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06-08-2004, 11:25 PM
I just made this. It took about 45 minutes to make, but it's short, its kind of funny, just tell me what you think. http://www.freewebs.com/adepthelp/heykids.gif

If you can't see the above (like me) Paste this into your browser. You can press the back button when your done. Clicking the link just brings up this page again for some weird reason...http://www.freewebs.com/adepthelp/heykids.gif

06-08-2004, 11:27 PM
I click it, and all it does is bring up another url of this place.

06-08-2004, 11:29 PM
I click it, and all it does is bring up another url of this place.
Yeah, I know... I'm trying to fix it... I don't know why it would do that, cause when it does it has the right link, then it changes... :dazed:

06-10-2004, 04:05 AM
people can just copy and paste the URL, so it's not that horrible if the link doesn't take you directly to it. And the movie's ok, kinda basic and it has some places where I guess the head and body are on different layers and they split apart, but it's ok for a movie made quickly.
And who can't identify with being crushed by a coca cola machine? I mean, I can't even count the times I've been trapped under one after kickking it and rocking it. So it connects with the public. :D

06-10-2004, 02:25 PM
LOL. That is funny Steven. Pretty good.

06-13-2004, 10:32 PM
It says "Page Not Found".