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10-06-2006, 11:31 PM
Yay! It's starting!
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Philip woke up. Where am I? he thought to himself. As he looked around, he saw a tropical forest and a picturesque beach. Oh yeah! The mission! He looked at the time machine, making sure it still worked. Smoke was coming out.
"Warning: Selfdestruct malfunction in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1." KABLAM! The faulty machine exploded into 3 pieces.
"Oh, no!" Philip began to panic. Suddently, a Kabutops atacked him! "Ah! Go, Swampharos! Use Thunderbolt!"
"Fffrrraaassss!" Swampharos attacked the Kabutops, knocking it down.
"Shhhrrrkkkk!" the Kabutops hissed, and went back into the ocean, swimming away.
"That takes care of that," said Philip. "Swampharos, return! Now all I have to do is wait or my teammates to wake up so we can go hunting, and maybe find a way back home. Philip sat down and waited.

10-06-2006, 11:53 PM
Enishi walked up to Phillip and looked at him with curiousity and smiled.

"I'm Enishi. I'm on Team Master and the here," he pointed to his blastoise " is Gallic. We've been looking for a way back home and figured you were too but we're also looking for other team members. What do you think we should do?"

He took a seat beside Phillip and pulled out some berries and starting eating them. The red juice got on his hands and made them look blood stained. It also rolled down his chin making him put even more juice on his hands.

10-07-2006, 12:04 AM
"I'm not so sure." Philip saw Enishi try some berries. "I'm sort of hungry," he said, and ate some berries too. Maybe we should just wait here. It sure is beautiful, without the polution." A gentle breeze swayed some reeds by the tropical area. "We might as well train our pokemon. Go! Swapharos! See how much water you can make on the sand!"
"Ffffrrraaassss!" Swampharos used Surf on the beach, and all of the water went wet. A few disturbed Kabuto left the sand and went to the beach.
"Good job."

10-07-2006, 12:15 AM
A large shadow came over the ground, but only for a brief second. Enishi looked up but just thought it was nothing. Then he saw it again and wondered.

"Did you see that shadow or am I just imagining things. We might actually have a battle with an ancient Pokemon here soon."

Enishi stood up waiting for the shadow to pass by and command Gallic to attack. He knew it was going to play the wating game. Enishi wasn't going to stand for that.

10-07-2006, 12:32 AM
Philip was getting bored. There's nothing to do here! He was a bit annoyed, but it was, after all, the distant past, and there had to be something to do. He studied his surroundings. Let's see, he thought. A few reeds, some boulders, the sea, a beach, and a palm grove. This could be fun, he thought. He went over to the palm grove. "Go, Swampharos! Use Thunderbolt on that palm tree!"
"Gggrrrrmmm..." he was growling, but still did Philip's orders. As soon as the attack hit, a few cocoanuts fell to the ground.
"Hey, Enishi!" he called. "Let's have a pokemon race, just for the heck of it! First pokemon to get a cocoanut wins! Swampharos, you ready?" he was just having an idea...

10-08-2006, 10:35 PM
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Enishi looked up as the coconuts fell. He pondered on the thought of racing for coconuts. He's bored, nothing to do, might as well have fun.

"Alright! Firt to the top wins.", then he looked at Gallic and wondered how he was going to get up to the top of the tree.

"Gallic, get ready to climb the tree." Gallic looked at him with a confused look almost as if he said for Gallic to shoot out lightening bolts from his tiny tail.

"Well, can you atleast try?"

10-09-2006, 11:57 PM
Brian got up and looked at the exploded time machine. He looked around but all he saw was rocks and trees. "Well this was a brilliant ideea of mine! Yeah go to the past and kill yourself we will study your remains in 20000000000 friggin years!" He got up and turned around. He walked a few seconds when the ground started shaking. It went on for about 60 seconds then stopped. Brian stood still for a minute waiting for something to happen. He suddenly watched a huge creature covered in fire fly out of the ground. It seemed to be covered in lava and had some wings coming out of its back. It had drill like things on its shoulders for digging so it must be part ground. Interesting if this wasn't a prehistoric pokemon what was? Its body was in the shape of a Regirock. "This could be fun! GO THUNDER!" The jolteon came out of his pokeball and used thunder on the beast first chance he got. It barley effected it. It then shot its drills off its shoulders missing Thunder by a hair. Thunder jumped over the drill as it came by and used double edge on his opponent. It hit him directly knocking him over. Thunder jumped back taking some recoil damage then used zap cannon. The attack hit the creature signifigantly damaging it. Before getting up it fired 3 fireblasts at Thunder. The first 2 missed but the 3rd smashed right into him. As Thunder was fliing back he used zapcannon hitting the pokemon and knocking it on the floor. Brian quicly threw a pokeball at it. It rolled once, twice, a 3rd time, then it was caught. "My god that better not happen again. Hopefully that was the strongest they'd see. Thunder ret-" On second thought it might be the most useful to have him out. They both started walking and noticed Philip and Enishi doing something with coconuts. What the hell are they doing? Brian wondered. He walked over hoping to find out.