View Full Version : the rare candy cheat for those of you who don;t know it yet(for blue version and red)

pie lover
09-25-2006, 06:35 AM
this cheat is for blue and red only (i dunno if it is a glitch or it was put in on purpose)

first you need fly and surf asweel as 5 gym badges
now you surf to cinnabar
then fly back to virridian city
tlak to the guy who teaches you about catching pokemon
get him ti teach you
fly back to cinnabar
out the rare candy in 6place in your items list
surf on the water right next to the gym and only there if you got out one strip your cheat is over
surf there until you find misengo (missing number) and beat him or run do not catch him it messes up yor game
along the way you will find pokeomn over lvl 100 in the water catch as many as you can
your rare candy's should now be duplicatede past 100
if you have a master ball do the cheat then use the duplicated master balls to catch the over lvl 100 pokemon

this cheat is a great way to beat the game quickly and fill up yor pokedex

Pokemon Trainer Sarah
09-25-2006, 06:46 AM
Seeing it's a glitch, please use this thread to discuss it or whatever. ^^