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PJ and Chris are the best of Friends, both the same age they share similar interests, including the love of everything Pokémon. They love Pokémon so much they have decided to become trainers of Pokémon in the Kanto region. When the day finally arrives for them to set out they are excited and ready to get through anything as a team. This is their story.

Chapter 1 - The Journy Begins

It's 6:00 in Pallet town in the Kanto region and still PJ and Chris have had no sleep, PJ planned a sleepover on the night before the day they were to start their journy andthey had stayed up ll night talking about plans of what they will do the next day. PJ lets out a yawn and Chris reminds him

"PJ it's 6:00 you cant go to sleep now! We have to be at oaks lab in-- "

before Chris can finish his sentence he lets out a yawn of his own and PJ just laughs. "I guess yawning is contagious!"

"Yeah I guess so" Chris replies smiling.

There s a short silence which is broken by soft snores coming from Chris's Sleeping bag. PJ thinks to himself <ha didnt last long, meh i'll wake him up after i have a shower>

PJ grabs his Blue Jeans, A black Fitted T-Shirt and a Red and black Checkered Shirt and walks out of his room quietly shutting the door behind him.


After his shower PJ re-enters his room to find Chris awake and on his computer, he walks over to him. "What are you doing?" he asks looking over his shoulder "and how did you access my computer! you dont know my password... do you?" Chris simply laugh and says
"PJ we have been best frends for years, i know you, your password for everything is dragonite!"
PJ smiles "Oh well, what are you doing?"
"Well, im looking over the stats of the three starter Pokémon; Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander"
PJ nods and walks over to his bed to put on his shoes "Oh, Chris we only have half an hour to get to the lab go get ready man"
Chris sighs and logs off the computer hesitantly wanting to do a little more research, he grabs his clothes and goes for a shower.


On the way down the path to Oaks lab the two friends chat about what types of pokémon they want to catch and what they plan to do for the day. When they finally reach the glass sliding doors that are the entrance to oaks lab PJ presses the button and te doors slide open and the friends enter.
PJ glances around and shouts out "Professor Oak!You around!" and is almost instantly yelled at by three of Oaks assistants to "SHHHH!"
PJ rolls his eyes and he and Chris walk futher to the back of the lab.

"Well hello there boys" comes a voice as the Pokémon Prof. come into view.
"Hey Professor Oak!" both the boys shout in unison and look at eachother cracking up laughing.
Prof. Oak Smiles
"So have you decided which Pokémon you would like to train?" he says leading them to a platform with three pokéballs on it and net to them is a little sign with the symbols of fire water and grass on them.
PJ says almost instantly all full of excitment "Charmander Pleeease!"
Chris looks at PJ wide-eyed at his fast decision then glances from Pokéball to Pokéball before reasting his eyes on the water symbol "Squirtle Please Professor Oak". The Prof looks at the boys and says with a grin
"Well, Take the Pokéballs then!"
The friends look at each other and at the same time grab their Pokémon and jump in the air shouting "We got a Pokémon!!!" the professor looks a little scared then adds "Oh, i almost forgot i have something else for you!" he takes 2 small laptop like devices ((that are exactly like GBA SP's looks wise)) and hands it to them "These are called PokéPC's, they are mini-computers with lots of different fuctions and modes! They have an In-Built Pokédex a Video Phone, A Personal Computer with Windows XZ Ultimate with a multitude of programs, as well as much more which is listed in the in-built hlp function" the boys stare wide-eyed at the mini computers before taking them and putting them away "Thanks Prof!" came PJ's response.
"Yeah, thanks much" adds chris.
"Your welcome bos now off you go"
"Ok! Lets go" exclaims PJ running towarsd the door.
"Hey wait up!!" Chris yells behind him chasing him out the door.
"Nice boys....loads of potential" was Oaks final comment before returning to his work.


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Hmm Pretty good. A bit small but alright for your first post. keep up the good work.

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Please people post with comments on chapter 1 so i cn get ideas for chapter 2 thankies!