View Full Version : Pokemon Diamond and pearl release date

10-01-2006, 12:26 AM
Ok so Pokemon Elite says Spring 07, some say Febuary,but yahoo! says Jan 1. I think Ill go with yahoo!! Not to be mean to my fav pokey site but I just think Yahoo! has better Info. OH and pokemon trainer sarah. Plz dont lock this. I want people to know straight out without looking at the back page.......

10-01-2006, 12:41 AM
Sounds to me like you want to go with what is sooner. Maybe you don't mean to conciously but unconciously. I am most likely going with spring since it came from Nintendo.

Pokemon Trainer Sarah
10-01-2006, 12:45 AM
I have to lock it, because it's against the rules. Please don't do it again.
If you want to discuss it then use the Diamond and Pearl thread!

Besides, Ryan knows what's going on and I'm sure he'd have the correct release date.