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10-04-2006, 08:49 PM
by the way, though I'm new to this forum, I'm not new to boards and such. I recently joined this because this is more suited for a tournament than other boards. :smile:

A lot of people have wondered how a Mystery Dungeon Tournament can be held. Here's a way...

:biggrin: Thursday :biggrin: is the day (why so late? Many people need time and training).

These are the rules:

Only 50 Rescue teams are allowed. Post on this thread your rescue team name, and what number you are. (like, the first to respond to this, you'll hafta to write
"Team (insert name), number 1"
"Team (insert name), number 2"
etc, etc.

NOTE: If you post at the same time as someone and you both have the same entry number, the pers

I'm not in the tournament. In a way, I'll be giving the prize. Since money can't be given , we'll hafta do items. These are the prizes:
Music Box (Item to get Mew)
HM Fly
TM Thunderbolt
TM Flamethrower
TM ice Beam
The Mobile Scarf (an item that let's you walk through walls, fire, and water)

when you win, pick one. Now , here's how it works:

On thursday, maybe around 5 o' clock or so, I'll be in the "Buried Relic, floor 99". I'll faint on purpose.
The tournament starts with me posting a post saying "ready..." everyone needs to reload this thread to see when it starts. then i'll post the sos. this is when you start.

first person to post the REAL A-OK mail, get's to choose one of the above prizes, and title of best rescue team on this forums! (believe me, if you can complete this quickly, you deserve that title. I'm not saying i'm the best, and i deserve to give this title (lvl 50 lugia though... :) , but this is mostly to see how strong other forums and boards are. You'll be noted as the best when the next tournament starts.

:eek: **** NOTE: You HAVE to be accurate! If you post a mail that's wrong, then I can't wait until you post the real one. I won't make the mistake, I'll concentrate my hardest.****:eek:

any questions? By the way, when someone reaches the entry limit of 40 people, you cannot post anymore, and even if you do try to post the a-ok before anyone else, you still get zip, because i'll check your entry post.

there is a time limit. It ends one hour after it starts, regardless if you beat it, you get nothing. OK! Let's start posting entry forms! :happy:

NOTE: Red Rescue Team AND Blue Rescue team is valid for this tournament.

and please, no cheating/gameshark . please. we want a nice clean tournament, and i hate cheaters who play us hard working players out.

Ready? GO! :crackup:

**** Thursday, 5-6 o' clock. *****

(PM me for details.) :happy:

Neo Master
10-04-2006, 09:10 PM
We gonna do it on the enternet

10-04-2006, 09:28 PM
yeah. you enter in the sos mail (from me) go through the dungeon, and give me the a-ok mail. winner get's the title (posted on here as winner) get's a reserved spot in the nest tournament, and the prize of their choice. the first to give me a REAL WORKING a-ok mail, is the winner.