View Full Version : 2 new japanese episode titles

06-09-2004, 05:11 PM
There are 2 new japanese episode titles, they are:

Ep 359: Castform & The Weather Research Institute!

Ep 360: Fortree City's Feather Carnival!

Post what you think happens.

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06-10-2004, 08:58 PM
I'll be very surprised if Castform went to either Ash or May as a 'reward' for ousting either TA or TM from the Weather INstitute. It could go to Brock, or maybe this is Max's first Pokemon, or it could end up staying at the Weather Institute, but then TV would fail to follow the game format as player does get a Castform. PErsonally, Max's Pokemon should've been Jirachi. What were TA or TM or both groups doing there is sort of mysterious for the game never really told the reason why.

THe Fourtree won't have Ash vs Winona just yet, it's probably going to be told like Ash's pre battle with Claire, little intro, background and such, and then eventualy 2-3 part battle with Winona. I don't think we will see a 'one part' battle with Ash and Winona, 30 minutes is not long enough for a battle. PErhaps Winona is told as being a Gym LEader and runs a special carnival sort of similar to Misty's sisters running their gym as a Marina show.

Ah, but it's one step closer to Lillicove, and another towards the climatic battle between Ash vs TA and TM, who will be Ash's partner is beyond me!