now. Diagura and Parukia had been actually battling in the Kanto, smashing through several houses during the process. One of them was the café in which Shannon was working. A time wave hit her, aging her another two years. She now had the body and puberty of a seventeen year old, despite only being fourteen.

She quit her job at the café, and sought herself out to stop this, wanting her innocence back. She stole a book at the Kanto Museum, flying right under the radar. As she was flicking through the book for clues, she found a clue from the Philosopher Deadwood of the 6th Century After Death. Shannon thought this would be simple enough.

She boarded a liner to Shin'ou, hoping to find clues for her quest. She, although not finding the clues she wanted, was given a Pinpuku that she adopted, and a Korinku she found in the wild. She figured, if she was going on a quest, she would need more Pokémon. She cared no more that she was hurting their feelings.

Shannon was not who she was at the beginning of the journey that was for sure.

Allegiance: Heroes

RPG Sample: The cold air filled the night of Goldenrod City, the golden haired female running her hands over the bricks that composed the bar. Her eyes moved over the building for a few moments, contemplating what she was about to carry out.

Shannon Hardcastle flung open the door to the bar, two weeks prior to placing the message up for travelers to meet her here. She only had a mere 1000 Poké left, which she was hoping would be enough.

The rebellious girl pulled out a cigarette and lighter from her pocket. The flame hung over the cigarette for a few moments, the cigarette lighting. A puff of smoke filled the air, attracting attention of clients that where currently sitting and having a drink. They raised their eyebrows, and she raised hers to their response.

Shannon sat down at the bar stool, the young man behind the counter coughing in response to the cigarette, truing to convey a subtle message. This did not reach Shannon, so he said, “Miss, you don’t look old enough to smoke.”

Shannon turned her head to the bar man, slightly annoyed. “When time affects your age three years or so, I have the right to pull out a cigarette. Besides, I won’t be long.”

Shannon slid 200 Poké across the bartender.

“I want the meeting room on Friday, the thirteenth of July,” Shannon said, gruffly. The bartender sighed, taking the Poké, and nodding. Shannon stood up from her stool, about to exit the bar. She heard a voice from the bartender though from behind her.

“Why do you need the room, miss?”

Shannon stood there for a few moments, looking at the ground, then taking a puff from her cigarette. She looked into the bartender, her cold eyes showing no emotion. Her face though, just smiled.

“Save the world,” she dramatically said, walking out of the Bar of Goldenrod.

Other: She has wild mood swings.