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06-08-2004, 02:32 AM
This is a story about when man is gone and pokemon rule. The pokemon that stand on two legs use the four legged as pets. They have taken over the houses and used them as their own. More will be explained later on. Tell me what you think! :biggrin:


The zangoose woke up to the sound of the bells ringing. He lived in a small apartment that was owned by a Blissey. The bell meant breakfast, the one meal that was the most unpleseant to eat. He got out of bed and walked downstairs. The table was crowded and only one seat was left. It was missing a leg so it was hard to sit on, mashed potatoes from dinner the night before covered it and some gravey had settled in the seat.
"Hey Zanguusu!" A Machamp called from the right of the remaining chair, "Why don't you take a load off!" Slice noticed that he had said that exageratingly loud so everyone would hear. A few chuckled and some even laughed so hard that they fell out of their seat as he sat down. He heard the chair squish as he dropped into the chair and everyone laughed even harder. After a while everyone became bored with his uncomfortable state and went back to their joking and betting on how long it would take the oatmeal that was thrown on the wall to leek onto the ground.
Zanguusu had almost settled in when he heard the swishing of something behind him. The fur on his back prickled and his tail twitched when he saw who was on his left. Electabuzz...

06-08-2004, 02:33 AM
Chapter 1 http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon283.gif

Electabuzz was the meanest of them all. He had just been assigned to a pokemon hunting job yesterday. Pokemon hunting is not the same as the hunting we do here. They hunt the pokemon to sell as pets. There are three types of pets; beast, show and hunting.
Electabuzz's name was Grausam. He had ordered a Zigzagoon, which he planned on naming Esclave, to be his partner when he hunted.
Everyone was gone and only Grausam and Zanguusu were left. Oatmeal was smeared over the wall where Cacturne and Grincheux the Grumpig had been fighting over who would get the only white pillow that night. Biscuit crumbs and drippings of oatmeal were the only sign of the meal by the time Grausam got his partner and was ready for work. After he left Zanguusu got his paycheck for cleaning the rest of the table and walls for Blissey. He went outside to watch the pokemon walk by on their way to work.
"Zanguusu! Zanguusu!" Cried a small Pidgey that was holding a small paper, "I have something for you."

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Chapter 2 http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon012.gif

"What is it Alboroto?" Zanguusu asked taking the piece of paper.
"Something very important for Grausam," The bird said while flying away with another message. The Zangoose sherugged and was about to read the letter when the wind swiped it from his claws. He didn't much care for Grausam so he didn't even motion that he would ever go after it or even tell anyone that it even existed.
The day went on as usual for him. He washed some windows for money and went home to the shabby little apartment.
That night he waited for the pokemon to arrive home from their work. When most of them had entered they sat down and began to eat. When dinner was done Zanguusu helped clean up for about two dollars. [which used to be owned by humans when they were alive]
The clock struck midnight. Everyone had arrived but Grausam and his "hunting slave". Zanguusu was trying to make sure that the Pichus wouldn't come out of the walls and steal the food when Grausam came in pulling the poor struggling Zigzagoon by a metal chain. He also had a Vulpix under his arm. It looked like it had fainted. He threw it in a cage and tied his "partner" to the leg of the table and sat down to eat.
"That dumb pokemon can't do anything right!" Grausam screamed before taking a bite of his food, "We were out in those woods all day long and he only spots one mangey vulpix." With that he dropped his fork and smash his plate on the ground about an inch away from the Zigzagoon. Then he stormed upstairs to his room, carrying the two pokemon, which you must remember that the zigzagoon still had a chain around his neck and the vulpix was still in a cage, upstairs with him.