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10-01-2006, 03:30 AM
Anyone can join this rp. There are no sign-ups. Feel free to come and go. I'm just bored and decided to start an rp.

The Plot: Enishi has decided to go look for a legendary pokemon. He doesn't know how to catch one or where to look he just wants to try to catch one. He's taking a party of five and plans to search every continent and island until he finds one. Along the way he will face obstacles and gain new friends. The Journey starts in Pallet Town.


Enishi awoke to akward beeping of his alarm clock. He rubbed his head and shut the alarm off. He read the clock and it read four thirty a.m. He slid on his blue pants with yellow at the bottom and blue shirt with a yellow stripe slant-ways down it. He put on a pair of blue shoes and blue fingerless gloves. He slid his headband over his short, white, and smooth hair until it grasped the top of his forehead. He then placed his pokeballs on his belt and walked down the dimly lit steps. He was in his abonded house. From the outside it look really bad but on the inside it looked new.

He picked up his red jacket and put it on slowly. He walked graciously across the wooden floor making echos as if the floor were hollow. He opened up the door to find a black sky speckeled with little white stars. He closed the door and locked it. He pulled his pokedex out of his pocket and turned it on. It greeted him with a beep as he pocketed it. He let his Arcanine out for protection.

"Ready for our journey Ares?", he said as he patted Ares' head. Ares growled with excitement as they started walking. He stepped by a bush and out of nowhere came a rattata. Enishi jumped back after being scared. Enishi looked down at the furry little creature and laughed.

"Ares, roar please.", after hearing the command Ares opened his mouth up and let out an earsplitting scary roar. The rattata scrambled in a fierce way.

"C'mon boy", Enishi said as he patted his head and they started walking "we have more things to do than to scare the pants off of rattata's." He hoped they wouldn't run into anymore neusances along the way so they could get started. As they approached Viridian city Enishi was starting to feel hungry.

"Are you hungry Ares?" Ares nodded in a yes way and they walked into a restaurant. Enishi sat down at a table while Ares sat down beside him.

"Can I take your order?" said the young waitress. Enishi looked down at his colorful menu and stared for a minute or two.

"I believe I'll have some scrambled eggs and bacon. What about you Ares? Do you want some of what I have?" Ares nodded in approval.

"Make that two." They got thier food in less than five minutes and were chowing down in a slow pace.

"Take your time boy because we still have the rest of the day to get to Celurean City." They finished about ten minutes later and again they were off. They started walking north to Pewter City but first they had to get through the forest.

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OOC: This would happen to be an RP. This means you role play. Not do one liners. Please refer to the rules. Thanks.

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OOC: What the heck are you doing? You can't play as my character or act as my Pokemon. OMG, what is up with you? I'm going to ask of this to be locked.

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OOC: What the heck are you doing? You can't play as my character or act as my Pokemon. OMG, what is up with you?

Okay I am so sorry! I forgot, yeah umm I have never done an rp. Also don't get all angry I will delte my post.