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Matt & Vulpix
06-05-2004, 05:44 PM
What will happen on mysterious Tohjo Island when nine guests are invited to spend a few days there?
It won’t be a calm vacation, by all means…

This Fan Fiction is rated PG13 because of mature themes and gore. Reader discretion is advised.

This is a Mystery Fan Fiction. Just to let you know...

It was also my application for WAR Season 3. In its run, it won 1 point.

This is based on "And Then They Were None" (aka "Ten Little Indians") by Agatha Christie. Yes, the story is different, but it is based on it. And the murderer and all that is different.

Matt & Vulpix
06-05-2004, 05:45 PM
Chapter I

A pink creature was sitting on a snug green train seat. She clutched in her paws a letter she had recently received from someone she really had never met. It was an offer to stay at the island the author of the letter had bought.

She decided to reread the letter to make sure that she was on the right train. She took it out of the envelope, and began to read.

“Dear Jenna,

How the times have passed! I wish to reacquaint myself with you. Please come to stay at my island on June 8th for a few days. I will be receiving several others to my island as well, just to get to see everyone again. You won’t know them, but that’s even better! You’ll make new friends.”

She stopped at that part of the letter.

“I don’t know anyone that’s rich!” Jenna thought, “Or at least, rich enough to buy an island. At least today is June 8th. I’m on the train on the correct date…”

She was also appalled by the handwriting this Pokémon had. It was so terrible that Jenna was almost unable to read the letter.

“Please take this train ticket, enclosed in this letter. The train will bring you to Fuchsia city. There, take this ticket, also enclosed, and show it to my good friend Billy the Croconaw. He will let you board my ship, which will bring you to Tohjo Island. The ship leaves at noon.”

She stopped reading again.

“My ship?” Jenna thought again, thinking this letter was even more farfetched, “I don’t know anyone that’s rich enough to own a ship and an island! He even bought me a train ticket, in first class! For crying out loud! I doubt I know this person.”

She sighed and continued to read.

“I do hope you’ll show up. You may stay as long as you like.

A… Notr…Ony…”

“That does it! This person needs to learn how to write!” Jenna hushed to herself, as she could not even read the person’s signature. She could only make out a few letters, and the rest looked like it was scribbled at the very last minute. She couldn’t even check the return address as there wasn’t one!

The Wigglytuff put the letter back in its cream-colored envelope. Sighing, she looked out the window and saw the beautiful natural surroundings. She loved living in Kanto as it had such beautiful wildlife.

She turned her attention to the other Pokémon in her compartment. There was a female Wartortle with her young Squirtle son. Seeing the young turtle made her mind drift to her past wrongdoings.

“Oh, how I loved you Mario… but I now know you will never love me back.” Jenna sighed once more, as all the emotions came back to her, “But I had to do it. I had to.”

No you didn’t.

The voice she heard in her mind was that of her love: a deep, romantic voice, yet filled with anger and hate.

“I did. I really did. You’ll never understand, never!” Jenna thought, as she shook the bad thoughts off of her mind.

The Wartortle and her Squirtle leaving the compartment helped her shake off these thoughts. She got back to thinking about who could have possibly written the letter.

* * *

Morel was sitting in deep concentration, as he meditated, floating in the air. He had his eyes closed, and was using his psychic energy to conceal his appearance. He wouldn’t want to be caught by some rookie human trainer who wanted to use him to win a League.

Yet he couldn’t seem to render his mind blank. He could only think of that letter he had received. The letter, it was very peculiar. So peculiar, that Morel had memorized it!

“Hello Morel!

It has been quite a long time since we have seen each other. I trust you remember your days in the army. Oh, the fun we had fighting those wars!”

“What a sick person!” Morel immediately thought, when he had read that part, “I definitely didn’t find it fun killing people!”

“Anyways, I wish to meet with you again. To reminisce on what once was. Enclosed to this letter is a train ticket to Fuchsia City and a note to give to Billy the Croconaw. He’s the sailor to my ship, and he will bring you to my island. That’s right, I’ve bought an island. It’s named Tohjo Island, for whatever reason.

I trust you will show up. The ship will depart June 8th, at noon sharp. Don’t be late. Stay at my island for a few days, so pack your bags.

Yours truly,
Arn… No… Ony…”

“Terrible signature. He should write it in clearer letters.” Morel remembered thinking earlier, when he had read the letter.

He then checked the envelope, to see if there was any return address. None.

He lived near Fuchsia City, so he had no use for the train ticket. He therefore sold it, to make a little money. He was so old, he could no longer work, and he hadn’t earned that much in the military…

“Oh, how I wished I’d gone into another profession. I wouldn’t have had to do what I’ve done… I wish I hadn’t done it,” the pink and grey Pokémon said out loud. No one was within distance to hear him.

But then something hit him.

“Noon… today? That’s in one hour! I better get going.” Morel the Medicham said, opening his eyes and getting ready to go the Fuchsia Port.

“I don’t know this person… should I really go? It can’t be that dangerous… could it?” Morel stopped to think a second, “Well, I know how to defend myself. Why not?”

He continued to Fuchsia Port. He felt like he had no choice in the matter. If he wanted to find out who the author of the letter was, he’d have to go to the person’s island.

“I wish I knew more, though…” Morel said quietly to himself as he traveled.

* * *

He stood in the forest, picking different apricorns and fruit from the trees. He was gathering them for the youths of the forest, as it was his turn to do so. Besides, he was going to leave in about an hour anyways.

Because he received the letter, that is. The letter from someone he didn’t remember. Or didn’t know to begin with. He started to recite the letter to himself in his head.

“Dear Eric,

It has come to my attention that I have not seen you in quite a while. We must reunite! I want to know all about your two children, when we last met you told me your wife had laid the eggs. And I wouldn’t mind hearing how your wife is doing.

I would appreciate you to present yourself at Tohjo Island June 8th.”

Whoever had written the letter had wanted him to be at Tohjo Island, on June 8th, less than a week away. How in the heck was he supposed to get all the way to Tohjo Island? Tohjo Island was south of Kanto; Kanto! He lived all the way in Petalburg Forest, with his green skinned family and friends.

But then he remembered the rest of the letter.

“Enclosed is a train ticket from Petalburg City all the way to Fuchsia Port. Of course, you’ll have to change trains a few times as you are going to be traveling such a long distance.

When you get to Fuchsia City, present this note to Billy, my ship’s sailor. He will let you on the ship.

Oh, and before I forget – do not bring your family! There is not enough room on the island for you and your family. I am inviting a group of other people that I need to reacquaint with to the island at the same time as you so we won’t have that much space!

Present yourself at Fuchsia Port at noon on June 8th. Pack your bags because you can stay for a few days.

Yours truly,
A… ...otrich.. O…mi…”

“That person definitely needs to learn how to sign their name,” Eric retorted in his mind, “But I will go. If this person does indeed know me, and did indeed meet me… then I have to go.”

He decided to read the return address, but there was none.

He now had a sufficient amount of food for all the youths of the forest. He brought the big keg of fruits and apricorns back to where he and the other Pokémon lived.

As he hiked back there, he came to the exit of Petalburg Forest. Memories poured out at the sight of that exit.

He quickly got out of that area, and saw his home and the other homes in less than a minute. That’s how fast the Sceptile was running from his past.

Matt & Vulpix
06-05-2004, 05:47 PM
Chapter I Continued

The old flame Pokémon sat in his rocking chair by the fireplace. He was boiling hot by nature, but, with age, he had grown cold. He needed his fireplace to warm him up.

“Oh, how I’ve grown old these days,” he said quietly, and wheezed loudly, “I hope I can buy that foreign medicine…”

He coughed loudly once more. A knock was heard on the door.

“Come in!” the flaming creature shouted.

“Hello, Mr. Edward. Here’s your mail!” a Charmander said, handing over a single letter.

“That’s it? Just the letter?” Edward said, taking the letter in his paw.

“Yes… Why? Is there something I missed?” Charmander replied, and then exclaimed, “Oh, sorry sir! I almost forgot your package. It’s from the same person who sent the letter.”

The Charmander put the packager on the console table beside Edward’s rocking chair. He swiftly said goodbye and left the old Pokémon’s home.

“I wonder who is writing to me…” Edward said, opening the letter. He put on some reading glasses that were also on the console table, and began to read.

“Dear Edward,

I hope you remember me. Probably not, but that’s fine. You’re an old man, who’s met plenty of people. I understand.

On June 8th, I’m receiving people to my island, Tohjo Island, for a few days. I wish for you to be there. I would have enclosed a train ticket to Fuchsia, but I know how rich you are. I’ll let you find your way to Fuchsia.

But I did enclose a note. Show it to Billy the Croconaw, and he will let you board my ship. Be sure to bring your luggage now, old man!

Also, I sent you a package with some medicine in it. I heard about your disease. Get well soon.

…vina N…a On…ty”

He opened the package and saw the note the letter had spoken of. He also saw the medicine, which would cure his severe coolness.

The Magmar got up and read the instructions.

“Drink,” he read aloud. Shrugging, he drank lugged it down.

He felt odd for a moment, but it passed. He was now overbearingly hot, like he had always been. His severe coolness had been cured.

“Now that that’s out of the way, I can finally start thinking about other things… like who that man is? Or woman, for all I know. The signature wasn’t legible…” Edward thought, “Matter as well go. Since I shut down the mines, my life has been pretty boring…”

Trying to forget about his old job as owner of the mines, he dialed the number of the local train station. He would go to Fuchsia and meet the person who had cured his severe coolness.

“Maybe I should check the envelope!”

But there was no return address. Just his own, in printed black ink.

* * *

She sat down on the fancy chair, getting ready to read her mail. She got out a knife, and swiped open the first letter.

It was a letter from her old friend, Antoinette. Not even bothering to read the letter, she put it on a stack of other letters from Antoinette.

“Tonight’s the night I’m burning that pile of letters…” the Jynx said, but then remembered she had received one other letter, “Better to read it now, I guess.”

Not knowing who it was from, as there was no return address, she began to read it.

“Dear Christina,

I wish to see you again. It’s been quite a while – has it not? Please come to see me. I want to know how your life is since you quit.”

Her life was fantastic since she quit! Oh yes, fantastic… Except for the murderous part. How she hated the murderous part…

“Wait one bloody second… How does this person know about that? There is no one left that knows about that! Except Antoinette…” she thought as she continued reading.

“Anyways, come to Fuchsia City. On June 8th, Billy, my sailor, will let you board my ship if you show him the note I’ve attached to this letter. I’ve also included a train ticket to get you to Fuchsia – but I know you won’t need one. You made so much money back in the day.”

“Of course I’d need one! Why would I want to use that tainted money…” she retorted to the author of the letter, in a hushed whisper.

“It’ll be for a few days, honey, so pack your bags.

… Notricha …ity”

“I wish I knew who this person was!” Christina said, making out the letters of the signature. There were ink stains over the rest of them, “Whatever. I’ll go, just because I need to get away from here after I hit Antoinette…”

She put the letter from her mystery correspondent away in her desk. She got out a match and used it to burn the twenty or so letters Antoinette had sent to her. She then got a knife out of the desk’s drawer.

“Bye bye Antoinette!” the Jynx said, getting ready to go and kill Antoinette, “No one should ever, EVER know about what I did in the past!”

* * *

Sleeping on his bed, Tony was dreaming about the happiest moments of his life. His first kiss, his first 100% in a report card… it went on.

Until he dreamt about the spooky letter he’d received a few days ago. Oh, it was spooky…

“Dear Tony,

I hope you remember me. When your mother and father died in that circus accident, I was the one there for you. You remember, don’t you?

Anyways, I wish to meet you again upon my island, Tohjo Island. Go to Fuchsia city using the attached train ticket. On June 8th, go to Fuchsia Port, and show the note, attached to this letter, to Billy, the sailor. He’ll let you on board. Bring your bags because I want you to stay for a few days.

Also, don’t forget, I hate liars.

A…na No…cia Onimi…”

What spooked him was the last line. He, or she, for all he knew, hated liars? It was so out of the blue, that it scared him.

And what scared him equally was that no one had been there for him when he needed it the most. His parents had died and no one had helped him. It might have been what pushed him to do what he had done…

But he had to go! How couldn’t he? Just because the letter spooked him a little? He was going to have a free vacation on an island! That was something that hardly ever happened to someone like him.

He woke up, and began packing his bags. The train ticket indicated he had to leave for Fuchsia tomorrow.

Matt & Vulpix
06-05-2004, 05:49 PM
Chapter I continued

“Nora! The mail’s here! You have two letters!” her coworker shouted as she barged into her office.

“Thanks, Riana.” Nora said, taking it from the Politoed she worked with. Riana left, and she looked at the two letters she had received.

The first one was from the Minister of Medicine, informing her that she had to renew her license to practice medicine.

“Why on earth do they make Chansey take this test?” she thought angrily, “I mean, Chansey are made to cure and help people!”

Throwing the letter out after she noted when the test was, June 30th, she read the second letter. She immediately noticed there was no return address.

Shruging it off, she began to read the letter attentively, after removing it from it’s cream colored envelope.

“Dear Nora,

Thank you for curing me. I hated feeling so itchy all the time. That eczema was everywhere on me! But with one meeting with you, you’d cured it.

Of course, this was a long time ago… but I’d like to reward you for curing me personally. June 8th, I’m receiving many of my old friends to my island, Tohjo Island. Billy, my sailor, will let you board the ship to my island if you show the enclosed note.

Since I haven’t the slightest clue where you live, I enclosed enough money for you to get a train ticket to Fuchsia. Oh yeah, that’s where Billy is. At Fuchsia Port. Tohjo Island is somewhere near there, I know.

I hope you’ll be there. Please, be my guest for a few days.

Yours truly,
A…vi… N…t… On…ym…”

She had cured so many people from eczema that she had no clue who this person was. His or her bad writing didn’t help the cause, either. But she had been working for a long time without taking a single day off… It couldn’t hurt to go to Tohjo Island, right?

And, if she truly did heal this person, then perhaps she would remember the Pokémon upon meeting him or her.

The Chansey got up from the chair she was sitting down off, and went over to the phone in her office. She called up the train station, to get a train to Fuchsia as soon as possible.

“I’m so happy I’m finally getting a break from being a doctor… Sometimes it’s just too much,” she said to herself, and then thought, “Way too much.”

* * *

Josh stood in the kitchen of his manor, making some food to eat. He loved living the luxurious life, but he hated what he had to do for it.

He left his meal on the stove, and decided to go out and fetch the mail while it cooked.

He only had a single letter. And it was soaking wet. The ink on the envelope had all been washed off, except for his address. It was great luck that it had gotten to the Scyther at all.

“Dear Josh,”

Was all he could make out in the first paragraph. In the second paragraph, he saw a few words: June 8th, island, Tohjo, Fuchsia, Train, note, Billy, show, in that order.

The rest of the paragraph was soaked away with the water.

He couldn’t read the signature at all. It was soaked away, with the rest of the text.

But, as if by miracle, a train ticket and a note were attached in perfect condition. The train ticket was from Mahogany Town, where he lived, to Fuchsia City.

And the note, he read, was allowing him to board a ship on June 8th, addressed to a certain Billy the Croconaw.

This made sense, with the words he had made out on the soaked letter.

“I’ll go,” Josh said decidedly, heading back into his abode. He then thought, “I probably know whoever sent the letter to me...”

He went back into the kitchen and ate his lunch.

He was so alone in that manor… and it was his fault.

* * *

“Joan! Joan! Where are you Joan?” someone exclaimed in the deadline bustle going on in the Mossdeep Times Headquarters.

The fifty or so people on the floor were all very stressed. The next deadline was less than an hour away and there were tons of things still needing to be done.

“I’m here, Jonathan! Where are you?” the Kirlia shouted back, hoping that Jonathan the Exploud had heard her. Knowing Jonathan had big ears, she was sure he’d heard.

“You have mail! One letter, it was marked urgent! I guess the person knew that it needed to be urgent to get to you fast, Joan!” the Exploud laughed, “Where are you?”

“I’m here, John!” the Kirlia said, teleporting beside him.

“Here’s the letter.” he said, handing it over to her.

“Are you crazy? Deadline’s in an hour – I have no time for fun and games!” Joan snapped.

“Well, it’s urgent. Didn’t you hear me? URGENT! You have to read it and now!” Jonathan replied, giving it to her and leaving.

“Fine, why not…” she gave up, and went into her office to read it.

“Dear Joan,

This isn’t urgent by any means, but I needed to get through to you. I’m one of your old coworkers back in the days when you worked for the Cerulean Times.

Well, I finally hit it big and now I own an island! Tohjo Island, to be exact. I’m having a few old friends over; I hope you can make it. I want to know where your life is right now, with the Mossdeep Times.

Head to Fuchsia City, on June 8th. Hand over the enclosed note to Billy the Croconaw and he’ll let you on the ship. The ship will bring you to Tohjo Island. Please stay for a few days. I’m sure someone will take over for you while you’re gone.

Al… No… Onim…”

“Great, a bad writer,” the Kirlia said to herself, “I’ll just have to use my physic powers to uncover who wrote it…”

But, when she tried to pump them up, it didn’t work. A wave of exhaustion had suddenly taken her over.

“Maybe I’ll try it later… but I don’t see any harm in taking a vacation for a few days at Tohjo Island. I’ll make reservations to get to Fuchsia later. It’s deadline time!” Joan thought, completely stressed out because of the newspaper she owned.

06-06-2004, 05:44 PM
This story looks very interesting so far Matt. I can't wait until they get to the island. But who could have sent the note?

Neo Emolga
06-06-2004, 06:08 PM
Hey, this is pretty good Matt. It reminds me a lot of "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie with the main characters replaced with Pokemon.

Nice job Matt, I would love to read more.

Matt & Vulpix
06-06-2004, 09:17 PM
Phoenix: Read and find out ^_^ I can't tell you. That would ruin it ^_^;
NP: Hence the note at the top. But I did put my own story to it and it is pretty modernized ^^ It won't have the same ... plot. Outlined on it, but different none the less.

Neo Emolga
06-07-2004, 04:37 AM
Phoenix: Read and find out ^_^ I can't tell you. That would ruin it ^_^;
NP: Hence the note at the top. But I did put my own story to it and it is pretty modernized ^^ It won't have the same ... plot. Outlined on it, but different none the less.

Eh, I must have missed that fine print. I usually just briefly read the intro and get right into the story.

Still, I can see you twisting this outstanding classic in a very interesting way. I'm excited to see what happens...

06-07-2004, 05:36 AM
You've always amazed me with your character's personalities. Its definately your speciality when writing fics. You've done a great job with this first chapter and I cant wait til the next. Great job Matt.

Matt & Vulpix
06-13-2004, 06:52 PM
Chapter II

Alas, June 8th had finally arrived.

The nine Pokémon were in Fuchsia City, anxiously waiting to get to Fuchsia Port to get on the ship that would bring them to Tohjo Island. They all wanted to know the identity of their host, most of all.

With the exception of Joan and Nora, all the Pokémon were at the docks, waiting for Billy to show up and let them board the ship. All seven were uneasy, and looking the others up and down. They were standing with all their luggage around their feet.

“I wonder which one of these freaks is the host,” Josh thought cockily, looking at Morel, across from him. He then diverted his attention to the Jynx, and continued his trail of thoughts, “Or hostess.”

“Why is he looking at me that way?” Christina thought angrily, observing the Scyther watching her like a hawk, “He better keeps his scythes to himself!”

“Why am I the only old person here?” Edward thought, feeling out of place, “All these youngsters…”

“Hmm, she looks gorgeous. Maybe she’s the hostess!” the Mr. Mime thought, looking at Jenna.

“Gosh, I wish that Croconaw would hurry up! I feel so uneasy here! It’s starting to get cold!” Jenna complained in her mind, “And why is he looking at me?” she was now contemplating running as far away from the dock as possible.

“I wish I could know what they are thinking. I could, but I won’t. It’s their privacy. But I want to know who invited me here, and soon!” Morel thought, wanting to get the ordeal over with.

“I already miss you Sally!” Eric thought in his mind, on the verge of the tears, “Oh, how I want to have you in my arms again… but I have to be here. I have to know. I just have to!”

They all heard a Chansey running up to the docks. She had her luggage in one hand, and a medical pack in the other.

“Sorry if I’m late!” said Nora, breaking the silence at the docks, “I had to get a good meal, nutrition is just so fundamentally important!”

“No problem, no problem at all!” Eric replied, putting a fake smile on his face. He was overly enthusiastic, causing Christina to make a face, “Billy isn’t even here yet.”

“And what about…” Nora begun, and let her sentence float in the air.

“What about what? You youngsters need to learn to talk!” Edward snapped, already fed up with the younger crowd, although some of the Pokémon weren’t exactly young.

“Well, you know… our host? Where is our host? Or hostess? Where?” Nora exclaimed, moving her hands around, trying to find the words to express what she wanted to know.

“Shouldn’t you know?” Morel replied, with his eyes closed.

“Well, shouldn’t you?” Nora replied with a sarcastic accent.

“Would the host please just announce themselves? I would like to meet this person myself!” Christina impatiently snapped.

“Hello, hello, hello! Hey, hey, hey! Nice to meet you, how are you?” a Kirlia came into the conversation, using her psychic powers to put her luggage down and saying hello to everyone. She looked enormously stressed.

“Hello!” the others chorused.

“Would the host please speak up?” Josh said decisively, cutting the welcoming short.

“Yeah! Go ahead! Show yourself!” Jenna angrily agreed.

“Hello mates!” an Australian voice said suddenly.

Turning around, they saw a light blue creature walk up to the dock.

“Well, I guess you are the nine that Mr. Onymity wanted me to bring to Tohjo Island!” he said merrily.

“Mr. Onymity?” all nine replied with sudden interest.

“Yes, Mr. Onymity. He owns Tohjo Island, of course!” the Croconaw replied, and then, seeing all the confused looks on their faces, continued, “I trust you all know him…”

“Yes!” they all lied, in harmony.

“Show me your notes now, mates,” the Croconaw announced.

“Maybe when we’re on the ship I can ask them who he is… or she, for that matter… I call him mister Onimity but I don’t really know, do I now?” Billy the Croconaw thought, as he looked at everyone’s poorly written notes.

“Everyone’s good and ready to go. If the men would help me bring the luggage on board…” Billy asked.

“Yes, of course we will help.” Josh said, picking up one of Jenna’s bags to bring it on board.

“No need,” Morel said with ease. He concentrated his mind, and got a few suitcases on board without even a sweat, “I trust the Mr. Mime and the Kirlia would help me in this task.”

“I will help!” Tony replied energetically, joining Morel.

“So much for your help.” Jenna joked to Josh, taking her bag from him and giving it to Morel.

Josh just frowned as Joan didn’t budge.

“Will you please help?” Christina rolled her eyes.

“I would, but my powers are weak since I’m so stressed. I run a newspaper, you know,” Joan replied, grimacing at the Jynx in front of her, “And he didn’t even ask you to help. I wonder why?”

Joan huffed a little cackle.

“Because I’m a lady and ladies don’t work!” Christina insulted.

“Ladies like you are dependent of men, whereas I am not!” Joan shouted back.

“Ladies!” Eric intervened, stepping in between to the frustrated Pokémon.

“What!” they both exclaimed back, at the same time.

“You’re making a scene.” Eric whispered. The two females looked at the other seven Pokémon, watching them with intent.

“Ugh,” They both grunted simultaneously, and then said, “Stop copying me! Ugh!”

The other eight just laughed, and proceeded to getting the luggage on the ship. None of the guests had even glanced at the ship much yet, but before boarding, they all saw the beautiful clean white ship in the water.

“Here’s where you guys will be while we go to Tohjo Island. It’s a three hour boat ride from here, so I hope you all brought something to do…” Billy announced, as they sat down on the highest point of the ship, “I’m Billy, by the way!”

“Hi Billy!” they chorused, liking this vacation already.

“Listen, Billy, we don’t need anything! We can just chat and get to know each other!” Edward announced.

“Capital idea!” Nora replied.

“Okay… Let me go get this ship on it’s way then.” Billy said, getting ready to godown the stairs that led to the room where the steering wheel was. Adjacent to that room was where they stored the luggage, and the exit of the ship.

“Wait, Billy!” the lively Christina stopped him.

Matt & Vulpix
06-13-2004, 06:52 PM
Chapter II continued

“Yes ma’am?” Billy answered.

“Where is our host?” Christina asked. Everyone’s attention drifted to Billy.

“Your host?” he repeated.

“Yes, our host. You know, the person who invited us all here? My memory’s drawn a blank.” Christina replied.

“Well, I’ve never actually met your host… see, he paid me to get you to Tohjo Island. He told me that you would all have special notes to get onboard. But we never actually met. All I know is that his name is Mr. Onymity. Shouldn’t you know who your host is, ma’am?” Billy explained.

“Well, yes, I do… but you see, I know none of these other eight people.” Christina answered.

“Neither do I.” Joan agreed.

“Wow, you two are agreeing with one another! Miracle!” Eric laughed. He received two looks and continued, “Just kidding, but I know none of you either.”

The other six continued to say that they, too, knew none of the others.

“So let me get this straight…” Nora stated, “We are all going to an island, but our host isn’t with us?”

“Well, why would he be? I’ll bet our host lives on the island.” Edward replied logically.

“True, but I find it odd anyways. Our host should be here,” Tony stated his opinion, “In fact, I find it upright rude.”

“I think we should just get to the island and see if our host is there.” Jenna stated, and got an overall agreement from the other guests and Billy.

“Hop to it, Billy!” Morel joked.

Billy acknowledged these words and ran down to the docks to untie the boat and get them out to sea, heading for the mysterious Tohjo Island.

The nine began to get to know each other. They were each careful to conceal the fact that they didn’t know their host, Mr. Onymity, fearing that they were the only one.

“I’m Christina. I live near Indigo Plateau, Kanto,” the Jynx got up and said, “Who are all of you?”

“I’m Edward,” the old Magmar wheezed, “and I live in Mauville City.”

“I’m Joan, and I run the Mossdeep Times in, you guessed it, Mossdeep City!” Joan said, with a sarcastic tone.

“I’m Eric, and I come from jolly Petalburg Woods. I have a wife and two kids!” the tall green creature said, still sitting down, with pride.

“I’m Jenna, and I live in Mount Moon, with a community of other Pokémon like me.” Jenna introduced herself, with a smile on her face.

“I’m Nora, and I am a doctor from Saffron City, and while we’re on the island, I’ll make sure you all get good food to eat!” Nora grinned, as she loved healthy foods.

“I’m Tony, and I live near Violet City. It’s a beautiful place to live,” the Mr. Mime informed, “It has lots of humble habitants.”

“I’m Josh and I live on Cinnabar Island in a large mansion,” the Scyther announced.

Then there was silence. Everyone was waiting for the last Pokémon to introduce himself.

“Why are you all staring? I’m not that important. My name is Morel and I live somewhere near Fuchsia City.” Morel replied, not even looking up at the people.

Morel’s mind kept getting more worried about what he had done earlier, “I only brought that gun for defense… but I still hope no one finds it…”

Two hours and a half later, they could see the island on the horizon.

“Oh, that must be Tohjo Island! It looks so glamorous!” Christina said, getting up and pointing at it.

“Wow, you must really be impressed if you get off your butt to point at it,” Joan said sarcastically, equally getting up, “But I must say… it is very pretty.”

The sun was still high, and the light shining down on the island made it look golden.

“I haven’t see something that golden in years!” Edward exaggerated, and then thought, “Well, of course, I had to shut down the mine after that happened…”

”I do hope our host is at the dock waiting for us,” Eric announced, clapping his hands together like a little schoolgirl, as he got up.

“Or hostess.” Jenna defended, standing up. It could have just as well been a woman.

“I just hope we get there soon.” Josh said, joining the other standing Pokémon.

“Not soon, I want to get there now,” Morel snapped, “I can’t stand this!”

”Can’t stand what, exactly?” Joan replied, confused.

“I can’t stand…” Morel began, wanting to state that he didn’t know the host. Knowing it was risky, he changed his words quickly, “I can’t stand being in this boat it’s too cramped.”

“I know what you mean, Morel. I like being able to walk around.” Tony nodded.

As the ship grew closer and closer to the island, a little snap of fingers was heard. Everyone shrugged it off, and prepared to get off the boat.

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06-26-2004, 01:38 AM
Chapter III

The ship docked on Tohjo Island.

Using their psychic powers, Morel and Tony got all the luggage down on the island’s beach.

As they prepared to leave the ship, they could all observe the beautiful island. It had a few trees every now and then, a lake in the center with a modern house built at the peak of the island. It was pretty small, but it was like a tropical oasis. It had one beach, and the rest of the circumference of the island was rocky.

Billy was standing at the exit of the boat, ready to say farewell to them all.

“See you all now!” he said, waving at the nine guests.

“Will we see you again?” Christina asked, as she was first in line to get off the ship.

“Yes, I come by daily to deliver food to the island. Although there is a big reserve on the island in case I can’t make it.” Billy reassured, “Have a nice time!”

Then something came to their minds.

“Where is Mr. Onymity? Shouldn’t he be waiting to welcome his guests?” Edward asked Billy, before getting off the ship and onto the wooden plank that would lead him to the island’s beach. He wanted to be sure there was someone else on the island before getting off.

“I’m sure Mr. Onymity is somewhere on the island. I’d be surprised if it was that difficult to find him, after all, the island is pretty small,” the blue Pokemon assured, waving off at the island with his paw.

“Thanks Billy! See you soon!” they all shouted, from the beach, around their luggage.

The boat started to float away.

“Well, I guess we should enter the house now… to find our mysterious host.” Tony said to no one in particular.

Everyone nodded, and took their luggage. They hiked up to the house, which was very modern. It was made out of grey bricks, with two stories. It wasn’t so much a house as it was a mansion. It had two large oak doors, and many windows. Dropping their luggage in front of the doors, they sighed.

“I shall knock, I guess.” Morel said, as he was closest to the doors. He knocked three times quickly, and waited for an answer.

They all waited an instant, hoping that someone would answer soon.

A minute passed, and there was still no one answering the door.

“Well, it is a large home… maybe our host is having trouble with something.” Christina said, casually.

But something inside all of them told them no one would answer.

Another minute passed, as uneventful as the last.

“Maybe Morel here didn’t knock loudly enough for our host to hear.” Edward observed. He walked up to the door, and knocked as hardly as he could on the door.

They all waited another minute for the door to be answered.

“I think it would be intelligent to enter ourselves, and search the home for our host. Maybe he is incapable of answering.” Josh pointed out.

“Yes, he could very well be in the shower!” Joan said, overjoyed.

Although they all referred to the host as a ‘he’, no one really knew the gender of their host. They had taken Billy’s example in calling the host a ‘he’, but no one really knew.

They all agreed to enter the house without being answered. It had already been nearly four minutes since they’d been in front of the door.

Morel and Tony used their psychic powers to open the locked doors. Joan, still feeling weak, didn’t help with opening the door.

They walked into a beautiful hall. It had one opening to an other room on the left side, a door to the right, stairs going up to another floor and a table with stationary and pens on it.

Leaving their luggage in the entrance hall, Joan and Nora wandered off through the left opening. The other seven followed their example.

A beautiful living room was before them. It had wallpaper with a rose pattern, three red couches, red carpeting, a coffee table in the middle of the room with roses upon it and end tables on either side of the couches. A window looked out on the rest of the island, and a fireplace stood on the southern wall. On the head of the fireplace, a painted map of the island was displayed.

“How pretty!” Nora reacted to the map, going up to it excitedly.

“I agree!” Joan said, following her.

The other seven laughed, as the two female faces quickly whitened.

“My gosh…” they both murmured.

“What? Is there a spider scaring the wee bit out of you two?” Christina said sarcastically, sitting down.

“No, but the poem written in ink on this painting does.” Joan coldly replied.

Upon the seemingly harmless painting was a poem inscribed in ink. From afar, the bare eye couldn’t see it, but it was there when looked at attentively.

“What does it say?” Edward asked with concern.

“Yeah, wouldn’t want some poem scaring you two!” Eric added.

Jenna and Morel joined the duo in looking at the painting and the poem.

“It’s very… morbid.” Jenna said slowly, frightened.

“Please recite it for an old man who can’t walk without pain.” Edward asked, as he sat beside the Jynx.

“Time and time again, Tohjo Island’s been bought…” Jenna began.

“Out of the blue, nine might get caught…” Morel continued.

“Here on this island, with no escape…” Joan added.

“Juggling their lives and their fates…” Nora read.

“Only time will tell if they survive or not.” Jenna finished the first stanza.

“Insolent poison, lock picked in murk…” Morel began.

“Sins on the beach, drowned by steel…” Joan continued.

“Lameness of copy, never the real…” Nora added.

“And fatigue will take over the soul…” Jenna read.

“New of the old will perish, exchange of thoughts too…” Morel continued.

“Death, a thread away.” Joan concluded the poem.

“But wait! There’s more!” Nora gasped, and then read a passage circling the island on the painting, “Now all nine are gone, without say.”

Silence lingered the room for a good moment. The poem they had just heard was about death. Not just any death, either, but on Tohjo Island. The island that they were on, the one they had just arrived at.

“Well, I think we should continued to the next room and look for Mr. Onymity.” Josh broke the silence, and they all nodded with accord.

They continued through another opening, that lead to a dining room. An octagonal table was set up, made out of oak, with nine chairs placed. The northernmost side had two chairs, whereas the rest only had one. A vase was set up on the table in the center, with nine white roses shining. Side tables were on two sides of the room, with dishes on them and probably inside them.

“What a nice dining room!” Joan exclaimed.

“I quite agree with you on that point.” Christina said, surprisingly, as well.

“Beautiful flowers. Hardly see any of those back home.” Eric said, looking at the white roses.

“And look at that! There are nine of them. Like there are nine of us.” Tony observed.

The room remained silent. Everything about the island was odd. The way the rooms were set up, to accommodate nine people, the way the poem was written… it all seemed strangely bizarre, as if it were taken out of a fairy tale.

“Well, nothing much else to see here folks!” Nora said, after inspecting briefly the two side tables and their drawers. There were plates and utensils in every drawer.

“Let’s continue to the next room, shall we?” Edward proposed, pointing to another opening to the third room. It was leading eastern; the house was square and the first floor seemed to have but four rooms.

The next room was a kitchen. It had everything a kitchen entailed; a sink, a white refrigerator, a microwave, an oven, a stove, and cabinets to no end! In the cabinets, they discovered endless amounts of food.

“Probably in case the boat can’t come out during a storm…” Morel observed.

Not seeing anyone in the kitchen, they moved on to what they judged the last room of the first floor through the other opening in the kitchen.

They entered and got something they definitely didn’t expect. Gasps were heard for a good minute.

The room was bare. Empty. Not a single piece of furniture, other than carpeting like in the living room and basic white wallpaper. There weren’t even windows. A door was found in this room, leading to a bathroom with a toilet, a bathtub, a sink and a mirror. All were white, including tiling and wallpaper.

A door could be found in the bathroom leading back to the entrance hall. The first floor was a clockwise square, of three rooms, a bathroom and a bare room.

“Kind of odd, don’t you think? To have an empty room in the middle of this mansion-like luxury?” Jenna commented, as they now stood in a circle in the entrance hall.

“I would go as far to say as that is unnatural, to have a room built for no reason.” Edward said professionally, knowing what he was talking about.

“Frankly,” Joan began, “I don’t care what is or what isn’t in that room. I do care, however, about what is upstairs.”

They all agreed to go upstairs and look at what was there. One by one, they went up the stairs, Eric being the first one.

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06-26-2004, 01:39 AM
Chapter III continued

“Nine doors…” Eric muttered to the rest.

Confused slightly, everyone went upstairs and saw what the Sceptile meant.

Around the stairs were nine doors, placed in a circle. They were all white, with locks and golden doorknobs. The only thing that was different was an opening to an outside veranda, but apart from that, the second floor was but nine doors.

“Why don’t we all open one?” Morel proposed.

Everyone liked the idea and opened a door. They all found bedrooms; identical by all means. A single bed with white sheets, a vanilla pillow, two maroon end tables, a dresser made in a triangular manner, a lamp hung on the ceiling, a clock was above the bed and a window outside. On the dresser, they found a key to that bedroom.

They all exited the bedrooms and talked. It didn’t take them long to realize all nine rooms were identical in every manner.

“I suggest we go and get our luggage and pick a room,” Nora recommended, “Once we get settled in, the ladies and I can cook dinner.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something Nora?” Joan mocked.

“No, what?” Nora replied.

“None of us has found Mr. Onymity!” she shouted.

A dead silent was now lunging the room. Joan was telling the truth; they still had not found their host.

“There is still the veranda.” Josh said with hope.

“You can check if you want, but I highly doubt that we will find our host there.” Joan said with authority.

“Why?” they all replied.

“I’m beginning to think there is no one other on this island than us. That we were led on by some jokester who thought it was funny to interrupt our lives with such pitiful jokes!” she announced calmly.

“I think we should follow Nora’s indications for now… there isn’t much we can do. We could search the island, but I think that would be futile. Why would our host want to hide from us?” Morel said rationally.

“Yes. Then, in the morning, when Billy comes, we can return to mainland and get this whole ordeal over with!” Edward added in.

They went down to the first floor, and got their luggage. Helping each other along the way, they each chose rooms and put their bags in their chosen rooms.

It was now three o’clock in the afternoon. Nora, Joan, Christina and Jenna were preparing the summer while Eric, Tony, Josh, Morel and Edward sat in the lounge chatting, while drinking some water from the kitchen.

“I used to own mines, you see…” Edward answered Morel’s question about what he did before retirement, “but you see, I was getting old and ordering workers around was very difficult to do at one point. So I sold the joint.”

It was hard for him to speak about this, true, but he kept a cool face while talking about it. None of the gentlemen knew he was hiding something quite terrible about those mines.

“I was wondering… I can trust you men, correct?” Eric asked. They all nodded, and he continued, “Do any of us really know our host?”

They all had small eyes when he confidently asked this. They were surprised, as they thought they were the only ones in the situation.

“How so?” they all asked in the same words at once.

“Earlier, on the boat, Jenna seemed to not know the gender of the host. She defended our ‘host’ could have been a woman. Now, I’m not saying that this was a huge indicator, but it was quite shocking to me that no one even reacted to this. This leads me to think that none of us really know who led us here.” Eric explained quite briefly.

“Interesting,” Tony commented, as he took a sip of water, “but you are correct, I have no clue who invited me here.”

“Neither do I.” Edward added.

“Nor I.” Josh nodded.

“And not me, either, unfortunately.” Morel finished.

“I think we should bring this up with the girls, later, at supper.” Josh said, and everyone agreed.

In the kitchen, the four ladies were preparing supper. They had a lot of fresh vegetables, so Nora was making a healthy salad. They had canned soups, so Jenna was making some chicken noodle. Joan was cooking a roast beef.

Christina was in charge of the desserts. She had a cake in the oven, but now had nothing to do.

“You could look through the cupboards and see if there are any treats that don’t need to be baked or cooked or anything that you could serve with the cake.” Jenna suggested.

Christina liked the idea and opened the cupboard furthest to the left. Inside, there was one box. It was light brown, and had a little lock on it.

“I wonder what’s in there…” Christina thought, as she took the box. When no one was looking, she used her psychic powers to break the lock. Inside, she found nine fortune cookies.

“Perfect!” she thought, “This will be great for dessert!”

She didn’t know then that she was far from the truth with those thoughts.

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06-30-2004, 08:03 PM
Chapter IV

Supper was served on the table. Nine meals served, and everyone sat down, happily, to eat.

The lights had been toned down a little, as it was six o’clock.

They ate Nora’s healthy vegetable salad, Jenna’s chicken noodle soup and finally the main course, Joan’s roast beef. Through out the course of the supper, they had just talked about various things. It had been quite enjoyable. That is, until the final few moments. The desert.

Christina came in with the tray of fortune cookies. She placed them on the middle of the table, near the vase of white roses. She then came back with the cake, and a knife to cut it. She cut nine pieces of cake, and gave them out.

“Yummy, this is so delicious!” was said to Christina quite a few times.

After the vanilla cake had been eaten, Christina cleared the dishes and brought them into the kitchen. Christina then went back to the dining room to finish with the most important part of the dessert: the fortune cookies.

Everyone took a fortune cookie.

Eric cracked his cookie. Eric read the following ‘fortune’:

Joan ate the cookie, and looked at the tiny piece of paper:

Morel ate the fortune cookie, and then read his fortune inside:

Nora broke the cookie, but didn’t want to eat it. She skipped to the fortune instead:

Edward swallowed the cookie, but not without reading his fortune first:

Tony cracked his open, and had no difficulty reading his fortune, in all capital letters, just like everyone else:

Jenna cracked hers open, and read the fortune with shock:

Josh cut his own fortune cookie with his scythe, and read the fortune:

Finally, after seeing everyone read their fortunes and having weird faces plastered on, Christina opened her own fortune cookie.

A heavy silence, which was unlike any silence they had experienced thus far, now hung over the room. No one knew what to think of the fortune cookie. No one knew that everyone had received a threat in the fortune cookie.

“I’m feeling very… tired.” Joan said truthfully, “I think I’ll head off to bed.”

“I’ll second that… I’m getting very weak, all of a sudden.” Morel added, as it was now nearly eight o’clock.

“I’m feeling weak too…” Tony said as well.

“Same. Weird, isn’t it? A sudden weakness has come over us four.” Christina added, laughing nervously.

The four people grasped their fortune in their hands as they headed off to the second floor to sleep.

“I think it would be a good idea for everyone to head off to bed. We can leave in the morning, anyways. When Billy comes to the island, that is.” Edward said, with no vigor in his voice.

“Early bird catches the Caterpie, as my mother told me.” Eric the Sceptile added.

The five got up and followed the previous four to go to bed. Eric seemed to be behind, as he was slowing with every step he took. Nora noticed.

“Are you okay, dear?” she said, motherly.

“Yes, I think I am, that is…” Eric said, and then coughed loudly.

“Are you sure about that? You don’t seem fine,” Nora asked again, as he was now bending down, seeming to have difficulty to stand up straight.

“I’ll be fine. Run off to bed, I’m sure you’re tired after helping to prepare such a delicious feast.” Eric smiled to her.

The Chansey smiled back and nodded, heading up to her bedroom.

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06-30-2004, 08:04 PM
Chapter IV continued

Everyone was up at the crack of dawn, as everyone was excited to get as far away from this island as possible. Something sure was bizarre about it; if the poem didn’t alert them, the fortune cookies certainly did.

No one even cared to unpack his or her suitcase, so it wouldn’t have been difficult to leave the island.

It would have been fairly easy, had Billy actually shown up.

Everyone was at the beach except Eric, who was said to be sleeping, but no one had actually checked.

“What do we do now? Billy isn’t here!” Christina complained.

“Maybe something went wrong with his ship. Could happen, you know!” Morel answered.

“I guess it can’t hurt to wait another day to leave the island…” Edward put out there, although he was aware that it could hurt. If someone on this island knew his dirty secret, he could lose every last dime he had.

Everyone knew they had a lot at stake on this island. Somebody on this very island knew his or her darkest, deepest secret. It was very, extremely dangerous to be on this island.

“Isn’t there one of us missing?” Tony pointed out. Everyone looked around, and saw that the Sceptile was nowhere to be seen.

“Eric…” they all whispered.

“Someone better go wake him up! Better yet, why doesn’t one of you psychic types use your powers to wake him up in the distance?” Josh asked, laughing.

Christina, Tony, Joan and Morel all concentrated on the house, but they couldn’t seem to do anything. They were all in pain.

“So? Is it working?” Nora whispered.

“I can’t seem… to use my psychic… powers!” Joan said with difficulty, as she forced with all her might to use them.

“Me… neither!” Tony added, trying as hard as he could to use them to wake up Eric.

“Nor can I!” Morel said fancily, as he tried to meditate in the air, but he was simply not capable.

“What’s up with us?” Christina asked, after she stopped trying to wake Eric up.

“I’m not sure, but I’d go as far as to say they were poisoned.” Edward observed.

“Poisoned?” everyone exclaimed in reply.

“It’s possible. I have a theory about why we all are here, but I don’t want to say it in entirety without Eric being here. Let’s all enter the house,” the Magmar replied.

They entered the house, and an extremely high-pitched scream was heard coming out of Joan’s mouth.

Eric was on the coffee table, laid out, with an incision in his body.

“What is the meaning of this?” Morel asked to no one in particular, as they circled the coffee table.

“Is he dead?” Tony asked Nora, shocked to the last bone.

“Let me check…” Nora said, crouching beside the dead body, “No, he isn’t breathing. He’s dead.”

“What is the cause? The incision in his body?” Jenna asked quietly.

“No, an incision of that size couldn’t kill anyone. It’s too small. But after supper yesterday, he was limping and had difficulty breathing. If I was asked what is the cause of death right now, I could say with a certain amount of confidence that he was poisoned,” Nora analyzed, as she got back up from her crouched position.

“Poisoned?” Josh repeated in disbelief.

“Yes. Poisoned,” Nora repeated.

“How can you be so sure? You just examined him for a minute!” Edward snapped, challenging Nora’s medical knowledge.

“Eric was a young Sceptile, Edward. It could not have been a heart attack. He was perfectly okay before we sat down to eat, but his health seemed to decline after supper. Poison is the only answer, in this case,” Nora replied.

“But… who would want to poison him?” Jenna asked.

“I’m not sure, but based on who was in the kitchen, I’d say it was one of us girls,” Nora answered.

“I disagree on that point, Nora,” Tony replied, “Anyone could have walked into the kitchen last night and slipped something in one of the plates.”

“But for that, it would have to be one of us nine.” Josh replied.

“Of course. No one suspects a friend.” Morel broke his silence.

“Plus, everyone came by in the kitchen. Everyone came to see how it was doing,” Christina recalled.

“What do we do… with his body?” Joan said with a grim face.

“I guess we can put it in his bedroom. Seems appropriate.” Edward suggested, and everyone seemed to like the idea. There was no other room where they could put the young Sceptile’s body.

Everyone helped in getting Eric’s body upstairs. They laid Eric out on his bed, and exited the room.

“What do we do now?” Jenna asked no one in particular.

“I guess we could search for the poison. See which of us is impure and a cold-blooded killer,” Josh replied.

“I don’t think we need to go through that step,” Nora said awkwardly quickly. She predicted she’d be asked why, “Very little poison is needed to be fatal to any Pokémon. One drop of toxic poison and it could kill you in an hour if not treated properly.”

“And how would that would eliminate the need to look through everyone’s things?” Morel said sarcastically.

“Well, whoever wanted to kill Eric, or anyone else for that matter, only needed a small bottle with one or two milliliters of toxic poison. He, or she, could have easily disposed of the bottle after. Broken it, perhaps,” Nora explained.

Suddenly, they saw a Spinarak swirl down from the ceiling, and it suddenly began to speak very quickly, but everyone heard it. The Spinarak had a voice that was eerily spooky, and freaky.

It began to poor out exactly what was written on everyone’s fortunes, including Eric’s. Everything they’d did wrong; everyone else now knew it. The Spinarak finished saying everything they’d done wrong, and then finished with a few words that really formed the impact well.

“Sincerely, Alvina Notricha Onymity,” the Spinarak finished. Before anyone could catch it, it broke its web and escaped from the room.

“Well, I suggest we just go and eat some breakfast then! They had lots of cereal in one of the cabinets, we could just eat a little.” Christina recommended with a large sigh, clapping her hands together.

Even though everyone was frightened of one another and of the fact that everyone knew their secret, a chorus of agreement was heard throughout the hallway, as they took turns to go down the stairs. They all headed to the kitchen with a fast pace, except Jenna, who decided to be slow and observe the room to see if any clues had been left behind.

When she entered the living room, the first thing that caught her eye was the painting with the poem written on it: it now became a mystery to her how they had missed this when they initially entered the room to find a dead Eric.

Blood had been smeared in the top left corner of the painting, which, she was sure, was not there when they read the poem the day before.

The incision on Eric’s body was for that: to smear blood on the painting.

She didn’t know why, but she was sure of that fact.

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07-04-2004, 08:48 PM
Chapter V

They hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. Jenna’s shrieks had brought them all to the living room, where they now all stood, shocked at the blood.

“Is it real blood? Maybe it’s a joke…” Josh said with hope.

“I doubt it’s a joke. Whoever killed Eric made an incision in his body, and it’s almost a certain thing that it was to put it on the painting,” Morel replied, “There is no other logic to the matter.”

“Hmm, there’s something different about the painting, too. And it’s not the blood, it just seems that there’s something else that wasn’t there before. Am I weird for thinking this?” Edward said, looking at the painting with intent.

“What’s that in the bottom right corner?” Nora said, as she saw a black scrambling in the corner.

Joan, who was the closest to the painting, looked closer. Her face grew white.

“It’s a signature. Alvina Notricha Onymity,” she said quietly.

“People, I think we need to sit down and talk about this Alvina Notricha Onymity, as well as a few other things…” Tony announced, “Like what was in our letters here and who our host really is. I don’t think there is a Pokémon in this room that knows our host.”

Everyone then sat down in the various seats of the red living room, and Edward decided to start talking about his letter. Everyone followed by talking about his or her letter, and a few of them realized what was the common point in each letter.

“I know what is the same about all of us,” Josh began, “All of the signatures were partly unreadable, but I bet if we compared all of our letters, we would obtain Alvina Notricha Onymity.”

“But none of us really does know who this person is,” Jenna commented, as everyone had said so when talking about their letters.

“Right. Except there is one particularity about the name Alvina Notricha Onymity…” Josh replied.

“Yes, I noticed it too, Josh,” Morel replied, “Would you do the honors?”

“Certainly,” said Josh, “If you take the two first words in that name, and take their initials, and combine it with the last name… you get A. N. Onymity. In other words, Anonymity.”

Everyone was silent. It hadn’t crossed their minds that the name could have been fake, and that it was only there to mislead them.

The room remained silent for a few minutes. Not only did none of them know the host, but also none of them knew their host’s name.

“What does this mean?” Christina said shakily, sounding afraid.

“What do you mean, Christina?” Tony replied.

“Why would anyone want us on this island in the first place? And why would they hide their identity? Why? Why? Why?” Christina said in a hysterical voice, “I’m asking you why, answer me!”

“None of us knows, my dear. Calm down,” Tony said calmly.

“I have another matter to discuss,” Joan announced, “My psychic powers haven’t been working since last night.”

“That’s odd, neither have mine,” replied Tony.

“What about you two?” Joan asked, looking at Christina and Morel. They both shook their heads as to say ‘No’.

“What is this supposed to mean? Someone removed our capabilities to use our psychic powers? The same freak that killed Eric? I want to meet this freak and kill him!” Christina asked.

“The island is too small,” Nora answered, “for there to be anyone else but the eight of us. Well, the nine of us if you include the ill-fated Eric…”

The room remained silent.

“Are there any other matters to discuss?” Edward said after five minutes of silence.

“What about Billy? Doesn’t he come every day?” Tony asked.

“Well, he should, I don’t know why he didn’t come today… I’m guessing he’ll come tomorrow,” Morel replied, “Being a man at sea myself, I know there are days when you cannot be at sea.”

“That’s it, I guess. We should really go and eat…” Christina said, “It’s around noon now, so we can eat cereal for lunch.”

As they entered the dining room to head to the kitchen, Joan felt like something was missing in the dining room. What was missing, she hadn’t the slightest clue, but something definitely was missing. It was a very ghostly feeling.

* * *

They had finished eating, and everyone was at different areas. Christina and Nora were in the kitchen preparing supper, Joan and Jenna were talking about their everyday lives in the living room, Edward and Tony were talking about politics in the dining room and Josh and Morel were on the beach talking.

“You know,” said Christina to Nora, as they cooked the meal, “do you think any of them could have killed Eric?”

“Honestly, it couldn’t have been anyone else. As pointed out earlier, the island is too small to have anyone else on it…” Nora replied.

“You saw Eric the last, yesterday, correct?” Christina replied.

“Yes, he looked terrible. I think he must have passed out on the floor, and whoever killed him had no difficulty…” Nora replied.

“We should lock our doors tonight. Wouldn’t want a psycho to kill us, would we now?” Christina laughed uncomfortably.

“Yes, we should. Everyone should, if they’re smart,” Nora replied.

On the beach, the two Pokémon were laying down next to each other.

“So you killed your friend Marc?” Josh said, recalling what the Spinarak had said about Morel that morning.

“You killed your parents?” Morel shot back, not wanting to talk about it.

“I had my reasons…” Josh replied, and then thought, “They were old and were going to die soon anyway!”

“As did I,” Morel replied, and then thought, “I killed my best friend… but he was cheating with Mary! I can’t believe he’d have done that…”

In the living room, Joan was telling Jenna about her fast-paced life as the owner and editor of the Mossdeep Times.

“But you killed your best friend to become the owner of the Mossdeep Times, isn’t that true?” Jenna asked, remembering what the Spinarak had said about Joan.

“I don’t want to talk about it, child-killer,” Joan replied coldly.

“I had every reason to kill that Igglybuff… Mario and I belong together,” Jenna thought, and sighed loudly.

“I’m sorry, but I had to kill you Judy… or else I was a failure in the eyes of my parents,” Joan thought, and sighed at the same time as Jenna.

Tony and Edward, the two ‘old men of the gang’, sat at the dining room table, slowly waiting for the supper to be served.

“Couldn’t the ladies poison us in our supper?” Edward commented to Tony.

“Possibly, but it could have just as easily been anyone else. We did all go into the kitchen, yesterday, to ask if it was ready,” the Mr. Mime replied.

“Why aren’t the psychic powers working on the island?” Edward asked, curious.

“Not quite sure, but they only began to weaken after the supper. My best guess is someone else put something in our food so that our psychic powers wouldn’t work,” Tony replied.

“You seem to know a lot about it,” the Magmar replied.

“Are you accusing me of anything? I’m just stating the facts. Yesterday, after supper, all four of us Psychic types rushed to bed, tired and weakened and exhausted out of our minds,” Tony replied calmly.

Edward didn’t reply, but he knew what Tony was saying made sense. If a bucket of water were dropped on Edward, he’d know.

* * *

Supper had been served, and the eight people sat at the octagonal table.

“Dig in, everyone. Courtesy of Christina and I!” Nora announced, bringing some bread to the table.

The feast in front of them was gigantic. Everyone was really happy about it and ate it with much appreciation. For the duration of the meal, no one even whispered or thought about Eric’s death, or why they were on Tohjo Island. It was just a happy moment for everyone.

At the end of the meal, everyone decided to help put the plates away and clean the dining room as well as the kitchen. By the time this was finished, it was seven thirty.

“There’s nothing to do on this island at night…” Jenna sighed, as she knew she would now be bored.

“We can all go to bed, right now…” Tony suggested.

“Hey, why not? There is nothing else to do after all!” Christina said.

Everyone seemed to agree. Everyone was tired mentally, and they wanted the next day to arrive quickly, because they wanted to get on Billy’s boat. They didn’t want to be killed by whoever killed Eric.

They all went to their respective bedrooms, and all did the same thing as they entered. They shut the door and locked it tightly. Tired, they all shut out the lights and went to sleep.

Matt & Vulpix
07-04-2004, 08:49 PM
Chapter V Continued

Having gone to bed quite early the night before, it was only natural that everyone woke up at six in the morning. At quarter past six, seven Pokémon were in the kitchen preparing cereal for breakfast. They all ate standing up in the kitchen, and washed their dishes quite hastily afterwards.

“Where’s Josh?” Edward asked no one in particular, as he hadn’t seen the Scyther yet that morning.

Everyone looked around, and no one saw the Scyther. He wasn’t in the kitchen.

“Let’s check his bedroom!” Morel said quite sure he’d still be asleep in the bed.

They all gathered in front of Josh’s door. Morel, nearest to the doorknob, tried to open the door. Josh’s door was unlocked.

The door was now ajar and in the distance, they could see Josh on his bed. Sleeping, they guessed.

“Let’s wake him up… just to make sure!” Tony whispered.

“I’ll go to make sure he’s breathing…” Nora said, and approached the green bug.

“He… he isn’t breathing! He’s dead!” Nora shouted, quite scared.

“How did he die?” Morel asked, as everyone entered the room quite quickly to circle the corpse.

“He was stabbed, but I don’t know where the knife is,” Nora said, showing everyone the incision, “could be in this room, or the murderer could have throw it into the sea.”

“How did the murderer get in here? I’m sure Josh wasn’t stupid enough to leave his door unlocked, after Eric being killed overnight and all,” Christina asked.

“Well, the murderer could have used anything that was small. A hairpin could have worked!” Nora exclaimed, looking Christina straight in the eye.

“Why are you looking at her for?” Edward stated, “If she uses hairpins, the murderer could have found one on the floor.”

“True,” Nora replied.

“Someone is definitely out to get us…” Tony said quietly.

“I wonder why…” Jenna added.

“Beats me, but we’ve all eaten breakfast,” Joan announced, “Lunch will be served promptly at noon. That leaves everyone a few hours to talk and socialize. Jenna, I do hope you’ll help me with the lunch.”

“Sure, why not?” Jenna replied.

They all dispersed from the room; Joan and Jenna towards the kitchen, Christina near to the beach to check for Billy the Croconaw and Tony, Edward, Nora and Morel to the living room.

07-06-2004, 02:58 AM
Awesome job Matt. This fic is a fun mystery just waiting to be solved, if it ever does get solved. Plain and simple- this is a fun and exciting fic to read. Matt, your really creating something great here. Keep it comin!

07-06-2004, 03:11 AM
Wow, Matt. This was yet another great chapter. I really like this fic so far, especially how you're intricately working the clues in. Plus, each chapter leaves me with so many questions and always keeps me in suspense. Great job, so far. :happy:

Matt & Vulpix
07-10-2004, 12:23 AM
Chapter VI

Joan and Jenna were preparing lunch, talking quietly about anything that had nothing to do with Tohjo Island, or their unknown host and the two deaths. They simply wanted to put it out of their minds; the whole thing was mad. Once during the process of making the food, both ladies went to the bathroom.

Tony, Edward, Nora and Morel sat in the living room, doing just as Joan and Jenna were. After a few minutes of talking, Nora decided she would go upstairs to get a little more sleep, which Morel did equally, claiming it was a good idea. Edward said he would stay down in the dining room to wait for lunch and help the ladies, and Tony decided he would sit on the balcony on the second floor.

Christina was sunbathing on the beach, waiting for Billy the Croconaw to sail to the island.

“I hope he hasn’t been sick or anything…” Christina thought, “Or worse…”

Those thoughts had never crossed her mind. What if Billy was lying; what if he was never coming back? What if they were stuck on this island of no return, forever? What if they were all destined to die? Just like all the thieves who threatened to expose her in the past?

“No! I didn’t kill them! I stopped them from revealing all my dirty deeds!” Christina thought angrily, mad at the thoughts that came back to her. She had never meant to hurt anyone…

But those thoughts had still brought her to something. What if they were all marked for death? What if they would never leave this island? What if this was the end of their lives?

No. She was young, she was free… this surely couldn’t be the end. No, she wouldn’t die. She didn’t care about the six others, but she would not perish. She was sure of that.

The things she’d done when she was young… she had been a part of various groups that stole from others.

“But I was young and poor…” Christina thought with a frown. Another part of her thought, “But I still hurt people by stealing…”

And it wasn’t just the stealing. The years that followed… when she’d become a respected member of society, she couldn’t allow her past to escape.

So when a threat came along, she would have to silence the threat the hard way.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out she was far from the person she pretended to be. She was not only a former thief, but also a cold-blooded murderer.

And now… now someone had gotten his or her hands on that information. But how could that be? She had gone to every extent to make sure her past as a thief and her present as a murderer had been hidden. Now, Mr. Onymity knew this and was taunting her with it. No, not only Mr. Onymity… that Spinarak told everyone!

“I will find you, Mr. Onymity… and I will destroy you!” Christina hushed in anger. She didn’t know it, but she wasn’t the only one who heard those words.

* * *

The clock’s hands had both reached noon. As Jenna and Joan had informed everyone, it was time for lunch.

The table had been set, with food everywhere.

“Food fit for a king!” Edward commented, as he sat on a chair when the two females brought it in.

“Such a sweetheart you are, Edward!” Joan joked.

“Yeah!” Jenna blushed.

Tony entered the room and sat to the left of Edward, stating calmly, “I woke up Nora and Morel, and they should be coming down shortly.”

“Good to know, as I said promptly at noon!” Joan joked, sitting down to the left of the Mr. Mime, and Jenna to the right of Edward.

Nora and Morel held true to Tony’s word and sat down at the table; Morel to the right of Jenna and Nora to the right of Morel.

“Where is Christina?” Joan asked calmly.

“I believe the young girl went out to the beach to wait for Billy…” Edward recalled, having seen Christina exit the house.

“When was this, Edward?” Morel asked the Magmar.

“Right after Joan announced the time of this very lunch!” Edward replied.

A silence lurked over the room for a moment. Where was Christina? Considering what had happened in the past two days, the thought of death had crossed all their minds.

It had been a good five minutes that they sat there, not eating or talking, but thinking, until someone spoke up.

“I think we should go and check up on her, maybe she can’t keep track of time outside…” Jenna said quietly, not convinced. It showed in her shaky voice.

They all nodded in agreement, and followed Jenna outside the house. It didn’t take long for them to realize there was no one on the beach once they set foot outside.

“Where is she?” Joan yelled out loud, worried there had been another murder or an accident.

“I’m not sure…” Tony replied, and stated with conviction, “but I do know that she wasn’t on the second floor. From the balcony, I would have seen or at least heard her if she had stepped foot upstairs.”

“And I don’t think she was in the living room or dining room. From the dining room, I could have seen her if she was in the living room…” Edward added.

“But if she’s not outside, and if she’s not inside, as we would have obviously seen her had she been in the kitchen…” Jenna thought out loud, “Then where in the world is Christina?”

“The sea is a vast place…” Morel said prophetically, looking at the big blue sea.

“What are you suggesting?” Nora asked, having not spoken in a while, as she collected her thoughts.

“She could have easily been pushed into the water and drowned. Or killed and thrown into the water,” Morel stated, “One thing is for sure, she is no longer on this island.”

The six living Pokémon stood there, thinking once more. Three consecutive deaths don’t just happen as coincidences or as accidents; there was now definitely someone behind this. But who was behind it?

Matt & Vulpix
07-10-2004, 12:23 AM
Chapter VI Continued

To make sure that Christina was not on the island, the six Pokémon looked through the house thoroughly after eating the lunch and clearing the plates.

They quickly searched the first floor and they found nothing quickly. The living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom as well as the curiously empty room were all empty. They moved on to the bedrooms, skipping Eric’s and Josh’s. They looked through Christina’s room and found nothing out of the ordinary, and found the same in Jenna’s room. Edward’s, Joan’s and Tony’s were all equally normal, having nothing odd in them.

But Morel’s was a whole other story.

“Do we even need to check mine? I know there’s nothing strange…” Morel pleaded, knowing that it would seem suspicious. He knew they had no reason to believe him: no one had any reason to believe anyone on the island.

They looked through his dresser, his bed and his bags, and they were all normal.

“Odd, I feel like we forgot something…” Nora said, as she put a bag she had checked down on the floor.

“His bedside table, Nora!” Edward said, pointing to it.

Nora opened the top drawer of the brown bedside table and got a shock that could top the recent deaths and disappearances on the island.

A fully loaded steel gun with brown padding was in the drawer.

She took it out and dropped it on the floor as quickly as she had taken it.

Everyone just looked at the brown flooring in shock, not taking his or her eyes off of the gun. It looked like they were trying to destroy it using only their mind.

“I know what this looks like, but it really isn’t what you think!” Morel tried to defend himself, closest to the door.

“Do you expect us to believe you? With all that’s happened in three days, do you really expect us to believe you?” Joan said in a harsh voice.

“Being that you own a newspaper, yes, yes I do.” Morel tried to lighten the mood, but it didn’t work.

“I don’t think he killed anyone with it… yet…” Edward said, looking at the gun.

“How so?” Tony asked. He had never been an expert in guns.

“It’s fully loaded. He hasn’t used this gun while he’s been on the island, and that’s a sure thing.” Edward said as he took the gun to make sure he was correct.

“What should we do with it? I mean, none of us wants to be shot or anything!” Jenna shouted.

“I suggest we lock it up in one of the kitchen cabinets. We can throw away the key into the sea.” Joan thought rationally.

“But there are no locks on those cabinets, genius!” Nora replied, furious about the gun altogether.

“But we could throw the gun into the sea!” Morel corrected Joan.

“Capital idea, my friend!” Tony said to Morel.

They all went outside of the house.

* * *

They all stood at the highest place on the island, slightly more elevated than the rest. Nora, discoverer of the gun, decided she would be the one to throw it into the sea.

She held the gun, and was about to let it go, when she realized the gun’s shape felt a little different than before.

“Too little, too late, Nora. I only held the gun for a few seconds prior to this…” Nora thought to herself, having been handed the gun by Edward.

She threw it into the sea, and that was the end of the gun. Or so they thought.

“Better start preparing supper, now. I will prepare it alone, girls, it’s okay!” Jenna said, heading quickly into the house and the kitchen to start supper.

“I’ll be in my room…” Morel said quietly, feeling that everyone thought he was the killer now, even if Edward had proved that the gun had never been shot on the island.

“Joan, would you join me in the living room?” Nora asked the Kirlia.

“Of course, dear.” Joan replied.

They entered the house next, and sat in the living room quietly.

Edward and Tony entered the domicile as well, Edward heading for the bathroom and Tony for the balcony.

Matt & Vulpix
07-15-2004, 07:14 PM
Chapter VII

Twenty minutes later, Nora told Joan that she wanted to go back to bed like Morel, feeling a little sick from throwing the gun into the sea.

“Go get your rest, dear.” Joan replied calmly, getting up to reread the poem on the painting.

Nora and Morel were in their respective bedrooms, lightly asleep, Tony was on the balcony, Edward was in the bathroom, Jenna was preparing supper and Joan was observing the painting. In short, everyone was alone.

* * *

She was trying to fall asleep, but it was impossible. Coming to Tohjo Island brought back all her memories of what she had done wrong in the past. It was a big mistake to have come to Tohjo Island.

She had killed under the influence of a drug, Jocaine. She shouldn’t have operated on the poor Bellossom; she couldn’t even walk in a straight line! But this Chansey hadn’t followed her own law, and had murdered the Bellossom. Not only that, but now, some Mr. Onymity knew about it!

She would never forgive herself for what she had done. And she wouldn’t let some stupid blackmailer get away with scaring her. No, she would kill the blackmailer. But how would she achieve this task? She didn’t even know who Tony was.

The gun. That was the answer: the gun!

But she’d thrown it out into the sea. She thought she had, anyway. ‘The gun’ had a weird shape; much different than the one she discovered in Morel’s drawer.

Maybe, just maybe, she hadn’t thrown it out after all.

“Don’t act crazy, Nora,” she thought to herself, “You saw it, they saw it, you threw that gun away!”

Or had she? Lying in the uncomfortable bed, she wasn’t sure anymore. Had she really ditched the gun?

Her eyes drifted away for a moment, and she felt unconscious. More memories of that night where she’d killed the talented dancer, Bellossom, came back. She remembered the nights she’d cried.

She heard the door to her room open slightly, but her bad recollections made her ignore it. The sound of something settling on her dresser was heard, and the door closed again.

“I didn’t kill Bellossom… the Jocaine made me do it! I swear it!” Nora thought angrily, wanting to forget the whole night altogether, “If that Mr. Onymity thinks he can get away with this, he is wrong, oh so wrong!”

She got up from her bed and looked around the room for a tool she could use to slaughter Mr. Onymity. She didn’t know who he was; but it was someone downstairs. She would kill all five of them if she had to; she would keep her secret very much clandestine.

There it was. On the dresser, looking like it had earlier. The gun.

She took it in her hands and felt it. Yes, this was the gun. The gun she’d removed from the drawer, not the one she’d thrown into the sea. This was the true gun.

The Chansey put the gun in her pouch, knowing what she’d do with it.

“Oh I know what I’m doing with this gun…” Nora said quietly, patting her pouch, “I’m keeping my secret!”

She laughed as she now felt a wave of weariness come upon her. She quickly got back into bed, and fell asleep with haste.

* * *

“Supper!” the Wigglytuff called throughout the home.

Joan and Jenna were first in the dining room, followed shortly by the Magmar, Edward. Tony came down from the second floor.

Tony sat to the left of Edward. Jenna sat to the right of Edward and Nora to the right of Jenna. Joan was to the left of Tony. The supper looked good, but everyone noticed that there was one absence.

Everyone perceived this, except one of the five. The Magmar observed the pot of flowers in the middle of the table, that he recalled having nine white roses in when they originally sat at the table. Only five remained. He did not enlighten his companions, but rather kept this observation to himself.

“I wonder where Morel is,” Jenna said, “I worked so hard to make this supper…”

“Dear, I’m sure he’ll show up soon,” Tony replied, but deep down inside, he feared that Morel had been murdered, just as Eric, Josh and Christina had been.

“I think he will too, Jenna,” Edward confirmed, although he knew as well as everyone else did that it was highly unlikely.

“He did go to bed,” Nora told her thoughts out loud, “Maybe he’s asleep. Maybe we should start dinner without him…”

“I think we should really begin, I agree, Nora. Wouldn’t want the food to turn cold, would we now?” Joan agreed logically.

Everyone began to eat the meat that had been cooked, carefully eyeing the plate that was not being eaten. Was the Medicham dead? Or was he simply asleep?

Twenty minutes later, the main course was finished. Joan had tried, throughout the supper, to read everyone’s minds to see what were their thoughts about, but it didn’t work. It was as if someone had turned off her psychic powers with a switch. Tony had tried the same as well, but he found himself in the same situation.

“Here’s desert!” Jenna said, bringing in only five plates, as if she knew that Morel wasn’t going to come down. The table had been cleared, and the five plates were put on the table. A vanilla cake had been baked and cut into five pieces, and onto the plates.

“This is very good!” Joan said, having tasted it first, “What’s your secret?”

“Cooks don’t reveal secrets, Joan!” Jenna joked.

“Yummy!” Edward added, tasting it second.

“I agree entirely!” Tony joined in.

“Wow, I’ve never tasted a cake this good!” Nora laughed giddily.

“Why thanks, everyone!” Jenna grinned, never believing she was that good of a cook.

Jenna had now sat down, and that’s when the unimaginable happened.

Morel’s body hung down from the crystal chandelier, right over the diner table. He was dead.

Jenna and Nora both dropped their spoons, shocked beyond belief. Joan’s mouth could have swallowed the whole cake, that’s how wide it was open. Edward looked up in disbelief, just like the Mr. Mime did.

Morel’s body swung back and forth, attached by a maple rope. It took a good minute and a half for the five remaining Pokémon to take in what had just happened. By now, his body was motionless.

* * *

They hadn’t bothered eating Jenna’s cake; instead, they stored it in the refrigerator’s freezer so that they could eat it another time. They had taken a knife to cut off Morel’s rope, and found that he was really dead. It was no joke.

The five Pokémon combined forces and put Morel on his bed, on the second floor. They closed his door, and now stood in the hallway, taking in everyone that had happened in the past three days.

“I think I’ll turn in,” Jenna broke a long silence.

“Likewise…” Nora said quietly.

The two females went into their bedrooms promptly, not even waiting for an ‘okay’ or a ‘goodnight’ from the others.

“They have the right idea…” Tony said, “I’m going to bed after I go to the bathroom.”

He went downstairs, and went into the bathroom as he’d said.

“G’night,” Edward slurred to Joan.

“Goodnight to you too, Edward,” Joan replied.

The duo went in their respective rooms.

Matt & Vulpix
07-15-2004, 07:15 PM
Chapter VII Continued

Edward lied down on his bed, thinking about his observation earlier.

The white roses, there were only five at supper. He was sure, he would stake his life on it, that there were nine when they’d first come to the island.

There was one rose for each Pokémon alive. Or was he simply going mad? He knew he wasn’t the only one going mad. He was sure everyone else on the island was as afraid as he was. Edward wasn’t the only one that was afraid of death.

Sure, he was old. He’d lived his life and to the fullest at that. But someone wanted him dead. Not only him, no, someone wanted all nine of them dead. Four of them already were.

“I know my days are marked,” the Magmar thought, “I’m on this island, and these are the last days of my life.”

He was beginning to accept his fate. His certain death, it didn’t scare him as much as it used to. He was eased into it.

One way or another, he was going to die. Edward knew this, was convinced of this, and wasn’t afraid of the fact either.

* * *

Jenna sat down on her bed, getting ready to fall asleep. Her door had been locked, and her eyes were getting tired.

But she was afraid to fall asleep. Josh had fallen asleep, and he never woke up. He’d been killed in his sleep. So had Morel, she imagined.

“We didn’t even check how Morel died…” Jenna thought, “Oh well. He was probably asleep and hung. Maybe he died before he was hung. Maybe the hanging was for show…”

No one had bothered to check because they were all not believing what they were living. It was seven and they were all turning in. Jenna feared death, but she locked her door. She would not die.

“Josh locked his door too, but he was killed,” Jenna thought fearfully.

The Wigglytuff was now lying down, her thoughts washed away by the soothing sound of the sea. The sea that Christina had most likely been drowned in was soothing her thoughts.

“Never thought it’d come to that…” Jenna thought as she yawned, and fell asleep.

* * *

Nora was lying down in her own bed, thinking about Morel. His body, she had observed, was intact. From her observations, he’d either been strangled or assaulted with an attack that did not have any noticeable injuries.

In her mind, the hanging had just been to scare them. It had worked perfectly.

Every day that passed, Nora trusted less and less the people in the house. She knew that one of them was guilty – one of them wanted them dead.

How could it have been anyone else? No one else was on the island. A ghost Pokémon, perhaps, but she doubted that highly. They would have noticed another presence by now.

Her eyes now felt heavy, and she drifted away into her dreams, feeling the gun in her pouch…

* * *

Joan was looking out the window into the sea.

She didn’t want to be here. She wanted to time travel to four days ago and not go to Fuchsia Port. She regretted coming anywhere near Tohjo Island.

She just wanted to be back in Mossdeep City, running the Mossdeep Times. But she couldn’t. Billy apparently was never coming back to Tohjo Island, and four of the original nine were dead. She knew that none of them were accidents.

But what could she do? Her psychic powers weren’t working. They were blocked out – she couldn’t even lift the bed, as hard as she tried to.

“Maybe I should try something else…” Joan said, and remembered that she had been taught to use Thunderbolt a long time ago.

She tried to use it, but it didn’t work. Now, it wasn’t just her psychic powers. It was as if someone had picked away all her powers as a Pokémon.

Feeling helpless and tired from forcing herself so much, she went to bed promptly.

* * *

As everyone fell asleep, the Mr. Mime was exiting the bathroom.

Little did he know, he would never return to his bedroom.

Matt & Vulpix
07-19-2004, 07:10 PM
Chapter VIII

Edward, Jenna, Joan and Nora all woke up at seven o’clock the next morning. They had all gotten twelve hours of peace and quiet, yet no amount of sleep could render them sane again.

“Should we wake up Tony?” Edward asked, suspicious of everyone else in the house.

“Sure we should!” Jenna exclaimed, knowing exactly what Edward meant. They didn’t want Tony to be killed in his sleep, just like Josh had been.

Nora, being closest to Tony’s bedroom door, opened it. It wasn’t locked.

The door was ajar, and Nora saw no one sleeping in the bed. In fact, the room was empty.

“Well? Is he there? Wake him up!” Joan snapped, always very grumpy and edgy in early mornings.

“How can I wake him up if there’s no one to wake up?” Nora replied back, in an irritable tone, “He would have locked his door if he had slept in his room!”

“Maybe he’s downstairs,” Jenna replied, trying to calm the duo from having a catfight.

Nora and Joan simply nodded, and Edward replied, “I guess he might be downstairs. If he isn’t upstairs, it would only make sense!”

“What about the balcony?” Joan thought out loud.

“Check it, you’re nearest, Joan!” Nora grumbled back.

Joan, not even bothering to comment back, went down the short hallway that led to the balcony. She then came back, and announced it was empty.

“He must be downstairs,” she commented.

“Let’s go then, ladies!” Edward tried to lighten the mood.

They went downstairs, and looked in the bathroom. It was empty, but the aroma was disgusting.

“Must’ve really had to go to the bathroom!” Edward joked again, rather annoyed by the stench that was coming from the bathroom. Tony hadn’t even closed the door, so the stench was everywhere on the first floor, they guessed.

“It really is nasty, isn’t?” Nora replied.

“I agree with you on that one, dear,” Joan laughed.

Jenna was the only one not talking, petrified by what she was observing in the living room. The smell didn’t bother her, and if it did, it didn’t bother her more than what was in the living room.

“Guys…” Jenna managed to mutter through her frightened state.

Edward, Joan and Nora immediately spun around to observe the same thing the Wigglytuff was.

Tony, with a knife through his skull, laid out on the coffee table, the same way Eric had been. It didn’t take a Chansey to realize that the Mr. Mime was dead.

“Tony…” Nora muttered.

“Poor soul…” Joan thought.

“Poor guy…” Edward followed the suit of condolences.

Jenna was thinking among the same lines, but like Joan, couldn’t manage to speak.

“I think…” Nora said, “we should bring him up to his bedroom on his bed.”

“We should. Like we have with the other four…” Edward replied.

“Maybe…” Jenna murmured slowly, “Maybe we should not be in this house…”

“What are you saying?” Joan snapped. She was still grumpy even with the recent killing.

“All of us are going to die, face it!” Jenna said, spinning around to face the three, “Eric, Christina, Josh, Tony and Morel all died, we’re going to die just like they did! But if we’re not in this house, just on the island, no one will be able to kill us! We’ll be in open grounds!”

Jenna’s idea made lots of sense. The island had no place to hide, as it was flat except for the elevated part where the house was situated. If they no longer stayed in the house, they would not be in any danger of death.

“We would still have to come inside for various reasons, dear. And if we did come inside, we’d be alone. And someone could kill us then!” Edward faulted the idea.

“For what reasons?” Jenna replied, disappointed her idea wasn’t perfect.

“You can’t last forever without going to the bathroom, Jenna. Unless you are comfortable doing it in front of others, but I am a grown Magmar and I am certainly not comfortable in that situation…” Edward replied.

“Plus, we have to eat sometime! It isn’t healthy to not eat,” Nora added.

Jenna sighed. She still liked her idea, even if they needed to stay in the house a little.

“I’m sure this can wait to be discussed later,” Joan replied, “We need to bring his body to his bedroom.”

The Kirlia nodded at Tony’s body. The other three seemed to have forgotten about the Mr. Mime, and laughed uncomfortably.

They all helped to bring his body upstairs, and set it on his bed. Jenna, being the sweetie she was, removed the knife from his head and set it on his bedside table. They exited the room, closed the door, and checked the clock. It was eight o’clock, an hour after they had woken up.

“You know, we could just bring a bunch of food outside. It can’t hurt us to stay outside,” Jenna announced, “and the bathroom is a door away from the entrance. I really don’t see anything that bad about my idea.”

Jenna’s solutions made a lot of sense now. Edward seemed to have no objections, and neither did Nora. But Joan had a bone to pick with them.

“I refuse to stay outside. You can all go, but I’m staying inside,” Joan protested.

“There is safety in numbers, and being alone in the house isn’t a good idea, Joan…” Nora tried to warn.

“I don’t seem to care, do I?” Joan laughed at Nora’s warning.

“No, you don’t,” Jenna replied, “Should we let her stay alone in the house?”

“I have no objections to it. She’s a grown Kirlia, she can do what she wants,” Edward gave his two cents.

“I agree with Edward. If she wants to stay in the house, then all power to her,” Nora backed Edward up.

“Great then! Let’s start getting some food outside, and Joan… you can do what you want, I guess…” Jenna announced, clapping her paws together.

“I’ll be in the living room. If you need me, just holler,” Joan said, leading the way downstairs.

* * *

Joan had made some tea and now sat in the living room, sipping it slowly. Her back was to the hallway, and with her eyes, she could see the dining room. She heard Jenna and Nora were getting foods out, and Edward was bringing them outside. They would change roles every now and then, as Edward was old and had difficulty doing the task.

Edward had placed a dining room chair to hold the front door open, to make it easier for him to bring the food outside. She heard the floorboards crack every now and then, but it didn’t bother her. It was probably one of the other three.

“This tea is hot…” Joan thought, and set it on the table.

It was then that a piece of steel slashed her.

Matt & Vulpix
07-19-2004, 07:12 PM
Chapter VIII continued

Nora was getting food out, and felt the gun move in her pouch. The others didn’t realize she had it, but she did. She wouldn’t die now, she had defense. She could shoot Jenna right now if she wanted to, but Joan would hear and Edward might too.

“No… I won’t use it. I just won’t let others use it, either…” Nora calmed her angry deadly thoughts.

That’s when they heard it. Edward’s terrified cry.

“No!” he shouted, dropping a box of cookies on the floor as he entered the living room from the dining room.

“What?” Nora and Jenna shouted in unity, rushing to his sides.

The white head with green hair rolled on the ground towards the trio. Joan’s sliced off head.

“If her head’s there… then that means…” Jenna thought. She looked up and saw the body, with no head, fallen on the ground. The teacup was set onto the table, unbroken and untouched.

“Let’s bring her body to her bedroom, I guess…” Edward said.

“No. Let’s leave her there. We aren’t even going to come back here, so it’s not worth it!” Jenna replied.

“Yes, it is very much worth it, Jenna. I don’t want to exit the bathroom and see a headless body!” Edward retorted.

“I have to agree with Edward here. Sorry Jenna, but you lost two to one!” Nora joked.

“How can you joke like that in a time like this?” Jenna replied with anger, appalled at how Nora reacted to Joan’s death.

Nora didn’t reply, but calmed down instantly. Edward, being the oldest and therefore weakest of the trio, took Joan’s head into his hands and brought it upstairs. The Wigglytuff and the Chansey then took the Kirlia’s body, and followed Edward upstairs.

Edward opened the door, and they set the body on the cotton sheets.

“Where do I put her head?” Edward said uneasily.

“By her body,” the females replied in synch.

Edward set her head by Joan’s neck, and they stood there, staring at the bed. Which one of them would have heartlessly struck her head off? Without pity?

“It’s probably that old Magmar,” Nora thought, “He could have slashed at her any time as he brought food outside… but then again, Jenna went to the bathroom once…”

“Would Edward have done it? He had plenty of opportunity… as did Nora, when she went to the bathroom!” Jenna thought.

“I wonder who killed Joan,” Edward said, not sure.

“Yes, I think we’re all wondering who killed Joan, as well as everyone else,” Nora said calmly.

“I think we should check the dining room,” Edward said abruptly.

“For what?” Jenna asked.

“You know the vase of white roses?” Edward asked them, and they both nodded, recalling the beautifully hand painted vase, “Well, I have a feeling someone is removing a rose from it every time someone dies. There were nine when we first got here, and yesterday at dinner, there were only five.”

Jenna and Nora were blown away that Edward had noticed such a little thing.

“I definitely wouldn’t have noticed…” Jenna thought, as Nora thought along the same lines.

They descended to the main floor, and entered the place where they had eaten the various meals. All of them were seemingly eventful; from hangings to weird fortune cookies.

Jenna took the vase and counted.




Three white roses remained, one of them wilting.

Jenna set the vase back in the middle of the table, not knowing what to say. It was something out of a fairy tale, something truly unbelievable was happening to them.

The breeze coming in through the window was soothing, as none of them knew what to do anymore. Would they sit down and wait for someone to kill them?

“I think we have enough food. Let’s never return to this blasted place again,” Nora said, storming out of the house quickly. She would survive outside of the island, she was sure of it.

“I’m with you, girl!” Jenna joined in, storming out of the house.

Edward, not being as young and lively as the two females, was slowly walking to go outside.

“Wait! I think I’ll go and get a pillow and a blanket from my bedroom, this way we won’t be cold come nightfall!” Nora said, rushing upstairs.

“I think I’ll go to the bathroom one more time…” Jenna said, entering the house and going straight for the washroom.

The sharp pain Edward had experience just then was one more forceful and hurtful then he had ever had. It was like a knife was going through him, and coming out, and coming back in, and so on. But he looked around, there was no one, and there was no knife.

But the pains were just too much.

“This is what you get for what you did to me!” he heard a familiar voice say. He turned around and saw a dirty Sandshrew he had worked into the mines. A Sandshrew he had killed.

“And me!” a Raticate said, appearing beside the Sandshrew. The gas in his mines had killed him, also.

“And me!” a harmony of voices shouted, as twenty or so more ghosts appeared. He’d killed them all.

“I’m sorry!” he wanted to mutter to them, but it was too late.

He was dead.

* * *

The Chansey rushed down the stairs with three pillows and three blankets, one for each of them. She saw Jenna exit the bathroom, and they both saw the Magmar, laid out on the floor.

“You did this!” Nora hissed.

“No, you did this!” the Wigglytuff shushed back.

But he was dead. Dead. And now, they were only two on the island that were well and breathing.

Nora walked over her body, and went to leave the house.

“Aren’t we going to bring him to rest, too, in his bed?” Jenna said sarcastically.

“Why bother? We aren’t ever coming back into this demonic place!” Nora replied, “Once a boat comes, we’ll be safe. We’ll be safe, safe and alive…”

Jenna had to agree with her. They weren’t going to come back inside, and they had enough food outside for weeks. But they still needed to come inside for the bathroom…

“I don’t want to see his body every time I have to do my business!” Jenna retorted.

“Ugh, fine, let’s bring him upstairs!” Nora gave up, and they got around his body. Jenna grabbed his feet and Nora his head, and they went up the stairs.

Matt & Vulpix
07-19-2004, 07:13 PM
Chapter VIII Continued

It was three o’clock now. Fifteen minutes after they had discovered Edward’s dead body.

They sat, with their pillows and their blankets, outside. Eating.

His body was safely placed on his bed.

And now, it was just Nora and Jenna. They had survived.

“She did it! I knew it! She’s a doctor, she knows how to kill people effectively and easily!” Jenna thought, staring at the only other person on the island.

“She did it! Child killer did it! I knew it! When you kill children, it makes you mad for more killing!” Nora noted mentally, also staring at Jenna in the eyes, “But I have the gun, Jenna, I can kill you if I want to.”

That thought hadn’t occurred to her yet. She could kill Jenna and pass it off as an accident.

And then she’d be the survivor. She would have won, she would have beat out all eight of them. Eric, Josh, Christina, Morel, Tony, Joan, Edward and Jenna, all dead.

“Goodbye Jenna!” Nora shouted, getting up and removing the gun from her pouch.

“What?” Jenna said quickly, not having the time to defend herself.


Jenna fell over, shot through the head. Nora dropped the gun, shaking suddenly. She had actually killed another Pokémon.

“Other than Bellossom…” her inner self told Nora.

But she didn’t care. She was alive! She had survived the perils and the dangers of Tohjo Island, and the mysterious killer.

Leaving Jenna’s body outside, Nora entered the house and went to the bathroom, suddenly needing to do so.

As she entered the bathroom, she saw the other to the bathroom was open. The door was showing her the empty room they had discovered, near the kitchen.

But this time, it wasn’t so empty.

There was a dining room chair in the middle of the room, with a rope hanging from the ceiling. A mirror was set up parallel to the chair.

She could see herself in the back of the chair. She quietly advanced to the chair, and saw herself more up-close.

Her image changed and suddenly, Bellossom appeared in the mirror.

“Why did you kill me? I had so much to live for…” Bellossom said, with a frown.

“I didn’t mean to! I was under the influence of a drug! I didn’t kill you, the drug did!” Nora shouted, knowing no one would hear her.

“But you took the drug. It’s your fault I’m dead. I blame it on you, and no one else!” the Bellossom shouted.

“No!” she shouted, and ran up to the mirror. She took it by the golden edge, and threw it to the ground. It shattered in pieces, the glass scattering all over the bare floor of the room.

“But you did kill her, Nora!” her soul told her.

“I know I did!” Nora shouted angrily, now in tears, “I don’t deserve to live!”

She jumped on the chair and put the noose around her head.

“Goodbye cruel world!” the Chansey muttered, kicking the chair away.

The Chansey hung from the ceiling, dying quickly.

Her madness had driven her to death.

07-19-2004, 09:28 PM
Great chapter. Now, I can't wait for the epilogue. I bet it's going to be really good. ^^ Bleh, I liked Jenna, too, even though she was a "child-killer." lol >_<

Matt & Vulpix
07-20-2004, 07:36 PM

A squad of police had found Tohjo Island on June 15th, and had also found the nine dead bodies on the island. All bodies were tucked into beds, and they had all died different ways. Poisoning for a few, being hung for a few others, being shot and even having their head severed for another.

They had no idea who had done this, or how it had happened. None of the Pokémon on the island had kept any chronicles or diaries of what was going on.

It had taken a letter, thankfully found, to explain the events that had taken place on Tohjo Island.

* * *

A few days after the finding of the nine dead bodies on Tohjo Island, an Azumarill was swimming around the bay of Fuchsia City. Deciding to go out further into the sea, he began to swim southeast. Near an island that was all alone, he saw a crystal clear bottle at the bottom of the sea. He swam down and took it with his paws.

He came above water, with the bottle in his hands. It had no liquid in it, but through the ivy green glass, he saw rolled up paper with writing on them.

“Must be some kind of letter,” he muttered.

An hour later, back at Fuchsia City, he entered his home, slightly to the west of the big city. He opened the bottle, and he and his wife, also an Azumarill, read the letter. Right as their Azurill baby was watching television.

* * *

Dear finder of this letter,

I wish your life to end differently than mine, and nine people I have killed. Nine people that I thought had no right to live. They had all done terrible things in their lives, yet none of them had ever been punished for them.

I always wanted to be remembered, even after my death. And I had no idea how to do so. But after meeting a few people on my travels, I knew what I was to do if I was to be remembered.

When I was near Goldenrod City, I met a man by the name of Mario. He was a Clefable, apparently from Mount Moon, who had just lost his child. He claimed a lady named Jenna killed his child, because she wanted to be with him. He said he had no proof of it, but Jenna had told him. He and his wife then left Mount Moon and came to Goldenrod.

It then occurred to me how sad it was that this girl had not been punished. The married couple had lost their child because some crazy person killed it.

I continued my travels, and when I arrived in Ecruteak City, I met a detective by the name of Sam, a friendly Growlithe. We became quick friends, and it didn’t take long for him to talk to me like we were old buddies.

He told me about various cases he’d investigated that seemed fishy to him. He had never sufficient proof to do anything about it, as the proof had either been destroyed or verbal. He first told me about a Scyther named Josh, who killed his parents to get a fortune of money. The Growlithe found it stupid, as he would have had the money soon enough, if he’d just waited for their death.

He told me that this particular Scyther lived in a mansion on Cinnabar Island, and that he had never been convicted of killing his parents. Sam had lots of proof against him, but the Scyther had allegedly slashed it all away.

He then continued to tell me about Morel, a Medicham from Fuchsia. He told me all about how Morel was a man that was frequently at sea, and he left his girlfriend, Mary, a Kadabra, all alone. Sam informed me that Marc, a friend of Morel’s, had had relations with Mary while Morel was at sea.

“I don’t know what came over him, but it was a fit of rage, and he killed Marc,” he told me. I remember that like it was yesterday. Sam had no proof, but the coldness Morel had shown when he discovered Marc’s dead body had spoken volumes to the Growlithe.

At that point, I knew of three people who had committed crimes that they had never been convicted of.

I continued to Olivine City, where I met Deborah, a retired supermarket owner. Over the years, she’d gathered various stories that had never been heard to the general public. Being that Deborah was a Persian, I had no reason to doubt her claims.

She first told me about Christina, a thief that stole no more. She rambled on and on about how Christina had stolen from various stores. Not only was she a common thief, but also she had killed everyone who knew about it, nearly two-dozen Pokémon. Deborah was lucky she had survived, as she had heard it from a friend that was killed right after telling Deborah about Christina.

Then she told me of a Magmar that went by the name of Edward. She had known him personally, as he lived in Olivine for a while, when he owned the mines. He had owned the mines for fifteen years and had tons and tons of money, but then the mines began to be infested with Weezing, who emitted their deadliest gasses. All twenty of his workers in the mine with the Weezing are now dead.

He retired after the event, and moved to Mauville City, apparently running away from his past. But Deborah knew, and she told me. He had so much money; no one would accuse him of murder.

Deborah not only knew of Christina and Edward, but also of Joan, a Kirlia who owned the Mossdeep Times. Deborah had lived a short time in Mossdeep City, and knew the owner of the Mossdeep Times. A very happy person, but was murdered a week or so after Deborah had arrived in Mossdeep City. She had met Joan, who had told Deborah all about how she was envious of her friend, as she owned the newspaper.

She’d gone as far as killing her friend. It was a shame, in Deborah’s eyes. After meeting Deborah, I knew of six people who were never punished.

My next stop was in Cianwood City, where I met a doctor named Jenny, a Chansey.

She knew loads of people who had committed crimes. She first told me of Nora, a Chansey who had done Jocaine, a drug that was little known to Pokémon. She told me all about how she was in the room when Nora had operated on a Bellossom, a good dancer that was said to be the next big star.

“The talent was wasted,” was all Jenny could say, I remembered it so clearly. She then told me about her younger days in Petalburg City, when she had been called to an emergency in the nearby forest.

Two poor, young Treecko, killed by poachers. I saw the look on Jenny’s face, and it wasn’t a pretty sight. She felt so bad for the two. She told me all about how a Sceptile named Eric had sacrificed the two youths to the poachers in exchange for his own safety.

While she was in Petalburg, she also met a sailor Croconaw named Billy, who had left a young Mudkip drown in the sea on purpose. Jenny knew not if it was an accident, or really a murder, but the person who was responsible for the young Mudkip was the Croconaw, who didn’t help him. The court hadn’t held him responsible, for one reason or another, but he was guilty in her eyes, as well as mine.

Now, I had everything I needed to be remembered. Nine individuals who had done one bad thing or another were all I needed to be remembered.

I was going to kill all nine of them as their punishment for their sins. Not in any old way either, but it would make them afraid. It would sound as if it was out of a fairy tale – almost as if it was unreal.

Just to make sure that they had all done their sins, I had read their minds using my psychic powers. It took me a long month to get to everyone, but sure as it was, I finally had confirmed all nine sins were truly committed each of Pokémon. It was now time to find a place to kill them.

Tohjo Island… yes, it was an island with only a house on it, and a cavern that was hidden by ivy. It was perfect to kill all nine of them. How I obtained it was simple. I bought it. I had so much money in my savings, and I obviously wasn’t going to use them after I was dead, was I?

After it was bought – and not under my name, either, but under “Alvina Notricha Onymity”, my pseudonym – it was time to invite my eight guests, and it was time to hire my sailor.

Alvina Notricha Onymity was the perfect name to invite them as. It wasn’t a name that could be attributed to a girl or a guy, and it spelt out what I wanted it to, when using only the first letters of the first two words in the name. Anonymity.

Once I sent out the letters, I knew I was almost ready to receive them. I still had to hire my sailor, Billy, I had to write the fortunes, I had to paint the painting, I had to write the poem and I had to hide the cavern.

I started by hiring Billy. It wasn’t difficult, as a simple phone call sufficed. I used a different voice when I called him, so he wouldn’t recognize me on his ship. After, I wrote and painting the painting. It didn’t take long to paint, but to write the words in ink was an hour-long task. All of the words in the poem was about what was going to happen to them. How they would die. And they didn’t even realize.

I don’t think anyone noticed, but the first letters of each line spelt out “Tohjo Island”. It was obvious, but none of the eight dimwits realized. Pity. After signing it under my pseudonym, I checked to see that the cavern on the side of the island was hidden with the leaves of the ivy. I made sure I could climb down inside the cavern, and saw a Spinarak inside the cavern.

I convinced him to tell everyone’s crimes after they found Eric dead. He accepted, after I threatened to use my psychic attack against him. I got back into the house.

I wrote the fortunes down quickly, and placed them in the box. I knew whoever was cooking that night would take the fortune cookies, as the box was locked, and I knew the lock would provoke them to open it. I put it in the cabinet, a made sure that I put some poison on each cookie. Not poison to kill, but poison that would disable all psychic techniques. I couldn’t let anyone peer into my mind, could I?

The island was ready. Everything was in place. All I needed were the pawns to come into play.

Matt & Vulpix
07-20-2004, 07:37 PM
Epilogue's Continuation

June 8th. The day had finally come. I was ready for them to come. I was ready for them to die.

On the ship, everyone was surprisingly happy. No one was afraid, but they were uncertain about Mr. Onymity. It was obvious that none of them knew his identity.

It wasn’t difficult to kill Billy, either. Before we left the ship, I used Future Sight by snapping my fingers. I was sure it would hit after we exited the ship, and I was sure he would die of it.

Upon arriving on the island, we opened the door to the house using our psychic powers. I wanted to make sure they did have psychic powers, to know if they needed the fortune cookie’s poison to destroy their psychic powers.

When they read the poem, I had trouble not smiling. Just seeing their faces whiten was enough to make the whole ordeal worth it. They then proceeded to walk around the house, through the dining room, kitchen and the empty room, and finally upstairs.

After finishing the exploration, the other men and I sat down in the living room, where Eric caught me off-guard by calling out that no one knew Mr. Onymity. It surprised me that he had discovered it so quickly, but I still wasn’t afraid. He didn’t know I ‘was’ Mr. Onymity.

Before supper, I went into the kitchen to see how the girls were doing. I dropped a drop of poison into a bowl of soup, and I was going to make sure Eric received the plate. The poison was toxic, from a Weedle. It was fast-acting, so I was sure he would be on the floor before he reached his room.

After, we had supper. It was delicious; they might have sinned, but Nora, Jenna, Joan and Christina knew how to cook. When the fortune cookies were out, I used my psychic abilities to switch the papers inside around accordingly, and made sure that none of them were mixed up. It wasn’t difficult to do; all I had to do was concentrate my mind.

That night, I went downstairs to find the dead Sceptile. I placed him on the table and made sure to make an incision in his body, and put blood on the painting. It was to raise awareness that I was out to get them. I didn’t want to have it be too easy to kill them all; I wanted a challenge.

As for the vial of poison, which had little poison in it to begin with, I threw it out the window. It is somewhere in the sea right now, broken, I presume.

So the following day, after Nora gave us her diagnosis, after we set Eric in his bed, the Spinarak appeared as I had commanded him to. It was the same exhilarating feeling as it was when they read the fortune cookies, except this time, everyone was giving judgmental looks to everyone else.

As for Jenna seeing the blood on the painting; it was fantastic. Her shrieks were perfect. And they finally noticed my ‘fake’ signature in the corner of the painting. Not that it was obvious; but the blood was very near to it, so they saw it easier.

After the long, boring conversation about the letters each of us had received, Josh decided he would announce what he had figured out. Alvina Notricha Onymity became Anonymity when you used only the first letters of Alvina and Notricha.

Josh surprised me; I didn’t think they would figure it out that fast. He had to be next. It also made me laugh that they wanted Billy to come. I had to stop myself to not tell them that he was dead, just like Eric.

The supper that night had been one of the only truly happy moments. Not a soul spoke of Eric’s death, and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it, including me. I was thinking of other things, however. I needed a hairpin from Christina’s hair to unlock Josh’s door. That way I could kill him, just like in the poem.

I got one on the floor, luckily. That night, I unlocked his door using the hairpin and took a kitchen knife to stab him. Fortune that he didn’t know he was dying; that he was asleep.

I threw the knife out of his window. Again, it fell into the sea, just like the empty vial.

The following day, they found Josh and Nora explained everything I had done, except where the knife was. She was quite the smart one.

Next, I was to kill Christina. On the balcony, I observed her, all alone. I knew she was next; she was the third least deserving of the bunch. I killed each of them by the degree of punishment they deserved; I killed them in order of punishment they needed. The longer they were alive on the island; the madder they became.

It was not difficult to go outside, no one saw me. I killed her, and then brought her body into the cavern on the side of the island. I would leave it there until everyone was dead; at which point I would put her back into her bed.

So I returned to the balcony and waited for lunch to be ready. At noon, I went into the dining room and sat down, after waking up Nora and Morel. And I waited for them to realize the Jynx was missing.

It didn’t take long for us to be outside, searching for Christina. I made them believe she had never come up to the second floor; they had no reason to doubt me at the time. Morel then stated that if Christina wasn’t on the island, she matter as well be in the sea. Close enough; but everyone agreed she was drowned in the sea.

At this time, people began to suspect that the three deaths weren’t accidents, but murders. Cold-blooded murders.

They still needed to look through the house to make sure Christina was truly nowhere to be seen. Sure enough, she wasn’t anywhere, but the systematic search brought them to something even I wasn’t aware of: Morel’s gun.

Edward pointed out the gun had not been used on the island, but I knew I could use the gun to my advantage. Everyone insisted we throw it into the sea; but I knew I could use it in someway. And I had the perfect method for them to not realize the gun would still be on the island.

When we were outside, I picked a flower. I then tossed the gun on the ground, and used an attack called ‘Confusion’. You may have heard of it; it confuses your enemies. I confused them into thinking the flower was the gun, and it worked! When we entered the house, I made sure to grab the gun and hide it from the other five.

Next, Jenna was preparing supper, Edward was in the bathroom, Joan was in the living room, and Nora and Morel were in their respective bedrooms. I was on the balcony, with the gun in hand, and I knew exactly what to do with it.

I opened Nora’s door, and drowned out the creaking noise by using my ability, soundproof, which allows me to block out sounds. I placed the gun on her dresser, confident that she would take it. At this point, I was sure any of the five would have taken it if I had offered it to them.

As I had planned, she put it in her pouch after I exited. It was now time to kill Morel. Using the same hairpin I had to open Josh’s door, I opened his door. I had left a kitchen knife on the balcony in case I decided to kill someone; and used that very same knife to take away Morel’s life. I couldn’t use a Pokémon attack, as they could have pinned it on me.

I wanted to make Morel’s death obvious to them. Not like Christina not showing up; I wanted it to hit them in the face that I wanted them all dead.

I had stashed some rope in the living room. In the fireplace, to be more precise. They never even lit a fire, which is quite disappointing if you ask me.

By the time I killed Morel, Joan was in the kitchen helping Jenna with supper. I grabbed the rope and set it on the chandelier, and put Morel’s body. They were so preoccupied with making supper they didn’t see me using Psychic to elevate Morel’s body onto the chandelier. I removed some roses from the vase, making sure to leave only five in the vase. The noose around his neck, the white roses removed, the setting for supper was ready as could be.

So we ate supper, Jenna, Joan, Edward, Nora and I, and everyone thought Morel was still sleeping. That was definitely not the case; as we ate the cake, Jenna’s dessert, I used psychic to make Morel’s body hang down. The whiteness on everyone’s face, including my acting, was perfect. It reinforced what I wanted it to; they would all die sooner or later.

So we cleared the table, put Morel’s body in his bed, and they all turned in. I was going to the bathroom, or so they thought, but I was really faking my own death.

Matt & Vulpix
07-20-2004, 07:39 PM
Epilogue's Continuation

You may wonder how I faked my death. When you are a Mr. Mime, it isn’t all that difficult. I used an attack known as Substitute. My fake body set on the coffee table, I put a knife in his skull. I removed another rose from the vase, knowing that they would notice that there were only four in the vase. I was officially ‘dead’.

I got a knife from the cabinet, and then went to the bathroom, for real, knowing I wouldn’t go for a while now. I took a dining room chair, and put it in the empty room, along with another rope. I set it up so that someone would eventually hang there out of madness. I then went outside, and climbed down the ivy into the cavern, where I slept.

The following day, I imagine they discovered my dead body. They probably put ‘me’ down on my bed, and then were scared. I really hope they were mad by now.

It was mid-afternoon, and I climbed the ivy back onto the island. I looked through the window and saw Joan in the living room, sipping tea. She was to be next. I waited until Edward, Nora and Jenna were all in the kitchen, and made my move.

I entered the house and cut off her neck, and exited as fast as I had entered. I returned into my cavern, knowing that they would all die without my help.

What happened next may not be how it actually happened, but I couldn’t watch from my cavern. They brought Kirlia’s body and head into her bedroom, and then stayed outside, thinking they would not die outside. How wrong they were…

Edward was last alone in the house, coming out of the bathroom. The poison had finally kicked in. Prior to him ever coming to Tohjo Island, I had given him ‘medicine’ to cure his disease, severe coolness. It was real medicine and it did cure his sickness, but I had put a drop of slow-acting poison. It had finally kicked in.

Nora and Jenna probably brought his body upstairs to his bedroom. They were then the only two on the island, or so they thought. I heard Nora shoot Jenna, probably suspecting Jenna of being the murderer.

Once I heard Nora open the door, I climbed back up. I took Jenna’s body, and put it inside, in the hallway. Through the bathroom door, I saw Nora hang herself.

I set both their bodies in their beds out of respect, as well as Christina’s. I also disposed of my substitute into the sea, out of the window.

You may still wonder why I did this. You know how I did it, but you still don’t know why.

I myself have no idea why I did this, other than wanting to be remembered. I have made of myself, as well as the nine others I have killed, a remembered person.

I do not consider myself a murderer; I consider myself a bringer of justice. They all got what they deserved; especially Nora. She deserved the most pain. The longer they were on Tohjo Island, the longer they were scared. Afraid. Frightened, even.

I know that everyone will consider me a murderer. That is why I will end my life after finishing this letter. I will put it in a bottle, and throw it out to sea, hoping that someone will find it and mail it to the police, so they can finally make sense of the nine bodies on this island, as well as Billy’s blown up boat.

Using Morel’s gun’s last bullet and a thread, I will set up a device. This device will allow me to pull a thread and activate the gun, therefore shooting me.

I am not afraid of death.

Tony ‘Mr. Mime’ Trundle

* * *

The married couple of Azumarill set the letter down and decided to send it to the police, just as the Mr. Mime had requested. This letter was the key to solving the greatest mystery of all time.

The mystery of Tohjo Island; one that would be for the history books.


Thank you for reading my story. It means a lot to me. If you've read this story, I urge you to post now and tell me that you have. It would mean a lot to me.
Thanks to SilverFrost, KCash, Neo Pikachu, JIG, and a bunch of others for all the support you've shown me.
This is my first completed fan fiction, and I'm as proud as can be about it.
Thank you so much for reading, and please post your thoughts and critism as well.

07-20-2004, 08:03 PM
Truely amazing. This is one of the greatest mysteries I have ever read or seen in my life. Obviously lots of work has been put into this fic and I'm happy I could enjoy it. You've always had a great talent for getting character's personalities in just right and thats what brought such life to this fic. Actually, this would make a great movie... Anyways, loved the fic. One of the best I've ever read. Great job Matt!

07-20-2004, 08:45 PM
I agree with KCash. This is one of the greatest mysteries ever. The way everything was done was amazing. You have every right to be as proud as you are of this fic. And, as you know, I suspected the wrong person of being the murderer. =X I liked how the person actually did it, though, and I never thought of that as a possibility... (I won't reveal it, just in case someone has yet to read it...) But, bravo, Matt. And congratulations on the completion of your first fic. ^_^

~delfino feroce
07-22-2004, 05:54 AM
Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Must Read 11/10 Omg Omg Omg I Love This.

07-22-2004, 03:17 PM
Awesome fic Matt! And congrats on completing your first story ever. This was an awesome fic to read and I always suspected the wrong person. :x But great mystery, plot, and clues hidden in this story. 15/10 Matt! :clap:

Hoenn Mirror Girl
07-23-2004, 06:28 AM
I've seen a lot of freaky things in my life, but THIS is the freakiest things I've ever read. And you know what, my friend...?