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09-23-2006, 08:04 PM
Ok here we go. 5 years in the future pokemon are all wanted dead. Most are killed off but a few remain. All the legendaries and a few that belong to trainers. 9 of these trainers revolt this extermination and are sent to a deserted island left to die. The deserted island is the last safe place for pokemon and is where all the legendarys are. The legendarys dont trust people and are triing to kill the 9 on the island. On the island they formed 3 teams, flame, shock, and freeze (thank you to SpazzedOutRayquaza for letting me use team freeze and shock from his role play we are real-life friends). Each trainer gets 3 pokemon. The trainers don't trust eachother and want eachother dead. Problem is that they also have the legendaries to worry about that are continualy attacking everyone and whenever a legendary is dead they always come back to life. All the trainers are fighting the legendaries and triing to find a way off the island. YOU MAY MAKE UP YOUR OWN LEGENDARIES AND USE 4th REGION POKEMON! Have fun!

Rules: No bunniing without permission and no god modding. Don't do anything stupid I shouldn't need to make any more!

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Here is mine
Name: Brian
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Team: Flame
Pokemon: Typhlosion (Tyro) Swampert (Hydro) Gengar (Shadow)
Desciption: Brian has a black T-shirt, jeans, black hair, and blue and white shoes. Pokemon all look normal.
Other: nothing to say here

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Team Flame:
Me! vgbri

Team Shock:

Team Freeze:

Questions and coments welcome.

09-26-2006, 09:37 PM
Name: Lorielle
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Team: Shock
Pokemon: Raichu (Ranger), (Pikachu) Zappy, Little Pipipi (Pichu).
Desciption: Dark blue jeans with black stars runinng down the sides. Crimson red T-shirt with a black heart in the middle. Has ankle-length indigo blue hair kept in a high-ponytail. Black sneakers.