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06-08-2004, 09:56 AM
(Here is a story based in the 14th century. It's a tale of struggle and passion to achieve greatness against all odds. If this resembles any other story, please notify me, I want to keep an original epic. Have fun reading!)

"I am but a peasant’s son, searching for knighthood, on a journey t’wards nobility. And I will be king!"

The children of the town play in the cobblestone road, mule-drawn carriages slowly creep down to the bizarre, the commotion of the countrymen and citizens of the poor town create an almost festive sound throughout the land. As a towering blacksmith steps from his shoppe, wiping his hands of filth and brow of sweat, a young boy hurries towards him. The child holds out his arms and slows as he reaches the blacksmith, the father kneels down; and in one swift motion he picks the boy up and swirls him above everyone else strolling by. The boy jeers and laughs as the wind blows his sparkling blonde hair, like whimsy willow in the air of the meadow.

06-15-2005, 08:48 PM
In a dusty, weathered barn a young man falls from his bed of hay. Jerked from his slumper by his spill off the bed, he jumps up to his feet and rubs his head and bum. He intently surveys the room, his head swaying from left to right. He spins around and covers his eyes as the sunlight burns his face. The lad glances at another bed of hay, with a small indention in the middle of it, and a quilt lain apathetically across it.

"Gwen! Gwenny!" He yells with squinted eyes. "Gwenevere!"
The tall muscular boy, of no more than 19 had fear in his voice.
"Gwen!!!" He hollers across a meadow.

Off in the distance stands a deep, dark forest of large redwoods aand various hardwood trees. The boy begins running towards them, taking hindered breaths as he neared the woodry. He stops as soon as he comes to the edge of the forest, he looks around frantically and then takes off again down a trail.
Yelling the whole way, "Gwen! Gwenevere!"

He comes upon a large creek and examines it for an alternate way around. He finally loses his patience and begins to step lightly but spedily on the slick river rocks that protruded above the flowing stream. At that moment he puts his weight on a slippery rock that is covered in moss. He falls on his behind into the cold mountain water, and sits there in anger.

Just then a cloak of some sort came floating down the creek.

06-17-2005, 06:20 AM
As the young man sits with his knees abow, he picks up the cloth and stares at it as if he is taking notes on it.
"Gwenny!" He exclaims, almost angrily.
He pushes himself from the ground and stomps like an upset giant down the path of the creek. He comes to a clearing and looks around.
"Gwenev-" Just then he is interrupted by a young girl.

"Psst! Psst! JACK!" the youthful voice shouts.

The tall blonde boy whips around and sees a rosey cheeked female, close to a decade younger than the boy. They closely resembled each other; A stern nose, sleak jaw, sky blue eyes that had the point of a spear but soft like downs. Both had these qualities, and they were both handsome and gorgeous depending on whose face they graced. The girl is hidden behind a bush and seems embarrassed.

"I was washing myself and my clothes," she says with a small smirk on her face, "and my blouse seemed to slip away from me..."

"Gwenevere, you can't be showing yourself like that out in the woods where every wanderer and passer-by can gaze upon your unclothed body!"

"Jack... I was merely taking a weekly morning-bathe. No one comes through these woods. No one-"
She is quickly interrupted, she looks down at the top the boy has thrown to her.

"That's not crooked or thirsting for woman's flesh!" The boy exclaims.

"Oh, you are a pervert Jack. No man with a sound mind would think twice about a little sprout like myself who is bathing in the muddy crick." She tries to defend her actions and calm her brother down.

"I just don't like it, Gwen. Don't do it again. Not before I am good and awake."