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Author's Note: After weeks of planning out the setting and guidelines for my Pokemon Fantasy world... Which, by the way, took me way too long to make considering that my sister's friends had nightly games of kick-the-can and I am lazy... anyways, here it is. No stealing my fantasy world. I live here... Me and my Pokemon. So ha... o.0;
It might take a while for me to actually start the story part ^_^;; I've got to introduce the setting(this post) and the terms used.

About The Setting

Kikona was a world close to any other. It had sunny skies and it had beautiful fields of emerald grasses and even had sapphire lakes that were the home of fish and Pokemon. It is said that the lands even had rainbows that hung in the skies for days at a time and waterfalls that produced a liquid with a sugary flavor and sweet apple trees grew nearby. It was supposed to be a planet that not even Earth's toxic waste could ruin and it was supposed to be the new home to Pokemon and Trainers alike...

But what you might had read in stories about Kikona are all mythes and legends to those living on the planet. 15 year after settling everything went wrong. A large, waste covered space rock flew from the solar system and burnt up in the automsphere, but that wasn't the end of its evils.
A gas somehow leaked through the coating of protection over the planet's skies and spread what one might call a blessing. It was breathed in by humans and gifted them with random abilities.
Some were blessed with Pokemon sense and body parts, later called Pokemorphes, while overs were licked by mystical powers only found in fairy tales, these people called PokeMystics. No one escaped the gases and after that they passed on a random curse to their children. Only one in a million people were born powerless.
Pokemon also suffered. They were born multicolored or with special markings and some were even gifted with the lanuage of a human being, outcasted from their clans since they spoke human but understood Pokemon.

Life was terrible but things went from bad to worse. With powers to aid them theives could fight off the Police and steal or even kill easily. Houses out in the open with locked doors were lost and a new form of living was started. Houses were made of a material that only allowed those on special teleportation pads to get through and doors were a thing of the past. People had to use the teleportation pads and one could only visit the house of another if the two swapped passcards, something that one had many of and handed out only to friends. Life was terrible and soon all the sapphire lakes were toxic filled and Pokemon struggled to survive. The use of powers outside one's house was banned and no one was allowed to leave a building... Ever.

So life continued this way for years on years, everyone praying to maybe see a rainbow in the sky once again. No eyes had seen colorful images for years except in ancient paintings and the only place one could visit was their own house, school and once and a while a friend's house.
The lands were shifted and looked very similar to the Pokemon lands on Earth, named after their counterparts, and Pokemon training was inside.

And so begins our story. A story of love, justice and the need for freedom...

Terms and Their Uses


In Kikona a number of terms that might confused whoever grades this o_o;

PokeTalk: The ability of Pokemon Speech. Found in Msytics and Pokemon.
PersonTalk: The term used by Pokemon for 'English', the main lanuage of Kikona.
Morph: A word for some one who is part Pokemon. This people can talk to Pokemon and also also called PokeMorphs.
PokeBrain: A rude way to say 'PokeMorph'. It referrs to a PokeMorph, who rumors claim are stupid and only have the ability to say one word. It is also an insult to Pokemon.
DumbTalker: A rude word that refers to someone who can talk only to Pokemon, a rare and horrible ability found in very few children. Referrs to how they can only say one word that Pokemon understand.
Golder: A short way to express that someone was born and raised in Goldenrod.
Gifted: A way to say "has a painless ability"
Cursed: A way to say "has a painful ability".
TeleFolk: Often used to refer to someone who thinks life traveling on teleportation pads in the only way you can live. Used by 'TraFolk'.
TraFolk: Someone who sneaks through the steel buildings that one supposedily can't get out of.

More Will Be Added as they are used, so this list could get.. Long

~About The Main Character~

I feel really awful to be so lazy... I don't want to write out the whole story on the main character, Mikomi, so I'll just sum it up. x_x;; Writing the whole thing would be a whole other story with no Pokemon catching in it xD
Mikomi was born 'Powerless' and her life was torture. Her mother collected a magazine called "Find Your Child's Inner Power" and the family had at least 999 copies, since they came almost daily. The purpose of the magazine was to find Mikomi's power, since not having a child with a power was something woman were often teased about. One day Mikomi was feeling very miserable because the only thing her parents seemed to care about was her having a power.
And what should happen but a power was discovered! Mikomi's tears turned into sapphires and her parents were overjoyed.

It was later that her parents asked Mikomi to make more tears so the family could sell them and make money. Mikomi freaked out and became invisible right before her parents!
Her mother, who worked as a reporter, asked Mikomi if she could write an article about her having 2 powers, something that had never happened before, and Mikomi agreed. After the article was publish Mikomi became a hit at school. She was so popular that a group of formly popular kids, known for having the most amazing abilities(one could make clothing by just thinking about a design{Female. Popular for her one-of-a-kind clothing. Her name is Krystal}, one could create the illusion that he was beating someone up and it felt real{Male. Popular because he could pay back bullies for a price. Named Fighter.} and one could bring any object to life{Female and named Obi. She was popular for bringing the gym equipment to life and appearing athelitic. Kids with failing PE grades came to her.), came to beat her up because she was stealing their spotlight.
Mikomi went through a locker, a sudden new power. Obi brought the locker to life and had Mikomi tossed out but Mikomi fought back by becoming invisible. Unable to see Mikomi put Obi at a disadvantage and she couldn't do anything.
Mikomi reappeared and Fighter created the illusion that he was beating Mikomi up. But she brought a nearby locker to life and Fighter was caught in it. The locker closed and Fighter was locked in side. Krystal tried to unlocked the locker and Obi went off to taddle-tale. Fighter got out and tried to create another illusion but Mikomi created another one that shattered Fighter's. When the teacher came the rest of the school followed.

Mikomi was taken to principle's office and a news team came as well, having found out of the story when an invisible reporter stalked Mikomi. Mikomi freaked out and teleported home, something that was supposed to be impossible.
Almost daily Mikomi got a new power and she become a celeb. One day she faked having losted her powers and in the dead of night ran away.
She then found a group of kids who claimed to be super heros. She joined their team and created a new name for herself. She's now called Koneko and lives in Goldenrod. She has created the illusion of parents and pretends to have lived in Goldenrod all her life. She sends her parents letters and her folk swore never to tell about her new life.

The Plot

Wild Pokemon are sneaking into the 'steel boxes' and causing trouble. They believe that humans are the ones that caused them the pain they've been suffering. Mikomi's new job is to keep Pokemon from hurting people, since she's the only one up to the challenage of battling them.

Chapter 1 Coming

06-10-2004, 06:18 PM
CHAPTER 1 --- The Mystery of The Ghost

"Good.Morning.Mikomi." A robotic voice sounded in Mikomi's ear and the 10 year old girl turned to her side, moaning quietly in protest "Good.Morning.Mikomi." Repeated the robotic voice, still sounding in Mikomi's ear.
With another moan Mikomi rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling of her room. On the white ceiling was a computor screen with the words 'MISSION SCHOOL' flashing in bright red. With another sigh Mikomi pushed back the covers of her bed, simple white fabric with pink stars dotting it, and sat up in bed. She reached for her ear and placed her fingers on a set of head phones that were on her head.
"Alarmbot, I am awake." She said in a tired voice while forcing her purple eyes to open. Her brown hair was rather messy, reaching her waist when it wasn't kept up in pigtails or a ponytail but almost instantly a brush was swept through it, a pair of hands coming from her bed to calm the tangle of hair.

Robots were one of the few good things about the future but killer Pokemon were no doubt bad news. Very bad news.
"Mission.Go.To.School.School.Starts.One.Hour." The robotic voice said plainly in Mikomi's ear. Mikomi moaned, her train of thought shattered by the voice that forced its way into her mind. She had no choice but to listen. If only the headphones she wore were allowed to come off, but they weren't. Law stated that they had to stay on incase an emergency required everyone's attention. Then everyone would be thankful for them. Mikomi would be thankful for the emergency, though. Then she'd take off the headset and quietly go off to find out what the trouble was as her 'alter ego' self, Mikomi.
Everyone thought Mikomi was dead and in school she was called Koneko. No one knew that she was a super hero and everyone thought she was powerless. At least, everyone in Goldenrod. Back home her parents knew. But her parents had blabbered and brought Mikomi's life to a point that she had to pretend she had dead.

By the time the robotic voice had finished lecturing Mikomi about the laws of Goldenrod her hair was brushed and she was dressed in her school uniform. The white t-shirt she wore was covered by a long-sleeved navy jacket that had a golden heart in the top center. the golden heart showed everyone that she was in the 4th grade while the navy jacket proved that she was attending school during the Rainy season. The rainy season might also be called spring but there wasn't much plantlife, only alot of rain. In the dry season, fall, she wore dark red and during the snowy season, winter, she wore skyblue. It was only in summer that she wore anything somewhat cheerful, a dark green.

Just as the season always promise it was raining outside. The only way Mikomi could tell was because she could hear the pitter patter of rain drops. There were no windows in Goldenrod. There were no door ethier. People just teleported around on teleportation pads. Kids dreams of feeling rain. They dreamed of actually seeing it. But Mikomi didn't need to. She went outside a lot by teleporting out there, being the only known person to have the ability to get passed the steel walls.

Mikomi sighed, putting her navy blue skort on and pressing a hand against the cold, steel wall for support as she lifted a foot up. She put a white sock on and then the other foot before slipping a pair of shoes over her socks. Then she walked to the corner of her room. There was a large pad there that looked to be covered in neon blue slime. With a sigh Mikomi stepped on and grabbed her purse off a hook on the wall. She fumbled around in the navy purse and pulled out a golden card which she held out in her hand, as if offering it to pigeons. Then neon blue slime sudden rose and in a bright flash she was gone, teleporting off to school.

06-10-2004, 06:18 PM
There was a quiet beeping sound at school and sudden Mikomi leapt out of no where, right in front of her locker. Her school card fell from her hand but she quickly caught it and slipped it back in her purse. The school was large with lockers on both sides and at the end of the hall was a number of teleportation pads to take people to their classes.
The light beeping grew louder, signalling that class as about to start and Mikomi gasped in surprise.
"Time stop." She hissed as she pressed her hand against her locker. The locker swung open, recognizing her hand print, and time suddenly stopped.
With a sigh of relief Mikomi gathered her school supplies and slammed her locker shut. After taking a quick momment to be sure no was watching her Mikomi raced off. She had to scan the school to make sure no one was being bullied or doing the work of evil themself.

The school was filled with friendly smiles and mouthes open as people talked to eachother happily but no bullies that morning. Mikomi grinned in relief and teleported to her home room.
"Time start!" She hissed in the air and slowly things started moving again. Time was back to its normal pace in no time.
"Koneko! Since when were you here?" Snapped the class representive, a female Pikachu Morph. Her name of Chuzy, her mother having been very proud to have a young Pichu Morph in the family. Chuzy had quickly 'evolved' into a Pikachu morph, since her family was very loving.

Mikomi winced and struggled to think up an excuse. She hadn't expected anyone to notice her suddenly appear and no one knew she could teleport. "I just got here..." She said slowly "Why? Am I late?"
"No, not late." Chuzy said with a heavy sigh "Just here suddenly. I just thought that you might have something to do with what happened to Jina."
Mikomi stared for a momment upon the mentioning of something happening to Jina. Jina was one of the most popular girls in class with the ability to tell someone what to do mentally... And whatever she asked was always done. That was how she'd gotten a 5th grader to go on a date with her.

"What happened to Jina?" She asked in a soft whisper "Is she ok?"
"Just barely. She said she was walking to the 5th grade room this morning and she heard screaming. So she stopped and looked around. Then she saw big, yellow eyes and was so scared she couldn't move." Chuzy explained slowly, looking a bit frightened herself.
"Is that all?" Mikoni asked thoughtfully, trying to put everything together.
"No. She said that then she tried to use that mind power of hers and force the yellow eyes to let her move again but..."
"... It was dead. The yellow eyes. Its mind was clouded with death and she couldn't do anything. Then she heard something go 'Mimimi' and that it was laughing. She told it to stop and all it said was 'Miss' and she thought it was addressing her. And the, all so suddenly, there was a flash and she doesn't remember anything passed that. She said she felt all confused and numb..." Chuzy finished explained and gave Mikomi an odd look "Why do you ask?"
"Just wanted to know." Mikomi said simply, forcing a smile "Well, thank you."

06-10-2004, 06:19 PM
The day passed rather quickly for Mikomi after that, the mystery of what Jina had been attacked by spreading through the school like a forest fire. It wasn't until 2nd period, history class, that things got in Midori's train of thought.
"Mr. H! Could you tell us that story about the ghost in the school?!" One of the boys asked excitedly, looking a tad pale and maybe frightened deep down.
"Certainly. It is, after all, history." Replied Mr. H, the history teacher. Mr. H taught history to the 4th graders and had an LA/History block with all the other grades. He was a nice young man with short black hair and blue eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses.
"It all started a few years ago when we first started living inside forever. The man would built this building owned a number of ghost Pokemon and loved to care for them. They lived in the basement, which is now sealed off. Anyways, his ghosts were friendly and loved the wprkers and him. One day the man was working when he fell an landed in the basement where he broke his neck and died. Afterwards his ghost Pokemon seemed to disappear and at the funeral his girlfriend claimed his ghosts would avenage his death."

"Avenage it? Why?" Mikomi asked quickly, forgetting to even raise her hand.
"Because it was one of the other workers who caused him to fall, so they say. The other man liked the guy's girlfriend so killed him in order to date her. But his girlfriend killed herself and they say she turned into a Pokemon." Mr. H seemed rather pleased with his story but everyone else in the class was terrified, hugging their seats or the person next to them.
"S-So i-i-it's t-t-tr-true?" Stuttered Jina as she flipped some of her long blonde hair behind her ears, blue eyes wide.
"Yes... Very true." Mr. H said with a light chuckle "But come on, there is no such thing as ghosts, right?"
"Then what attacked me?! It's mind was dead!" Shreiked Jina in terror, falling out of her chair and trembling horribly.
"Jina.. You're over react---" One of the boys started but Jina cut him off with a scream of terror.
"OH MY GOSH! IT'S THE GHOST!" She screamed in terror, pointing to the teleportation pad.
Suddenly all the lights went out and a pair of golden yellow eyes appeared over the pad, which was glowing just enough for the floor to be seen. The ghost wasn't tall because it had no feet to show on the floor but its eyes were sending chills down the spines of everyone around it.
"Miiiissss.... Miiiiisssss....." The ghost murmered, lips partting just enough for tiny fangs to become visible under the ghost's lips "Miiiiissss.... Mimimi! Miiiiiissss!"
"Everyone! Stay calm!" Mr. H said firmly as the lights around turned off. The only light came from the teleportation pad but even that was beginning to glow less and less.

Jina screamed again and someone hissed at her to shut up as the yellow eyes moved closer, the ghost's chatter growing louder. Blue could now be seen in the eyes and they seemed to show a bit more life then before. The chatter continued, only louder now then ever before and far more joyful. The ghost was taking joy in their terror.
"Miiiiissss! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" It screamed loudly and a light bulb shattered from the pitch "MIIIIIIIIIII!" A few girls and even some boys joined this scream and one girl fainted on the floor when the horrible ghost moved closer. Something on it was shiny and red, maybe a ruby, and another one of an emerald shade. The ghost was now humming softly in Mikomi's ear.
"Miiiiisssss... Miiiiisssss..." Sang the ghost in her ear, the sound so soothing yet so frightening. It was a mixed feeling that crashed into her and she couldn't help but moan in pain.
"Koneko? KONEKO!" Chuzy's voice rang in her ears but the whispery song was beginning to drown everything out. The world was becoming even darker then ever before and Mikomi's head felt light. Then everything went black and no sound floated through Mikomi's mind, not even the horrible song.

06-10-2004, 06:19 PM
"Koneko... Koneko... Are you alright?" Chuzy was hovering over Mikomi, eyes soft with worry and sorrow. Mikomi wasn't in the classroom anymore, she could tell, and the whole room was bright with hustle and bustle. Nurses were floating around Mikomi and there was a warm cloth on her forehead, dampening her hair .
"Whaaat? The ghooost?" She moaned quietly, struggling to keep her eyes completly open. Her eye lids were heavy like bricks and she mouth was dry. How long had it been since she saw the ghost?
"You passed out and it's lunchtime. When you passed out the ghost vanished and the lights turned on." Chuzy explained with a shevier of terror. "Oh, Koneko... It was awful. One of the other girls had fainted too and Jina's practically lost her mind. Mr. H canceled class and called the police..."
"It was singing to me." Mikomi murmered softly, holding her head and looking at Chuzy with wide eyes "It sang to me.. I felt so relaxed yet so scared..."
"Sang to you?" Chuzy murmered, rubbing her head "But..."
"It did. In my ear..."
"Sang in your ear? But... That's just like Perish song... We learned about Perish song in Pokemon battle class today." Chuzy said with a quizzical look.
"I feel better now. What's the next class?" Mikomi asked quickly, sitting up in bed and then toppling over onto her side again "Meeep... So dizzy." She murmered softly.
"Oh dear... Ummm... I'll bring you one of those learn while you sleep programs for the next class. We're learning about Misdreavus in PokeID class today." Chuzy said quickly as she dartted out of the room.

"So. You heard singing, eh?" One of the nurses had been listening in on Chuzy and Mikomi because she seemed to know every detail of what had happened.
"Koneko... You've got a power, doncha? Just tell no one?" This nurse had horrible grammer and was looking over Mikomi almost like a mother would to her child. She was old, maybe 60, with greying short hair and round glasses.
"How'd you know?" Mikomi asked in confusion, looking up to the woman with a confused expression.
"You ran into Pokemon. Don know which." Replied the woman firmly "Used perish song on ye. 'tractted to your power. You got more den one, eh? Make ghost think you be Pokemon and other girl trainer. 'tacked you. 'tacked other girl, Jina, when she 'tacked it with her mind power. Thought her Pokemon too." The woman's bad grammer didn't really bother Mikomi but it was what she saying please.
"Please, ma'am. My real name is Mikomi... If this is a Pokemon can I use my powers to fight it?" Mikomi asked quickly, sitting up in bed and ignoring the dizzy feeling.

"'course ye can. It tack you, you tack it. Research Pokemon and listen for the song ye heard. Name's Kiniera." The woman then walked off as if nothing had happened, just as Chuzy re-entered.
"Okies, Mikomi. Sit down, please." Chuzy said firmly, taking a little chip and inserting it into Mikomi's bothersome headset.
"It's the lesson on Misdreavus followed by the lecture on Perish song and then it'll stop when school's over." Chuzy explained, pressing a botton on the headset and then backing away.
"Get well, ok?"
Mikomi nodded sheepishly and just listened, drifting off to sleep.

"Misdreavus is a ghost Pokemon" Spoke the robotic voice of Mikomi's headset "Misdreavus does not evolve. Misdreavus weighs 2 pounds and is 2'4" in height. This is a picture of Misdreavus."
A picture of the ghost Pokemon appeared in Mikomi's mind and she could've sworn that she'd gasped. Big yellow and red eyes.
"Misdreavus love to play tricks. They wail and scream to startle people."
The sounds of a Misdreavus wailing and screaming flooded Mikomi's ears and she felt a startled jolt run through her body. It was the same as the ghost that had attack them!
"Misdreavus sing Perish song."
The sound of Misdreavus' perish song was now playing. The lesson then closed and the Perish song lesson started.
"Perish song knocks both the user and opponet out in 3 turns."
The rest of the lesson didn't seem very important, Mikomi managed to tune it all out.

A Misdreavus was haunting the school, she knew that, but how was she supposed to fight back? Her current powers were teleporting, illusions, sapphire tears, going through stuff and creating small balls of fire...
Then the plan came to her.

06-22-2004, 09:40 PM
It was the dead of night when Mikomi returned to the school. Everything was dark and she wouldn't be able to see where she was going without her flashlight. She had teleported when her powers to school and was dressed head to toe in black and holding a Pokeball on her belt to catch this ghost Pokemon in. She even had earplugs handy incase the perish song started again. She'd have to fight Misdreavus herself and wasn't really looking forward to the battle.

As she walked down the dark hallways she heard a tearful moan echo from the girl's bathroom and then a wail of sorrow from behind her. Misdreavus was trying to scare her but it wasn't about to work now that she had everything figured out. Still, the sounds made her shevier a bit.
She turned around and looked in the direction she'd seen the last moan and then in front of her. Sure enough she was face to face with a large pair of yellow eyes.
"Mis" The Pokemon said suddenly in confusion. Why wasn't Mikomi afraid of her?
Mikomi giggled quietly in delight and put her hand out for Misdreavus to see. The Pokemon blinked and moved closer in awe, wondering why Mikomi was taking such pride in her empty hand. The momment Misdreavus had leaned close enough a flame appeared in Mikomi's hand and burnt Misdreavus' nose. Misdreavus wailed loudly in both fright and pain before shotting Mikomi a nasty glare, her yellow eyes filled with hate and fury. How dare this human try to hurt her beautiful face!

Mikomi jumped into the air and allowed herself to hover there for a momment as she took amusement in Misdreavus' anger. The silly Pokemon hadn't realized yet that she was an open target for the night attack! Mikomi's eyes began to glow blue like sapphires and an illusion formed around Misdreavus. The illusion of terror. Misdreavus giggled and looked around for the source of the terror, wanting to see the person's face. She had scared someone, hadn't she?!
But she hadn't Mikomi swiftly moved forward and tossed a fireball at Misdreavus who broke free of the illusion quickly to find out what had just happened. The ghost wailed loudly in hopes of scaring someone but failed miserably. She then turned to Mikomi and growled angrily before vanishing to another part of the school.

Mikomi groaned angrily and teleported around the school in attempts to find Misdreavus. This was NOT part of her plan! Not at all! Misdreavus seemed to have vanish from the school building and none of the places Mikomi visited were housing the devilish ghost. Why did this always happen when she was feeling like a winner?
As she appeared in the gym she heard a loud wailing from the coach's locker and then a loud wail behind her before one in front of her. She grinned and turned behind her and then in front of her but there was no Misdreavus like she'd expected... With a sigh she turned behind her to leave the gym and screamed. It was Misdreavus!

"WHOA! When did you...?! How?! ARRRG!" She yelled angrily while shaking her fist. Misdreavus laughed as hard as possible and did flips in the air as Mikomi struggled to find a word to disturb how she felt. Then Mikomi just pushed her hand in Misdreavus' face and let a fire ball burn her in the face.
"YOU ANNOYING GHOST!" She yelled angrily as Misdfeavus screamed in pain "I HATE YOU!"
Misdreavus pulled back from the attack and gave Mikomi a mean look. There was no escaping now! Misdreavus was getting serious.
Mikomi gulped as she found herself with limits on movement. When she tried to leave the gym her whole body frooze and directed her back to Misdreavus. This really wasn't fair.

The jewel on Misdreavus' neck then started to glow and a dazzling display of light spread out like rippling water at Mikomi she screamed loudly, unable to stand the pain. At the rate she was going she'd be beaten for sure! She moaned loudly and closed her eyes as if to ignore the bright attack. Then she heard the gentle, loving song of Misdreavus. Perish song. She moaned and let her eye lids fall over her eyes, drifting off into sleep...

06-22-2004, 10:01 PM
Someone was calling Mikomi by her school name which wasn't very good. Worse yet it sounded like a teacher.
Mikomi moaned and rolled over, only to realize that she was on a soft, comfy bed. That was a worse sign. It felt like the cot in the school's Hospital Wing. She wasn't in the gym anymore which ment Misdreavus had gotten away.
"Finally, you're awake. We found you all cut up in the gym this morning." It was Chuzy, not a teacher, and she didn't sound amused and a slight bit annoyed. "How in the world did you get there? What happened?!"
"I don't know..." Mikomi lied with a light moan. She couldn't let Chuzy know the truth so lieing was her only option at that momment. She had to lie and hope that Chuzy wouldn't put two and two together.

"I thought so. Since you were attacked the school has set up a new system." Chuzy explained with a slight smile, tilting her head to the side. "They think we need bodygaurds so gave us all Pokemon. Isn't that awesome? I got a Pichu and they got you an Eevee. We get to go to gym twice a day now and train our Pokemon to protect us. They might even cancel a few other classes so we can train our Pokemon."
Mikomi paused for a momment after hearing all this, giving her tired brain some time to process Chuzy's speech. Pokemon? Eevee? Oh, right. Eevee was a Pokemon. Training? Oh yeah, Pokemon weren't born fighters, were they? She got a Pokemon?
"But... How? Aren't Pokemon rare?" She asked in confusion, the tired feeling of her voice replaced with panic and confusion.
"Uh-huh. We've got clones. They aren't smart so we've got to teach them..."
"Oh..." Mikomi murmered, rubbing her eyes and sitting up. Sure enough, right by her pillow, there was a Pokeball. The only difference was that this Pokeball was all red with a white star on the top. "This Pokeball doesn't look like the ones in the text books..." Mikomi whispered softly as she picked it up and looked at it carefully. The Pokeballs in books were always red and white and the Pokeball she'd seen in Gym wasn't like this.
"Yup. This is a clone ball. It contains cloned Pokemon." Chuzy said proudly as she showed off her own Pokeball happily "Isn't it awesome? We even got some extra clone balls to catch clone Pokemon in."
"Can the clone balls catch real Pokemon?" Mikomi asked in excitement. She could catch Misdreavus! She could have two Pokemon!
"No. There aren't any real Pokemon to bother us." Chuzy said with a grin "Isn't this awesome?"
Mikomi nodded happily, though inside she was sad. How was she supposed to capture Misdreavys now? She had to real Pokeballs! The only real Pokeball she'd ever seen was in that big collection in gym class, the ones in the basket hanging off the wall...

It was now gym and Mikomi still didn't have a plan for catching Misdreavus. It'd been her think topic all morning and all afternoon. She'd been to her first training class already. The Gym Teacher had a large Wartotle that had been her Pokemon for a while. They'd named their new partners and taught their new pals to tackle. Eevee's new nickname was Hikari and the little canine was ready for anything. The only problem was that Eevee was abnormally smart and everyone wanted to steal Mikomi's Eevee now. Chuzy's Pichu was also very smart because Chuzy could talk to it and had taught it basic math. Everyone was jealous.

"Now we'll be learning what attacks our Pokemon know. Most of your clones know all their level-up movements now so you just need knowledge on their attacks to make them fight. We'll also have battles with each other to---"
The lights went out and shreiks echoed through the gym. Everyone frooze, except Mikomi who knew just what to expect. She had no light source so couldn't do anything to find Misdreavus and fight and worse yet she didn't have a Pokeball... what was she supposed to do?
"EEEEK!" Screeched a girl as the chant of Misdreavus floated around the gym. Everyone, even the gym teacher, was terrified and all Mikomi could do was watch.
"EVERYONE SHUT UP!" Mikomi finally screamed, completly annoyed by her classmates and teacher. "Someone get us some light! I need a Pokeball." She said firmly. A light flickered as one of the boys released his Pokemon, a Charmander, from its pokeball and another girl released her Ponyta.

Seconds later the gym teacher had tossed Mikomi a Pokeball. It was a REAL Pokeball too! "Thanks!" She said quickly while looking around for Misdreavus. "COME ON OUT, MISDREAVUS! We're not afraid of you!"

06-22-2004, 10:24 PM
"Koneko, what are you doing?!" Chuzy shreiked in terror, looking as pale as a ghost. Her Pichu stood protectivly in front of her with glowing red cheeks, ready to shock anything that got close to Chuzy.
"Catching a Pokemon. Oh, and my name's mikomi, not Koneko." Mikomi said with a smile. The chanting stopped and Misdreavus floated into the light that cut through the dark gym, the expression on the Pokemon's face growing more annoyed when it saw Mikomi.
"Miss drea vus drea vus!" Roared the ghost in disguist at Mikomi, looking ready to kill her.
"Misdreavus wants to know why the rotten little fun killer is here again." Chuzy translated before giving Mikomi an odd look. "You killed its fun?"
"Yeah. Last night I came here to fight it but it used Perish Song and knocked me out." Mikomi explained with a shrug "But I've got Eevee now, I can handle this."
"What are you talking about? Eevee's a normal Pokemon!" Chuzy yelled in confusion "Unless...."
"Hikari, use bite!" Mikomi ordered sternly with her eyes narrowed. Her Eevee bolted forward and jumped into the air, biting Misdreavus and then landed on the ground gracefully.

Misdreavus shreiked in pain and sent a mean look in Hikari's direction, the expression on her face proving that she ment business now and wasn't going to just let Hikari leave untouched after being bitten. Mikomi yawned in bordom, only she wasn't really bored. She wanted to annoy Misdreavus.
Misdreavus screeched in anger and flew at Mikomi as if to tear her apart. Mikomi's expression changed to one of fear and she sheilded her face with her arms and winced, ready for pain.
"Chuna! Thunder Shock!"
Cuzy's Pichu, Chuna, jumped into the air and sent a spark of eletric power towards Misdreavus. The spark rammed into Misdreavus' side right before the ghost could hurt Mikomi and the ghostly pain turned to Chuna and Chuzy. Chuna fell back as her own attack shocked her and rolled over to Chuzy.

"Mikomi, you're so thoughtless!" Chuzy said firmly, clearly annoyed. Chuna, don't give up! Use Thunder Wave!"
Chuna sat up and lifted her arms up high, cheeks glowing brightly. Waves of eletricity were flung from Chuna's body and paralzyed Misdreavus. The ghost screeched again in horror before flinging a wave of psychic power at Chuna. Chuna rolled back and moaned, clearly not in a state good for fighting.
"Chuna, return! Mikomi, don't just stare!" Chuzy yelled angrily. Mikomi yelped in surprise and nodded. She had an Eevee that was ready to battle too! She couldn't just let Chuna faint for no reason!

"Hikari! Focus your energy and then use bite again!" Mikomi ordered with a firm point of her finger to Misdreavus. Hikari's healthy coat began to glow and the Eevee closed its eyes lightly, focusing on her power on her upcoming attack. Misdreavus was still frozen in place, only now she was began to twitch a bit and shoot nasty glares at Hikari.
Then Hikari pushed her body into the air and bit Misdreavus. Misdreavus pulled back at the last minute so the attack wouldn't drain her completly of her energy and then a psybeam at Eevee. Hikari was hit midair and crashed into the shiny gym floor painfully. She struggled to her feet and turned around to face Misdreavus, breathing heavily.

"Don't give up, Mikomi!" Yelled a voice from no where. The Charmander's Trainer and his Pokemon had pushed through the crowd and were now right next to Chuzy and her fallen Pichu. The boy's hair was blonde and he had slightly red skin, as if he'd been sun burnt. He also had two Flareon ears and a bushy tail. "Ryou, use flame thrower!" The boy ordered. His Charmander prepared to throw flames at Misdreavus but frozen by Misdreavus' mean look. The flames were shot slowly and they barely touched Misdreavus, the aim of the stupid Charmander being way off.

Charmander became enraged by the attack's miss and tried to slash Misdreavus with his claw. The clone was ignoring his trainer, even though the Flareon boy was screaming "NO" over and over again. Charmander went right through Misdreavus and the ghost split their pain, regaining alot of her hit points, before releasing a flash of light. The confuse ray brought purple dots to Ryou's eyes and the Charmander stumbled around, beating itself up.
"No! Ryou! Sorry, Mikomi!" The boy said truthfully as he rushed to his Charmander's side. Charmander fell over, his tail still burning bright enough to provide Mikomi the light she required to see the battle.

06-22-2004, 10:37 PM
The battle had become one sided in Misdreavus' favor, which was never a good sign. The ghost was giggling wildly as fear swept the gym. The fear of losing to Misdreavus had overcome Mikomi as well. The fight should be hers! Hikari's bite should have taken Misdreavus down right then and there but it hadn't!
"Hikari, focus energy and bite again!" Mikomi ordered with a slightly trembling voice. She was losing. Hikari was losing. They were losing. They were losing to a Pokemon that they should have KOed by now! Luck was on Misdreavus' side!

Hikari jumped into the air once more so she could reach Misdreavus, her bite hitting square on target since Misdreavus had all attention on the fearful, confused, stupid Charmander. Misdreavus was winning because she was real. She was real, not a clone, and she had more brains then the stupid clones that were taking her on. She knew what was to her advantage and what wasn't. The annoying Eevee was not to her advantage.

Misdreavus moaned loudly and dropped like a rock, unable to keep her body hovering very high. She knew she couldn't attack strongly any more and that spliting her pain with that of Hikari would only make her weaker.
Yet, the ghost tried to send a psychic wave at Hikari. Hikari moved aside, the wave only brushing her silkly chocolate furs, and then ran towards Misdreavus to repeat her dark attack and bite. Misdreavus pulled up just in time and Hikari ran into the wall behind her, the little Eevee's body limp and weak. One more attack on ethier ghost or fox and it'd all be over. One more attack was all that Mikomi needed to determind victory or defeat.

Hikari ran towards Misdreavus again and jumped jsut as Misdreavus ducked out of the air. The bite attack missed and Hikari landed like a clutz on the floor. She then sprung once again to her feet and tried again, only this time she didn't jump and Misdreavus rose into the air to avoid the attack. Hikari skidded to a stop and turned around, jumping once more and trying to bite Misdreavus. But, like before, the ghost pulled her body downward and avoided the attack completly.
Misdreavus knew that clones were stupid and thought Hikari would be too. But the clever Eevee was catching onto Misdreavus' game.

Hikari bolted forward again and didn't jumped so that Misdreavys would rise once again into the air. She then turned and faked a jump about halfway to Misdreavus. The ghost jerked her body downward, expecting Hikari to sail right over her, but in stead Hikari landed on the ghost and bit her hard.
Misdreavus wailed loudly in pain and Mikomi tossed her Pokeball at the weakened ghost.
Hikari was panting hard and Missdreavus was now enclosed in side a Pokeball, trying despratly to get free. The whole class held their breath and watched...

Yaaaay.... I finished the story ^_^ Grade please?
By The Way, I own a Eevee so this Eevee is just for Story purposes. I own a Charmander so the Charmander is for story purposes. I own a Pikachu but not Pichu, but Pichu is for story purposes x.x;

Scorch Ry
06-28-2004, 01:32 PM
Aleyquala's Grade #3
Story: 9/10
Satou, the story was very interesting. Ooo, I like, I like!

Spelling/Grammar: 8/10
A few minor mistakes; not really major.

Length: 10/10
The length was perfect. Very, very good length...it flowed wonderfully. I like, I like. ^_^

Battle: 8/10
A good battle indeed. Try getting in maybe about one-two more attacks to make the score before. But all in all, it's alot better than the battles I've been grading. ^_^

Details: 7/10
The details were also better than what I have read in awhile...good job with that. ^_^.

{Outcome: 42/50 = 84/100: Misdreavous Captured!} *Try Getting A Few More Details In Places A Bit More And Get A Couple More Attacks In.*

06-30-2004, 05:11 PM
Yaaaay! Thank you ^_^ I'll add Missy to my team when I get home ^_^ (5 weeks >_>')