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09-28-2006, 03:43 AM
In the year 5006 an announcement was made that a meteor shower would occur and destroy Earth.A few days later the meteor shower happened.The world didn't end,instead pokemon eggs were dropped down on Earth.Random people found these eggs in their rooms.They nursed these eggs until they hatched.Now they will go on a pokemon journey to become pokemon masters,but other people have other plans.They think the new pokemon will be the things that will destroy Earth instead of the meteor shower.Now with the people believing that the pokemon were evil,they couldn't realize that rhe real evil was arrising but no one will listen to the trainers.Now the trainers have to go on a journey to destroy the evil before it destroys them.

Sign up sheet:
sex:(male or female)
pokemon:(pokemon you already had)
new pokemon:(the egg you got from the meteor,you have to make it up,has to have three forms,but you only need to tell me one right now)
personality:(how your character acts)
looks:(how your character looks)

My sign-up:
name:Ken Sienta
new pokemon:Gorgos
personality:laid back,loves to battle.
looks:Black hair.Blue and black jacket.Jeans and a white t-shirt.
other:He has a blue book that has a theory in it about a new galaxy.He has a twin that actually has a secret about this new galaxy.