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09-17-2006, 12:02 AM
Storyline: This will take place at the Academy as Naruto and his friends are the top rank. As for us we just bein to come here as there are four exam. Written Exam, Jungle Exam, Night Exam and the last one will be reveal later. But duaring the Exam, all of the Sensei will be talking about the "Hidden Scroll". Why are they talking about? Is someone after it? Or dose it have to do with the Exam.

Rules:No heavy swearing, no porn or anything like that, ABSOLUTELY NO GOD-MODING OR BUNNYING!!! Or you shall be kick off from this thread. First-come, first-served. Also follow the storyline

Birth Village:

Name: Sick Renegade
Birth Village: Rain Village
Name: Impaired Visions Of Rain
Description: The user makes the foe think that it is raining so hard that they canít see anything.
Name: Raining Missile Assault
Description: The user makes rain fall from the sky, but these raindrops blow up upon impact.
Nin-Dogs-Do I need to say more
Sharingan Eye Activation-Right Eye
Clothing:Black Gloves,Red Thin T-Shirt Under Black Shirt, Rain Village Marking on Bandanna around Forehead, Black Jeans with pocket, Black and White Shoes

09-17-2006, 03:07 AM
It doesn't seem like much of a story line but I watch Naruto occasionaly so I'll join.

Name:Ken(last name unknown)
Birth Village:Village Hidden Withing the Grave
Name:Zombie Torture Jutsu
Description:When the user get's the oponet in the spot he wants he summons zombies from the ground to come up capture the oponent and bite in to their skin.Usually until they cry for mercy.

Name:Dark Kamakazi Jutsu
Description:Users releases a giant explosion that goes out threw the whole field that is undogible,but it does damage to both people.Most of the time since he can't control it,it only hits the user,but sometimes it will hit both.

Name:Dead Armor Jutsu
Description:A blue set of armor comes around him that increase his speed and power.The catch is it takes a long time for it to finish so peices come in during battle.
Ryokugaru(giant sword)

Clothing:A black shirt.Jeans.He carries a pack that he puts around his shoulder to keep his shurikens in.His headband is around his body.It acts like a sheath for his sword.His Ryokugaru.He has bandages unders his hand(.If accepted you'll eventually find out what's under them)He wears regular black tennis shoes instead of sandals.

(please let me use this village.The sign for his head band is a set of teeth with a eyeball inside.I've been itchin to use this village and since there isn't many Naruto rp's now I think this is my last shot.Not to try to bribe you to accept but if I can't use it I probably won't join.But maybe I will.Please just let me use it though)

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(*Sigh* If you really want to use it because your jutsu sound reasonable so i allow it)

09-18-2006, 02:19 AM
OCC: Alright I'm going to start it off. Any other will join but put your bio up then rp ok
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sick look around as this was a new year. Being here the first time really made him feel better. Seeing many people looking at him since he's the only one from the Rain Village as many of them got killed or get hird from different nation to help them. Shacking his head as he wondering where everyone was at. Sigh lightly as Sick wonder around for a bit before he gotten himseft into the gym."Is this where the first time people get to meet." Shacking his head lightly as other people came him. Many people had getting in line as other didn't have a line have to move toward the end. Sick walk to the last line as he saw people came toward it

09-19-2006, 01:00 AM
Ken looked around the academy.He was ready for a fight,but he knew all fights on campus are organized battles.Most of the time it would be a tournament.He hated those because he had to wait to fight.He sat in the back of the classroom.Lots of peoples stared.They never heard of the village they were from so they knew they'd have to watch carefully.His team was already asembled before he was sent to the academy,but there was only two people on it.Ken and Kimera.

Ken looked around the room again."Some of them look like they can put up a fight."Ken said."You sound so serious about this.You don't pick fights like that."Kimera said staring straight forward."I'm just trying to add dramtic effect."Ken said.Kimera shook her head."I do want a fight with one person though."Ken said with a serious voice."Garra,Sasuke,Neji,Naruto,and if he ever recovers,Rock Lee.He's sure to become even stronger if he was able to heal.I doubt that he will heal though."Ken was even more ready for a fight.All this talk about it got Kimera fired up too.They couldn't wait to show their abilities.

09-19-2006, 02:05 AM
Sick shack his head lightly as he laugh. Not saying nothing as each of them begin to find their clan and begin to move. Overheard two people talking as he only keep his mouth. Yeah they recover from their fight. Feeling something strange here as he look around once more. Sound Village is still back. Shacking his head as he know he have to get stronger. After each Sensei talk and round up the group while Sick lean aganst the wall not giving any hints that he's got more Chakra then anyone else here. After several minute of getting people together as Sick is still the only one from the Rain Village. Cltuching his fist tightly, chakra begin to drain when everyone begin to feel it in a heartbeat.

One of the Sensei walk up toward Sick as he almost look like Kakashi but with no mask and his head band is over his face."Nice to see you.. Your name is.." Sick snap back to himseft as he look at his new sensei"Sick Renegade from the Rain Village." Wondering what he's going to say. "Alright Sick, I'm Uzumaki Shino. But it seem like your all alone. Do you still want to train alone with all the hardship or get help." Sick look at Uzmaki then say something"I rather train alone but it's up to you." Uzmaki nod his head lightly as everyone begin to leave the room."Sick be awake at five am that's when your training start" Noding his head when he turn around Uzmaki talk to the sensei that there was only two people from their clan. Hearing them talk while Sick was walking. "I don't need any help from anyone"

justin byron hawk
10-01-2006, 10:04 PM
Name: Justin Byron Hawk
Birth Village:(Since i dont come from here i dont have a birth village but this is the village i go with)Village Hidden in the Leaves
Jutsu:I dont have one cause i came from an other world so i use elemental water attacks (is that ok.)

Water Blast:A not-so-strong attack but can be useful.
Ice Shield:A strong shield of ice.
Water Hole:Makes a small hole where the user wants it to be then tons of water blasts up.
Ice Armor:Gives the user a very strong ice armor.
Water Dragon:Creats a huge dragon of water and is very hard to do.
Ice Staff:Creats a powerful ice staff.
Wave:Creats a huge wave and hits hard.
Ice Blast:An attack that is a little stronger than water blast.
Water Dragon Punch:A super powerful punch that is acctualy ice and is hard to do.
Ice Mist:Mist flows through the air and freezes anything it touches.

Close Friends:Naruto,Gaara,Rock Lee.


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sure because at the moment i don't care)

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sure because at the moment i don't care)
Can I be Uchiha, Sasuke plz!?

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yeah because this might not be going anywhere at this rate

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Name: ( My last name is before my first name. ) Uchiha, Sasuke.
Age: 13
Birth Village: Uchiha clan.
Chidori : A very strong and powerful attack. It even made Gaara of the sand bleed.
Flaming Dragon: A secret Uchiha move. Every Uchiha is usually tought this, but now only Sasuke and Itachi know how to it.
urse Mark Lv.1:A very strog form. He may look evil and out of control. But he now knows hot to take control.
Curse Mark Lv.2: sasuke beat Naruto in this form when Naruto's nine tail fox was taking control of his body. Luckily, Sasuke held that power back, and only badly injured and knocked out Naruto.
Fire ball jutsu: Balls of fire come from his mouth and hits everything in it's way most of the time. It is a very strong technique when fighting more than 50 ninja's at once.
Sharingan Eye Activation Lv.1: His eyes start to help him see the attacks coming towards him before the opponent actually does it.
Sharingan Eye Activation Lv.2: Can tap into the mental part of anyone, and show them the past things that you've seen and done.
Hidden shruugin's in fire balls: This happens when Sasuke uses the fire ball jutsu, and then it reveals the shruugin's that are dangerously sharp.
Chordata Dragon: This attack is powerful. It is a chidori attack, but in the form of a dragon.
Close Friends:Naruto,Gaara,Rock Lee, Sakura.

Sasuke walks to the gym. Wondering where his brother is. He knew that when he arrived at the gym many would talk under their breath or stare at him since his whole clan had been murdered by his own flesh in blood. His brother Itachi. Sasuke has been getting the highest scores all the time in every single one of his classes. He still is on teams with Kakashi sesei, and his two partners. Sakura and Naruto. Sasuke has fought Naruto with the hope of killing him. Sasuke defeated Naruto but just couldn't kill him. His brother Itachi told him that the only way to gain the Sharingan Eye ActivationLv.2 he'd have to kill his closest friends. But now Sasuke fights all the time, and does his best to gain power his way. He occasionally goes to the gym to see Kakashi, Sakura, Rock Lee, Neji, Naruto, and Gaara. But he now goes evrywhere else by his lonesome. He cares about his friends, and despises his brother. So much that he wants him dead.

Saraibre Ryu
03-03-2007, 12:48 AM
If its still open, I will join.

Name: Ryuujin Tetsuda (last before first)
Age: 13
Birth Village: Unknown, currently lives in the Leaf Village
Jutsu: Claws of the Metal Demi-God
Description: If any metal is near the forearms, the user can turn it into armor for that part of the arm only, and the metal also forms on the hands, making it as durable, but flexible and giving the user claws. This can break through almost any normal substance.

Jutsu: The Reiniku of the ___ Demi God (the blank is filled in with an element of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning or Metal)
Description: Tetsuda is able to shapeshift into the Demi-Gods of her clan, but she does NOT become a Demi-God, only the physical form and has some abilities. She will revert either on her own, or when totally out of chakra. She is not immortal, nor all power ful, though some attributes might increase slightly, based on the element.

Jutsu: Mind Sight
Desrciption: Tetsuda is able to see places and areas she isn't in or near with her mind as if she was really there. She cannot see her own surroundings until she stops using this.

Jutsu: Shapeshifting
Descrpition: Basically changes into any animal the user thinks of.

Kekkai Genkai (Sp, and are we allowed those?) Can control metal

Clothing: Pale, light green t-shirt with darker green sleeves, really dark green cargo pants, shoulder belt that holds two wooden handles only just longer than her fore arm on it, grey running shoes, grey wrist guards that totally cover her wrists, a headband with the Leaf Village symbol on it tied around her neck. Long light brown hair and left eye is green and the right one is blue.