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09-26-2006, 03:23 AM
We enter the vast region of mynto, where many a flower bloom, trees can be seen from a mile away, and peace is always kept safe. But there have been some robberies, some trees have been cut down, and it hasnt rained very much. The beauty is disapearing, the sun getting dark. There is a special force trying to take over the region of Mynto, and show it to the rest of the world,but Mynto must be kept a secret from the evil teams: Team Rocket, Team Magma,and Team Aqua. People are starting to worry about a new evil team, a more powerful one, trying to destroy all pokemon and inslave the human race. Trainers from all over are trying to fight against and/or with this new team. Rumors say that the trainers willing to join this new team get a special 'pokeball' that can catch any pokemon, and change their personalities to fit the new trainer, but the longer the trainers use that pokemon, the trainers themselves become a pokemon, then are trained to become a Poke`man.........

I have made a new region and let my old thread die so that i could make a fresh start, this region has many more pokemon and all it needs is a few more pokemon, a few towns and a few cameo trainers. Be sure to provide your cameos pokemon and their overworld sprites. Anyone may submit their work but any sprites or artwork in this thread can be used in any way i please but will most likely be in this thread only.

Name: (your screen name)
Pokemon: (name)
Image: (pokemon)
Trainer: (His/Her name)
Pokemon: (the pokemon he/she has)
Personality: (stradegies used, favorite pokemon, always carries ect.)

Please help me make this region a reality:

Comics will be made as episodes to pass time and so you can see how the region progresses, we also need the ??? team, as they have no name or uniforms....

09-28-2006, 04:57 AM