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Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 02:17 PM
Tides of Darkness Role Play


Almost 3,000 years ago, there was a time when humans and legendary Pokémon worked closely together, for the dawn of the true test of forces of virtue in the war against evil had come.

They had called themselves the Children of the Apocalypse, often referred to the “Unity” for short. This Unity had believed in only one thing, overcome with the feeling that they were the ultimate race, and the ultimate future for humanity. Regardless, they were willing to destroy everything and everyone else to make sure their bloodline would never continue. Some of the legendary Pokémon had sided with them, but it those who stood in their defiance that had received the lion’s share of the support from the legendary Pokémon. The last alliance of the White Crusaders was all that stood in their way of their ultimate goal.

The Children of the Apocalypse had superior weaponry and tactics, so in order to combat it, the legendary Pokémon turned toward their human allies, and had bestowed weapons, artifacts, and relics of great power to them, making them a far more powerful force than the Children of the Apocalypse. However, the power of them was so potent to the point that each legendary Pokémon could only create one. But in the end, it was enough to exterminate the Unity forever…

Some believed such a thing as the Legend of the Unity Defiance had really happened, but most didn’t, throwing it aside as another fairy tale to inspire and captivate children.

3,000 years later, the light in the world had pretty much been extinguished. The governments of the people and the commonwealth were fading. Acts of defiance and rebellion against the government were commonplace. Meanwhile, a crippled worldwide economy didn’t make things easier, as the world entered hopeless downward spirals of economic deflation and business failure. Riots had become common place, all turning toward alternate sources of government leadership.

It was the beginning of the end for capitalism and democracy. Meanwhile, the thirst for competent and loyal dictators was growing as the free thinking people demanded for reform of their troubled nations. Factions and new organizations were beginning to appeal to these same people, looking toward them for support and organization. Possible leaders were emerging out of the woodwork, standing by as the inspired source these people had been looking for.

These factions in question were notably Team Aqua, Team Rocket, and Team Delta Green, all holding an incredible possibility to be the new leadership force the world had beckoned for after such failures in democracy. However, these factions… were at conflict with one other, all possessing different ideals. The world stood divided as democratic leaders were thrown out of office or were violently assassinated for their incompetence and disloyalty to the commonwealth. Support for the three factions was growing among the people, but there was much question as to which one of them should be the dominant force. And with leaders unwilling to compromise, it would soon begin what would be called, the Tides of Darkness.

While this had happened, an archaeological team had discovered what they believed to be the Thunder Sky Katana, a powerful weapon of thunder and lightning once created by the legendary bird Zapdos. However, the even bigger surprise surfaced when it matched the Legend of the Unity Defiance story perfectly. The power they held in their hands… was clear and evident proof that the legend really did happen. But what was even more fascinating was the fact that the other relics left behind were still out there. And the fact their power could be reawakened meant many things to the existing factions. The possibility of them being used in the new war could mean the difference between victory and defeat. But, when this had been uncovered, news had spread too quickly and too far… resulting in the tragic massacre of the entire team that had made the discovery. Where the Thunder Sky Katana was, along with the rest of the relics, was all but a mystery, but they were definitely out there.

However, it wasn’t long before the legendary Pokémon themselves had become aware that the relics they thought would never see daylight again were now surfacing once again. The times had changed, and many of the legends simply didn’t trust humans the way they used to, and definitely not enough to the point of allowing these relics to be in their hands, especially in an era of dismay and chaos. At this point, there was nothing more they wanted than to remove and destroy these relics, and permanently remove their old burden. But that decision… was no longer in their hands, but in the hands of humanity.

It was becoming apparent that the world was plunging into what would be a much darker place…


First off, the events in the role-play have nothing to do with the Battleship game itself as part of Tides of Darkness. To help your team leader in the Battleship game, you need to RP well to help get points so your team leader can buy more assets to attack enemy armies with. Role-playing for the week is graded on creativity, realism, detail, activity, and storyline interaction.

Individual RPers judging is based on single members that are judged. The higher the placement, the better the RP quality was.

Individual RPers:

#1 Placement - 10 points are awarded
#2 Placement – 8 points are awarded
#3 Placement – 6 points are awarded
#4 Placement – 4 points are awarded
#5 Placement – 2 points are awarded

Team RPing Performance is based on the team that has the best overall role play performance.

Team RPing Performance:

#1 Placement – 12 points are awarded
#2 Placement – 6 points are awarded

NOTE: Please note that the time period that the Tides of Darkness Role Play takes place in is World War II. Any weapons or technology created during or prior to that period is acceptable in the RP for use. Anything afterword is not.

If you need additional resources to understand what exactly took place during World War II, here are a few sources:

Wikipedia Article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II)
World War II Weapons and Vehicles (http://www.channel4.com/history/microsites/W/ww2weapons/)
World War II Technology (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technology_during_World_War_II)

However, even though that the atomic bomb was a part of World War II, any use of nuclear weapons is not allowed in the RP. Also, calling anyone “Hitler” or a “Nazi” is strictly prohibited. With this also in mind, do your absolute best to avoid making references to the Holocaust.

Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 02:17 PM

These are some of the artifacts, not all of them are listed, however.

Only a few of the artifacts created by the legends are known, but what is known is that each legendary Pokémon had one time created one to help influence the outcomes of the Unity Defiance. However, those days are long over with. There is nothing more that the legendary Pokémon want to see than these artifacts and relics destroyed, and will do whatever it takes to see through to it.

Excellent, creative, and detailed RPing is necessary to get your hands on one of these artifacts. However, upon recovery, one of two things can happen.

If you choose to take the artifact and keep it intact, you will gain the power of the artifact, but the legendary Pokémon that connects to it will attempt to hunt you down, and will actually help any pursuers against you in order to see that their once-created artifact is destroyed.

However, if you choose to destroy the artifact upon recovery, the legendary Pokémon that was once connected to it will befriend you for destroying their relic and getting the incredible burden off of their mind. The drawback is that any power that the artifact once had… will be forever gone.


Thunder Sky Katana – (Created by Zapdos) The Thunder Sky Katana is quite possibly the most powerful and potent ornamental sword ever created, far surpassing the ones of even the most excellent artisan craftsmanship ever created. With it comes the power to harness the power of thunder and lightning, which allows the user to launch it like a projectile.

Black Frost Great Sword – (Created by Articuno) This two handed sword was created by the legendary bird of ice, Articuno. The blade and hilt itself are made of pure, powerful hyper-powered Nevermeltice that can instantly freeze anything it touches, as long as it isn’t larger than a bus. It is also capable of launching ice and glacial attacks

Flame Blazer Lance – (Created by Moltres) A fiery lance made of pure fire and infernos. However, it was made so that it could be handled by humans, but the means as to how this was done are unknown. Meanwhile, the user can throw it at a target as a fire bolt, and it will reform in their hands for a second throw, or to be used in melee combat.

Shining Spirit Bow – (Created by Mew) The Shining Spirit Bow is made of pure white energy, and also glows with a brilliant white light. Meanwhile, arrows aren’t needed, as the powerful ethereal arrows come from the bow itself, made of a pure energy and can fly faster than the speed of light. Is also rumored to be able to inflict more damage on evil entities.


Cascade Belt - (Created by Suicune) Give the user the ability to breathe underwater, coupled with incredible swimming speed and skill by way of enchantment.

Blaze Belt - (Created by Entei) The user is blessed with both incredible running speed, and leaves a trail of flames in his wake as hot as the fire dog's breath.

Electro Belt – (Created by Raikou) The user is blessed with awesome jumping/turning agility as well as the power to painlessly discharge any electric build-up (attacks or otherwise).

The Phoenix Bracers – (Created by Ho-oh) Gives the wearer 100% resistance to heat, meaning that fire or other damaging heat sources can't hurt them. However, Ho-Oh’s flames are so pure that the protection is useless against its Sacred Fire.

Guardian’s Chestplate – (Created by Lugia) An unbreakable and unpenetrable chestplate fashoined by Lugia from an unknown metal compound. Lightweight and wearble, it was created as the ultimate armour to aid the humans from elemental (special) damage, but is one of a kind. The wearer becomes immune to psychic manipulation of any kind. A drawback is that it is incredibly durable but inflexible- manouvrability isn't at maximum when wearing the Guardian's Chestplate.

Forest Amulet – (Created by Celebi) Using this item the bearer can warp from one forest shrine to another. However, if the shrine in the particular forest they attempt to reach is destroyed then it cannot be reached. The shrines can be rebuilt, but must be blessed by Celebi to be used. Celebi uses them itself as a way to get around, which is its motivation for keeping the shrine portals open.


The Soul Shield – (Created by Latios & Latias) The Shield has two halves, which when put together, become the strongest shield in the world. It can block any attack, whether it be steel or plasma, and it never deteriorates. The only drawback is that Latios AND Latias chase you when you are in possession of the shield.

Space Boots – (Created by Deoxys) When worn, these boots allow the wearer to defy gravity and fly around. Unfortunately, if Deoxys is within 300 feet of you, the boots do not work.

Staff of Earth – (Created by Groundon) The Staff of Earth allows the user to control all ground, rock, and dirt within a 100 foot radius of the staff. The only drawback is that when the staff is not near the land, the land reverts back to normal, but anything killed or injured with the staff remains that way.

Staff of Water – (Created by Kyogre) The Staff of Water allows the user to control all water within a 100 foot radius of the staff. This allows the user to purify the water, freeze the water, evaporate the water, or manipulate the water. The only drawback is that when the staff is not near the water that was manipulated, the water returns to normal, and anyone injured by the water is instantly healed, but anyone killed by the water is still dead.

Dragon Body – (Created by Rayquaza) The Dragon Body was a set of clothes created thousand of years ago from the shed skin of Rayquaza. It allows its wearer to control the weather. It can create storms, lightning, and tornados. Hurricanes can only be created when using the Dragon Body with the Staff of Water. The only drawback of this is that Rayquaza will fight fiercely to protect the Dragon Body, and will relentlessly attack until either you or Rayquaza is killed.

Rock Halberd – (Created by Regirock) The Rock Halberd is a powerful weapon that not only allows its wielder to use sweeping attacks, it also allows its user to tap into the power of rocks, and make the user's arms super strong, so the user can deal crushing blows with this weapon. The only drawback is that it is both a slow weapon, requires two hands, and cannot be used if you are carrying too much weight.

Steel Whip – (Created by Registeel) The Steel Halberd is an extremely fast weapon that can end a fight before it even starts. The whip is plated with black steel, which makes its blows extra painful. Its ability allows the user to have his arms protected by a steel shield. The only drawback is that having steel arms makes moving them quite painful, and makes it difficult for the user to concentrate on the battle.

Ice Bow – (Created by Regice) The Ice Bow can be used at a distance, and can transform from a regular bow to a crossbow. The Bow fires an infinite amount of Ice Arrows and Ice Bolts. When in the presence of other items, the Ice Bow can fire Arrows and Bolts of the type(s) of the legendary that created the item. The only drawback is that the Ice Bow does not work if there is some kind of heat source over 100 degrees Fahrenheit 30 feet or less away from the weapon.

Wishing Key – (Created by Jirachi) The Wishing Key can be used to lock one's heart. This prevents them from moving for a certain amount of time. Weak Minds (NPCs) cannot move for about three days, while stronger minds (RPers) hearts can only be locked for one minute to one hour. During this time, the frozen person looks like a hologram, and cannot be bodily harmed in any way. They can still talk and be mentally harmed. The drawback is that the key can only lock the hearts of three weak minded people and one strong minded person a day. Also, since Jirachi is asleep, an Absol will relentlessly chase you until it or you dies. The Absol always brings a disaster that can destroy just about anything. The Absol usually aims for the things most precious to the keybearer.


Spear of the Mind - (Created by Yukushii, Emuritto, & Agunomo) The Spear of the Mind was separated into three parts, the lower staff, the upper staff, and the blade. When the three are combined, they create the Spear of the Mind, which can give people and amplify Psychic Powers. Whoever controls the Spear can use Psychic moves, levitate, and teleport. The only drawback is that if you use these powers to attack somebody, the Shinou Trio will assist whoever you are attacking.

Ring of Time - (Created by Diaruga) This ring allows the wearer to see anything that has happened before the current moment in time. The wearer appears as a ghostly, invisible form in the time they want to see, and they can see as much of it as they want. The only restriction is that they have to know the face of someone in the thing you want to see. The drawback is that Diaruga will track you down, and will wait until you have used the ring. Diaruga will then attack you while you are viewing something in time. If you are attacked and killed by Diaruga, you will be banished to a void for eternity.

Ring of Space - (Creared by Parukia) This ring allows the wearer to create wormholes. These wormholes can lead to wherever the wear wants, but disappear after 15 minutes. The ring can only make three wormholes a day.

Party Hat - (Created by Manaphy) This item does absolutely nothing. When wearing it, it can attract Manaphy to you. If you catch Manaphy, then Manaphy can control nearby water Pokémon, because he is the Prince of the Sea.

Ring of Power - (Created by Giratina) This ring allows the wearer infinite power. Whether it be something like strength or Psychic abilities, or it can power a machine. Essentially, its the Crystal of Power.

Ring of Smelting - (Created by Hiidoran) This ring allows the wearer to mold any kind of metal into a shape by just touching it. The only drawback is that it you can only mold 1000 square feet of metal a day.

Giga Maul - (Created by Regigigas) This large hammer, called a maul, gives its user extreme strength, unrivaled by any item. This allows the Maul to create the most crushing blows of any Legendary Weapon. Unfortunately, if swung enough, the Maul will tear your muscles, and you won't be able to use it again (much less pick it up) for several months. Also, Regigigas will relentlessly attack you, similar to Rayquaza and Absol.

Cape of Speed - (Created by Kureseria) When wearing this cape, you can move at the speed of sound upon will. The only drawback is that if you run long without a break, the muscles in your leg will tear, and you won't be able to walk or run for several months. Also, Kureseria will relentlessly attack you, like Rayquaza and Absol.

Cape of Shadows - (Created by Darkrai) When wearing this cape, you can control people's shadows. When you step on someone else's shadow, they mimic their every action (Similar to Shikamaru's jutsu in Naruto), but they can only do this for five minutes. You can only use this cape's power five times a day. Also, Darkrai will relentlessly attack you when you use this cape, like Rayquaza and Absol.

Nature Boots - (Created by Sheimii) When wearing these boots, if you step on anything dead, it instantly comes back to life. This can also resurrect humans, but can only resurrect one human a week. Sheimii will not attack you if you use the boots to only revive those pure of heart.

Boots of Death - (Created by Aruseus) When wearing these boots, anything you step on dies. This can kill humans, but only one human a week. Aruseus will not attack you if you only use these boots to kill those pure of heart. If you use these someone with a corrupted heart, you will be attacked by Aruseus.


As with normal Role Plays, God-modding and Bunnying (See the Into Your Character’s Skin (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13613) role playing guide for a complete description) are strictly prohibited. If there is a violation of these rules, the infraction will go punished to keep the integrity of the RP intact. Each infraction will result in a strike for each time a member breaks the rules. If the end result is three strikes, the member will be removed from the role play, making it impossible for them to earn points for their team.

Secondly, it is for the benefit of all that this role play is taken seriously. With that said, avoid posting very short RP posts. Short and downsized posts are detrimental and we would prefer not having them.


Read List of Movie Clichés by Genre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_movie_clich%C3%A9s_by_genre) on Wikipedia. While it is okay to get inspiration from movies and film, keep these in mind. These are uncreative plot and design examples that can deteriorate your role playing if you happen to use them yourself. Avoid them whenever possible.

10-07-2006, 03:04 PM
OCC: Yes its finally open!

Secret Base [Kanto]

"Pfft....", I grumbled glancing at my Alakazam in disbelif. "Are you sure we can't do it?"

Alakazam's spoons bended. Alakazam must have been sending me a message.

"<= We need all of it. =>"

"Oh.....", I said. "I'm going to go hunting for more of it."

"<= Okay Concealos, enjoy your trip. =>"

"Heh....", I mummbled, throwing my Pokeball. Kabutops came on the Pokeball and slashed the air several times.


"Lets go Kabutops...", I said, as I oppened the door, and hopped on my bike.

The Boots of Death shall be mine.

I continued to march around in the fields next to my base, hoping to find my old dagger, but to my suprise there was a target I was looking for.

"ARBOK!", Howled the snake like creature as it charged towards me. Kabutops jumped into the way and was sent flying into the grass. I pull out my other dagger and pounce onto Arbok and stabbed it in the eye. "ARBOK!", I yelled. It was too late for it. Kabutops was in the air and let its scyth's loose on the Arbok. Arboks head was sliced off and collided onto the ground. I pulled out a needle from my poket and drained some of the poison in Arbok's mouth.

"They're has to be more poison types out here", I grumbled as I returned Kabutops into its Pokeball and let Gengar out.

"Gengar, start looking for any Poison types."

Gengar hovered across the fields and spotted a grass type Pokemon.

"Tangela!", It yelled as it let its wip like vines out and swung at Gengar.

"Gengar do your stuff!", I screamed. Gengar ran towards the vines. Gengar's arm glowing with fire, it swung and burned off the vines. Gengar's other arm glowed a pitch black and swung at Tangela. Tangela easily dodged it, and stuck its roots into the ground. The roots appeared behinf Gengar and smacked him in the face, knocking him down. Gengar got up and launched for Shadow Ball attacks in unison. They all collided onto Tangela's face knocking it down. Gengar then made a sword like weapon from its dark energy and cut Tangela in to pieces. I run next to Gengar and pull out a bag. I put on some gloves and take a few of Tangela's Stun Spores and put them in.

"Lets deliver these to Alakazam...", I muddered.

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 03:25 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel, Shinou

Heh. All going according to plan. The hotel has been completely surrounded with Aquas staking out from every bush. This is where we have tracked the Thunder Katana.

That foolish archaeologist. Hires some thugs to massacre his partners, and then runs off with the loot. Too bad he came to Shinou. As soon as he tried to sell the sword on the Shinou Black Market, I was immediately alerted, because of our... 'close' ties with the Black Market.

We of Team Aqua essentially controlled Shinou. The government was too weak to stop us, in fact, we had spies inside the government to prevent them from even daring to stop us. It was all working out very well for us. We'd have Shinou under our control in no time.

Back to the mission. The plan is to surround the hotel, break in, and fight our way through Dr. J. James hired muscle, all the way to the top floor suite. As soon as we got there, we'd kill Dr. James and take the sword.

Sounds easy. Pulling it off is going to be a toughie though. I admit, this is going to be on of the toughest missions I've put my troops through. There have been several really tough assassinations, especially those wealthy folk from Cinnabar... They were hell...

The muscle I was talking about is an infamous group from Kanto called The Blazers. They specialized in Fire Pokemon, and, from what I've heard, are getting a very large cut from the sword Dr. James is trying to sell.

There were several guards stadning in front of the building. Each one was dressed in a regular suit, with body armor under it. They were each carrying a sword and a sub-automatic rifle.

I lifted my hands from above the bush I was hiding in and gave the signal to advance. Immediately, several Aquas sprang out of the bushes, and ambushed the guards.

The guards, who weren't expecting it, didn't even have time to pull the trigger before they were brutally murdered by the Aquas.

"Set up the perimeter," I said to Shelly, one of the Admins who had joined me, "Send in... about one hundred troops, some SWATS, and me. That should be enough to get the sword..."

Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 03:50 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel, Shinou

The thought of the relics intrigued me. For the longest time, I had thought that such a thing was never even possible. Even the Legend of the Unity Defiance was new to me, as I never took much stock in fairy tales. But… rather than a story, this was history. It went deeper than I thought it would, as with this opportunity, we had to chase it.

It was hard to decide where to begin, but I felt reexamining the legend itself was the best route to take. With the revealing of the Thunder Sky Katana, the other relics were out there, lost for thousands of years under dirt, sand, and debris, just waiting to be awakened.

Details about the Unity Defiance were being sought after in extreme paces, but thankfully, I had gotten the best source I could. A very old book describing the Unity Defiance from an old library in Vermillion City… ironically placed in the “Fiction” section. However, for the time being, it was kept away in my room in the AMS Deathwing. I had… other matters to attend to at the moment.

Dr. James, one of the archaeologists who had found the Thunder Sky Katana had arrived in Shinou to try selling the legendary sword on the Black Market, with a rumored price tag of almost five hundred million dollars. However, he was about to find out that coming into Aqua territory with such naïve forethought would cost him even far more than that.

He had the other archaeologists killed, a sign of reckless greed. Meanwhile, he hired a group of thugs called The Blazers to help protect him, and would be offered a share of money from the money earned from the sale of the sword.

While rust was covering the front entrance, I was in charge of taking watch over the back wall. However, I wasn’t going in, just serving as additional enforcement in case Dr. James attempted to escape before Commander rust reached his position. I was to handle the back wall, armed with an FG-42. The operatives on the roof of the printing press were armed with K43s, but they reported that they couldn’t make the shot from their position, and would instead be ready to fire if anyone tried escaping from the south side of the hotel. Meanwhile, my team and I were ready in case he tried escaping on foot.

Tonight… was the night of Dr. James’s death…

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 03:52 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel Lobby, Shinou

The Lobby was hell essentially. Large amount of Blazers... lots of guns... You know, the works. I'd estimate 20 prepared guards, shooting at us with Karabiners.

If there was one thing I hated, was that I hated using Karabiners, and I hated getting shot with Karabiners. I already got shot in the arm, and that was enough. I started firing at them with my Sub-auto, hoping to pick off a few while the Sword Corps cleaned up.

"Sh!t!" I shouted, as several Blazers let out Goukazuras and Blazikens. They immediately began attacking the Sword Corps, who were trying to kill the Blazers.

I let out my Kabutops. It cried, "Kabutops!" Several Karabiner shots hit it, but bounced off of its hard exterior. Kabutops charged and slashed at two Blazers with its scythe shaped arms.

I remember when I got a Kabuto as a gift from Don Patches several years ago for killing that governor from Cinnabar. Worked out great. I trained the Kabuto into a Kabutops. One of the greatest times of my life.

I then let out Enpeturo, my starter Pokemon. Enpeturo blocked the Karabiner shots with its steel coated wings. It then used Iron Tail on another Blazer, making him explode in a bloody mess.

My Toritodon was sent out to deal with a Goukaza. Toritodon was the first Pokeon I had caught on my own. It used a Surf attack on the Goukaza, and fainted it.

Lastly, I let out Dragonite, a souveniour of the Cinnabar Murder. I had found a Dratini on Cinnabar on my way back to Shinou. I trained it alongside my Kabuto. Dragonite let out a Hyper Beam and literally destroyed the last Blazer.

I put all of my Pokemon back into their Pokeballs and then advanced up to the next floor with the troops...

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 04:00 PM
Mount Infernal
Smoke Mountains

Sent looked across the sheet of glass that had once been the massive desert of Messech. As Moltres rose from the volcano its intensley pure infernos froze the sandy desert into a single perpetual sheet of glass. lizards and cacti could be seen underneath the giant window, as if they were statues constructed to mark the day when history stood still.

The only thing alive in this barren wasteland was the volcano, and how alive it was! never did a moment pass when the air wasn't thick with ash, or giving way to a rain of pumace. With every second the temperature fluctuated from moments of flesh-melting heat caused by one of the volcanos many eruptions to moments of below zero temperatures caused by the sun being blacked out by clouds of ash. so extreme was the climate, that nothing was alive within 300 square miles of the volcano.

It was in this volcano that the Flame Blazer Lance was housed. It was Moltres' gift to humanity and when it was misused nearly three milenia ago, it housed it in a place that it new would never be reached. Except it had been reached, and even at this point in the journey, the chance of success for this mission was below 25%. With the volcano less than 2 miles away, the hardest part was the journey was still to come, the living earth would do anything to stop them, and nature is the strongest enemy you can fight.

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 04:04 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel Stairwell, Shinou

Up the stairs. More than likely, they've cut the elevator since they've heard of our attack. Although, we have them trapped. Shelly had two Panzers hauled in, and were surrounding the hotel. If worse came to worse, we could blow the hotel up, and I could escape on my Dragonite.

The Stairwell was divided up into two sections. The first went to the first 5 floors. The second, on the other side of the 5th floor garden, went all the way up to the tenth floor. The Tenth floor then went up to the suite.

This means that the Blazers are probably mounting an opposition on the 5th and 10th floor, with several guards in the stairwells, with the most defense on the Suite Floor.


As we went up another flight of stairs, we were attacked by several Blazers. They let out Goukazas. I didn't have time for this. I let out Enpeturo, and he used Surf on the Goukazas.

The Goukazas fought back with a Fire Punch. Sh!t!, I thought, Enpeturo's part Steel...

I put Enpeturo back into its Pokeball and let out Toritodon, "Earthquake!" I shouted. Toritodon unleashed a massive Earthquake, spilitting two flights of stairs in half, sending the Goukazas falling to their death.

Meanwhile, the grunts had taken care of the Blazers with their sub-autos. I threw a grappling hook across the broken stairs and inched over the stairs with the thick rope. The grunts all followed.

We continued up the stairs, with no opposition, until we reached the fifth floor.

We entered the floor, ready. As soon as I saw what was in there, I said, "You have to be F*cking kidding me..."

Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 04:09 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel, Shinou

Still no sign of Dr. James, but we made occasional checks to make sure. I had radio contact with the snipers on the printing press, who were also watching the window very carefully.

“Reports indicate that rust and his squad have made it through the lobby, but he sustained an injury to his arm from a Karabiner.” I heard one officer talk to me through my radio, “Be prepared, no doubt Dr. James knows we’re here, so in order to escape from rust, he may start heading for the roof or down to the ground.”

“Copy that.” I replied to him, speaking into my dark green-colored radio, “We have the south covered.”

I kept looking up at the floor where Dr. James was staying for the night. If he got anywhere close to that window, it would be his last gaze into the sky. Meanwhile, I needed to be on guard in case Commander rust needed additional assistance. We already knew there were quite a few Blazers in there, and with them around, it could mean casualties.

“Neo, how is the perimeter from your end?” Shelly asked me, making sure everything was in check.

“Still no shot.” I reported to her, “But, if he doesn’t go out that window, then he’s essentially trapped in that room. And knowing rust… he’ll wish he had let our snipers give him a quick and easy death…”

While she covered the west side of the hotel, that left only the east side, which would be impossible for Dr. James to reach, especially considering the fact it was a normal brick wall without any windows except for the maintenance room.

I could only hope rust’s injury wouldn’t slow him down…

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 04:11 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel Fifth Floor, Shinou

They had hauled a Machine Gun Turret into the fifth floor, probably through the elevator, and there were like 50 Blazers on the fifth floor. I Immedaitely began to fire my Sub-Auto at them, but there were too many.

Several more Aquas came into the room, and had let out Pokemon to attack the Blazers while they shot at them. I let out Dragonite and flew up to the ceiling. Several Blazers let out Mukuhawks and joined me in the air.

"I don't have f*cking time for this," I cursed, shooting down several Mukuhawks. The Blazers then spiraled out of control as their dying Mukuhawks fell to the ground. As soon as they hit the floor, they were killed by the Sword Corps.

Several more Mukuhawks dived at me, as the Machine Gun began to fire at me. Dragonite agily avoided the shots, but not before taking several Wing Attacks from Mukuhawks.

"Hyper Beam!" I commanded. Dragonite's mouth lit up with a massive amount of energy. It discharged it, and disintegrated two Mukuhawks along with their riders.

Only two Mukuhawks left. Dragonite would have to rest for a little bit before he could pull off something like that again. I pulled off a grenade from my belt, and threw it at a Mukuhawk.

It got stuck between the Mukuhawk and the riders crotch area. I snickered as the grenade blew up, sending pieces of both the Mukuhawk and its rider all over the room.

Several pieces, namely the arm and the head, hit the last rider of the Mukuhawk. He shot at me, and hit me in the arm with a Karabiner, "Sh!t!" I shouted. I retailiated with my much faster Sub-Auto fire, hitting the Mukuhawk, sending him spiraling down to the floor.

The rider hit the floor, broke some bones, and was decapitated by a Sword Corp member.

Now, for the Turret...

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 04:14 PM
Mount Infernal
Smoke Mountains

Sent and his squad of 11 men marched across the glass plains. With every step they could feel the ground moving beneath them. In places the weight of mens booths were enough to cause eruption of super heated steam the explode from the ground. Squad memebrs fell through the now ancient glass, and by the time the squad reached the end of the first leg, they had lost 3 men, now only 9 strong this expedition would be much harder. At the end of the first day(though it really wasn't possible to tell night from day) men went to sleep with nightmares of fissures and eruptions and few slept at all.

The next morning, the group set out again, now weighed down with the packs of the fallen men. By the end of the second day, they had reached the bottom of the volcano, and the hardest part of the journey was before them.

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 04:19 PM
OOC: Damn, last prewritten post...
Nagisa City Grand Hotel Fifth Floor, Shinou

"Hello Turret, Meet Hyper Beam!" I shouted. Dragonite released another powerful discharge of energy at the turret, blowing it up into little pieces, which hit Aqua and Blazer alike.

Dragonite took me back onto the ground, and I put him back into his ball. I let out Kabutops, who began to slash at the Blazers while I hit behind a waterfall and began to treat my wound in my arm.

I had a degree to practice surgery, so this would be no problem. I took out a knife and painfully took out the bullet. Immediately, I bandaged it up with a Dead Aqua's bandana.

I put my Trenchcoat back on and began shooting again at the Blazers. All Dead. 54 Aquas dead. Causalties were high on both sides. What bothered me was that we had 40 Aquas left, and we weren't going to stand a chance on the next floor if we didn't get more troops.

"Shelly," I said into a grunt's field radio, "We need more troops!"

"I'm sending in 50 SWAT. Good?" Shelly replied.

"Yeah," I said. I put down the radio, "Now, we sit here and wait for the reinforcements..."

10-07-2006, 04:28 PM
Mount Infernal
Smoke Mountains

My lackeys and I marched to Sent's Outpost. I motioned for the grunts to allow for a private conversation.

"I've brought the scientists. Best in team rocket" I said, with a smug look on my face.. Ever scince the artifacts had been discovered, I had dedicated his life to finding the Flame Blazer Lance. Now that we were so close to it, I could not turn around. "Go, Enpeturo! Fly!" A large, penguin-like creature began to soar around Mount infernal. "How close are you...to finding it?" I asked with a serious look.

While Waiting for Sent's reply, I stared out the window of the rocket fortress he had taken Sent to. Right near the heart of the volcano. I flipped out a tracking device and pressed buttons rapidly. "Moltres is near...It should not be long now"

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 04:30 PM
Mount Infernal
Smoke Mountains

Sent lined up his troops the next morning.

"This is the most dangerous mission of your lives men!" said Sent in an encouraging tone,"We have to reach the top of this Volcano, any ideas?"

"We could rope ourselves together so if someone falls we can pull them back up," said Lt.Williams Sents second in command.

"sounds good to me," said Sent "but we have one problem, what if it erupts? what if another earthquake strikes?"

One of the normally quiet privates spoke up, "we could tie the mining equipment to our feet and use that to climb, and if I use my Kadabra's light screen to deflect lava from above use, we might be able to reach the top"

Sent and his squad were able to reach the to top though no one slept that night. Every moment was a demonstartion of the awesome might of the Earth, and when you looked into the dome of the volcano, and saw the Flame Blazer Lance at its center, you realized that this really was the perfect natural defense.

(OOC: gonzap theres no way anything could fly into that ash cloud, you can either be wiating at the plateau for me to return or be with the part exploring for it. another thing I want to get to keep the lance, because I was first to lay claim)

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 04:38 PM
OOC: Dude, Enpeturo can't fly. Penguins can't fly, and Enpeturo ISNT EVEN A FLYING TYPE!
Waiting for Neo...

10-07-2006, 04:44 PM
Mount Infernal
Smoke Mountains

My Enpeturo had an extremely hard time flying, having to take many rests alon the way. 1 of my lackeys had already passed out from the intense heat. It wouldn't be long before I would feel the effects of dehydration. I reccaled my Enpeturo, seeing as it had a chance of surviving in its pokeball. I sent out my Buuburn to check out the inside of the volcano, but not even a fire pokemon could withstand the might of the volcano. I decided it was no use staying awake, so I began to doze of. But, of course, something else had to go wrong.

A large pheonix-like pokemon circled flew into the volcano, nearly burning our team to a crisp. I thought that our time had come.

OOC: If you read my bio, you would know why it is flying.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 04:45 PM
Mount Infernal
Smoke Mountains

Sent prepared the rope and was ready to lower one of the grunts into the volcano(with a fire-proof suit of course) when ground beneath his feet gave way and he fell through into some hollowed chanmber, probably an ancient cauldera. He Looked over his body to check for broken bones and wounds. He was relieved to find that he had only suffered some minor bruises and a broken wrist. He called to the men above ground but no answer returned to him. "they probably think I was burned alive" Sent said to himself. he walked slowly towards a small opening in the wall barely big enough for him to fit in sideways. he slid along the wall wondering what was on the other side.

OOC: Gonzap just let moltres lower into the volcano, the battle happens later.

Dog of Hellsing
10-07-2006, 04:52 PM
En Route to Nagisa City Grand Hotel, Shinou

Dawn was tired, and I knew why. All the time we'd spent flying everywhere the past few days, with hardly any rest in between trips. The poor Dragon was getting exhausted.

We'd been doing a bit of digging, trying to find out where the next item was, when I'd gotten a call to go to the Nagisa City Grand Hotel from Shelly. Seemed the mission to get the Thunder Katana wasn't going as smoothly as rust had planned. I'd jumped on Dawn and told him our new location, and we'd been off.

Luckily, we weren't too far away. I had Dawn circle the hotel once to let out allies know we'd arrived, and then landed him near Neo. I slid off the Dragon's back and gave his neck a solid pat.

"Thanks buddy, now you get some rest, okay?" I told him, and Dawn gave a grateful rumble as I recalled him into his Ball. I grinned a little and lifted a hand to greet Neo, then grew serious.

"What all's going on in there?" I asked, looking to the hotel. I could hear the sounds of battle going on inside, and was anxious to get in and give rust a hand. I pulled out Haze and Skullhelm's Balls, releasing them from within and getting ready to bust in and help out.

"Bone!" Skullhelm cried, glaring at Neo and lifting her bone club as if to strike him. With a sigh I picked her up.

"Not now Skull, we have a mission to help complete!"

10-07-2006, 04:53 PM
Mount Infernal
Smoke Mountains

Sent, If you are interested in getting the relic, I suggest you battle moltres. If you can defeat moltres, you should have no problem getting the relic. But, defeating moltres isn't so easy either" I said, pulling sent up, then coughing. "I'm afraid I can't stay much longer. I have my own buisness to attend to, back in shinou."

I didn't like leaving them, but I had to. I had bigger plans than getting a sword. I sent out Kabarudon, telling him to ride to rocket headquarters 4 miles away. From there, I would take a rocket vehicle to shinou, and complete my plans.

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 04:54 PM
OOC: Just ignore me, gonzap...
Screw Waiting...
Nagisa City Grand Hotel Staircase B, Shinou

Reinforcements poured into the Fifth Floor. I quickly took count, and got ninety total troops. It was time to head up Staircase B. As soon as we had gotten in, we were fired upon. Aquas responded to their Karabiner fire with their own Sub-Auto fire.

Several SWATs had run up ahead to where they were to get a closer shot at the Blazers that were firing at us. I let out Enpeturo, who blocked several Karabiner shots with his Steel Wings. The Emperor Penguin Pokemon then launched a fierce Aqua Jet attack at one of the Blazers, sending him fallign to his doom.

Enpeturo then used Iron Tail on another Blazer, slicing him in half. I threw a grenade at the top of the stairs, where it got nudged between a railing, and the wall. The Blazers frantically ran, as the grenade exploded, killing them.

The Aquas now ran up the stairs. I recalled Enpeturo. We had no idea what we were going to face on the tenth floor, whether it be only a few Blazers, or another Machine Gun Turret. There was a little bit of fear that I could feel in my stomach. If I wasn't focusing on other things, namely the Katana, I think I wouldn't feel very... good...

My arm also hurt from the several bullets I had gotten there... We went up another flight of stairs to the tenth floor. Immediately, when we got there, it was hell...

10-07-2006, 04:56 PM
Secret Base [Kanto]

"Alakazam, can you make a poison with this?"

<= I simple one, none the less. It will temporarily stun the target for 5 to 10 seconds... =>

"Thats way to short.", I muttered. Any other poisons you need?"

Alakazam muttered, and tossed me a book full of poison Pokemon.

I quickly ran off and released my Fearow.

"Fearow, fly me to the Safari Zone..."

Safari Zone

"Huh....", I muttered as I scratched my head and pulled out 500$ dollars.

"Here are you Pokeballs.", The clerk said, as she handed me them. I pushed them away, knowing I wouldn't need them. I run into the Safari Zone and pulled out a few berries from my bag. I tossed them on the ground, waiting for the next Poison type monster to try and get some...

Espeon Rinage
10-07-2006, 04:56 PM
Mount Infernal
Smoke Mountains


Lava could go through a fire proof suit with ease, maybe fire proof super re-enforced ball could get through.

Dog of Hellsing
10-07-2006, 05:03 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel, Shinou

The sounds of battle grew more fierce as I waited for Neo to brief me. Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer. Skullhelm was squirming like mad in my arms, wanting to join in the fray, and Haze was letting fire burst out all over his body, also ready to get into it.

"Alright, nevermind, you can tell me as I go in," I said, setting down Skullhelm and waving for the two to follow me inside. I entered cautiously, as I had no guns on me, and the sword I had on my back was a clumsy little thing I hadn't gotten used to yet. I wanted to make sure no one fired on me, and once I'd made sure the ground floor was clear I made my way up.

The going was slow, as I was making sure none of the guards had been left alive who could shoot backup. Luckily, all the guards and their Pokemon were lying, dead, all over the place. I didn't feel at all sorry for the people, but my heart went out to the Pokemon who'd lost their lives. I'd have to ask rust if we could bury them when this was over.

Finally, I reached where rust and the others were. Skullhelm let out a fierce shriek as she caught the fresh scent of battle. She clutched her bone club and darted out to the fray, using her Bonemerang to stun our foes and leave them open to attack. Thanks to her unusally small size, it was hard for the guards to get an aim on her to shoot her, and their Pokemon could barely locate her to attack. I shifted my weight and waved for Haze to get ready to attack.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 05:04 PM
I continued to slide through the small tunnel, knowing that using anymore movement than what was necessary could be the end of me. At the end of the tunnel I saw a chamber that was completely filled with magma and in the center about 50 feet below me was the Flame Blazer Lance. I sent my scizor to retrieve it but upon touching the lance it was blasted to the bottom of the platform by a pillar of fire. I looked up upon the image of moltres reverse-silhouetted against the ash filled sky. I ducked back into the chamber but as I started backwards I heard the roaring of a small pyroclastic flow. The only way out of the tunnel was down so I jumped hoping that the small earthen platform I saw earlier would hold my weight. I landed on it and it tipped slightly letting Lava lap the end of my trench coat, but for the most part my position was stable.

The real problem was Moltres descending up me with its mouth open ready to turn me into BBQ. It landed on the small spire of earth above the Flame Blazer Lance. This was this weapons final defense, A near undefeatable guardian.

10-07-2006, 05:07 PM
Scarlet , Kanto

I had just one mile to go to the celadon city, from which I would fly to shinou. There, with the help of my new recruits, I would sneak into the Sacred lakes, where I would pursue a relic of my own.

It wouldn't be easy though. To complete the Spear of the mind, I would have to collect three seperate relics and conbine them. I could care less about what the spear did, what I really wanted was to somehow "bribe" the three legendary pokemon to join my side.Together, their power was more than that of the Spear.

There would also be many naive trainers blocking my way, but I can almost assure their defeat. Upon entering the "lake" there would be an ever-changing labryinth of traps and mazes.

Before I knew it, I was as rocket hq, ready to be flown to shinou.

Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 05:15 PM
OOC: Sorry about that, I didn’t know you were waiting on me…

And rust’s right. Enpeturo can’t fly.

Nagisa City Grand Hotel - Fifth Floor, Shinou

Casualties were high. We were going to need to send in additional reinforcements from the outside perimeter. Shelly had gotten the panzer tanks prepared, while our snipers covered the wall.

“Captain Neo,” Shelly contacted me, “rust and his forces are taking heavy losses. Take your team in and help provide support.”

“Acknowledged.” I told Shelly, putting away the radio and getting my FG-42 ready, “Men, we’re moving in.”

They had the walls covered with sniper fire, shedding some of our extra enforcers for more inside troops. We had made our way through the lobby, finding a bloodbath of Team Aqua enforcers and many of The Blazers. All we had to do in order to find rust… was follow the trail of destruction. It was a shame to see so many lives of the Blazers so easily convinced over money. Well now… they had nothing.

We had made our way to the fifth floor, finding only fragments of Blazers separated from the main unit. Once we reached there, we had found rust, along with the rest of his men. Unfortunately, rust had taken several shots.

“Field medics, tend to those men.” I told them, ordering the combat medics.

It would be enough for now, but those injuries would have to be further treated when we arrived back at the AMS Deathwing. However, we still had a mission to pursue.

Once they were done, we made preparations to make it to the sixth floor. If Dr James was thinking of escaping, it would only be when he realized his defenses on the other floors were cut. Or, if he was a bold fool, he would stay and perish in his own room when we arrived.

Either way, he was still going to die…

10-07-2006, 05:18 PM
Place: TR Base
Location: Unkown
Time: Night

I was kind of ticked since I wasn't picked to go on the mission to retrieve the Flame Blazer Lance, but it was probably for the best. What good's a martial artist on a volcano anyway?

Oh well, it's not like the newer recruits get to do much anyway. It's like the only way to move up is to get into a situation that calls for something notable to be done, but when you're at the bottom like I am, no one takes note of you in the first place for something to be done. I might have a chance if some real fighting took place, but why hope for a full scale war?

I sigh, and leave my room, retrieving my katana and flight jacket by to door on the way out. I still had some errands to run for some crazy higher up, but it would be a complete and total waste of time. I don't see why he couldn't have done it himself, but when you have the ability to boss people like me around...

There's got to be a better way to make a living...

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 05:21 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel Tenth Floor, Shinou

I had seen that Kaibu had arrived. Her Pokemon were all assaulting the 50-some Blazers on this floor. I also let out all my Pokemon, as they began to attack and kill the Blazers. Enpeturo sliced them in half with Iron Tail, Dragonite Hyper Beamed them, Tritodon used Earthquake, and Kabutops began to slice.

The smell of blood was fresh in the room as the Aquas poured in, shooting and slashing at the Blazers. The Blazers responded with Karabiner fire. Several Aquas took the Karabiner fire, and died. Their lifeless bodies lay there, their final resting place.

It enraged me to have so many allies die. I shot several of the Blazers with my Sub-Auto, killing them instantly. They were all going to die, it was inevitable, but I didn't want as many Aquas to die.

I got onto Dragonite, and began to Hyper Beam the Blazers on the ground. The Hyper Beams had put several holes in the floor, as the blood frm the dead soldiers leaked into the ninth floor. I heard screams of several hotel guests from below, as they ran out of their room in terror.

Several Mukuhawks attacked Dragonite. Dragonite Ice Beamed one, freezing it solid. The next one attacked Dragonite with a Wing Attack, hitting its backside. Dragonite turned around and Ice Beamed it too.

The next Mukuhawk used another Wing Attack. Dragonite couldn't take too many more Wing Attacks.

"Dragonite, Blizzard!" I shouted. Dragonite flapped its mighty wings and began to unleash snow all over the room. The remaining Mukuhawks were frozen solid, as the fell to the floor and broke into several pieces.

Now, it was time to clean up...

10-07-2006, 05:21 PM
Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

I had now been on his flight for three hours. I needed to talk to sent, immediately, but any machine that could allow me to talk to him was out of range. Instead of Sent's voice, all I got was a low humming. This was especially strange, scince I had talked to Sent From much farther away than this had been.

I saw a glint out of the window, but convince myself it was just nothing. Nothing, until we began to plunge into the pacific ocean. Bracing myself, I recalled all of my pokemon; I could only hope for the best.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 05:22 PM
Mount Infernal
Smoke Mountains

The beast Moltres flew at me with a sky attack, I jumped to the platform nearby, and it jostled violently. I could barely keep my footing, let alone use my pokemon. I pulled out my pistol and began firing at moltres, but the bullets melted when they came within 10 feet of it. I then realized that the Volcano hadn't burned me to death yet, the heat at this position should have melted my flesh within seconds of me reaching the platform. Then I saw it, a faint glow coming from the lance, this same glow was above the lava. I realized that this was test. The lance was giving me an oppurtunity to prove myself. though the heat was suppressed It could still kill me if I touched the lava. I platform jumped to the main platform. I prepared to throw a pokeball and see if this Guardian could be destroyed.

10-07-2006, 05:23 PM
Scarlet, Kanto

I was walking around a tree, doing nothing at all. I was thinking about what I had gotten myself into by joining Team Rocket. I took out my knife and started etching my name and the Team Rocket logo into the trunk of the tree. " I hope this thing doesn't get to deadly! I thought after I had finished. I looked around and saw all the Grunts either standing around or sitting to relax. I put away my knife and went to a man who was lying down near a small, oak tree. " Mind if I sit down? " I asked the man. The man nodded and I sat next to him.

He had a Team Rocket uniform on as well and it looked like he was a basic grunt. " Who are you? " I asked. The man opened his eyes and looked at me and replyed, " Crim Crimson is my name. Who are you? " I looked away to the sun and said, " My name is Deon Sasuka. " We started talking and started to lose track of time.

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 05:34 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel Tenth Floor, Shinou

Dragonite took me down as I drew my twin swords for the first time this battle. Immediately, I was assaulted by another Blazer with a sword. He swung down, but I blocked with both of my swords in an X shape.

I then quickly brought one sword out of the block to slice at his legs, but he was too quick and blocked it. Quickly, I swung my remaining sword down, hitting his face directly. I had torn open the skin on his face, revealing his skull. The Blazer began to mave frantically around, in the pain of having the skin on his face sliced in half.

His life was ended by a stray bullet to the temple from another Aqua. I turned around and began to slash at several other Blazers. A Goukaza then tried to punch me. I chopped off his arm while it was en route to my face. Blood flied everywhere as it used a Fire Punch.

I got out of the way and began stabbed the Goukaza in the back. I immediately went up to its trainer and decapitated him. His head rolled to the floor, bounced twice, and died the blue carpet red.

60 Aquas remaining. Ten Blazers. They were mowed down by Sub-Auto fire from the Aquas. We went up the stairs to Dr. James' suite.

"Hand over the Katana!" I shouted...

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 05:34 PM
Elekible stood on the main platform with me. it started firing thuderbolts everywhere hoping to make contact with Moltres. A few of the Blasts did make contact, but with every bolt we landed on Moltres it was able to hit Elekible twice. Elekibles strength was being depeleted fast and Moltres was still near full power. I called back elekible, and as I placed the pokeball on my belt I was assailed with a sky attack. I fell to the ground, but I could tell that this to was weakened by the lance. It wanted to give me another chance. I threw another pokeball and Tyranitar emerged.

Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 05:39 PM
OOC: Gonzap, just so you know, don’t use Earth-based locations.

Nagisa City Grand Hotel – Tenth Floor, Shinou

Mukuhawks were flying all over the area, along with the Blazers trying to fight back at us. While Commander rust was attacking them with his Dragonite, I unleashed my Houndoom and ordered him to use a Flamethrower on them to take them apart. It wasn’t long before several of their Makuhawks were shrieking in pain from the biting flames that were smothering their body. Meanwhile, I had gunned down several of the Blazers, pulverizing their chest areas with heavy ammunition.

Kaibu had arrived from the back, and had joined the contingent. Already, we had cleared out seven bedrooms on the tenth floor. Thankfully, there was no longer any civil protection… except us. No one would save Dr James now.

rust's Dragonite had unleashed a Blizzard attack on many of the Blazers, freezing them solid. Meanwhile, myself and several of the other troops opened fire, hitting the ice hard and causing them to shatter like broken glass.

Only way to head now was up. I threw a Stiel Grenade up the stairwell, taking out several of the troops with an explosion before opening fire on the doorway, and then smothering it with a Flamethrower attack from my Houndoom.

We then made our way up and then found Dr Jame’s suite, which was heavily guarded, and with the knowledge that we were here.

“Hand over the Katana!” rust shouted, making his way past the dead Blazers.

There was no escape for Dr James now…

10-07-2006, 05:45 PM
Scarlet, Kanto
Time: who cares?

I walk into the Exec's office, with a small brown bag in hand. "Here are your bloody smokes," I said as I practically threw the bag at him. "And next time you give me a jeep, put some gas in it first." I thought to myself.

The exec just sat there, staring, and then he spoke up. "I ASKED FOR THESE YESTERDAY!" Well, maybe 'spoke' wasn't the right word. I knew better than to argue, even though it wasn't like he was the only one who wanted me to get their $%#^ for them. So, I did the only thing I could've done. "I'm sorry sir, I will attempt to be more expedient in completing your request next time."
"See that you do! Now get the --!!!!"

I was already on my way out before he even said anything else. That man had more of a foul mouth than anyone I know. Eh. Can't complain I guess. I made my way out to where the other grunts were, see if I can find a good game of chess over there.

Game after game went by, and each time I defeated my opponent with relative ease. My Haunter and Glalie were watching my every move each time I played, and finally, after beating the tenth guy who challenged me, Haunter took up the space on the other side of the board. "My own pokemon turn's against me, huh?" I said, just mesing with him. He laughs his laugh, and moves the first pawn.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 05:47 PM
Tyranitar fired hyperbeams all over the place. Few hit, and al the purpose they served were to expend tyranitars energy. I was getting desperate, so I picked up a rock from the platform and chucked it at Moltres' wing. Surprisingly Moltres didn't see the small object and it created a slight shakiness in its flight for a few seconds. I was excited at this revealation, because I finally had a plan. I had a feeling this test wasn't about brute power it was about cunning and wit. I withdrew Tyranitar who was now exhausted and threw my final pokeball out.

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 05:56 PM
Nagisa Suite
Late Night

Neo's team had also arrived. James was pinned down in his Suite. Several Blazers tried to attack us, but they were assaulted by Aqua grunts. I quickly went behind James and put my sword next to his neck, "Hand over the relic... Or die..." I thinly slit his nexk, not enough to kill him, but enough to give him a taste of the pain I'd put him through.

A bald Blazer came up with his sword and tried to swing down at me. I threw Dr. James out of the way and caught the sword with one of my swords. With the other, I tucked a grenade into his pocket, and backed off.

He exploded into several pieces, which flew all over the room. I then went back to Dr. James, who was on his hands and knees, backing off. I pointed a pistol at him, "Give. Me. The. Relic."

"O... Okay..." He said, going into a Cabinent. What he pulled out wasn't the Relic, but a pistol. He then tried to shoot me, but I got out of the way. I put a bullet through his head and killed him instantly.

I searched the cabinent to find a sword sheath with sword inside. It was decorated with yellow lining, and a medalion hanging off of the sheath with the Japanese Character for Thunder on it.

I picked up the sword. I felt an electric power go through my hands. I unleashed an Electric Bolt at the wall, blowing it open. Unfortuantely, the roof blew open too, but not because of my sword.

I looked out of the hole to see a big, angry, Zapdos outside...

10-07-2006, 05:58 PM
OOC: Alright, changed to shinou sea

Shinou Sea

As we sunk I quickly reviewed my options. I couldn't send out and S.O.S; no one would help a rocket out. The Battle Frontier was a mile away. With my pokemon's help I might be able to swin there. No, too risky. There was only one thing to do. I had to send my pokemon out for help. Sure, I would be defenseless, but only for a little while.

I released all of my pokemon, telling them to find help. I decided to survey the damage; I would have, but there was no damage. EVerything had stayed intact when we had crashed. I knew it was not a miricle. This was the work of pokemon; the ones I had been looking for.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 06:08 PM
Sent's Weavile merged bathed in a red light. Sent gave it whispered instructions,"Launch the smallest shadowballs you can at it, go for the wings those are his weakpoints". Within seconds Weavile was climbing on walls and launching small shadow balls at moltres' wings. even with the fact that these projectiles were extremely small, they packed as much punch as a regular Shadowball. Moltres' was swerving out of control now, it was crashing into walls and wasn't able to aim straight anymore. Sent yelled,"NOW!" and his Weavile launched and enormous shadowball right at the out-of-control Moltres. It fell into the lava and a sizzling sound could be heard. Moltres had lost the purity that it had had when it had emerged from this volcano three millenia ago, and it was paying for it. sent reached for the lance, but a controlled ember attack hit him as if saying "Not yet". He turned around and saw an enourmous army of fire pokemon. apparently there was a phase two to this test.

Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 06:13 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel – Dr Jame’s Suite, Shinou

We had smashed our way through the front door, gunning down the few Blazers that were left. Dr James hadn’t made the run for it, even though we prepared in case he had. My team as well as myself had secured the area, while rust had confronted Dr James himself.

“Hand over the relic... Or die...” rust warned him, holding his sharp katana to his neck.

Another Blazer had confronted rust, and normally, we would have opened fire on the opposition. However, rust had control over the situation. His katana had caught the Blazer’s, and shortly after, rust had used a grenade to finish him off.

"Give. Me. The. Relic." rust warned the archaeologist.

"O... Okay..." Dr. James hesitated.

I had lost visual with him after he had gone to a cabinet, but shortly after, I had heard rust open fire, and then saw Dr. Jame’s dead body fall to the ground with a bullet in his head and with a pistol falling out of his hand instead of the Thunder Sky Katana. Foolish mistake…

Once rust had managed to find the relic we had come for, I then got a radio call from Shelly on the ground.

“Neo, we’ve got company.” Shelly radio contacted me, “Zapdos is just outside the hotel.”

Only seconds later, the roof of the building was thrown off in a massive blast of destruction, sending pieces of the roof in all directions. My team and I had shielded our eyes, and only seconds later, we had come across Zapdos… in the flesh.

Our first instinct was to open fire at the massive creature, but our gunfire wasn’t hurting it at all. In the process, it had launched a thunderbolt at two Team Aqua officers, immediately killing them both.

“We’re running out of time.” I told the others, “Get out of the building and head out into the streets, we can take it down out there with the panzershreks. Zapdos has the capability to bring down this entire building if it wants to.”

“Copy that, Captain.” One of my SWAT officers had responded, “Moving out.”

After that, we then tried to make our way out of the building. I then turned to rust.

“Escape with the Katana, we’ll take care of Zapdos.” I told him, “We made not be able to kill it, but we can drive it off.”

Then we made our move down the stairs of the hotel…

10-07-2006, 06:20 PM
Shinou Sea

I saw a school of magikarp swim by. "I was so close" I muttered to myself "20 more miles and I would have been at the lake" 2 hours had passed scince my pokemon went for help, and now I could finally see them returning, two shadowy figures in tow.

"Ah, my top agents, Biff and Cassidy" I said in relief

"The names Butch! Got it?" The male replied, obviously angered.

"Would you be able to bring to to the battle fronteir?" A asked the female.

"Of course, Gonzap" Cassidy replied"But, may I ask, why the battle fronteir, and not shinou?"

I refused to answer her, she knew I was hiding something. Butch sent out his Garydos, and we began our detour to the battle fronteir.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 06:24 PM
I sent out all my pokemon even my now recuperated scizor, and prepared for a massive battle with these pokemon. I drew my pistol and started taking down the front lines of this army. A few charizards collapsed into the heat of the lava, and arcanines were massacred left and right. when about a quarter of the force was defeated, the lance began to glow more, and pillars of fire erupted all around, these were controlled and shielded by the lance, but they restrictred aim and cut me off from my pokemon more than once. when we defeated the force an army of rock pokemon appeared sculpted by the lance from the magma.

10-07-2006, 06:33 PM
Hoenn Battle Fronteir

I walked past a guard without making any eye contact. My affiliation with team rocket was obvious, and one of the guards asked me for my frontier pass.

"You want my pass, eh?" I said, holding a pistol up to his head "There's my pass, now move aside"

The guard, making a bold move, attempted to tackle me, in which he succeded in knocking me over. I fired my pistol at the guard, killing him instantly. "I warned him" I sighed.

I walked over to the battle Pike, where another guard was standing. He did not want the same fate as the others, so he allowed me to pass.

I saw Lucy standing in the corner. "Gonzap, what brings you here?" She asked in a mishevous tone.

"I'm ready to go to shinou" I said.

Lucy pressed a button on the wall, causing the center arena to sink into the ground. Replacing it, a large aricraft roared, ready to fly.

Gonzap boarded the plain with the large grin on his face. "So, did they find out yet?" gonzap asked.

Lucy laughed. "Not a clue"

10-07-2006, 06:38 PM
OOC: It's experimental.

Olivine Field Hospital

Her name is Eris, the lead player in the hospital. Unfortunately I was not one to remain on this Earth. But still, I just had to continue to watch her from here.

This field hospital, a rather small hospital made in a week or so, consisted on a single floor, and essentially had the reception area right beside ER and where the patients were resting, she worked around everywhere, and had to see the horrors of war first hand. I'd rather not see that, but I guess it is a way for her to give back to this team. Yet, I am merely an observer, and nothing else.

She entered the hospital early in the morning today, and donned her lab coat, and began her tour of the hospital as usual. She would always greet each patient with a smiling face and a simple "Good morning. How are you doing today?". She is in her forties afterall, yet she had a luster, a fraction of the radiance that she probably had in the past. Strangely, most of the patients' answers would be along the lines of "I'm doing great, mom.". In there, she was not just a lead in the hospital, but also the mother figure for all of these patients outside of their homes.

It was midway into the afternoon when another one was pushed into the hospital, in critical condition. "How is he?" she asked the medics who were rushing the boy into the ER section of the tent.

"Two bullets, both in the chest. One of the lungs collapsed due to the holes. No word about the thymus," one medic spoke, "blood pressure 90/50 and falling, pulse 120."

"We're going to begin bullet extraction, lung patch, and sealing. Let's go."

The medics had left by the time the preparations were complete. She had to lead the operation this time, considering the fact that the other surgeon had gone missing for the morning. However, saving lives were priority for her, though technically she wasn't completely qualified for the job either. She first aimed for the bullet that punctured the right lung, and extracted that with relative ease, although his blood was continuously oozing out of both wounds. She knew she had to work quickly, for they no longer had the luxury of blood transfusions, and showed her tension with sweat coming out of her head, likely cold. She then checked on the one in the middle, making sure to not hit anything else in the area, and had a preliminary check-up on the thymus as she extracted the bullet. She spoke something about "chipping", but I wasn't able to hear what she said under the operation room. She covered the holes and stitched the boy up before declaring the operation a semi success. She perscribed penicillin and other drugs that I should remember, before heading out for a break.

If there was anything, she could never actually handle the pressure of being in the operation room and having to move as quickly as possible. Somehow she was able to do it many times over her time in this hospital, whenever the surgeon disappeared. Simply said, she had exceeded my expectations.

She walked around the outskirts of Olivine during her break. To be certain, she had never been showing more wrinkles than after each operation. Then again, it would be obvious that this was the case for most surgeons.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 06:41 PM
Sent was out of ammunition and he was being assailed on all sides by rock pokemon. he drew his combat knife from its sheath and slashed at the geodudes and nopepasses. The lance glowed a little brighter, and the knife in his hand began to melt, though a change in temperature wasn't notable. Sent had to resort to punching the rock pokemon attacking him. occasionaly his pokemon would check up on him crushing pokemon in the vacinity, but for the most part they were involved in their own battles. Sents fist was bruised and bleeding, but sent continued to fight. Sents determination only grew, and once he was nearly dead from the blood loss from his knuckles, the rock pokemon melted away, and his wounds were gently seared closed. Sent was relieved that he had finally won the right to take the weapon. Sent reached for the Lance, but as he did the lance floated into the air into the hands of some giant abomination created from heat and stone.

10-07-2006, 06:47 PM
Location: SS Delta, Route 40, en route to Olivine City
Time: Before Sunrise (Timezones should be defined)

Small dim lamps lit the darkened cargo bay of the SS Delta; Shû sat on the wooden floor, his back against a stack of large wooden crates, containing different types of weaponary all certified for use by Delta Green Grunts. Shû, though heading the production and updating of all weapons Delta needed, wasn't offered his own cabin, and was placed in the cargo bay, though he didn't bother arguing about it. His Everide and Alakazam both sat in front of him, meditating calmly, even though the ship rocked as it plowed over the rough seas.

Shû crossed his arms and heavily sighed, bored because of the fact he wasn't allowed to open any of the crates, though all of the weapons inside of each were all made by his production line. His eyes wondered aimlessly around the hold, seeing if he could find something interesting to do, but all he saw were huge crates and a serene Alakazam and Everide. He shifted his body weight to the right, just as the boat plowed over a large wave, causing some of the crates to slightly creak. Shû's eyes started closing, a calm blanket pulling over him, even as the ship started rocking heavily.

Within seconds, crates from all around Shû toppled off of their stacks, crashing to the floor as an explosion from outside of the ship shook the whole thing. Shû coiled into a ball, trying to become small and not easy to hit; his Alakazam and Everide used Reflect, trying to ward the crates away from them. All of the crates cracked and became splinters, the multiple weapons becoming crushed under all of the broken wood.

One crate, loaded with what felt like cement, fell on top of Shû's side, causing his eyes to wince shut and to scream in pain. He couldn't move his hands because of the heavy crate on top of him pinned his body to the lower one, and the top one couldn't move because of the crate itself. His radio laid a few feet away from him, a piece of a splintered crate landing on top of it. The ship started to stop it's careening and tipping, the sound of cracking and splintering wood died off. Shû let out a small moan of agony as the crate continued crushing his arm.

He felt the crate lift off of him, and heard it land on top of another crate. He slowly opened his eyes to see his Alakazam and Everide, using Psychic to clear away some of the splintered wood. His eyes watered slightly, grateful for what one of his two Psychic Pokemon did for him. He used his throbbing right arm to push his body up right, into a sitting position, and tried standing up. Of course, his legs were still frozen from the expierence of being crushed by a large fifty-pound crate. After the Alakazam and Everide finished up what they were doing, they returned to meditating, though Alakazam looked worried.

'<Are you alright? Did anything break?>' Alakazam asked, using his telepathy. Shû checked his arms and legs by slowly moving them around. Capable of movement, without any crunching or snapping noises made him sigh with relief.

"Yes, Casey, I'm fine," Shû stated, trying to sound slightly cheerful. "I am still shaken up by that explosion, but-"

Another explosion sounded, this time closer. Shû not caring about finishing his sentence, grabbed his radio before curling back into a ball. He flicked it on, and started trying to remember what channel the captain was on. He heard the crashing of the wood on wood, and more splintering and cracking from the crates. He heard more smashing of the weapons because of the crates.

'<It's Channel 3, to reach the Captain,>' Casey stated, startling Shû a little. He carefully rotated the dial to three. The deep voice of the obviously annoyed captain rang out from the small speaker. The voice mixtured with the crashing and splintering of the crates, making it almost impossible to understand him. The crashing of the crates started dying off, but the blaring voice continued. Shû felt an incredible urge to press the reciever button and start talking, but let the captain continue his rant.

- - - * - - - * - - - * - - -

Note: I ended there in case someone like Scott or Shane decides posting and they want to start along with me... since apparently Delta Green is going to start up apart.

10-07-2006, 07:03 PM
Futaba Town, Shinou

After a total of 5 hours, I had reached shinou. "This place brings back too many bad memories" I said. Even though I had reached Shinou, that only meant the first leg of my mission was over. I still had to research pokemon sightings, learn about the shinou lakes, after all, there was a total of 27 major lakes in Shinou. I figured the place to start was at the Futaba lab. I changed into normal attire, for team rocket was Shinou's worst enemy. I came out waering a heavy blue jacket and sweatpants, which, due to shinou's climate, was considered everyday attire.

I entered the lab, glad to see there were no guards. I saw a pale-lloking man handing a pokeball to a young kid, about 10 years of age. After the boy left, I walked up to the profeser.

"What, you don't remember me?" I asked

"Gonzap? I haven't seen you in ten years!" The professer exclaimed.

"Would you happen to know wnything about the lakes of Shinou?" I asked impatiently

"Yes, but we have very minimal information! Take this book, it talks about everything we know!" He said happily

"Thanks, I'm in a rush right now, I'll come back tommorow." I said, leaving the lab.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 07:04 PM
The molten behemoth was like nothing I had ever seen before. With the lance in the hands of this abomination this was obviously the final test. I've made it this far, I can't give up now. My pokemon took positions on all sides of the room and launched attack after attack at my foe. A test of Wit and cunning, a test of determination and courage, and now a test of strength and power. this was obviously the biggest battle yet. I could beat legends, I could beat armies, but this is something beyond the likes of any foe I had fought before. It wasn't alive, yet it was immortal. It was like the embodiment of the fury in the earths heart. I grabbed a a long piece of stone and entered into combat with this great beast. I struck at it with all my might, and I slowly chipped away pieces of its body. But I payed for every milimeter of stone I chipped off in blood and pain. vigor continued to fill my body, and as I gained momentum the chips that were knock off were larger and larger. After much effort, the creatures leg gave way to its weight and it fell to the ground. after the beast returned to the magma of its origin. I approached the spear just now realizing how much energy I had expended. I reached for the spear.

10-07-2006, 07:11 PM
The Psyduck Cafe, Futaba Town, Shinou

After 10 hours of research, I decided to treat myself to some food. I ordered almost everything on the menu; after all, I hadn't eaten scince last night. I hoped Sent was doing alright with his relic project. When I left, it seemed hopeless for him. I was about to call him when a stuttering townsperson ran in.

"Look everyone, outside!" The man exclaimed

I looked up at the sky to see a glittering Yukushii. At this point, I thought I was going insane, but other people saw it too! This was the real deal. And, based on the direction it was flying, I knew where it, and eventually I would be headed: Angel's Lake

I jumped in a nearby motorcycle, and without any eperience, rode away as fast as I could. I had to track the Yukushii! If I could find it, I could also find the Spear of the mind.

Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 07:22 PM
OOC: Don’t worry too much about time zones. Time of day really isn’t that big of a factor, mostly just for setting purposes.

Nagisa City Grand Hotel, Shinou

As soon as my team and I had made it to the streets, we opened fire on the Zapdos, trying to keep the legendary bird of thunder away from rust and the katana. There was nothing more Zapdos wanted than to see the katana destroyed, but we weren’t going to allow that. Myself and three other officers had used a white four-seat car as cover as we opened fire upon Zapdos.

The last of the Blazers was shot down with a Walther P38 pistol, leaving us with the bird to take down. I had seen Zapdos get hit with two Panzershrek shells, taking a brutal amount of damage before heading higher into the air. My Houndoom was able to attack him with a Flamethrower, just before another Panzershrek shell had hit Zapdos.

Still, Zapdos wasn’t going down easy. Another Thunderbolt was lashed out, killing an Aqua operative and her Poliwhirl, and that was in addition to the other fifteen Team Aqua officers it had killed with its powers. However, there was far too much for Zapdos to endure, and another Panzershrek shell had hit it in the back of the head. It wasn’t long before Zapdos had headed back into the air, looked down angrily at us, and then flew off.

“He’ll be back.” I muttered softly to the other operatives as they watched Zapdos fly off.

“What makes you so sure, Captain?” One of them replied.

“Zapdos doesn’t want the Thunder Sky Katana to exist.” I told them both, remembering what I had read from the legend, “The days since the Unity Defiance are long over with. This is power… Zapdos doesn’t want among humans. That gives Commander rust two decisions. To either keep it or destroy it.”

Still, it was evident that after all these losses, rust was going to be bent on keeping the Katana for himself. Meanwhile, I knew that Team Aqua didn’t stop for any outsider, and not even Zapdos. If he had come back, we would treat him the same way we treat the rest of his enemies.

After all… it was his mistake to let it continue to exist after the Unity Defiance. I had no compassion for the negligent…

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 07:49 PM
I held this ancient lance in my hands. It was perfectly weighted and felt right to hold. As I flew out of the volcano on my scizor, I could have sworn I heard the cry of Moltres coming from the lava below, but I was probably hallucinating from blood loss. the warm glow of the lance led the way through the ash-darkened glass field. I reached the plateau where the easy part of the journey back began and was amazed by the power that seemed to emanate from the lance and strengthen my body.

10-07-2006, 08:01 PM
Somewhere in Shinou

I stopped at the shinou rocket hq to make an important phone call. I picked up the phone, and dialed Sent's Number. No answer. I hoped he was not that injured. I doubted he could even get the lance. The answering machine left the standard rocket message, followe by a short beep. "Sent, I need you in Shinou, pronto." I said into the phone "I can't talk about it here, but its very important. Come as soon as possible"

I needed Sent to help me get the spear. It was near impossible for a team of 100 men to get through the 5-story labyrinth; How could one man do it alone? I patiently waited for a return call.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 08:07 PM
once I was out of the ash-filled air, and back at the main kanto base I received Gonzaps message. I donned an air tank and mask over my fire proof gear, and through crafty use of my lance, was able to launch myself into shinou airspace in nearly half the normal flight time. The landing was extremly rough but I managed to come out with only a few bruses and a bleeding arm from a patch of brambles. As I folded my parachute, I saw Gonzap come into the clearing, he eyed my lance as if amazed that I had succeeded.

10-07-2006, 08:12 PM
Shinou Airport

"You couldn't have...you actually got the lance?" I asked in amazement. There was an akward silence for I was at a loss for words. "Come on sent, I'll get your arm fixed up. You must have been through a lot."

I saw the trail of the legendary pokemon in the sky, but I would have to worry about that later. I would need to get a few more recruits before going to Angel's lake. I would also have to do som more research. Finaly, I had some unfinished buisness to take care of in Galaxytown

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 08:14 PM
As the car pulled away from the clearing near the shinou airport, sent explained what had happened.

"It was one heck of a fight, but it was like the spear wanted me to win" said Sent as he explained about the barrier subduing the magma.

Espeon Rinage
10-07-2006, 08:20 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel, Shinou

A blast of yellow light lit up the night sky, making all the lights flick on and off, from the parking lot came screeches as the scared perdestrails stood in the light. Rust was inside, I had no idea what was going on, although since Zapdos appeared, I had a good idea.
"Sir, rust has gotten the Kanata," A grunt said.

I gave off a smirk, so this is all Zapdos had, after all he was cooked up to be. I threw out a pokeball which was shining with red light letting out Ima, my Miltoic.

"Ice Beam Milotic, Lets show this bird brain who he is dealing with," I said, trying hard to contain my laughter.

A blast of misty coloured light flew at Zapdoes, giving a jolt on his wing. He turned his head and gave out a mighty cry. Zapdos rushed down, going down on Ima, blasting jolts of light.

"Mirror Coat Ima," I yelled starting to realize this birds power.

Ima gave a metalic glow, throwing back the blasts.

I awaited for Zapdos's next move, I'm sure that it couldn't be so bad. I had just to await rust.

10-07-2006, 08:21 PM
Angel's Pass, Shinou

After recruiting a team of 30 members, Sent and I decided to explore Angel's lake. We were in one of 5 rocket jeeps headed towards the lake.

"So, Sent, you actually killed Moltres? Quite a feat" I said, impressed." Do you know exactly what this thing does?" I flipped through a book all about ancient relics and articfacts. There was nothing about the lance.

We saw the lake in from about 4 miles away, meaning we were getting closer. We could already see a pinkish aura coming from inside of the cave situated in the center of the lake.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 08:24 PM
"I'm guessing that THAT is our destination" said sent pointing at the cave. as sent hopped from the jeep an alakazam approached them and attempted to launch a fire punch attack. "This is what it does" said sent throwing the spear at the alakazam, it turned into a bolt of fire, and alakazam was incinerated. the spear instantly reformed in him hand.

Dr Scott
10-07-2006, 08:26 PM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (DeepSkyBlue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Lime), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown)

Olivine City, Johto
Psychiatrist's Office

“So, how does that make you feel?” a voice asked from behind Josh.

“Well doc, it makes me feel just fine and dandy.” Josh responded, running a hand through his hair while sighing out loud.

“Mm Hmm,” the voice came again, the sound of a pencil rubbing off some of it’s lead sounding from behind the boy. The voice came from a man by the name of Dr. Jacob Trialyn, Olivine’s own resident psychiatrist. He was a middle aged man, with just a little bit of gray running through his hair and mustache, the rest of which was covered in a dark black. He had a small bald spot on the top of his head, which he covered up by brushing some extra hair over. His clothing was simple and professional, a clean shirt and black pants falling to shiny black dress shoes that looked to be polished multiple times.

This was only his second time with Jarrod, and already the kid was getting on his nerves. He’d dealt with multiple personalities before, but never on this scale. It was enough to make a man go crazy, listening to the multiple problems of each member of the kid’s brain. “So, who am I speaking to this time?” the doctor asked, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and back into place.

The boy sighed, showing how much fun he was having, “You’re talking to Josh, as you should know. If you had been listening to me earlier, you’d know that I’m one of the few that actually talks back, and most of the others you wouldn’t want to listen to.” Inside his head, Josh felt a little kick in the butt, a bit of a mental pain to tell him that he had offended someone inside his mind.

“Yes, yes, of course …” Dr. Trialyn said, gritting his teeth. He was only forty-five minutes into this session and already he was waiting for the time to be done with. I’m sick of hearing everyone’s problems! Maybe I should retire and find myself another job … one where I don’t have to listen to people. His mind went off in a tangent, and he didn’t even hear anything that Josh had to say.

If he was listening he wouldn’t really care, anyways. Josh was rambling off things like what happened to him the day before, how his other personalities picked on him sometimes, anything to stay away from the subject that few personalities knew about and all avoided … what had created them in the first place.

“Sir?” a third voice asked from the door, “Jarrod, someone is here to see you.” She had just finished her sentence when someone burst in. A rather small man, Private J. Johnson was the speediest in all of Olivine’s Team Delta Green’s base. His coming meant that there was something important going on.

Deciding that he no longer had to deal with the doctor, Josh stood up and took the bottle of medicine that the doctor was going to give him. He shoved it into his pocket before following the short man out the door and into the bright light…

Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 08:26 PM
OOC: Work on making those posts longer, Sent, those are way too short. And put your location on the top of every post.

AMS Deathwing

With Zapdos gone, the Thunder Sky Katana was now in Team Aqua’s possession. However, this still left a lot of loose ends, and what to do about the other factions.

“We’re clear.” Shelly confirmed, evaluating the situation.

I only have seven casualties to report, most of which were situational and not based on skill. Out of the several teams involved, Shelly’s only had three, based on Zapdos alone. Still, there were heavy losses tonight. They knew and we knew this wouldn’t come clean.

Most of the officers were already on their way to Evac. As for me, I still had some unfinished business to attend to in the AMS Deathwing.

Meanwhile, time was against us. Shinou was on the brink toward being a part of us. A part of Team Aqua, with rust Makuta as leader. However, the other factions were on the move.

Our evac had come into a play… back to the AMS Deathwing. Nagisa City was quiet for now, but this rest would be for the moment. We headed back to our speed boats and made way back to the massive aircraft carrier. Tonight would prove that standing up against us… would only lead to defeat.

Once I arrived back on the ship, I knew it was time to keep a watchful eye.

10-07-2006, 08:31 PM
Angel's Lake

"I'm impressed with your little demonstration" I almost clapped "Yes, Sent, That is our destination, Allow me to enter first."

I entered a dark cave lit only by a single torch on the wall. "It seems to peacefull. According to the books, this place is filled with traps. Just watch your ste..." at that moment , a string of flaming arrows grazed my head. At first, I thought Sent was "Experimenting" with his new lance, but that was not the case. The only souce of light in the cave was one of the traps. It would shoot flaming "arrows" every so often to stop intruders. I decided to be extremely careful while taking the torch off of the wall. One wrong move could kill us.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 08:36 PM
I followed gonzap into the cave, using the glow from my Lance to show the way. I stopped in my tracks as flaming arrows flew just above my head.
"Time for an experiment" I said to gonzap
I threw my Lance at the trap, the intense heat from the fire-bolt melted the firing mechanism. I continued to follow gonzap, sure to watch every step I took and every step others took. It was like in the Volcano, one wrong step and that was it...

10-07-2006, 08:41 PM
Angel's Cavern, F1

I was too busy keeping my eyes on the walls, I did not notice inner lake and whirlpool directly ahead of me. my pokemon caught me just in time, but from now on, I would have to be more observant. To the left of us were three doors, one of which we would have to continue down. The first door had the japanese Kanji for "Heaven" above it, the second had the Japanese Kanji for "Earth", and the third the Kanji for "Underworld". While a certain door inparticular seemed the right one, I was not sure of myself. I turned to Sent for help.

"Sent, which door do you think we should take?" I asked.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 08:46 PM
Labrynth Den
Angel Lake

"well we definitely can't split our forces that would be suicide, and I have a feeling that "Heaven" is a trick" said Sent calculating what the signs could mean, "I say we choose "earth", because heaven would be boastful, and underworld would show we didn't have confidence" sent looked the signs over once again and started towards the middle doorway, knowing the others would follow. His lance lit the way and shown on the eary chemilumiescent ornaments on the wall, and in the center he caught a glimpse of a small shrine with a glowing orb in the middle.

Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 08:47 PM
OCC: Sent, put locations on the top of your post.

AMS Deathwing, Docked at Shinou

Losses were considerable from what I heard from Shelly. But… the mission was a success, and we proved another assignment complete to the people of Shinou. We proved we were people with power, the core composite for smart and worthy leaders. And rust Makuta… would be our greatest.

I had gone back to my quarters, to reexamine the details of the Unity Defiance legend. The appearance of Zapdos was one thing I had only just begun to grasp. The legendaries would soon be entering a state of unrest from these relics being exposed once again. However, I could sense wasn’t at all worried about Zapdos. I could tell he would be back, bent on seeing the destruction of the Thunder Sky Katana… but only if rust allowed it to happen. One before, it was the legendaries with the power. But now… mankind had arisen even above them. And now, there were legendaries among humans as well. Individuals like rust…

As I flipped and turned through the pages, I saw the depictions. Epic battles, all won thanks to the presence of these relics, weapons, and artifacts. Still… so many paths, and very little place to begin. Still, this was in my off time. I needed to prepare for what was now.

I had performed a casualty check for the seven members. Tomorrow, their families would receive the bodies for proper burial, as well as some flowers and my own personal note of remorse and appreciation for their acts of valor, trust, and understanding for the Team Aqua cause. Once the assignment had been performed, I was alone now, looking into the book again. All of these tales could have been real, and were likely because I had seen it. The same katana rust was holding was right here in this book. There was no mistake about it. Unity Defiance legends were real, and to dismiss them as false would be foolish. I had to give consideration to these details.

All of them had power unsurpassed, but the one that caught my eyes in particular was the Soul Shield, the artifact of Latios and Latias. Keeping in denial was no longer an option. Somewhere, they were out there and this shield was still in existence.

The other factions were surfacing. Team Rocket and Delta Green were out there, more than willing to take Shinou out of our grasp…

But I would make sure it would never come to them… by any means necessary…

10-07-2006, 08:54 PM
Angels Cavern, 2f

After walking through the Earth door, we saw what the other doors would have lead to...Heaven was an inescapable netlike trap, and underworld was a spike pit. I thanked Sent before climbing up the ladder to the second floor, on which we were immediately ambushed by a pack of rhydon. After a few ice beams and water pulses, they were gone, but we were faced with another problem, exactly like the three doors. Exept, we couldn't understand what the images meant. One vagely depicted a pair of boots, while one epicted a ring and one depicted three line. We decided to take the door with three lines, and it led us to the third floor of the cave. Unfortunately, the third floor was almost completely suberged in water, which was now leaking onto the bottom floors.

10-07-2006, 08:54 PM
Room 307, AMS Deathwing
Before Sunrise

The room was dark. A single light came from a computer in the east corner of the room. Barret was sitting in the chair, typing rapidly on the keyboard, staring at the screen. ‘Any minute they could come back, I must hurry…’ Barret had heard about rust’s success at the Nagisa Grand Hotel. They had received the Thunder Katana. Barret wasn’t interested in the Katana, but something else. Something he considered more powerful.

Ever since Barret had taken a peek at a book of some kind, he had been fascinated with finding one of the artifacts, the Staff of Water. Unfortunately, in the past two years at Team Aqua, he hadn’t risen very high in their ranks. He was an Administrator, but still…he didn’t have much ‘power’ in Team Aqua. He had found the book in one of the ‘higher ups’ rooms. He had looked at it for about three seconds before quickly leaving. All he had seen was the staff. He already knew about the artifacts, being in Team Aqua, there was no way he could not know about them.

Barret sighed. The information he was looking for wasn’t on this computer either. ‘So much for these computers having all information…’ he thought angrily. He stood up, and left as quietly as he had arrived.

OC: Sorry about the short post. Wanted to get something down before another two pages popped up.

Espeon Rinage
10-07-2006, 08:56 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel, Shinou

Unfortunatly Neo had already left, and taken several troops with him to the Deathwing.

Zapdos was flapping it's wings hard, giving a gust over the entire building, electricty flopping through it, so much it was glowing. Suddenly it hardend it's wing and charged at Ima with a steel wing. I'd never seen such power and force in an attack, it would surely knock Ima out.

It smacked Ima and forced it's snake like body into a motionless curl.

"Zapdos, you are such a idiot, you have never known the full power of water pokemon, Ima, Recover!" I yeleld up to it.

It gave out a ear piercing scream as I said those words. Like it knew it couldn't win.

I quickly grabbed a grenade and threw it up at it Zapdos, it stopped infront of it and gave out a blast, like a blue explosion, Zapdos flew higher and higher, then smashed it self down, gaining mementom, giving a hyper beam down on the parking lot. It blew up, smashing to the ground, killing hundreds of pedestrians.

I didn't care, the putrid stench of blood was a favourite of mine, the screams like music to my ears.

"That all you got you stupid bird? Try this on for size," I yelled, taunting it, throwing out all of my pokemon.

"All of you, Ice Beam," I screamed.

Four water pokemon let out glowing blasts of ice, on sudden strike, it wrapped Zapdos in a strong ice prison, making it fall right to the ground.

"Iron Tail Ima," I screamed.

Upon falling, Ima jumped high and wacked the ice block down with a metalic tail. Zapdos lashed out with an electric blast, and broke out of the ice prison, it flew high out of sight. Probibly to lick it's wounds. If this is all the legends had got, I couldn't wait to meet Raikou.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 09:03 PM
Labrynth Den
Angel Lake

The water was seeping towards the lower level, we wouldn't be able to get out if this continued. We had to find a way through this level. I scratched my head and felt the warm heat fo the lance against my head. "Thats it" I yelled as the others stared at me. I held the spear out infront of me and acted as if I was going to throw it, excpet I held on to the spear which had already learned to protect me from the flames. I flew forward with the water evaporating allowing me air, and me going fast enough to be out of the way when the water attempted to fill the void. when I reached the other end I found a small lever just as I had expected. I clicked it down and all the water drained out of a hole far away from any area we had been through, it proably led to a storage tank I thought as the rest of the men gain through the dry basin.

Dr Scott
10-07-2006, 09:06 PM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown)

Team Delta’s base, Olivine City
Level 4, Recreation Area

Josh heaved, his heart beating in his chest from the run from the Psychiatrists office to here, the forth floor in the base. This was his favorite area in the base, the recreation area. Here is where the various Delta members all relaxed, drinking their favorite drink’s and eating everything that they could find. In the center of the vast room was a large TV, a few couches and chairs placed around the TV.

However, something was different. And as soon as his mind processed this information, and the fact that the news was turned on in the recreation area, Todd took over, knowing that it would be something for him to wrap his mind around. “Sir?” J. Johnson said, noticing the small twitch that always arrived when Jarrod was switching personalities.

Todd looked down at the man, “May I please have a clipboard, a pencil, and some paper?” he mumbled. He always hated giving orders, but he had no idea where the clipboard’s and such were, this being his third Team Delta base that he had visited in a month. Since this new War had actually begun, he had been moving around a lot. As Team Delta Green’s number two man, he found himself jostled here and there, wherever he could help.

J. Johnson returned a little bit later with the desired items, jumping down the last three stairs at the same time. “Here you go, sir.” He said, handing the items up to Todd.

Todd smiled at the shorter man, and, taking the items, turned to the screen. The large TV screen showed an reporters face as she stood in front of what looked like a vast archaeological dig site. On the bottom of the screen was the title of the report, which read ‘3,000 Year Old Artifact Found’ Todd couldn’t help but to gasp out loud as he read this, his mind going to a certain book he had read. Inside him, Jarrod was just as surprised, the main personalities mind causing a memory flashback to hit Todd and the rest of the personalities …
* * * * * *

Classroom, ?
Jarrod’s Mind, Flashback

It was a rather simple day, and Jarrod sat idly by in his class, twirling a pencil between his fingers. History class was a mixed class for him, sometimes he found that he hated it and sometimes he found that he loved it. Most of the time it depended on what was being studied, taking a particular liking to the Greek gods and goddesses. “And now class, does anyone know anything about the Legend of the Unity Defiance?” his teacher had asked, causing Jarrod to sit up.

He knew about the legend, it was featured in one of his favorite books, ‘Legends, Fact or Fiction?’ However, his hand wasn’t quick enough, and the classroom wiz kid, Ishmael, was called on. “Well, sir.” The know-it-all said, “The Legend of the Unity Defiance is just as it’s called, a legend. It’s said that a long time ago, legendary Pokémon all made sacred items so that a group known as the White Crusaders could combat and defeat the Children of the Apocalypse. A stupid myth, if I say so myself.”

Jarrod found himself rolling his eyes, which his teacher caught, “You have comments on this issue, Jarrod?”

Jarrod cleared his throat, turning his eyes to the teacher, “Yeah. I think it could have happened. Why not? We know that there are legendary Pokémon out there, we’ve all heard the tales. What’s to say that they didn’t create super powered weapons?”

His teacher smiled, the smile that said ‘oh, silly little boy’ … Jarrod hated it, but still kept his face straight as his teacher met his eyes and said, “Well, if it did exist, there would be proof by now …”

* * * * *

Team Delta Green’s Base, Olivine City
Level Four, Recreation Area

Back in the present, J. Johnson was shaking the leg of Todd, “Sir? Sir? Are you okay?”

Todd shook his head, getting rid of the rest of the flashback, “I’m okay. May I please have a book on the Legend of the Unity Defiance?”

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 09:07 PM

1) Please, for the love of God, format your posts. They hurt my eyes.
2) Location, as well.
3) While skimming... it said you killed Moltres? Wrong. Its illegal to kill legendaries in the RP.

Escaping the Nagisa City Gradn Hotel
One Hour Ago (Because I wasn't here :P)

As soon as Neo told me to get out, I let out Dragonite. He roared. Before I got on, a shiny black binder caught my eye. I went over to the table to find a list of translated hieroglyphics, each translation naming and detailing legendary relics.

As I paged through the notebook, a tablet came fell out. The tablet had an ancient warrior with several arms enscribed on it... It looked like he was wearing each and every relic. Amazing... He must have possessed a great amount of power.

I quickly noticed that the Thunder Sky Katana was glowing a bright yellow, probably because I had found it. I looked, and in his other hand, the Fire Lance, was glowing a bright red. Someone had found the Lance... Interesting.

I grabbed the tablet and binder and got onto Dragonite to escape the building. Zapdos was being pounded with Panzer shells, while I had seen that they had wheeled in a Tiger Tank to finish it off.

Blood was pouring into the streets and the tanks focused on Zapdos' wing. Dragonite took off and Hyper Beamed Zapdos, pushing it away, and into the line of fire of a Machine Gun turret.

Imemdiately, Zapdos replied with a Zap Cannon. Dragonite was blown out of the air, fainted. I recalled him as I had realized... I was falling.

I immediately placed my hope in the katana... My feet immediately felt weird. They then just stuck to the side of the building right next to me. I was amazed, until I had figured out what had happened.

The Katana allowed me to negatively charge my boots so they would attract to the positively charged building, I began to run down the building to get ot the floor, Simple, simple science...

As soon as I had reached the ground, I let out Kabutops and rode on him. He began to run extrmely fast to the dock where the Deathwing was at...

10-07-2006, 09:07 PM
]Scarlet, Kanto[

The game hadn't even lasted two seconds until somone came up to Charlie. It was another Exec.

"Yes, sir?" I asked, not wanting to cause any unecessary problems. Though, I'd still hate it if it was another run for smokes with an empty gas tank. "We need you on standby, along with a few of the other grunts." Was this guy for real, or was he just pulling my leg like the last time. So, I responed in the one way I knew how. "Sir?"

"You heard me Nash," he said, with just a hint of annoyance in his voice. "There's no telling what the other factions are up to, so we need grunts ready in case they try to pull something, and so we can strike back if need be."

"Looks like we'll have to pick this game up later my friend," I said to my Haunter before I returned both him and Glalie. I'd have to be ready at any moment in time now to be able to mobilize on order. "Sir." I saluted before walking off towards my quarters to gather up the essentials.

I didn't have much to pack up, just a few uniforms, another pair of boots, some pants, and that was about it. My remaining items could be left there without any consequence. "Well then, no time for games or anything, I might be called out on mission any second so I'll have to stay put here in quick-launch mode. Better than sitting around waiting for someone to send me on a run to get some pokemon food or something."

10-07-2006, 09:12 PM
OOC: We know that rust. Sent believes that he had killed it, but only to add to the shock when moltres attacks him
Angel's Cavern F3
I continued down the path, sopping wet. I noticed a thin rod laying on the floor. "Men, stop!" I yelled, my echo filling the entire cave."I think we found something!" I flipped through the book, half of the pages illegible because of the water, until I reached the page about the spear of the mind. This is itI thought to myself, picking up what I thought to be 1 third of the spear. Instead of the "spear" activating, a series of large boulders fell from the ceiling, splitting up Sent and I, both which had about 20 rocket grunts with us.
Gonzap tried to use his walkie talkie,, but the water had destroyed it. They were running out of options

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 09:13 PM
OOC: I didn't kill Moltres, later on in that arc I heard Its cry.

Labrynth Den
Angel Lake

I was expecting a trap, I knew that there would be some sort of force holding those boulders in place, so I judged that worrying about sticking together wouldn't work, I had to find another way out and so did gonzap. I quickly gave commands to the men, telling them that some needed to stay behind to act as messengers between us, because communication was dead. The others followed me on my fratic search for a way out, if whoever could build a trap like THAT, whos to stop them from going for something bigger?

10-07-2006, 09:17 PM
Location: SS Delta, Route 40, en route to Olivine City
Time: Before Sunrise

As soon as the captain, Shû pressed the reciever button and asked calmly, "Where did that explosion come from?" He released the reciever, and let his wrist fall back, keeping a strong hold on the radio. Casey and Everide both started moving the splintered wood, and the debris from the weapons around, trying to create a pile. Shû slowly stood up, though he winced in pain as his side started slowly getting used to being stretched, instead of being in a curled ball. Shû made his way over to a small pile of Debris near the front of the ship.

"We aren't to sure," the captain muttered over the radio, irritatiion lingering in his speech. Shû sighed, and fell to his knees in front of the pile of wood and broken rifles. He started grabbing some of the wood, and tossed it aside as he started taking the pile down trying to find his faded green bag. Casey started using it's Psychic on the piles, and started working on compressing them, as Everide stood near by the battered stairwell to make sure no one foreign came and bothered Shû.

"Wait! One of our grunts says he saw a ship with his binoculars," the captain shouted, sounding slightly happier. "The grunt says the ship looks like it is two third our size, and is sailing from the relative direction of Goldenrod. The color of the flag on the ship is a red color, but he can't see what the insignia is on it." Shû shut his eyes for a second, trying to remember what group of people had the area of Goldenrod City. 'Was it Team Archs? ...or ...maybe Team Scarlet?' Shû thought, going over all of the teams that he knows having a red flag. 'Team Coral!' screamed from somewhere inside of Shû's head.

Shû grabbed the radio, and pressed the reciever button, "It's Team Coral! They are a small group that is located in a small area south of Goldenrod, and since there is a small beach there, it's the best place to launch Thief Ships to intercept supply ships that are going into Olivine, or leaving for Cianwood" Shû set the radio back down, and continued chucking small pieces of wood away from his bag. Just then, another smaller explosion happened, causing the boat to shake, but not enough to cause things to fall. Shû continued digging, until he saw a small bit of fabric that was his green bag. He pulled the bag out of the hole, and tossed it behind him.

"We need help up here!" the captain shouted over the radio. "They are apparently wanting to board us, and we don't have enough man power up here to-" The connection between Shû and the captain broke as another stronger closer explosion cause the ship to rock and careen in the sea. Any surviving crates that were stacked crashed to the wooden cargo floor, splintering and cracking open, the weapons snap and were crushed between the splintered wooden crates. Everide and Alakazam both focused on using Reflect on Shû.

Shû fell to the floor on his stomach, trying to not feel as sick from the massive rocking of the boat. The boat continued rocking, as more explosions continues happening. The radio was still dead after that first explosion, and Shû could just imagine the captain screaming and yelling orders as the ship was under attack by a team that would fail in comparison to Team Delta... on land that is. Most of the grunts that were on the SS Delta, had little to no expierence at sea, so they were as useless as relying on a Slowpoke to deliver mail on it's own for you.

Shû felt the boat stop rocking, and slowly got to his knees. He grabbed the radio and shoved it in his pocket, before completely standing up. He leaned over and grabbed the bag, moving slowly, just in case the boat was going to be bombarded again. He set the bag down on a crate, and unzipped it. He pulled open the flap, revealing mostly whatever he would need to take on his journey: two extra pairs of clothes, just in case, his Tarakev, Garand, extra ammunition for each one of them and his triple sheathed belt (one on each side of him, and one sheath located around the back left pocket) that was already equipped with his two Jians in the larger ones, and his Cinquedea in the back one.

Shû grabbed out his Garand, and attached it's special strap to it. He then handed it to Everide, who accepted it and slung it over his right shoulder. He grabbed out his belt and carefully tied it to his waist. he then grabbed his Takarev and slipped it under his arm as he handed the mostly empty bag to Everide. Everide nodded again, and slipped the bag over his free shoulder.

"Casey, I want you to help everyone that is up on the deck," Shû stated; Casey gave him a faint nod before using teleporting to the deck. Shû looked back at Everide and headed toward the stairwell. He then started a slow ascent, checkinig each step to make sure that they wouldn't break or fall out of place. The flimsy metal railing was obviously dangerous, so he made sure he never leaned in the direction of either. Slowly, the light in the cargo faded away, and the darkness of the floor above that emitted from the top of the stairs slowly took Shû in as he made it to the next floor: The Engine Room

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 09:23 PM
AMS Deathwing, Shinou Dock

The sun was rising as Kabutops arrived at the Deathwing. I recalled Kabutops and got onto the Deathwing. Immediately, I was swarmed by Aquas who wanted to see the Katana. I pulled it out of its sheath and sent a blast of electricity at a nearby building.

They were all amazed. Next, I negatively charged my feet, and walked on the side of the Deathwing. They were even more amazed. I sheathed the katana and went into my room, where I began to study the tablet once again.

It seemed like that every time a Relic was found, the corresponding relic would light up on the tablet. I now know when anyone finds a relic... Interesting. I pulled out the binder and read James' research notes on it.

March 17
We found this interesting tablet on a tomb wall earlier today. It seems to be Menaphos, the great hero of 3,000 years ago, who was rumored to have ended the war by wielding all of the Relics.

Apparently, the corresponding Relic lights up on this tablet when a Relic is uncovered, and stays lit until it is destroyed. We will now know when someone finds another Relic...


Espeon Rinage
10-07-2006, 09:26 PM
Nagisa City Grand Hotel, Shinou
Early Morning

Now Zapdos had fled, I decided to head off to the Deathwing to join my team. I ran to the port to find that the Deathwing wasn't therer, it had just set off.

"Ima, surf me to that boat," I said, throwing it out of it's pokeball.

I got on Miltoic and reached the Deathwing. Climbed on, and was greeted by grunts.

10-07-2006, 09:28 PM

Angel's Cavern F1
I saw that there was a braille message on the walls. I had learned basic braille, and I could tell it was saying something about lakes, trios, and psychic. I couldn't really understand what it was trying to say, but I gave up on it. Instead I began to search for a way through the boulders. None of my pokemon's attacks could destroy the boulders, so it was up to me. I could see light through a crack in the cavern; it was the next morning and still we haven't found one third of the spear. Then it came to me. I would have my pokemon use ice beam on the boulders, then Sent would burn it. I passed the news on to my messengers, hoping Sent would recieve the message. The icy boulders were completely frozen now, and before I could count to three they were melting. Unfortunately, it was not Sent who was melting them.

A large pheonix came crashing through the cavern wall, right through the braile text. Sent and I could see each other again, but I did not like the look on his face...

10-07-2006, 09:33 PM
OOC: I think I will be away from the base for a little while.

Scarlet, Kanto

After me and Crim had a chat, we got up and walked to nearby Celadon. We stopped at a local cafe and got some coffee and then we went to the Pokemon Center. We dropped our bags and slumped on the benches. I patted my belly and said, " I haven't eaten like that in a long time! " Crim smiled and nodded in agreement.

" So what ancient relic are you going to get? " I asked Crim with a curious tone. He looked at me and said with a sigh, " I knew you would ask me that question sooner or later. I am going to get the two halves of the Soul Shield and try to connect them. " I was surprised. Trying to get two different relics was going to be hard. " Cool! Me, I am going to get the Space Boots. They sound interesting. " Crim laughed suddenly. I looked at him awkwardly and asked, " What are you laughing at? ''

When he finally got himself together, he said, " You are going to try to get the Space Boots?! You are crazy! You know that Deoxys will hunt you down if you do. " I smiled and said, " Of course I know that. At least it is better than having two pokemon hunting you down. " Crim laughed and said, " That is very true. " We both laughed and started on our way to Fushia City.

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 09:38 PM
Labrynth Den
Angel Lake

"Umm Gonzap you know how I called Moltres a fired chicken on the way here?," I said with a hint of irony in my voice ,"well he doesn't seem very happy about it"

I threw my pokeball and Elekible emerged clearly worried about fighting this beast again. I whispered some instructions to Elekible and threw the lance. a moment after Elekible launched electricity to the left and right. As moltres dodged the lance he was hit by a thunderbolt attack, he fell from the sky, apparently his wounds from the first battle weren't fully healed.

"Gonzap we have to run, if it can survive being plunged into the depths of a volcano, theres obviously no way to kill it" I said as I ran quickly motioning for others to follow. I really thought it was dead, what a fool I am.

I heard a scream erupt behind me and moments later a smoldering char mark was on the wall right above where I stood.

10-07-2006, 09:38 PM
Hallway, AMS Deathwing

Barret walked out of Room 307. He made his way down the hall, maneuvering past other people and objects. He made his way past all the other rooms, until he reached his. Room 102. He walked in and locked the door behind him. He walked over to his bed and plopped down on it. ‘What to do…’ he thought as he lay on the bed. The bed bumped slightly as weight was added. Barret looked down towards the end of the bed and saw Espeon. He had forgotten to return her to his pokemon before leaving. Another mistake.

He sat up from his laying position. “Sorry about that, Espeon…” he told her softly. He got off the bed and returned her to her Poke Ball. Across the room was a desk with a computer on it, and many drawers. He walked over to it and opened one. Inside was a notebook and a pen. He had found three places where the staff had been rumored to be. Actually, he had found thousands, but those three were the only ones with credible information. He wrote down the locations and put the notebook into his bag. He left his room.

OC: Again, sorry for the shortish post. Also, I have no intention of even hunting down this relic for awhile. I want to get information first. :P

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 09:51 PM
AMS Deathwing

My next Relic to hunt down would be the Boots of Death. Although the power sounds bad, I just want to destroy them. Simply, Aruseus is a god... Having the power of a God on Aqua will give us a great advantage.

According to the binder, the Boots can kill anyone by just stepping on them. Of course, Aurseus would only attack you if you killed those who were Corrupted. Meaning, I need to find the boots, murder a corrupted soul, destroy the boots, and Aruseus was mine.

Simple plan... Diffucult Execution. I need to figure out the first place to look. Aruseus is native to Shinou, which gives us an advantage, but finding the first place to look would be extremely hard.

I've sent out several intellegence agents all over the globe to track down the Boots of Death. Now, I just needed to wait for information to come back to me...

Dr Scott
10-07-2006, 09:53 PM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown)

Team Delta’s base, Olivine City
Level 4, Library
A While Ago (When the Katana was just found)

Todd found himself sighing, turning the page on the book that he was given. It was a rather old book, a book so old that it told the Legend as if it really happened. All of the other books on the legend all sounded as if it was just a neat tale made by some very old and very dead author. Of course, that was what Jarrod ha thought as well back then, though he wanted very much for it to be true. Todd himself always was skeptical about it, he never found any piece of writing on the subject made by modern day professors to be enough for him to write off the story as some stupid fantasy.

“Well, sir?” one of the nearby scientists asked curiously, trying to look at the book from behind Todd’s shoulder.

“Well, I think this is it,” he said, pointing to a picture, “This is what they found, the Thunder Sky Katana.”

Another scientist nodded from his spot at the end of the table, pouring himself over another book on the Legend, this one telling descriptions of the actual War, “Yes, legend has it that the Legend Sky Katana was made by Zapdos himself. I think that…”

What he though was forever unknown because at that moment Private J. Johnson came in the room, “Sirs! The men who found the Katana were all found dead!”

Todd shook his head, his anti-social behavior coming back to him in a rush. He had no problem talking to scientists, who he could share his knowledge and questions with. But with other people, who didn’t really understand and look at things as he did, he had troubles. Instead he let one of the scientists ask, “How did it happen?”

J. Johnson shook his head, “They aren’t telling us on the news. But the cops let one of our men in to look at it, they still owe us from that riot we helped them stop, and he says that the bodies have been burnt to a crisp.”

“How did it happen? Was it someone who wanted the item” the other scientist asked, fear in his eyes.

Todd shook his head, looking at the scientist, “No. I think that they were burnt by lightning.”

“Sir? What do you mean? Inside?” the scientist asked, confusion clouding his judgment. Todd just waited, knowing that the smarter man would get it sooner or later. What Todd was saying suddenly hit the scientist head on, the thought twisting the older man’s face into a relaxed look of realization. “You don’t think …”

“Of course, it makes sense,” the other scientist said, “The legendaries don’t want us to have their relics anymore, and use them for evil.”

Todd nodded, turning a page to look at another of the legendary artifacts. The page had a ancient picture of what Todd knew from his Ancient Pokémon 101 class to be a Mew, the drawing of the pink psychic staring at him blankly. Underneath the Mew was a drawing of a white bow, energy carefully drawn coming off of the bow, showing its supposed immense power. “Um. I think we should send everyone we can off to go look for these. If that’s ok with you, that is …”

J. Johnson saluted to his shy superior officer, “Right away, sir!”

10-07-2006, 09:55 PM
Angel's Cavern, F3

The Moltres Quickly got up, letting out a screech. Up until now, I thought Moltres was dead. Sent would be dead if we ever survived this cave, but, that would have to wait.

“Go, Enpeturo, Yukinooh!” I yelled. The large emperor penguin and ice monster emerged from their pokeballs, eager to fight the phoenix. “Enpeturo, Water Pulse! Yukinooh, Ice Punch!” Enpeturo let out ultrasonic waves of water energy at Moltres, which seemed unaffected by an attack that should be super-affective against it. But there was still Yukinooh’s attack. His hand seemed to glow an icy white as he punched Moltres with all of his might. Unfortunately, that barely left a dent. It looked like my Salamence would have to step in. I hurled my pokeball up at the ceiling as a blue dragon emerged from the dark-colored rocketball. The Salamence, with a mean look in its eyes used a hyper beam, which actually harmed Moltres, even if it was the slightest bit. I had my Yukinoo and Enpeturo use ice beams and water pulses until salamence was ready to attack again; But before I could, Moltres let out a full-force fire spin, burning Salamence to a crisp.

I hade to immediately recall my Salamence and give it a burn heal, but it would take a long time to recover from that type of fire spin. For some reason the Moltres flew away. I soon realized that we had not scared it, but that something else had scared it. We did not want to stay to find out, and quickly ran up the next flight of stairs to the 4th floor. But not before we had realized something Moltres had dropped. Some kind of red plate. We would have to examine it later.

OOC: I'm trying to make them not as stubby!

10-07-2006, 10:11 PM
Location: SS Delta, Route 40, en route to Olivine City
Time: Sunrise

Shû stood there for a second, admiring the large room. A faint blue light emitted from the engine, lighting the whole room slightly. Shû was in a dangeroud position because this is technically the number one place for attacks to be aimed at for the fact that a boat can't flee if it doesn't have it's engine. Shû started walking slowly, hearing extremely faint commands coming from the deck. Everide noticed the fact that Shû was nervous and started becoming nervous itself because of it's odd ability of Trace.

'<Shû, are you okay?>' Everide telepathically asked. Shû turned around to see a slightly scared Everide. 'She must be tapping into her Trace Ability.' Shu thought to himself, before smiling. 'The best thing for me to do for her isn't make her act like I am because she wouldn't be too helpful if I was nervous," Shû thought. Everide's nervousness faded at Shu's small smile.

"Naoriû, I am always okay," Shû stated. "You don't have to worry about me. Even if I am worried, that doesn't mean you should act on the emotions of others. You and Casey are the two most reliable on my team, and if one of you can't be reliable, the other can't make up for it. So please, don't tap into your Trace Ability, since I don't want you to be sad." Shû used his small sweet smile one more time before turning away and continuing walking slowly.

A stairwell similar to the one that connected the cargo to the engine room, appeared within fifteen meters of the stairwell. Shû took off into a run, wanting to get away from the engine room, and be in a more slightly safer part of the boat. Shû reached the stairs and started climbing them slowly, Naoriû following him slowly, trying to make sure she can catch the frantic Shû if he falls back.

Just as Shû made it halfway up the stairs, a deep, yet high-pitched siren like noise started echoing around the ship. Shû froze in his steps as he listened. He heard the deep noise starting to come closer to the side of the ship that Shû was climbing. The noise caused Shû to panic, and he started scrambling up the stairs. The deep siren-like noise continued coming closer to where Shû was until it sounded like it was ten metres away. Shû froze once again, as he listened to the noise.

"That, that sounds like it's calling for something," Shû muttered himself. "That call sounds extremely familiar, but I don't know what it could be." He shut his eyes, ignoring every noise, and only zoning in onto the sound. It started reaching high points that sounded like screeches, but carried a light melody to it. It sounded almost like a song, but it didn't contain any words. 'It sounds like whatever that could be is saddened," Shû thought. 'I wonder what could make such a call and have it sound like a song.' Shû looked down at the ground, trying to figure out what could make that type of call.

Slowly the call faded, and Shû heard and odd noise, almost like a bird trying to fly in the water. He heard the noise one more time before all he heard was silence. 'What type of bird flys in the water?' Shû thought. Shû slowly continued climbing the stairwell and made it to the third floor up on the SS Delta. He turned around to see Naoriû deep in thought. Once Naoriû noticed that Shû was staring at him, he took a deep brreath.

'<Maybe what that could have been was a Lugia>' Naoriû suggested. '<I mean, it's the only bird Pokemon to actually be able to swim in the water naturally. And we are pretty close to the Whirl Islands, so the battle between Team Delta Green and Team Coral could have disturbed it's home.>' Shû took that into his mind, and started bouncing other ideas around in his head. 'Well, that would make sense.' Shû echoed in his mind. 'Maybe we could go to the nearest one of the Whirl Islands and we could possibly apologize to it. Though what I really want to know is how could such a big Pokemon be so scared?'

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 10:12 PM
AMS Deathwing

Our intelligence agents have found something. Apparently, according to a book found in a Shinou library, The Menaphos Monument is rumored to have the burial site of Menaphos himself under it. Legend has it that Menaphos took the Boots of Death with him to the grave, to keep its power out of the wrong hands.

Wrong Hands? All I want to do is destroy them... That has to be a pure motive, right? Anyways, the Menaphos Monument is in Futaba Town, which is near the dock. We're already mobilizing troops to Futaba to dig up the Monument. Several Tiger Tanks have already surrounded Futaba, with some bomber planes flying in the sky.

I took out Dragonite, to fly over to Futaba to investigate. I hope this was real, and not a wild Psyduck chase, like several other quests I've gone on. I got onto Dragonite, and he took off.

I began to look at the sheath of the Thudner Katana while en route. It was an amazing piece of art. I couldn't believe something this... beautiful had been crated 3,000 years ago.

I took out the sword, which had a yellow tint to it. Another beautiful piece of art. This must have been forged by Zapdos itself, because of its sheet beauty.

Futaba Town was now on the horizon...

Sent Reglay
10-07-2006, 10:31 PM
Labrynth Den
Angel Lake

I looked down the ladder and saw moltres flying away, but as relieveing as that was, all those feelings were displaced when I saw what it was running from. Coming from behind the entrance doorway was an enourmous surging mass of water. I climbed even faster, though I knew that the water would only continue to rise, and if there wasn't a way out a the top we were going to drown no matter what we did. I held out against hope an continued to climb the ladder. Near the top of the ladder another agent of fate had barred our way. The halls were ablaze with so much fire that an army of blastoise wouldn't make progress against it. we were trapped between fire and water, and there wasn't a third choice.

10-07-2006, 10:35 PM
Angel's Cavern Top Floor
After hours of work, fighting water and fire, we finally made it to the top floor. We were surprised to see another pair of two doors. One with an hourglass above it and one with a star. None of this made any sense. Every trap had meant something, it had given us somewhat of a clue. But this was completely irrelevant to the trio of the lake. I decided to pick a random door and try it, which ended up being the door with a star above it. Our team was surprised not to see any relic of sort, but instead a stone tablet, which simply read: Chamber of Giratina: I had heard of this pokemon before…it was one of the 4 gods along with parukia, diaruga, and Aruseus. The tablet went one to talk about the great battle and of Menaphos, who was buried in Futaba town. It said that the secrets of the 4 gods was buried with Menaphos. While the reason I had come here was a bust, we came out with more knowledge than we would have power.

Exiting the cavern, our team was overjoyed to take their first clean breath in over a day. We began our journey to Fubata town, and the secrets behind the gods. Something told me there were more to these relics than meets the eye.

10-07-2006, 10:40 PM
Port, AMS Deathwing
Around 10:30 AM

Barret walked into the Port. It contained all the smaller planes and vehicles to get around. Barret didn’t have any flying pokemon, so this was essential. He walked over to one, and began inspecting it. ‘I have no idea how to fly a plane,’ he thought sadly. He looked around. There were several grunts and officers around. He walked up to a grunt.

“Hello. Do you by any chance know how to fly one of these planes?” Barret asked nicely.

“Yeah, do you need a lift?” the grunt replied.

“I do! Could you take me to Celadon City? I have some business to take care of…” Barret responded.

“Alright, get in. I’ll take you,” the grunt answered back.

“Thanks so much!” Barret said happily. He walked back over to the plane and got in the back seat. The grunt finished up his conversation with another grunt and got in the pilot’s seat. They took off. Then, about thirty minutes later they were flying over Cinnibar Island.

“We’ll be there soon. Grab a parachute and jump when I tell you.” the grunt yelled back to Barret. About ten minutes later they were flying over Celadon. “Alright, open the back hatch and go!” the grunt said. Barret nodded and jumped out, without a parachute. “He didn’t even get a parachute…what a crazy kid…”

As he was falling, he grabbed Kirlia’s Poke Ball. Barret released Kirlia and soon he was falling next to him. “Use your Reflect to created a bubble around us, and lower us gently to the ground. I’ll release Espeon to help!” Barret yelled in Kirlias direction. Kirlia just nodded, and Barret released Espeon. Together, Kirlia and Espeon made a Reflect bubble around them and they lowered to the ground. “Alright, let’s get to that library…” Barret said as he returned the Pokemon to their Poke Balls.

Dr Scott
10-07-2006, 10:54 PM
Team Delta’s base, Olivine City
Level 4, Library
Now (Or in time with the RP’s everyone else is making)

Todd and Josh were asleep when the news came. The rest of the personalities, who did not need to sleep because they didn’t really need much sleep because they had never taken over, and they had already finished all the sleep they needed to get done while Todd was talking to the professors about the whole deal. To most of them, Todd’s little speeches were annoying, because he tended to go way more in depth then was actually needed. They had no problem listening to the legend, but to hear all the nitpicking details? It was too much.

Todd had fallen asleep in the library, where he had been the last few days, looking for everything on the legend that he could find. He didn’t find too much out, most of it was either the same thing all over again or just thoughts by people who considered themselves smart.

J. Johnson, who had been the relay messenger for the 25 year old throughout the whole thing, came in and cleared his throat loudly. When this wasn’t enough he half-yelled “Sir!”

This woke the young man with the multiple personalities, one of the lesser known personalities shoved into the forefront due to the fact that Josh and Todd were sleeping. “Where am I!? What’s going on!?” the paranoid Jacques said, his eyes darting back and forth. J. Johnson just stared at the older man with a confused look on his face, he had never seen this personality. “Who are you? Stay away from me!” the odd personality said, standing up and backing up from the small man.

As quick as all this had happened it was over, and a calm smile came over the young man. “I’m sorry about that, he seems to have problems that even the good Lord cannot fix.”

J. Johnson stared blankly a while before asking, “And you are?”

The man walked towards the private, extending a hand, “I’m Phillip, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.” The religious personality and the private shook hands, “And I’m told that you’re Mr. Johnson. A pleasure to meet you.”

The private forced a smile, “It’s good to meet you too. Can I, um, talk to Todd?’

Phillip smiled, “Why yes you may, son. I’ll have him up in a jiffy.” He closed his eyes, his brow furrowing in concentration.

A little bit later another voice came out, this one sounding more like a younger boy, “Yes?” Todd asked, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.

Getting control of himself, J. Johnson shook his head, handing over two letters, “Sir, these came today.”

Todd quickly took them and went back to the table, ripping them both open in his haste. He threw the torn envelope of the first to the side, his eyes skimming what it said.

‘Found out news. Katana found. Stolen by Aqua.’

That was it to the first letter, and Todd allowed himself just enough time to process the information before turning to the second letter, which read …

‘Sir, we have heard rumors of a strange pink Pokémon that has been flying around Mount Moon. Looks like it’s guarding something.’

Todd threw the other aside, “This isn’t good,” he said to himself, “Aqua already has an item. Oh well.” After that he turned, finding that the Private was still there.

Suddenly he had another personality change, his body twitching just a little bit as he did. “Johnson,” Josh said, “Ready my plane. We’re going to Mt. Moon …”

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 11:02 PM
Underground Chamber, Futaba Town

So far, the Aquas have found an chamber under the monument. It had several torches on the wall, as several grunts began to light them with lighters and matches. I walked down the halls, until there was a mound of dirt blocking the way. Several Aquas were there, trying to dig it up.

"As you can see, we still have a lot of digging to do," Chief Scientist Tiantus said, "It's going to take us a little while to find the grave."

"Oh really?" I asked. I drew my Thunder Katana and launched a blast of electricity at the mound. It made a hole in the mound. The Aquas quickly began to dig from the hole in the mound to the other side.

"I guess you just saved us three days of work..." Tiantus said. I watched as the grunts began to dig further and further. They probably won't reach anything until nightfall, unfortunately.

"What about security?" I asked Tiantus.

"Tiger Tanks all around the place. Citizens taken out of town, Aquas patrolling every streetcorner, and bombers flying aroudn in the sky," Tiantus said.


10-07-2006, 11:08 PM
OOC: zomfg! Cliff's Notes, anyone?

IC: AMS Deathwing ~ Finch's Quarters

"Captain?" someone said, banging furiously on Finch's cabin door like someone had just died. "Captain Finch? There's urgent news."

Finch growled to himself. He didn't have time for this... he was barely awake, and he was going back to the forest today to see if his hunch was correct. The sun had only just began to rise, streaks of pink illuminating the sky outside. No matter how important this was, if you could see the sun rise you were up way too early in Finch's books.

"Go on then," he said, glaring around the door at a scruffy young grunt.

"Sir," said the grunt, "it's excellent news. Commander rust has found a relic! The Thunder Sky Katana, no less!"

Finch frowned. "So quickly? Impossible..."

"No, sir, it's true."

Finch found it very hard to believe that the almighty Zapdos had given up the sword so easily, and so quickly, but perhaps there was something a little deeper going on here? After all, the legends had manipulated the humans before to do their bidding. Perhaps the same was happening now, to Team Aqua? While he would've cared if he were any other Aqua Captain, Finch was unlike the others. His goal was far more personal than any aims the rest of Aqua had. He was going to hunt down the legends and learn their secrets, regardless of what consequences it had on Aqua, the other factions, or even the world itself. Finch was looking out for number one, as usual.

"Well," he said finally, "that's all well and good, but I have things I need to attend to. See to it that the Commander meets with me later today."

"Sir, I would, but Commander rust is already on a mission for the Boots of Death..."

Finch thought deeply for a few moments before his reply. "Then I, too, shall carry out my mission."

* * * * *

Aqua Light Aircraft
En Route to Johto

"So tell me," the pilot said, "where exactly were you headed, sir?"

Finch snorted. "Ilex Forest."

The pilot paused, steering the plane slightly. "What good is there in hanging out in the forest?"

The Captain was surely being pushed today. First a scruffy little rat, now an obnoxious pig of a pilot. He knew he shouldn't take that kind of insubordination, but he was too high up to worry about that now.

"You'll do well to show your Captain some respect," he said. "Here, fly lower and I'll just jump."

"Sir," the pilot gasped, utterly dismayed. "Jump? Are you crazy?"

"No, I'm not," Finch replied, "but I would suggest that you are. Now take this baby down before I do."

Finch punched open the hatch as the pilot descended and let out his Salamence, flying dangerously fast next to the plane. In a skillful and incredibly daring move, he launched himself out and onto the dragons back while the pilot pulled up, just avoiding a brush with some tall trees. Salamence made easy work of navigating between the thick branches, and soon slowed at the forest shrine.

"Now," said Finch, hopping off his Pokemon's back, "it's time to get this party started."

Charizard Michelle
10-07-2006, 11:12 PM
OOC: I can't go to work without this whole thing going to its 5th page. Ok. Back in black.

En Route to Cherrygrove City

MIke was flying over the seas heading for the Jhoto region. HE had just came back from a trip to Shinnou for information. He was able to get word that an operation was happening but that was all. Nothing of grave importance from the looks of it. Still Mike was trying to hurry to Cherrygrove to see his little sister that he hasn't seen in a month. He was flying on his charizard over the seas. ONce he arrives to Cherygrove he was going to head for the Delta Green base there to see his sister and figure out his next move. As of now there was nothing urgent to do except keep Aqua and Rockets at bay.

Mike then said, "Hey Char. Ready to see Adie again?"

His charizard let out a roar and smiled. MIke was hoping to get back home soon too to see his sister.

After a few minutes of flying Mike spotted something. It was a small dot of land. Mike didn't remember seeing it along the way out of Johto so he wonder what it was. He motion to Char to land on the island.

Once they landed on the island Mike tried to see what it was. By the looks of it it had rained or something. The ground was made of hard stone but it was wet just like the whole stone stucture. Mike saw the figures on it to see that it was shaped like the unown pokemon. He knew that something was here that involves the legendary pokemon. Lately MIke has been intrested in these types of pokemon. He heard that these pokemon had made items of great power but still he wasn't going to look for them. Mike hated being away from his sister too long. It has been ten years since the death of his parents and since then he has taken over the job of father for his younger sister. At the time of their parents death she was only five and he was fifteen. They tried to survive on their own but it was hard until they join the ranks of Delta Green. Mike didn't like them but from them he learned that a mafia group had killed them and now they are know as Team Aqua. Mike was now going to gain revenge for his parents death but at the same time he has to make sure that he was ok and to protect his sister. He didn't want to take the chance of getting himself killed and leaving his sister alone to suffer the death of another family member.

Mike had enter a chamber. He looked around trying to look at the walls cravings. He saw something that looked like Zapdos over a sword like craving. There were many more images of legendary pokemon with some sort of item close to them. He wonder what this cavern had to do with them. Mike then saw a huge stone box at the end of the room. Mike walked over to it. He saw that the top of the stone box was something of a lid. Mike tried to left the stone lid but it was hard since it was heavy and was wet.

The island then began to shake. MIke then felt it going down. He knew that something was inside the stone box and he had to see what it was inside. This stone island must have something important if there was cravings of unowns and legendary pokemon on the walls. Mike then looked at his charizard who was following him. He then looked at Char and said, "Char. Use a Metal Claw on this thing."

Char roared and her claws glowed silver. She then slamed them into the stone box thus breaking it. Mike then bent down to see if there was anything inside. He moved the rocks around and just found a book on the ground. He picked it up and said, "Stange. Just a book." The book was large and looked like it has been thought a lot of things with scorch marks on it.

At once the stone island began to shake more and water was entering the room that Mike was in. Char hovered above the water that was covering the floor.

Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 11:15 PM
AMS Deathwing Munitions Hold, docked at Shinou

I had gotten the information disclosed that rust was on the way to finding the Boots of Death, or more like… destroy them. There was a must to be tactfully selective, and I could see rust was employing that. It was clear that willing to destroy one of the relics for a legendary was quite the bargaining chip… something we could use to our advantage.

I had decided to pay Damien Thorndike a visit, down in his munitions hold regarding the prototype for a new tactical weapon. My SWAT forces were going to need these things in the surgical strikes ahead, and I wanted to be sure they were ready. Only thing to do now was give acquiesce to that status report.

“Ah, Neo.” Damien addressed me, “You’re here about the flash grenades, right?”

“That would be correct.” I replied to him, wondering about their status.

“I have the basic schematic down, and it works very similar to the way a normal Mark II grenade would function, only with a high concentration of magnesium.” Damien told me, “Now, as you know, when magnesium is burned, it gives off a very bright light, like a flash bulb. As you can see by this design, the flash from the magnesium would be very concentrated and would likely blind anyone who looks at it. However, the flash is very quick, so after the light has been released, your forces could then move in and dispatch those who were affected by the flash.”

This was an early prototype. As I could tell from the schematics, it was still under research and development, but in time it would become more advanced as time when on.

Still, he gave me a few more minutes to review it and prepare allocation estimations for the team I had. Not to mention the testing process and a few other examinations needed to be performed before that was conducted along with the final assembly process.

I decided to change the subject though. I needed his personal opinion on something, and maybe even his advice to second mine.

“I’ve been looking into the Unity Defiance legend.” I told Damien, showing him the book, “Signs of these relics are coming together, as if they all link back to the same traces. What do you make of it?”

“Well…” Damien told me, “I’ve been looking into this myself actually, now that the whole issue had indeed become paramount within the ranks. As you know, the legendaries want the relics destroyed. However, if they’re destroyed, it’s easy. There’s no more relic. Problem is, I can’t see why rust is out to destroy the Boots of Death.”

“I believe it has something to do with Menaphos.” I told him, looking into his eyes, “It’s not a matter of displeasing the legendaries, it’s a matter of being selective.”

Selective as in deciding between the relic, or the legendary that created it. There was another alternative…

“Destroying the relics is a bargaining chip, Damien.” I told him, laying the plan out, “It results in the legendary’s debt of servitude. A ransom for their assistance. That too, could prove to be powerful enough to change the sides in our favor.”

“I see what you’re saying, Neo.” Damien told me, “So, you believe that it’s better to befriend the legendaries than use their relics?”

It was somewhat to that degree, but not completely. But permanency was paramount in this situation.

“A legendary Pokémon could befriend the person who destroys their relic for them.” I told him, laying my plan out, “It would be… our way of showing them alliance, and letting them pay off the debt with support for Team Aqua. Damien, this means the legendaries will be on our side if we destroy their relics.”

Still, he seemed skeptical. The decision was hard, I would never deny that. However, what needed to be set down was the fact that there were other routes.

I turned back to the book, and found the page I had bookmarked. The Soul Shield…

“Tell me, Damien …” I told him, showing him the page, “What do you know about Latios and Latias…?”

Dr Scott
10-07-2006, 11:21 PM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown), No one / Mental Meeting (Black)

Moving to Kanto, In the Air
On a Team Delta plane

Josh sat by, tapping a finger on his leg to the beat of the song that he was listening to on his CD player. His mouth moved with the lyrics, every once in a while messing up and opening his eyes to see if someone had noticed his slip up. Of course, no one did, everyone was doing their own thing. He sat in one of the seats of a slow moving transport plane, he didn’t even know what it was, nor did he care to learn. His Poké ball belt was lying to the right-hand side of him, each of the poké balls polished and the Pokémon inside debriefed and ready for action.

Across from him J. Johnson, who had requested to come along, sat checking his 94 Shiki Kenju. Without opening an eye, Josh muttered, “Do you really think that we will need that?”

J. Johnson turned his gaze to his superior officer, “I don’t know, sir, there might be Aqua members there trying to take it or something.”

Josh smiled and shook his head. He had left his firearms at one, except, of course, Mark 6 Webley, which was under his shirt, held by a special holster. But the private need not know about that. He also felt the comfortable weight of the knife that he had wrapped around the bottom of his right leg, there in case of emergencies. He didn’t plan on using either, however, that was Leo’s job within the structure of Jarrod’s mind. He would use his Pokémon against the enemy, if need be, and that’s all that he was worried about.

Meanwhile, J. Johnson was wondering how this young man ever became the boss’ right hand man. He didn’t look either tough or experienced to the private, he looked like he had never even shot again. He was right in a way, only Jarrod and Leo of the personalities had ever fired a gun, outside of squirt guns. But there was also something about the man that seemed very dangerous. Goodness knows that he was crazy, but it was something else.

There were only three others in the plane. Two, of course, were the pilots, both of which would do nothing more then pick up and drop off the other three, also sending news via a Fearow if something happened.

The third was a short woman with deep blue eyes. She was one of Jarrod’s old Shadow Corps. Members. Lieutenant Daisy Leisburg had achieved her status for good reason, as she was one deadly woman. All of the men on the Shadow Corps had codenamed her ice for her cold blue eyes and the deathly stare that she gave people. She allowed only the members of the Corps to call her that, anyone else who dare uttered the nickname was shot in the leg at best. She had been with Jarrod for most of his time at with the army, and had joined him at Delta Green without even thinking. She didn’t need to, she respected and was extremely loyal to the man, no matter what personality he was in.

Josh took his eyes off of the deadly girl, though she was a personal friend of Jarrods, he was always afraid of her. Especially her eyes, which looked like they were looking into your soul. However, he felt safe with her, and he knew that she would do what he asked without a word of doubt. He also knew that upon reaching Mt. Moon he would meet with another one of Jarrod’s old friends, Private Jack LePass. He looked through the window to find Mt. Moon looming ahead …

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 11:24 PM
Menaphos Monument

More Aquas were brought to dig after another tablet was found. This time, it was a picture of a coffin. Boots were etched into the side of the coffin. They glowed bright black. In the background, there was something else lurking thee. It was only two glowing red eyes, but it was something suspicious.

I'd estimate that the digging was 33% complete, as the mound continued to get smalled and smaller as more tablets were discovered. They were all apparently a part of one picture. We had almost every tablet, except that of the picture of the monster.

It was like an incomplete puzzle. It was almost done, escept for a hole. That did not bode well for us. I wondered what kind of monster could be inside the tomb, protecting Menaphos and ultimately the Boots of Death?

For now, we shouldn't worry about it. We were getting very close to uncovering the Boots, I could feel it. If something came, we probably had enough manpower to wipe it out. I had taken a few extra grenades, just in case it was something mean.

There were several Aquas with Bazookas guarding the cave entrance, and escorting key people around. No one was going to get in escept for me...

10-07-2006, 11:27 PM
Fubata Town

After hours of travel my men and I reached the outskirts of Futaba town. But once we got within a mile of the city, it transformed from a lush green plain to a war zone. Near the center of the town I could see a huge lightning bolt. I knew of only two things that could make something like that: a) a relic or b) zapdos. I considered the later near impossible, I decided the Thunder Katana created it. Word had just gotten to me that Rust of team Aqua had captured the Thunder Katana. Fubata was in control of the Aquas. The security was air tight; we turned around to strategize.

"We could just bust our way in" Suggested Sean, a grunt "Unless you could come up with something better"

"No, that would be suicide. They are armed with the Thunder Katana, and an army of weapons! We have nothing and are still tired from our little detour at the cave!" I yelled, frustrated. There had to be a way.

There was a silence for about 5 minuites. It was quite obvious that no one had a better idea. I told our team that we would bust in with all of our might. I distributed extra ammunition among the grunts. "If everyone is ready, begin our assault in 10 minuites!" I commanded, like a true general

"Yes, Sir!" The majority of my troops replied

10 minuites passed very slowly as I waited to kill to attack those aquas. And finally, it was time. "Attack!!" I commanded

An army of rocket troops burst to the outside of Fubata town, shooting, punching, and doing anything they could to kill aqua grunts. I shot three grunts right inthe head, killing htme. But then, there were those aqua tanks. The team rocket members released all of their pokemon to fight against the tanks, and 90% of ourattempts failed. But the slim percentage that did were very deadly.

I attempted to enter the town and confront rust...

10-07-2006, 11:30 PM
OOC: I’m making a major switch to first person. It’s getting harder for third person limited.


Library, Celadon City

I walked briskly into the library and over to a receptionist. I asked about the Staff of Water. She told me the names of five books. I grabbed my notebook from my bag and wrote the names down and which part of the library they were located in. This Library in Celadon was one of the biggest in all of the regions. They say that if you want to know something, this is your best bet.

I ran through five floors of books before I found even one of the five books. Then I went to the information desk and talked to one of the ladies working there. She helped me find two more, and told me the other two were currently checked out. I sat at one of the tables on the sixth floor and began reading from the first book titled Legendary Artifacts. While reading I took notes and discovered a one more location that may be helpful. The book didn’t give a whole lot of clues, it just said:

‘During this era, many artifacts were created. These artifacts were said to have been created by the legends. Some say that some of the artifacts lay where the legends themselves one laid.’

“Could that mean…?” I asked aloud. I picked up the books and went back to the first floor. I gave the lady the Legendary Artifacts book to put back. Then I asked her if I could check out Tales of Legends and Water Mysteries. She nodded and I put those in my bag and left. It was time to head to an old friend of mine, Dr. Fredrick Polauf.

Neo Emolga
10-07-2006, 11:35 PM
OOC: I know it’s minor but… no CD players in WWII, Scott. :P

AMS Deathwing Munitions Hold, docked at Shinou

I didn’t know all that much about the two supposed Guardians of Altomare on the southern island near the Hoenn region. But, after showing him the book, Damien looked up at me.

“Not that much.” Damien replied, looking off to the side, “Some people don’t even believe Latios and Latias are real. Hell, for a long time I didn’t either. Now… maybe, but still, I’d need to see it to believe it.”

“I feel the presence of Latios and Latias being with Team Aqua would be advantageous.” I told him frankly, “According to this book, they were responsible for the creation of the Soul Shield, the ultimate defender. However, I feel the creators are far more potent in power than even a shield of that caliber. My intentions are to destroy the shield, and then win over Latios and Latias. If they can guard an entire city, think about what they can do for us.”

It was clear what needed to be done. However, it wasn’t long before I had gotten a radio dispatch.

“Captain Neo, there’s a conflict breaking out in Futaba town.” I was told though the com, “Requesting authorization to dispatch. Looks like Team Rocket enforcers.”

“Roger that.” I replied into the radio, “We’re on our way.”

After that, I turned toward Damien.

“This can wait… but trust me.” I told him with a firm tone, “It will come to fruition…”

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 11:35 PM
OOC: Several problems:
1) I used its power UNDERGROUND... You're not going to see a flash of light underground.
2) Do you even know what a Tiger Tank is? They were Hitler's most feared weapons in WWII, and you think several Pokemon can stop them?
3) Where in hell did about one hundred of your troops come from?

I'm just going to ignore those conflicting parts of your post and continue.
Menaphos Monument

"Sir, we're under attack... Team Rocket from the looks of their uniforms..." Tiantus said. I laughed. Team Rocket seriously thoguht they could oppose Team Aqua? We're on our home turf, first of all, and secondly, they're a load of inexperienced fools.

"The Tiger Tanks are crushing most of them... And the Bombers have unleashed several payloads of explosives on the Rocket forces... And there's the Bazooka Snipers..." Tiantus said, "You can tell they're screwed, right?"

"Yeah..." I said, "Keep digging."

The Aquas continued to dig, getting to about 50% completion. A half tablet appeared now, this time of the monster's legs. Tiantus carefully put it into our puzzle.

"We're only missing half of a tablet... think its safe to start translating?" Tiantus asked.

"Yeah, I think so," I said...

OOC: Short Post :P

Dr Scott
10-07-2006, 11:42 PM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown), No one / Mental Meeting (Black)

Mount Moon, The Bottom
On the Search for Mew’s Bow

Ice, Private J. Johnson, and Josh all got off the plane and watched it as it flew to a better vantage point. Ready and waiting for the three was Private Jack LePass, who was saluting his two superior officers. “Stand down,” Josh said in a loud voice, always happy to act like a boss of someone. He found it rather amusing that they all looked up to him, though he noted that it was more then likely the hiding Jarrod who this particular man was saluting.

Private Jack LePass, known by the Shadow Corps team as Jack the Stacked because of his large muscles, was a mid-aged man with a crew cut. His hair was a dirty blonde, as he had decided to dye it sometime this year. He wore a green shirt that was much to tight on him, showing off every single one of his muscles to anyone who was looking. His pants were green sweats, tight but comfortable. “Lookin’ good Ice,” he said to the other.

Ice glared at Jack as the other man looked her up and down once just to tease her. Though she was as deadly as any of the other Shadow Corps members she didn’t look it. She had brunette hair that she had buzzed off to look more like an army member. She had beautiful features and the makings of a model, with long eyelashes and full lips. Her body was like the rest of her, it looked like it could go to someone on Victoria’s Secret, but she did her best to hide it. Her sports bra did well to hide any mention of a bust, and her dark green sweatshirt hid the rest. But of course, you couldn’t hide too much from people who you have been with most of your life, so Jack LePass and Jarrod (and because of this Josh) knew that she was very beautiful underneath. “Watch yourself soldier, or I’ll have to cut out your eyes,” Ice said, showing she meant it by reaching to her right side, where her large army knife was clearly visible.

The large man laughed, “As swee’ as ever darlin’” he said, winking to Ice. Josh snapped his fingers once, bringing Jack’s mind back into the present, “Oh, sorry cap’n. Got a li’le carried away is all.”

Ice moved her hand away from her knife, running a hand through her sparse hair as well, “Report, soldier,” she said with an air of annoyance.

“Righ’,” he said, looking up, “There’s been a little pink critte’ flying around this place. I sent my Macho’s (Machop’s) in ter the mount, and they say there is a strange light coming from the basemen' floor 2.”

Josh shifted a leg, “Did you see any enemies?” he asked, looking around for the glimpse of any other person.

The large man shook his head, “No sir, ain’t seen no one.”

Josh nodded, turning to Private J. Johnson and Ice, “All right, let’s go in. Stacked, you stay here and make sure no one gets end. And send one of your, urm, Macho’s up with us to lead us to the light.”

Jack the Stacked saluted, “Will do sir!”

Charizard Michelle
10-07-2006, 11:50 PM
Mysterious Stone Island

The stone island was shaking even more and at the same time more water was entering the cave. Mike could feel it covering his knees and knew it was time to leave. He then looked at Char and said, "Time to leave."

Char flew towards Mike and threw him over her shoulder. Mike saw that the opening wasn't big enough for Char to fly out of. He then said, "Char. Time to make our own way out.Break though the ceiling with Brick Break."

Char nodded and shot up with glowing claws to create a hole in the ceiling. She then shot a flamethrower to keep the rocks from falling on them. Char then flew though the hole and above the island.

Mike from atop of Char could see the island sinking into the ocean. Mike held the book in his hand and saw it. The writing was anicent looking text. Some of it looked familar but it was in unown writing. Mike knew little about unown writing except it was similar to the letters of today. Mike looked at the page he had turned too. It read "Spear of the Mind." There was an image of a long spear made of up of a staff and a long blade on top. Mike stared at the page. Some of it was cut off by a burning but it was wet. Mike thought that the stone box must have kept it from getting wet. Mike scan thought the page as he adn Char came closer to Cherrygrove City.

Lord Celebi
10-07-2006, 11:53 PM
Menaphos Monument

Digging was at an esitmated 66% completion. Of the translations that were made on the tablets, there were several that stood out.

"Those who do not possess a pure heart may not wield the Boots."

"The Boots were Brought to my Grave to keep those corrupted ones from gaining power."

"Good shall always prevail!"

Loads of bull... Anyways, more was being translated as I waited for the digging to be finished. All I wanted was Aruseus, nothing more. Menaphos didn't need to make it this diffucult.

It didn't matter. I'd have my hands... well Grenades... On those boots within the hour. Team Rocket or this monster couldn't stop me... Because I'm unstoppable.

Several more Bazooka users came in to protect me, just in case a stray Rocket wondered into here. It was unlikely, since the Monument was the most protected thing in the entire damn Town.

Only one Tiger Tank was destroyed. I was amazed that Rocket even had the brain capacity to know how to destroy a Tiger Tank. Bravo...

10-08-2006, 12:02 AM
Sky Piller East of Paciflog, Hoenn

Do not Hesiatate to show no mercy ~Tanis briefing his men on the mission

I stood outside the door that lead to the top of the piller...to the top of sky where a legendary beast was supposed to rest...where a certain relic was rumored to have been found.

I waited as the rest of the small squad I lead caught up to me, two admins walked ahead the rest, "In there" I said, flicking my head towards the door, where voices could be hear coming from it, "I estimate there is about 15-20 guys in there" I said as the rest of the men and women of Aqua came in earshot. "Mostly guards by the sound of it."

"Now remember" I said unsheathing a kanata from my right leg, "we keep the scientist alive, nobody else, this has to be quick in and out with the relic, and remember...show no mercy.

I faced the doorway mentally preparing for the battle ahead, With a deep breath I busted in the doorway, it crashed in as Aqua's poured in, with a brief scan I realized the guards numbered more like 30, I zeroed in the first guard, he was turning towards me, with a flick of my wrist I sent my sword airborne spinning towards the guard with groan he sunk to the floor my sword protruding from his chest, gunfire burst from both sides as I reached for my 45. finding it I quickily raised it and fired off three quick rounds at the nearest guard, before he hit the ground I had moved on to the next guard firing, I soon found the clip empty, Discarding it I unsheathed my second katana and wading into battle hacking and slashing, one guard fell, a slit in his throat, a second, than a third, I felt myself giving into the battle when bullet hit my shoulder, sh!t I exclaimed as pain registered throughout my brain for a moment, before I continued with the battle, I noticed the guard total was now down to 6, the Aqua's were fighting well.

A reached down grabbing my first katana, before continuing with the battle, I noticed two guards crouching behind a few crates, probably equipment for the scientist I thought as I ran toward them, the first one stood up realizing I was coming, he quickly lowered his weapon, as I once again sent my blade flying, it hit center mass, causing him to fall to his knees as I reached him, placing my hand on his head I vaulted over him towards the next guard, the world briefly spinned below me as the guard came within eyesight, using my jump for leverage I put all my strength into a swing, I landed in front him as a thin line of blood formed at his neck, before his head neatly slid off.

I stood in front of the scientist, behind me the two admins and the rest of the Aqua members, overall the battle had gone well with only five member not among the living, and three that had a few wounds.

"Where Is the relic?" I asked the first scientist.

"We Have no idea what you are talking about muchless what you are after." he slowly responded.

"Don't play dumb" I said, drawing my sword.

"It's gone" one of the scientist spat out, "It's no longer here please just don't hurt us."

"It's gone" I muttered turning away "Admins" I said walking away with my men, I heard the gunshots ring out, as I walked out the door I summoned of the men near to me.

"Get to the ship and contact Rust, find out his progress as well as everybody else's, tell him the Dragon body is gone and find out our next move. Go!" I shouted, watching him run off.

"The Dragon Body will be mine" I muttered....

Lord Celebi
10-08-2006, 12:05 AM
So you mean that you had over 100 Grunts with you?

BTW, I don't think Rocket has any... military bases in Shinou that we haven't destroyed. Tanks wouldn't come, because they would need to be transported over the sea, where then the ship transporting them would be destroyed by the Deathwing. So, I'm ignoring the tanks...

Menaphos Monument

The final piece had been found. The monster was... Aruseus. I wouldn't think that Aruseus would be locked inside the cave, but maybe Aruseus decided it would be better to go with Menaphos to his grave.

The translations had supported that theroy. So, apparently, Aruseus was behind that wall, waiting for us to come and attack. Well... I guess it was believeable. The digging was at 90%, and we had driven most of Rocket away. Any POWs we had captured were immediately executed, because I didn't want to deal with the sticky, sticky, mess of keepiing them locked up.

A Second Tiger Tank was down. Rocket was going to pay for destroying those. Although quite powerful, they were quite expensive.

Apparently, Rocket Ground Troops Reinforcements had arrived, but they were bombarded by our Bomber Planes. Rocket was becoming a nuisance, or a thorn in my ass... Aruseus would be the rememdy to my problem, I'm sure...

Immediately, the tablet in my trenchcoat pocket began to vibrate. I picked it up to see that the Dragon Body was now glowing green. I gritted my teeth at the knowledge that someone had already found it.

"Sir," Tiantus said, "Apparently, we have a squad going after someone with the Dragon Body."


10-08-2006, 12:08 AM
"You know, Rust, we're not as dumb as you think!" I said from the top of the hole, fighting several aqua grunts. Even I was surprised I had gotten this far. Team Aqua was the dominant team in Shinou. If we were fighting in Kanto, it would be a whole different story. I shot one of the grunts in the head, killing him instantly. I tried to shove the body down the whole just to anger Rust, but another grunt attacked me. These damn aquas were stronger than I had expected.

All I wanted was a peek at that tablet. If I could get that, all of this would be worth it. I shot another aqua in the stomach. My arm was now bleeing for a minuite and the blood loss was making me dizzy. Without any forwarning, I passed out.

OOC: Damn, that was my shortest rp post ever!

Dr Scott
10-08-2006, 12:09 AM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown), No one / Mental Meeting (Black)

Mount Moon, Level One
On the Search for Mew’s Bow

Josh entered the cave, immediately taking out a flashlight to light the area. J. Johnson and Ice did the same, and soon enough three thin beams of light hit different surfaces in the cave-like area. “Man, it’s dark in here…” Josh mumbled, sending his flashlight out in a wide arc around the area.

“I’ve got it, sir,” Ice said, reaching to her Poké ball and throwing one, letting out a Magneton. The silver Pokémon flew in the air, looking around the area in a strange way. “Use flash, Magneton!” Ice ordered.

Suddenly, the steel-electric Pokémon glowed with a bright yellow light, discharging a bit of electricity and covering it’s body with a small layer of the bright yellow energy. Suddenly, the whole area was lit up, and Josh could see it all. It was rather simple, with rocks littering the ground The ground was covered in well-trod dirt, showing that many trainers had gone this way to get to Cerulean City. Indeed, ahead of him was one of these such trainers, a rather tall kid with spiky hair. On his Poké ball belt were three red and white balls. He turned toward the source of the bright light, covering his eyes with one hand. In his right hand was a flashlight, which he had been using to get through the darkness to some success. “Who are you!?” the young trainer asked the three strangers.

“Don’t mind us!” Josh said back, “We’re just your average trainers, looking to get out!”

The boy squinted at them, turning off his flashlight, “Then, um, why do one of you have a gun?” He pointed at Ice with a shaking hand. Indeed, Ice did have a rifle in her right hand, pointed at the trainer in a very hostile manner.

Josh turned to Ice with his mouth opened just a bit, “Ice, what are you doing?”

Ice didn’t turn her head, “Sir! He may be dangerous, sir!”

Private J. Johnson spoke up for the first time since the plane, “He doesn’t really look too dangerous, you know … He just looks like he’s a trainer trying to get out of here.”

The next time the second in command of Team Delta Green said something, it was with an older woman’s voice, “Now listen here missy! You stop that right now!” Sara stared at the other woman, shaking a finger at her. “He’s just trying to get out of here!”

Ice glared at the “woman,” which was a very awkward thing to call someone in a male body, even if it was a female personality. The glare quickly went away as she realized who she was glaring at, and she lowered her weapon, “I’m sorry si… I mean, ma’am.”

Sara nodded, “That’s much better. Now, what’s your name?”

The young trainer let out his breath, which it seemed he had been holding the whole time. “My name is Steven. I just started from Pallet Town, and I’m hoping to become a gym leader sometime!”

Sara smiled to the boy, “That’s great! I’m sure you will become the best gym leader if you put your mind to it.” She smiled down at the boy, patting his head in a motherly way.

The boy looked up, for all the world thinking that a 25 year old man was patting his hair like his mother would. “Um, thanks!” he said, deciding it best to just take the compliment and go on.

Ice cleared her throat, “Let’s go, Macho,” she said to the waiting Machop. With a ‘Mach!’ the fighting Pokémon started on.

Sara had no choice but to follow Ice and J. Johnson as they in turn followed Macho the Machop. “So, what Pokémon do you have now?” she asked Steven, who decided it safer to follow these dangerous folk. Indeed, it seemed that whenever Ice walked by all of the Zubat’s flew away from their general area, finding something much more important to do.

“Well,” the boy said, “I have a Geodude, an Onix, and two Rattata’s so far. But I’m planning on becoming the Pewter City gym leader!” With this he smiled with a grim determination.

“That’s great!” Sara said, smiling as she reached the stairs. The group all quickly walked down the many stone steps to a lower level, all of them but Sara ready to get this job done with …

Lord Celebi
10-08-2006, 12:17 AM
Menaphos Monument
"You know, Rust, we're not as dumb as you think!" A voice said. I turned around to see an unknown Rocket assailant coming, attacking the the grunts.

"You are a fool," I said, "Team Rocket... They're all foolish idiots. They have no idea what its really like to fight. What its really like to kill for personal gain. You're all just wannabes... Trying to oppose Team Aqua? Big Mistake," I said. The assailant passed out.

"Haul him out of here. I don't want fools like him near me... Kill him if you want. I don't care," I said. As soon as his body was hauled away, The Aquas broke through the pile. I crawled through the hole.

On the wall was a carving of the tablet. I looked it over, and pressed my hand against the carving of Aruseus. The tablet became a door and grinded open. I entered the tomb of Menaphos, the great hero.

As soon as I arrived, I saw the coffin. I quickly pried it open, but I was attacked by Aruseus.

<Leave!> It shouted, <Do not disturb the resting place of my boots!>

Neo Emolga
10-08-2006, 12:29 AM
Futaba Town, Shinou

I had seen Team Rocket already engaging in combat with the Team Aqua forces. The Tiger tanks were the paramount defense protocol, gunning down multiple squads of Team Rocket infantry.

The area was too condensed with forces to start bombardment through naval forces. However, that didn’t mean we couldn’t do anything about it ourselves. I had headed on a speedboat with twenty of my compatriots. Already, two of our Tiger Tanks had been destroyed, but their infantry was taking heavy casualties. Once we hit the shore, we got off and engaged them. Already, Team Rocket was showing signs of heavy dispersion as we cut down their squad numbers. The FG-42 I had was cutting them down, taking out two Team Rocket officers before they opened fire with their M1 Garands.

Still, I made as many attempts as I could to protect the civilians, because if we protected them, they would keep supporting Team Aqua.

“Quarantine them.” I told the other SWAT enforcers, “Lock them inside and then gun them down.”

“Copy that.”

I then headed toward the west side perimeter of Futaba Town, racing along the grass. Meanwhile, I had seen one of the those Team Aqua Tiger Tanks hit a group of Team Aqua forces with a tank shell, immediately tearing them into pieces.

“Get into a prone position, the tanks are going to force them out to come to our position.” I told the rest of the squad, “Aim for the head and upper abdominal areas.”

When a small contingent of Team Aqua enforcers arrived before us, we waited until they had arrived, and they saw us when it was too late…

Charizard Michelle
10-08-2006, 12:31 AM

I just notice tha I been using the name Mike instead of Micheal. I been using Mike too long. haha. From now on I SHOULD be using the name MIcheal instead of Mike. Stupid me.


CHerrygrove City

THey were closing in on Cherrygrove City. Micheal was busy searching the pages of the book that he found. He was able to figure out what it was. From what he was able to see it contains information on relics. He reconized some of these relics from the news and what he have learned from his research on Legendary Pokemon. It had a image of the relic, a descirption of it and what looks like a location. Still the book was damage on the bottom and it was hard to see the location. There was one page that was almost completely visable and it was for the Wishing Key. Mike read it and was interested.

Micheal had landed at Cherrygrove in front of a building. It was noble or anything but this was a small Delta Green base. Nor far from it was an air base where figther planes were. Micheal wasn't intrested in them. He perfer hand to hand combat, pokemon, and what Micheal calls bombs. Micheal enter the building to the rear where his sister was. Micheal enter a large room. Test tubes and tables covered with items were all over the place. For now the room was empty. Micheal then let out, "Hey. Anybody here?"

Char let out a roar.

At once a blonde hair woman around the age of twently-five appeared from an office. She wore a patched lab coat and glasses were in her hair. She then looked back into the office and said, "Adie. Your big brother is here. He has his charizard out too."

At once a girl of fifteen ran out of the office and hugged Micheal. He then hugged his younger sister and said, "How you doing girl? Have AMy been taking good care of you while I was gone?"

The blonde haired woman then walked over to MIke and said, "She been great like always. I been making her wash the test tubes and equipment. She been a good little lab rat."

Micheal scolded at AMy and said, "She not your little lab rat."

AMy smiled and said, "I know. Still I am taking care of here and I might as well make her useful."

The girl with short brown hair named Adie smiled and said, "Its ok Mike. I ok with helping Amy with her stuff.

Micheal smiled and knew it was ok. AMy was in charge of making things for Delta like bombs and other equipment but hse had small team to help her since the Cherrygrove base was a small one. She was brillent in MIcheal's opinion but still what could be done. He then heard his sister.

"MIke. I glad that you are ok? Are you going to stay long?" said Adie.

MIcheal smiled. Only a few people called Micheal Mike. HE hasn't been called that ever since the death of his parents. While he was gone AMy took care of Adie. She was like family since she was the one that brought them into Delta Green. Micheal then said, "I not sure. How about you leave me and AMy to talk for a bit. Char is happy to see you."

Adie smiled and walked over to Char. Micheal could see that Adie was excited to see him. She usally not so hyper but it has been a while and reight before he left there was word that Shinou was a dangerous place at the time.

Micheal then looked at Amy. He then said, "Look what I found." He then pulled out the book from his pocket on the his jacket. He then said, "I found it along the way over here."

Amy looked at the book and said, "INtresting. What is it?"

Micheal then said, "Well its a book."

"I can see that." said Amy. "What kind of book is it?" She then put on her glasses and said, "Looks old."

"That because it is. I think this book has something to do with thoes relics." said Micheal. He saw the look of unintrest on her face. Micheal then said, "Well?"

"Well I guess so. Still what good is it?" Amy pointed to the bottom. "You can read the location of them becasue the bottom is gone. Nothing can be read except a few pages."

Micheal nodded. "Well I was looking at one. There is this Wishing Key. I like it a lot and I going to see if I can get it."

Amy then said, "Why?"

"Because I want to see if this book is for real." said Micheal. "Also maybe this relic will be intrested."

AMy then said, "Well this could be good for me. You can be the one to test out my new weapons." She had a smile on her face.

MIcheal knew what that meant. Amy was always making new things and was asking for payment for taking care of Adie. To her this payment was testing out her new items. Some times they were helpful while other times they were just no good. Still Micheal said, "I do it."

10-08-2006, 12:37 AM
Light air transport heading towards Mossdeep

"I want a watch post on that tower Raquaza will be back" ~Tanis's orders regarding Sky Piller.

"Commander Tanis" a voice said coming up behind in the co-pilots chair.

"Whats the Problem?" I said turning slightly in the chair.

"Just got back word from the rest of Aqua" he said, commander Rust has the thunder katana, and is currently in search of the Boots of Death, commander Neo is in search of the Soul Shield, and there is no current word on commander Finch."

"Rust has the Katana already huh?" I muttered "pretty fast work."

"Yes sir, though he is currently engaged with team Rocket."

"That won't be a problem" I said turning back "any word on what our next action is to be?"

"Yes sir, we are to continue in search of Rayquaza and the Dragon Body."

"Good" I remarked "prepare the grunts, we have stops to make in Mossdeep, and fortree."

"Yes sir,...oh may I ask why?"

"Mostly certainly, first we will take over the Space center, then the weather institute." I said "This will give access to anywhere in Hoenn, any legendary here we will be ours."

"I'll go brief the men, sir" the grunt said turning and leaving.

"Mossdeep is coming up soon" the pilot said.

"Land on the outskirts we will go on foot from their." I said sitting back, if all went to plan, we would soon be in complete control of all the Hoenn legendaries..

Dr Scott
10-08-2006, 12:39 AM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown), No one / Mental Meeting (Black)

Mount Moon, Basement Level One
On the Search for Mew’s Bow

Josh, deciding that he didn’t want to have to wait for Sara anymore, took over once again. He quickly caught up to Ice and J. Johnson, leaving Steven behind them. Macho was already running down the small hallway that led to the basement level 2. Josh was surprised to find unlit torches on either side of the hallway, all of them put out. He reached to his poké ball belt, throwing one of them to the floor before letting it come back to him. Artemis the Arcanine popped out, yawning a bit and stretching. The fire dog blinked, letting her eyes adjust to the light. “Hi there, Artemis,” he said as a greeting, reaching down to pet the Pokémon named after the Greek goddess of the hunt.

“Arc! Arcanine!” The dog barked, happy to see her master, or one of her master’s personalities. She immediately recognized that the one in charge was Josh, and turned her head to the side.

Josh quickly understood what the female Arcanine was thinking, moving his hand to pet her ear. She let out a small bark of happiness as his hand gently rubbed beneath her right ear. After a while of this he gently said “Artemis? Do you think you could light those torches?”

Artemis replied by blowing off a little bit of fire aimed at the tops of each of the torches, lighting them all. The light quickly battled with the Magneton’s flash ability, causing a strange mix of lights. Ice noticed, and ordered her Pokémon to stop with the flash. Magneton didn’t have any problem with stopping, the half electric Pokémon’s electric field disappearing as quickly as it had came.

Soon enough, all of the torches were lit and the hallway was fully shown. It was much like the floor above, with the ground covered in dirt that had been walked across by many trainers and other such people. It was a rather narrow hallways in which they were on, and the stairs down was close enough to be in site. However, in front of the stairs, seemingly guarding it, was a group of Clefairy and Clefable. “This is weird,” J. Johnson mumbled, looking at the pink Pokémon.

“Clef! Fable!” a Clefable said, a moon shaped pendant draped across it’s neck.

“What is it saying?” Steven asked from the back, and in return was stared at by the rest of the group.

“If we knew we wouldn’t have a problem!” an annoyed Ice said, throwing a Poké Ball to let out a floating Cloyster. “If it’s a fight they want, they’ll get one!”

Josh frowned, “Hang on now.” He grabbed another Poké ball off his belt, throwing it and letting loose his Medicham, Athena.

The Psychic-Fighting Pokémon quickly looked around, both her eyes and her mind taking stalk of what all was going on. {What’s going on?} a voice said inside Josh’s mind.

Josh, used to this, responded {Well, apparently the bow is in the level bellow us, and these Clefairy and Clefable aren’t letting us down. What are they saying?}

Medicham stared at the Clefable with the moon pendant, “Cham, Medi?” he asked curiously.

The Clefable pointed at the group, “Fable! Clef!!! Clefable!”

Suddenly the voice inside his mind came back, {He says that he can’t let you go down, Mew told them all to guard against intruders.}

{Well tell them we just want to look at it, we’re not going to try to rule the world with it … And tell them if they don’t then I’m going to have to go through them,} Josh mumbled in his mind, feeling horrible already about trying to attack the little Pokémon.

“Medicham! Cham.” Medicham said, the female Pokémon tryin to sound as gruff as possible.

All of the Clefairy and Clefables stood their ground, all of them putting on looks of determination. “Clefable.” The head one said, putting up a light screen.

Athena turned to Josh, shaking her head. With a sigh Josh returned her, “We’re going to have to go through them. Artemis, if you would?”

“Arc!” the fire dog responded, firing off a flamethrower at the group of fairy Pokémon. Meanwhile, J. Johnson stood out of the way, and Ice’s Cloyster fired off a ice beam, while her Magneton fired off electricity.

The three attacks blew past the light screen with ease, and when it did the humans J. Johnson, Ice, Josh, and Steven all charged through. Josh yelled back to the four Pokémon (including the Machop), “Hold them off!”

“Here we are.” Josh said aloud, looking around the room …

Neo Emolga
10-08-2006, 12:45 AM
Futaba Town, Shinou

We had taken some losses, but we were still winning and more reinforcements from the AMS Deathwing and the mainland were arriving, many of them in jeeps opening fire on the attacking Team Rocket forces with their machine guns. The quarantine pattern was working, keeping their forces locked in a barrier and rendering them unable to move from the barrage.

Tomorrow, we would prove to all of Shinou and even the world that Team Rocket was nothing more than criminals and reckless barbarians trying to disrupt the fragile strands of the commonwealth. And I knew that there was no better man to relay that statement than myself.

I made it clear, that if Team Rocket was wise, they would run and leave Shinou, or they would suffer extreme punishment for their naïve beliefs…

Dr Scott
10-08-2006, 12:58 AM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown), No one / Mental Meeting (Black)

Mount Moon, Basement Level Two
On the Search for Mew’s Bow

Josh and company all stared at the giant expanse of room that was the second basement level of Mount Moon. “Where the heck is the way out?” Josh heard Steven mutter from behind him.

Everyone else ignored the young trainer, instead focusing on the strange light that was in the room. It was different from the flash, and different from the torches as well. The light was pure white light, a light that seemed to be as pure as anything else in this world. It was an almost unworldly light, and everyone had to shield their eyes from it.

Thinking quickly, Ice pulled out some sunglasses, which she handed to the group, except for Steven, who pulled out his own. With the light taken care of, the group all looked at the bright area. The light seemed to be coming from a new area, an area not trod on for many years. Josh looked to the right, spotting the stairs that led up and out of the Mount. “There’s your way out, Steven.” He said, pointing at the stairs.

“Oh,” Steven said, looking where Josh was pointing, “Thanks.” Josh watched as the boy put a foot on the first step, and then looked back at the strange light. The light was coming from a small opening in the wall that looked like had opened up not too long ago. Ice was already at the opening, peering inside.

“Don’t …” Josh said, cut off when Ice was shot back from the opening and to the other side of the room, slamming into the wall.

J. Johnson drew his gun, pointing it at the opening of the wall. “Sir, stand behind me,” he said, putting his body loyally between the whole in the wall and the opening.

Josh sighed, stepping out from behind him, “That’s sweet, but I think I know what’s going on here. Mew! Come out!” He waited and stared at the opening, awaiting the arrival of what he knew was there.

{Why are you here, humans?} came a voice inside his head. Unlike Athena’s this one sounded more high-pitched and almost like a young child trying to sound dangerous. Josh knew that this was a bad thought, because it wasn’t that Mew wasn’t dangerous, it was that the female Pokémon was not used to being on the attack.

“Whose there!?” J. Johnson asked the sky, turning around in a circle.

Josh stepped in front of his Private, “We’re not here to hurt you! We’re just here to look at the bow.”

{Well you can’t have it!} the Mew’s stubbornness hit Josh’s mind, {I have been watching you humans for a while now, war, murder … You don’t deserve any of the items!}

Josh smiled comfortingly, “I know. But they already have items, and the only way we can fight back is to have some ourselves. We’re the only good that this world has, and we’re fighting against not one but two evil powers. If you don’t believe me, read my mind.”

Josh felt the psychic legend probe his mind, then draw back suddenly, {You’re telling the truth. But what’s wrong with you!?}

Josh couldn’t help but laugh, “Multiple personality disorder.”

As if to prove this, Todd suddenly took over, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mew!” He said in delight.

{You still can’t have it.} the Mew said, shaking off the greeting.

Suddenly, Todd was all business, “Why don’t you tell us about the truth of the legend?”

The Mew floated out from the light, it’s small pink head nodding, {I could do that. Now sit down humans, this could take a while …}

Lord Celebi
10-08-2006, 01:02 AM
Menaphos Catacomb
"Why?" I asked, "Why are you protecting the boots if you can just destroy them yourself?"

<You do not need to know!> Aruseus used a Fire Blast attack on my. I rolled out of the way and drew my Thunder Katana and my normal Katana. I sent a blast of electricity at Aruseus, who stopped it and turned it back on me.

I put my Katana up to absorb the energy. Big mistake. I flew back, and into the open coffin. I crushed the bones of Menaphos, but I found the Boots. I put a grenade in each, and hightailed it out of the coffin.

The coffin exploded, and destroyed the boots as well. My tablet's Boots of Death turned gray. I guess that's what happens when a relic is destroyed.

<You... You destroyed my relic! Thank you!> Aruseus said, <I thought you were going to use the Relic for evil.>

"Why didn't you just destroy it yourself?" I asked.

<You see... Legendaries cannot derstroy the relics they create...>

Ninja TK
10-08-2006, 01:11 AM
Ancient Battlegrounds
In search of the Space Boots

*Jeremy rides his charizard and lands in a place he believes the Space boots are.* Jeremy looks around and sees a desolet wasteland that looks like an ancient battleground.He walks around aware that there could be enemies around. Jeremy decides to lower his guard for he thinks that there isnt anyone around.

"What do you think about this place sneasel?" Said Jeremy, wondering if they had found the right place.

"sneasel!Sne!" Sneasel said confidently.

"Alright then lets have a look around."

Jeremy starts to walk when suddenly, he and sneasel fall through a trap door. They fall for what he thought was about 3 stories. When they landed, they landed on a giant pillow and were unharmed.

"Well whatever this place is, we need to find a way out." Jeremy starts to wander with sneasel following.

Jeremy and sneasel walk around for what seemed like forever when they noticed something shiny on the ground. Sneasel ran to, picked it up, and brought it back to Jeremy. The key was black and had a yellow star on it. Jeremy puts it in his pocket and continues searching the room. Jeremy and sneasel found a staircase and decided since they needed to go back to the surface, that they climbed the stairs.

Charizard Michelle
10-08-2006, 01:14 AM
Cherrygrove City

Micheal was talking to his little sister about some of the things that they have been doing since he left. He was enjoying this moment. He learned that AMy and her team were working on lots of things.

Amy then yelled "Micheal. I got your equipment ready."

Adie looked at Micheal and said, "Are you leaving already Mike? YOu just got here?"

Micheal frowned and said, "I know. Still you know I rather be here to protect you instead of moving around." Micheal was always worried about his little sister while he was gone and wish to take her with him but Delta wouldn't let her go with him. She was too young. Still he perfer that since going out with him meant danger and he didn't want to take the chance to expose her to that kind of stuff.

He then follow AMy to her office which was a mess. She then gave him a bag. Mike pulled out the items which were a small gray ball, a shirken and a marble-sized ball. Mike then said, "What is this stuff?" He then pulled out the shirken. "I already have this."

AMy then said, "Well that is a newer kind of shirken. It is much ligther and faster when thrown. Just a little something."

Micheal then said, "The other stuff?"

Amy then said, "The the gray ball is a smokeball. It will create a smokescreen for quick escapes. Should be useful."

Micheal then pulled out the marble sized ball and said, "This?"

AMy then said, "It a stickly ball. Just throw them on the ground and if they are stepped on they will pop and release a gum like substance that will stick to the ones shoes. It is very strong substance and will give you the time to escape or what ever you want to do." Amy then smiled and said, "Or they will break if enough presure was on them if thrown."

Micheal was going to walk over to grab the bag and found that he couldn't move his left leg. He looked down at his foot to see it was stuck. He knew at once that he had stepped on Amy's stickly ball.

"Useful right?" smiled AMy. "I just give you the bag." She walked over to Mike and place the bag around his neck. Good luck heading for the location in Hoenn." She then waved at Micheal.

Dr Scott
10-08-2006, 01:19 AM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown), No one / Mental Meeting (Black)

Mount Moon, Basement Level Two
On the Search for Mew’s Bow

The pink Mew floated around to stare at Todd and J. Johnson, who both were staring at the legendary in shock and awe. {Close your mouths and take a seat,} the Mew’s voice said in their minds.

The two looked at each other and sat down, Todd crossing his legs and J. Johnson just plopping down on his butt with his feet stretched out.

{Much better,} the voice went on, {About 3,000 years ago we legendary Pokémon and you humans worked together. A long time ago an evil group known as the Children of the Apocalypse came around, known by some as the Unity. They thought that they were better then everyone else, and decided to kill everyone else, like most evil groups wish to do. Only a few of us legendaries went with them, most of us, including me, signing up with a group of humans and legendary Pokémon known as the White Crusaders. After a long time of battling, we found that the only way that we could win was to make powerful relics to give the humans. Each of us made one, handing it to a deserving human to use against the enemy. Using these items the White Crusaders managed to win, destroying the Children of the Apocalypse.}

Todd blinked, taking all of this information in. “Okay,” he said after great length’s, “So now they’re popping up again.”

{Yes,} Mew agreed, {And as you know we legendary Pokémon can no longer trust you humans, because you’ll just throw a Poké ball at us and try to capture us. And also, we all know that if you were given the power of the relics you’d just destroy yourselves. After you’ve destroyed us, that is.}

Todd shook his head, “I’m not saying that Aqua and Rocket wouldn’t, and I can’t talk for all of Delta Green, but I wouldn’t use the item for evil. I’d use it to get rid of the groups and then I’d destroy it.”

The Mew in turn shook her head, {I can’t trust you. Human’s can’t be trusted.}

J. Johnson said, in a hoarse voice, “If they’re so bad why haven’t you destroyed them yourselves?”

The Mew sighed openly before mentally saying {We can’t. Because we made them to be used by humans, only humans can destroy them. I wish I could, I’d be happy to have this thing off my conscious.}

“Give me a second,” Todd mumbled aloud, before going into a trance like meditation…

* * * * *

Meeting Room, Jarrod’s Mind
Personalities of the Round Table

All around a large old fashioned round table sat ten chairs. In each of the chairs another one of Jarrod’s personalities sat, and the biggest one of the ten held Jarrod himself. Jarrod sat with his back turned, and everyone else was wearing a long cape, a shadow blocking off any look at the personalities face.

“What are we going to do?” Todd asked.

Josh piped in first, “We need the power to defeat Aqua, we can’t win this without it!”

Leo laughed, “We have more then enough firepower to defeat Aqua, a fancy sword won’t save Rust from a bullet to the head …”

Jacques frowned, “He could have found something else. I know he has. We’re going to die.”

“As crazy as he is,” Josh said, “he has a point. Who knows what else that bastard has got by now.”

“Ungh. Me kill Rust!” Petey said, slamming his fists on the table.

“Calm down big man,” Josh said, “What do you girls think?”

Elise, the young girl, said “I don’t want to hurt the cute Mew. I say we help it.”

Sara nodded, “I agree. We can’t fight a legendary. And I don’t want anyone else to get hurt trying to fight it.”

“You fools!” Trisha said in a rough voice, “We rush in, get the bow, then use it to defeat the Mew. With the bow we will be unstoppable!”

Todd laughed, “Don’t be stupid. You make it seem like it’s an end all weapon. It can only do so much, you know. Phillip?”

The religious man spoke up, his charismatic voice filling the room, “We need to defeat the demons, but we don’t need the devil to trick us along the way. We must put faith in ourselves, and do this without greed and power.”

Trisha stood up, “Don’t be stupid! We need the bow to…” she was cut off by someone clearing their throat. Everyone knew who it was immediately.

“We destroy it … I’ll do it myself.” Jarrod’s voice said, and the master personality threw off his cloak.

* * * * *

Mount Moon, Basement Level Two
On the Search for Mew’s Bow

Jarrod stood up, confidently staring at the Mew. “We’ll destroy it for you.” He said, not a doubt in his mind …

10-08-2006, 01:20 AM
Outside Space center, Mossdeep, Hoenn

"No guns, we need to do this as stealthly as possible and more importantly no damage to the equipment."

I stood outside the back entrance to the Space center, with me about 50 Aqua grunts, and the 2 admins that had been with me back at the piller, I had no time to worry about names, not with what lay ahead....the future of team Aqua.

"Ok" I said turning to address the Aqua members behind me, "You know the drill be quiet don't be seen, and don't catch any alarms."

"You two" I said turning to the admins each of you take 20 grunts and take the west, and east wings, I'll take 10 and take the main control rooms." "Understand?"

a quiet chorus of Yes sir" went up, "alright move out" I said, and watched the two admins split toward their respective sides.

"We go through the front door" I said making my way towards the front. "First we need a decoy I said scanning the grunts, "you come here" I said motioning over a grunt, "whats your height?"

"About 5' 8"" the grunt said shuffling his feet.

"Take off your shirt" I ordered. when he complied I drew my katana, "be very still I said" and slashed at his chest and arms.

He winced as thin wet strips of blood appeared, "perfect" I said.

5 Minutes later me and my men were hidden in some bushes as the grunt I had cut staggered to the front door of the center, he collasped against glass door moaning, moments later two guards appeared, one of them unlocked the door, as soon as it was open they hurried to see if the grunt was alright.

Quietly I rose from my covered position and made my way towards the two guards bent over the grunt, I reached below my trenchcoat and came up with two throwing knives, picking one them I aimed and fired, one immediately fell, the knive buried in his throat, the other quickly rose his hand on his holster, he was much to slow as the second knive flew towards him. The grunt rose as the guard fell the knive protruding from his forehead.

"Lets go" I said, walking towards the now unlocked door...

10-08-2006, 01:24 AM
Celadon City/Routes around Celadon City
In Pursuit of Knowledge of the Staff of Water.

I walked out of Celadon City and in a nearby field. Suddenly, a Pidgeotto attacked me. I released Kirlia. “Kirlia, use Confusion!” I told him. Kirlia closed his eyes and Pidgeotto began to glow blue. It was shot into the ground. Kirlia opened his eyes and moved over near Pidgeotto and looked down where it had landed. Pidgeotto responded immediately by flying out and using Fury Attack. The first attack hit Kirlia, the second missed, and the third hit. Kirlia was tossed backwards but quickly stood up and waited for my orders.

“Use Magical Leaf!” I told Kirlia. Kirlia nodded and suddenly a large mystical leaf flew at Pidgeotto, it followed the bird pokemon, no matter how hard it tried to escape. Pidgeotto was hit and fell to the ground. I grabbed an empty Poke Ball from my belt and threw it at the Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto was sucked inside. The ball began to shake. Once…twice…three times…and then…PING. Pidgeotto was captured. The Poke Ball flew back to my hand and I attached it onto my belt. I looked again at my surroundings and saw nothing. So I turned around to head back to the city.

I walked back in Celadon City to see the Gambling Corner. I walked inside the building. In it I saw people sitting at lottery machines, trying out their luck. Coins were scattered on the ground. I walked around and picked up as many as I could. After around ten minutes, I had 3,476 coins. ‘Geez, please drop so many coins…’ I walked to one of the machines and put in a coin. I pulled the lever. The slot machine lined up to something I couldn’t read and twenty coins came out.

An hour later, and I had collected 25,347 coins. ‘And people say gambling is hard and takes all your money. What do they know?’ I thought sarcastically. I walked next door to the Prize Counter. They were selling a ton of items and pokemon. I walked up to one of the ladies.

“What would you like, honey?” she asked me.

I looked at the list of stuff. “I’ll take five Mystery Grabs for 25,000 coins total please,” I told her.

“Oh my. You must have done well. Here you go!” She handed me five bags. I looked in each one. The first bag had an assortment of PokeBlocks, the second had an weird stone in it, the third had 3,000 coins in it, the fourth had an Ultra Ball inside, and the last had one of the two books I was missing, titled Mysteries of Kyogre. “…that was odd…” I said aloud. I thanked the lady and stuck the items in my bag for later use. I excited the building. Standing outside, I released Pidgeotto. “Pidgeotto, we must go see Dr. Fredrick Polauf. Take me to Slateport City!” I grabbed Pidgeotto’s leg and we took off.

10-08-2006, 01:34 AM
Location: SS Delta, Route 40, en route to Northeast Whirl Island
Time: Sunrise

Shû continued slowly climbing the boat, checking to make sure evryone was okay, and that everything that was needed to work, worked properly. Naoriû followed Shû, carefully tapping into his feelings, and some of his thoughts. Shû also took into account the fact that thanks to the cry of what apparently was a Pokemon scared off Team Coral.

'<Shû, Team Coral has disappeared, but thick fog is starting to form around us,>' Casey stated from the top deck. '<We may need Crobat to help lead the way to the closest island, because he can use his ultrasonic waves to find out what could be in this thick mist. Also, in case your wondering, the casualties for us were 23 Grunts, 13 Pokemon, and an officer.> Shû bit his lip when he heard the news about the casualties. Though that was only a sixth of a crew in total, that showed how weak the SS Delta was if it wasn't supplied properly with Grunts that had some sea experience. Shû climbed another small stair well, making it to the fourth floor below the deck.

This floor was darkened, and extremely quiet, causing Shû to tense up. He held his Tarakev at his side with both hands as he slowly continued through the hallway on this floor. He pushed open the first door he came to, and glanced into the room. He saw a person sitting at a desk, but his head was on the desk, arms hung directly down. Shû slwoly walked toward the man and saw a red pool of blood around the man's head. Shû looked around, and saw a small hole in the circular window, and he figured out where the projectory of the bullet was for.

Shû grabbed the radio from his pocket and pressed the reciever button, "Captain, there... there is a man down on the fourth floor," he released the reciever and bit his lip trying to hold back a cry. Naoriû walked up to him and wrapped one of his long jointed arms around him. The radio fizzled for a second.

"Do you know how it happened, Shû?" the Captain spoke. Shû gulped, and he broke down into tears, still slightly tramatuized from walking in on a dead body. The radio that Shû had slipped out of his hands and hit the ground, causing an ear -piercing screech to echo from the other radios on the ship. His hands went up to his eyes as he tried clearing the tears, but they filled his eyes as fast as he wiped them. Naoriû grabbed the radio, and gazed at it. He noticed the small button that Shû always pressed before speaking, and pressed it.

'<This is Naoriû, Shû's Everide,>' Naoriû stated slowly, using his telepathy to speak into the radio, '<Shû figured out how he was killed when he saw a small hole in the window that the man was facing away from. The bullet impressively didn't shatter the window, but still hit this man in the back of his head. We haven't guessed when he was killed, but in roughly the last half-an-hour or so.>' Shû looked up at Naoriû as he continued staring at the radio. 'He must be using his telepathy to speak on the radio,' Shû thought, as more tears flooded to his eyes. Naoriû released the small reciever button, and looked down at the still tearing Shû

'<Shû, it is okay to cry, because you have the reason of walking in on someone who died,> Naoriû told Shû. Shû looked up at his Fighting-Psychic Pokemon, and felt the tears starting dissipate.

"I'll send two Grunts and a Medic down there to take care of the dead body," the captain spoke, "You two wait there until the Medic gets there, then you can continue climbing the ship." Shû felt saddened for the the man, and somewhere in his heart, he felt and heard that cry from the Pokemon earlier. He shut his eyes as he slowly consoled the feeling of the Pokemon's sorrow and sadness in his heart. Slowly, he felt his sadness and fear melt away, as he helped comforted and cared for that feeling. He stored that memory of doing so in the back of his mind, so he can think about thanking the 'Lugia' for giving him a reason not to be fearful.

Dr Scott
10-08-2006, 01:36 AM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown), No one / Mental Meeting (Black)

Mount Moon, Basement Level Two
On the Search for Mew’s Bow

{You will!?} Mew asked, surprise in her voice. Then she turned suspicious, {How do I know that you’re not just saying that?}

Jarrod looked at her, his blue eyes staring into her own eyes, “You could read my mind. But you can just trust me, it’d work a lot better. Now, how do I do this?”

{Um, to tell you the truth, I’m not so sure. Hang on.} The pink Pokémon flew back to the light filled room, coming out with a bow that was just as light as the light coming out of the room. The bow was made of pure energy, and looked to be about the most pure thing in the world.

“Can I touch it?” Jarrod asked, wincing a bit at the bright light. “I mean, is it safe?” When the Mew nodded he reached out, taking it in his hands. Indeed, it didn’t hurt him. However, he felt a strange tingling heat coming from the hand that held the bow, a feeling that filled him with an inner strength. It begged to be kept, and inside him certain personalities begged him to keep it. However, he would do no such thing, and he used Phillip’s thoughts to anchor him to destroy it.

He threw two Poké balls, letting Athena the Medicham and Zeus the Flygon out. “Okay guys,” he said to his two old Pokémon, who immediately felt it was their original master, “Use everything you can on this thing!”

Zeus responded by sending a blue flame at it, the dragon breath just bouncing off the energy filled bow. Seeing that fail, he sent a sand tomb at it, which failed just as badly as the other, the block of sand was cleaved in half by the energy bow. Meanwhile, Medicham was trying her best to pick it apart with her mind, sending it flying into walls. This just made marks in the walls, and Athena finally gave up, letting it go. After calming her mind, the half fighting Pokémon ran up and punched the bow, first wrapping her fist in fire, then thunder, and finally ice. Each time she was blasted back by energy. After a while Athena finally quit, crossing her legs and meditating in the air.

During all of this, J. Johnson was tending to Ice, Jarrod was racking his mind as to what to do, and Mew was watching in interest as the various Pokémon failed to do any damage to the bow that she made long ago.

Finally, Jarrod closed his eyes and spoke directly to just one of his personalities, {What can we do?} he asked Todd.

Inside his head Todd made a tsking sound, {What’s good against Psychic?}

“Oooh…” Jarrod said aloud, turning to Zeus, “Use your crunch attack on it, Zeus!”

The flying Ground-Dragon Pokémon nodded, approaching the bow, which was floating in the air, slowly. From behind them all a harsh voice said “I don’t think I can allow you to do that ...”

Turning around, Jarrod found himself face to face with Steven, who had a gun to his forehead …

Ninja TK
10-08-2006, 01:43 AM
Underground Level 2, Ancient Battlegrounds
In search of the Space Boots

Jeremy and Sneasel enter through the stairs and see a steel box with stars on it. They decide to see whats in the box. As they are opening the box they hear a screeching sound. The screeching sounded like someone with really long nails scraping them across a million chalkboards. Suddenly, there is a big explosion sending sneasel and Jeremy flying. The quickly recover to the ground and see a long rocky like figure in a clound of dust form the explosion.

"Go sneasel! Use Shadow ball!" Jeremy said.

Zoom! Sneasel launches a fierce shadow ball clearing the cloud of dust to reveal a Onyx.

"An Onyx eh? This oughta' be easy... Use another shadow ball!"

Sneasel sends a shadow ball flying at Onyx. Onyx dodges the ball of shadows and digs under the ground. Onyx then smashes through the ground upward toward Sneasel. Sneasel dodges it for the most part, but is sent soaring toward the roof of that level. Sneasel holds the stalagmites formed on the ceiling.

"Man this is one tough Onyx. Try using an icy wind all around it! Then use fury swipes!" Shouts Jeremy in a concerned manner.

Sneasel launched icy wind then went into an all out assault on Onyx with fury swipes. Onyx fainted.

"wow.. Nothing like the adrenaline of a battle right Sneasel?"
"Sneasel!" Sneasel says happily.

They continue to the box and open it.

Dr Scott
10-08-2006, 01:54 AM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown), No one / Mental Meeting (Black)

Mount Moon, Basement Level Two
Destroying Mew’s Bow

Jarrod stared at Steven harshly, not even worrying about the cold muzzle pressed against his forehead, “You?” he asked calmly.

The teen smiled evilly, “Yes, me. You were stupid enough to trust me, and look where it got you. You deserve this, you know. You were too damn trusting. You should have listened to Ice.”

Jarrod smiled a bit, allowing Sara’s anger to fill him, “And who sent you?” he asked curiously.

“Why, I think you know who … ‘The man who killed my family’, I think that’s what you know him by. Or, perhaps ‘The man who shot my girlfriend,’ is that it?”

Jarrod blinked back the tears, shoving his melancholy to Jacques, the poor personality absorbing the sadness as he always did. His mind back at the task at hand, Jarrod said “What’s he have to do with any of this?”

Steven laughed, “He knows you’re the number two of Team Delta Green. And he knew that you knew about the relics. So he decided to have me follow you, unless you found any. And here I am.”

Jarrod finally let the hand he was holding up in a ‘stop’ manner fall, and Steven was shot back by a Psychic attack from both Mew and Athena. “Idio…” Jarrod never got to finish his sentence, because Steven had managed to keep a hold of his gun, and fired it toward Jarrod …

Jarrod felt himself pushed to the side, and heard a ‘Ungh’ sound from in front of him. J. Johnson lay in front of him, holding his leg as blood poured out. On the ground, Steven steadied his gun for another shot, aiming this one at Jarrod …

He never had a chance, because at that time his blains were busy being blown out by a M1 Carbine fired at close range. Steven fell dead as Ice stood over him, putting her gun back at its place in the holster on her back. “Don’t even think of hurting Jarrod.” She said, her eyes flashing in anger. She then turned to Jarrod, who she hadn’t seen since the War was over with. “It’s good to have you back, sir.” She saluted her commanding officer and fellow Shadow Corps member.

“Only so that I can destroy this bow. At ease. Ice, take care of the good private, he might have saved my life.” Jarrod pointed at J. Johnson, who was holding his leg in pain.

Ice sent out a Blissey and was quickly at the soldiers side, working on pulling the bullet out …

Meanwhile, Jarrod turned back to Flygon, “Use Crunch on that stupid bow and destroy it.”

Zeus nodded, taking the bow of energy in his mouth and crunching down hard. The dark attack canceled the pure-white energy, and the bow exploded in a mass of energy. The energy floated in the air for a bit before getting sucked into the waiting Mew.

{Ahhh,} the Mew said as all of the white energy was sucked back into it. {It’s so good to finally be at full strength again!}

Jarrod smiled, returning both Athena and Zeus before turning to the legendary Pokémon, “Glad to be of help.”

The Pokémon nodded, {And now I will help you. I have found your quest to be worthy and good, and I’ve decided to join you.}

Jarrod’s mouth fell open, “What?!”

{Don’t get a big head,} the Mew said with a laugh, {I’m not going to let you suck me up with a Poké ball, now come on, there’s a lot I should tell you …}

10-08-2006, 02:03 AM
En Route to Slateport City
Late Afternoon, around 6:00 PM
In Pursuit of Knowledge of the Staff of Water

I was holding onto to Pidgeotto’s leg, as I was too big to fly on him. We were heading in the direction of Slateport when I saw giant bird fly by. It looked like a legendary, but I couldn’t be sure. I knew it wasn’t Kyogre, obviously, so it didn’t interest me. We continued flying. Eventually, an hour and a half or so later, we reached Slateport. I decided it was too late to go see the good doctor, so I went to a hotel and spent the night.

That night, as I was sitting on my hotel bed, I remembered the books. I took out one of them and began reading about Kyogre. The book told me many things that I didn’t know, and told me possible locations of the whale-like pokemon. I wrote them down in my notebook and continued reading. After awhile, I put the book away and took out the PokeBlocks. I released all of my pokemon, Espeon, Poliwhirl, Kirlia, Pidgeotto, and even Feebas. I fed them each a PokeBlock and returned them to their Poke Balls. I then laid down, trying to go to sleep. I was excited to see Dr. Fredrick Polauf. I hadn’t seen him since my seventh birthday, when my parents invited him over to see a recently discovered Water Pokemon fossil. Dr. Fredrick Polauf specializes in Water Pokemon and Water Pokemon artifacts. ‘So it’s been ten years… Then again, I hadn’t seen my parents in seven years. At least he may give me the answers I am hoping for…’ I thought tiredly.

10-08-2006, 02:04 AM
Location: Fenishi hotel room number 122 in Kanto.

The sound of the squawking spearows outside the hotel room was already giving me a headache. I slowly rolled out of the old mattress bed as I knew if I was to be any later the boss was going to kill me.
The time was 8 A.M. as I slowly rolled out of bed. My room was small and cozy. It had a red carpet aligned along the floor with a white painted wall. There was a twin mattress and a tiny kitchen with a stove to cook basic meals, cabinets that held all the meal ware and a wooden table with two chairs.
Yesterday I was given a call at about 1 P.M. from a green phone located on the hotel room's floor. I unfortunately could remember Gonzap's every word from the phone.

"Poltergeist the artifacts have been revealed and you’re being lazy in a hotel room, "Gonzap shouted.

“Well maybe.....," I said in my defense

"Poltergeist these items offer tremendous power to whoever wields them and if they where to fall into another team's hand it could mean the end for Team Rocket," Gonzap said in a serious voice.

"Ahh who cares," I began to say, “I could take them on no matter what equipment they wield."

"If you want to live I suggest you get moving,” He bellowed annoyed.

The phone then went dead.

"Sigh these relics are starting to turn out to be a real pain in the butt," I thought to myself. After hearing Gonzaps ranting that day I quickly went to the town’s library to find a book giving some detail. After finding an old worn book that seemed to be what I needed I took out a piece of paper and pencil and began to write down all the artifacts and there descriptions as to where they might be.

I sat down in my hotel in the present and ate some wheaty Os as I began to scan through my options to find which of the artifacts I would like to acquire. I found the Ice bow to be very intriguing and thought it would be a great long range weapon to add to my arsenal.

I quickly finished breakfast and began to pack my bags for a long flight to hoen if I where to beat others to the prize. I quickly scurried outside and signaled for a cab to take me to the airport since the bow was supposedly made by who Regice who by legend had lived in Hoen.

“Let the games begin," I thought as I entered the cab that acknowledged my signal.

Charizard Michelle
10-08-2006, 02:26 AM
En ROute to Hoenn

Micheal had said his goodbye to his little sister Adie. He didn't want to leave her again but he had too. He really wanted to see if this book was for real. The page for the Wishing Key was mostly readable. He was able to see the location of the key relic which said it was located in an island north of Hoenn.

Currently he was on Char flying south towards Hoenn. Micheal was reading the book and was getting use to reading the unown letters. He saw other relics from the pages like an Ice Bow by Articuno and Party Hat that was made by an pokemon unknown by Micheal.

Micheal then looked at Char and said, "This going to be a while CHar. I mean it is a long way to Hoenn."

Char roared.

Micheal nodded and said, "I would use Enu but he doesn't know where the location is. I mean he never been there so no use." Enu was the evolve form of Kaira and his only green pokemon. That was enough to keep him in Delta Green.

They were now flying south towards an unknown island north of Hoenn.

Sent Reglay
10-08-2006, 02:32 AM
Shinou Outpost

As I was recuperating from the many wounds I had accumulated in the past 3 days, i had felt rather useless. This all changed when a grunt barged into my room and announced that Rocket forces were being crushed in Futaba Town. I was tunned stunned, and this was only amplified when It was announced that Gonzap himself was leading the assault. "that was a foolhardy thing to do" I thought to myself as I got ready to provide aid to my compatriots in Futaba.

Within six hours I was outside the Futaba city limits, what I saw was terifying. Men were flying through the air from countless explosions launched from the sky and earth. I lead my Spec Ops forces onto the top of a building and we took up sniping positions. We killed men left and right, but when a tiger tank turned on us the men shivered in fear. I drew my Lance and turned the threat into a smoldering pile of ash. A few of the aqua grunts retreated before this display, but I knew that the real targets would be much harder to get rid of. I heard the cry of moltres in the distance and a plan came to my mind.

Ninja TK
10-08-2006, 02:33 AM
Underground Level 2, Ancient Battlegrounds
In search of the Space Boots

Inside the box was a weird looking egg with stars on it. Sneasel looks at it with a weird look. Jeremy decides to take it. He puts the egg in his bag and continues to look for the next set of stairs.

"AH! To heck with it! Sneasel use fury swipes on the wall.. I think its made of sand, and if it is then you can cut through it and we can see whats on the other side." Jeremy says triumphantly.

Sneasel uses fury swipes on the wall and as Jeremy suspected, it was made of sand so sneasel cut through it. They then could see another room. They go to the room where they find a shrine of Deoxys.

"Wow. Whoever made this place must have liked Deoxys." Jeremy looks at the shrine and sees a model of Deoxys next to a map. "This must be a map of.. uh... Wherever we are." Jeremy studies it discovering they are almost to the top. "Hmm.. We need to go up a couple of levels... I think we should try and blast our way through the top of this place... Come on out Charizard! Use a fire blast on the ceiling!"

Charizard comes out of its pokeball and uses an overwhelming Fire blast, blowing a hole in the ceiling above.

"Alright.. Charizard would you please take us up there?" Jeremy asks nicely.

10-08-2006, 02:35 AM
Small Unknown Town, Kanto, Evening

Me and Crim had just made it to this old, rundown town somewhere between Celadon and Fushia. It has no Pokemon Center and no Pokemart. All it has is a hotel, and alot of houses. We payed for a room and decided to wait out the storm. While we were in our room, we talked about each other's families and what we did before the War. We then got so tired from talking, that we just dosed off without even knowing it.

I had a dream about the Space Boots and what they could do. I dreamed about me flying around the world without having to worry about falling. Something scared me though in my dream. While I was over an ocean, Deoxys flew next to me and started attacking me. I quickly woke up and looked around. Just a boring hotel room. I sighed and started to go back to sleep.

Lord Celebi
10-08-2006, 02:50 AM
Menaphos Catacomb

<Anyways... You have helped me. To you, I owe you a large debt, to which I will pay with my life. I am your eternat servent, Master rust Makuta.> Aruseus said.

"Ah..." I said, "Welcome aboard." I threw a Pokeball at Aruseus. The Pokeball shook once and clicked. Aruseus didn't resist. I picked up the Pokeball, and clipped it onto my belt. I left the Catacomb, to which Tiantus reported to me on the progress of the Rocket attack.

"Sir, more Rockets have arrived. They've downed a Tiget Tank with Moltres' Relic, and they're on top of a building," Tiantus said.

"Surrounded the building in Panzers, Tigers, and troops. From there, have the bombers bomb the building. If that doesn't work, have the tanks blow the building up," I said, running out of the monument.

I then ran over to the building, where the Rocket operative was sestroying things with Moltres' Lance.

"So... Team Incompetance has already recovered a relic?" I asked, mocking Rocket. I climbed up the building by negatively charging my feet and walking up the wall. I slashed as several Rocket grunts, and then launched an electric attack at the lost grunt, leaving only me and the Rocket Operative.

"Leave Futaba now and you can keep your life. Stay, and you will die," I said, launching an electric attack at him...

Sent Reglay
10-08-2006, 02:58 AM
I saw the bolt of lightning fly towards me. I also saw a red flash get in the bolts way. When all the movement sudsided I saw moltres in front of me taking the bolt of lightning <Move aside He is my victim> it clearly spoke into the minds of all present. I formed my thoughts and talked to it mentally <If you help me defeat these fools, I will destroy your relic for you>. <If you go back on your promise...> it spoke with menace in its voice, if it could really be called a voice. <I won't, trust me> I told it this trying to suppress my thoughts of betrayal, but it obviously couldn't read minds just hear them. It rose into the air and began annihilating all the aqua members present. I helped it out with its own relic, and between all the flames flying around, every gasoline powered vehicle in the immediate area burst into flames.

OOC: going offline, will continue tommorrow.

10-08-2006, 03:02 AM
Location: SS Delta, Route 40, en route to Northeast Whirl Island
Time: Sunrise

Shû slowly stood up and looked at the window, staring at the hole. He walked over to the window, and looked through the hole. He saw the rough sea and the thick fog that was slowly coming in from the west. He pulled his head away from the hole and stuck his index finger into the hole. He noticed something odd about the hole, and removed his finger, and looked at it again, trying to focus on the shape of it. He then noticed why it felt so weird.

"This bullet didn't come in straight, it came in from an angle, but not an incredible angle," Shû stated, pulling his head away from the hole. Naoriû looked at Shû confused, but let Shû continue his explanation.

"When you look at it incredibly close, all you notice is the fact that it is a circle," Shû explained, "But if you pull your head away just enough, you'll notice the top and bottom edges are slightly angled, and that some of the glass was taken away from the bullet. Now, here is my real question, was that bullet that hit him one from a Team Coral gun, or one that was reflected from our guns by a Mr. Mime or an Alakazam." He glared at the hole one more time before turning away from it, hearing the three pairs of approaching footsteps.

"Sir, we have arrived," one of the Grunts spoke as they arrived. The two Grunts stood back away from the door as the Medic rushed in to examine the body. Naoriû stepped out of the room, and Shû followed slowly.

"I think you will find that the bullet isn't pointing straight, but it is on a tilt to one side," Shû murmured to the Medic before slipping away with Naoriû. As he climbed up the stairs to go to the third floor, he heard the Medic shout something that couldn't be understood, but obviously he could tell the Medic was amazed at something. He looked at Naoriû, who gave him a content gaze, before they continued on climbing the ship.

- - - * - - - * - - - * - - -

OOC: Wow! I have been climbing this ship for a long time... :o

Charizard Michelle
10-08-2006, 03:08 AM
En Route to Hidden Wish Island

By viewing the page of the of the Wishing Key Micheal was able to find out the name of the island that they were heading for. Still the book didn't tell what was on the island still it did have the name of the island and where it could be found on. That was enough for MIcheal since that allowd Micheal to get it. Still he wonder if the island was still there while if the information in he book was even real.

Still Micheal was wondering why haven't anybody have found the island. Micheal then closed the book and repeated to himself. "Til the just of good."

Micheal then looked around. THey were getting closer to the region of Hoenn but nothing was seen. He saw no island close to the land. He wonder if the island was still there after so long. Still they search. MIcheal then decided to get some help. He grabbed a pokeball and release his beedrill. "Beedrill. Could you help find an island. Fly down there and see if you can find anything."

Beedrill nodded and flew below to search while Micheal and Char gain a view from above.

Neo Emolga
10-08-2006, 03:08 AM
OOC: Just know each team in only entitled to find two relics per week, otherwise this while RP is just going to turn into a relic-collecting spree (like it has already).

The relics are just a part of the storyline, but trying to be the dominant force among the teams is also vital as well.

Ninja TK
10-08-2006, 03:13 AM
Underground Level 1, Ancient Battlegrounds
In search of the Space Boots

Once on the next level Jeremy's stomach starts to growl. Jeremy stops, lets his pokemon out, and they all eat. As they are eating Jeremy starts to think...

Jeremy's thoughts:
Ok lets see... When i find the space boots and if i keep them that means that Deoxys will be after me. I wonder.. If i wear the space boots and he is folowing me, if i can out run him.. That would be pretty awesome.. But what if i cant? Then he will kill me.. And if my pokemon try and help me and start attacking him... I dont think they are strong enough to take him.. Then they will die.. Is getting the boots really worth that? Maybe it is.. Maybe it could bring the war to an end.. Would it be worth it then? No.. No it wouldnt. I would lose the best thing that ever happened to me, Sneasel. *Jeremy looks over at sneasel who is throwing apples at Charizard* If sneasel died i dont know what would happen to me.. And charizard.. I have had him since he was a scared little charmander. And what would happen to Patches (Pachirusu)? Even though i havent had him for long.. I could still lose him too.. So really.. Is it worth it? To end the war and lose the best friends you have ever had? or not? And live every day of your life at constant war with opposing forces worrying about getting bombed and being kept as prisoner? *The words keep repeating in his mind...*

"AH!!! I cant take it!" Jeremy runs through a door that has no room behind it, just the outside. Much like a cliff. Jeremy sits on this "cliff". Sneasel comes running behind and sits by Jeremy.
"Sneasel Sne?" Says sneasel looking worried.
" Yes everything is fine.. I was just thinking about how if we find the Space boots and what i should do.. And if i decide to keep them and end the war with this then what would happen to you guys... And i just cant think of ever losing yall'" Jeremy starts to get teary eyed when Sneasel grabs him by the callor of his shirt and starts to run..

"What the heck are you doing!!!!" As Jeremy says this a hyperbeam comes flying toward them and misses because of Sneasels actions.

"HOLY.. What the heck was that?!" Sneasel points at the pokemon.
Its a Member from team rocket with an Altaria.

"Man this could be bad.. Since when does altaria know hyper beam???" Jeremy says.
"To protect the world..."

"Dont even start with that crap.. Seriously you need a new motto.. That one is kind of annoying. Now what do you want?" Jeremy says with fire in his eyes.
"Well if you must know, i am here to steal the space boots and use them for evil!" *starts to use an evil laugh*

"Thats not gonna happen! I wont let it!!!!! Lets go Sneasel! Use an ice beam!"
Sneasel uses ice beam. Altaria quickly dodges.

"You're going to have to do better than that to beat us!" Says the Rocket member.

"alright then.. you asked for it!"

"How are you going to hurt us? Sneasel cant fly!"

"Yeah but you forgot one thing.. Charizard! Use seismic toss!"

Charizard zips toward altaria giving it no time to react. Charizard gets it in a head lock and completes its ferocious attack, breaking altaria's neck.

"NO! Altaria!... This isnt the last you'll see of us!" The rocket member flies away on a flygon.

"wow good job Charizard!" Jeremy hugs him,"OK now then.. Since there arent any disturbances.. Lets go search for those boots!

Dr Scott
10-08-2006, 03:20 AM
OOC : So I think that means that Rust has both of Aqua's, with the Boots of Death and the Thunder Katana, Rocket has one with Sent's Lance, and I have one after destroying Mew's Bow. Meaning that Green and Rocket still can get one O.O.

10-08-2006, 03:46 AM
Fushia City, Kanto, Morning

Me and Crim had been walking for I'd say a good 5 hours from that old hotel. We had finally made it to the glorious Fushia City. Me and Crim admired the scenery and went to the boat house. We looked at all the places the ferry went and at what times. We were lucky to be there at that moment. Near the bottom of the sheet said that the ferry to Hoenn was about to depart. We looked at each other in disbelief, but then we ran to buy our tickets. They were expensive. When we started walking to the ferry, I muttered to Crim, " 50 dollars for a ticket! What are they thinking? "

Crim smiled and replyed, " We should be lucky that we even got these tickets. If I am thinking right, the Soul Shield and the Space Boots are somewhere in Hoenn. That's why we should be lucky. " I looked at him with an astonished look, but smiled and nodded my head in agreement.

When we got to the ferry, our jaws dropped open. The ferry was the size of a Pokemon Center and it was as long as an Onix. The ticket person was standing near the staircase. We showed him our tickets and with a smile, he punched them out. When we got to the cabin that we were assigned, he hollared, " Onto Hoenn and the Soul Shield and the Space Boots! "

Ninja TK
10-08-2006, 04:02 AM
Underground Level 2, Ancient Battlegrounds
In search of the Space Boots

Jeremy walks back to the room they flew up through when he slips on a banana peel.

"What the heck? Why is there a banana..." Jeremy looks up and sees an Aipom looking at him. "Uh.. Hello? Did you do this on purpose?!" Aipom laughs. Jeremy starts to chase it.

Up the stairs and around a room Jeremy chased Aipom.
Underground Level 1, Ancient Battlegrounds
In search of the Space Boots

"Why you little!!!" Jeremy screems. Aipom continues to laugh until it runs into a wall..

"Ha! You deserve that! Stupid Aipom..."

Jeremy walks up to it and picks it up by the tail. Aipom is confused and its head hurts really badly.. Jeremy notices a tag like thing on AIpoms leg. He looks at it and realizes its a note. It reads:

Through valleys and over trees will you find what you desire.

"Well thats odd.. I think ill hold on to this for safe keeping.. Sorry about chasing you and saying that mean stuff Aipom." Aipom accepts his appology. "So who sent you here with that message?" Aipom shrugs.

"Well... Do you still want to come with us?" Aipom shakes its head indicating no.

Jeremy thanks it for the message and waves goodbye as Aipom walks out into the sunset.
Jeremy look around the new room he is in.. He sees... Nothing.. There is nothing in the room. Jeremy looks around for stairs that lead up but finds none. He decides there must be a secret switch.. He cant find one..

"Sneasel can you help me find a.. Sneasel?" *Jeremy looks over at Sneasel who is attempting to be spider-man.. Jeremy keeps watching Sneasel play spider-man.. Its too entertaining.*

Charizard Michelle
10-08-2006, 04:05 AM
Hidden Wish Island

Beedrill had just returned to Micheal. He had motion to Char and Micheal that there was an small island. Char decided to follow Beedrill to the small island.

When they arrived there they saw that the island was very small. Micheal could have understood why nobody would bother with this island. It was bray the size of a small room with lots of trees. Micheal had his charizard and beedrill with him. He then said, "Well I don't see where this relic could be." MIcheal thought it would have been easy to find the relic. Still this was going to be hard thought Micheal. Still this relice was meant to be hidden. Micheal was determine to find it. He knows that the relice was on this island somewhere.

"Go out guys. The relic is somewhere here." said MIcheal. His pokemon nodded and Micheal walked around the small island.

After a few minutes later Micheal and his pokemon had search the island. They lefted every rock and looked behind every tree. Still Micheal knew that the relic was here. Micheal then walked to the other side of the island which didn't take too long. He then sighed and fell to the ground. When he had landed on the ground he felt a hard thud. It felt as if he had landed on stone. He looked at the spot where he sat on and saw heavy vines there and growth on there. Micheal then said, "Char. Flamethrower on the ground."

Char shot a Flamethrower to the spot that Micheal had pointed too. When the plant growth was burned away it revealed a huge stone table. It was as a huge tile with a star on it.

10-08-2006, 04:40 AM
Location:Somewhere above Coral ocean on flight 165

“Sir would you care for a drink,” The flight attendant asked politely.

“Sure I guess any kind of cola you have would do,” I replied a bit parched.

The flight attendant nodded and grabbed a coke of the cart and placed it on my tray. She then continued with her duty by moving up the row to ask the next person in line.

The plane had lifted off about an hour ago I think as I had begun to research into the Ice Bow’s location. Out of my carry on bag I pulled out a book that gave in depth detail of every city on all four continents of our world. I began to flip through pages and started to think.

Regice had been an ice pokemon that was rumored to be in the Hoen region. To my dismay there were no icy mountains or icy lakes of the sort located around the region. “Sigh I repeat this is turning into a real pain in the butt,” I grumbled to myself. I began to ponder as to where might an Icy weapon had been placed if it wasn’t in ice itself. I continued to flip through the book to hope that somehow something might hit me. Unfortunately not even a nudge.

I sigh to myself disappointed that this job might actually be a challenge. I began to think that being a Rocket general was having its downside. I began to remines as to when Luisa had been leader and I didn’t have to do something if I truly didn’t want to, but Gonzap was making me work left and right.

Having now become bored with staring at a book for an hour I pulled out the crossword puzzle that had been in today’s newspaper. I take a quick sip of my soda.

“Ok lets see,” I said as I began to relax,” 1 down says the solid form of water, well that’s easy it’s.., I stopped and finally I had been whacked by a sledge hammer. I pulled out the book again while putting the puzzle away and began to stare at the continental map of Hoen.

“If there was nothing ice like around," I thought finally having been struck by inspiration, “ then perhaps something by water.”

I look at the map and began to circle the numerous islands around Hoen and counted a grand total 7.

“Well at least it is a start, I said a little disappointed, “Now all I have to do is limit my options." Finally my work load had begun to lighten.

Ninja TK
10-08-2006, 04:43 AM
Underground Level 1, Ancient Battlegrounds
In search of the Space Boots

"Uh.. Sneasel are you okay?"
"Sneasel Sne!" Sneasel says happily.
"Good.. i dont want you going loopy on me yet okay?"
" Sne."

Jeremy starts to look for a switch again as Sneasel starts to "be" spiderman again. While 'being' spiderman, sneasel accidentally fell on the wall and knocked it down revealing a secret staircase.

"For once your spiderman acting has paid off! Good job Sneasel!"

Before Jeremy and Sneasel could go to climb the stairs an onyx attacked.

"Not the same onyx as before! man this could be bad.. Oh well. I think Charizard should handle this one... Go Charizard! Use Flamethrower!"

Charizard uses flamethrower and Onyx dodges and uses rock throw. Jeremy screams for him to dodge the rocks. Charizard dodges the rocks and unleashes a vicious fireblast that destroys half the room.

"Wow.. *Jeremy stares in awe* Man that is one bad fire blast..."

Onyx gets hit by the blast but doesnt faint.. Instead it runs away.. Jeremy laughs in amazement. He then decides he needs to start looking for where a relic could be found but then gets bored and goes back to watching sneasel be spiderman. Jeremy then gets bored of Sneasel being spiderman and decides to go up the secret staircase they found.

10-08-2006, 04:58 AM
Hotel in Slateport City
Morning, around 9:00 AM

I woke up and sat up in my bed. I looked at the clock on the wall. “Oh…it’s 9:00 AM…” I said unhappily. I got up and put a change of clothes on from my bag. “Come out Kirlia,” I say as I release my Emotion Pokemon. Kirlia pops out of his Poke Ball and stands next to me. I put my hands in the front pocket of my sweatshirt and we walk out of the hotel.

Slateport City
Morning, around 9:30 AM

We walk around Slateport and eventually to the Pokemon Center. We walk up to the counter, to find….Nurse Joy.

“Excuse me, but do you know where Dr. Fredrick Polauf lives?” I asked her politely.

“Yes, he lives two blocks north of here, and he is number…2347 I believe.” she replied.

“Thank you!” I said happily.

Kirlia and I left the centre. We began walking north, then east until we found his building. “Alright Kirlia, here we go…” I said as I walk towards the front door.

“Kir Ki Kirlia!” Kirlia replied as he ran to catch up with me. We reached the door, and I knocked.

Lord Celebi
10-08-2006, 05:47 AM
OOC: So, what if all the teams get 2? Then can every team get 2 more?
Futaba Town

The legendary bird Moltres had appeared and began to attack the Rocket operative. <Move aside He is my victim!> Moltres said. Immedaitely, it looked like it was conversing with the Rocket Operative, and then began attacking. It exploded in flames and blew up several nearby Jeeps.

The tanks then began to pepper it with Panzershrek shells. Moltres cried out in pain. I threw a blast of electricity at it, knocking it back. My Kabutops jumped out and slashed at it. I then let out Aruseus.

<Why are you helping him?> Moltres asked.

<He set me free!> Aruseus said, unleashing a Surf attack, knocking Moltres back...

Charizard Michelle
10-08-2006, 06:03 AM
OOC: No. Now you have to wait a week to get one Rust.


Hidden Wish Island

Micheal looked at the table and saw that it seems like door. He then said, "Time to bust it open guys. Brick Break!!!

The stingers on Beedrill glowed and so was Char's claws. They then slamed into the table but nothing happened. Micheal looked at it and "No good guys. Looks like we going have to blast our way in." He then dug though his huge pockets and pulled out a device. It was a small bomb but powerful. He then place it on the stone tile and held the denotor in his hands. He then got back and said, "Bombs away." He then press the button.

There was a loud explosion and smoke appeared. Mcheal then looked at it and saw that nothing happen to the huge table. He then said, "Strange. That should have done it. Still nothing." MIcheal then looked at the book and looked at the page about the Wishing Key. He then read something about a key. Micheal then said, "A key to get the key. Great. That is just wrong on some many levels."

Micheal then said, "We chill here guys. I neede to think about what needs to be done next. He then saw some huge leaves and place them on top of the tile to hid it. He then said, "What to do next?" He was leaning against a tree.

10-08-2006, 06:19 AM
OOC: Because of the extreme amount of talking here, I decided to color coat this post.
Barret --> Normal
Dr. Fredrick Polauf --> Sea Green
Kirlia/Erureido ---> Deep Sky Blue

Dr. Fredrick Polauf’s House in Slateport City
Morning, around 10:00 AM

We reached the door, I knocked. About a minute passed and no one answered. I knocked again. Then, I heard footsteps coming from the other side. The door slowly opened and a man looked out. He had short grayish-whitish hair. He looked to be in his 60s, possibly 70s. He was wearing a white t-shirt, with a chest pocket, inside of it was a pocket protector and a few pens, and brown pants. He wore a white lab coat over his t-shirt, with a name tag reading: Dr. Polauf.

“Dr. Polauf, it is nice to see you again,” I said softy. I smiled meekly.

He stared at me for a few seconds. “Who are you?” he asked in his German accent.

“I’m Barret, you came over to my parents’ house about ten years ago to look at a Water Pokemon fossil…”

“Oh! Come in!” he said quickly and pulled me inside his house. I quickly recalled Kirlia. He shut the door.

I looked around. We were in a small room. It had white walls, a paisley couch, an older TV set, a paisley recliner, and an old, wood coffee table. I walked forward a few steps and saw a closed white, wooden door. “So, how are your parents?” he asked politely.

“I wouldn’t know. I haven’t seen them in seven years…” I replied, my voice flat.

“Oh…” he said, his face showing the awkward situation, “What can I do for you?”

"Oh, right! I came to ask you about the Staff of Water," I stated.

He looked at me for a few seconds. “Can I get you something to drink?” he said, trying to distract me.

“No thanks, so…about the staff…”

He frowned slightly. “Uhmm…the Staff of Water isn’t something you want to get involved in. Many people have gotten killed looking for it. Along with the other Ancient Relics, of course.”

“Yes, I’ve read about those…misfortunes. But I won’t fail,” I urged.

“Alright, alright. I’ll tell you what I know,” he remarked. “I know that it can control water. I know that Kyogre made it. I have been researching this very staff for the last three years. I don’t have very many resources. Few books. I’m surprised I managed to figure out all the information I did…”

“Well, I have three books you can use.” I stated. I took off my bag and opened it. I reached inside and pulled out the three books.

“What is that there?” he asked, pointed to the weird stone I had gotten at the Prize Counter in Celadon.

“I don’t know. I got it as a prize at the Prize Counter,” I replied.

“I think it’s an Awakening Stone,” he explained, “Could you release your Kirlia for a sec?”

“Sure.” I grabbed Kirlia’s Poke Ball and opened it. Kirlia popped out.

“Ahh…is it Male?” he asked. I nodded. “Alright, now Kirlia. How would you like to be a Erureido?”

“Kirlia!” Kirlia said excitedly. It nodded several times.

“Then let’s do it!” the doctor said happily. He chuckled. He put the stone right next to Kirlia. The stone began to glow, along with Kirlia. Kirlia’s body began to grow. First, his body got taller. Then, his legs extended, and his arms too. The stone disappeared, and the Kirlia was now a Erureido!

“Wow! Kirlia, you’re a Erureido!” I said happily. Erureido looked happy too.

“Well done, Barret. That is a nice looking Erureido. Very healthy indeed.” the doctor remarked. I smiled. “Now, how would you like to battle using your Erureido?” he asked.

Espeon Rinage
10-08-2006, 07:55 AM
Futuba Dock

I was sitting on the Deathwing, which was docked in Futaba town, drinking a bottle of rum, I'm an ol' prirate now.

"Ha ha, bottle of rums, just so clean, yummy yumsssssmy, that the bitc....," I started to sing.

My joyful song was suddenly interupted to see blast of water pounding at a great fire in the sky, I had to take a better look. I ran off the Deathwing and towards the water, which was getting closer and closer.

After passing around 7 streets I was there, my legs crying to rest, but I wouldn't, they had seen far worse.

Blasts of water were comming from Aruseus, at Moltres, seemed like rust was having fun with all these so called legendarys. I didn't see what the big deal was really, but anyway....

"Ima, I choose you, Surf!" A pokeball flew out, sourounding the floor with a snake shaped red laser, as Ima appeared. She led out a blast of water from her mouth.

<"Why do you follow these simple humans commands?"> Moltres said telephapically to me.

"I follow them, beacause it is who I am, this is who I am, A mercanarie," I told Moltres.

<"Have it your way simpletop, but you could do alot beter,"> Moltres told me.

"You have no idea about my life, Hydro Pump Ima," I yelled.

Moltres gave out a great cry as he was shoved back.

<"You humans have no idea of a pokemons true power,"> Moltres replied to the Ima's attack.

"O...Really?, try this on for size, Ima, full power, Hydro Pump," I yelled.

"Mercelo!" Milotic replied, shooting out a blast of water twirling of water.

I grabbed a bazooka from one of the grunts and fired it at Moltres, just for warning, It got out of the way, but was still burning to fight.

Dr Scott
10-08-2006, 08:49 AM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown), No one / Mental Meeting (Black)

Mount Moon, Basement Level Two
Getting out of Here!

The Mew, satisfied that she could trust the humans, finally let down her psychic bubble. {It’s great to finally be able to trust a human again …}

Jarrod smiled, “I’m glad that I could be of help. But are you sure that you want to join us? It’s going to be dangerous; we have two not so good teams going after us and …”

The Mew let out a little ‘tsk’ sound, {Are you kidding me? I fought in the War way back when, remember? And now that you’ve destroyed that stupid bow, I have full power again. And boy does it feel good … I can feel things I haven’t for many many years …}

Finally, finished with his duty, Jarrod left. A very curious Todd popped out, “What can you do now?” he asked curiously.

The Mew blinked her eyes in confusion, {Do you do that a lot?}

Todd quickly caught on to what the little pink Pokémon was saying, “Oh, sorry. It’s a bad habit to not say goodbye when we change, but yeah, we do tend to change a lot.”

The Mew seemed to giggle a bit, {That’s okay.} She flicked her tail to the side, floating around, {Anyways, I have a thin Psychic link with all of the other legendary Pokémon thanks to the fact that we all linked up back then.}

Todd was curious on a whole other level now, “So, which one’s have been discovered?”

The Mew’s bright blue eyes clouded a bit, {Zapdos’ Thunder Sky Katana has been stolen by the one called Rust, Moltres’ Flame Blazer Lance has been stolen by the one named Sent Reglay, and Aruseus’ Boots of Death were destroyed by the one called Rust.}

“My gosh,” Todd said, shaking his head, “Rust sure does get around quickly.”

Suddenly, a moan came from behind the talking couple, causing the two to turn around. J. Johnson was up again, a bloody piece of Ice’s shirt tied around his leg. Blissey was back on Ice’s Poké ball belt, and the girl was holding the private up. “A little help here?” she asked.

{I’ve got him.} Athena said from somewhere in the room, the Medicham’s eyes glowing blue as she picked up the injured body of the private.

“I can walk …” J. Johnson said, later adding a groan of pain.

{Now you just sit there and let me do the work!} Athena said, straining to keep the man up.

Mew suddenly shot forward, {Let me help!} the Mew said, {Here!} The Mew’s eyes glowed blue, and J. Johnson flew upward, almost crashing into the ceiling before Athena stopped him. {Oh! I’m so sorry!} The Mew loosened up, letting him gently downward, {I have so much power now and I’m not sure what to do with it!}

“You weren’t powerful before?” Ice asked, rubbing her back, “I wouldn’t agree with that …”

Mew blushed, a dark red blush showing on her pink cheeks, {I’m sorry about that, I thought you were here to take the bow.}

“Oh, it’s okay,” Todd said, speaking for Ice, “You were just protected what was yours. We understand. Now, are we going to get out of here?”

{Aren’t you the quiet one?} the Mew asked curiously.

Todd blushed, “I just can’t help but be excited when a meet a real life Pokémon…”

The Mew giggled, covering her mouth with her small hands and closing her eyes in an amused delight. {It’s okay, c’mon let’s go, I’ll tell you anything you want to know about life as a Mew on the way out.}

The group walked up the stairs to the first floor basement, encountering a battle that was still going on. Macho the Machop had long since been knocked unconscious, along with several Clefairy. A few of the tougher Clefairys were still up, along with all of the Clefable. The Clefable with the star pendant was fighting like a madman, slapping everyone around left and right. Ice’s Cloyster’s shell looked to be battered, but the Pokémon was still up and fighting hard, firing off an ice beam to freeze a charging Clefairy when the group walked up. However Ice’s Magneton wasn’t fairing too well, the Electric-Steel Pokémon on its last legs. Jarrod’s Arcanine was still fighting fiercely as anyone else in the small battle, the female fire dog biting down on a nearby Clefable.

Upon seeing the battle the Mew sharply yelled {Stop!} into the minds of all of the Pokémon present. The order was immediately followed by every Pokémon in the room, stopping almost at once. In fact, all of the remaining Clefairy and Clefables prostrated themselves, almost worshipping the Mew. The little pink Pokémon rolled her eyes, {I told them not to do that… Look, it’s okay, you can stop fighting now, they destroyed the bow.}

Suddenly a change came over the fairy Pokémon, and they quickly went to a few tasks. The Clefable with the moon pendant walked up and began talking to the Mew, speaking in animate Pokémon voice, the Mew replying in her native tongue for the first time in front of Todd. Also, the Clefairys all went to tending their wounded, either trying to slap them awake or carry them off to a different area of the cave. The Clefables all either helped the Clefairys to carry off their wounded or to talk to the other team’s Pokémon, trying to make up for the pain that they caused. Soon enough friends were made and Magneton and Cloyster were all in their respected Poké balls. Artemis had volunteered to carry the Machop out to Jack, and the fighting Pokémon was now safe on the fire dog’s back.

After a while Mew floated up to Todd, {Hey, the Clefable leader [You humans wouldn’t be able to say his real name] says the he is sorry for all that, but it’s really my fault, he was protecting the shrine on my orders.}

“Oh, it’s fine, I completely understand,” Todd said, smiling and nodding cheerfully. “Tell him that he did a good job.”

After a while of conversing, Mew was back, {He says thanks. And I’ve just left him in charge of the shrine while I’m gone. It’s a big task, but I’m sure he can do it.}

“Well, what is there left to do now that the bow is gone?” Todd asked curiously, his shy nature all but going away when he was conversing with Pokémon.

{Oh, I told him to block off the shrine again, so no one can get in.}

“What’s left in there?” Todd asked, running a hand through his hair.

The Mew giggled again, {Oh, I’m not telling you that! That’s my secret! I can’t let out all my little secrets just yet …}

And with that the group left, leaving the fairy tribe to go about rebuilding the shrine and the wall that blocked it off from Mount Mood, Mew and Todd arguing happily about the knowledge of the other goodies as they left …

10-08-2006, 09:29 AM
Backyard of Dr. Fredrick Polauf’s House in Slateport City
Late Morning, around 11:00 AM

I stood about fifteen meters across from Dr. P.

“You ready Barret?” he asked me, smiling.

“You bet I am! Go Erureido!” I shouted back. My newest Pokemon appeared infront of me.

“Alright, go Slowking!” the doctor yelled as he grabbed a Poke Ball from his pocket and threw it into the air. The royal pink creature appeared infront of Dr. P. “Slowking, use Headbutt!”

Slowking charged at Erureido. “Dodge, then Leaf Blade!” I commanded. Erureido jumped to the left, and lowered the blades on it’s arms, which were glowing green, and slashed at the Slowking. Slowking fell backwards, but quickly regained it’s stamina.

“Use Water Pulse!” Dr. P shouted. Slowking faced Erureido and shot pulses of water from it’s mouth. The pulses smacked into Erureido and sent him flying backwards.

“Erureido! Use Teleport, followed by Slash!” Erureido disappeared in a beam of light and reappeared behind Slowking. He then used Slash, Slashing the blades on his arm at Slowking. Slowking fell forward but turned to face Erureido.

“Now, use Confusion!” the doctor shouted.

“You too, Erureido!” I yelled.

Erureido and Slowking both used Confusion and sent eachother flying backwards. Erureido slammed into a tree trunk, while Slowking hit the side of the house. The both fainted.

“Return Erureido!” I shouted. Erureido was sucked into his ball by a beam of red light. “You did good…”

“You too Slowking!” Doctor Polauf said. He returned Slowking to it’s Poke Ball. “Now, let’s talk more on that staff!”

10-08-2006, 12:11 PM
Futaba Town
By the time smoke had cleared from the legendary pokemon's attacks, Sent and I did not care if it was a humiliating defeat; I expected this to happen. But, we would never be in Shinou again, for everything we had came here for, we had retrieved. When in Jhoto, we would have the home turf advantage, and we would be ready with tanks and better weapons, if any team tried to assault us. Besides, the ruins of another pokegod could be found in Blackthorn city.

On the way back to Jhoto, I flipped through my research book about pokegods. I saw Giratina sightings were only in Shinou, but I knew that its relic was in be in Blackthorn city. If I just kept the ring for a little while, Giratina would be forced to track me down, and I could catch it.

The remaining 50 rockets, half of which were injured, boarded the plane as soon as possble. I wasn't surpirsed that rust wasn't chasing us...he knew that without weapons we were of no threat to him. I assured myself that we would be.

10-08-2006, 02:46 PM
OOC:Ooops...a bit late...XD

Ecruteak City

Ecruteak City. Probably one of my favourite places after Olivine. Don’t ask me why I like it, because then I could not satisfy you with an answer. It just feels like a homely place that I could grow on. But as I stared back at the small city I felt almost guilty. I hadn’t told Commander Rust about my expedition to Ecruteak, and my wishes to get hold of the Phoenix Bracers. But the Phoenix Bracers as a relic don’t look inviting to me. What I want is the legend of Ho-oh. With him, I can go after Celebii in Ilex Forest. And after destroying Celebii’s relic I can get Celebii itself. And with a time-travelling Pokémon like that, Aqua would dominate the other teams in a matter of hours after going back in time to destroy their leaders before they began. This was easier said than done.

I stared behind me as I walked east from Ecruteak. It would take some time before I managed to reach Tin Tower, but once I did, all I had to do was get the Bracers and fight against Ho-oh. I had with me three of my friends, who were all members of Aqua, but still in their grunt-ship. Being the senior officer here, I had command over these three men, and they would definitely come in handy against Phoenix. Especially David with his Omaster. Both Rock and Water Attacks would come in handy. Nathaniel and Jonathan also had Water Pokémon although neither of theirs was a duel type that had a four times as effective advantage over Ho-oh. Nathaniel had a Swampert, and Jonathan had Pepilliper. And me, I had a Kingler.

“How long do you expect it to be before we reach the Tin Tower, sir?” asked Nathaniel in his gruff voice.

“Another day or so. You know how Ho-oh guards the Tin Tower, don’t you? You’ve been here before haven’t you? You tell me how he guards it,” I said.

“Well, sir, I only lived here when I was a wee child. But I remember my mother telling me tales about how the Pokémon in the forest before the Tower are extremely fierce, and do not like humans to go anywhere near the forest,” he replied quickly.

Interesting. I nodded to him and he gave a quick salute before falling back to tell his friends about what I had said. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I had a long way to go, with many obstacles. And then, there was Ho-oh as wel…

Ninja TK
10-08-2006, 03:25 PM
Surface Level, Ancient Battlegrounds
In search of the Space boots

Finally they had reached the surface. But still they didnt find the space boots. "There must be something wrong" thought Jeremy,"This must be the place... I know it is..." Jeremy keeps walking until he hears a faint "use flamethrower" in the background. Jeremy then turns around and sees a flamethrower coming right at him. He notices that sneasel is in the way of the flames, he then pushes sneasel out of the way. Jeremy was hit by the flame thrower on the right arm. In pain, Jeremy looks up to see what fired at him. Its a charizard, but the weird thing is, is that its with a team Aqua member.

"Hey! What was that for!" Jeremy screams as the Aqua member comes soaring to the ground.
"Well, since you are from Team Delta Green then i must destroy you!" The Aqua member tells his Charizard, Chzar, to attack Jeremy and his sneasel.
"Sneasel return!" Jeremy yells as he runs away from the Chzar that is now launching fire blasts at him.
Jeremy dodges some fire blasts then is burnt on the left arm. The last blast sent Jeremy flying to the ground letting out one of his pokeballs.
" If i keep this up then ill be burnt to a crisp." Jeremy looks over at the pokeball that is out of his reach. "This is my only hope, since i cant really move my arms." Jeremy tries to throw a small pebble at the button on the pokeball. He, luckily, hits the button sending out his charizard.

"Great! Now charizard use seismic toss then follow it up with a Blast burn."
Charizard disobeys Jeremy's orders and grabs Jeremy, putting him on its back and flies toward a Pokemon Center that is only about 60 feet away. Once there Charizard sets him down and goes back to fight the Aqua member that was standing outside the center.

10-08-2006, 03:43 PM
Florence City, Johto

I made my way through the overgrown grass though the feild out back. It hadn't been cut for the very reason was so that I could practice my shooting without being seen from anyone. Although you could already see flat outlined spots where I had laid. There was always someone who was alays with me no matter what. He was someone I could always count on as I raised him from a little Eevee. He was my one and only Jolteon. We always knew what eachother was thinking and we get along better than any human best friends were.

I left with everything I needed and wanted. I had recieved most of my weapons from the old man in the city. He supplyed me with the best as I guess he found out just how great of a shooter I was. My outfit wasn't that of a normal uniform but I never liked them. I always dresed in all black to hide myself at night. I wore a long black and dark red trench coat two hide my Revolvers and Bowie Knife on my belt. Actully my coat was more black with blood spots so I could fake death whenever I needed to.

I also carried with me a Bazooka and my M1 Submachine Gun. I doubt you'd want to meet me in a dark alley somewhere. I knew these woods better than anyone but that didn't mean someone or something could still hide. Not that I wouldn't beable to find them. I've been in just about every tree out here. There was no one that could hide from me out here.

I pulled on the rickity old fence and just about broke it off it's hinges as I made my into the deep forest. This was my short cut to Fortree City. Although it's not like it was on the other side of the woods. No it would still take me a good few days to get there. I had recieved a letter from a friend in Fortree that something strange has been happening. There's been strange lights coming from the forest. He tells me that he believed it to be Celebi but he'd never really seen it for himself.

I began to think to myself of this whole strange light thing. I knew that Celebi was guardian of the forest. I pulled his letter out of my pocket and started to read it over once more. All he said in he letter was the weird light and an old wives tale of the relic of Celebi. If that was true it could be anywhere in the world. It would take me forever to find it. I don't think I could possiblly find it.

I continued deeper and deeper into the woods. I began thinking of all the possibilities of what all this could mean. Was there something more to all of this? Why haven't we heard of this from somewhere else? Why would it just be Fortree and not some other city? Is there something that Celebi is hiding from us? I have heard of people dying because they tried to go after whatever Celebi had. Nothing but foolish people that have no respect what so ever. I stuffed the letter back into my pocket as I continued on through the think woods.

I just wish there was a quicker way to get there. Although I would be putting myself out there for an attack. There are other teams out there looking for legendary monsters. It's not like they could control them even if they were lucky enough to capture one. They have more than a mind of their own more than what we think. We think we can take whatever we want becuase we're better than everything else. People who think they need to own everything deserve nothing. You can't capture something like that without mass distruction. There's not enough in the world to make people happy. I don't plan on letting the world go into mass chaos for the sake of other peoples greed.

10-08-2006, 04:22 PM
Location: SS Delta, Route 40, en route to Northeast Whirl Island
Time: Sunrise

Shû continued climbing his final stair well, getting use to the fact that there wasn't any light, except the small light beams that could filter through the door. He made it to the final stair with Naoriû right behind him; he could feel the cool sea air coming from around the door, and causing the warm air from inside to slowly cool around him. He grabbed the small handle, turned it, and pushed the door open, allowing a fresh blast of refreshing sea air to flow into the ship.

Shû stepped out of the stairwell, and to the side to allow Naoriû to come out and feel the cool air. Shû glanced around the sea, and what he saw was what Alakazam said had happened: a thick fog had set in, and it created extremely dangerous conditions for sailing, because of the rocks and the whirlpools that form and dissipate at random. He reached in his left pocket, and pulled out a small miniture red and white Pokeball. He pressed the button that was centered at the edge of the red and white, and the Pokeball enlarged, but not by a lot.

"Go Qiario!" Shû shouted, launching the Pokeball into the air. The ball snapped open, and a red beam shot out from the center. It slowly fromed into a light red colored blob; the balls napped shut, and fell back to Shû. The blob gained it's proper color, and formed into the four-winged Crobat it was supposed to be. Shû shrank the Pokeball back down to it's miniture size, and shoved it into his pocket. The Crobat,Qiario, flapped it's wings down to his owner.

Shû started walking toward the front of the ship, Qiario following, seeing a dozen Grunts gathered around the captain. Naoriû on the other hand went in the opposite direction, and started to search for Casey. He knew that Casey wasn't the type of Pokemon to go greet his master, but usually never was the last to do so. Naoriû found the Psychic Pokemon meditating, hovering over the rail of the ship.

'<Casey?>' Naoriû asked softly,trying to pull Casey out of his trance slowly. Casey stopped meditating, and his hovering stopped, causing him to fall onto the rail.He steadied himself on it before glancing at Casey. His look was disturbed, afraid, or maybe he was stressed, but it showed how much Casey was thinking about.

'<Were you thinking about Lugia?>' Naoriû inquired to the more aged, and skillful Pokemon. Casey's hands clenched around his spoons, and immediately, though unintentionally, bending them.

'<Yes, I was thinking about Lugia,>' Casey responded. His voice sounded different, kinda like it was more pleasent instead of it's usual deep tone, '<Lugia came to the fight... to qualm it. His song was to create peace and harmony between the two of us, which it did, but it caused some sorrow to me. It was weeping for some reason, that I can't differ from a natural sadness, but it sounded like it was hurting.>'

'<But... but how could a Legendary Pokemon feel sorrow when it is so high on the charts?>' Naoriû asked. His curiosity was fed by what Casey was saying, though it still didn't make all that much sense.

'<It could be from something that has been happening for three thousand years,>' Casey responded. '<According to my father, who's wisdom surpasses his age by far, there was a legend that was passed down through multiple people, about a group known as Unity Defiance. My father said that it wasn't true, but he was often consider slightly... 'off' for his opposite thoughts. He said that around three thousand years ago, Unity Defiance, who were also known as the Children of the Apocolypse, felt that they were the best thing for humanity, and the only group that was in their way was the White Crusaders.>

'<To defeat the Unity, the legendary Pokemon from all four regions as we know it, created potent weaponary for the White Crusaders. They could only create one each, but after the Unity was destroyed, all of the weapons were scattered around the world. No one has ever been able to find them, though all of the Legendary Pokemon are saddened and afraid about the power that they created for the world, and do their best to kill the person that steals the weapon, though no one that has tried stealing them has been accounted for. Lugia's song could have been something to unlock a feeling in the hearts of some people to go out and find it, but do for the best with it and destroy it; some people will ignore this feeling and try using the weapons for their own evil, but to no avail in the end.>'

Naoriû stood there, amazed at the amount of knowledge the elder Psychic Pokemon knew.

Ninja TK
10-08-2006, 04:23 PM
Surface Level, Ancient Battlegrounds
In search of the Space boots

Charizard lands on both feet in a angered rage about his trainer being burned by those creeps. Then, Charizard kicks up dust with its tail creating a giant dust cloud that its opponents couldnt see through. Charizard flies above the cloud and dives toward Chzar, giving it no time to react. It smashes Chzar into the ground hurting it pretty badly.

Meanwhile at the pokemon center...

"No! We have to go help Charizard! He cant do it by himself!" Jeremy screams.
"No you're hurt." Says nurse Joy.
"I dont care! Im going!"
"Please.. Dont go."
"Im sorry nurse Joy... But i have to.." Jeremy gets up and leaves with his pokemon.

Back at the battlegrounds..

Charizard is knocked to the ground by Chzar who used a fire blast. Charizard wasnt able to get back up off the ground, he had taken way too much damage. Its a miracle that he was even alive. Then he heard a voice.. A voice of courage, braveness, and passion. It said to him "Come on Charizard! You can do it!" Charizard looked around and saw Jeremy running to him. Jeremy helps charizard get back up on its feet. Seeing Jeremy here gave charizard just enough strength to get up and keep fighting.

"Ok charizard. You can do it. Ill go take care of the Aqua guy..." Jeremy goes over to the Aqua member and punches him right in the face.
"Blah! What the hell? You want to fight eh? FIne then lets go!" The aqua member starts to attack Jeremy.
Jeremy and Aqua go back and forth trading hits and striking blows until one cant take it anymore and falls. About thirty minutes later Jeremy decides to finish it.. He knees Aqua in the stomach then punches him in the face and repeats three times. The Aqua member falls to his knees and winces in pain. Jeremy then kicks him in the face sending him down to the ground and looks over at charizard. Charizard is still fighting with Chzar, when Chzar lifts off the ground and picks up Aqua member and flies off.

"That was odd.. Since when has an aqua member had a Charizard?" Jeremy thought to himself.
"Hey charizard good job.. Lets go and find that relic." Jeremy points to a hovering pyramid that looked like it consisted of only two levels.

Charizard glances at the pyramid. Jeremy climbs onto Charizard and they fly off to the Pyramid.

10-08-2006, 05:16 PM
Blackthorn City

After some rest and a trip to the hospitalm My team and I was ready to infiltrate Ekruteak. Since Jhoto was our home turf, we had enough time to prepare tanks and a few aircrafts, but not much. We weren't really expecting a battle at Ekruteak. There was no other force in Jhoto that rivaled us; the tanks were only as a last resort...in case someone tried to stop us.

We entered the unguared city gates with ease. We didn't even have to pull out a shotgun. Our tanks plowed through what appeared to be a forest that guarded dragon's cove. Citizen's of the town scurried into their houses to hide from us. Our millitary presence was well known in Jhoto. We finally reached dragon's shrine; the entrance to the cove. Our tanks had little trouble busting in to the cove wall--the entrance was only big enough for a raticate. If only our battle with aqua had been this easy.

Upon entering the cove, we saw a pod of dratini playing with each other, followed by the occasional dragonair. We could see the tablet near the center of the cove. Then, it happened. We figured that we could make it to the tablet just by swimming. One by one, we jumped into the lake. I was so caught up in the moment that I had forgotten about the spontanious whirpools that dragon's cove is know for. A spiral of water sucked me deeper and deeper into the lake, as it did to most of my other operatives. I sent out my Enperuto, who slowed down the whirpool, but could not stop it. I told my Enpeturo to use whirpool--perhaps two whirpools would cancel each other out. The whirlpool began to slow down, slower and slower, until it stopped. Being carefull of whirpools, we continued down the lake and to the ring of power.

10-08-2006, 06:43 PM
Location: Rustburo streets

Everything had happened so fast. A while ago I was just on the plane headed to Rustburo city asleep until I had heard on the PDA them announcing our arrival. Sigh and I was just getting comfy on the flight to.

After exiting the plane I grabbed my bags from luggage claim and scurried outside to quickly signal for a cab if I was to beat the other passengers to it. The time now was about 5pm in Hoen time as I stared at my watch which I had changed a while ago to match the new time zone. The watch was an old antique with a gold lining and two black hands that pointed at roman numerals. It was used by my great grandfather who had passed it on to my grandfather, in turn to my father and finally to me. In truth I hated the watch and wish I could get something more modern. Maybe when my dad was gone I could sell it for big bucks.

Anyway the cab was nearing the Orbit hotel and I began to smirk. To most passer Byers the hotel was merely any other hotel. However one of the elevators if anyone noticed was clearly marked employees only. That is because the elevator was the only one that could go down farther then the first floor. The cab pulled to an abrupt stop by the hotel’s front door. I paid the cab the fare money and as soon as I got out and grabbed my luggage the cab sped away to make more cash from his meager job.

I let my bags drag on the floor as I made my way to the colossal hotel. It had about 25 floors to it with many rooms’ windows looking out over the car ridden streets of the city. It was made of steel and concrete and in my opinion more beautiful then any boring art sculpture. I entered through the big glass revolving door since they where more fun then normal doors. The approached the clerk at the desk and pulled out of my wallet in my back pocket a very special ID card with a big red R on it. She nodded in approval and I moved towards the employee only elevator.

I was an employee alright but not of the hotel staff. I pressed a red button and the elevator doors opened. I got inside and pressed the down button which led to the buildings basement. The elevator rumbled a bit and then slowly moved down. The elevator played stereotypical elevator music which I truthfully thought was quite catchy. Finally the elevator pulled to a stop and the doors opened revealing a gigantic basement lab crowded with Rocket employees.

The lab was alive with people everywhere turning knobs and dials on obscure machines, mixing different colored liquids in vials and test tubes together creating unknown gases and explosions and doing unknown experiments on various pokemon. True the place was neither cozy nor quite but at least there was never a dull moment.

A man wearing a long lab coat, goggles,black lab gloves, and holding a clipboard quickly ran towards me.” Sir I am Greg Johnson and had heard of your arrival from upstairs," he said as he tried to regain his breath, “come we have much to discuss.”

Charizard Michelle
10-08-2006, 07:37 PM
Hidden Wish Island

Micheal was browsing thought the pages of the book. He had decided to call it the relic book since it has information on all the relics. Some of the pages were hard to read because of the damage that the book has recieve in the past. Still Micheal was looking at the information on the Wishing Key. He was thinking that had missed something. He was looking at the page and reading the unown text. He then read the text under the name and read out loud, "Key to the key."

MIcheal repeated the words in his head. He thought about it and knew what that meant. He was going to need a key to get rid of the tile since neither his pokemon nor a bomb was able to do the job. Still he wonder where this key could be. He thought about it. Where would anicent people place a key to open this thing. They didn't destory the keys since somehow it was mention in this book. Still it has to be in a place that would be hard to get and protected too. He then looked at his pokemon and saw that Beedrill was sleeping while Char was noticing MIcheal. He then said, "We need to figure out where this key could be."

Micheal tried to remember about what he knows about Jirachi. He knew that Jirachi was close to wild pokemon so it had to be in a forest of somesort. He then decided that it be best to fly towards the forest area near Fortree City. He remember that there was reports of Jirachi around that area a few years ago. He then said, "Let go Char. I think the best place to find this key is the last place Jirachi was."

Micheal grabbed Beedrill's pokeball and said, "Good job. Take a break." He then returned the bee pokemon back to its ball. Micheal then hopped on to Char and she at once took off in the sky towards the forest area.

Sceptile Frost
10-08-2006, 08:29 PM
~La Rousse City, Hoenn~

To call La Rousse just a city would be like calling a dragon just a lizard. I swear, it's huge! Buildings are everywhere - addorning the island in smog and steel.

But what did I care about that? My task was not in the indrustrialized core. It was in the bright, cheery, soon to be tearful, suburbs.

I walked forward along Clyde Avenue, my backpack heavy upon my shoulders. In it... well... there was a surprise.

I walked briskly, head down, weaving to and fro amongst the midday pedestrians. Taxi's honked wildly, scurrying up and down the roads.

But I did not hail them. Though it would have saved precious minutes, my task was a secret.

I approached the mayor's house, lined with lush green hedges. The gate, cast of black iron, stood tall. But I was not to pass through into the house that way. For my task was much greater.

I walked north along the hedge, rounding first one than two corners. Walking fifty paces south, as directions had been given to me, I stopped. The hedge was lower here, and almost hung off of the ground. Slowly, I slid down into a hole, dug the night before by agents that had jumped in via plane from Shinou. I quickly scanned the suburbs around me... and then dropped in.

Dog of Hellsing
10-08-2006, 08:39 PM
Nagisa City, Shinou

We had gotten the Thunder Katana, and had a quick skirmish with Zapdos. After the Legend had been defeated, he fled, and I knew he'd be back. There was just that feeling...

After the battle, I hung back and buried the slain Pokemon with the help of my own. Once that'd been done, I said a quick prayer for them and left. It was time to get back to what I'd been doing before.

I had been digging in a near-by town, following a somewhat weak lead on information about information on where I could find Lugia's item, the Guardian's Chestplate. I was tempted to go to Johto and have a look around the Whirl Islands, where Lugia was rumored to live. Maybe I could trick him into helping me find the item. Seeing as Zapdos had acted when we found his relic, the Legends didn't want this old, supreme power in the hands of humans anymore. I could offer to destroy it for him, and then take it for Aqua. Of course, Lugia probably wouldn't take too kindly to that, so I'd have to be prepared for confrontation.

I recalled Haze and Skullhelm and got on Dawn, ordering him to fly to Johto so we could get started, when I got a call over my radio saying there was trouble in Futaba Town. Seemed rust had located another relic already, but was having trouble with Team Rocket. Backup was being requested to help secure the area and get rid of the Rockets. I sighed and shook my head.

"Dawn, change of plans, again. Take us to Futaba, we're going to offer backup again. Once we've done that, though, we're heading to Johto."

Dawn nodded and changed his flightpath, and soon we were en route to Futaba.

Charizard Michelle
10-08-2006, 08:56 PM
En ROute to forests surronding Fortree City

Micheal was flying south towards the forests surronding Fortree City. He was wondering if there could be anything there. Why else would Jirachi last be seen here. He wonder if that was a clue to where this key to the tile could be. Still it was only a matter of time.

Micheal then thought about his sister for a little bit. Only a short time ago he thought he would be able to stay with his sister for a little bit but now he off searching off for this relic. NOw he looking for a key.

They were now flying over the vast forest area. Micheal could see everything that was there but one spot caught Micheal's attention. It was brown and looked as if somebody was digging there. He motion to Char to head towards that area and see what was there.

10-08-2006, 09:03 PM
Location:Rustburo's Orbit hotel's basement

The Orbit hotel chain was one of the biggest around the globe. The reason for that is that it is supported by Team Rocket, my team, which is one of the most infamous orginizations at the moment. In almost every hotel on one of the floors there is a team rocket base on one of the floors that is off limit to everyone else, usually the basement. The good thing is that not only does it keep our bases under wraps but it can house Team Rocket scientist and members so that they are always close by if need be.

Back in the basement Lab Greg, one of the top scientist of the facility, was giving me the latest news on the artifact rush as we slowly strolled through the lab.

” Sir according to our sources Gonzap and Sent have already managed to pick up the fire lance from Moltres,” Greg said as polite as possible.

“Well good for them,” I replied not really caring what they where doing.

“Okay then,” Greg answered a little startled from my response, “also it has been rumored that the Thunder Sky Katana is now under Aqua control.”

“To take me down they would need at least four of those artifacts,” I answer confidently

“Heh I have heard you never take things to seriously,” He said chuckling a bit.

“ Well then you have heard right,” I answered kindly, ”I am not the kind of guy who likes to worry about all the many problems in our world, always look on the bright side of life I say.”

“Good advice sir,” He answers as he starts to look at his clipboard again, “back to business, a small sample of the fire lance has been sent to this lab and we have started to study its power source in hopes that it could somehow point us to other artifacts.”

“Well I hope you succeed since that would make my job so much easier,” I said with sincerity.

“Thank you sir,” he replied, “now if you will follow me we shall give you some of our many weapons that you may need on your quest.”

With Greg leading the way we begin to weave through the labs many halls and dodge the busy scientist rushing to meat their projects due date. Soon Greg stopped in front of a seal door. He swung the door to reveal a room that was pitch black. He steps in and presses his hand against the wall to find the light switch. Upon bumping into it he quickly flicks it upward to reveal a room lined with an amount of weapons beyond your wildest dream ranging from sub machine guns to sniper rifles to small pistols to even bazookas.

“We can always order more of these babies so feel free to take any weapons you prefer,” Greg said.

I felt like a kid in a candy store amazed by the endless possibilities. I quickly opened my suitcase which I was still carrying and began to stuff it full with whatever I could since the only weapon I had was a small pistol that could hold six shots.

“Sir would you also be in any need of a certain pokemon or two,” he asked as he watched me having a hard time closing my now stuffed suitcase.

“No thanks, “I replied as I finally shut my suit case closed,” My Crobat and Houndour can handle anything that comes our way.”

“Very well sir then that shall be it for today,” He replied as he prepares to get back to work, “then you may ask the clerk upstairs for your already prepared room, also we will call you on the hotels phone if we need you or if you need us you can call the number that is by the phone, don’t let anyone else see it though of course.”

I nod and then quickly retrace my steps to the elevator while Greg returns to his studies.
I press the red button to get the elevator moving. The elevator door rattles open and I enter. As the elevator moves up I begin to think of what might be good for dinner.

10-08-2006, 09:39 PM
Location: SS Delta, Route 40, en route to Northeast Whirl Island
Time: ~ 8:15 a.m (This time is just for me to balance my RPing)

Naoriû looked away from Casey, as Casey swung his legs over the metal bar, and slipped off of it, landing on his feet on the wooden deck. Casey glanced at Naoriû before starting to walk in the direction Naoriû had come from; Naoriû, noticing this, ran off following him. 'Lugia is one of the best Legendary Pokemon that are available,' Naoriû thought. 'And these weapons, they were created for good, right? Then why would they become hellbent and try killing someone even if they have a pure soul.'

"Hey you two!" Shû shouted, bringing Naoriû's attention back to what he was doing. Shû ran up to his Alakazam and Everide, Qiario flapping rapidly trying to keep up with his master. Naoriû seemed happy to see his master, and turned to look at Casey. Naoriû noticed that Casey had returned to his usual distant self.

"Qiario isn't needed anymore, since this fog is starting to thinnen towards the northwest, and we can see what looks to be a large mountain, on an incredibly flat island," Shû exclaimed. "Which means, sometime tomorrow, we should be able to be in that mountain, and we can apologize to Lugia for causing trouble, as well as disturbing his home.' Shû smiled at his Pokemon with his usual small smile. Naoriû amiled slightly, but still was weighed down by the fact of what he learned from Casey. 'What if the Unity raises to power once again, this time with stronger people?'

'<We will be there to stop it?>' Casey muttered, listening in onto Naoriû's thoughts. Naoriû jumped in surprise, but settled after hearing that.

"You two better not be saying things about me," Shû snapped, after seeing Naoriû jump. Naoriû immediately glared at Casey, who still looked calm and peaceful. Shû glared at both of them for a few seconds before sighing.

"Well, it can't be helped if you are, but I don't want you two to start disobeying me now that we are going to go do something that isn't 'manly'." Shû stated. Shû saw Naoriû calm, but noticed Qiario starting to twitch and freak out. It's flying started to become quirky and it's turning became irregular.

"Qiario! Are you okay?" Shû yelled. All Qiario did was continue flying in it's irregular pattern for a little before it calmed down. Qiario looked at Shû questioningly, because Shû was still freaked out about why his Crobat was like that. Casey and Naoriû hadn't been paying attention that much.

10-08-2006, 09:45 PM
Safari Zone [Kanto]

The wait was unbarible. Its been three hours and yet not one single Pokemon came towards the berries.

"Something is wrong....", I muttered. It is as if the Pokemon were afraid of something. Then suddenly a streak of fire blazed right passed me.

"Gengar, use Psychic to stop what is running!"

Gengar's arms began to move in a circular motion as its eye's glowed purple. Gengar pulled its arms closer to its chest and the monster that was running was slowly being dragged towards us. I tossed out my Pokeball's, letting Fearow and Kabutops out. Whatever that was scaring the Pokemon must be powerful. Gengar finally finished, and a fire dog was pulled right towards us.

"Entei...", I grumbled. "Kabutops HydroPump! Fearow DrillPeck! Gengar Sludgebomb!

Entei howled, making the sun shine brighter. Kabutops tryed to do HydroPump, but it was quickly hit by Entei before it could attack. Gengar flinged Sludge at Entei, but hit Fearow, which crashed into Kabutops allowing Entei to hit Gengar with FireBlast, knocking it down. Entei then used SolarBeam on Kabutops, and FireBlast Fearow.

"What do you want!", I howled as I charged towards Entei. I pulled out my dagger and stabbed Entei in the back. It howled and hit me with a FireBlast. I was completely drained. Entei fled. I tossed a random berry from my pocket to Fearow, giving it some health. I pulled out a pen and piece of paper and wrote down my location and my condition. I then mumbled to Fearow to give this to someone from Delta Green.

After that, I fainted....

10-08-2006, 10:27 PM
OOC: Oops, DS, it looks like we have a little intra-team rivalry going on here.

To all, including rust, sent, Scott, and anyone currently in possession of a relic or legendary.


Too fast. These relics are not toys. I was under the impression we'd have to put time and effort into this... but it seems like they'll all be gone in a few weeks.

New proposed rule: Only one relic can be gained, by anyone in the RP, in any given week. Attempts must be judged by Neo.


Ilex Forest, Azalea

Finch could feel an unnerving presence in the deep, glowering darkness of the Ilex Forest. He wasn't sure if it was his own conscience or if Celebi was here with him right now, but he did know his mission. He couldn't afford to go after the Forest Guardian now, not when he had a chance to gain the upper hand. If any of the legends were going to listen to him he would have to arrange that it was on his terms, with the relics in his hands. There was only one other thing to worry about. Besides the legendary Celebi, Finch would probably run into some trouble from rival teams going after the Amulet, espeicially if they intended to destroy it. If it was left intact he would still be able to salvage it, but he needed its powers for himself...

Pressing on into the undergrowth, he heard an unknown voice in his head, yet one he was expecting in a strange way. It was comforting, yet strangely haunting. It was the Forest Guardian, Celebi.

"You," said Celebi telepathically. "I've been expecting you here. I know what you're after. What motive do you have to take the relic?"

Hmph, none of your business, thought Finch.

"So, you plan to use it for your own selfish needs? That won't be necessary."

Why not?

There was a pause before Celebi replied, "Because I won't allow it."

Finch couldn't help but wonder what Celebi was going to do about it. After all, the Pokemon hadn't even shown his face while he was standing merely feet from the shrine. He took another step, but the breath was knocked out of his lungs as he was almost immediately halted. He didn't know what had hit him, but Celebi did. The Forest Guardian had used its powers to smack Finch in the gut with a long, rugged tree root. Collapsing to his knees and gasping for breath, Finch needed to do something, quickly, or else Celebi would finish him right here and now.

He released Armaldo, but the Aqua Captain was immediately entangled in a whip of rope-like vines from in the trees up above. Their grip was powerful and constricting. The forest wouldn't take any prisoners tonight. Not needing a command, the prehistoric bug knew exactly what he needed to do and slashed right through the vines, leaving his trainer without a scratch. Finch's Pokemon were all both loyal and extremely skilled in battle, and it certainly showed here in the forest.

Not much happened for another few seconds, until Finch saw a flash of green light out of the corner of his eye. It was enough to make him flinch, so he didn't see the green light hit the shrine and disappear. He was left with a simple message.

"The Amulet isn't here, Finch. Nor will it ever be where you are. I wish you all the best on your personal journey, but ask that you choose a greater path."

Finch got back up to his feet, glanced at Armaldo, and shrugged.


10-08-2006, 11:04 PM
Dragons Cove
After about 5 minuites of swimming, we had reached the sliver of land which had the tablet on it. 3 of our operatives including me climbed up onto the land mass to read the tablet. We could not awaken Regigigas without completely translating the tablet. After two hours, about 1 third of the tablet had been translated. What we found out was the Regigigas would only be awakened if Regice, Registeel, and Regirock of Hoenn. During my brief visit to the battle fronteir, I had my operatives take care of that. At the bottom of the tablet, an images of the 30 relics were present, the flame Blazer lance, Thunder Sky Katana, and dragon body were glowing. The boots of death and Shining Spirit Bow were completely blackened.

I reached out for the maul when I felt a slight tremor..then another..the tremors kept getting bigger and bigger until a large mammoth of a pokemon emerged from the already uncalm waters. Every step the creature took, the move the cove shook. This was definately not something I wanted to pick a fight with. The Giga maul on the tablet began to glow a deep red. I tried to take step back, realizing I couldn't; The sliver of land was not big enough.

My muscles ached as I picked up the Giga maul. Finally, I was able to lift it over my head, and smash it to bits on the ground.

The legendary creature slowly backed off. It telepathicly sent messages through my mind.

<Why would you do such a thing? All of you humans are so ignorant> Regigigas said

"There's an organization called team Aqua; They want all of us dead" I said, pointing to my frightened team members " Every single one of us. They've managed to awaken and befriend Aruseus. That's why I tracked the maul down. If I could befriend you, we may stand a chance"

<What are you waiting for?>Regigigas asked<If you want me so bad, just capture me!>

I hurled a pokeball at Regigigas. The ball swerved back and forth, until finally resting. My team began clapping slowly as in saying "Mission Sucess!". After drying off, we would turn home, and prepare for our next showdown with Team Aqua.

10-08-2006, 11:12 PM
OOC: omfg...

Neo, do something... Everyone's just taking liberties left, right and center.

Charizard Michelle
10-08-2006, 11:15 PM

I have to agree with Finch here on the part of getting these relics so fast. I mean it just the first day and six of the relics are already taken or destoryed. Now see this over the next few weeks.


Fortree Forest

Micheal handed landed on the site. By the looks of it the dirt and the ground around there was an dig for something here. Micheal looked around but nobody was here. It looks like who ever was here that they found someting and no have left. Micheal was wondering what they had found. Something important was found here.

At once an old forest man appeared. He wore ragged clothing and had a long white beard. The old man looked at Micheal and said, "Excuse me. What are you doing here?"

Micheal looked at the old man and sadi, "Well I was just looking for something." MIcheal then had an idea and said, "Do you have any idea what was happening here?"

THe old man then said, "Well I not sure. I just been passing by here everyday seeing men here just digging en up. I heard a riot of sound here last night. A few of the men were roaming the forest drunk claiming they found something here and how they are just going to leave in the morning."

Micheal looked around and thought that it looked true. He then said, "Any idea where they went?"

The old man then said, "Well ye see. I think they went towards the city over at Fortree. They took the route up towards the north."

Micheal nodded and said, "Thanks. I was wondering what they been doing here but I just haven't had the time to check this place out." He then took the path that the old man had pointed out to with Char following him. Right before Micheal left the deserted camp sight he saw a card. It was thick black and had a red R on it. Micheal reconized it as the Rocket logo. He then thought that something was going on in this dig and Rocket has something to do with it. He then looked at Char and said, "Looks like we got some work now. Stop the Rockets." The two then kept walking.

10-08-2006, 11:17 PM
OOC: Yeah well I don't think rust getting two in one day was such a good idea :P

Neo Emolga
10-08-2006, 11:22 PM
OOC: omfg...

Neo, do something... Everyone's just taking liberties left, right and center.

OOC: Eeek.

Okay, I'm going to need to lay down some new rules, because if this keeps up, I may be going senile and I know I'm going to do my absolute hardest to take some people with me down that endless spiral of anarchy.


Some teams already have their hands on a relic. There's not much I can do about this since it would serious kill the storyline to let them have it, and then take it away when there's nothing saying why or when it happened. It hurts the plot.

1. Teams this first week can gain two relics with MODERATE RP quality. So this gives a little grace period and a little leeway. Don't push it though, I'm not too happy about this...

2. After this week, teams will only be able to gain ONE RELIC per week and with EXPERT AND EXCELLENT RP QUALITY. To enforce this, it will also require several RPers from the same team working together. To gain the relic, at least THREE people on the same team are going to need to work together to uncover and obtain the relic they want, no exceptions.

Sorry, but this is the only solution I can come up with. This needs to be done, since the relic-retriving fiesta is not only getting annoying, but its eating away at the integrity of the storyline. This is much more of a war than a treasure hunt.

10-08-2006, 11:24 PM
OOC: This is my last non-rp post in this thread. Don't want to spam. But rocket already has the two relics we need for our plans to take place. We may need Jirachi's key, but that would be pretty much it.

Lord Celebi
10-08-2006, 11:50 PM
OOC: Gonzap... Why would Team Aqua want to kill you all? We only fought with you because you attacked us first :P
AMS Deathwing
The Rockets escaped. Their helicopter was just able ot miss being blown to bits by a Bazooka... I don't really care. As long as they stay out of Shinou, I'm happy. I don't need their stupidity corrupting Shinou.

We now possessed the Thunder Katana and Aruseus. My tablet's Giga Maul and Shining Spirit Bow glowed, and then faded to a gray color. Two more down... This was getting very interesting. Besides the Katana, I need no more Relics. Now, I need to focus on taking over Shinou.

Several of our best assassins have been deployed to assassinate key people within the Shinou government that could stop me from taking over. They'll be carrying out their assassinations tonight.

Until I recieved word of their success, I'm going to have a new tank designed. Rocket destroyed three of our Tiger Tanks in the last battle. Our most feared weapon was annhilated by... fools.

No more. The new Tanks would have even thicker steel lining, to prevent them from getting assaulted by Pokemon. More weapons systems, including a larger cannon and turret would ensure these tanks a succes.

I've named them Tizer Tanks, a fusion between the Panzer and the Tiger, but better. The first tank was currently in its planning stages, because balancing a large cannon onto a tank would take quite some time to figure out...

Sceptile Frost
10-08-2006, 11:59 PM
OOC: Yes, some rules for the relics!

~La Rousse City, Hoenn~

The mayor's house was large. The white siding was long and stretched upwards three stories, long white strokes evident everywhere. Recently erected, the brick was still freshly red, the grass still a vibrant emerald shade, and the glass panes still clean and greaseless against the smogging La Roussian skies.

My backpack was heavy against my shoulders. I shifted the weight of it, walking along the white wall, trying to not make a sound.

It was time...

I dropped my backpack to the ground with a thud, quietly unzipping it, looking into the contents. A small pistol, a M1 Garand, five grenades, and my katana.

It was the pistol and the katana that I would need in this battle... but a few grenades would help too.

I slid the katana, sheathed in brilliant brown leather, onto my belt and stuck the pisto into its holster. I placed the two grenades on my belt as well. The door should be unlocked, if the Aqua agents that had been sent had done their job. I placed my hand on the door and pulled it open. Cocking my pistol, I stepped inside...

Sent Reglay
10-09-2006, 12:04 AM
Jhoto Rocket Base
Undisclosed location

After the massive slaughter in Futaba was turned into a battle by the unexpected arrival of Moltres, I took advantage of the situation and helped Gonzap and any other Rockets I could find to safety. When it became apparent that even Moltres couldn't fight off the entire military force of Team Aqua, Me and Moltres stayed back long enough to cover the retreat of rocket forces to Jhoto. When the point was reached where no more could be gained by fighting back, I took off with moltres into the sky.

Sky on the way to Jhoto

<I kept my end of the bargain> said Moltres into my mind once we were safely away from the putter of aircraft engines.

<This Lance is part of you right?> I asked it with an idea starting to come to my mind.

<Yes it is, what are you getting at?> it asked questioningly.

<Well maybe we could return its power to you instead of destroying it> I said finally realizing the point I was after.

<Well it would be my fondest wish, but why a human would help me like this I do not know> He told me this with an attitude of happiness that could be felt in the link between our minds.

I held the lance up to Moltres' neck and thought of how I wanted to give it its power back, and as I thought this, the lance fused into his back, and his flight was filled with new vigor. As if some other mind was present in our mental exchange, I heard a faint voice <I am whole again>

10-09-2006, 12:04 AM
OOC: That's fine with me, Neo. I'm addressing DS and anyone else who cares in this post, by the way. Neo, you'd be my number one pick but I'm happy for anyone who has the motivation to help! Just let me know in the Aqua thread. It will be Aqua's relic quest to prepare for this week and carry out starting Saturday.

Ilex Forest ~ Johto

Finch had pretty much nothing to do now that Celebi had gone. He had no clue where the Amulet was or if it had even been here in the first place, but he guessed that Celebi must have taken it somwhere far away. He took a gigantic sigh, looked up at the engulfing canopy of leaves and branches, then released Salamence.

* * * * *

AMS Deathwing ~ Port

Salamence touched down gently next to one of the planes and Finch hopped off, the Pokemon back in its ball before he had even reached the ground. A few Aquas looked on, awestruck, as he tucked the ball away under his jacket and entered the ship.

"You," he barked at a lonely Aqua grunt. "Yes, that's right, the scrawny one. I want you to get a message out for me."

"Y- Yes, sir..."

He smirked. "Tell communications I want a call sent out to any Aqua operatives who want to help me find Celebi's Amulet. It's urgent."

"Yes, sir!" the grunt saluted before dashing through the ship's corridor.

I need a coffee...

10-09-2006, 12:16 AM
OOC: Well, in the discription of the rp it says we are all fighting against each other in a way. And Germ warfare was used back then, right?

Team Rocket Kanto Base

What was left of our Shinou intelligence told us that most of the Shinou Gonvernment ould be killed overnight. Not good. This meant Aqua way way ahead of us. The Kanto government was still completely in power. Drastic action had to be taken. I shouted into my walkie-talkie for Sent to join me at Kanto base. We had already decided not to engage with Aqua in close combat for a long time. With Regigigas, we might be able to figure out a way to destroy aqua from afar. That's why I needed Sent's help...I wasn't exactly bright.

Later that day, I held a meeting for my top executives to plan our next assault on Aqua. Last time, we lost 3/4ths of our men in combat. We would have to find a way to transport our tanks and aircrafts to shinou. It would be simmilar in purpose to the AMS Deathwing, but with a less sophisticated design.

"That would take too long" Said Sean, Head scientist."I suggest an arial attack."

"No, we would easily get shot down" I said. "We need an ingenious strategy, any other suggestions?"

everyone at the meeting turned their attention to Charlie. He was the smartest one in team rocket; he could always come up with an ingenious plan for us to use.

"Well, the Arial attack might work" He said "But, let me build on that. Gonzap, you've just recently captured Regigigas, the pokemon said to create the continents, correct?"

I nodded.

"We have Regigigas attack from the ground along with several rocket grunts on foot. They would suspect an attack simmilar to last time...However, we have grunts flying airplanes from Kanto to shinou, and attack from the air. Aqua will be too busy fighting Regigigas, they will not suspect an arial assault. Plus, if things get too bad, you can always recall regigigas."

This discussion went on for several hours, and I had come to a decision as to which plan we would use. When I walked out of the conference room, I realized that it was already 3:35 pm. I decided to spend the rest of my day training with Regigigas.

Sceptile Frost
10-09-2006, 12:28 AM
~La Rousse City, Hoenn~

The first floor of the mayor's house was large, spacious, and filled to the brim with lace... Seriously! It was annoying! Every room I passed through, as empty as it was, was lined with lace. I bet this guy hadn't even seen these rooms. Too late for that, buddy!

Having already memorized the layout, courtesy of a La Rousse construction worker named Flann Ruusan, bless his heart, I shuffled down the hallway, careful not to make a sound. The mayor's chambers were on the third floor, and right now he was probably eating lunch... wish I was... and that was on the third floor as well. Maybe I could grab a caviar or a crescent or whatever that fat slob was eating when I left.

The second floro was a little bit nicer. Well, there wasn't a prevalance of lace to be certain. The hallway was long and stretched in a block formation, the middle of it covered in velvety red carpet.

I squinted in the dim lighting, shadows flickered at the corner in from of me. What was that?

I slid forward quickly, gripping my katana. Just in case...

"So, sir, what should we check upon the mayor, sir?"

"No, Matthews, not yet. He should still be enjoying that liquor from Dewford Isle. That stuff is tastier than Lady Lovelace on Friday nights..."

"Yes, but we should-"

The officer couldn't get another word in. As the rounded the corner, I quickly slid my katan out of its sheath, slashing it across their stomachs, the razor sharp silver blade whistling happily. The two of them fell to the ground, silent.

I went forward, always onward.

The third floor starway was hidden at the next corner, covered with a Van Goth or whatever that guy's name was. What did I care, some Dutch guy's paiting? I slit it with my katana and the door slid open. I slipped the katana into its sheath and gripped my pistol, slipping up the stairs.

This was the summit of all my training... all my success. Oh man, this was ice cold frosties all day and blue-bikini clad babes in each arm. This was rust's left hand, this was. I paused.

My parents...

They would hate me for this, they would. But I was dead to them. What had they cared when Ginger had left for Orange? Nothing. They hadn't even responded to my pleas of help.

I stepped onto the third floor. This place was crawling with guards. I slipped past them, one at a time, slashing them with my katana here, choking them there. Man, rust would be so proud!

Fifteen katana slashes and five choked necks later, I stood at the entrance to the mayor's dining hall. My katana was in one hand, my pistol, loaded, ready, in the other.

A faint ring could be heard in my pocket, growing louder. Oh great...

Stupid comunicator... stupid connection of psychics passing along messages and projecting it into this thing! And I ahd forgotten to leave it out!

"This is a call to all Aqua agents... this is Finch calling! Please report to base for a briefing! Finch requests your-" I slammed the communicator in the ground.

What an idiot I had been...

Sent Reglay
10-09-2006, 12:39 AM
Rocket Kanto Base

After hearing the plan of a two-pronged attack, mission specifics were quickly decided upon. I was to lead the arial forces atop Moltres, and Gonzap and Regigigas were to lead the distractionary ground attack. After last time there were some doubts about the amount of help Moltres could provide in a large scale battle, after all it was a giant beast covered in fire, there isn't many things yelling"shoot Me" as loud as that. I knew better though, after being re-infused with the power of the lance, Moltres was now able to cause much more damage then he could ever have done before. Moltres had also regained the mandate of nature, and through the Lance, he could combine his powers with mild eruptions and fissures.

Rocket Kanto Base
Later That Day

I sat with gonzap and looked at the tablet he had brought with him. It had several images which were either completely blacked out or glowing faintly, but then I saw the one image that was shining with an almost unnatural pure white light. I looked more closely at the symbol and saw the shape of the Flame Blazer Lance. I had made a choice different from anyone elses.

OOC: sorry for short post! I'm just waiting for the exact attack plan to be ready.

Charizard Michelle
10-09-2006, 12:47 AM

The great Neo has spoken!


Fortree Forest

Micheal and Char were walking down the path. THey had found tire tracks on a path and were following them till they were the rumble of people talking. Micheal and Char then hide behind a large bush and saw what was happening.

There was a large caravan of people with packed jeeps. By the looks of it they were just a research group. It looked like a large group. Still from the card that Micheal had found that means two things. There are Rockets in the group or the group was made up of Rockets. He knew that help was going to be needed.

Micheal then looked for his radio. It was a bit bulkly but was was useable. With this he would be able to contact the others in Delta Green. Still since this was on of Amy's newest things it could just shock him and maybe be intercepted by others. Still he knew that at least two other people are going to be needed to get inside the group and see if they can gain information on what was found in the dig. He decided it was worth trying.

Micheal then press a button and relay the message, "This is Micheal Anone. Green. Requesting for another personal for help. I believe I have found a group that may have a certain needed item. I need one to help gather information and possiblily retrieve the item. I believe Team Rocket is involve with this." He then press the button relaying the message to the other Delta Green members. Now he just have to wait.

10-09-2006, 12:59 AM
Rocket Kanto Base

Sent and I only had a few details to work out before the assault. We had determined that we would wait until the team of spies we sent out brought back some usefull information about aqua. Then I remembered. Overnight, Shinou government officals were going to be killed . I hated the government, but if it slowed aqua's plans, it was worth it. Now we had to come up with another plan, this time to save the shinou government. This shouldn't be that hard. We already had rocket spies in shinou. I just had to assign them as "bodyguards" temporarily. After a few quick calls, it was set.

Now it was time to take care of Kanto's governent. I pulled a pistol out of my pocket, motionign for Sent to do the same. We were going to assasinate the government, just as how we had heard Aqua had done. We would only be in the Kanto senate for a few minuites. Shoot a few Senators, and get out. They wouldn't be able to track us--the rocket base was underground, after all. And if after 10 years our base hadn't been found, it couldn't been done overnight.

I exited our base, putting ammunition into my pistol.

"This is going to be fun" I said to Sent.

Sent nodded and we ran off into the night with 20 troops, ready to kill.

Sceptile Frost
10-09-2006, 01:02 AM
~AMS Deathwing~

Thank Arseus my Erureido had been up to teleporting that day, or I would have been dead! With nothing to show for, I probably was anyway. Half of Hoenn looking for me... rust mad as a Tauros in the bull arena...

I sighed, returning Erureido to my pokeball.

"Dwayne, sir," said an agent, approaching me, a message in his hand.

"The mayor has placed a bounty on your head sir... a pretty bad sketch it is. A hair cut and change of clothing will do... Finch has a message for you!"

"Let me see that, private. This thing had better be worth it..."

Sent Reglay
10-09-2006, 01:22 AM
Outside Kanto Senate Building
Night of the Economic Output Presentation

I stood outside the Kanto Senate Building checking the silencer on my pistol. The plan was set, I would release Moltres and have it release a blinding flash from its flaming wings. While he made a display freaking the Kanto governement officials out, we would sweep in and assassinate the majority of the governemnt. I released Moltres from its pokeball and gave it a few mental commands. it nodded its flaming head to show it understood, and flew into the air lowering the flames on its wings to mear flickers.

<Now> I told my new partner mentally.

Within seconds, it had released a blinding flash that could be seen miles away. By looking at the shadows while on the run, I could tell that Moltres had lit it wings up to full blaze, and was making quite a show of itself, blowing off the roofs of some government buildings. We could say we were purging an evil governemnt tommorrow. We stood outside the main Senate Hall Pistols at the ready.

10-09-2006, 01:42 AM
AMS Deathwing ~ Cafeteria

Finch had just finished his coffee when he received word from the same grunt he'd met before. The kid burst into the Cafeteria and bashed into another young guy, knocking a glass of orange juice to the floor where it shattered. Not stopping even to say sorry, the grunt leapt over the mess and ran straight up to where the Captain sat.

"Sir!" he began, a little flustered.

"Now, calm down kid," said Finch, "you'll give yourself a hernia. What's up? And what's your name, anyway?"

"My name, sir?" the kid looked confused. "Travis Day, level 1 grunt. But sir, I have an urgent message. There has been a respose to your call from Dwayne."

Finch snorted. "Dwayne? I just heard that guy was in hot water with the Hoenn authorities for an attack that didn't go quite as planned."

"Sir," Travis confirmed with a nod. "He's agreed to go with you. Should I tell communications you've found your agent?"

"No, Travis, I need more manpower for this kind of job," said Finch, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, sir, very sorry," Travis muttered before stumbling out of the door.


* * * * *

"Calling all Aqua Operatives.

Meet Captain Finch on the AMS Deathwing and help him on the quest for the Forest Amulet. You will be rewarded handsomely in return.

Over and out."

Neo Emolga
10-09-2006, 02:01 AM
OOC: This is my last non-rp post in this thread. Don't want to spam. But rocket already has the two relics we need for our plans to take place. We may need Jirachi's key, but that would be pretty much it.

OOC: Answer is no. Sorry, but if you want the key, you’re going to need to wait another week and follow the standard. I can’t allow for any further exceptions, this is bad enough as it is.

AMS Deathwing

The operatives from Team Rocket had been removed forcefully from Futaba Town, running like they cowards they were. Shinou was ours, there was no other hope of them setting foot here. This was the foundation for our new civilization, after the crumbling of the government.

Commander rust had begun plans for the Tizer tanks, stronger and further reinforced tanks with thicker armor in order to be able to resist more attacks. My only concern was they would lose their mobility in the process. But defensive wise, they would be superior if relocation was not essential.

Tonight, plans were being made to assassinate the remaining governmental leaders from office. It was evident they had failed in their purpose to restore balance to the economy, and since there was no system left to impeach them, they were the new dictators now. They were without power, and were nothing more than simpletons that were both weak and ignorant. It was time for a new power to step in, and that power would be Team Aqua.

My research was set aside. I was… too distracted at the moment to be able to give it heed. However, it wasn’t long before I had been given a notice. A grunt had knocked on my door, and then slowly opened it.

“Captain Neo?” He addressed me.

“What is it?” I asked with a sigh.

“Message from Commander Finch.” He told me, looking up, “He’s looking for additional support in trying to find the Forest Amulet of Celebi.”

I thought it over. I honestly felt at this time, answering Shinou’s concerns over the new governmental policies were more important at the moment if we wanted to install ourselves as the new force of rule over the nation, but I was willing to help him. After all, he was my Commander.

“Tell him I’ll be there.” I replied, preparing my equipment.

10-09-2006, 02:16 AM
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AMS Deathwing ~ Cafeteria

Not more than a few minutes passed while Finch sat there. It seemed that, while they did have their own plans and aspirations, the other Aquas were ready and willing to drop what they were doing to help him. It was a different grunt who disturbed him this time, taking more care than the first to dodge the people in the Canteen on his way over.

"Yes?" said Finch, impatiently.

"Sir, yet another agent has agreed to join you on your mission," he said, in a voice much calmer and more controlled than his predecessor's.

Finch smiled weakly. "Excellent, who is it?"

"Captain Neo."

While excited, Finch was a little surprised that Neo would drop his political concerns in favour of this mission. He wasn't going to complain, though. Neo had proven himself time and time again to be an invaluable member of the Team in practically any setting he found himself in. No matter what the mission, you felt at ease with Neo on your side.

"Well, then," he said, now grinning broadly, "tell Dwayne and Neo to report to my quarters in the morning fully equipped for a recovery mission. Let them know we might be gone for a short while, at least a week or two. Also, could you ask Neo to leave someone else in charge of the political stuff for now?"

The grunt nodded and gave a hearty salute. "Sure thing, Commander. Right away."

10-09-2006, 02:18 AM
Florence City, Johto

I continued to make my way further and further into the woods. It was starting to get darker the more you walked into the woods. Jolteon kept a steedy watch of anything that moved. I knew these woods like the back of my hand. Although you always had to be alert you never know what you could fall into or be triped up with.

A weird noise started coming from my bag as I quickly sat it on the ground and pulled out my one of a kind radio and head set. I put the head set on and began dialing in the fequency until the message could be heard.

..."This is Micheal Anone. Green. Requesting for another personal for help. I believe I have found a group that may have a certain needed item. I need one to help gather information and possiblily retrieve the item. I believe Team Rocket is involve with this."...

- Fritz Williams - ''This is Fritz Williams of Delta Green. I am nearing Fortree City. As soon as I make my way out of the woods here I should be there as quickly as possible. Send me more information. OVER!''

I pressed the button and started to speak into the head set until I was finished. I decied to stake out for awhile it would be much easyer to stay in one place until I knew more details of the current situation. If I were to keep going that might screw up the mission.

I leand against the tree and pulled out my canteen and took a drink of water. I wasn't sure how long it would take for Micheal to respond or where he was. It didn't seem like nothing the two of us couldn't handle. It was Team Rocket they couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. Jolteon roamed around sniffing out traps and holes. I just sat by the tree waiting for a responce.

10-09-2006, 02:27 AM
Dr. Fredrick Polauf’s House, Slateport City
In Pursuit of Knowledge of the Staff of Water

We walked back into his house. He invited me to sit on his couch, which I did. He walked into the whitish, wooden door in the back of the room. I took another look around the room. There were potted plants next to a big window on the west side of the room. He house looked pretty comfortable. He came back inside with two cups of water. He handed me one and I took a drink from it. The cool water was nice to drink after a fiery battle.

“So doctor, what does the staff do?” I asked, curiosity finally reaching its peak.

“Well, from what I read on an ancient tablet, it allows the user to control a mass of water.” he explained, “You can also heal…but that’s all it told me.”

“It sounds useful…” I replied.

“Well, don’t forget, if you keep it, you’ll always have Kyogre after you. So you must choose whether to keep it…or destroy it…” he said solemnly, “Well that is, if you find it.”

“I have every intention of finding it.” I remarked, “Listen, Doc, thanks for your help. I really must be off though…”

He simply nodded. I smiled as I stood up. I walked to his front door, opened it, and left. “Foolish child…” the doctor muttered as I left. I walked down the street back to the Pokemon Center. I walked inside, figuring I better heal my pokemon while I was here. I walked to the front desk and handed her my pokemon.

“We’ll have these healed in just a minute.” Nurse Joy said. She looked at me for a second. “Oh! Are you by chance Barret of Team Aqua?”

“I am…” I claimed. She handed me an envelope, then she went behind the doors. I walked over to one of the nearby benches and sat down. I tore open the letter and quickly read it. It said:

"Calling all Aqua Operatives.

Meet Captain Finch on the AMS Deathwing and help him on the quest for the Forest Amulet. You will be rewarded handsomely in return.

Over and out."

I sighed. “I guess the Staff of Water quest gets put on hold…” Nurse Joy reappeared with my Poke Balls, so I walked over and grabbed them. I stuck them on my belt and walked outside. Once there I grabbed Pigeotto’s Poke Ball and released him. I grabbed his leg and we took off.

10-09-2006, 02:34 AM
Florence City, Johto

I heard the faint blurry talking over a radio. I could only make out the words green, Fortree City, and Team Rocket. I'm part of the Green. Maybe I should go make contact, I thought to myself.

"Espeon," I whispered, " follow that voice so I can meet up with this Delta member." At that command Espeon stood straight up and listened to wind and the echoes. I kept hitting branches that would tear my green jacket more and more each time. The ground was damp and the leaves would keep crunching under my feet. Espeon, however, had light crisp steps and every now and then a little crunch could be heard from under his feet. Finally we reached the voice that we heard.

"Who goes there? Delta or Rocket?", I asked earnestly. I wanted to know so if it were a Rocket I could atleast get a head start on attacking. I grasped the pistol on my holster and grabbed the silencer in my pocket.

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Charizard Michelle
10-09-2006, 02:48 AM
Fortree Forest

It wasn't long before Micheal had recieve a message back. It was from another member from Green or so Micheal hoped.

''This is Fritz Williams of Delta Green. I am nearing Fortree City. As soon as I make my way out of the woods here I should be there as quickly as possible. Send me more information. OVER!''

MIcheal was just glad that he was able to recieve a message and not get shock to death by AMy's newest radio. She was good but sometimes her creations are painful in a way.

MIcheal then said, "Micheal Anone. Glad that you responed. I currently at Fortree Forest. I on a mission to retrieve a relic and it has lead me to this location. I found a group and I think there could be a Rocket in the group or possiblily the whole group is made up of Rocket. THey look like a research group. I need help to see if this is true. More information if you decide to come. Over."

Micheal hoped that he could get help because if the whole group was made up of Rockets then that could be bad since he only had four pokemon and a few items. Help would be great to have incase it was a Rocket group. He waited for a responce.

10-09-2006, 03:00 AM
OOC: did not see this.

IC: Team Rocket Base

Jordan was walking around his team base when he noticed some little notes on the bulletin. Reading them it said two of the element weapons had been discovered. Deciding he was going to look for one of the weapons. Packing his pokeballs and food into his bag he walked out of team rockets base. Looking around he noticed it was night and yellow circles were floating around in one spot with a pair of eyes. Umbreon why won’t you just stay in your pokeball. Jordan then heard a call from someone behind him.

“Jordan where do you think you are going” yelled his commanding officer “you are supposed to be on a plane to Jhoto to help fight the war” Jordan turning around said “all right general I’m going I’m going”. Walking towards the hanger Jordan boarded one of the planes set to go to Jhoto. Once the plane had taken off he thought damn I hate planes, wish I had a pokemon that could use teleport. Starting to dose off Jordan laid down in his seat and fell asleep

10-09-2006, 03:07 AM
Florence City, Johto

I waited for a response as Jolteon barked before he got into his battle stance. His back arched and the hair on his body turned to needles ready to fire. I jumped up and stood behind him as his body started to glow from the electric current running though his body.

"Who goes there? Delta or Rocket?" the voice said although it was kinda hard to make out who the other guy was becuase Jolteon's body didn't give off that much glow. I didn't think it was that much of a threat but I didn't know who else he could have on him. He looked to be my hight maybe a little shorter.

- Fritz Williams - ''The name is Fritz Williams 3rd Command of Delta Green. Identify yourself!''

Just as I had shown myself I could hear the crackle of my radio with Mike responding.

"Micheal Anone. Glad that you responed. I currently at Fortree Forest. I on a mission to retrieve a relic and it has lead me to this location. I found a group and I think there could be a Rocket in the group or possiblily the whole group is made up of Rocket. THey look like a research group. I need help to see if this is true. More information if you decide to come. Over."

I walked over and picked the radio up and talked into the mic.

- Fritz Willaims - ''Fritz Williams! I was actully heading there myslef. I recieved a letter from a friend. If you could hold off until I get there and keep watch I'll try and get there as soon as possible. OVER!''

I stood there waiting for other guy to identify himself. Jolteon still kept to posture as he waited fro him to make any sort of move.

10-09-2006, 03:09 AM
En Route to AMS Deathwing

‘Geez, holding onto this bird’s leg is tough work. I hope he can hold me…’ I pull myself on top of Pidgeotto and we continue flying. We had to go all the way back to Shinou, and that is quite a ways away. I see several bird Pokemon fly by, along with a plane. I didn’t get a chance to see who was inside though.

I begin to fall asleep on Pidgeotto, but I quickly stop myself and look up. After a couple minutes, my head begins to fall again, but I stay awake. Then, after several more minutes, I drop my head and sleep. I slide sideways on Pidgeotto. Then, I slide even more. Finally, I fall off of Pidgeotto. I wake up to find myself falling through the air. With little thought, I grab Erureido’s Poke Ball and release him. “Erureido, use reflect, but make it vertical!” I yell at him. He closes his eyes and hold out his hands, his palms facing towards the ground. The reflect is made. I fall on it, like landing on the ground.

“Oww…” I mutter as I stand up. Erureido slowly floats down, his eyes still closed in concentration. Pidgeotto flies back down to me. I climb back on him and he hovers in the air while I return Erureido to his Poke Ball, thanking him profusely. Fully awake, we take off towards the Shinou again.

After an hour or so, I see the Deathwing and we fly towards it.

10-09-2006, 03:18 AM
"Enishi Aigul, member of Delta Green. Greetings sir. I'm surprised there's actually other Delta members out here. I hear we're looking for relics and maybe I can help." I let go of my gun and dropped the silencer back into my pocket. I held out my hand for a handshake.

"Oh, this here is my traveling agent Espeon." I laughed a little bit as I said traveling agent trying to bring humor to this tense situation. The last thing I wanted to do was make a superior officer mad at me and degrade my postion, even though I wasn't that high in the ranks.

Charizard Michelle
10-09-2006, 03:25 AM
Micheal waited for a while but as he looked upon the group. They looked like they were settling for the day. It seems as if they were going to be here for a while. Micheal then looked at Char. "Looks like we going have to do this soon."

He then recieve another message. ''Fritz Williams! I was actully heading there myslef. I recieved a letter from a friend. If you could hold off until I get there and keep watch I'll try and get there as soon as possible. OVER!''

Micheal nodded and knew that he had to wait. He then said, "Micheal ANone. Try to hurry up. By the looks of it they are settling for the night. I believe this is the best time to go in but still I can wait. Just try to get here before the decide to leave."

Micheal waited to see if there was anything else this Fritz person had to say.

10-09-2006, 04:17 AM

Jordan slammed into the seat in front of him and woke up. Rubbing his head he saw the other members of team rocket getting off the plane. Grabbing his pack he got off the plane and was rushed into a field base to learn what had happened since the war started. Hearing a few details about the legendary weapons not hearing enough to hear which ones had been discovered and only enough to hear Sent Reglay had received one of them. Wondering where the weapons were Jordan looked around the camp and saw a tent that he had to share with 3 other people in it. Hearing a guy of the three of them say he had heard about a third weapon located in this region by two of the biggest volcanoes in the northern region of Jhoto.

Asking the other guys in the tent Jordan said “so is anyone going to this place”

One of the other guys named Jerry said “ yes but only some of the more elite troops.

Jordan then asked “ so where are the sign ups or whatever for the little journey’

Jerry than said “they are ending in about ten minutes and they are on the other side of camp but there is to much people in the area to make it in time”.

Jordan then said “not for me their aren’t”. Walking out of the tent he sent out his dragonite and hopped onto it. Flying over the camp Jordan saw the sign ups. Landing right by the guy that had the sheet Jordan asked “ are the sign ups still open or are they closed already”.

The guy replied by saying “they are still open but you will have to do a little test before you can put your name on the sheet”. Following the guy he went to a gun course. The guy then handed him a pistol and told him to aim at a dime 50 yards away. Aiming quickly Jordan shot the dime and hit the dead center of it. The guy then laughed a little and brought him to another gun course for sniper rifles. Taking the pistol and taking a sniper rifle he was told to hit 10 barrels or 50 rolling down hill and shatter them with 5 bullets. Seeing 3 barrels lined up in a row going down hill he shot the one in the front of the three and it exploded when the second barrel rolled over the remains with 3 parts of it sticking up from the ground stopping the second barrel in its tracks and the third one smashing into to it making the second and third barrel explode into about 150 pieces. Seeing 2 more barrels he got in front of them and shot right through the first one and the bullet made it explode and hit the second one when two more barrels went into the patch of newly exploded barrels. Seeing his last three he shot and missed the front one. Shooting again he hit it but it did not blow up. Closing his eyes Jordan took a breath and shot again. His bullet zoomed through the air and made the second barrel explode and part of it flew into the air and hit the first barrel sticking into it and the last one hitting the normal pile splitting into 50 pieces. Shooting his last bullet the original first barrel exploded.

10-09-2006, 05:53 AM
Florence City, Johto

I nodded to Jolteon as he stood up stright. He sat down on the ground as I sat the radio down next to my bag. I walked back over as the guy who revelied himself to be Enishi Aigul of Delta Green. He held his hand out as I stuck my hand out to shake his.

- Fritz Williams - ''I should be the one that's suprised to see anyone out here. You see we're actully standing in my backyard. My house is about a mile and a half back that way. I just cut through the woods because it would be quicker to get to Fortree City. I recieved a letter from a friend about some strange things going on in the forest and it has to do with Celebi. Although I just got word for Michael that he's in Fortree City right now and that some guys from Team Rocket are there.''

I walked back over and picked my things up. I stuffed everything that had fallen out back into my bag. I picked the radio up again and replied back to Michael.

"Micheal Anone. Try to hurry up. By the looks of it they are settling for the night. I believe this is the best time to go in but still I can wait. Just try to get here before the decide to leave."

- Fritz Williams - ''Fritz Williams! We'll be there with in a day or so. I've found Enishi Aigul and he'll becoming with me. We'll beable to sort out this whole mess. OVER!''

I stuffed the radio into my bag and then lugged it over my shoulder. I motioned for Jolteon to follow as I began to make my way out of the woods. It was only another mile to the other side. We could be out in about an hour.

- Fritz Williams - ''Shouldn't be much longer till we're out of here then we can fly to Fortree City and catch up with Michael.''

10-09-2006, 06:53 AM
AMS Deathwing

Pidgeotto and I board the ship. Once landed I return him to his Poke Ball. I walk inside the ship and run into a grunt. “Tell Finch I will help out anyway I can…” I tell him.

“Yes, sir.” the grunt replied and left. I continued walking down the hall to my room. I enter it and lay down on my bed. Boy was I tired. It’d been a long day today, and I’d been constantly moving. I release Espeon and Poliwhirl.

“Alright guys, let’s relax in here for a bit,” I say to them. I stand up and walk over to a fish tank I asked to be installed. I released Feebas inside of it. “There you go…” I tell her. After that I go back to my bed and lay down again. I close my eyes and eventually drift off into sleep.

10-09-2006, 11:40 AM
"Wow, talk about unexpected. I didn't realize I was in your back yard. I could've swore I was just out in the woods somewhere." I pulled out two ice cold clips from my bag and loaded my rifle and pistol so that they were full. If trouble came I didn't want to be on the bad end of the situation.

"Team Rocket? I'm in the mood for smashing some baddies this morning. Whether it be guns or Pokemon I'm sure we'll win. So about an hour left, Eh?" I said this as I was following him making sure to keep up because he probably knew his way through the thick woods.

"Is Michael a part of Delta? I take it he is because I don't think we'd be mending with those Aqua fools." I can't wait till we get out of here, I thought to myself. No more sticks to worry about and we'll probably have better light.

Charizard Michelle
10-09-2006, 12:42 PM
Fortree Forest

''Fritz Williams! We'll be there with in a day or so. I've found Enishi Aigul and he'll becoming with me. We'll beable to sort out this whole mess. OVER!'' said Fritiz over the radio.

Micheal didn't like the idea of waiting a day. By the time they get here the group may leave and be in the city. Thus giving the Rocket in the group a chance to do whatever they have planned. Still he might as well do something about this. He then walked around the camp site that the group had made. He have over heard the words that a dagger was found in the dig. Micheal had no idea if a dagger was needed to open the tile but he didn't remember seeing a key lock on the tile so maybe the key isn't exactly a key. Micheal was going have to take a look at the dagger to judge if it is what he looking for.

Micheal was now on the other side of the camp and farther ahead of the group. He then sended out his pokemon except Gengar. Enu, Char and Beedrill then appeared. Micheal then said, "YOu guys. Make this path unusable. We need to delay these people from moving ahead in order to give Fritz and Enishi time to get here."

His pokemon nodded and began to tear the ground and knocking down trees upon the path.

10-09-2006, 12:44 PM
Kanto Senate Building

We had about 30 seconds before the Senators could see again. We too has a hard time seeing, but knew exactly where the Senators would be. I shot Celadon Senator Matt Schnittman in the leg twice.

"Damnit, A miss!" I shouted, a little to loudly. If they had recognized my very distinctive voice, I would have the whole Kanto police chasing me. I shot the Senator again, this time in the head."I was aiming for the heart, but that works."

I was tempted to send out Regigigas to fight, but I needed to do this by myself. Besides, a 10-ton ogre running away from a crime scene had to look suspicious. I shot two Senators running for the door, 1 in the heart, one in the stomache. At least, I think I shot them..it ws hard to see in all of this damn "blinding light"

A senator who his under his under his chair was immediately shot. While we were busy with him,a group of three Senators escaped, headed towards the Police Dept.

"Sent, Thats enough damage." I said, looking at the 10 corpses, and 5 bleeded Senators."Besides, the police may already be after us.

10-09-2006, 01:27 PM
OOC: Praise the Lord. Some restrictions on the relics were kept. At least now I have a fair chance of laying my hands on one. Oh and Finch, I'm definitely in. Let me come there as soon as I can; in this post.

Just Outside Ecruteak City

The towering trees closed in above the path, blocking out with weak sunlight that was just beginning to give the world light. As I walked along the shadowy path, my three grunts trailing behind me in line, I began to think carefully. Sure, Commander Rust had managed to capture one legendary, and secure one relic all by himself, with help from Captain Neo. But I was nothing close to what they were when it came to battling strategies. Both of them have been on the battlefield before. I haven’t. Even with Nathaniel, David and Jonathan, I wouldn’t be able to take out Ho-oh. I would need an army of Aqua grunts. And perhaps another Captain, or if I was lucky, a Commander.

“Captain Samuel.”

I turned around sharply, stopping in my tracks. David was standing in front of the others, holding his radio. This was hardly the time to be listening to the radio. “What is it?”

“I intercepted something sent to all Aqua Captains and their grunts. Here, listen to it yourself,” he handed me the radio, and I put it to my ears. The static was loud, and the words were unclear. Obviously, this was sent form a long way away. As I listened to the radio transmission, I felt a grin crawl up my face. Commander Finch had the same idea as I did. Getting Celebii would definitely be good. And if we gathered all of our forces, finding the Amulet would be a clinch. The only downside I saw to this mission was that some of us might want to keep the Amulet, while others might want to get Celebii. We’d have to figure that later.

“Is there anyway to send a message back to them, David?”

“No, sir. The only way to reply to them is by a place that you can transmit form, or actually go there. I believe that you have an Espeon –“

I cut him off. “Are you telling me what to do?” I snapped. I hated being like this, but it was necessary if these grunts were to learn discipline. A quick shake of his head. “No, I didn’t think so. But I think your idea is good. I will teleport back. Quickly, now, gather around.”

I could see David visibly sigh; no doubt he had been expecting a berating. I quickly released Espeon from her confinement. As she immerged from her poké-ball, she arched her back sinuously, and gave out a nice and big yawn. I shook my head. “Espeon, I need you to teleport us back to Shinou. Where the AMS Deathwing is. It should be docked at –“

Before I had time to complete my sentence, we were gone…

Aboard the AMS Deathwing

As Nathaniel, David, Jonathan and I all fizzled back into reality, felt a sudden surge of nausea, the same feeling you get when a plane is landing. Quickly steadying myself by holding on to a chair, I began to bark out orders.

“Nathaniel, go to Commander Finch’s cabin, and tell him that Captain Samuel will be with him soon. Jonathan, for God’s sake, go and shave. You do not want to look unkempt in front of a Commander. David, go and wash up, you look filthier than a Rattata’s behind. I want all three of you outside Commander Finch’s office in ten minutes.”

Immediately, they scattered, and I began to prepare myself. At least I could look good…

Sent Reglay
10-09-2006, 01:38 PM
Kanto Senate Building
Night of the Assassination

"Whatever you say Gonzap" I said as I walked backwards covering our retreat.

I made sure, that the remaining senators saw the "R" patch on my trench coat, then returned Moltres to its pokeball.

"That should make the news tommorrow" I said pointing at the security cameras in the room.

We made it to the Jeep, but we had to dodge a few cop cars on our way back to our base. When we had put about 3 miles between us and the senate building, we realized we were being followed.

"Stop!" I yelled at the driver.

The vehicle immediately stopped in its tracks, and within seconds I had Elekible out of its pokeball. Just in time. The cop cars surrounded us, and I began shooting at the officers. When fire was returned, I had Elekible blow their engines to pieces with electric bolts.

We sped away. As we made our escape, I thought of how I could use the events of tonight, to sway public support in our direction.

10-09-2006, 02:54 PM
AMS Deathwing ~ Finch's Quarters
Docked in Shinou

A knock on Finch's cabin door alerted him to the fact his briefing would soon be starting. He seemed to have gathered some interest from the rest of the team, but he hadn't even really prepared much of a speech. He would just tell it like it is: he needed the Amulet, and they wouldn't regret helping him reach it.

"Yes?" he said in anticipation. "Who is it?"

"Sir, Nathaniel," came a somewhat hurried reply. From his voice, Finch could ascertain that the grunt was intimidated. "Captain Samuel will join you on your mission."

Finch frowned. "Will he, now? I'll be the judge of that, grunt. Tell him to come here as soon as possible, and find the rest of them while you're at it."

Nathaniel chanted another "yes, sir" in agreement before dashing away to gather the other resposdents. Hopefully, they would all be on the Deathwing by now. Finch placed his jacket down on the end of the bed at the far side of the room, and took a bottle of scotch from the kitchen area, placing it on the table with a stack of glasses. He valued the more pleasurable things in life, and liked to keep formalities to a bare minimum when addressing his teammates. He didn't want to give them a false sense of hope that he would be their Commander forever...

Nothing left now to wait for everyone to show up...

10-09-2006, 03:01 PM
Florence City, Johto

Suddenly I remembered I had Flygon. I undid my bag and pulled out his pokeball. I ran to a semi-clear spot and threw hit the button. Out came the star stunning Flygon. I put the pokeball back into my bag. I pulled out my handgun and stuck the silencer on it.

"It's not a plane but it'll do. So where exactly are we headed to and why? If there's any trouble I'll just use my handgun instead of distracting Flygon from Flying."

I jumped onto Flygon's back and slid up towards his head allowing room for Fritz to get on I pulled out Espeon's pokeball and put him back inside.

"If we're going too fast don't be afraid to let me know. We have to stay stealthy but though so we probably won't be going that fast as it is."

10-09-2006, 03:19 PM
Florence City, Johto

- Fritz Williams - ''Michael is one of the members. Although I dono who else could pick up the frequency of our radio's.''

We kept walking through the woods as dawn began to set in. You could see peaks of sun though the thick trees. We had to get out of here as quick as possible. It was becoming more of a pain than fun. Enishi had found a good clearing in the trees. You could see the daylight flood the area.

- Fritz Williams - ''We sure do think a like. Once you get up fly North.''

He stoped in the clearing and pulled out his Pokèball to release his Flygon and recall his Espeon. He jumped up on Flygon and took off to the sky. I walked closer to the clearing and pulled out Skarmory's Pokèball and released him. He stretched out his wings before I petted him on the head. Jolteon jumped into my bag as I crawled onto Skarmory.

- Fritz Williams - ''North to Fortree City Skarmory.''

Skarmory noded and kicked off the ground as we blasted though the tree tops and into the sky. The morning wind felt great through my hair. I sat there and picked out bits a pieces of the tree from my hair, coat and Jolteon.

- Fritz Williams - ''Don't worry about going to fast. The quicker we get there the better off we are of stoping Team Rocket.''

Neo Emolga
10-09-2006, 03:47 PM
AMS Deathwing, Finch’s Quarters
Docked in Shinou

I would have had to put the team on hold, but until further notice from Commander rust, all tactical strikes were on hiatus while the team would undergo further training. There were other priorities at the moment.

I had originally intended to use the Team Rocket attack on Futaba Town for our own benefit, letting the people believe Team Rocket were the reckless assailants and that we were their protectors. In any case, this would have helped them in continuing their support for our team. However, I left that in someone else’s stead.

Two weeks was the notice Commander Finch had given me for this assignment. Keeping political ties in Shinou wasn’t a problem at the moment. However, when the time came to broaden our influence into the other regions, that was going to take a stronger amount of force. I was looking for an ample opportunity and this wasn’t the moment for it.

When I had arrived at Finch’s quarters, I had opened the door and found him. Like he had requested, I had everything I needed for the assignment, included the FG-42, medical supplies, rations, and the other needed equipment. Neither of us knew how long this assignment would be exactly, but if we were going to do this, now was the right time.

“Greetings, Commander.” I told Commander Finch in a firm voice, “I have the supplies, just like you asked. As for the political ends, I feel Shinou will eventually come to our hands due to our ranging influence. However, I feel it’s our campaign in the other regions ahead that will require steadfast concentration with political ties and governmental organization. Team Rocket’s attack and our successful defense not only helped us drive back an enemy, but it made us appear to be more valorous in the eyes of the people of Shinou, and made Team Rocket look like a bunch of reckless fanatics who put civilian lives at risk. The news images… will speak for themselves. I feel now is the time to attend to other affairs.”

In the meantime, I had waited for the rest of the assignment force to congregate.

10-09-2006, 04:19 PM
I leave for a day and this thread jumps 7 pgs, Dragon body still available?

Space center, Mossdeep

I figured once we were in it would be easy pickings, I was right so far we had only come across 5 guards...now stuffed in closets and such located around the center, I stood outside the main control room with the 10 Aqua's behind me, from what I could 3 guards, and 3 tech support guys.

"Follow me in remember we can't allow any gunfire" I said, I flexed my shoulder a bit as it was becoming a little stiff from the bullet wound, I than kicked in the door before it hit the ground one of my knives embedded itself the neck of the guard, quickly drawing my katanas I faced the last two guards, they reached for their guns, I din't give em the chance, I kicked the two now unattached heads out of my way as I made my way to the monitor.

Motioning over an Aqua I asked "You know how to work this?"

He studied it for minute before replying "Yes"

"Get on it than" I said turning away I caught sight of the two admins entering "got everything" I asked.

"not quite" one of them spoke, "we have a problem"

"What?" I said, shifting my eyes from one to the other,

"One of the guards...." he din't finish as the the alarms went off.

"I'll deal with you later" I said turning towards the Aqua at the monitor, "can you route that to the Deathwing?" I asked

he looked a me for a moment, "I think so" he replied "all this station does is recieve reports about the weather and such and then sends it back out, but maybe I could make it so the Deathwing get those reports too."

"Alright everybody back to the plane lets move out"

We hurried through the back as a guards and the police rushed up, running we made it to the plane as soon as the last Aqua was on board I had the pilot take off.

"get me the deathwing" I ordered soon I was talking to the deathwing.

"Thats right keep monitoring those reports for anything not normal."

I listened for a few morre minutes before going back to the co-pilot seat, "head towards the sky piller" I told the the pilot, "Rayquaza is back"

I watched him turn the plane towards the tower.

"At last the Dragon body is mine....."

Charizard Michelle
10-09-2006, 04:26 PM
Fortree Forest

MIcheal and his pokemon were tearing up the path as much as they can to prolong the group from moving on. Luckily the group was resting for the time being giving Micheal enough time to get the path unuseable for them to keeping and giving Fritz enough time to arrive.

Beedrill and Char were using their Brick Breaks to tear the road down while Enu was using his Slash to cut the trees down to make it unpassible. While they were doing that Micheal was keeping watch and looking at the book. He was remembering the large tile with the star craving. Micheal wonder if there was anything else that was needed to get inside. Maybe he should consider getting the help of Fritz and Enichi for the task of retriving the relic.

Micheal then looked at the mess that his pokemon have done. Micheal smiled and said, "That enough boys." He then looked at his charizard and added, "And girl. They going to need helicopters if they want to keep going." Micheal knew that it was going to take a while for that to happen since the digging group was just relaxing and had no idea that the path was now unusable.

10-09-2006, 04:50 PM
Sky piller, Hoenn

I stood right outside the top of sky piller, where right now I knew rayquaza was resting, I had no idea how to beat this mamoth and take the dragon Body, mostly I was relying on dumb luck, a fine thing to rely on when is doesn't exist, I grabbed a pokeball from my waist and enlarged it before releasing the pokemon.

A purplish squat figure appeared before me, <geng..Genger> it screeched I stared at it for a minute, I had caught it back before I went to prison, I tried to never use my pokemon in fights to the death, it wasn't their fault I was no longer a law-abiding person.

Gengar stared at the door before turning to me <Its back there?> I hated that it could forces its vioce inside my head none the less I spoke.

"Yes" as a matter of fact it is.

<well lets go than>

"You ahve no idea whats ahead" I said walking past it, I took a deep breath at the door.

<Come on> I heard a voice whine in my head I opened the door and walked in, sitting in the center of the roof was Rayquaza, he was huge, quite possibly the biggest pokemon I had ever seen, even Gengar took a step back.

I walked up to the pokemon I could see now that the pokemon was asleep to bad the dragon body was sitting on the back of the Dragon, after thinking for a brief moment I decided climbing up to get it was out of the question. I turned towards Gengar "any ideas?" I asked, Gengar just stared behind me before lifting a hand, I turned to see Rayquaza with a eye open, it blinked once than the other eye open, it seemed sorta of like a glassy stare like it din't understand where it was, it shook its head a few times before uncoiling and rising, it looked down at me and roared, the force of it nearly blew me off my feet, as it was I had to duck Gengar disappeared beneath the floor before rising above it was more <Gengar...GENGAR> it yelled.

I rose, it was now time to determine the user of the Dragon Body....

10-09-2006, 04:59 PM
OOC: ST, rulings have changed for the relic hunt since you left and came back. Please refer back to Neo's post (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=657264&postcount=170) for the additional details. Neo will decide if you have the dragon body or not.

Oh btw, I'm the only person in all the teams that actually heal, right? Would it be fair to suppose that the people under my care (ally or enemy) would experience about a 1.5 increase in healing speed? I actually forgot to mention that due to medical "advances" in this era, people receiving gunshots will probably have to be in bed for a while, unless it's in a non-fatal area nd they can go on with the pain. e.g. person gets shot in the arm and gets treated, they need to have the will to continue with the pain or else they cannot move from their initial position.

Also, all wounds need a treatment of antibiotics (a 1 week dose, unless you want the guy to have severe inflammation within a day and then die), and those are in terribly short supply (and we need to set a standard here on how much we actually have). The injured do not have to RP out taking the antibiotics, since it may hinder the story progression.

Olivine Field Hospital

Eris, my lovely bird, it has seem that things have calmed down a bit since the last emergency rush. This look of relief was certainly reassuring. All around the hospital, many had to shut their noses with their hands, yet you do not care, even when you are collecting the urine from patients. If only your development of penicillin mass production was successful. Oh wait, today's the lab day, isn't it? You'd better hurry up and go then.

She walked rather slowly toward the building in Olivine that housed the laboratory for medical research. Apparently acid precipitation and what not were happening today, and she probably wanted to see this, as this may be the solution they needed to this shortage of antibiotics. She greeted the man who looked after the building, and after a short exchange of words which usually included a proposal of marriage and its decline, she took the elevator up.

The laboratory itself was fairly rundown due to a lack of maintenance, considering the walls were stained yellow, and the cupboards and cabinets were all tarnished and stained with unknown chemicals, alongside what seemed to be rust marks on the top of the counters. There were several scientists in there still, running purely on a zero budget to develop this protein. I knew none of these people, save one named Mack Ferdina, an expert acid precipitator, who was the first to precipitate insulin after its patent was sold for a dollar. He led the project and searched around for this elusive competitor, and hopefully this would happen indeed.

Mack intently adjusted the acid amounts, and within an hour, he was able to precipitate this elusive protein. Afterwards, he took this protein, and injected this along with penicillin, into the mouse. "And now. We wait," he said to the group.

They were having a jolly conversation indeed, which also included an invite for a date with her, and several attempts to flirt with miss cold there. Seemed like she still had a fragment of her radiance that she once had. Funny, since she declined them all, probably for reasons that I wouldn't have known, though I hope it was me. Okay, so it is probably so she won't be distracted from work. Now it was just a waiting game. But I don't have a care, for I can watch her from this distance, and share a bit of my feelings.

Neo Emolga
10-09-2006, 05:15 PM
OOC: Kenny's right, you need to do a LOT more to get a relic now. Sorry, but you can't get the Dragon Body, each team can only get one relic, and it has to be through three people working together and with very good RP posts.

Kenny: Yo Neo, I've made a comment in the previous post inaddition to that. Please read and reply.

10-09-2006, 05:17 PM
Yea I stopped post to read the rest of the 13-14 pages and had just come across it, oh well it's fair, so I guess I'll be linking up with you or rust 0_o/


10-09-2006, 05:19 PM
My Room and Finch's Room, AMS Deathwing

<’Wake up…’> a voice was saying in my head. <’Wake up…’>

I started to stir in my sleep. <”Wake up!’> it yelled once more. Suddenly I sat up. Espeon was staring at me. I just kinda shook my head and stood up, stretching at the same time.

“That was a nice nap, but I better go see Finch now…” I told my Pokemon. I returned them to their Poke Balls and walked out my door. I looked around. “Uh…hmm…I wonder where Finch’s Room is…” I said aloud. So, I just began walking.

After about ten minutes of searching, I finally found the correct room, so I walked in. I walked over to Finch. “I’m here to help, sir.” I told him, giving some kind of a salute. I walked over to a chair and sat, waiting for anyone else to arrive, or for Finch to start.

Neo Emolga
10-09-2006, 05:22 PM
Yea I stopped post to read the rest of the 13-14 pages and had just come across it, oh well it's fair, so I guess I'll be linking up with you or rust 0_o/


OOC: I'm already linked up with Finch for another relic, so can't do that...

Okay, enough OOC chat. :x

Dr Scott
10-09-2006, 06:22 PM
Jarrod (Blue), Todd (Green), Josh (Light Blue), Elise (Pink), Petey (Orange), Jacques (Gray), Sara (Light Green), Phillip (Purple), Trisha (Red), and Leo (or, Sergeant) (Brown), No one / Mental Meeting (Black)

Mount Moon, The Base
Getting out of Here!

It only took around twenty minutes to get back out of the cave, even after the group stopped more then once to pick up Macho the Machop and place him on his spot back on Artemis the Arcanine’s back. The large fire dog didn’t look like she was having too much trouble with the bony fighter, the Pokémon just lay limply on the dog’s back, arms dangling from her back. Josh, who had taken control sometime between the first floor basement and the way out, was still keeping an eye on Artemis. Though she didn’t act it, the Arcanine had just been through a battle with a group of Clefairy and Clefable.

To Josh’s right was Ice, the brunette rubbing the back of her head tenderly, which was slammed into the wall not too long ago. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Josh asked her, casting a sideways glance her way.

The blue eyed female stopped rubbing the back of her head, instead running her hand carefully through the little hair that she had left. “I’m fine,” she said insistently, “I’m just a little shaken up.”

“I’m still having you looked at as soon as we get back,” Josh said. Ice looked like she wanted to argue this more but Josh waved away the comment with a hand, stopping the comment before it was formed on the older woman’s full lips.

From above them all Private J. Johnson was floating, held up by the fighting-psychic Athena. Jarrod’s Medicham held up a hand, her eyes glowing a bright blue from the psychic energies that she was releasing. Private J. Johnson, a small quick man who often was used for errands and deliveries, had taken a bullet that was meant for Jarrod, taking the bullet in the left leg. Ice had said that luckily the bullet had passed completely through, and all that was needed was a quick patch up job by the deadly female. Josh had promised that as soon as they got back he would bring the Private directly to the closest field hospital in Olivine, their destination.

In front of them all floated Mew, the pink psychic doing little twirls and turns in the air every once in a while. At this point none of the wary Team Delta Green member’s had fully understood that the catlike Pokémon had actually joined them in their adventure, their minds numb enough to totally block off the floating legend.

However, the fact remained that just a while ago Jarrod J. Johnson was shot by Steven, a young boy who was working for the man who killed Jarrod’s friends and family and sent him into the spiral that led to his madness. Steven was no longer anything to worry about, however, because he now lay dead from a bullet from one of Ice’s guns. After all of that drama was finished Jarrod, with a little mental nudge from Todd, figured out the way. This freed the Mew, who gratefully decided to join the rebel group in their adventures. Mew had also told them a bit of the history of the Legend of the Unity Defiance, shedding some light on the subject.

Finally, however, they had reached the outside, and were forced to squint. Jack the Stacked was waiting for them outside, quickly taking J. Johnson from his spot in the air, and carrying him directly to the awaiting transport plane. Josh turned to his Medicham, who had fallen to one knee, “What’s wrong?”

The Pokémon’s voice sounded in Josh’s mind, a strange voice that sounded like it was talking through a wall, {I don’t know … I’ve never had any problem with this sort of output of energy before. There’s just something about this place that zaps my energy …}

“You did good,” Josh said, returning the Pokémon to its Poké Ball. He clipped the red and white ball onto his leather Poké Ball belt, the ball fighting snugly in place. With that done, Josh then returned Artemis after telling the fire dog that she did good as well, the Machop already returned by Jack and off of Artemis’ back. With all of his Pokémon back in their places, Josh turned to Ice, “Would you say mission succeeded or failed?” he asked the older woman, doubt evident in his voice.

The girl stared at Josh with uncommonly gentle eyes, “I’d say that we succeeded. We’re all alive, and we did manage to get a Mew on our side.”

Josh looked at the legendary Pokémon as it twirled in mid air, flying high and far before finally falling back to earth and floating near the couple, “You know, I think you’re right.” And with that the two followed Jack into the awaiting transport, sitting back and enjoying the flight back to Team Delta Green’s Olivine City base.

Dog of Hellsing
10-09-2006, 06:28 PM
Futaba Town

I sighed and shook my head. One thing after another. First we have to scurry to Nagisa City and help get the Thunder Katana, then we get called out here to help with the Rocket pests only to find it's been taken care of. Now I've gotten a radio call from Commander Finch, asking all operatives who were capable to aide him in getting Celebii's item.

"I tell you Dawn, all this running sure is going to make you fit," I said to my Salamence. He let out a snort and I chuckle, climbing onto his back and telling him to set off for the AMS Deathwing. As we flew I took my radio from my belt and lifted it to my mouth.

"This is Kaibu Hogosu, I am currently en route to the Deathwing from Futaba Town. I'll assist in any way I can. If we need any supplies, I can probably stop and get them on the way back to base. Hogosu out."

I lowered my radio, waiting for a response. It looked like trying to find the Guardian's Chestplate would have to wait. However, as we flew towards base, I bagan to get an idea. I lifted my radio again, switched frequencies, and spoke.

"Commander rust, I think I might have an idea on how to get a powerful Legend on our side. I'm going to assist Finch on a recovery mission for Celebii's relic, and once I'm done with that I was planning on heading to the Whirl Islands. I was wanting to make sure if you wanted the Guardian's Chestplate, though, or Lugia's aide. I think these Legends don't want us humans to have this power of theirs anymore, if Zapdos's earlier actions are any indication. I think, if the Guardian's Chestplate is destroyed, Lugia would join us and help fight for our cause. It would certainly be more of a use to have Lugia himself helping us all than his item protect only one of us."

Lord Celebi
10-09-2006, 06:40 PM
OOC: I leave for a night and Rocket is already planning on killing us?
AMS Deathwing - Shinou Sea
"Commander rust," My radio buzzed, "I think I might have an idea on how to get a powerful Legend on our side. I'm going to assist Finch on a recovery mission for Celebii's relic, and once I'm done with that I was planning on heading to the Whirl Islands. I was wanting to make sure if you wanted the Guardian's Chestplate, though, or Lugia's aide. I think these Legends don't want us humans to have this power of theirs anymore, if Zapdos's earlier actions are any indication. I think, if the Guardian's Chestplate is destroyed, Lugia would join us and help fight for our cause. It would certainly be more of a use to have Lugia himself helping us all than his item protect only one of us."

"Interesting," I said to Kaibu, "Lugia is quite a powerful legendary, not as powerful as Celebi or Aruseus, but still quite powerful. Permission granted to pursue the Guardian's Chestplate after Finch and his Strike Force obtain the Forest Amulet." I turned off my radio.

"Already, Aqua is gaining power," I said to Aruseus, who was looking around my Private Office, "We are becoming one of the most powerful teams already. Shinou is ours. I will take over the government later today. I like watching the panic and fear." I smiled.

<You're foolish,> Aruseus said, <Rocket is more than likely planning a counterstrike... They harbor vengence you know.>

"What can they do?" I asked Aruseus, "They are miserable fools. You saw how bad we defeated them in Futaba... Imagine what happens when the entire Aqua army is after them!"

My tablet now started to vibrate as I looked at it. The Giga Maul was now glowing bright orange. The Shining Spirit Bow was glowing pink. Immediately, both blacked out.

"Mew and Regigigas are now loyal to someone," I said, "Now, I have a reason to fear Rocket..."

10-09-2006, 07:01 PM
OOC: You might want to update the Cliff Notes, because I am lost.


Mossdeep City, Kanto, Night

Me and Crim had just gotten off the boat when we saw the humungous Space Shuttle looming in front of us. We gazed in wonder at the thing that could take us to the Moon and beyond. We wanted to get on, but it was nighttime and we had to find a hotel. Luckily we had money, because right after we got in our room, it started raining again. " Fifth time this week! " I said to Crim with a big sigh. Crim sat down on a chair and said, " Yeah! It's incredible. " We said good night and went to sleep. I knew that I would find the relics even if I had to die for them.

Dog of Hellsing
10-09-2006, 07:05 PM
En Route to the AMS Deathwing

"Interesting," came rust's reply a moment later. "Lugia is quite a powerful legendary, not as powerful as Celebi or Aruseus, but still quite powerful. Permission granted to pursue the Guardian's Chestplate after Finch and his Strike Force obtain the Forest Amulet."

I grinned and stretched. It would be good to get back to what I'd been doing before. All I needed now was a plan. That coudl wait though, for now I had to get prepared for the current mission of obtaining Celebii's Amulet.

I arrived a short time later at the Deathwing's deck, jumping off Dawn's back and recalling him as I glanced around. I spotted one of the newer members to the team and waved him over as I shoved Dawn's PokeBall into my pack.

"You, go tell Commander Finch I've arrived and will be ready shortly. I'm going to my quaters to freshen up a bit and gather some things together. I shouldn't be more then ten or fiftenn minutes."

"Yes ma'am!" the young man replied, making a quick salute before hurrying off. I watched him go, smiling in amusement, then glared atounf at the other grunts who were gawking at me. Dawn had that affect on most people, considering Salamence were quite rare. "What are you fools staring at?! Get back to work, NOW!" I barked at them, and instantly the lot began to get back to their duties. After watching them for a moment to make sure none of them were slacking off, I went below deck to my room.

Once there, I collapsed with a sigh onto the bed. Two weeks in Ilex Forest, in the wilderness of Celebii's domain. It would no doubt be a grueling time, but I could manage. After all, I'd been a regular Pokemon Trainer before meeting and joining Aqua. I'd gotten used to sleeping on the ground with a rock as a pillow. Even though I'd been living pretty much in luxury for the pasty few years, I knew I could still tough it out if I had to. Still, I would have liked to get some rest before we left...

I stretched and sat up, clapping my hands together and standing as I looked around. I then grabbed a knapsack lying by my bed and went around the room, grabbing this and that, things I knew I'd need in the forest. Berries, potions, other restorative items, repellent for Bug and weak Pokemon. I could pick up a weapon later, though I didn't like the thought of it. I was horrible with guns, and the swords rust had issued as standard to the team were too bulky and cumbersome. I decided I'd stop by the armory on my way back to the deck and see if they had any of the weapons I was skilled at using.

After washing my hair and face, I grabbed the pack and headed out of my room, jogging towards the armory room.

Lord Celebi
10-09-2006, 07:12 PM
OOC: I live to insult Rocket's integrity! :twisted:

Aqua Press Conference, Futaba Town

"The government assassination last night was... unfortunate," I said to many TV Cameras and Microphones around me. My conference was being broadcast on Black and White TVs and Radios worldwide, "Aqua had an operation going on in Futaba because of a rumor of a Sacred Relic here. We wanted to obtain it before anyone else could and use it aganst Shinou."

"rust, rust!" One of the reporters shouted, "Why did you evacuate all of the people then?"

"We had a feeling Rocket was in the area, and we didn't want any civilians killed needlessly. Anyways, we were right. Rocket had attacked. We beat them back hard with our Tiger Tanks. Moltres ended up coming, trying to destroy a Rocket Operative, who several Rocket POWs have identified as 'Sent.' Another commanding officer of Rocket was named 'Gonzap,'" I said.

"Were you able to kill these commanding officers?" Another reporter asked.

"No, unfortunately. They escaped before we could catch them. Those knuckle dragging fools were probably harboring vengence against Shinou last night and assassinated the government officials," I said, "They're like a child who's found a pack of matches. They're going to set the whole house of Shinou on fire if you don't stop them."

"What are your plans about the Shinou government, rust?" Another reporter asked.

"Team Aqua plans to take the region of Shinou under its wing and nurture it back to health. Since elections are not for antoher three years, we intend on keeping Shinou healthy until then. You can call me President if you want," I said, "And to all other world governments out there. Rocket will stop at nothing to achieve what they want. Use your resources to track them down and stop them. It is the only way."

The reporters clapped as I finished off the Press Conference. Rocket is now an enemy of the entire world...

10-09-2006, 07:28 PM
Rocket Base, Kanto

I listened to the radio, shocked. Now everyone who had been listening to that broadcast was an enemy of team rocket. I motioned for Sent to come in.

"Sent, we're going to Shinou. NOW!"

Sent did not know why I was so furious, but he followed my orders as we began the assault. I would fly in on an airplane, jumping out just before the assault. I gripped tightly on Regigigas' pokeball, beginining to alk to him telepathicly.

"Do you think they know...that your with us?" I asked, boarding the plane.

<Well, based on Aqua' first impression on you, I doubt they think you could even make it to the maul> Regigigas replied.

"Very well. I hope your right." I said, sitting down. "I hope your new teqniqu works as well"

<It will. I've practiced it countless times.>

"Good then. I'm going to sleep. Its a long ways to Shinou."

<Alright. I'll be ready for the assault when you awake>

I closed my eyes, envisioning Rust surrendering. I hoped it wasn't only a vision. If we were to defeat rust, maybe we coul get the truth out--I mean, we were the top criminal orginization in Kanto, but they were the Shinou Mafia! I began to doze off, relaxing before combat.

10-09-2006, 07:43 PM
Sky piller, Hoenn

I stood up to face the great dragon before me "alright Gengar you ready?" I asked at nod from him I called the first attack, Shadow Punch I said, I watched as small shadows danced around Rayquaza than a fist shot out catching Rayquaza across the temple, the Dragon looked from the now empty space where the attack had come from to Gengar, it shook for second before releasing a roar, this time it did knock me off my feet, with a quick movement I grabbed my katana and plunged it into the floor, Now connected firmly to the floor I waited for the roaring to subside, it din't Rayquaza still roaring, lunged at Gengar, it moved far faster than my naked eyes could see though I felt the vibrations as the Dragon plunged through Gengar into the floor and down into the tower, I looked for Gengar and saw him right where I left him, he hadn't moved, I pondered how he could be there when it dawned on me, normal attack go through him, with a sigh of relief I got up only to be knocked down when Raquaza crashed through the side of the tower, turning it faced us, I watched as the symbols started to glow, than it released a Hyper Beam.

The tower shook as the powerful Beam of light connected with the tower, I was sure the Tower would collaspe when Raquaza stopped, I once again stood up facing the beast, it was at least as long as the tower, and a lot meaner, it stared at me as Gengar made its way to me, Rayquaza's symbols stopped glowing, I was focused in the those wierd symbols and failed to notice the tail sweeping towards me and gengar, at a screech from my pokemon I turned realizing what was happening I tried to jump, the tail still connected with my left leg sending my flying over the edge with Gengar.

Trying to not panic I recalled Gengar and reached for my steel whip, finding it I uncoiled It and struck at a gaping hole in the tower most likely damaged from the Dragon, it flew towards the wall and in, now I just had to manage to hold on somehow I felt the line jerk to halt I don't know haow a managed to hold on but my right shoulder I knew had been dislocated. Slowly carefully I made my way back up and through the hole.

a couple of hours later

I sat in the co-pilot seat of the plane once again, this time my right shoulder and arm bandaged, the medic wanted a cast but that would have slowed me down to much, now that the capture of the relic had failed I planned to meet up with the others at the Deathwing, hopefully I could link up with someone their and continue in the hunt, I listened to Rusts Broadcast of the radio, smiling to my self, "nice job Rust" I said quietly as the form of the Deathwing came into sight.

Lord Celebi
10-09-2006, 07:53 PM
AMS Deathwing - Shinou Seas

The press conference had gone well. Already, Fiore and the Sevii Islands have begun to use their resources to hunt down Rocket in every region. It was... delicious... watching the captured Rockets on TV executed live. Each one was probably a stab at the heart of whoever the hell was leading Rocket.

"Sir, several planes have reported visual of a bogey," My radio crackled.

"Shoot it down then!" I commanded, "In fact, fire missiles from the Deathwing. If they haven't communicated with us yet, they're likely an enemy."

"Sir!" I cut the radio link and watched out my window as several Aqua planes took off from the Deathwing and began to swarm the approaching enemy plane. If it was Rocket, they were fools. There is no sneaking up on Aqua in their home territory.

If it was another, unidentified enemy, they were screwed...

Dog of Hellsing
10-09-2006, 08:11 PM
AMS Deathwing, Shinou Seas

I had heard rust's conference being played on just about every radio on the Deathwing as I made my way to the armory room. It was great, the way he set up Team Rocket. It was hard to supress a laugh at the thought of them becoming public enemy number one. They'd be so busy covering their tracks to keep from being caught and killed that they shouldn't be a problem to us anymore. Now, we just needed to get rid of Delta Green...

I went into the armory when I reached the room, glad I'd remember to bring the key. Only a few of us were allowed to go into the armory as we pleased, and rust had given those few members spare keys that were to remain in our rooms at all times. Unless we needed in the armory, of course. I remembered how honored I'd been to be presented with one of those keys. It was a sign I was trusted, and that meant quite a bit to me.

I stuck the key into my pocket as I ambled down the isles of gun, blades, maces, and other such weapons. Finally, though, I came to the area that housed my specialty. They looked like fingerless gloves that had four long, thin blades on the knuckles. The glove part was covered in a thin piece of metal as protection to the hand, and inside the glove was soft material for comfort. The blades themselves were about two feet long each, and could be moved seperately from the others. The blades were sharp enough to cut through flesh without causing immediate pain. They were close combat weapons, and that was what I excelled in.

I reached out and took the only pair that was available. No one else used these kinds of things, and when I'd asked for them to be made I'd gotten quite a few funny looks. Why would I want short swords on a pair of gloves? Still, they had been made, and I'd proved my ability to use them time and time again. I wondered, not for the first time, if I should keep them on me at all times, instead of putting them in the armory when I didn't need them. I wasn't worried about someone taking them, since they were custom-made for me, but it was a hassle to have to keep coming here each time I needed to pick them up.

I slid the clawed weapons onto my hands and smiled as I did a few practice moves. I hadn't used these in about a week, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting relaxed in that short amount of time. I'd be using them a lot, more likely than not, in Ilex Forest. After a few moments, I took them off, grabbed the special holster that had been made to hold them, and slipped them into it. I then snapped it shut around my waist with one of the gloves on each side, so I could easily put them on and get them off the holster if I needed to in a hurry.

After I'd gotten my weapon, I left the armory and closed the door, locking it behind me. I went back to my room put the key within a hidden compartment in one of my drawers, then left my room once more and headed back up to the deck. I got there just in time to see several missiles fired at a copter or plane in the distance. I scowled, wondering who it could be. Most likely Rocket, seeking some sort of retribution for their defeat at Futaba and their being framed by rust. I smiled a little, watching the missiles fly. Whoever it was, they wouldn't be a threat for too much longer.

10-09-2006, 09:04 PM
Florence City, Johto

As I rose up about one-hundred feet off the ground I realized I was free from the dungeon or woods as some people call it. Finally some light hit my sun derived skin.

"Flygon, go after the speeding bullet." Skarmory moved so fast I could barely track him and plus he/she/it was grey. The breeze made my hair blow back but I didn't mind because for once in the day, I felt relaxed. We followed north as the orange sun was coming up it reflected through Flygon's wings making them look like an orange glass of some sort.

10-09-2006, 09:09 PM
I had just woken up to realize that we were being bombed...how pleasent. Nonetheless, it would be simple to take those missles right out of the sky.

"Regigigas, Safeguard, then follow it up with Giga attack!"

Regigigas emerged from it pokeball, tipping the plane down considerably. Good thing we jumped down before the plane crashed; we landed right beside Regigigas. The safeguard and Giga attack neutralized and destroyed the missles they had fired at us. Now it was OUR turn. Regigigas let out a roar an began hunting down rust. The rest of my team was in close combat with aqua grunts, while an army of airplanes followed only a mile behind, ready to attack.

Regigigas let out an awesome display of power, knocking over many grunts with a single superpower attack.

"Charge!" I commanded, as the rest of my troops, now landing from their airplanes, attacked aqua. There was still the matter of Sent and the 5 planes, which were flying a mile behind us. If they got here in time, our plan would go perfectly. I they didn't, this could be another Futaba. And I certainly didn't want that.

Primal Link
10-09-2006, 09:12 PM
Secret Base,Yoshi's Island.

I woke up thinking about where I should go. My mind swayed towards Johto for a minute then Kanto, I just remebered about a recent assaination by Team Rocket. I turned to Hoenn thinking that the sea is so blue then I had an Idea! I thought if I should go to Lilycove, but then The Deathwing for an second. I am the only one here at the moment maybe I should go.

I did. On the way flying out, I knew I had to get some pokes but where. I fell asleep....

.... I woke up passing over the sevii. Far from Yoshis Island. The Simrou seas ahead, I could see the AMS Deathwing for the first time.

Lord Celebi
10-09-2006, 09:29 PM
AMS Deathwing

What in HELL was Rocket thinking? Invading the Deathwing? That's suicide! The Deathwing is Aqua's headquarters, with over oen thousand Aquas on board. If they think a helicopters' full of troops can take out one thousand grunts, they're screwed.

Although, I was right about Rocket's new toy. Regigigas. Aruseus was dealing with Regigigas while I was facing off against the Rocket commanding operative 'Gonzap.' I drew my Thunder Katana and sent several blasts of electricity at Gonzap.

"Sir!" A grunt reported to me after blasting down a Rocket with a handgun, "Five more bogies coming in."

"Shoot them down!" I commanded, "Deploy every damn Aqua plane to destroy them!"

The grunt quickly ran off to the Navigations Room, while I dealt with Gonzap, "So, Gonzap, you think you're smart for meddling in Aqua's affairs again. You know what? Go to hell. he grown-ups have business to attend to, and you kids aren't helping us much," I said, parrying at Gonzap...

Primal Link
10-09-2006, 09:44 PM
Approaching AMS Deathwing

A horrific sight rocket is attacking the Deathwing. I was astonished, I then got my piolet to take on a few enemy planes and then try to make a landing. Could not do much in a transport plan he toldme so landed(only just). I saw THE Thunder Katana while I got out and pulled a shotgun out of the cargo. Rust was having a fight with gonzap, better go and leave that one alone and take care of rocket pimpsqueaks. I noticed a poke ball lying on the runway and decided to take it and guess what I found a Blastose inside. Must of got away from the store, I thought. I went to the control room to see what was actually happaning.

Meanwhile I recieved message from Finch needing my assistance and walked out. Rust barged by saying the rocket ambush finally fled, I personly asked where this blastoise came from. He had no idea so told me just to keep it, aah finally a pokemon now I can help Finch with this forest amulet.

I returned to Yoshi's Island and waited for Finch.

10-09-2006, 09:46 PM
I certainly didn't want to be killed by the thunder Katana..I prayed zapdos would come and attack rust. I drew my pistol.

"Well Rust, if we were strong enough to assasinate the Shinou government, I think we should be able to take care of you." I said with a smirk.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the five rocket planes get shot down. Everything going according to plan. Now for the next stage. I managed to escape from rust temporarily.

"Sent, execute the second stage, NOW!" I yelled into my communicator.

I shot at Rust again, this time more confident.
"By the way, Rust, I'm smarter than you think. By the end of this battle, I guarentee you at least 100 aquas dead." I said, hoping to strike fear in his heart. Apparently, it didn't work.

Even though it seemed bad, this was exactly how we had planne it. I quickly glanced at the sky, and saw sent in his plane. I ran towards Regigigas. It was time to unleash the full wrath of our plot.

OOC: Why would we flee before the battle began. No way in heck we're retreating Yoshi!

Lord Celebi
10-09-2006, 09:53 PM
AMS Deathwing
"By the way, Rust, I'm smarter than you think. By the end of this battle, I guarentee you at least 100 aquas dead." Gonzap said. I laughed maniacally.

"Fool," I said, "100? A child could do that. We can easily kill 1000 of your pathetically trained Rockets," I said. Gonzap quickly fled to Regigigas. Aruseus blasted Regigigas with a Fire Blast attack, knocking him back somewhat.

The plan was simple, knock Regigigas over he edge of the Deathwing where he'll drown underwater because of his extreme weight.

I then used my Katana to positively charge Regigigas, the same charge as the Deathwing. Immediately, Regigigas was thrown back because of the extreme amount of rejecting magentic energy between him and the Deathwing...

OOC: Ya gotta love electricity... ;)

10-09-2006, 10:13 PM
Right before Rust had done charged "regigigas" I had it use sbustitute. The real Regigigas ran away while the substitute dissapeared. Regigigas and I had no idea of where to go; the deathwing was so damn big! We entered a room that was just large enough to fit Regigigas. It appeared to be a gym. I hade regigigas use another substitute as we ran off to another room. Regigigas and I backed into a corner. We needed to stall for time. Regigiga had to wait 5 minuites before using another "giga attack" . I was hoping rust would bring Aruseus with him. Otherwise it would be no fun.

"Gigas, can you use another Giga attack yet?" I asked

<I'm not sure. Give me another minuite tops.> Regigigas replied.

If Rust didn't find us in the next 60 seconds, we would be okay. Like that would happen. Things were goin good for us right now, andI felt the tables were about to turn. And sure enough, they did.

Rust ha found and cornered us. I looked down at the floor, counting the seconds.

30, 29,28...

10-09-2006, 10:49 PM
Florence City to Fortree City
In the air!

You could see the sun start to rise higher and higher in the sky. We stayed above the clouds so that we wouldn't be seen by any member of the enemy team. They might decied to try and shoot us down then we'd really be in trouble. Although it didn't help much that Skarmory's body reflected the sun. It actully made it harder to see where we were going. I looked back to see where Enishi could be but it was to hard to see anything in the clouds.

I knew finding Celebi would be hard task to accomplish. He could be hiding anywhere. Although finding a glowing object in the forest shouldn't be that hard to find. Could it? I began to run though all the possibilities of how Celebi might handle this whole situation. I hope that he wouldn't think we're trying to harm him in any way and that we are only trying to help. I was also hoping that Celebi would help us in this battle. I uncovered the radio just enough to where I could use it.

- Fritz Williams - ''Fritz Williams. Michael, Enishi and I are nearing Fortree City. We'll meet you by the Pokèmon Center to talk about the rest of the mission. OVER!''

I covered the radio back up as so it wouldn't fall out. I had Skarmory slow down a bit until I found Enishi among the clouds. I pointed up ahead to the large forest as it looked to be Fortree City. I waited for Enishi to fly up closer before pointing to the small building with a red roof. He nodded as Skarmory started to decened to the ground. The wind whiped hard though my hair. Skarmory was one of those who was rather airodynamic types. He would cut the wind like a knife though butter.

Skarmory began to stop the air as he began to slowly land on the ground. Dust started to stir from the Skarmory's wings. Skarmory landed next to the Pokèmon Center as I slid off and fixed everything. I looked up to see Enishi and Flygon do the samething.

10-09-2006, 10:51 PM
Location: Rustburo city, Orbit hotel 25th floor, room number 999.

The Orbit hotel sign above the glass doors outside was shining bright that night, as bright as the stars shone in an open valley with no urban lights around to partially blind the wondrous view. The O was the neatest part as it was a blue planet with a yellow ring around it. I truly loved today’s modern technology.

The time now was 9:30. I had heard about an hour ago from the men downstairs that Gonzap and his crew where on some sort of major assignment to weaken team aqua. I didn't care and started to hope that maybe he would somehow die doing whatever he was doing there and I could ditch this crazy assignment. I chuckled as I knew that Gonzap was too good for that. Oh well a man could dream.

I looked around at my new apartment room. It had blue carpet flooring spread out across the room, a wood oak table looking barely a day old, a nice and fancy glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling, my own kitchen area with a white gas stove, steel sink and of course plenty of cabinets filled with different kitchen utensils. Next to my bed was an oak desk that had one drawer with an ugly brown lamp, a small blue clock and black phone on top of it. Next I had a plain and simple twin bed with a T.V. in front of it to amuse me. I doubt I would be using it much tough. Finally I had my own lavatory to bath and release negative energy. I was guessing all the big guys on top of the Rocket ladder got rooms like these. It was a little too big for my taste.

I was now sitting on my bed in Pikachu pajamas, which I loved oh so much since it had the little furry critter doing multiple things on them, after it being such a long day. After leaving the lab and getting settled into my room I had left the compound to get a little fresh air. First I stopped at the Dan’s Deli down the street to get me my favorite sandwich of all time, a BLT, along with a bag of potato chips and a jar of skim milk. After eating a delicious supper I then picked up all the items I would need for my stay at the hotel at the local grocery market. It was unfortunately crowded there and I had to wait in terribly long lines.

My mind was getting off track and I quickly got back to the matter at hand. I had pulled out my book that I was using on the plane and opened it back up to the page marking all of the local islands. I grabbed a red pen from inside the desk and began to narrow down my options.

Luckily I could already mark off two of the circled islands since I already knew they are inhabited by humans and with them having developed the lands there was no Regice to be found, or at least anymore. I gave each of the two islands a big red X across them. Next up was an island that was supposedly haunted and any ship that sailed by was doomed to be dragged in and never seen again.

“Oooo spooky,” I said jokingly to myself as I knew the real reason, due to team Rocket’s intelligence network, was that ships disappeared because there was a secret base owned by team Aqua and anyone that got to close was blown to smithereens. I knew the bow wasn’t there and marked it off.

One of the four islands left as a choice was known as Mirage Island. An island that appeared every one in a blue moon meaning I didn’t even have time to bother with it even if it did hold the item. I marked it off as well.

Now there where only three islands left to choose from. Still two more than I would have liked to have but it would have to do. I called basement lab, getting of course Greg on the phone, and told them to prepare me a boat for tomorrow.

“Very well sir will there be anything else you need,” Greg asked.

“Well actually I have a question,” I replied

“What would that be,” he asked a bit curious.

“Why do you keep calling me sir,” I asked quickly

“Umm well because it is the polite thing to do to a higher commanding officer, that and saying your name, Poltergeist, is a bit of a mouth full,” He said a bit embarrassed

“That is true, maybe I should get a nickname, anyway thank you and I will see you in the morning,” I yawned.

“Very well sir, good night,” He said relieved since he wouldn’t be able to screw up talking to me anymore for the rest of the day and getting fired.

I hung up the phone and then stretched a bit. Finally I turned off the lamp light and tryed to get as comfy as possible under my new sheets.

10-09-2006, 11:10 PM
Fortree City

It didn't take near as long as I thought it would. We got there in no time. When I slid off of Flygon's back it was like a green slide of scales. I opened up his pokeball and in he went just like a black hole sucking in objects. I pulled out another one and out came Espeon with a purple ray.

"Is this the home of the legendary Celebi? Is this where we will find our relic?" I couldn't stop asking questions because I was so excited. This was my first time here but I had a strange feeling that I'd be here for a while.

"Do you think we'll get it? I think we will." I know I probably sounded stupid but I couldn't help it. I was infatuated with this place. It was like a dream come true. I would actually lay eyes on the mystical Celebi.

Sent Reglay
10-09-2006, 11:23 PM
Airspace Over Futaba Town

I saw fighters approaching our air space, and realized that we were being attacked far earlier than previously anticipated. I gave a few commands to the planes that were to air drop our ground forces.

"We've been discovered, we have to jump early, the fighters will give you cover" I announced over the radio as I readied the drop hatch in my own plane.

I gripped the pokeball of Moltres tight and pulled the lever. The hatch creaked as the unoiled hinges gave way to the screaming, whistling air outside. Most of the troops readied their parachutes, a few gripped pokeballs like I did, and even fewer were waiting for the jump with a fire in their eyes and nothing in their packs or pokeballs that could break a fall.

I jumped from the aircraft, releasing Moltres below me as I fell. I landed perfectly on its back as if the whole assault had been a perfectly choreographed movement in a musical. The men jumped behind me, and all around I could see Rockets jumping from the aircraft ,that only minutes ago had protected them from the vast expanse around them. I lowered myself towards Moltres' body and it shot out towards our frontal arial forces. Already the bombing had begun, and Aqua WOULD pay. with blood.

Lord Celebi
10-09-2006, 11:45 PM
OOC: You can't really fit Regigigas anywhere on a WW2 era Aircraft Carrier :/
Btw, Sent, How in HELL did fighters get through Aqua's aircraft and missiles flying at the invading Rocket force?

AMS Deathwing

"Sir!" My radio crackled as Aruseus had located Regigigas and Gonzap, "Team Rocket and Moltres have been spotted! They have invaded Shinou and are attacking."

"Sh!t!" I shouted.

"They've also positioned several Aerial Forces to bomb civilian structures," My radio continued.

"How did they get through out Air Force?" I asked.

"Unknown," The grunt said, "We recieved communication from the Hoenn Marines & Air Force division and they are sending over several Aircraft Carriers full of fighter planes to take out Rocket."

"Good," I said, "Over and out."

Regigigas was now standing there, charging another Giga Attack. It unleashed it upon Arusues. Aruseus took the attack and only came out with a few scratches. It pays to have the God of Pokemon on your side.

"Aruseus!" I shouted, "Surf!"

Aruseus unleashed a massive wave within the room filling the floor with water. Aruseus and I quickly got onto Dragonite, "Thunder!"

Dragonite unleashed a massive Thunder attack at the water. The water conducted the electiricity through both Gonzap and Regigigas. They're screwed...

10-09-2006, 11:49 PM
AMS Deathwing ~ Finch's Quarters

Finch didn't have to wait long for his first guest, and he was soon joined by the reputed Captain Neo.

"Greetings, Commander," he began, "I have the supplies, just like you asked. As for the political ends, I feel Shinou will eventually come to our hands due to our ranging influence. However, I feel it’s our campaign in the other regions ahead that will require steadfast concentration with political ties and governmental organization. Team Rocket’s attack and our successful defense not only helped us drive back an enemy, but it made us appear to be more valorous in the eyes of the people of Shinou, and made Team Rocket look like a bunch of reckless fanatics who put civilian lives at risk. The news images… will speak for themselves. I feel now is the time to attend to other affairs."

Finch smiled. "That's excellent news, Neo, I certainly agree with your political campaign plan. You have my full support in expanding the influence of Aqua."

Before he could finish addressing Neo, several more Aquas (Nathaniel, Samuel, and two others he'd never met) came to the door and knocked politely. They were all well dressed and smart-looking, obviously having prepared well for their meeting. These kids would do well in Aqua.

"Ah, Captain," Finch said to Samuel. "And who might you have brought with you to-"

"I'm here to help, sir."

Another Aqua kid barged straight into Finch's cabin without any kind of warning or introduction. If he had been in a worse mood, Finch would probably have beheaded the kid on the spot. For now, though, he needed all the help he could possible get. The only option was to make his authority known to this scruffy individual.

"I don't really know who you think you are, but you're lucky I'm having a good day. Everyone, sit down and have a glass of scotch. We have much to discuss."

He poured himself a glass, unstacked the tumblers and let them all pour themselves drinks before beginning the formal brief.

"As you all know, you've been called here today to help me with a mission. The mission, as it stands, is to recover the lost relic of Celebi- the Forest Amulet. On my own travels I encountered Celebi and the results were, shall we say, less than fruitful. We ideally need to find a way of cornering Celebi and retrieving the amulet, which is currently in the Pokemon's posession. In this way, we will have power over the forests and their Guardian."

He finished his scotch in one go.

"We are going to divide up and travel to each of the forests under Celebi's protection. Neo and Nathaniel, you two will go to Ilex Forest in Johto. Barret and Samuel will head to Viridian. The rest of us will go to Fortree City in Hoenn," said Finch with a knowing glance to the two smarter grunts. "Once in position, we will use any means to lure Celebi out and chase it between the shrines to confuse it and wear it out, before we make our attack. We will push it to Ilex, where Neo will be responsible for the retrieval of the amulet. Once it has been recovered we will have to make a quick getaway back to the Deathwing and regroup, but the hard part will be over after that."

He smiled broadly at everyone.

"So, gentleman," he said, "are there any questions?"

10-10-2006, 12:01 AM
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Sent Reglay
10-10-2006, 12:02 AM
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Lord Celebi
10-10-2006, 12:03 AM
OOC: You do realize that WWII era jets were extremely unreliable and not nearly as effective as a well are propeller aircraft right?

AMS Deathwing Airspace

From behind I saw the Jets coming in, from the front I saw the pounding of AA guns on the AMS Deathwing deck, and below I saw the terror of those Aquas who were not aboard the Deathwing. I had Moltres turn abruptly in the air, and launch an attack at the incoming fighters. It launched a Scorching-hot fire spin attack, and followed it up with a mighty whirlwind. The end result was a raging firestorm that annhilated the jets engines sending the would-be threats spiraling to the ground. I then turned my attention to the AMS Deathwing, it was the battlefield for a massive war that had no intention of stopping any time soon. I looked at the gangplank and saw the forces that were air-dropped by my company into the field outside Futaba. As the the Rockets rushed to the deck, the perfectly rationed Aqua forces were suddenly outnumbered. I watched as the Aqua on-deck forces were quickly cut down or taken prisoner. The I saw more forces rush out onto the deck, the tides had returned to the original status. I saw how outnumbered we really were, and stopped watching, and began acting. Within minutes, the majority of airborne threats had been burned or shot to the ground by one part of the Rocket airforce or another. I turned my eyes towards the Main deck and began my descent, shooting at Aquas as I landed...



You've outnumbered Aqua in their HQ with what... one hundred Rockets? Woah... You are t3h pwnz0rz Sent... I never knew you could RP that well.

Majority of Airborne threats shot down? Dude, you are ounumbered in the sky! ou have not only the Aqua Air Force, but also the Hoenn Air Force on your ass, and you crush them all in minutes? Neo made a rule in the WAR Season 5 RP that you can't destroy everything in one sentence... The 'A Few minutes later, everything was destroyed' thing doesn't work in RPs like this.

Please, RP battling out right, or don't fight me at all.

Sent Reglay
10-10-2006, 12:07 AM
OOC: if you were to read the whole post you would realize that we turned out outnumbered again, and the jets would have been blown to pieces with just a milimeter of fire in the engnes, But for the last thing, I'll find a way to make this rougher on me. note it said AIRBORNE! that means that only the planes in the air at the time. I am quite aware of the fact that there are many more jets on your decks or other carriers and bases.

10-10-2006, 12:07 AM
OCC: Yeah but it's pretty God-Mode like to have half the world on your side.

Lord Celebi
10-10-2006, 12:09 AM
OOC: if you were to read the whole post you would realize that we turned out outnumbered again, and the jets would have been blown to pieces with just a milimeter of fire in the engnes, But for the last thing, I'll find a way to make this rougher on me.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean jets. I'm too used ot modern times, let me fix that. YOU ARE BEING OUTNUMBERED BY WW2 ERA FIGHTER PLANES! THERE IS NO 'rougher on me,' YOU MUST WRITE OUT THE DESTRUCTION OF EACH AND EVERY GOD DAMN PLANE! GOT THAT?

Shane: Half the world? Rocket invaded Shinou, which did not attack them first. How do you think the world governments are going to see Rocket, especialy after attacking Shinou again?

10-10-2006, 12:10 AM
OCC: Yeah you and what army rust!?

Charizard Michelle
10-10-2006, 12:10 AM
Fortree Forest

Micheal had returned his pokemon when he recived an message from Fritz. "'Fritz Williams. Michael, Enishi and I are nearing Fortree City. We'll meet you by the Pokèmon Center to talk about the rest of the mission. OVER!''

MIcheal then used his radio and hoped that Fritz would answer him or get it. He then said, "Micheal Anone. Meet me in my location. I keeping watch on the digging group that may have what I looking for. I made it possible where they can't advance any more thus buying us time. I should be near FOrtree judging the direction that the group is headin for. Over." He hoped that Fritz and Enishi had heard him.

Micheal then made his way around the group from the trees. He was able to hear that a team had went ahead and saw something in their way. The path was no unusable for them to advance and were now considering plans to advance.

Word of new Pokemon additions to Aqua and Rocket. THere were reports of them having MOltres and Regigigas among their ranks. Delta Green researchers were beginning to develop weapons that will be useful against these pokemon incase Delta had to some in contact in battle.

Sent Reglay
10-10-2006, 12:11 AM
OOC: well ok, but the jets thing sticks, you posted that and you'll have to live with the conseuqences. I'll have a post with me shooting planes down up in a second.

Lord Celebi
10-10-2006, 12:14 AM
OCC: Yeah you and what army rust!?
What army? Lessee... All of Aqua... And Neo...
OOC: well ok, but the jets thing sticks, you posted that and you'll have to live with the conseuqences. I'll have a post with me shooting planes down up in a second.
How about the jets thing doesn't stick because I just admitted I made a mistake in addressing what was coming and agreed to edit it to my original vision?

10-10-2006, 12:14 AM
OCC: In every major role play you seem to have this massive army that no one can't destroy or get past. Grow up and get hit once in awhile.

Lord Celebi
10-10-2006, 12:17 AM
OCC: In every major role play you seem to have this massive army that no one can't destroy or get past. Grow up and get hit once in awhile.

Just shut up Shane. You know why I have a massive army? So I can't get hit! I would let things get destroyed if there was effort put into destroying things, and not just 'Rocket planes came in and destroyed the stuff that outnumbered us because we're god!'