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10-01-2006, 06:38 PM
Pokemon House: Testing the Bond

You open your eyes, opening your eyes to the cool darkness. Where am I? You wonder, looking around, taking in your surroundings. With a little bit of difficulty and jolts of pain shooting through your head you manage to sit up. The room is pitch black, you can’t see your hand in front of your face. You reach for the flashlight you have strapped to your belt. It’s not there! Feeling around the rest of your vest and backpack you find that all of your items have been taken. Everything you own, gone. Everything except your pokemon that is.

Your pokemon, the creature that earned you the fame that probably made you end up here. You think back to the last thing you can remember. It was the big send-off party. You had just won you regional tournament sponsored by V-Corp, and they were throwing you a big party before you left for the World Cup. You remember meeting the other trainers who would be going with you. You and the other trainers at the party were going to be the team representing your country at the Pokemon World Cup. Not anymore. You think to yourself. That’s when you here someone move.

You resist the urge to call out, realizing the potential danger of whoever might be in the room. That’s when a voice comes over the speaker that must be in the corner of the room.

“Greetings trainers,” Says the voice. It’s obviously being masked electronically. The voice continues, “So you are supposed to be the elite of the elite? Today we’ll find out. As we speak, you are inhaling a deadly nerve gas. In exactly 24 hours you will die. That is, unless you can get out.”

The voice pauses, letting this new information sink in. Die? You’re to long to die. You want to live!

“There is only one way out of the house,” says the voice, “And it is a long road there. The path will not only test your abilities as a trainer, but also your ability to work with other trainers, and more importantly, your pokemon.”

The lights flick on. “Let the game begin.”


1) No playing god
2) No legendary pokemon
3) No items
4) Have fun!

Character sheet:
Name: (Your name)
Age: (duh)
Sex: (M/F)
Pokemon: (You can have no less than one and no more than three)
Appearance: (What you look like)
Backround: (About you)

Here's my character:
Name: Ben

Age: 17

Sex: Male


Focus Energy
Cross Chop
Brick Break
Mega Punch

Iron Tail

Dream Eater
Shadow Ball

Appearance: Tall and with an olive complexion. Ben has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Backround: The son of a famous Karate Master, Machop was the first pokemon given to Ben, when he turned 6. Throughout the years he and the Machop have grown stronger together, and he has had the opportunity to see Machop finally reach it’s final stage of evolution, Machamp. It was this bond with his Machamp and other pokemon that allowed him to make it to the world chamionships.

10-01-2006, 09:00 PM
This loks like fun!

Name: Lorielle
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Pokemon: Pikachu, Misdreavous, Pidgeot.
Appearance: Has knee-length indigo blue hair, keeps it in a high ponytail with two strands kept out of the ponytail. Has dark blue jeans with black stars running down the side. Her shirt is crimson red with a black heart on the front. Lorielle also wears black and blue sneakers, but very seldom, she usually keep her sneakers in her backpack and goes barefoot (unfortunetly she had her sneakers in her backpack when it went missing).
Backround: Lorielle never knew much about her mother and father, she was a wanderer. Lorielle traveled from place to place winning battles, she finally made it to the World Championships. Her Pokemon never leave her side.
Lorielle sometimes (But very rarely) babysat other trainers' Pokemon. She mae enough to buy food for herself and her Pokemon. And all she knows about her family is that they were famous movie stars.

10-01-2006, 09:55 PM
This is a type of rp I haven't done before.Count me in.

Pokemon:Rage(arcanine),Blade(grovyle),Fang(feralig ator)
Appearance:Has short black air.He has a blue and black jacket.He has a white shirt under his jacket.Jeans.He had a belt with his items in it.His belt is still there but the items were gone.Pluse he carried a platinum colored book.

Background:Ken was the type of person who always dreamed of fame.Once he got to it,he got what he wanted in life.He liked hanging out with family but beinf famouse from pokemon battling ment he'd had to travel and battle alot.His family gave him a platinum book that showed how much they loved him.He had a big family,10 brothers and 11 sisters.Ken was in the middle which meant he had to help alot.He hated it.That's why he longed of fame so someone would do the work for him.When he finaly got famous,his family wrote in the book and gave it to Ken.On his adventure they told him to read at least two pages everyday.When Ken started reading it he missed his family.So he battled in the name of his family.A few months after battling,he returned home family to check up on him.What he found was all of his family dead.He set off to find out who did this.His anger from his family's death fueled his anger in battle.That's how he got through most of the tournaments.

(hope it's good enough)

10-02-2006, 12:52 AM
Oooh, this sounds interesting...

Name: Ash Ketchum

Age: 14

Sex: Male






Black hair and brown eyes. Wears a blue jacket with black sleeves and a gray hood. His jeans are a teal blue color and his shoes are blue, like his jacket with black markings on them. On his hands, he wears black finger gloves with light green wrist bands. A red hat with a black stripe going from the front to the back sits atop his head. Half of a Poke Ball symbol is placed on the front in green.

Background: Back before Ash began his Pokemon journey, he had always been a dreamer. He used to dream that he would become the greatest Pokemon master. When he began his Pokemon journey, he was able to chase after that dream and show the world just how tough he was. He eventually entered one of the biggest tournaments and won. Thanks to his training, he is now one of the toughest trainers in the world.

Now, however, he finds himself in a strange house with a man telling him that if he doesn't find his way out within 24 hours, he'll die. Talk about confusing! The last thing Ash can remember is being at some big send off party with all of his friends and some other trainers that were going with him. This will be no doubt his greatest challenge yet.

(Hope that's ok.)

10-02-2006, 01:30 AM
Whee! Nice RP! I'm in! (Take this as a compliment, as I'm sorta picky about RPs...)

Name: Philip
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Pokemon: Arkingdra; Swampictreebel; Amphagon
Apearance:http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e359/trentman92/Swampbell.gifhttp://img104.imageshack.us/img104/6026/amphronpt6.pnghttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n204/pikachublue322/arcanda.png Philip is light skinned, with long-ish hair. He wears large glasses, but not of the nerdy variety. He wears a black jacket with a red t-shirt underneath. He wears black jeans, and has tattered gray sneakers. Did I mension that he's albino?
Background: Philip is the irregular trainer. Because he's albino, he only captures wierd pokemon. Until he was 10 years old, he was pampered at school and at home because he's different, and people think it makes him menally problemed. He had many friends, and he never revealed that he's almost normal. Then it happened. A group of radical terrorists known better as Team Rocket attacked his hometown. He managed to find a hiding spot while everyone else was abducted. When he looked around, no one was there. Then he found some Ultra balls...
Before he knew it, Philip became a master trainer. But now... the house has him a bit worried...

10-02-2006, 02:33 AM
All accepted! I'll post my char later. Right now I get to go do some Pre-Calculus Homework

10-02-2006, 03:13 AM
Name: Akashi Direheart
Age: 12
Sex: Female
Pokemon: http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h242/__suicune__/Jack2.png
Name- Jack
History- Jack was Akashi's first pokemon when he was an eevee. At first, he doubted her and didn't listen to her often, but when Akashi tried to protect him from a rampaging Ryhorn, he realized how much she cared for him. He then evolved into Espeon and cooled the Ryhorn down. After that, he began to gain trust in Akashi, being more faithful nearly every day. He always seems to stay out of his pokeball, so Akashi allowed him to always stay by her side.

Name- Flower
History- When Akashi caught Flower as an oddish, she was as normal as an Oddish could be. Shy, friendly, and playful towards people or pokemon she knew. When she evolved into Gloom and then Bellossom, her default Oddish color never changed, but that didn't have any effect on her cheerful personality. She is quite loyal towards Akashi, being her 2nd pokemon ever caught.

Name- Talon
History- Talon was just recently evolved into a Pidgeot. He's Akashi's main use of transportation and trusts her greatly. He's really the only pokemon Akashi's caught that doesn't have any strange features, like strange coloring or deformations. Even though he was Akashi's 10th pokemon caught, he began to trust her almost immidiately.

Appearance: http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h242/__suicune__/RPtrainer.png
Akashi is one of those pre-teens you usually see wearing either dark gray or black. Personally, she tends to fancy a mix of grays and blacks, but she normally wears black pants, shoes, shirt, gloves, and even a black hairtie. Suprisingly, her hair is a mid-brown color that goes down almost to her hips. She has brown eyes that shine brightly, even in tight situations. She also wears a hairtie around her wrist just in case she needs to get her hair out of the way for something.

Backround: Akashi was raised with her parents in the forests of Johto near a crystal clear lake. Being a glass maker, Akashi's father was always by the fireplace making glass vases with his partner, Molt the Houndour. Akashi was very fond of Molt, and he felt the same way towards her, so they always played near the lake until sundown. When she turned 10, Akashi was allowed to use her father's Noctowl to fly to New Bark Town, where she obtained her very first pokemon.

Since the 3 starters trainers normally took were already gone, so there was only one choice left -- an Eevee. Prof. Elm gladly handed the Eevee over, saying that it would take some time to get used to her. So when she stepped outside, the pokeball holding Eevee popped open. Seeing how adorable he was, Akashi didn't know whether to call him Fluffy, Puffball, or Mr. Cotton, so she decided just to call him Jack. She sent her father's noctowl back and she and her not so trustworthy companion set out on their pokemon journey.

A year later, Akashi won a tournament sponsored by V-Corp. She had an entire party of 6 pokemon with her - Flame the Houndoom, Dagger the Absol, Flower, Jack, Talon, and Jingle the Raichu. With Jack being the last one standing, she won, celebrating afterwards.

Another year later, she banded up with several other trainers that she met on the way back to her home. Now presently, she lay dazed in a ptch black room. A voice tells al of the trainers in the room that they will all die in 24 hours if they dont escape. Being part brave and part scaredy-cat herself, she begins to worry about the fate of her pokemon, the trainers... and herself.

My most sincerest apologies for short sentances, terrible use of lang, an un-topiced history, obvious spelling errors, etc, etc:wall:

10-02-2006, 07:41 PM
Name: Xeno

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Fire Spin
Double Team

Pin Missle
Quick Attack

Fire Blast
Fire Spin

Appearance: Tall and slender. African-American with short black hair. He wears black jeans, a red t-shirt, a black and red track jacket, and white sneakers.

Backround: Xeno was born to an average family. From a young age, he was interested in all things Pokemon, especially the Eevee evolutions and fire Pokemon. Amazingly, on a routine trip to the market, Xeno was saved from a pack of wild Murkrow by a Flareon. That Flareon became his first Pokemon and best friend. Xeno's dream is to become the leading expert in all things Eevee and fire-type.

10-04-2006, 08:59 PM
Both accepted! I'll be posting my character soon and then we can get started. I'm sorry this is taking so long, but I've been horribly busy with school and work so, bear with me.