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master of time
10-06-2006, 10:00 PM
One day you (a pokemon) have stumble upon a very strange jewel. It is purple and very large and when you touched it you changed. You later find it is a mutation stone and will turn any pokemon into a mutant creature and a beast that may have:
Four eyes +
Eight legs +
Multiple tails (If not already)
Horns (if not already)
Changed type

1. no godmodding
2. no cussing
3. decent length posts please
4. do not use someone else’s character in your post unless they say
5. have fun!

highest: coral/nonesol: master of time

the positions are detemining how powerful the pokemon is(level), highest is 100, higher is 80-99, high is 60-79, low is 40-59, lower is 11-39, lowest is 1-10

Sign up:

Name: (pokemon’s name)
Pokemon: (species)
Gender :( male/female/no gender)
Age: (between 5 and 20)
Description: (what changed? Differences)
Personality: (pokemon’s personality)
Example of skill: (making sure you have experience)
History: (pokemon’s history DO NOT LEAVE BLANK)
other: (attackes and such)

My form:

Name: coral
Pokemon: ninesol
Gender: girl
Age: 10
Description: http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k276/groudon_theultimate/ninesol.png a white ninetales? She does look awfully strange, doesn’t she? With that horn/sword like thing on her head she does look strange. But then, you don’t see a ninesol very often
Personality: the I-don’t-want-to-socialize type
Example of skill: The white absol ran right by coral as fast as a bolt of white lightning. It was so beautiful and wonderous with it’s mysterious aura. Oh, how coral envied that absol. Of course, she had special powers too, if there was a pokemon or human foolish enough to even touch one of her prized tails then she would set a thousand-year curse on them but that was only enough to get a little respect.

Coral started to walk back when she remembered that after a visit from an absol, a great tragedy was sure to follow, oh well she thought, how much harm could it do? then coral walked away. In a clearing was a large purple jewel. Coral wanted to touch the jewel, so, she did. Suddenly everything blurred and she felt like she was going to drift off.

When she awoke after what seemed to be a few minutes (though it was really about three days) she felt her head was heavier than usual. She tried to knock whatever-it-was off by tossing her head from side to side. Suddenly some kind of energy cresent hit a tree. Coral froze. She looked behind her but there was nothing there. Then she looked down into a puddle at her feet. She looked like an absol and a ninetales now. A horrible feeling of dread came over her

History: she was apparently a normal ninetales when she touched the jewel she got fused with an absol.
other: attacks: flamethrower, psychic, shadow ball, razor wind

master of time
10-07-2006, 09:45 PM
the first person to join will bet a position in power...

Alex the Charmander
10-08-2006, 05:15 AM
Interesting idea, I wonder why more people don't join.(i'll probably join later)