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10-04-2006, 10:26 PM
Welcome to Chapter 2 of my role-play, the Dark Prince. So far in the story, Team Dark has killed it's king, Crim, and Deon and Lorielle will marry. Team Light has purified one of the 4 crystals and cloned Mewtwo, the first of the Dark pokemon. Now, the son of Crim, Marius, will take the throne and there will be new alliances. Get ready for Part 2 out of 4, the Dark Prince.

1. Everybody from Chapter 1 is encouraged to come back and sign-up again.
2. All standard Role-Playing rules apply as always.
3. There will be four teams now: Team Dark, Team Light, Team Demise, and Team Angel. Team Light and Team Angel will be partners and Team Dark and Team Demise will be partners.
4. This chapter will end when the Dark Prince is captured or killed. Also, the second crystal will activate and Dark Lugia will be unleashed.
5. Whoever was Team Leader last time will be Team Leader this time.
6. If there any new people who want to be on another team, who ever posts first for each team will become their team's leader.
7. If anybody needs training or help with rping, this is the thread that will help.

This is the form you must fill out.

Name: Deon Sasuka

Age: 14

Team( Dark,Light,Demise,or Angel): Team Dark

Looks: Deon is a tall, medium built man with a light beard growing on him. He wears sunglasses over his light-blue eyes and he has medium length blond hair. He wears a dark suit that covers his new scar on his chest. On his belt, he carries a blade and three pokeballs. His shoes are always shiny and are black as well.

Personality: Deon is a person you don't want to mess with unless you have gained his trust. He has learned to be a little more kind now that he is marrying Lorielle. He is spiteful to his enemies and will attack without notice or warning. His friends are who he protects and only them. He is also protective of his pokemon.

History: Deon was born in Fortree City to a wealthy family. He was brought up well and was always around pokemon. But inside, he was a dark person. At the age of 8, he ran away from his family and befriended a Poochyena. After a year of traveling together, Poochyena evolved into a Mightyena. At the age of 11, he met Crim and became his apprentice. Now, he has asked his second in command, Lorielle to marry him. She accepted and now they will be married soon. He has also killed the dark king, Crim and his assistant, Terge is now his servant. Deon knows Crim's son is out there and he determined to stop him at any cost.

Pokemon: Mightyena, Zangoose, and Alakazam

RP Experience:

Sign up now and begin a new hope and a new danger!

People who have joined

Deon Sasuka ( Team Dark Leader )
Jaden0527 ( Team Light )
Angel_Fire ( Team Angel Leader )
player slayer ( Team Light )
SpazzedOutRayquaza ( Team Light Leader )
Entei 3000 ( Team Dark )
Dragonic Espeon ( Team Angel )
Enishi ( Team Dark )

10-04-2006, 11:00 PM
Ok, you said new people could join...

Name: Jade

Age: 14

Team: Team Angel

Looks: Jade is sort of short for her age, and unusually thin. She had long black hair; about down to her waist, and auburn eyes. She wears a black long sleeved shirt with matching pants. Sadly, she had no weapons; she hasn't been able to get any yet. Her shoes are black, and most of the time, they have a shine to them. Two Poke Balls are hooked to her belt, and stand out pretty well since she wears practically all black.

Personality: Jade is usually quite and calm, but get her mad, and you'll never hear the end of it. She's very protective over her friends and Pokemon, and will do anything to keep them safe and/or unharmed. She has great experience with her Pokemon, but is what you might call a "noob" when it comes to weapons.

History: Jade was originally born in Petalburg City, Hoenn. She was brought up by her mother as an only child. She has always been around Pokemon, and is very fond of them. When she was still quite young, her mother was killed in some accident that Jade was never informed of. She often grieves over this, but it doesn't stop her with any mission(s) she may have in her life.

Pokemon: Blaziken and Metagross

RP experience: (Do I have to fill this out?)

Hope this is ok. I didn't join the first one, so I don't really know what all happened...

10-04-2006, 11:37 PM
Um, can I just enter from chapter 1?
I'll just copy and paste, while adding on some more details, as I only had about 10 posts when you first accepted me...
(Yay! I'm leader again!)

__________________________________________________ ______________

Name: Furgle Hardern
Tyranitar (Dino Dude)
Lapras (Queen)
Venusaur (Lushter)
Looks: Tall for his age, about 5 foot 9, he has scars all over his face from attempting to brake the world record of most clothespins stuck to someone's face at one time. He's not burly, but not slim either, and has straight, sort of long, dark hair.
History: Furgle was kidnapped at birth to work on a slave farm. When he was 10, justice prevailed when all of the slaves worked together to escape. After that, he became a pokemon trainer. He happily raised his first pokemon, Lushter, and caught other pokemon who almost seemed better than Lushter, but they weren't. Eventually he had a well rounded, well balanced team.
Another highlight of his life was the time when he lost one of his pokemon. His second pokemon, Speft the Pidgeot, was taken away from him by retired members of Team Dark. (Not Demise, mind you) and was trying to get his Pidgeot back. His countless struggles with Team Dark never saved Speft Pidgeot. His final decision was made: a new team to destroy dark. He called it Team Light, and became the leader.

10-04-2006, 11:42 PM

Name: Jordan Stiebritz
Pokemon: Alakazam,Dragonite, Snorlax
Looks: Jordan is a 6 foot 3 inch 160 pound teen he has been big in size since he was born if you looked at him in any veiw Jordan is skinny he has black hair a white shirt with specs of red on it his pants are white with red specs to his shoes are plain white and his face has light brown eyes his teeth are white and his nose is crooked( bad accident ) and he has freckles.
History: When Jordan was 5 five, in his home town of Lavender he went into the cemetary building. After a while a gastly appeared and he used one pokeball and it had been caught. From then on he had traveled the world going to every region in search of his dream pokemon team when in the time his Gengar evolved and his munchlax and Dratini evolved in time to when he heard about the team light and there cause he joined them and from then he has acted as a loyal member to team Light.

just copied and pasted. This was an awesome rp in the first chapter so I guess it will in the second. Also changed one of his pokemon

10-05-2006, 12:09 AM
Name:Ken Sienta
Age:16(his birthday pasted)

Pokemon:Arcanine(Rage),Garodos,Grovyle,Fang(ferali gator),and Two(Mew Two).
Looks:6'0",weighs,135,has long black hair,tied up like Ed off Full Metal Alchemist.He weres a blue and black jacket with a white shirt under it.Jeans.

History:As a child he found Rage as an Arcanine when he was playing in his backyard.He played with him and fed him everyday at thje same time until one day Rage wasn't outside.He was laying in the middle of the street that was behind his house.He called for his mom and dad to take a look at Rage.They took him to the pokemon center and said he wasn't going to make it.Ken came to the room everyday,despite the fact that everyone thought he was dead.His mom and dad tried to stop him from going by giving him otherr pokemon.His mom gaving him her treecko,and his dad gave him the garados.Ken still went everyday.Sometimes he'd end up taking a nap in the room were Rage was.The last time Ken went he took a nap.He woke up to something licking him,it turned out to be Rage.No one knew how the Arcanine survied the accident,it was a miracle.When Rage came back home and Ken started playing again,Ken realized he blew off Garodos and Grovyle.He started to play with them as well,even though he was a littl afraid of Garados.He eventully bonded with the three pokemon making a life long friendship,and with the three pokemon by his side he joined Team Light hoping he'd make a good edition to the team.

How he's changed over the month:
Ken took a one day break.He went to visit family.The day he took off was of course his birthday.His happy day was saddly cut short when his grandpa had to be hospitalized after a he was robbed.His grandpa was beaten in the back of his head and shot in the chest.He was lucky to be alive.Ken went so see his grandpa in the hospital.His granpa was on the verge of death.Ken always got a gift from everybody,no matter what,so his grandpa gave Ken the last gift he'd ever give him.He gave him two arm blades.Ken's grandpa told him to forget about him and be happy,so Ken did just that.Ken actually became happier than he thought he would when he met the girl who would officially be his girlfriend three days later.Afterwards he went out and trained with his pokemon.He went back to Team Light,promising that he would get revenge on who ever killed his grandfather.He doesn't use his blade usually,unless,someone is in a life or death situation,or just a practice battle.
(I hope this change was okay,after reading your post with you battling Crim,I had to have one as well.)

I forgot to add,he has Mew Two and Fang(feraligator),so I'll just add it in.

10-05-2006, 12:41 AM

Jaden, you're Accepted!

player, you're Accepted, but I'd like to see a better sign-up form.

Spazzed, you're Pending, you need to enhance your sign-up form a little bit more if you want to be accepted.

angel, you're Accepted. I little disappointing on your sign-up sheet, but it will do. Also, congratulations. You are the Team Angel Team Leader. Also, look at the first chapter to see what has happened. You don't need to fill out the RP exp. if you don't want to.

We need more people. Remember also that new people can join the original two teams as well. Just keep signing up.

10-05-2006, 12:53 AM
I changed mine... I guess I made some potential, now that I'm an improved RPer.

10-05-2006, 01:23 AM
I guess you are Accepted.

10-05-2006, 01:42 AM
Also,is it alright if Arielle(Ken's girlfriend) joins team light?If she can,I'll do a bio for her,because I intend on having her in my posts alot.

Name:Arielle Fisher

Pokemon:Rhidon,Shark(feraligator that flirts with Ken's),Blastiose.
(all her pokemon are females)

Looks:Arielle has long red hair.She wears a black open shirt that has hearts on the arms.She has a pink shirt that shows of her stomach.She wears tight jeans.She has blue eyes.She's five nine and weighs 104.

History:Arielle's family was rich because they owned a famous pokemon safari,a poke-sitting home,and a trainerless pokemon home.She loved the face that she had money,but she hated the people who had to help her as if she was paralyzed from the neck down.She also hated not knowing if people liked her for her money or her.So she bought her own apartment in a new state so no one knew she was rich.She made a lot of friends and became popular at her new school.One of Ken's friend went to the high school that Arielle went to.Ken told his friend to give it to the cutest girl in school who happened to be Arielle.She came to Ken's party and they hit it off.

When she was younger,she ran away.She went ran far away.Eventually she was tired.A big rain storm occured as well.She thought she would be dead from exhausiton or just from being sick.She fainted.She woke up in a dry cave by a fire with Rhidons surrounded by her.Despite a weakness for water,even though some can use surf,the rhidons came out and saved her.She didn't want to go home,so she lived among them.She bacame a wild pokemon and acted just like one.Unfortunatley for Arielle,her parents sent people to look for her,and they found her.They took her home and tought her proper etiquette intil she was like a regular snobby rich girl.She didn't know that a egg fell in to her backpack though.Once the egg hatched,she took care of it untill it evovlved.She needed another way to break free from her life so she became a pokemon trainer.She came back quickly because it was to easy.That's when she got the apartment.Her parents then forced her back in to the house,and that's when she heard of Team Light.She knew it would probably keep her away for a long time,and since Ken was in it,she joined.

10-05-2006, 03:06 PM
Of course I'm signing up, this is fun!

Name: Lorielle
Team: Dark
Pokemon: Charizard, Pikachu, Misdreavous.
Looks: Has indigo blue hair, keeps it in a high ponytail with two strands kept out of the ponytail. Has dark blue jeans with black stars running down the side. Her shirt is crimson red with a black heart on the front.
History: Lorielle lived in Pallet Town until she turned ten. She got her Charmander and began her journey. Lorielle despises anyone who gets in her way. Her Pikachu and Misdreavous and Charizard help her in battles.

Tell me if it needs to be changed, i just copied and pasted this from the last hope.

10-05-2006, 06:59 PM
Jaden, if you can find a person to play your character, you will be accepted. Right now, you are Pending.

Entei, how could I say no to my future wife? You are Accepted, but you can do better.

10-05-2006, 09:43 PM
Wait,am I pending,or is Ariell pending,because I can take her off if that's better.Plus I was bored and had nothing better to do,so I just did one for her.She'll be in it a little then.

If somebody wanted to play her,would they have to just copy the one I did,or could they copy mine,and make it their own a little?

10-06-2006, 12:06 AM
If you get somebody, they can just copy yours.

10-06-2006, 10:15 PM
Name: Ginger Kurokawa

Age: 15

Team: Angel

Looks: She has wavy red hair, usually worn down, and bright blue eyes. She’s tall, but slight in stature. She wears a combination of warm colors, usually.

Personality: Spunky and peppy, she loves to talk. Be it her Pokemon or other people, if you’re not to careful, she’ll chew your ear off. In this sense, she’s very annoying, and too much of her at one time can give anyone a headache. She’s very righteous, though, and has a strong love of and passion for Pokemon. Fire is her favorite type.

History: She grew up the daughter of a rich and influential family in Goldenrod, but gave up that life to become a Pokemon trainer. Her parents, who had wanted her to take over the family business because her older brother, Erik, had also become a Pokemon trainer, formally disowned her. She joined Team Angel soon after, in order to find her own place.


Char the Charizard
Char is almost the exact opposite of his trainer. Moody, grim, and pessimistic, he and Ginger often bicker. He’d do anything to protect her, though.

Vivi the Flareon
She’s the motherly figure of the group. She does her best to keep everyone in line, but it’s difficult, especially with Gull…

Gull the Pelipper
A trickster, Gull loves to pull pranks, especially on Vivi and Char. His favorite is hitting them in the back of the head with a little water gun. He can brighten even the darkest times with his silly antics, however, which makes up for his ‘naughty’ side.

Vulpi the Ninetails
She kept the playfulness of her time as a Vulpix, but in turn lost the well-known grace of a Ninetails. Despite her clumsyness, she’s a fair battler, and loves to heat things up.

Bulba the Venusaur
Bulba is very precious to Ginger, seeing as though he was a gift to her from her older brother, Erik. He’s incredibly intelligent, but doesn’t always follow
Ginger’s commands.

Kitty the Delcatty
Despite her cute exterior, inside Kitty is the heart of a warrior. With a large variety of attacks at her disposal, thanks to Ginger’s TM’s, she’s a fierce battler and a force to be reckoned with.

RP Experience: I’m in angel_fire’s Journey to a New World roleplay, as well as one of my own that I’ve started, Pokemon: Shadow Black. I’ve also been accepted to the Tides of Darkness roleplay, although it hasn’t started yet.

10-06-2006, 10:33 PM
You decided to join. You're Accepted, but get rid of three of your pokemon.

10-09-2006, 01:11 AM
When does this start because I'm ready to start again.

10-09-2006, 05:56 PM
It will start soon.

10-10-2006, 03:48 AM
Name: Tygra

Age: 16

Team: Team Angel

Looks: He wears a white shirt and pants and a silver hooded cape, has two swords of pure light on his belt with three pokeballs.

Personality: Can be quick to anger but can control it, which kept him in team angel.

History: He was betrayed by a freind, he later killed him. Since then he left his region, Silane Region, where his family is. He got his swords from a legendary from his region, lets just say dark pokemon now fear him to some extent. With both swords and his Jolteon he can summen the energy of the legendary of power that gave him his swords and the Jolteon. The energy can allow him to walk through walls and kind of control electric and psycic pokemon.

Pokemon: Dragonite, Espeon and Jolteon

10-10-2006, 10:20 PM
Ithilan: You're pending. Please do a little bit better. EDIT: The role-play has begun.

10-15-2006, 02:05 AM
Name: Sparta


Team: Dark

Pokemon: Dustox, Charizard, Crawdaunt

Looks: http://img83.imageshack.us/img83/4359/dptr158rf4.png (http://imageshack.us)

History: Sparta lives in the jungle due to his parents dieing when he was 10. Since then he has been on his own. He's started building a pokemon gym so when he get's really good he can make it official. He's also been exploring alot and tends to run around alot. His prized pokemon is his Dustox and it's usually out wandering around with him.

10-15-2006, 02:37 AM
Enishi, you're Accepted! You can begin posting now.

10-22-2006, 05:35 PM
Name: Xaitan

Age: 14

Team( Dark,Light,Demise,or Angel): Team Dark

Looks: Xaitan is a short, he has dark wavy hair and light-blue eyes. He wears a grey suit that makes him look like a astronaut. His belt carries three pokeballs and a knife. His shoes are dark grey there quite shiny.

Personality: Xaitan is a very dark and evil child, but his whole family is the same. He has a very no sense on humor and does not enjoy company, but he does enjoy battling with his pokemon. He is never smiling and doesnt have any freinds, best to just leave him alone.

History: Xaitan was born in Cumasa village his family were quite rich, above average though Xaitan hardly spent any time at home. He was always out and training and battling from he age of 8. But for some reason he was always just a very dark person he kept to himself and people would always try to talk to him but he never answered. When he was 14 he returned for the first time in 6 years his family were glad to see him but dident show it, he had been sleeping in a tower were he was taken in by a monk and was taught many things, like meditation and many more things. In those 6 years he grew his ghastly into a Gengar caught a Cacturne and a Mightyena he was very pleased but still after all that time the exact same person inside.

Pokemon: Shiny Gengar, Cacturne and Mightyena and Gyrados.

10-22-2006, 07:12 PM
Name: Aruka Matto

Age: 16

Team: Angel

Looks: http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs8/300W/i/2005/364/8/2/Matsumoto_Rangiku_by_vashperado.jpg

Aruka lost her necklace due to being mugged shortly before joining team angel she has reason to believe a member of Team Dark took it to lure her into a trap. Luckily her sword still stays with her wherever she goes.

Personality: A kind hearted person at times but is determined to do anything if it's set as a goal. After rescuing her three pokemon *one of them turned out to be a dark one but she showed it love and care*

History: Born in FallarBour town, Aruka realised what it was like to be a bit different but after studying her father's work late at night she went into taking care of pokemon. A year later she decided to make her own journey across the world.

Pokemon: Absol, SandSlash, Nintails.

RP Experience: I'm a member on a pro naruto RP site called thesato *I'm Evil-Tsunade*