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09-28-2006, 11:18 PM
Before you go on:

Note: This is going to be a dark Pokemon RP. As such, there will be blood, gore, cursing, and whathaveyou. Pokemon will be dying and mutilated. People will be dying and mutilated. Maybe not yours, but it could happen. For those who are mature enough to handle such things, read on.

---I've decided to see if there is an interest in a Dark Pokemon RP. I read (quite awhile back), a "Dark Pokemon" fanfic. I believe a few of you here know of it. In fact, I've seen the "shadow" Pikachu somewhere around here being used as an avatar. The RP takes place in a universe closely resembling that of the fanfic, however, it will NOT be a duplicate. I'm just using it as a launching pad. For those who have never read the fanfic, I highly suggest you do, if only for entertainment purposes. It will not be required or even recommended for this RP.

In any case, here's the down low:

The World: The world is that of the Kanto region, though others may be incorporated. The world is set roughly 12 years after Ash began his journey. The world is now a dark place, filled with terror and despair. The newly renamed Pokemon League, the League Syndicate, has made a large-scale war with the populace of the once peaceful region.

What Happened: In a brilliant move, the League Syndicate swept the region with it's massive military force, and took control of many key cities, including Celadon City, Saffron City, and Lavender Town. The Kanto military was taken by surprise, but fought back. The time comes to be known as the League War. After 5 years, the League Syndicate was losing ground very quickly, and so, in a desperate attempt to attain power enough to win, they sent agents far north to route out a legend. There, deep within the caves of an unnamed mountain, the agents found an ancient Poke`ball.

They brought the ball back to Saffron City, the secondary staging point for all the Syndicates excursions. The ball weighed in at 60 pounds, and was over a foot in diameter. After extensive testing, Gary, leader of the league, decided to open it, against his experts advice. In a blinding whirl of light and fire, the ball opened, and the world changed forever. Releasing its power upon the world, it spread its energy to all living beings of the Kanto region.

The Energy:

The ancient Pokemon (which is still unknown as to who or what it was) released radioactive energy, which combined the living cells of a Pokemon to a human that was close in proximity to the Pokemon. As such, the human took on super human traits and pokemon powers. Pokemon have also been affected just by the energy. Most became more powerful and learned to talk, and others became a shell of the Pokemon they once were.

Leaving the Pokemon League after hearing of it's intent to attack the Kanto region, Ash had established a small band of trainers to combat the growing League. In the heat of battle, Ash, his Pikachu on his shoulder, was bombarded with the radioactive rays, his body being infused with electrical energy. His Espeon was with him, and its life force was sucked from its very body, infusing into Ash and Pikachu, turning the Pokemon's coat black, and giving him Dark Electrical powers. Ash had grown super human speed and durability, along with strength, though should he become engaged in a battle using only his strength with a League Fighting Master like Bruno, he would certainly be out matched. His greatest strength was his speed and Dark Lighting attacks that he could now use.

Ash had changed that day. For the better or worse, no one can really tell. During the battle, the woman he loved, Misty, fell in battle. He was heartbroken. Even with his new power, he couldn't have saved her. After the battle, Ash disappeared from existence. No one knows where Ash has been up until now.

Now, three years later, it falls to you to decide what will happen. The League has overrun most of Kanto. The Kanto military has been decimated and destroyed. The League now marches where it needs to, trying to attain the power to bring a Hell on Earth. The League believes that the Pokemon that they released was the malevolent demon of Hell's fires. Ancient writings tell that whoever controls the demon creature, controls the legions of Hell itself.

However, there is hope. A small band of trainers and Masters have risen out of the rubble, ready to stand in the path of the League in hopes of stopping its goal of bringing Armageddon to the region, and to the world. Whose side do you take?


Human: Normal humans who are unaffected by the radiation. You can get affected later by coming into contact with one of the radiation stones.

Master Human: These are the humans that have been vastly affected by the radiation. They usually have the Power of a Pokemon (IE, Lighting attacks, speed, strength, etc). The best former trainers that were affected by the radiation became extremely powerful.

Master Pokemon: These Pokemon has been exposed to massive amounts of radiation, increasing their natural power ten fold. Many of these pokemon are rivals of some of the most powerful of Master Humans. Many are even more powerful. Most have developed the ability to speak in English, and have more profound features and have become more menacing looking. It's known that an Onix had grown to be 12 stories high after being exposed, yet Ash's Pikachu only had turned black, physically. The affects are insurmountable.


* You may RP an established character from the Anime/Manga
* Original Characters are allowed
* No God-modding or Bunnying
* Take the Role Play seriously, so please try to post a fair sized post.
* If you break these rules (three times), you will/may be expelled from the RP.

Signup Form:

Name: (Your character’s name)
Age: (Your Character’s age. Must be at least 17.)
Gender: (Your character's gender)
Race: (Human, Master Human, or Master Pokemon)
Description: (What your character looks like. You may post a picture in place of a written description.)
Personality: (How your character acts and looks at things)
Affiliation: (What side your character takes. Is she/he part of the League, the Rebels, or is she/he an independent?)
Background: (Your character’s history. This should be the biggest section. This is where you get to show off your RPing ability.)
Pokemon: (1 to 4; may be evolved; Masters may only have two Pokemon; Only Master Humans may control/have Master Pokemon (limit 1); Legendaries are not an option.)
Other: (Anything else you wish for us to know)


Allowed Characters from the Anime

Anit League:
* Ash (Shadow/Electric Master) - Taken
* Duplica (Normal/Change Master)(Anti-League)
* Koga (Normal)
* Erika (Grass Master)
* Flint (Steel/Rock Master)

* Brock (Rock Master)
* Gary (Any Master)
* Bruno (Fighting Master)
* Lance (Dragon/Flying Master)
* Lt. Surge (Electric Master)
* Sabrina (Psychic Master)
* Janine (Poison Master)
* Blaine (Fire Master)
* Daisy (Water Master)
* Lily (Water Master)
* Violet (Normal)
* Giovanni (Ground Master)
* Agatha (Normal)
* Lorelei (Ice Master)


* Misty (Water Master)
* Jessie (Normal)
* James (Normal)
* Kyo (Fighting Master)

More to come!

An "Any" mark anywhere above indicates that you may choose.

If you wish to RP a character from the anime that is not listed above, you must PM me for permission, as some have set sides that they must be on. This is only so that we don't have the some of the elite four all going againist the League, or some of the most noble of trainers going along and supporting the League.

Remember, originals are allowed and encouraged!


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09-29-2006, 12:37 AM
This seems pretty interesting. Could you give us a sign up form? Or if there are characters from the anime show that we could use,(Ash, May, Max, Brock, Misty, etc.) could you list them also?

09-29-2006, 05:13 AM
Name: Ash Ketchum
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Master Human
Description: Ash's hair is now quite long. He wears nearly the same clothing as he always has, save that it is black, and he is missing his cap. He has on his black jeans, a black undershirt, and a black coat that is usually unbuttoned. He has serveral small scars along his chest and a few along his back. He carries a normal katana wherever he goes now, along with.
Personality: Ash has become rather scarcastic, and has distantanced himself from the world. He sees himself as rather useless, though he knows this not to be true. After Misty's death, he never quite felt the same.
Affiliation: Independent
Background:(Explained above)

*Pickachu (Master Pokemon)
*Arcanine (Normal Pokemon)

09-30-2006, 11:12 PM
Are their no takers?